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Last Build Date: Fri, 26 May 2017 07:59:47 +0000


Health care expert dissects the GOP's plan to replace Obamacare

Thu, 25 May 2017 23:56:11 +0000

Bill Radke talks with Aaron Katz, who teaches health policy at the UW's School of Public Health, about his take on the American Health Care Act, what the new score from the Congressional Budget Office means for a potentially 23 million uninsured people and how Washington's failed health plan in the 90s can inform the future of health care in the country.

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Survivors of gun violence talk about how a fraction of a second changed their lives

Thu, 25 May 2017 23:00:18 +0000

To say the least, the statistics surrounding gun violence in the United States are disturbing. On an average day, 93 Americans are killed with guns. Seven of those are children. For every person killed with guns, two more are injured.

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Newcomers: Did Seattle meet your expectations?

Thu, 25 May 2017 22:41:36 +0000

Bill Radke and Monica Guzman, co-founder of the Seattle newsletter The Evergrey , take calls from listeners about moving to Seattle, expectations vs. reality and the question of when do you become a local .

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Life after Seattle: What it's like to leave just as everyone is coming in

Thu, 25 May 2017 22:07:38 +0000

Bill Radke speaks with Kate Lebo about why she left her life in Seattle to move to Spokane. We all know new people are flooding into this area, but as all these people move in, who are the people moving out?

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The Record: Thursday, May 25, Full Show

Thu, 25 May 2017 22:01:44 +0000

The new health care bill is so controversial, it can make congressional candidates grab reporters by the neck and body slam them, as we found out yesterday. We'll tell you what all the CBO fuss is about. Also, today's census report shows Seattle is the fastest-growing big city in the country. Are you new to Seattle? We want to hear from you.

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Patty Murray and Bernie Sanders bring fight for $15 to national stage

Thu, 25 May 2017 20:01:14 +0000

A proposal for a federal $15 minimum wage was rolled out in Congress Thursday . Washington U.S. Senator Patty Murray and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders introduced the bill. Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York, among other jurisdictions, have all decided on a minimum wage of $15 an hour.

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As Trump turns up heat on sanctuaries, King County not backing down

Thu, 25 May 2017 18:03:34 +0000

President Donald Trump's budget proposal could have huge implications for King County. The White House wants to redefine what it means to be a "sanctuary jurisdiction."

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Why Seattle's Folklife Festival might not return next year

Thu, 25 May 2017 05:53:27 +0000

Organizers of Seattle’s Folklife Festival don’t want you to take their annual event for granted: There’s a chance it won’t return next year.

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Why has Seattle had so many shootings?

Thu, 25 May 2017 05:50:55 +0000

Seattle Police said the number of shots fired in the city in 2017 is at a five-year high. Department officials briefed the City Council this week about gun violence.

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Ask the Fung Bros: What's so funny about being Asian?

Thu, 25 May 2017 02:08:16 +0000

The Fung Bros, Andrew and David Fung, have more than a million followers on their YouTube channel . (And yes, they're real biological brothers.)

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What is the role of philanthropy in Seattle?

Wed, 24 May 2017 23:17:37 +0000

Seattle has a rich history of big giving, and Local Wonder listener Anne Martens wanted to know more. We sent KUOW's Marcie Sillman to report the story.

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Some islanders don't dig federal plan to dig in San Juan Islands monument

Wed, 24 May 2017 22:38:53 +0000

The Trump administration has given an initial thumbs-up to a plan to dig holes throughout a meadow of rare wildflowers inside the San Juan Islands National Monument. It’s not part of any effort to eliminate the monument: It’s part of local tribes’ efforts to improve their diets and revive old traditions.

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The Record: Wednesday, May 24, Full Show

Wed, 24 May 2017 20:59:37 +0000

Should people be allowed to wear masks or hoods over their faces during protests? One state lawmaker wants to make it a crime. And two brothers from Kent have gone on to become YouTube stars. They say being the only Asian kids in their neighborhood still informs their comedy today. Also, Q13 Fox's C.R. Douglas is with us for the hour. We'll talk with him about Hanford and the politics of density.

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Thinking about the 'what ifs' in light of Manchester attack

Wed, 24 May 2017 20:44:42 +0000

Ariana Grande has canceled shows in London and put her tour on hold following Monday's bombing at a concert in Manchester that killed 22 people and injured dozens more. Yesterday Britain's prime minister Theresa May put the country on high alert, deploying the military to help guard against another attack while police investigate whether more people were involved in Monday's bombing.

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Folklife: Where you can see a tribal-funk-jazz fusion band

Wed, 24 May 2017 19:22:55 +0000

What do you get when you cross tribal music with jazz and funk? Khu.eex' That’s the name of a Seattle band performing at this weekend’s Folklife festival in Seattle.

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Buried in Trump's budget: a blow to sanctuary cities like Seattle

Wed, 24 May 2017 18:02:13 +0000

Kim Malcolm talks with Huffington Post immigration reporter Elise Foley about how President Trump's budget proposal could impact sanctuary jurisdictions like Seattle and King County. The Trump Administration wants to change a key law that would require jurisdictions that receive law enforcement grants to comply with federal requests to detain immigrants.

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Is your school racist? Ask the students

Wed, 24 May 2017 16:50:10 +0000

Chief Sealth International High School in West Seattle is among the most diverse schools in the city. But like many schools it's struggled with disproportionality in discipline. University of Washington education professor Filiberto Barajas-Lopez told KUOW's Ann Dornfeld about a joint effort with the school’s race & equity team to look at the root causes.

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That time Jimi Hendrix's house almost wiped out our trailer park

Wed, 24 May 2017 06:03:18 +0000

The body of musician Jimi Hendrix lies in a Renton cemetery. Across the street is the Hi-Land Mobile Manor Park, which looks like it hasn’t changed much since it was built in the 1950s. A few years ago, a 900-square-foot house showed up to the mobile home park on a flatbed truck trailer. It was Hendrix’s childhood home. It rolled up to the mobile park because of a dream. A dream that would not come true.

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Protesters, pilots and Jesse Jackson all showed up at Amazon Tuesday

Wed, 24 May 2017 02:03:57 +0000

As shareholders heard about revenue gains at Amazon’s annual shareholder meeting Tuesday, protesters gathered outside the building. The company’s revenue grew to $136 billion in 2016, up from $107 billion the year before. Amazon also grew its employee base to more than 340,000 people worldwide in 2016. The online retail giant shows no sign of slowing. And as the company continues to grow, Amazon is facing pressure on social and political issues.

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Listen to Bill Radke's brain play the encephalophone

Tue, 23 May 2017 23:57:04 +0000

Bill Radke talks with Dr. Thomas Deuel, a musician, neuroscientist and inventor of the encephalophone, an instrument you play with your brainwaves. Deuel explains why he was inspired to create the instrument, how he feels it will help people with disabilities, and he even lets Bill strap it on. Listen until the end to hear Bill's brain play a solo.

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