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Published: Fri, 19 Dec 2008 08:53:53 PST

Last Build Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2008 13:49:28 PST


Posted to Authenticating the Google Reader API by Dave S.

@mordisko - it should work just fine if you drop it on your server and change the Email and Passwd values to a valid Google Reader account. Did you do that part? Is it still not working?

(The error you're getting is the same unhelpful message I kept getting myself during development, by the way)

Posted to Authenticating the Google Reader API by mordisko

I'm getting this:


Further action needs to be taken by your user agent in order to fulfill the request.

I supose it has something to do with extra-information needed

Posted to Authenticating the Google Reader API by Thomas

Speaking of RSS feeds, the feed for your blog is currently broken. You've got a "]]>" at the end of the description section for this post, but without a matching "

Posted to Authenticating the Google Reader API by Robert

@Sam, I don't know if you mean all your recently read items in Google Reader or something else, but I've recently been experimenting with using Google Reader's "Share with Note" as one way of blogging. I've found that a lot of blog posts I want to make are really my thoughts on an article. It turns out that there is an atom feed of your shared items that you can get by clicking on "Shared items," then the "at this web page" link. I think that is a list of all your shared items, not just shared with notes.

So, instead of all your recent reading (I know mine is several hundred per day), you can just share stuff and have it show up on your page with an atom parser. They also have a bookmarklet that will allow you to share any page in Google Reader (it even populates the text to share with what you highlight on the page).

Needless to say, those features have been quite helpful to me as I've been developing my new (unlaunched) site.

Posted to Authenticating the Google Reader API by Sam McDonald

I started using Google Reader a few days ago as opposed to having a lot of little widgets on Google IG. I have also been thinking a lot about trying to get my recent items onto my blog. I haven't had a chance to implement it yet, but I'll definitely refer back to this when I do.

Posted to Authenticating the Google Reader API by Daryl

This is only vaguely related to the article, but the excellent Bylines iPhone app is very much recommended: if you do substantial on the go reading it's a much more robust option than the mobile site.

Posted to Now Boarding by Sajid Nawaz Khan

Anyone tried ACTPrinter? You can print straight to your iPhone (

Posted to Now Boarding by Ben Skelton

I was using the electronic boarding passes for a while, but found them to be a pain. I'm all about the old-skool paper boarding passes now...

It is frustrating enough to have to take your jacket off, get your laptop out of your bag and take your belt off. Having to deal with unlocking your iPhone isn't worth the hassle.

The final straw was when I took a Westjet flight a couple of weeks ago. Showed the electronic pass to the agent at the gate. As I was fumbling with my bag and phone I managed to move the pass into a random folder (no undo!). The FA didn't let me on the plane even though I knew my seat number and I had to go to the back of the line and get a paper pass.

Long live paper!

Posted to Design Rants by Sam

I had that same problem with Calibri! I had to end up ditching it as well! oh the frustration! I really like the way the site looks, you did a really good job! I think you made the right decision just to go with Lucida instead of a hack anyway.

Posted to Design Notes by Sam Logon

Excellent post, I really like your thoughts on jquery! I have to agree with you, they have taken the hardest parts out which offer a lot more flexibility to someone who isn't a scripter.

Posted to WDN09 by Janie Parrish

I am moving to Colorado next month so I hope to see you there Dave!

Posted to Now Boarding by Eliot York

I may just have to try this on my Delta flight from NY to Milan coming up in December. Since it's international, I'm going to print one as well, just be safe. Thanks for the idea..

Posted to Now Boarding by Jilles Oldenbeuving

@Dave S:

I actually do. My statement is about how it _ought_ to be, not how it is. I have similar gripes with other businesses (who doesn't?). For example, stopping a health insurance can be done by phone in the Netherlands, and the only thing they do to for verification is asking for the (super secret) date of birth... Arrg.

"@Jilles - don’t travel much, do you? Airport security is rarely about the best way to do things these days. The Atlantic article that Anthony linked immediately preceding your comment is a great example."

Posted to WDN09 by Stefan

Thanks for the promo code. If you attend before December 5th you get in addition the early bird discount. So $745 is in my opinion really a good price for the conference. I also took part in it last year and it was really wortwhile.

Posted to Now Boarding by Thierry Bernard

There are signs requiring to turn off cell phones at the entrance of the US custom area in Montréal airport...

Posted to Now Boarding by Steve Killen

I think your a brave man, trying experiments at airports these days, Dave. But kudos for being one of the pioneers!

Incidentally if this does become common place in the future I can see myself forgetting to charge my device as a very possible danger.

Posted to Now Boarding by Tim Hessel

Wow, interesting :)
I'm flying from the Netherlands to Thailands in a month, I'm definitely going to try this. Unfortunately I don't have an iPhone but a Sony Ericsson w960i, but the screen is large enough and I'm able to view PDF's with it, so it might just work.
I'm afraid Thailand will be a lot harder than the Netherlands though.

Posted to Now Boarding by Jonathan Snook

I had taken a domestic Air Canada flight that offered the web check-in. I had the boarding pass on my phone and it felt strange to present it instead of a paper pass at each stage. But I had no problems getting through. I can imagine going to the US being a little more difficult.

Posted to Now Boarding by Karan J

Yeah, as mentioned above, Qantas, their low-cost subsidiary Jet Star and Virgin Blue in Australia are trialling something similar to this for domestic flights. They send the barcode as an image attachment to an MMS (sorry iPhone!), and you need to present that at the boarding gate. This is in addition to a paper pass at the moment.

It's stories like these that make you realise we're slowly on the way to the future :)

Posted to Now Boarding by Dave S.

@Chris - that's pretty much exactly the sort of system I had in mind when I wrote "I have no doubt we’ll all regularly use electronic passes in the fairly near future". Good to see they're on it.

Posted to Now Boarding by Dave S.

@Mike D. - more like I was the one overlooking something obvious. I just don't use Mail that much so I never thought of that. Probably is easier.

Posted to Now Boarding by John B

Last time I flew Air Canada the web checkin offered to send some SMS messages to my phone with URLs in them to barcodes, which were supposed to be scannable at the airport. However, my phone turned out to be too low-tech to view the URL.

Posted to Now Boarding by Mike D.

Dumb question, but why was the AirSharing part necessary? Seems like e-mailing yourself the PDF is enough, no? The iPhone can read and format PDFs from email or the web browser natively.

(Yes, I'm probably being that annoying guy who is overlooking something obvious and making a dumb suggestion).

Posted to Now Boarding by Chris

Hey Dave, some airlines are already starting to send boarding passes to mobile phones (American, Continental, Delta):

Posted to Now Boarding by Sam McDonald


Ahh, since it is a 2D barcode it is much more likely to be scanned off a screen, so my initial assumption is wrong.

Too bad Kroger Value Cards don't use a 2D barcode.