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Updated: 2016-09-20T09:37:12Z


Using Intent, Demographics and Micro-Moments to Better Understand your Web Traffic


According to Lisa Gevelber, VP of marketing at Google, advertisers who target their marketing efforts by demographics risk missing up to 70% of their potential shoppers. Instead, marketers should look at micro-moments and customer intent. Ok, now I’ve got your attention, let’s step back a bit. What does intent mean and what does this all have […]

Improving our UX with Ptengine and A/B Testing


Over the past few weeks you may have noticed a couple of things; we’ve taken a short hiatus in posting and the site design/elements have changed. You may remember that at the beginning of March we introduced the beginning of our journey with Ptengine. What started out as a general trial of Ptengine turned into a […]

What can You Learn from Adwords and Analytics?


The world of paid search has always been a fast-moving, constantly evolving beast, with Google and Bing continually updating their processes in the eternal quest of delivering optimal user experience. However, in the past couple of months, AdWords has seen more modifications than Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google founders) could possibly shake a stick […]

From Analytics to CRM: An Interview with Ralf Haberich


We’ve been lucky enough to work with Ralf Haberich for a few years now and a few months ago he moved from his CCO position with Webtrekk to become the new Managing Director at CRM Partners AG. We felt it was a great opportunity to catch up with Ralf and pester him with questions about […]

Automating Campaign Cost Import into Adobe and Google Analytics: A Test of


Tedious and unsexy, but extremely useful: Getting campaign cost data into your Web Analytics tool allows you to evaluate the performance of your online marketing end-to-end without having to resort to unsexy workarounds. At, we tested, a Swedish tool that promises to import all your campaign cost data automatically into Google Analytics. If you […]

7 Common Reasons Users are Abandoning your App


One in four mobile apps are abandoned after a single use. Oof! This is certainly a harsh statistic to deal with. But, end users aren’t the only ones to blame here. The reality is that all mobile app teams take missteps, and even become their own worst enemies in many cases. Yet this doesn’t mean […]

What Keeps Subscribers Subscribing?


This is a follow-up to an article, “Why do Subscribers Subscribe?”, posted on Web Analytics World in March. The key insight from that article was that engagement with content and the community around that content was crucial for transitioning an anonymous user to a paying subscriber. Here, we discuss the factors that keep individuals active […]

Advanced Refund Analysis with Google and Adobe Analytics


If your online shop analytics stops with the order, it is stopping short. Some product groups like Fashion tend to have high return rates, so looking at refunds can give you a different view of your shop and marketing performance. At, a new Swiss online marketplace, we tried to look at what happens after […]

The Latest and Greatest from WAW


It’s no surprise to our regular readers that every six months we take some time to review their favourite posts, tweets and social content. What may come as a surprise is that we’re already halfway through 2016. I can’t believe it either! Every year seems to go by faster and faster and this one is […]

Five Google Analytics Features Every Website Owner Should Use


Google Analytics contains dozens of features and hundreds of reports. What if you could discover a basic set of features that are useful for every website? I have actively worked with Google Analytics for almost 10 years now and there a couple of features I see coming back every time that I work with Google […]