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Updated: 2018-01-23T14:45:00Z


Nike to produce light-emitting Sony Playstation shoes


Sony and Nike have announced new sneaks preparing to hit the market. The basketball-style shoe, known as the "PG-2," is designed around the legendary PlayStation brand.

The sneakers feature both the PlayStation logo and the Nike "Swoosh" (it's called that, right?) and have a varied deep blue and black colouring, reminiscent of multiple PlayStation console brands. The lace-locks are coloured like the symbols on the Dual-Shock controller's face-buttons.

The respective company logos, emblazoned on the tongue of each foot, light up at the press of a button, with a reported 150-hour battery life. Remember those 1988 Paula Abdul trainers that did that? Oh, wait, you weren't born for another eleven years. The shoes also come packaged with a code, which will allow purchasers to download a matching dynamic theme for their PS4.

The Nike PG-2 PlayStation Colorway will go on sale February 10, priced around $110.


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Xbox One gamers will get one last Dragon Ball FighterZ beta before launch


While Dragon Ball FighterZ seems to be shaping up pretty well, the previous beta period was a bit of a let down. Players on Xbox One were unable to even connect to the matchmaking servers, so they didn't get a chance to test out the online multiplayer action. In an attempt to make it up for people that missed out, Bandai Namco has announced that it will be running one final beta for all Xbox players before launch.

Starting at 9 pm EST today (January 23), you'll hopefully be able to connect to other players and trade blows from the comfort of your home. The beta will run for 24 hours, so you won't have that much time to try it out. It should be long enough to let us know how the final game shapes up, though.


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Deadly Premonition deluxe board game now available for preorder


Rising Star Games have announced that the deluxe edition board game of the notorious 2010 release, Deadly Premonition, is available to pre-order on Amazon, ahead of its January 31 release.

In the board game, players walk the mean streets of Greenvale, investigating suspects, in an effort to identify and apprehend The Raincoat Killer. The game features a custom "Murder die", a themed gaming cloth and even the original soundtrack, so you can score your play session with that truly lossless Deadly Premonition experience. The game also features a Steam key for Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut.

"This new Deluxe Edition of the board game is in honor of the campaign that made this project possible," says the board game's co-creator Samuel Elphick. "Whack on the soundtrack, lay the cloth upon the table and hold your breath when the Raincoat Killer claims suspects with the bespoke murder die. This is how we want the game to be played!"

Deadly Premonition: The Board Game is available to pre-order on Amazon. The game will release January 31, in limited supply, priced at $60.


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The first issue of Mega Man Mastermix, a colorized version of Megamix, is out this week


I have every trade paperback for Mega Man Megamix, if only because of the artwork. Hitoshi Ariga originally created this style back in 1997, and its raw staying power led to a US localization of the manga in 13 years later. Ariga has a way with the series, adding an air of familiarity to it, while completely re-imagining characters in some cases (Skull Man in particular). If you haven't read it yet, it deals with a new storyline based on the games, starting with the birth of Mega Man.

Ok so I'm rambling, but Megamix is great, and it's coming back yet again in Mastermix form. This week the first issue of Mastermix is arriving at stores, an 80-page book that adds color to Ariga's story art for the first time (only the covers were colored previously).

As the new volumes are released, it's possible that they may move to Mega Man Gigamix, a three-volume series that followed Megamix. It's a lot of mixes to keep track of but I can do my best to help!

Mega Man Mastermix #1 Cvr A Ariga [Comixology via Rockman Corner]



Review: The Inpatient


Until Dawn surprised the hell out of me. On the surface, Supermassive Games' cinematic horror adventure looked like standard slasher-film fare, but it played with genre tropes in such a delightful way and knew how to balance tension, thrills, scares, and humor. It's a riot, especially with a group.

I'm still holding out hope for a sequel that keeps the choose-your-own-adventure format but swaps in a new setting and characters, but for now, the IP lives on with PlayStation VR spin-off games. Whereas Until Dawn: Rush of Blood went for gun-toting arcade action on a deadly roller coaster, The Inpatient takes a much more subdued approach. It's a prequel set in the 1950s at Blackwood Sanatorium.

If you've played Until Dawn, you know that place was bad news. Now you'll get to see it in its prime.


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The creator of Downwell is now working at Nintendo


Well this sure is a fine way to start off the day!

Ojiro "Moppin" Fumoto, the creator of Downwell, has taken a job at Nintendo.

I'm a Lúcio main, but Pharah, sweet Pharah...

You can find a running list of everything right here. Worth stressing: the new cosmetics will find their way into standard loot boxes, so you aren't under any particular time constraints to earn them.

Overwatch Cosmetics Update Countdown [Blizzard]


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Review: Batman - The Enemy Within: What Ails You


Despite getting off to a promising start, Season Two of Telltale Games' take on The Dark Knight has stumbled. With only five episodes to Tell said Tale, the story has become overbooked, with too many characters all jostling for screen-time in an effort to build an emotional connection with the player. This is not to mention the sporadic technical issues that have befallen the series, with hard crashes, animation freezes, and texture pop-in issues troubling some players in the past.

However, there are still two episodes of The Enemy Within remaining and, in its favour, some great work has been done in building the shaky relationship between not only Bruce Wayne and his smiley pal John Doe, but also between Bruce Wayne and his own conscience. Even with the series' plotting problems, and a few less-than-magnetic performances, Telltale still has time to pull all the narrative threads together to deliver a superb finale.


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Thatgamecompany's Sky gets a 30 minute trailer


It has been quite some time since we last heard about Thatgamecompany's Sky. I forgot it was even working on a new game, let alone a mobile one. I've associated the company with Sony for the better part of a decade thanks to its PS3 works. Regardless of all of that, this new trailer shows us quite a bit of the game; 30 minutes, to be exact.

From the looks of things, this definitely is reminiscent of Journey. The game appears a little more involved since you're actively collecting things and interacting with environments, but it still exhibits the studio's minimalist style. You can even customize your character with different wigs, capes and clothing options. That is fun.

There still is no release date for the title, but I'd assume the game is pretty far along. This trailer looks like a finished game, at least.


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Review: Iconoclasts


What’s the best level you’ve ever played in a 2D platformer? Maybe something classic like World 1-1 in the original Super Mario Bros., or the intro level to Mega Man X? Those fantastic examples of great game design that teach the player everything they need to know without telling them? Or maybe exploration is your jam, and you’re thinking back to your favorite area in Metroid Fusion or Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow.

Doesn’t matter, you’re all wrong. The best level to ever grace a 2D platformer is the Dice Palace in Gunstar Heroes. It’s the most ridiculous level in a ridiculously good game. A roll of the dice can toss you into a sudden puzzle, a surprise boss fight (complete with absurd gimmicks) or just some strange, novel situation that only seems to exist to tickle the player with how odd and strange it is. It’s a level defined by constant change, surprise, and delight.

Iconoclasts is the Dice Palace exploded out into an entire game. It combines the expert game design of classic levels like World 1-1 with the exploration and puzzle elements of the best metroidvania games, but somehow never loses that incredible feeling of surprise and wonder. From start to finish, Iconoclasts is always throwing something new and strange the player's way, and it is an absolute joy to discover what’s waiting at the edge of the screen.


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Far Cry 5's PC specs are a real bear for the highest settings


PC players who are looking to systematically dismantle a cult in Far Cry 5 won't need too much from their system to make it happen. But, those who want to look the best while doing it will need a rig that's crazier than Eden's Gate's leader.

Ubisoft has revealed Far Cry 5's PC specs today and they're all over the place. They range from pretty dang reasonable to nearly top of the line. Here's what you'll need just to get the game to run:


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Review: The Red Strings Club


Brandeis is plummeting towards the ground. It's silent as he falls; the city he worked so hard to save has gone to sleep, blissfully unaware that the hacker will meet his end face-down on the pavement. Though his life will be over shortly, Brandeis remains calm. He accepts that this is his destiny, and instead of meeting it with anger or fear, he just wants to know when, exactly, he sealed his fate.

But while the fall is the end of Brandeis' story, it's also where The Red Strings Club begins. Its first scene is one character's final moment, and the rest of the game explores just how it all came to be.


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One kid already had the Nintendo Labo concept down pat last year


Now that the Nintendo Labo cat is out of the bag, various videos have been making the rounds, but this one stands out the most out of all the ones I've seen so far.

Evidently back in October of last year, a Twitter user by the name of masaki_samurai showed off a creation for his kid -- a custom Splatoon 2 gun that works with the Switch's motion controls/Joy-Con. It's a short one, but it shows the general make of the gun accessory, how the Joy-Con slots in, and how it works in action.

If Nintendo didn't already have the idea to create gun accessories for non-violent games like Splatoon, they do now.

Masaki [Twitter] Thanks Jeff!


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Monster Hunter: World's platinum trophy is going to be an ordeal


The trophy/achievement list for Monster Hunter: World has leaked a few days ahead of the game's release, and it indicates what we probably could've guessed: It's going to take a serious time commitment to get them all.

PowerPyx discovered the trophies list (achievements should be the exact same minus the platinum), and it indicates that nabbing everything will require scouring every corner of the world. There are a lot of cumulative-based tasks like earning a certain amount of money or hunting a certain number of different kinds of monsters. There's also one for reaching rank 100, which is presumably the highest rank possible. (Update: Commenters have insinuated that rank 100 is probably far from the highest rank.)

However, it's the crowns that are the most intimidating. Monster Hunter's beasts all have randomized sizes each time you encounter them. If you're lucky enough to hunt one that's at the extreme end of the spectrum (either small or large), you'll earn a crown for your guild card.

Two of the trophies make use of the crown system. They're acquired by "Obtain[ing] a miniature crown for almost every monster in your hunting log" and "Obtain[ing] a giant crown for almost every monster in your hunting log." There will likely be 50-some monsters at launch (the final number isn't confirmed yet) and seeing these variations will rely entirely on RNG. It could take a very long time.

Here are all the trophies/achievements for Monster World: Hunter:


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Early Access Review: DUSK


For the last decade or so, the first-person shooter genre has been dominated by the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield. These two behemoths of gaming started a trend of “ultra-realistic” shooters that basically all play the same. You’ve got iron sights for more accurate aiming, regenerating health, incredibly linear level design, and a strong focus on an RPG-lite multiplayer system. This wasn’t always the way things were.

In the days of old, shooters were more focused on creating intricate, sprawling levels that required players to remember the location of locked doors as well as providing an arsenal of crazy weapons that had no practical use in real life. Enemies were also varied and required different tactics, unlike the abundance of hit-scanning enemies that populate the modern landscape. Multiplayer was more a skill-based affair instead of a measurement of the amount of free time you had.

DUSK harkens back to the golden era of PC shooters were things were blocky and pixelated, but also labyrinthine and absurd. To say I’m in FPS heaven would be an understatement, because I’ve been waiting for a real Quake successor since Quake II came out.


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Rust is finally leaving Steam Early Access next month


Rust's four-year run on Steam Early Access will soon wrap up. The multiplayer sandbox survival title will appear on Steam proper as of February 8, 2018. That said, its development is far from over.

Announcing the decision in a blog post, Facepunch founder Garry Newman said the launch will happen "without much fuss" and it will essentially be "business as usual" -- aside from a price increase. Rust is $20 right now and it'll cost $35 once it's out of Early Access. 

"Don't think of this as us claiming that the game is done," said Newman. "Think of this as us saying that if Early Access didn't exist we'd have released the game on Steam by now."


"Please try not to compare the game to some other finished game or some idealised version you have in your head," he added. "Compare the game now to how it was when we entered Early Access. That's the delta that we feel qualifies us to leave Early Access. Think of it more like we're leaving Prototyping and entering Alpha."

The studio plans to shift toward a monthly update cadence for the sake of stability. "That means that not rushing in features and fixes that end up breaking something else," according to Newman.

Rust will have a main branch (monthly updates and hotfixes) and a staging branch ("bleeding edge, daily updates"). It's an approach other big Steam games have used to good success.

As ever, I'm curious what Rust will look and feel like when it's considered complete. This transition out of Early Access might not coincide with any "big reveals," but it's the end of an era.

Leaving Early Access [Rust]


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Sonic the Hedgehog co-creator Yuji Naka joins Square Enix


Speaking on Twitter, former Sonic Team head Yuji Naka has announced that he has taken a role working with Square Enix. Naka will work within the game development department to develop new titles.

Naka was one member of the three-man team responsible for leading 1991's Sonic the Hedgehog to multi-million-dollar glory on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. Working alongside stage designer Hirokazu Yasuhara and character creator Naoto Ohshima, Yuji Naka was lead programmer for the legendary flagship title.

After going on to oversee titles such as Burning Rangers, Nights into Dreams and Phantasy Star Online, Naka would leave Sega in the mid-2000s to work within his own company, Prope. Yuji Naka's new role in Square Enix is already in effect. In the tweet, Naka asks fans to look forward to his upcoming projects.


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The 38th Razzie nominations have been announced


Awards season continues this week with the nominations for the 38th Annual Golden Raspberry Awards. Contrary to every other award show of the year, seeing your name on the list isn't particularly gratifying. The Razzies have come to represent the worst that Hollywood has offered up for the year through phoned in performances, unnecessary sequels, and poorly written scripts.

The usual troupe of nominees is here once again with the 50 Shades, and Transformers sequels picking up where they left off. Some newcomers are The Emoji Movie, and the dark universe destroying The Mummy. The big surprise for me is to see art-house darling Darren Aronofsky on this list. I know the response to mother! was very polarized but didn't think it would undo all the previous work he has done. Then again I still have yet to see it so maybe I'll agree after watching it. Another surprise is that longtime Razzie punchline Adam Sandler is not nominated at all for the second year in a row. Could he be in line for the Razzie Redeemer this year? Find out when the awards are announced on March 3.


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Here is everything that Monster Hunter: World's day one update will do


I know I shouldn't be surprised by this news, but Monster Hunter: World will be receiving a day one update. Buying the game and putting the disc in your console won't be enough if you plan to play online. After acquiring the game, you'll then need to download an 815 MB patch that will grant you access to the servers. How convenient...

The day one patch won't only just enable online support, though. The other changes are relegated to language support, which is at least nice. I'm not sure why this wasn't just included on the disc, but at least non-English speakers will have the opportunity to experience Monster Hunter.


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The original SteamWorld Dig is coming to the Switch very soon


Image & Form has had a pretty good run since 2010. Once it pivoted into the SteamWorld universe, which is now comprised of a tower defense game (yep, on DSiWare), two platformers, and a strategy title. It's a great stable for sure, especially since they're all connected in one big likable universe.

With the Switch taking off it made sense why Dig 2 and Heist made the cut on the new platform, and now, the original SteamWorld Dig will hit Nintendo's latest too. It's set to arrive on February 1 according to a reveal from Daan Koopman's eShop Action Committee podcast, and will be priced at $9.99.

I'm already in on the PS4 and Vita, and I may triple-dip for this one. Both core games are just so easy to replay on a dime.



The men and women of Squad 7 return in Valkyria Chronicles 4 DLC trailer


Sega have released a new two-minute DLC trailer for upcoming strategy sequel Valkyria Chronicles 4. The exclusive mission is featured as part of the game's Limited Edition release.

Joint Operation will see the new band of heroes from VC 4's Squad E team up with the recognisable faces of Squad 7, the heroes of previous Valkyria Chronicles titles. Alicia Melchiott, Welken Gunther, Isara Gunther and others will return to face the opposing forces of the Eastern Imperial Alliance.

Upon completion of Joint Operation, the Squad 7 characters will be available to use in VC 4's main campaign mode. While there has been no confirmation that the DLC will feature as a part of the game's Western release, we all know how this is going to play out.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 launches on PS4 in Japan in March 2018, with a Switch release to follow in Summer. The Western release is scheduled for sometime in 2018.


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Star Trek Online kicks off its 8th year with a ton of Star Trek: Discovery stuff


Another year, another year of Star Trek Online, arguably the oldest continuously running Trek property now that it's set to celebrate its 8th birthday.

As with previous anniversary celebrations, Cryptic have stuffed a bunch of activities into the game, and are giving away a load of prizes, including a Bajoran Interceptor, as well as party favors, and access to a new main story mission featuring Geordi LaForge and voicework from LeVar Burton himself. 

The Anniversary giveaways also coincide with the debut of a ton of Star Trek: Discovery-related items in-game. Though the game gave away the Discovery uniforms earlier, the latest "Discovery Lock Box" loot box promotion gives players a (small) chance of winning the U.S.S. Discovery herself, here classified as a "Crossfield-class Science Vanguard" ship, complete with special gimmicks patterned after the ship's teleporting stunts in the show. Klingon players, can score a Dreadnought Carrier ship patterned after the Sarcophagus ship from the first season. Even fans of Captain Georgiou's U.S.S. Shenzhou aren't left in the cold, as the Walker-class Light Exploration Cruiser will be added to the game's Lobi store.

I'll admit that I've been playing less STO since discovering gacha games (not necessarily a positive development), but I don't regret the times I do come back. Just...don't turn on general chat.



SOS turns battle royales into performance art


I am not the funny friend. I'm not a performer, either. In any social situation, I'm good for either two half-decent jokes or one drunken cover of "She Hates Me" if I can get my hands on a karaoke mic. Suffice to say that whatever muse inspired history's greatest poets decided not to visit me.

But here I am, a few seconds away from making my introduction on a reality television show. Well, it's a fictional show inside of a video game called SOS. But still, the pressure's on. The other contestants introduce themselves with goofy impressions. Their avatars gesture and wiggle, miming actions with comedic timing that tease bits of their in-game personalities. Some of them are bringing baggage in the form of backstories. I'm up next and already sweating my two seconds of fame. I want the crowd to love me. I want to win the game.


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Call of Duty: WWII returns to the top of the UK Charts


After last week saw near-five-year-old Grand Theft Auto V return to the top of the U.K. charts, the status quo was re-established this week and Activision's Call of Duty: WWII regained the number-one spot.

Elsewhere in the Top Ten, advances were made by a selection of Switch titles, with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey all moving up from last week. Rounding out the Top Ten was the debut entry of niche RPG title Digimon Story: Cybersleuth Hacker Memory.

This week sees the release of multiple titles, spearheaded (quite literally) by the hugely-anticipated Monster Hunter: World and Dragon Ball FighterZ. Some of November 2017's best-sellers should beware, there's new guns in town...


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New Final Fantasy VII Remake art debuts at Anniversary Exhibition


We don't know much about Final Fantasy VII Remake, despite the fact that it was announced in 2014. Although director Tetsuya Nomura has wanted to show us more, including additional video footage, Square has denied his requests -- presumably waiting until the perfect moment to show it off.

Until then we'll deal with drip-fed information, some of it coming from fans. That's just what this story entails, as Twitter user Junshen was able to visit the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Exhibition at the Mori Arts Center Gallery in Tokyo, Japan. Running from January 22 until February 28, it'll showcase various bits of Final Fantasy history, including concept art from Final Fantasy VII Remake.

I'm still torn on the episodic approach, especially if they wait a year or more between chapters. I'm a proponent of Nomura's over-the-top work, but he's not known for working well with deadlines.

Junshen [Twitter]


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Jumanji is set to outsell every superhero movie released last year


When you first saw the trailer for Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle did you think, "Hey, there's a movie that's going to stay in the number-one spot for four straight weekends and most likely beat the global box office for every superhero movie released last year"? Neither did I, but here we are.

Jumanji has crushed industry expectations and should pull in $375 million domestically, and projections have it reaching $900 million mark globally, putting it ahead of any of the major super hero films. In fact, it's already become Sony's highest-grossing film outside of Spider-Man movies. It's got legs longer than Jessica Rabbit, and there is literally nothing to stop it from taking the number-one spot until Black Panther releases or everyone in the world has seen it.

Speaking of legs, The Greatest Showman is a bit of a sleeper hit. The film was never number one, but its weekend grosses have been remarkably consistent, pulling in solid numbers week over week without seeing the normal drop off other films do.


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Second season of Castlevania anime gets release window


Series' producer Warren Ellis has announced that the second season of Netflix' Castlevania anime will be screened this Summer, exclusively on the paid-television service. The second season will also double its episode count from four to eight.

The first season of Castlevania debuted last Summer. The season one arc told the story of down-and-out vampire killer Trevor Belmont, who is forced to step up his monster-hunting game when darkness envelopes the cursed European town of Wallachia.

It was a pretty good show. Telling a recognisable story, at a good pace, featuring some nice action scenes and attractive characters. The season ended with a clearly established setup for the second arc of the story, loosely based on Konami's legendary video game series.

Castlevania Season Two, which is doubling its episode count from four to eight, will be broadcast on Netflix Summer 2018.


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Retailers GameStop & GAME to produce 'Totaku' figurine series


U.S. retailer GameStop, as well as GAME Spain, have listed a selection of new figurines for pre-order. The toys, representing numerous gaming characters, are the first in a new range named Totaku, designed by in-house outfit ThinkGeek.

The non-functional figures stand just under four inches tall and will retail for around $10 each. Style similarities to previous toy ranges, such as Nintendo amiibo and Disney Infinity, are readily apparent. Although the toys have no in-game usage, the Totaku bases can be interlocked, allowing collectors to build wacky crossover dioramas.


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18 indie games to look forward to in 2018


First of all, these are only games with an announced 2018 release date. None of this "when it's ready" stuff (I'm looking at you, Into the Breach). In fact, if all of these games don't release in 2018...I'll play through Troll and I again. That's how you know I mean business.

Oh please god let all of these games release this year...

I do this list each year, and I'm never sure how many games to include. This year, I figured 18 is a great number since, well, it's 2018! Plus, due to the aforementioned "they better come out or so help me" rule, I figured the fewer the better. So here are the games to mark on your calendars this year.


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What is your favorite bit of gaming fan service?


Writing about Super Smash Bros for an article covering fan service is a bit of a cop-out. The series is literally nothing but fan service. Since Melee, every Smash game has dived deeper and deeper into the history of Nintendo, pulling out references from nearly every product Nintendo has put out. There are callbacks to characters from games we haven't seen in years and products Nintendo hasn't made in decades, with Smash for Wii U and 3DS featuring the most extensive historical record the series has seen yet.

Really, going into this topic I was planning to write about Duck Hunt Dog calling in the NES Zapper Posse to blast his opponents away. As much as I love that, it ain't got nothing on Mega Man. Mega Man's Final Smash is a celebration of a series people assume Capcom didn't care about for the longest time. Hell, Mega Man's appearance in Smash is the most love and care given to the character in nearly a decade. With his unique move set, Mega Man easily outshone the other 3rd-Party guest characters. With his Final Smash, he outdid the rest of the cast.

I don't remember where I was when I first saw his final smash, but I do remember my jaw dropping and nearly crashing my browser reloading the YouTube clip. Even though I prefer other characters, I made myself get good with him just so I could see Mega Man, X, EXE, Volnutt, and Star Force come together in one spectacular finish. It's so frickin' good that if Mega Man returns in Smash Switch, I wouldn't mind if his Final Smash was left untouched.


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PREPARE TO FRIENDSHIP: Dtoid's Master Gaming Contact List


[Holy crap, the Master List is almost exactly a year and a half old. To celebrate this, we are being rewarded with Monster Hunter World and Dragon Ball Fighter Z. What better way to bond with your friends than that?

Also, thank you for your continued support of this list. It will continue being updated as long as there is a demand for it.  -Panda]

Good morning/afteroon/tomorrow, my friends/robots/Gardevoir/Current Dtoid Meme Here

It has been made aware to me that, just perhaps, you all enjoy video games. It might even be said that you... like to game with others? Now now, don't be that way, I don't mean to lump you into some sort of box. You're all just such lovely folks, it pains me to watch you, struggling in vain to connect with each other, striving to engage in...


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Jumanji re-imagined as Capcom brawler would make a lot of money


[Update: Looks like The Rock digs it.]

There was a time when the only micro-transactions in gaming were spent on continues, explicitly with quarters, each time you lost all your lives in an arcade game. Back then, Capcom's arcade division was hugely profitable, much more so than their console or mobile game outings are today. Their explicit mastery of producing state-of-the-art 2D sprite-based graphics and engineering game mechanics that compelled players to plunk more quarters-per-minute put them in a league of their own. Some records state that Street Fighter 2 made an estimated +2 billion dollars in arcades by the end of 1995, and's just one game.

While competitive fighting games were by far their most profitable outings, cooperative multi-player beat 'em ups came in a close second. By allowing four, five, or even six people to play at once, publishers could make four, five, or six times as much money in the same amount of time. 

That's why I'm sure this theoretical Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle beat 'em up, crafted in the style of Capcom classics like Dungeons and Dragons: Shadows Over Mystara and Cadillacs and Dinosaurs would be insanely profitable, regardless of when it was released. Sure, it would undoubtedly have made the most money if it were put out in arcades back in the 90s, but I think it could still do well today if released on Steam and consoles. 


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Making the cocktails in 2064: Read Only Memories


Upon playing VA-11 HALL-A last year, I realised that I have very particular tastes: specifically, I love cyberpunk bartending and relationship simulators. It's barely an exaggeration to say it was the highlight of last year's gaming roster for me, with its nonsense ingredients, quirky patrons and existential pondering. So, when 2064: Read Only Memories came to the PS4 in Europe last month and to the Vita a few days ago, I finally got round to putting more puzzle pieces together in the joint universe of Neo-SF.

Such was my excitement that I decided it was time to break out the liquor cabinet (i.e. a bottle of Absolut that has been sat in our freezer for well over a year after a Halloween party) and try to recreate some of the beverages served in Neo-SF's hotspot, the Stardust. My goals? To do it on a pauper's budget, to make cocktails that even a moron such as myself could replicate, and not to barf. Of course, I got off to a good start on the third aim, given that I picked recipes containing 1) milk and 2) energy drinks.

So, were my attempts a success? Would Gus approve of my efforts, or did I make pure pig swill?

I'm pleased to report that all of my attempts were at least somewhat successful! So, instead of following my original plan of writing up a failed chemistry experiment, I'm going to give you the recipes for some delightful drinks to slurp down while chatting away with Turing. Enjoy!



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50 Cent is interested in making another game


50 Cent: Blood on the Sand is possibly the greatest video game to ever tell the hardships of a man trying to retrieve his stolen property. But, it seems Fiddy himself has some new ideas for a third game -- just as long as the game is “unique,” and in whatever shape it takes, “extreme.”

In an interview with GameSpot, promoting the new movie Den of Thieves, 50 Cent discussed his interest in a third game and shared the idea of a concept similar to that of Tomorrow, Today, an upcoming show on Starz. The show is based on a screenplay, written by Fiddy, about a prisoner who gets experimented on in an attempt to create the perfect human -- resulting in a crime-fighting superhero who also happens to be on the run from the police.


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Do you have friends who got you into certain video games?


A week before Monster Hunter: World launches, I look back on my time with the series. The demo for 4U was amazing, to be sure, but what's Monster Hunter without camaraderie? The hooks were in, but they wouldn't be in deep and barbed if it weren't for some friends, who noticed my shitposting about Monster Hunter on Facebook. So they invited me into their ragtag guild they called the Sunsnug Island Panapticon.



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Drugs, booze, and Dragon Ball Z: Friendships and fighting games


My friend Johnny and I had a complicated relationship based around loneliness, a mutual sense of humor, drugs, booze, and video games. I’m not sure if we were ever really friends. One time he tried to open up to me about his dad and their problems, and it just made me feel uncomfortable; I never felt like myself around Johnny. But we spent an insane amount of time together in my teenage years.

I didn’t really get along well with anyone, and even though I had no good reason to trust him either since he fucked me over just as much as anyone else, there was something that kept our shitty friendship going, and it didn’t end until much later when we eventually grew apart. I met my future wife, kept trying to move into the realm of adulthood while battling my crippling social anxiety and bitterness, and Johnny – well, he eventually got a job at a liquor store after being admitted for drug-induced schizophrenia.

But mostly we were pals, and we had fun times. A lot of those times centered on fighting games. We would smoke a metric ton of weed after school sometimes and play Soulcaliber II for hours. I practically mastered Mitsurugi. I made his skill set my personal sword-swinging tango. Johnny was an expert Nightmare player. We played others as well, but our Mitsurugi/Nightmare fights were for the ages. More often than not they would go on until the timer ran out because we learned so well how to counter and block one another.


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