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Updated: 2016-10-24T15:00:00Z


The NES Classic Edition might be tough to get at GameStop


So uh the NES Classic Edition? It's a Nintendo thing, you'd expect that it would be poorly rolled out by now, and it seems like that's the case. It's a commonplace strategy where the publisher thinks that no one will buy their stuff, and then coyly responds "we didn't know we'd have this demand" afterward.

If you didn't get in on the first round of the NES Classic pre-orders at various retailers, you might be stuck. Answering a relatively straightforward question on Twitter, GameStop responded that it will not be taking pre-orders on the console, and that "it will be available in-store on November 11."

So if you really want one, you might have to stop in at opening and hope there isn't a line. Normally I would say there wouldn't be, but since this is the perfect Christmas shopping period before the madness starts, I wouldn't put money on that.

GameStop [Twitter]



Rayman creators find rare Super Nintendo version


Rayman creators Frédéric Houde and Michel Ancel have stumbled upon an unreleased, unfinished Super Nintendo version of the platforming game previously thought to be lost forever. Somehow, it still works!


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Final Fantasy XIV's Halloween event is a perfect example of how to make holiday content


Final Fantasy XIV's "All Saints' Wake" event has kicked off again this year, but this time it's something different -- a fully re-purposed dungeon that operates as a fun as hell scavenger hunt.

The gist is that you'll talk to an NPC in Gridania, like any ol' event, but instead of doing a menial task or sitting through dialogue to get your themed cosmetic items, you'll net them by doing an instanced dungeon with three other players. You can head into it with a party of your choosing, but I highly recommend doing it with strangers and testing out your communication skills.

Players will go through the mansion filled with patrolling monsters and look for clues, which provide hints for locating treasure chests to complete each mission. The best approach is to split up and communicate with your team, providing them with tips as to what chests to open -- opening a wrong one or making contact with a monster will lower the group's sanity meter, so you have to work as a team or everyone fails.

It's a different, non-violent way to approach dungeons, and something I'd like to see more often in games like this. Since the XIV community is generally among the best I've ever seen, all of the groups I've played with so far have been having great time with it, cracking jokes and being helpful. And since it features Haukke Manor, a dungeon that launched in 2013 with the base game, it's a great example of how to bring back old content and make it relevant again.

You'll have to do it three times to get every item, but since the quests shuffle (and, as mentioned, it's awesome), I didn't mind it one bit. If you haven't logged in for a while go test it out -- you have until November 1!



GameCenter DX takes an extended look at Zelda: Breath of the Wild


width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

Nintendo brought The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to Japanese gaming show GameCenter DX, and that means plenty more footage of Link's tree chopping, boar hunting, raft sailing ways.

Comedian and actor Masaru Hamaguchi provides commentary as he plays (this is a "DX" episode, not "CX," so no Arino), but without subtitles, it's hard if not impossible to follow the humor aside from sight gags. Still, though -- it's an unreleased Zelda game! There's something to gain from watching it, even if this is a lot of retreading for folks who have kept up to date on Breath of the Wild in recent months.

The game footage starts at 2:00 in the video and picks up right at the opening. If you want to skip the basics, Hamaguchi ventures to some lesser-seen areas at around 26:20, before eventually working his way to the boss. By the time this is finally out next year, we'll be ready to rock the first few hours.



Lost Soul Aside still an impressive one-man effort, will be a timed PS4 exclusive


Bing Yang must have had a pretty surreal feeling wash over him when he unleashed his one-man project Lost Soul Aside into the world. As an Unreal Engine action game that looks like a true Devil May Cry or Otogi successor, his trailer blew up to two million views, and is now collectively on every action fan's radar.

That was back in July, but Yang has been providing some updates on his progress, with one major tidbit over the weekend -- it will not only be a timed exclusive on PS4, but it's also expected to drop in 2018. Unlike a Kickstarter project with a team behind it, this one is being worked on by one dude in South Korea, so I think we can wait.

yagnbing [Twitter]


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Titanfall 2 will be skipping EA/Origin Access


If you're a fan of EA's newer games, one of the neatest benefits of owning an Xbox One is having access to EA Access, a service that (typically) lets you play new EA releases a few days early. It also gives you a selection of older titles for a small monthly fee, almost like a Netflix style service on consoles.

That service also exists on PC and is dubbed Origin Access. While the collection of titles isn't shared between both platforms, the same type of amenities exist; you get early access to newer launches and a collection of older titles for a small monthly fee.

Sadly, Titanfall 2 won't be offered on the service in either early access form or as a playable title. Titanfall's developer, Respawn Entertainment, mentioned to website GameReactor that the game may come to the service in the future, but will be skipping launch this week.

I can't say I see the benefit to leaving this game off of the service. While this may be to increase profit from any sales of the game, with Infinite Warfare launching the following week, I've got a feeling that most players aren't even going to bother with Titanfall 2.

Reception to the beta was fairly tepid and Call of Duty still commands a lot of attention, even if diehard fans are tired of all of its gimmicks. I think EA is looking at this wrong, but then again, PS4 players don't even have a choice; they either buy it or don't.

PSA: Titanfall 2 Excluded From EA/Origin Access [GameSpot]



Hyrule Warriors' A Link Between Worlds DLC is coming next week


A Link Between Worlds is creepin' into Hyrule Warriors (yes that game is not done with DLC yet over two years later and one 3DS re-release in) on October 31 in Japan (and presumably the rest of the world), Koei Tecmo has announced.

It's quite simply titled the "Link Between Worlds" pack, and will feature merchant Ravio and villain Yuga for $6.99 on consoles, with the 3DS edition netting 15 My Fairy costume pieces 17 costumes, and a new Adventure map. Yes, the Wii U version gets the short end of the stick again -- which would be fine if it were just My Fairy stuff, but missing out on a map really sucks as it's arguably the best part of the game.

You can find great hands-on coverage for every previous DLC character here from our own CJ Andriessen.

Zelda [Game City via Gematsu]


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November's Games with Gold month has awesome Xbox 360 titles


Microsoft has been killing it in terms of game selection for its Games with Gold service. Last month may have been a bit of a drag, but November has two stellar Xbox 360 titles on offer. Subscribers to Live Gold will be getting The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (the latter which runs better on the Xbox One).

On the Xbox One side of things, gamers can look forward to Murdered: Soul Suspect and Super Dungeon Bros. That last title is brand new, so that could be pretty cool. Murdered I'd give a hard pass to, but I suppose free is free.

Super Dungeon Bros. and Monkey Island will be available from November 1st to the 15th. Murdered and Blood Dragon will become available on the 16th, though it seems Murdered will be offered until December 15th. I'm not sure why, but extra time is never a bad thing.

If you somehow have never played Monkey Island, do yourself a favor and change that. The game is an excellent example of LucasArts' domination of the adventure genre in the early '90s. The remake is also quite amazing, featuring fully recorded dialogue, incredibly lush artwork and a very generous hint system.

Free Xbox One/360 Games With Gold for November 2016 Revealed [GameSpot]



There's a new Nintendo Direct this week for Monster Hunter


Nintendo is pretty much all in for Monster Hunter. "Ninten' now does what Sony don't," and doubled down on the franchise in the past five years or so, helping to produce console and portable iterations as well as a healthy partnership with amiibo figures.

Expect to hear about all of that and more on October 27, as Nintendo has just announced a special Monster Hunter direct for that date in Japan. Let's recap everything in the world of MonHun. Set for Japan right now, Stories came to the 3DS (with six amiibo figures) in October, and Monster Hunter Frontier Z (a Monster Hunter Frontier update) will be released in November. The new Monster Hunter Stories anime also debuted in Japan this month, and a Hollywood film adaptation is in the works.

Everything's coming up Milhouse for Capcom with this series at the moment. Now they just need a core PS4 game so they can capitalize on that massive installbase.

Monster Hunter Direct [Nintendo]



Dark Souls III's first DLC is out a day early on PC thanks to an Xbox snafu


So last Friday, a number of you may have noticed that the new Dark Souls III DLC, Ashes of Ariandel, made its way on the Xbox One storefront. I know a few of you snagged it up quick, but Bandai Namco pulled the plug on that operation later that day.

Clearing up an error would normally be fine, but with a game like Souls that can be ruined so readily, it makes sense to just release the damn thing. The company is doing just that, because instead of its existing October 25 launch, it's now set for October 24 on PC, when it will arrive at 3PM PT on Steam. Consoles on the other hand will basically still have to wait, as it will hit at 9PM PT on consoles.

As a reminder, it'll probably take you five hours (or less) to complete this entirety of this DLC, making it one of the shortest add-ons in the series' history.

Dark Souls 3 DLC [GameSpot]



Pokemon Go's first ever event feels like an afterthought


In the first trailer for Pokemon Go, we saw a lot of cool shit. Battling on the spot, trading, and a fight with Mewtwo in Times Square. We all knew that the reality wasn't going to be nearly as enticing, but I don't think anyone could have predicted how badly Niantic has handled the game since launch.

It's been over three months since the game was released, and the only real step forward has been a better sense of server stability, partially due to the fact that so many people have quit. We're getting our first ever event from October 26 to November 1, but it's completely underwhelming.

During those dates, you'll get an enhanced chance to encounter Drowzee, Gastly, Gengar, Golbat, Haunter, Hypno, and Zubat. The PR that was sent out even refers to the latter as "yes, Zubat," indicating that this is some kind of cruel joke when even the most off the grid town has hundreds of low CP flying rats lying in wait at every corner. Beyond that, you'll get double candies for catching Pokemon, two for transferring to the Professor, and more Buddy candy, which puts it at about the rate that it should be anyway. That's literally the event. You can get an overview from the '90s Flash commercial that was put together below.

I'm teetering somewhere around level 30, when I can find people who still have love for the game and want to play. I adore the social aspect of it, but scientists will be studying Niantic's business strategy for years to come as an example of how not to handle a project post-launch.


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The original Red Faction may be headed to PS4


THQ Nordic's recent announcement that Red Faction was removed from Germany's index of "damaging" games now makes a lot more sense. According to the European ratings group PEGI, the 2001 original will be releasing on PS4 via Sony's PS2 Classics line. The update will come with 1080p upscaling, Trophies, and Remote Play support.

While I'm all for preserving the past, I don't know that the first game represents the best that the series could be. Guerilla is an entirely different beast and really capitalizes on the Geo-Mod technology that Volition created. The first game was definitely mind blowing for a PS2 game, but blowing apart walls never amounted to more than another doorway.

Also, I wonder if this will be a direct port of the PS2 version or some amalgamation of the PC port. I had both as a teenager and, oddly enough, the PS2 version was a lot better. Apart from lacking mod support, it had sharper visuals and smoother performance (though that shouldn't be a problem 15 years later).

PS2 Classic Red Faction for PS4 Rated by PEGI Hinting to Impending Release [DualShockers]



Would you want the Nintendo Switch to play Pokemon Go?


Well, we know what the NX is now, but Nintendo isn't saying much other than that.

What we do know is that it's a device that can be played at home or on the go, and features a tablet of sorts with removable controls. At home, it's essentially a slightly juiced up Wii U with Nvidia hardware. On the go -- its functionality remains to be seen.

Among the tidbits that we didn't get is how it'll work with any of Nintendo's mobile efforts or mobile umbrella, most notably Pokemon Go. Would you...want the Switch to work with all of this, effectively uniting the console, portable, and mobile arenas under one roof?

Because while a lot of you out there are probably clamoring for Nintendo give up their mobile partnership with DeNA completely, it would be beneficial long term to get its claws into any market it can in case their console efforts stagnate again. It feels like the same old song and dance of "we're in, fellow third parties!," before unceremoniously dropping out -- so I think the Switch needs something else to cover its basis. The entire machine seems to be designed around that theory.

It got me thinking though -- do you plan on using the Switch more at home, or out on the go?



Fan-made Sonic Utopia might be the best 3D Sonic game ever


For all the efforts Sonic Team has made, it's never quite nailed the 3D Sonic formula. Fans have fond memories of Sonic Adventure, but anything even resembling the Dreamcast classics hasn't been made since 2003 (Sonic Heroes). Maybe Generations, but that was only half of a 3D Sonic game.

While I've never cared for any Sonic game past the Genesis, even I can't deny how awesome Sonic Utopia looks. According to lots of user comments (from YouTube, Sonic Stadium and Reddit), this is the best 3D Sonic game, official or not. Whether or not you believe that, you have to admit the music is pure awesome (and tear inducing).


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Do you have any stories of retail hell?


We've all been there. After all, for us to play games, we have to buy them from other people. These days, buying games digitally is an incredible convenience that allows us to buy games from the comfort of our own home and limiting our time spent interacting with a wide range of undesirable personalities.

How is it that retail can bring out the worst in people in order to produce such out there stories? Some websites even aggregate the best of the best (worst of the worst?) for our enjoyment, like People of Walmart and The Consumerist.


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Rage Disco is about a cyborg archaeologist, an ancient party, and a missing jacket


width="711" height="400" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

Stop me if you've heard this one before: An Indiana Jones-like cyborg discovers an eternal nightclub party and gobbles up copious amounts of liquor and pills on his way to finding his missing jacket.

Oh, wait. No. No, you probably actually haven't heard that one before. I'll continue.

One of the weirder games at Poznan Game Arena is Rage Disco from developer Suicide Penguin. It's a floor by floor trek through an ancient tomb that just so happens to be a dance club. Zombies or spirits or ancient dwellers or whatever they are keep the party thumping, forever dancing along to the bassy soundtrack.

Rage Disco seems to be mostly a score-chasing affair, as all the martinis and beers and pills on the floor constantly add to a point total. The pills also alter how the game plays. Speed pills temporarily increase movement, and glitch pills make everything go kind of crazy.

Apart from shooting for points, the challenge lies within the fact that the party-goers might accidentally hurt the cyborg archaeologist protagonist. Being that he wants to preserve his findings, he's completely pacifist. All he'll do is use shields and roll out of the way.

Navigation is a constant question mark as Rage Disco not only randomly generates all floors, but re-generates them while you're still on them. Backtracking doesn't really exist because it'll always be different. Nothing's a given in Rage Disco.

After traversing three floors, we came to a boss that employed the well-known video game mechanic of "make him charge at you, miss, and crash into something." That wasn't tough, but the surroundings were also trying to hurt us. It's a constant assault on the senses, something you could probably expect from an ever-going party.

Admittedly, Rage Disco is rough right now. There are bugs, the jumping feels weird, and the visuals suffer from blending together. Suicide Penguin readily admitted that it needs plenty of polish. But it's also interesting enough of a premise that it seems worth talking about. Rage Disco is set for an eventual PC release, but it could easily make the leap to consoles too. Then we'll see who's up to party forever.



Husk is a Polish take on Silent Hill, and I'm fascinated


Like most video game horror fans, I'm legally obligated to brag to you about how big of a horror fan I am. There was a time in my life where I was inspired by Chris's Survival Horror Quest and systematically began tracking down and playing every single creepy game I could find, regardless of whether it was on an obscure system or a difficult-to-find mod. Silent Hill has long been one of my favorite series, and while at the Poznan Game Area in Poland this weekend, I found a new game to look forward to: UndeadScout and IMGN.PRO's Husk.

I played for a good twenty minutes while one of the developers explained what I was seeing. Husk is a first-person survival horror set in the American town of Shivercliff. Playing as Matthew Palmer, a man who can't find his family after a train crash, I slowly approached Shivercliff and couldn't stop thinking of Silent Hill and Alan Wake as the encroaching forests beckoned me forth. Like most horror games, it began slowly and it took awhile for me to reach the town, but there was already a sinister air about me despite nothing threatening happening.

Once I was in the town proper, I found a flashlight in a gas station, having to do a small item manipulation puzzle similar to Amnesia. It wasn't long after that I was creeping through alleyways, trying to avoid a not-so-shambling corpse monster that wanted nothing more than to see me dead. I soon found a melee weapon and was told by the developer not to get too brave and that this would only stun the creature, and that I needed to run.

After successfully escaping, I found a few more puzzles that required me to find keycards or read messages to discover the whereabouts of a key necessary to progress. I was in my element, turning toward old survival horror habits, reading and exploring everything. None of the puzzles thus far were exceptionally challenging, but I was enjoying the variety that I had encountered even in this brief section of the game: stealth, puzzles, item manipulation, and exploring all brought me back to those teenage years that I had so cherished.


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Agony might be the goriest puzzle game ever


width="711" height="400" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

One of the booths at Poznan Game Arena caught our eye quicker than most. It's a relatively unassuming space -- most of the booths in the indie area are -- with a banner or two with some artwork. But, it's the name in plain black and white that immediately sparked my attention: Agony.

Agony is a game that first hit our radar in August. Jed wrote about a trailer, just a quick blurb about a ten-minute video. Apart from the premise (you're a tormented soul trying to escape hell), we didn't know much about Agony. After going hands-on with it for a little bit, there's still plenty of mystery.

It starts quick. After a falling sequence, we immediately set off to explore. There's an alternate vision mode where it's possible to see which demons can be possessed. The particularly intimidating ones were red, an indication that we weren't ready to encounter them. Some less gruesome-looking souls were green, meaning that we were on their level.

Each demon in hell has a different function. One of those green ones that we saw had a torch; one of the red ones had magic projectiles. The crux of Agony seems to be trying to find the correct demon to progress through to the next section. It's very much a puzzle game in that sense. Just because everything looks like it wants to kill you doesn't mean the entirety of Agony will be spent defending yourself. In fact, it seems like there's no semblance of combat or anything like that.

There's still danger, though. Before long, we died because we didn't possess a soul fast enough. The reason for that is because we took every opportunity to dillydally and check out every little detail. It's easy to do in Agony. The visuals and presentation are simply fascinating. Everything is made up of viscera and nightmares -- the likes of human guts and teeth as the building blocks for walls and doorframes. The game's running on Unreal 4, a fact that I was mostly certain of before I ever asked the question. Agony just looks that good.

Actually, it looks so good that developer Madmind Studio kind of expects to be denied classification in certain countries. "This might be the goriest video game ever right now," we were told. "We'll probably have some problems in Japan, Australia, and Germany."

We had a taste of Agony but it's not enough. There's a lot more to unwrap, a lot that wasn't present in the demo. I want to take a deeper dive into the mechanics. I want to learn more about the story. But, I mostly just want to spend more time in this depiction of hell. It's a terrifying and amazing thing. Luckily, we shouldn't have to wait too long, as it's eyeing a release within a year on PC, PS4, and Xbox One -- in whatever countries will allow it, that is.



Ready At Dawn talks The Order: 1886 and the future for the series


The only things I remember about The Order: 1886 are that it features a naked guy and the collector's edition dropped to $60 really damn fast. Most people were pretty harsh on the game at launch; common criticisms were that the game felt more like a movie and that it ended without any sense of closure. Cliffhanger endings tend to do that to otherwise decent games (and films).

The developer behind the game, Ready at Dawn (God of War: Chains of Olympus, Daxter), has recently done an interview with Game Informer. Creative director Ru Weerasuriya stated, "there are legs to this IP, definitely."


Read more...(image)

Awesome Games Done Quick's 2017 schedule has me excited again


Just under three months to go until you have to put your backlogs on hold for a week to watch a cavalcade of insane and informative speed-runs. The next event will be held from January 8 through January 15, and with the schedule now finalized we can start looking ahead. 

If you're not aware, AGDQ (Awesome Games Done Quick) is the largest speed-running event in the world and is held biannually (Summer Games Done Quick in early July). Many of the best speed-runners gather in a hotel to do a week-long marathon of nothing but speed-run after speed-run. The best part is that's all for charity, raising well over $1 million per event in recent years for the Prevent Cancer Foundation and for Médecins Sans Frontières during SGDQ.

I find myself saying this every time it rolls around, but there's so many games I'm excited to see utterly destroyed. Just to name a few, I want to see Metal Gear Solid 2, Resident Evil Zero, Hitman: Blood Money, and Super Monkey Ball 2. Super Monkey Ball speed-runs are always some of the most jaw-dropping considering how difficult those are. Even for more tame runs, a lot of the intrigue is hearing about how the games' logic and coding works and then how the speed-runners unravel it. 

A popular, though perhaps not majority, opinion is that the runs have become more strict in recent years, not allowing as much shenanigans as in the past. While that is an understandable and legitimate complaint, I still find the event fun. After reading about Chris Carter's visit, I want to go myself now more than ever. The only game I've ever done a "speed-run" in was Oblivion, by stacking paintbrushes outside the final boss encounter.

There is debate over whether runs are better with or without glitches, but it's not such a simple dichotomy. There is a balance. Sword lunging in Halo 2 is a glitch, but most would accept that more than just activating the credits like in early Pokémon games. The one and perhaps fatal flaw of these speed-runs is that once you've seen a game for a given category run once, there's really no point in watching again unless the route or time has been significantly improved. It helps that so many new games are coming out all the time!

AGDQ 2017 Schedule [Games Done Quick]



Check out AlphaDeus' Songs for Gamers DLC Pack 01


[AlphaDeus is back for another round of community member covers! He's probably also still in the process of DLC Pack 2, his next community project. So you probably still have time to get a request in. My song is called ninjaneering by the way. ~Strider]

Hello, friends! I'm excited to share what most of you have probably been hearing about lately (in the quick posts mostly).


Songs for Gamers DLC Pack 01 (album art by Tom Davies)


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Subtlety be damned, Badass Hero is what I want from an action-platformer


I was well-aware that nuance wouldn't be this game's strong suit when I booked an appointment with Awesome Game Studio to see Badass Hero. It takes a certain kind of wildly confident team to settle on names that are so incredibly blunt. Points for bravado, I guess. Points for accuracy too, because, as much as we've seen, Badass Hero features a badass hero and it definitely seems like it could be an awesome game.

Badass Hero deals in a sort of brash fantasy that's found on the pages of a comic book. The titular badass works his way across three issues, each screen serving as a single frame in the book. There's all sorts of mystic powers at play, but our protagonist seems as if he's content to use good old-fashioned guns and explosives to brute his way through most of the game's perils.

Most of our demo was spent in a jungle level fighting skeletons but that's only part of the overarching theme. Apparently, the broader concept is that there are Neo-Nazis with nefarious plans that we're trying to take down. Talking with founder Marcin Draszczuk, the founder of the Polish studio, he said "Yeah, we don't really like Nazis. More than most."

As Draszczuk gave me the basics of Badass Hero, Zack sat down next to me and beat two bosses before I finished the tutorial. What a dang wunderkind. Maybe it was just that mouse and keyboard advantage. Sure, let's call it that.


Read more...(image)

Die for Valhalla is Castle Crashers by way of Valykrie Profile


At the Poznan Game Arena, Brett and I had a chance to play Monster Couch's Die for Valhalla, a four-player couch co-op game that immediately reminded us of Castle Crashers. After a twenty minute play session, we saw that there was more depth to the game than that obvious comparison.

Each player begins as a Valkyrie, a soul tasked with both populating Valhalla with more valiant souls and fighting against a mysterious evil in the world. While playing as the Valkyrie, you utilize an ethereal spear to fight enemies like zombies and Giants. If you see a grave, you can possess that dead soldier and use them as more capable combatants than your spirit form.

Graves have different headstones on them that demarcate what type of weapon you will use when inhabiting their bodies. Brett found himself using a sword and shield most of the time, while I used either a bow or dual tomahawks. Each weapon type changed the rhythm of combat in a significant manner and allowed for different attacks. For example, the bow could be charged for heavy shots and required more dodging (and had some of the most satisfying archery noises I've ever heard) and the sword and shield could be used to parry attacks.

This sort of variety is present throughout Die for Valhalla. Instead of the button-mashy combat that usually is associated with co-op brawlers such as this one, there was always something new to try here. There are stunning attacks that lead to better team play, combos to do, a stamina meter for dodging and special attacks, and the constant need to find new bodies to possess. If you survive for a while as the same body, you do gain more glory (experience) that lets you become stronger and purchase new abilities, like the power to possess barrels and bushes as opposed to only corpses. There are also stat increases that persist through playthroughs.


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(Update) Video game voice actor strike begins over concerns of 'safety and respect'


[Update: Sam Singer, a communications operative speaking on behalf of the negotiating video game companies, sent Destructoid an email regarding the claims made at the SAG-AFTRA roundtable. "The Companies are impressed and appreciative of the research and investigation the union did on vocal stress and had agreed to work together on addressing the issues before union leadership rashly decided to strike, rather than allowing their members to vote on the package," Singer told us. "SAG-AFTRA never made a specific demand on stunt coordinators, so that claim by the union is incorrect."

He also claimed that "only about 20-25% of video games use union talent," a claim previously addressed and dismissed by Rodriguez during the roundtable. We've sent a request for comment to SAG-AFTRA regarding the stunt coordinator clause & the percentage of video games that hire SAG talent, and will update the story as necessary]

After "the longest negotiation in SAG-AFTRA history," voice actors affiliated with acting guild SAG-AFTRA began a strike affecting video game publishers and developers, starting today, October 21. Any game in production that has not hired voice actors before February 17, 2015, will be part of the strike. Games that began some form of production before the date but only hired voice talent after the date passed will be struck.

Affected video game companies include Activision, Electronic Arts, Take-Two (2K Games), WB Games, and Insomniac Games, as well as voice acting producers Disney Character Voices, Blindlight, Corps of Discovery Films, Formosa Interactive, Interactive Associates, Inc, and VoiceWorks Productions, Inc. Other companies like Ubisoft and Square Enix will not be affected, as they are not part of the video game companies negotiating against SAG-AFTRA.

Destructoid attended a media roundtable at SAG Plaza earlier today, where representatives from the SAG-AFTRA Interactive Committee explained the reasoning behind the strike. SAG's primary goals have changed very little since the conversation went public last September: the committee is looking for guaranteed stunt coordinators at motion capture sessions, hazard pay and shorter shifts for intense recording sessions, information about the project once the voice actor has been booked, and a choice between higher upfront payments or post-release royalties based on sales.


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The last arcade in Boston


[To this day I still lament the closing of southern California's Arcade Infinity, one of my favorite dives and one of the last arcades to survive into the 2000s. I met and interviewed Mike Z there when Skullgirls was naught but a glint in his eye. But I digress, Mullon has his own memories of arcades past. Why not reflect on your own arcade memories by starting a cblog of your own? ~Strider]

Jillian’s probably wasn’t the last arcade in Boston, Massachusetts, but it was the last arcade I remember going to regularly before they all disappeared.

Jillian’s Boston was an arcade and bar and maybe a club on a street corner about a block from Fenway Park. It is not the classiest area of Boston, and Jillian’s was not the most upscale looking bar. The front door was a simple glass door that led right into a stairwell. I cannot remember if the arcade was on the second floor or on the third floor, the billiards room was on the other floor.


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PSA: Keldeo Pokemon distribution ends Monday


As part of Pokémon's 20th anniversary, at least one of the harder-to-get creatures has been made available every month this year. Although there were two of the special Pokémon available this month, the Keldeo distribution is set to end on Monday, October 24.

Downloading Keldeo doesn't require anything other than a 3DS, an internet connection, and a copy of Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire. You can download Keldeo once to every copy you own by selecting "Mystery Gift" from the main menu and choosing "Get via Internet."

The Volcanion cards should still be available at your local game store, and you can check this link for the details. The code cards won't be available after October 31 but are still redeemable until January 2017, so it's not as time sensitive as downloading Keldeo.

Next month's offering is Genesect, which will be available from November 1-24. It looks like you'll need a code card for the Bug/Steel hybrid as well, but we'll let you know when it becomes available.



Oh god, I cannibalized a poor space scientist in Symmetry


width="711" height="400" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

Symmetry has a great aesthetic about it. It doesn't really do the game justice, actually. The warm pastel hues and hand-drawn art are inviting, when the in-game conditions are anything but. There's a dire story at the heart of Symmetry, one that the presentation doesn't prepare you for.

I realized that when I killed and ate one of my fellow scientists.

Maybe the look of it all makes those moments easier to accept, but, yeah, not really. All the comforting tones in the world can't really offset exactly how dark it is to murder a friend and cannibalize them. In my defense, she was unhappy. Bringing the whole team down, honestly.

In a more perfect world, I wouldn't have had to resort to this. Symmetry's survival story doesn't need to end up like that. The three scientists who crash-landed on this planet can make the best of their situation to escape. It requires resource management, team management, and understanding the extreme environment. It probably won't be easy, though. An emoticon over each's head indicated their mood; everyone was in poor spirits relatively quickly in the demo.

And, even if those three stay content, it'll likely come at the expense of others. The developers from Sleepless Clinic told me that there are more playable characters who eventually arrive over the course of the four- to six-hour narrative. Depending on their state, it might be best to kill them before they even make it into the makeshift station. Survival of the fittest and all that, I guess.

From the little I saw, it seems like it'll be incredibly difficult to play Symmetry without something bleak happening. The conditions certainly justify it. Against-all-odds survival tales rarely go smoothly anyway. Just don't let its unassuming look fool you; Symmetry is anything but lighthearted.



Weekend deals: Battlefield 1 and Civilization VI, oh my


Welcome to the weekend of 2016 where possibly the two biggest games of year release. Civilization VI and Battlefield 1 are clocking in respectable ratings in review aggregate sites (Dtoid review here). For a limited time, PC gamers can take 20% off either title on both Steam and Origin. This gives a little solace for those of us who game on one of the more expensive platforms. GMG has a 20% discount on Battlefield 1, getting the game down to $47.99. The same retailer has Civilization VI marked down in the same percentage (just this morning!) via a semi-hidden discount. You must add Civ VI to cart before any price break is revealed. If you wanted to get your hands on a new PS4 Slim or Xbox One S just to play Battlefield 1, there are some bundle deals available as well. Newegg has a coupon code making the first discount on the Special Edition 1TB "Military Green" Xbox One S Battlefield 1 bundle. Newegg also has a PS4 Slim bundle on its eBay page for $319.99 which includes a copy of both Battlefield 1 and Assassin's Creed Syndicate (of course it's a free Ubisoft game). Top Weekend Deals Civilization VI Deluxe (Steam) — $63.99  (list price $80) <- Add to cart for discount Civilization VI (Steam) — $47.99  (list price $60) <- Add to cart for discount Battlefield 1 Standard Edition (Origin) — $47.99  (list price $60) Xbox One S Battlefield 1 1TB Console Bundle — $324.99  (list price $350) PlayStation 4 Slim + Battlefield 1 + AC Syndicate — $319.99  (list price $420) MSI Radeon RX 480 Gaming X 4GB Video Card — $164.99  (list price $240) <- hot Recent Releases 10/13: Shadow Warrior 2 (Steam) — $31.99  (list price $40) 10/11: Xbox One S Gears of War 4 1TB Console Bundle — $329.99  (list price $350) 10/04: Memories of a Vagabond (Steam) — $2.29  (list price $5) 10/03: MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies (Steam) — $17.99  (list price $30) Upcoming Releases 10/25: Farming Simulator 17 — $26.29  (list price $35) 10/28: Titanfall 2 (Origin) — $48.99  (list price $60) 10/28: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (Steam) — $42.49  (list price $50) 11/02: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Digital Deluxe (Steam) — $84.99  (list price $100) 11/02: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Digital Legacy (Steam) — $67.99  (list price $80) 11/02: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (Steam) — $50.99  (list price $60) 11/08: Transport Fever (Steam) — $25.45  (list price $35) 11/10: Tyranny Commander Edition (Steam) — $36.23  (list price $45) 11/11: Dishonored 2 (Steam) — $49.99  (list price $60) PC Game Deals Bundle Stars Scream Sale Batman: Arkham Knight Bundle (Steam) — $18.79  (list price $50) Verdun (Steam) — $16.44  (list price $25) Dead Island Definitive Edition (Steam) — $11.27  (list price $20) Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition (Steam) — $11.27  (list price $20) Batman Arkham Origins Complete Pack (Steam) — $9.39  (list price $48) Alan Wake Collector's Edition (Steam) — $8.22  (list price $35) Metro Redux Bundle (Steam) — $7.04  (list price $30) The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (Steam) — $4.99  (list price $20) Ba[...]

Is frame rate a game-changer for you?


Video games have come a long way. Technology these days is trying to push the limits of 4K resolution, and VR is a promising experience of the future. We find ourselves in a bit of a rat race to see what's the fanciest tech we can possibly squeeze out onto the market, and just how much can we optimize our games to achieve the best performance. 

I've been playing Rise of the Tomb Raider lately for the Xbox One, and I have to tell you it's a visually stunning game. I'm very much enjoying my experience with it, even though I went into it knowing that it is locked at a solid 30fps count. I actually took this into consideration before even playing the game. Then I got to thinking...does it really matter to me how many frames per second a game runs at? 


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PREPARE TO FRIENDSHIP: Dtoid's Master Gaming Contact List


It's entirely possible I have run out of community members to list! That said, the List will still continue being updated for those of you with List fetishes. -Panda]

[It is my pride and joy that people make friends for life on this site, easily the best thing I have accomplished in my ten years here! I hear it time and time again, and it never gets old. Thanks for making the Dtoid Community so special -Niero]

Good morning/afternoon/evening my friends/robots/Gardevoir

It has recently been made aware to me that, just perhaps, you all enjoy video games. It might even be said that you... like to game with others? Now now, don't be that way, I don't mean to lump you into some sort of box. You're all just such lovely folks, it pains me to watch you, struggling in vain to connect with each other, striving to engage in...


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What does the community think of the Nintendo Switch?


Nintendo has finally revealed its next console, the Nintendo Switch. I, for one, am glad we can stop calling it the damn NX. In the days leading up to the reveal, almost everyone was skeptical that Nintendo would be showing off anything worth getting excited about.


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Here's how to access the new Dark Souls III DLC


One question I get pretty often whenever a new DLC for Souls launches is "how do you access it?"

In true Souls form, you don't really go through a traditional menu. Instead, the player either has to follow vague clues or find the new zone completely on their own, which can get annoying if you're not keen on exploring the entire game again. So, much like my previous videos, here's one for Ashes of Ariandel, which launches in a few days on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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Scream Fortress VIII is now live


Team Fortress 2 is celebrating its eighth (!) Halloween this year, and new events and items went live a few hours ago. Valve may be feeling a little pressure from Overwatch, because it looks like there's more new stuff available this time than in years past. Sadly, there's no new comic, but all of the new and old Halloween content will be active from now through November 9, 2016.

You can check the patch notes here, but here are the highlights.

  • Three new Halloween-themed maps: Brimstone, Pit of Death, and Maple Ridge Event. The latter is a holiday decorated version of the regular Maple Ridge King of the Hill map.
  • Bumper car taunts for every class. Called the Victory Lap, these taunts are based on the 2014 TF2 Halloween event that featured a bumper car race in between the fighting.
  • Magic wand taunts for every class. These are called Second-rate Sorcery, because whatever spell the mercs are trying to cast doesn't work.

width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

  • New crates and keys are a given, and during the event, opening any crates grants double the chance of a cosmetic item inside having an unusual effect (usually a glow or particle effect that surrounds the character) applied to it. Any item with an unusual effect opened during the event will be a Halloween 2016 unusual effect specifically, and presumably those will be unavailable after the event's conclusion. 
  • New costume items include a chicken hat for scout, Hawaiian shirt for Heavy, and a bare-chest option for the Medic. There are several all-class items as well, including a cute knit bat hat. Try saying that a few times in a row.

Anyone who skipped last year's event will receive a Soul Gargoyle that tracks how many other players you kill in Halloween maps. It also unlocks Merasmissions, quests you can do to earn a classic Halloween item while the event is active. 

It's amazing to look back and see how much extra stuff has gone into this game since its release. I'm not sure this is enough to pull me away from trying to get Mercy's Witch skin in Overwatch, though. 

Scream Fortress VIII has arrived! []



Destiny sure knows how to celebrate Halloween


width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

When it comes to Destiny, I'm mostly stuck listening and nodding politely in response to words and phrases that, as a non-player, hold no meaning. But I can appreciate any video game that embraces the Halloween spirit, even something as maddeningly obtuse from the outside as Bungie's great friend-stealer. (And by publicly stating that, RNGesus, that's your cue to stop giving me Halloween icons and dupes in Overwatch, and start giving me new costumes. I'm running out of time!)

Destiny's Festival of the Lost begins this Tuesday, October 25 and lasts through Tuesday, November 8. With the annual celebration comes a whole mess of cosmetics -- some new, some updated repeats, some just plain silly. I am so down with the idea of a Ghost dressed up like a ghost, as pictured above. See anything else you like in the trailer? Have your eye on a specific mask?

Best of luck in earning whatever it is you're after. That even goes for you, Darren.

Festival of the Lost [Destiny]



New 3DS XL goes lime green for this Super Mario World bundle


Are there any other colors left for Nintendo to explore with its handheld gaming systems? This latest New 3DS XL bundle, an Amazon exclusive at least here in the States, is lime green.

I feel like that's a love-it-or-hate-it color choice (it's a bit eye-melting, for my tastes), but I do like one detail, and that's the box art. Specifically, its use of the classic caped Mario artwork. It reminds me of the Super Nintendo Super Set, which also came with Super Mario World packed in.


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PlayStation Network is suffering from another DDoS attack


Sony can't seem to catch a break with its online network. According to a report at GameSpot, PlayStation Network (and most of ISP Dyn's network) has been suffering from outages today. While some minor issues were resolved in the morning, an even greater attack was launched in the afternoon. Dyn issued a statement saying it is doing its best to eliminate any issues.

What makes the story even crazier is that the Department of Homeland Security is now getting involved. As reported by NBC News, the attack is coming from devices infected with malware that was released in the last few weeks. While Dyn has been diligent in its attempts to squash any issues, the "hackers" aren't giving up.


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Review: World of Warcraft the Official Cookbook


When the opportunity came along to cover the official World of Warcraft cookbook, I jumped at it. While I don't share this fact much online, my wife and I have been cooking together on a weekly basis for over 10 years, and our German and Italian heritages respectively have meshed to create some really rad culinary delights.

But I also grew up playing the Warcraft RTS games, and as it relates to this particular book, World of Warcraft. So, the onus is on me to judge it by both standards, and I'm pleased to say that it passes.


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This is how Skyrim: Special Edition looks in motion


width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has had quite the legacy. Even as someone who stopped playing years ago, its influence continues to be inescapable. The Macho Man and Thomas the Tank Engine mods of the world cannot be contained, and whether you're looking for it or not, Skyrim will find you.

That's going to be especially true in the coming weeks/months/years, what with Skryim: Special Edition dropping next Friday, October 28. Some of you have noted a distinct lack of footage of the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One remaster leading up to its release, and I've been feeling it too.

This trailer is about what I'd hope for, at least from a publisher-provided video: quick glances at the game running on last-gen hardware versus current consoles, or just enough to go on until the inevitable crazy-in-depth Digital Foundry breakdown happens. And, another reminder for PC players wondering what the point is: Special Edition is a free upgrade if you own the original version and its DLC.

There are a couple of recent odds and ends that we haven't yet covered. On PS4 and Xbox One, the game will reserve 1GB and 5GB of space, respectively, for user-made mods (but, again, the mod situation on PS4 leaves a ton to be desired). Also, yesterday's footage of Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch doesn't mean the title is "confirmed" for the system, because that would be too darn straightforward. "We look forward to revealing specific games and details in the future," Bethesda has said.



Friday Night Fights - Games, let's play 'em!


Just don't have it in me right now to be funny, or churn out a paragraph on what I'm playing, or even why I think the NS is cool. So let's play some games, and have a great weekend.


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The Nintendo Switch could be what the Apple TV should be


I don't know about you, but I'm still coming down from the high of the Nintendo Switch unveiling. Sure, we'd all be guessing and suggesting since halfway through the Wii U lifespan its next device would be a handheld/console hybrid, a premise buoyed by various Twitter tipsters who seemed convinced they knew what was going on. But there's a big difference between thinking something will happen and seeing it actually come to fruition. It's like John Travolta saying he wants to make Battlefield Earth, and then actually seeing it on the big screen.

Okay, that's a bad example.

Anyway, my point is fans will no longer have to spend another second filling comment threads with hopes about a console/handheld hybrid and hate for Nintendo for not telling us what it is already. The Switch is here, and while I'm sure we all have questions and concerns, at least we know what we're dealing with now.

We're dealing with something that shouldn't really exist because Apple should have already done it two years ago.


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PlayStation 4 Slim and Xbox One S bundle deals with Battlefield 1


So you absolutely can't wait until Black Friday in a month because you're convinced Battlefield 1 is the bestest game ever (or everyone you know is playing and you can no longer follow the group chat). Have no fear, our peer-pressured friend: here are some release-day Battlefield 1 bundled deals for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Battlefield 1 Console Bundle Deals

For the PS4 Slim, there was no official bundle with BF1 but Newegg is doing its usual bundle + latest AAA release deal, where it discounts the bundle slightly and tosses in a random overstocked game from its warehouse for free (for this scenario it's going with Assassin's Creed Syndicate). For $320, a savings of about $60 will get you the latest PlayStation 4 Slim, a copy of Battlefield 1, and a copy of the aforementioned Syndicate.

In the Xbox One S department, you can pick up the latest 1TB Battlefield 1 Xbox One S bundle for only $325 at Newegg if you checkout with MasterPass and use code MPGAMER16 for $25 off. The code expires next Tuesday, October 25.



No, Hearthstone is not coming to the Nintendo Switch


The Nintendo Switch was all the rage yesterday, and with lots of western companies on board (including Bethesda), there was tons of talk about who would announce a project for it next.

Blizzard added fuel to that fire with a tweet to Nintendo of America from their Hearthstone account noting that "We see you Mario," adding in the "#NX" hashtag. Any reasonable person would take this as a possible hint towards a Hearthstone port (which would work well on the Switch given its on the go feature), but as it turns out, it was just a joke.

After reaching out to Blizzard, they confirmed that the picture of "The Innkeeper" was merely a reference to a recent meme, in which Mario was seen peeking around a curtain for an NX reveal tease yesterday. The publisher noted that it was a joke, and that Hearthstone is not planned for the Switch at this time.

Oh well, basically any PC or mobile device can run it for free.


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Initial thoughts on Nintendo Switch


I love it when things slide into place and then click to fasten. Holy cow, that click on the Nintendo Switch. It's so gratifying. I will probably slide the Switch's Joy-Cons in and out, in and out, savoring each delicious snap. And I'm not the only one! Myles Cox and Kenny Redublo joined the Podtoid crew (minus Brett, who is somewhere else, whatever, nobody cares) to talk about Nintendo's big reveal.

We also talked about the Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer, Watch Dogs 2, the newest indie darlings Gonner and Thumper [editor's note: I hardly even know 'er!], and some other totally cool stuff that people care about like Destiny and Battleborn's newest downloadable content.

Do us a solid and give it a listen! Or better yet, subscribe and get the show 12 to 48 hours early, depending on how much we procrastinate writing posts like this one.

Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or download it here.


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Review: Battlefield 1


Annual Battlefield games, much like Call of Duty, are no surprise. They give the Call of Duty series a run for its money in terms of DLC (they not only have a season pass, but a "club" system), and in any given year, they could produce a package that's a step down from the status quo.

Hardline definitely had that feeling, but Battlefield 1 is a return to form.


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Berserk and the Band of the Hawk's bosses look dope


So uh, two pieces of the God Hand have been confirmed for Berserk and the Band of the Hawk.

For those of you who don't follow the series, the God Hand is the chief collective of antagonists, alongside of the "Apostles," which act as rogue agents of sorts. We've already seen Femto as a playable character, and now Slan joins his ranks with a boss fight that seemingly takes place in the Eclipse zone. As I've talked about in the past I think all of them could work in their own way even if Guts doesn't really fight them directly in the manga or anime adaptions (yet, at least). I just really want to see Void -- their leader -- at some point.

So while I do have some concerns (there's only eight confirmed characters, with no co-op in sight), we'll find out how it all turned out very soon when it launches on October 27 in Japan.


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Mario! Pikachu! Fusion, ha!


What would happen if Mario and Pikachu did the fusion dance? No, this isn't some deviantart contest, but if it were Nintendo would claim all the entries considering it and the Pokémon Company have teamed up create an official monster Mario X Pikachu mashup.

It's the 20th anniversary of Pokémon and the Switch was just revealed, so now is as good a time as ever. Various items including plushes, t-shirts, 3DS covers, folders, and playing cards will be sold at Pokémon Centers around Japan. Nintendo is even going back to its roots, with one of the items being hanafuda cards, which the company got its start selling.


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This Pokemon Sun and Moon ad might as well be official


'Member Pikachu! Oh yeah he's great. 'Member Pokemon cards?!

That's basically what this trailer is in a nutshell, but for a non-official joint, it's incredibly well done. Most of us older folk specifically remember playing Red and Blue for the first time (I did the whole "staying up late under the covers with the glow light shebang), and possibly collecting cards. But even as I got older I never really lost touch, having played every iteration since the first.

And as this commercial shows, that wasn't really the case with everyone. With the rampant success of Pokemon Go, I bet a lot of former fans will be getting back in for the first time in a long time.


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Review: WWE 2K17


Look, I don't know what I expected. Whenever I talk to fellow pro wrestling fans about the WWE games, they often grimace before offering a handful of excuses. "It's not as bad as last year's" is a favorite refrain, although it rings hollow once you realize that means this year's game is still bad.

Such is the case with World Wrestling Entertainment Two Thousand and Seventeen, A.D. It's an encapsulation of everything people hate about the "reality" era, stapled to a bunch of mediocre gameplay modes. WWE 2K17 doesn't even manage to clear the lowest possible bar -- the fact that it is a video game starring wrestlers you ostensibly like -- with a roster that hides some of its most promising talent behind downloadable content like we're back in the early 2010s.

In fairness, WWE 2K17 is not offensively terrible; it works on a technical level, albeit not as well as you'd hope considering this is the series' third outing on current-gen hardware. It doesn't crash, the frame rate is perfectly fine, but that doesn't mean it's worth your time or your money.


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Overwatch gets experimental


[Header image found at ZeroChan] I wrote an article Wednesday about Overwatch's Public Test Realm (PTR) and how the Principal Designer told us that Blizzard is planning some significant changes to shake up the metagame. While the forum post mentioned that they wanted to get the patch out before the end of the week, it came out much faster than we were expecting, and you can try it out now if you have an Overwatch account on the PC. The patch is pretty hefty (nearly 2.2 gigabytes), and it'll take a while to download. As advertised, there are significant changes to every character, though the developers cautioned that, unlike prior PTR patches, this one will probably be tweaked and changed considerably before going to live servers or to the console versions. I got some play time in with the patch, and can report that the changes seem as though they're intended to slow the game down a bit. More tweaks and adjustments have been promised, so everything you're about to read is subject to change.  Here's what to expect in the first round of testing: Ultimate ability costs have been increased by 25% for all heroes. Mei's ultimate cost has been increased by 15% on top of that, probably because her ultimate cost wasn't changed when self-healing began charging ultimates. This makes pushing payloads and control points a little easier, and will probably be adjusted as the developers get more data from the playtesting. I did notice myself thinking more about using an ultimate since I knew it'd be harder to charge. Since everyone's affected equally across the board it doesn't feel unfair, but I'd expect this number to be tweaked once there's more data available. Damaging non-players (e.g. Symmetra and Torb's turrets, or Symmetra's teleport pad) no longer charges ultimate abilities. This can be seen as a slight nerf for some of the flankers like Genji and Tracer who excel at wrecking Sym's constructs. Players who level past 100 will now need a flat 20,000 experience points for every subsequent level. Previously, the first 20 levels required less experience, and some people held off playing until the Halloween event started to maximize their potential loot box drops from those first 20 levels. The total amount of experience required to go from 101 to 201 will be the same, since later levels had previously required 22,000 experience apiece. D.Va's mech got a health increase, up to 200 from 100. Her mech's armor remains the same, at 400. In Overwatch, armor reduces damage caused to the target by half if the damage would be 10 or less, and by 5 if the incoming damage would normally do 10 or more. The extra health here doesn't have any damage reduction included, but D.Va's mech is a little tougher to take down now, and this gives[...]

Nintendo Switch not compatible with physical 3DS or Wii U games


Upon the reveal of the Nintendo Switch, a lot of questions raced to everyone's mind including the status of battery life, backwards compatibility, region locking, touchscreen, motion control, price, and so on. Famitsu reached out to Nintendo and got a few answers.

Nintendo says Switch is not a successor to Wii U nor 3DS. When asked about compatibility with Wii U and 3DS, Nintendo replied that "Nintendo Switch will not be able to play Wii U game discs or 3DS cartridges." Considering the Switch will employ a "game card" cartridge system, it was obvious that Wii U discs would not be playable, but they aren't ready to phase out the 3DS just yet it seems. However, this does not close the door on those games being available on Switch digitally via the eShop.

Questions about battery life and if the console will include everything (the main system, the dock, and the joy con controllers) will be answered at a later date. Regarding the package, Nintendo did confirm that "two Joy-Con controllers, that is the left and right Joy-Con controllers, will be included in the package." Given that the main system is in the screen, they talked around the dock. I wonder if they will have differently priced packages with and without the dock?

When asked about making software titles intended for mobile, Nintendo declined to comment. In fact, and take this with a grain of salt, we may not get any news at all the rest of the year.

Wii U, 3DS compatibility? Package contents? Nintendo's answers regarding Nintendo Switch [Famitsu]