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Updated: 2017-07-23T11:00:00Z


Shotgun choke me, daddy: The D-Team squads up for PUBG


src="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" style="position:absolute;width:100%;height:100%;left:0" allowfullscreen>

Jordan, Brett, Ray and I have been having a blast with the unwieldy-named 100-person battle royale PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. We want to share that blast with you.

Please join us, The D-Team, in our quest to win, win a chicken dinner, and enjoy all the accidental team-killing, condiment-ranking (ketchup does kinda suck, to be honest), competitive table jumping, and sweet motorcycle flips along the way.

We're also going to be bumping things up to 1080p next time. Please understand.



Are you going to keep playing Pokemon Go after this weekend's disaster?


Pokémon Go’s success has been quite the odd roller coaster. It launched like a bat out of hell with people around the world wandering the streets, college campuses and anywhere else the radar told them to go. As it grew, the news around it became more entertaining. There were stories of people getting robbed while live streaming themselves playing, finding dead bodies, or wandering into highly restricted areas. All the deaths from people getting hit by cars or hitting people with their cars because of it were less funny, but despite that kind of negative press, as well as all the lawsuits, Pokémon Go continued to grow.

Sure, people aren't playing in droves anymore, but going into its one-year anniversary celebration, it looked as though the app could perhaps regain the momentum it had when it first launched. After this weekend’s Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago, I wonder if that momentum is dead.

If you didn’t follow on Twitter yesterday, the Fest was basically a disaster. Scores of people in attendance were unable to connect to the game. The CEO of Niantic was booed on stage and one of the hosts had a water bottle thrown at her. That may sound bad but you have to remember this is Chicago we’re talking about. She’s lucky it wasn’t a hail of bullets.

This was supposed to be a celebration of Pokémon Go. If anything, it is a reminder of just how poorly this game has been rolled out. For its part, Niantic is apologizing in a big way, offering full refunds to attendees, $100 in PokéCoins and the legendary Pokémon Lugia added to their account.

I stopped playing Pokémon Go early on because it launched during triple digit heat in Southern California and there was no way in fuck I was going walking in that. After seeing how badly this event was botched, I'll probably just stick with Garfield Go instead.

Niantic Pokémon Go Fest Chicago Update [Pokémon Go Live]



Thor: Ragnarok's San Diego Comic-Con trailer is *$#%@!^ awesome


Thor: Ragnarok had a tough encore. Its first trailer was the stuff of movie nerd dreams, and it bowed during the Super Bowl. It's hard to make a better entrance than that. Now disregard everything I just said as its second trailer, unleashed during San Diego Comic-Con, and the movie is looking more and more visually stunning. While the first trailer just wowed us, this one builds out a story: Thor and friends (Loki, the Hulk, and more) must stop the God of Death and thus Ragnarok (aka the end of all things). It's like every shot was designed to be the money shot. So cinematic. So much color. So funky. Check out the ridiculous trailer below.

My only disappointment is I felt they revealed too much. Not only was it bad enough to show the span of the battle between the God of Death and the Asgardian army, but they seem to show much of the battle between the Hulk and Thor. That gladiator battle was a big selling point too, so I'm not sure they should have spoiled it so readily.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters November 3. 


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Stranger Things season 2 trailer makes me more excited for Ghostbusters than new Ghostbusters


Now that half the internet is riled up [again], let's take a look at the awesome new Netflix original Stranger Things season 2 trailer, hot off the presses from the San Diego Comic-Con.

width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>


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Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie could finally give us the closure we've always wanted


Our current 90s nostalgia boom has resulted in some good things, and lots of bad things. But I am thankful that it's allowed some stories to finally get a real ending. Hey Arnold! was one of the many Nickelodeon shows cut down in their prime as the nature of animation shifted from 2D to 3D (and not necessarily helped by poorly advertised theatrical releases competing with big CG animated features). 

Because it was cut short, there were a ton of questions left unanswered. Where were Arnold's parents? Who are his parents? Creator Craig Bartlett returns to answer those questions with Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie. Picking up where the series ended, The Jungle Movie is basically what Bartlett's been trying to make since 2004 and the care absolutely shines through. 

Just take a look at this clip featuring a ton of returning faces (with many of the original cast reprising their roles, with new kid actors voicing the kids a la Peanuts) and try not to lose yourself down memory lane. If you had any kind of attachment to the original cartoon, this is probably going to do a number on you. 

Hearing how close these new kids are to the original Arnold and Gerald, and seeing famous Hey Arnold! story beats in different angles (like Arnold's "crazy dance" to get out of fighting Harold) has gotten me right in the heart. 

Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie airs on Nickelodeon this November. 

width="711" height="400" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>



Arika's fighting game with no name looks super fast and fun


width="711" height="400" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

It's been pretty fun watching Arika find their footing with their "Mysterious Fighting Game." They're adding characters, finding their bearings, and slowly crafting a full competitor. Arika uploaded 50 minutes of gameplay footage (utilizing the latest playable build at EVO) of their staff members showing off what this game can do so far and it looks super fun. 

At glance, this seems to share a lot of similarities with Street Fighter EX (enough to assume this'll eventually be an entry in the Fighting Layer series) but movement is a bit faster. Chain supers (as one can quickly cancel a super into a second one) are here, as well as a Street Fighter X Tekken-esque load out system giving buffs. I'd like to know more about this system for sure. 

If the current incarnation of the project looks this fun to watch, I can't wait to play the full product next year. Skullomania all the waynia. 

50 minutes of Arika’s “Mysterious Fighting Game” gameplay [Gematsu]



Splatoon 2 getting free new weapon tonight


Splatoon 2 may have only just unleashed rainbow hell on the world, but it will see its first DLC drop today, according to a tweet from Nintendo.

The Inkbrush will be added to the arsenal as a free update for all, giving you one more way to paint the town red.. and pink.. and..

The Inkbrush is expected to drop in North America tonight at 6pm PST / 10pm EST and overnight in Europe. Hope all you inklings are having a great time with the game so far. Have you already staked your claim in the approaching civil war that is Ketchup VS Mayonnaise?


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You can unlock Shin Akuma in Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers with a special code


Capcom announced during their Street Fighter 30th anniversary San Diego Comic-Con showcase that Shin Akuma is actually unlockable in Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers for the Nintendo Switch. 

Here's what you'll need to do to use him: 

  • 1. Select Ryu, cancel on Color 1
  • 2. Select Ken, cancel on Color 9
  • 3. Select Sagat, cancel on Color 8
  • 4. Select M. Bison, cancel on Color 7
  • 5. Place the cursor on Random, press L and R at the same time

Shin Akuma can't be used in local online and internet battles because he's crazy overpowered (two air hadoukens), but this is very nice! Love little Easter eggs. 

How To Unlock Shin Akuma In Nintendo Switch's Street Fighter II [Gamespot]



Kingsway is a deceptively deep RPG that looks like a dated operating system


I like playing Kingsway at my day job. It's one of the few games that I can have running at full screen without anyone questioning my work ethic. If a coworker or customer happened to glance at my computer screen, there's a good chance they'd assume I'm just some kind of weird Luddite, not an overworked blogger playing a surprisingly deep RPG disguised as a dated desktop interface. 

Now, I should say that I don't necessarily advocate playing video games at work unless your job is A) soul-crushingly boring or B) to literally play video games whenever you can. Between my Real Life job and Dtoid, I'm straddling both points and Kingsway is just too good to put down. Productivity, be damned.


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What does the community think of Splatoon 2?


Splatoon, to me, was a big hit for Nintendo Wii U. A fresh new idea during a time when the most common complaint leveled against the company was the reusing of old IPs and re-releasing the same sequels over and over. So it's no surprise on every level Splatoon 2 is one of the more anticipated titles on the Switch.


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Who would be video games' press secretary?


It has been a slow week for video games, so this episode of Podtoid is mostly just the crew talking about whatever come to mind. One topic was who the press secretary for video games would be. Our guess is Dorito Pope himself Geoff Keighley.

There was some game talk, like how some of the crew is doing videos as a team in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. It was a pretty fun watch. There's also the Destiny 2 beta going on right now, but Brett and Steven didn't want to talk about that.

We round out the episode with some listener questions, an eventful SATPOTPAQ, and a Hot Dish focused on the moon. Give it a listen!

Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or download it here.


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Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One trailer drops at San Diego Comic Con


Ready Player One should be taught in schools across America because it's about video games, virtual reality, pop culture, and Americans getting fat asses. You know, reality. But until national and state by state curriculums get their acts together, Steven Spielberg is directing an adaptation of Ernest Cline's awesome novel.

Wade Watts, aka Parzival, is a virtual reality game playing teenager, on a quest within The Oasis, a virtual realm of 80s pop culture references, and ... well, peep the trailer, read the book, and check out Amazon for a more succinct summary than I can provide.

width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

I may be even more excited than I was. This definitely improves the first look image we just got. There are a few obvious references here, including the Iron Giant, Freddy Kruger, and a DeLorean. Warner Brothers, also producing Ready Player One, owns the rights to The Iron Giant and A Nightmare on Elm Street, so that's no surprise. And you can use a car from a movie without it being a reference to the movie, hence Back to the Future's DeLorean, despite that being a Universal property. It will be really interesting to see what they're able to pull in from outside their own library. Let's hope a lot.

What about you? Let us know your thoughts!




Turbowave to the Max: An ode to 80's inspired media


The 80’s were a fascinating and iconic time in the history of the US-neon, synth, cocaine and some incredible movies and other media came out at the time as well as a swath of crime and gang violence that informed a lot of the identity of that decade. You can tell a lot about the type of society by the media they make, and the 80’s are no exception. The 80’s were before my time and yet for many, yours truly included, they still serve as such a fascinating cultural fusion of interesting themes, ideas, and talking points.

Really, there’s so much rich content from and later inspired by that time period it that it’s hard not to become enamored upon viewing some of it. With that in mind, I thought it would be interesting to look at some media either from the 80's or inspired from it to give an idea of what appeals so much and perhaps lead you into some media you will find interesting as well.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, so please add your favorites in the comments below. Let's delve into some Turbowave to the Max standouts!


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Dream Daddy launch woos Steam users


Following its initial delay, yesterday saw the release of Game Grumps' dating-sim Dream Daddy, which proceeded to shoot straight to the top of the daily sales charts.

The game, developed and published by the popular Youtubers, slides snugly alongside House Party and Hatoful Boyfriend as one of the more unique entries in the dating-sim genre. You play as a (fully customisable) single father, who moves into the sleepy town of Maple Bay with your headstrong teenage daughter, Amanda. Whilst you both acclimatise to the new neighborhood, you will meet, and potentially romance, one of seven other single dads in the area.

Whilst a lot of press has been focused on the game's concept, underneath lies an interesting story of romance, family and grief as you and Amanda both struggle to adjust to the new town and its inhabitants, whilst coming to terms with the loss of a previous partner. As a maturing young woman, Amanda has her own difficulties. How well you respond to her troubles makes for thought-provoking subtext.

This isn't King Lear though, Dream Daddy is a fun, light-hearted game. Hot dad dates take place via themed mini-games, and there are multiple endings depending on your interactions with the other dads (and their offspring) as well as your relationship with Amanda herself.

Dream Daddy is available now on Steam, priced at $15/£11 


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Your Bad Movie Night Guide, Vol. 2: Zombeavers


Some movies are so bad they're good. Like last week's entry, Shark Attack 3: Megalodon; while it appears that it must have been somewhat self aware (one would hope), at other times, it clearly took itself plenty seriously. Or, The Room, one man's personal attempt to make a serious film written by, directed by, and starring himself; entirely serious, yet entirely awful in that special way that makes it amazing.

Zombeavers is in the other category: it's a bad movie that's aware of exactly what it is and runs with it like an oblivious kid with a kite at the edge of a cliff. That's correct: right over the edge. Sometimes self-awareness can be a beautiful thing.


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Does Kingdom Hearts III compare to the original Toy Story?


Last week at the D23 Expo, we got an extended look at one of the new worlds coming to Kingdom Hearts III. Much to a lot of people's surprise, the game will feature a level based around Toy Story, famous for being the first full length CGI film. For years, the goal of recreating that film with real-time graphics has been a dream for hardware manufacturers. Sony famously claimed that the PS2 was capable of providing the same visual fidelity, though that was obviously hogwash.

Now, though, it seems totally possible. With a cursory examination of the KH3 trailer, Toy Story looks exactly the same as it did in the film. Woody's movements and scale are recreated flawlessly and Andy's room is basically a 1:1 replica. Have we finally achieved graphical nirvana?

Leave it to Digital Foundry to take a much closer look at things most users would gloss over. While the conclusion is a bit mixed (certain aspects look better while others are just too far out of current GPU reach), it is fascinating to see which elements are stronger than the 1995 classic and which could be improved in a few short years.


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Twitch to run a Starcade marathon next month


At an SDCC panel, Twitch announced an upcoming marathon of '80s video game show Starcade. This is in collaboration with Blu-Ray publishers Shout! Factory, who picked up the rights to day-glow series at the start of the year.

Starcade was a somewhat clunky U.S. show which ran between '82 and '84. Players would score-attack various arcade games to win badass prizes such as metal detectors and electronic chess-sets. One girl even played for a bitchin' Dragon's Lair cabinet. Trivia questions and features would bookmark the show's 300 commercial breaks.

The best thing about the show was the fact that everyone did a sort of "light jog" around the studio, because walking is for squares. The show was hosted for the majority of its run by Geoff "Ready Set Play" Edwards, who seemed wonderfully bemused about the whole affair, but soon became quite the video game fan.

The marathon will feature the back-to-back screening of the show's syndicated run, around 130 episodes. I think it'll be a lot of fun, definitely some great background fodder, filled with colourful nostalgia, classic gaming mayhem and sweet haircuts.

Check it out when the marathon begins August 22, broadcast on Shout! Factory's Twitch channel.


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Todd McFarlane to direct new R-rated, lower budget Spawn movie


20 years ago Michael Jai White and John Leguizamo put on some crazy outfits and delivered an even crazier film with Spawn. While Todd MacFarlane's Spawn will never be as popular as it was in 1997, a film version now makes sense more than ever given our current waning superhero boom as it evolves into a call for weightier, R-rated stories. 

Todd MacFarlane has noticed it himself, and took to Facebook to announce that he is working with Blumhouse Productions (the biggest horror production company right now) on a new "badass" Spawn film: 

We’re now making movies. We’re going. Blumhouse, Spawn, badass, R [rating], it’s coming, get ready for it! We’re going into production.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the first draft of the film's script has already been written, and MacFarlane himself will be directing. The biggest note, however, is that Blumhouse and MacFarlane are aiming for a lower budget, horror/thriller take on the hero. 

Given that Blumhouse has produced films with lower budgets and huge returns, like the Insidious series, Get Out, The Purge, and Split, this only makes creative sense. I'm giving MacFarlane the benefit of the doubt and assume he knows what he can and can't do with whatever means he's given. 

Regardless, I'm super pumped about a new Spawny boy movie. I bet they could bring Michael Jai White back and no one would mind. 

New 'Spawn' Movie in the Works with Todd MacFarlane, Blumhouse [THR]



Adorable Shantae figure now available for pre-order


Charagumin's Shantae figurine, that was previously available as an Anime Expo exclusive, is now, unsurprisingly, available for pre-order.

The colour-resin figure, which you click together before giving pride of place on your shelf, can be reserved over at the VolksUSA online store. The delivery date is as soon as August 18 of this year. The figurine, which stands at roughly six inches, is priced at $75. Thirty randomly selected orders will have the packaging signed by Shantae's voice-actor Christina Vee.

I want one of these like you wouldn't believe, but not only can I not afford it, but also Volks is not shipping outside of the U.S, Canada or Mexico. So for now, this is one wish that'll stay firmly in the lamp. For any other Shantae fans, you can pre-order the figurine at the link below to get yours reserved. Note that pre-orders close August 14.

Shantae figurine pre-order page [Volks USA]


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Gundam Versus open beta announced, pre-order DLC confirmed


Bandai Namco announced today that the upcoming Gundam Versus will be receiving an open beta before release. While no date has been announced, details will be provided soon. In addition, pre-order DLC was finally confirmed for the game, which will be the current DLC mobile suits in Japan.

However, it also came with the nasty surprise that one of them would only be available to those who pre-order.


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Sega teams up with IDW for new Sonic comics


That was fast. After more than two decades of Sonic adventures at Archie Comics, Sega has decided to end its partnership and start a new one -- with none other than IDW Publishing.



Watch Spider-Man dodge pumpkin bombs while Frank West takes a photo in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite


[Update: The official trailer featuring the aforementioned characters, some more-a Gamora, and the newest Infinity Stone, Mind, has been embedded below. That final hyper combo string? Lookin' mighty nice.]

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite hasn't exactly been setting the fighting game world on fire, especially up against some major competition, so each reveal so far has been a mixed bag. It's great to get a look at how Spider-Man, Frank West, Mike Haggar, and Nemesis look on a newly-revealed M.O.D.O.K. inspired stage, but I'm a bit conflicted. 

We've seen all of these characters before in the previous game in the series, but they look really good within Infinite's new assist tag system. Spider-Man's super bleeding into West's combo is pretty sick, I gotta tell you. 

What do you all think? Is Spider-Man's new super enough to draw you in? If not, is there anything Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite can do at this point to win you back? 


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Sine Mora EX to hit PC, PS4, Xbox One soon, Switch version coming later


When Sine Mora EX hits on August 8, it'll sport 4K60FPS visuals, at least on the PC and PS4 Pro platforms. The Xbox One and the Switch will be the odd ones out on that front, and the latter doesn't even have a confirmed date yet as it's being pushed to "later this summer."

As a recap, Sine Mora EX is a touched-up version of the original shoot 'em up that launched back in 2012 on the Xbox 360 (eventually hitting other platforms). Upgrades include a 16:9 aspect ratio (with 16:10 as an option), English voicework (the original Hungarian is still there too, nice touch), three new versus modes and more challenges, as well as the aforementioned visuals.

I'm glad this one is getting a new lease on life as it's a beautiful shooter that deserves more than the tail-end of the Xbox 360/PS3's lifecycle and a Vita release.


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Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] is bringing its succinct title to Europe


The cult, but critically-acclaimed Under Night series is coming to European shores with its most recent release, the punctuation-laden Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st], courtesy of publisher Arcsys.

The one-on-one fighter, by Melty Blood developers French Bread, is another gorgeous looking slap-fest, featuring screen-filling attacks and painted in goth-anime overtones. Late[st] is the second revision to the original arcade, released back in 2015.


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This PlayStation Network flash sale is fitting for Comic-Con weekend


I only just mentioned the Totally Digital sale on PlayStation Network the other day (The Witness can still be yours for twenty bucks!), and here we go once again with a weekend flash sale. Have mercy.

These games stood out to me: Arkham Knight ($10); LEGO Marvel Super Heroes ($5); The Jackbox Party Pack 1, 2, and 3 ($10 a piece); JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Bundle ($23.99); Crypt of the NecroDancer ($4.49); Godzilla ($14.99); and Transformers: Devastation ($9.99).

If my oddball picks don't make it clear, the sale covers a whole range of stuff. Take a look:


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Cute Splatoon 2 amiibo perks are complex and scary to me


Many of you are currently getting giddy at the idea of getting gooey, as the heavily-hyped sequel Splatoon 2 launches worldwide today on Nintendo Switch.

I decided it would be fun to step way, way out of my comfort zone and explain how the game's amiibo work within the colourful world of Inkopolis. So here is a guide to the gear you will receive for syncing your Splatoon figures, old and new.


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Holy crap, Taiko no Tatsujin is getting an English release


Hell must be feeling a little chilly today, because the boys are back in town. By "boys", I am referring to Katsu and Don, the cutesy drum brothers that herald Bandai Namco's Taiko no Tatsujin rhythm game franchise. They're here to bring the percussion to PS4s across the seas, with the English-language release of Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum Session!, scheduled for later this year in the Asia PlayStation Store.

Before now, the series has only left Japan once, in the form of 2004's PS2-based Taiko Drum Master. Drum Session is the first current-gen console entry, and boasts over 70 songs, including the Japanese version of Frozen's "Let It Go", "Zenzenzense" from monster anime hit Your Name., and even crossover songs from Hatsune Miku, Touhou Project, Doraemon, and Pikotaro, the "Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen" guy. Local and online two-player sessions will be supported, as well.

The party piece, though, is a special bundle edition that includes a bespoke Taiko Drum controller to bash on. I can't wait for some tween to use it to complete Bloodborne with in their free time.


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The Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod hit Steam and I need to get in on this


I had a tough time figuring out which Just Cause 3: Multiplayer Mod screenshot to feature on top of this article. It's a no-win situation trying to whittle them down to best capture the insanity of hundreds of Rico Rodriguezes running amok. So, I'm taking the easy way out: let's just go with all the candidates!


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Piccolo and Krillin are looking great in Dragon Ball FighterZ


Arc System Works' Dragon Ball FighterZ kind of swooped in and stole the thunder from several upcoming fighting games (Marvel Unlimited especially), and part of that is due to Arc's beautiful engine, which was master-crafted for years for the Guilty Gear series. All of that hard work is paying off, even if Guilty Gear isn't getting practically any love these days.

Yes, if the hype is any indication FighterZ will do every well at launch, especially since they're adding so many fan favorites/staples in so early. You can't have a DBZ game without Piccolo and Krillin, who now have a new set of screens to show off their character models and abilities. Piccolo is said to be a "technical character," with expandable arm grabs and guard breaks. Krillin "doesn't have much reach and power," but seems to be a zoner, with a penchant for trickery with an ability that creates images of himself.

FighterZ is also getting online lobbies, where you can communicate with "Z-Stamps," and employ facial expressions, as well as watch replays -- I really hope there's a Guilty Gear-esque playable lobby with tiny avatars and a fishing minigame.

As a reminder FighterZ is coming in early 2018 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You'll probably never forget that as you'll be seeing a lot of updates as more people get their hands on it via tournaments and tradeshows.


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Supergiant's wild new action-RPG Pyre is out next week


I'm not sure that folks really get what Pyre is going for (speaking of: hey, here's an informative launch trailer to help out), but that might not be such a big deal after all.

width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

Supergiant Games has won over plenty of people with Bastion and Transistor. This one's an altogether different type of experience, but it looks well-crafted in the ways you'd hope and expect from this team, and I feel like fans of the studio are picking up on that even if they're still feeling somewhat hazy.

Peter said it well when he described Pyre as a sort of "mystical version of NBA Jam." It looks creative as heck, the music has my head bobbing, and I'm expecting another memorable story. Hoping for the best!