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Last Build Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2012 12:29:17 PST


(Video) Pierce Morgan's sentiment on gun control echoes alarming statistics

Sun, 16 Dec 2012 12:29:17 PST

A few days ago CNN host Pierce Morgan went off on the pro-gun lobby, and put US gun laws in a global context. Lots of emotion: Right, so gun control apparently kills people? Some food for thought: Of the 45 school shootings in the world since the Columbine tragedy in 1999, 31 of them have taken place in the United States. The US has the highest rate of gun ownership in the world. There are 270 million firearms - that is nine guns for every ten Americans. Between 2002 and 2003 there was a spike in gun ownership, from 34%...

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Conservative George Will: Opposition to marriage equality is dying, 'literally'

Sun, 09 Dec 2012 13:12:04 PST

George Will on ABC News' Sunday Show This Week with host George Stephanopoulos: “There is something like an emerging consensus,” Will said, noting voters in three states recently endorsed same-sex marriage initiatives. “Quite literally, the opposition to gay marriage is dying. It’s old people.” In just eight years marriage equality ballot measures went from a tool that increased conservative turnout to a net plus for the progressive movement. Same-sex couples in Washington state were able to receive marriage licenses as of a few nights ago. I know someone who was there at midnight at the steps of the state capitol...

(Graph) Rise and Decline of the Dow Jones Industrial Average over the last 10 years

Sun, 09 Dec 2012 12:50:42 PST

From Macro Trends, showing the Dow Jones Industrial Average rise and decline over the last 10 years. The stock market has nearly doubled under Obama, adding $7.3 trillion in market cap, according to Bloomberg Businessweek in mid-October.

(Graph) The short-term vs long-term effects of "fiscal cliff"

Sun, 09 Dec 2012 12:22:19 PST

I want a budget deal to get done. Fear and panic, which Wall Street never has responded well to in modern history, could sink the stock market and lead to short-term job losses and potentially a 2013 recession. But what happens if Democrats and Republicans do not agree on a deal, and we go into the new year with a set of tax increases? This chart shows that the tax increases that would take effect in January would help put us on path to long-term budget sustainability. And remember, there is a difference between debt and deficits. When it comes...

End of quarter

Sun, 09 Dec 2012 12:04:24 PST

It has been one heck of a first quarter in graduate school. I pledged that when my fall classes came to an end that I would focus more on the web site here. Expect more posts to come!

Budget Deficit shrinking at fastest rate since WWII

Wed, 21 Nov 2012 22:45:50 PST

If you just listened to conservatives you would think that Barack Obama is responsible for our high budget deficits. Actually, if you look at something called math, the budget deficit is shrinking at the fastest rate since WWII. Obama inherited a disaster, as most people reading this post might agree. Over the last three years it definitely has been heading in the right direction: From fiscal 2009 to fiscal 2012, the deficit shrank 3.1 percentage points, from 10.1% to 7.0% of GDP. That's just a bit faster than the 3.0 percentage point deficit improvement from 1995 to '98, but at...

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The road ahead

Wed, 21 Nov 2012 22:22:37 PST

I have been blogging politics off and on for more than eight years. I kept a reasonably low profile during the 2012 election, while still following the race like a true political junkie. Working nearly full time while trying to earn an MPA has been a difficult challenge for me. Though I am still balancing my first quarter of graduate school with work, family and social life, I remain dedicated to building this web site. Another reason for the lack of blogging can be attributed to my struggle over the best way to present information to help influence social change....

(WATCH) Nate Silver was right

Wed, 07 Nov 2012 00:06:11 PST

An interview with Nate Silver about correctly predicting the electoral college victory for Obama.

All of the polls except two historically bad ones have to be wrong in order for Mitt to win

Tue, 06 Nov 2012 09:42:42 PST

Romney leads narrowly by one point in both Rasmussen and Gallup polling this morning, while nine polls show Obama leading, and five polls have the race tied.

(WATCH) Obama's final speech as an American candidate for office

Tue, 06 Nov 2012 00:49:41 PST

From Des Moines, Iowa. In a very personal speech, different than his usual stump speeches, Obama reflects on his road to the presidency. This guy is truly the most remarkable political figure of our time.

(WATCH) Romney thinks climate change is a joke

Sun, 04 Nov 2012 16:39:13 PST do the rest of the anti-science crowd in his not grand but very old party.

Conservatives face the inevitable

Sat, 03 Nov 2012 21:23:04 PDT

Erick Erickson of Red State blog won't be upset if Romney loses. No really, I'm serious. He won't be upset: My world view is pretty simple. I think this world is destined to go to hell in a hand basket by design. I think things are supposed to go to pot. So if Barack Obama wins, I won’t be upset. If Mitt Romney wins, I won’t be running through the streets cheering. I think, either way, it is all part of the design. And now the conservative narrative begins to change, as some of the more influential activists recognize the...

Gingrich email to supporters: "Obama is going to win"

Fri, 02 Nov 2012 10:23:47 PDT

Looks like someone is already getting ready for 2016. More importantly, it underscores a growing sentiment among conservative insiders that Romney has already lost (via Americablog): The email, titled “What’s really at stake this Tuesday …” came from Gingrich Marketplace and went out to people who’d given their contact information to the Gingrich campaign when the former speaker of the House was still in the presidential race. Bygone candidates, such as Gingrich and Herman Cain, regularly rent out their email address lists to advertisers. “The truth is, the next election has already been decided. Obama is going to win. It’s...

(PHOTO) Leader

Wed, 31 Oct 2012 16:44:46 PDT

On Marine One, touring the devastation with Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Why Ohio is trending Obama

Wed, 24 Oct 2012 16:36:22 PDT

Barack Obama is either tied or holds a lead in every Ohio poll released today. In the Time Poll he is out in front by five. Obama also holds a slight lead in Virginia. Though, Florida is a bit more of a challenge. Obama supporters should be more confident in Ohio because of the huge advantage over Romney on the ground there. While Obama's campaign is more meticulously nationalized, Romney has given up field operations to the RNC and state parties. There are less offices and volunteers. The only two states where Republicans are adequately organized are Virginia and Florida....