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Show Notes 03-24-2018

Mon, 26 Mar 2018 04:41:00 +0000

 Saturday notes 03-24-18 

FBI Insiders Blow Whistle on Massive Las Vegas Cover Up; Agents Told Not to Investigate Key Evidence Including ISIS Terror Link to Mandalay Bay Massacre
The “official” narrative you’ve been fed by the FBI and Las Vegas officials about the massacre at Mandalay Bay that claimed 58 lives is purely fiction, a polished story contrived to cover up the disturbing facts surrounding the worst mass shooting ever in the United States, according the FBI insiders and high-ranking intelligence officials.
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Las Vegas shooter’s final days before killing spree seen in creepy new video
Dozens of surveillance videos of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock wheeling around luggage stocked with weapons and ammunition were released by MGM Resorts Thursday amid lingering questions about the motive of the attack.
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Tennessee public schools might be required to display 'In God We Trust' motto for all to see
Public schools in Tennessee could be required to display the motto, “In God We Trust,” after state legislators unanimously passed a bill that would mandate schools to place the saying in a prominent location.
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Don't want another Trump, GOP election judge tells voters
A Republican election judge was expelled on Tuesday after authorities said he gave GOP voters provisional ballots, explaining, "We don't want another person like President Trump."
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Dad and newborn denied by airline are saved by Good Samaritan
A woman being called a Good Samaritan saved the day after an Ohio dad was left stranded at an Arizona airport with his newborn daughter because Frontier Airlines deemed her too young to fly.
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Mercy Me! Faith-based dilm wins weekend box office 
On a per-screen basis, the new movie about one of the most popular Christian songs of the modern era beat out a trio of heavy hitters at the box office last weekend.
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Vatican media chief quits over doctored letter
The head of the Vatican’s communications department resigned Wednesday after he mischaracterized a private letter from retired Pope Benedict XVI, then had a photo of it digitally manipulated and sent out to the media.
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Today's atheists are bullies -- and they are doing their best to intimidate the rest of us into silence
We’ve all seen how these pompous prigs get offended by the slightest bit of religious imagery in public and mortified if even a whisper of  “Merry Christmas” escapes the lips of some well-meaning but naïve department store clerk during the “holiday season.”
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Show Notes 03-16-18

Mon, 19 Mar 2018 03:18:00 +0000

Friday  Show Notes 03-16-18

Broward Deputy Scot Peterson seen standing outside during Florida school shooting in new video
Broward Deputy Scot Peterson stands safely behind a concrete wall taking no action as high school students lay dead and wounded just feet away, newly released video of the Florida school shooting shows.
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Teen on FBI radar stabs 3 because of his Muslim faith
A teenage Muslim spending the night with friends stabbed three people, killing one, “because of his Muslim faith,” according to police in Florida. The suspect read the Quran “to give him courage to carry out his intentions,” according to an affidavit.
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Honduran Living in Miami Pleads Guilty to Attempting to Support ISIS--by Bombing Shopping Mall
A Honduran national living in Miami—Vicente Adolfo Solano--has pleaded guilty to “attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS)” after the Federal Bureau of Investigation surveilled him as he tried to carry out what he thought was a plot to bomb a Florida shopping mall.
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College Warns Saying “God Bless You” is Islamophobic
If you happen to be in the library at Simmons College in Boston – and somebody sneezes — whatever you do — don’t say “God bless you.”
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Penn Law disputes conservative professor’s comments on black students
A conservative tenured law professor at the University of Pennsylvania has been removed from teaching required first-year law courses for comments she made about black students in her classes.
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High School Students Tear Down American Flag, Brawl While Protesting for School Safety
High school students supposedly protesting for gun control to ensure school safety resorted to violence and vandalism at an Antioch, Tennessee high school Wednesday.
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Princeton only Ivy to refuse free pass for gun control protesters
Princeton University is the only Ivy League school that is not giving a free pass to prospective students for high school disciplinary sanctions related to their advocacy of gun control.
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Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse Says Opponents of Climate Change Regulations Guilty of Grave Sins
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) said in a speech on the Senate floor on Tuesday that those who stand in the way of regulations meant to control “climate change” are guilty of three grave “sins.”
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Update: The Uncooperative Radio Show

Tue, 13 Mar 2018 04:55:00 +0000

We did not have a show this past week because Brian changed the operating system on his computer and it did not go as planned. He is still working out the bugs. We should be up and running in a few days.

Thank you for listening to our show, all the money donated to help fix "the rescue truck" and your patience!

Show Notes 03-03-2018

Tue, 06 Mar 2018 08:10:00 +0000

 Saturday notes 03-03-18 John Kelly: 'I have absolutely nothing to even consider resigning over'White House Chief of Staff John Kelly insisted to reporters Friday there's nothing to make him think about resigning, amid recent questions over his handling of the Rob Porter domestic abuse MoreFlorida senators vote not to stop sales of AR-15sFlorida lawmakers on Saturday nixed a proposal that would have placed a moratorium on the sale of AR-15s, the type of firearm used in the deadly school shooting in Parkland on Valentine's Day.Read MoreGeorgia governor signs bill nixing Delta tax break after NRA splitGeorgia Gov. Nathan Deal on Friday signed into law a tax bill that fellow Republicans used to punish Atlanta-based Delta in retaliation for the airline's decision to sever ties with the National Rifle Association.Read MoreTop NASCAR Venue Sticking With NRA Amid Business OutcryThe home of one of NASCAR's marquee races is standing firm with the National Rifle Association as more than a dozen companies cut ties with the organization in the wake of the Florida school shooting.Read MoreChina’s Holdings of U.S. Debt Down 10%Chinese holdings of U.S. Treasury securities are 10.0 percent below their peak level which was attained in November 2013, according to data published by the U.S. Treasury.Read MoreDOJ takes new look at ex-Navy sailor's request for presidential pardonThe Department of Justice is taking a new look at a former U.S. Navy sailor’s request for a pardon following his release from jail for taking photos of classified areas inside a nuclear submarine, his attorney said.Read MoreNavy Buys Lasers to 'Dazzle' Drones, Take Out Small BoatsThe Navy has awarded an initial $150 million contract to Lockheed Martin to develop shipboard lasers that can "dazzle" enemy drone swarms and take out small boats.Read MoreUSDA: 35,891 Retailers Engaged in Food Stamp FraudThe U.S. Department of Agriculture has published a report estimating that 35,891 food retailers around the country engaged in food stamp fraud, illegally “trafficking” more than $1 billion in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits annually over the three-year period from 2012 through 2014.Read MoreA California Judge May Have Just Sunk All Those Climate Lawsuits Against Energy CompaniesA California district court ruled Wednesday that two lawsuits to hold energy companies responsible for weather affected by climate change are more appropriate for federal court.Read MoreIt’s Time For Parkland’s Sheriff Israel To GoOn the afternoon of Valentine’s Day, a 19-year-old man walked into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida and murdered seventeen people and injured fourteen more.Read MoreU.S. to overtake Russia as world’s biggest oil producer Oil: The U.S. will overtake Russia to become the world’s largest oil producer by 2023, according to the International Energy Agency, reflecting Trump administration policies such as approving major oil pipelines, opening up areas to drilling and regulation reform.Read More[...]

Show Notes 03-02-2018

Tue, 06 Mar 2018 07:16:00 +0000

Friday  Show Notes 03-02-18

Illegal immigrants have no automatic right to freedom, Supreme Court rules
Immigrants being held for deportation don’t have an automatic right under the law to post bond and be set free, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Tuesday in a decision that could give the Trump administration more freedom to pursue stiff detention policies for illegal immigrants who show up at the border claiming asylum.
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280,000 Americans endorse anti-terror benefit of Muslim ban
A friend-of-the-court brief by the American Center for Law and Justice was filed in the case against the president’s executive order halting arrivals from Chad, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, North Korea, Venezuela and Yemen.
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Supreme's looking at mandatory union dues, again!
The Supreme Court heard oral arguments over whether labor unions can force non-members to pay dues when they hold public sector jobs, and the upcoming verdict may have a major impact on organized labor going forward.
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The Persian Empire of the 4th century BCE extended over 127 lands, and all the Jews were its subjects. When King Ahasuerus had his wife, Queen Vashti, executed for failing to follow his orders, he arranged a beauty pageant to find a new queen.
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Sessions silent no longer in face of Trump's wrath
Like so many political rivals he dispatched during a scorched-earth campaign for the White House, President Trump publicly shamed his attorney general as weak or beleaguered.
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Amid firestorm, Mike Huckabee resigns from CMA Foundation board
Less than one day after his appointment was announced, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has resigned from the CMA Foundation board of directors, following criticism from multiple members of the country music industry.
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The crisis actors of Florida Parkland School shooting

Fri, 02 Mar 2018 06:43:00 +0000

David Hogg is a fraud!  He is a crisis actor employed by CNN! He never went to a school in Florida, he graduated from a California high school years ago!

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Show Notes 02-25-2018

Tue, 27 Feb 2018 02:46:00 +0000

 Sunday notes 02-25-18Officers were ‘stunned and upset’ at what they saw Broward deputies do at Florida shootingOutrage ensued when it was reported Thursday that one armed school resource officer allowed Nikolas Cruz to continue his massacre, but it turns out he wasn’t the only one – there were three other officers who responded but didn’t enter the school.Read MoreRev. Billy Graham to lie in honor at US Capitol RotundaThe body of the late Rev. Billy Graham will lie in repose in the rotunda of the U.S. Capitol where the public and members of the Capitol Hill community will pay their respects to the man who became known as “America’s pastor.”Read MoreTrump: ‘In America, We Don’t Worship Government, We Worship God!'President Donald Trump told the CPAC conference today that in America we do not worship government, we worship God. Here is the passage from Trump’s speech when he talked about America’s devotion to God.Read MoreTrump threatens to yank immigration enforcement from CaliforniaPresident Donald Trump angrily said Thursday that he is considering withdrawing immigration and border control enforcement agencies from California because of what he called the state's "protection of horrible criminals."Read MoreStudent Faces Expulsion After Saying a Math Symbol Looks Like a GunStudents at the Oberlin High School in Oberlin, La., caused an uproar when they spread rumors about a boy who had joked about a square root symbol looking like a gun. A joke quickly became a tall tale that claimed this boy had planned to attack the school with guns and bombs.Read MoreDurbin banned from communion until he repentsDemocratic Sen. Dick Durbin (Ill.) is banned from receiving communion by the bishop of Durbin’s Catholic diocese in Springfield, Illinois, until the senator “repents” of his pro-abortion “sin.”Read MoreU.S. to move embassy to Jerusalem in MayReacting to the news Friday, PLO Secretary-General Saeb Erekat called the move a “flagrant violation of international law and agreements” signed between the Palestinians and Israel that will “destroy” the two-state solution, the Times of Israel reported.Read More2 U.S. Congressmen detained on Temple MountThose olive twigs on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem must have amazing power. After all, one American visitor, a U.S. congressman, picked one up, and he and a companion congressman were immediately confronted by police and detained.Read MoreFeds Fund Clown School in San FranciscoThe federal government is funding a clown school located in House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco-based congressional district that has classes and workshops on “Precision Idiocy” and how to act like a “Buffoon.”Read MoreFBI ‘investigating whether Russian money went to NRA’s campaign to help elect Donald TrumpActivists are demanding the National Rifle Association (NRA) reveal if it received donations from Russia, after it was reported the FBI is investigating whether a Kremlin-linked Moscow businessman channeled money to the group’s campaign to help Donald Trump win the election.Read MoreIf we receive a message from aliens , should we delete it without reading it?Roughly half a century ago, Cornell astronomer Frank Drake conducted Project Ozma, the first systematic SETI survey at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, West Virginia.Read More[...]

Show Notes 02-24-2018

Mon, 26 Feb 2018 09:13:00 +0000

Show Notes 02-24-18

The First Barbary War
When Thomas Jefferson was inaugurated in March of 1801, he inherited troubled relations with the Barbary states — the Ottoman Regencies of Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli, along with independent Morocco. The United States had treaties with all four, but tension was high and rising.
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MetLife, rental car agencies dump NRA discounts
Several businesses with ties to the National Rifle Association are breaking up with the group amid mounting pressure from gun-control proponents following the Parkland, Fla. school shooting.
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Fla. Gov. Rick Scott Announces $500M School Safety Plan, But No Gun Ban
Gov. Rick Scott (R) on Friday announced a "major action plan" to prevent mass shootings like the one in Parkland. He said he will work "aggressively" to get it through the state legislature in the next two weeks.
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A Plan to take back our Republic

Mon, 19 Feb 2018 04:43:00 +0000

VWe need to take back our local and State governments with true Constitutional Conservatives. I am talking from the school boards, town councils to the Governor of the State. We the people have to get off our backsides and find candidates, convince them to run and help them get elected. We the people have been asleep behind the wheel for too long. Once we achieve this, the State re-asserts their Constitutional Sovereignty and tells the federal government we will no longer follow your unconstitutional mandates, give you unconstitutional money, take money from you and we do not care what the courts think.

We, the States, created you to serve our needs and not the other way around. There are no "implied powers" in the Constitution. The states then purge their courts of those who have served in bad behavior and once enough states are taken back we hold an article 5 convention and make the Constitution CRYSTAL CLEAR, including stating the courts will use natural law as found in Emerich de Vatell's Law of Nations and place limitations on the courts.

We then purge the Federal courts of those who have served in bad behavior and replace them with people who understand that the role of the court is to look at the original intent of the legislators who created the law and apply it to the person or situation in front of them, not re-interpret the law. Next we get rid of all the unconstitutional laws and bureaucracy that were created and phase out all government entitlement programs. Anything we want to keep we have to amend the Constitution to keep them. Like we need the Air Force, but this requires an amendment. This puts the general government back into it's Constitutional box.

Speaking of the military, no standing army, we have the militia, we the people and the organized militia, the National Guard and the Navy, with Marines, Seals and planes. I would pull ALL our military back home and close all over seas bases. Obviously the Navy would still patrol. We would revert the National Guard back to the States as State Guard and use the individual border State Guards to secure our borders and build the dang fence with gun turrets, unmanned drones, and seismic sensors. The Air Force would have bases here in the USA to protect us.

Now we have our liberty back without a bloody revolution. Sending people to Washington will only slow the train wreck down, they will not and cannot dismantle the federal government from within, but the States do have the power, so do “We The People”

Show Notes 02-17-2018

Mon, 19 Feb 2018 03:37:00 +0000

Saturday Show 02-17-18 Ash WednesdayAsh Wednesday is one of the most popular and important holy days in the liturgical calendar. Ash Wednesday opens Lent, a season of fasting and prayer. Ash Wednesday takes place 46 days before Easter Sunday, and is chiefly observed by Catholics, although many other Christians observe it too.Read MoreVatican-Produced Pope Francis Documentary Hits Theaters in MayWritten and directed by three-time Academy Award nominee Wender, the documentary is a rare co-production with the Vatican itself. It features behind-the-scenes footage and the Pope addresses his audience directly while answering questions about life, death, social justice and immigration, among other topics.Read MoreIran believes the US spied on it with special lizardsLizards with the ability to "attract atomic waves" were reportedly used by Western spies to gain intelligence on Iran's nuclear program, a high-ranking Tehran official has claimed.Read MoreChinese Catholics Call on Bishops Worldwide: Stop the Vatican Deal With Chinese Gov'tIn an open letter to Catholic bishops throughout the world, a group of Chinese Catholic scholars, lawyers, and activists plead with the bishops to contact the Vatican and urge Pope Francis to not go forward with his plan to try to unite the underground Chinese church with the Communist-run Catholic Patriotic Association (CPA), which is schismatic and rejects some of the basic teachings of Catholicism.Read MoreTrump plans’you’re fired’ for federal workersPresident Trump plans to take the huge federal Civil Service off cruise control, ending automatic pay increases that go to 99.7 percent of the workforce, trimming fat benefit packages, and for the “worst,” rolling out his trademark phrase from The Apprentice, “You’re fired!”Read MoreFISA court responds to Republican leaders' requests for info on Trump aide surveillanceThe Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court sent response letters to Republican leaders who requested certain documents related to investigations into surveillance of a Trump campaign aide, saying the court is analyzing the unusual requests.Read MoreWisconsin Democrat Runs for Office, Then Gets Arrested and Extradited to New York CityThe word Democrat is synonymous with crime. There’s a reason members of the liberal party are referred to as ‘corruptocrats.’ Case in point: Julie Germanotta, a transgender Democrat Congressional candidate who was busted for grand larceny.Read MoreLeaping elk crashes low-flying helicopterResearchers in a low-flying helicopter were trying to net an elk to fit it with a tracking collar when the large animal leapt at the chopper's tail rotor, bringing the aircraft crashing to the ground.Read MoreAnts care for wounded comrades by licking their wounds cleanA species of ant has become the first known non-human animal to tend the wounds of its fellows. “Nurse” ants lick the wounds of fallen comrades, and this helps them survive.Read MoreThe true source of evilMy son, Christopher, has been in Heaven for almost 10 years, and as I think about the parents and family members of those who were murdered at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, my heart breaks.Read More[...]

Show Notes 02-16-2018

Mon, 19 Feb 2018 01:17:00 +0000

Friday Show Notes 02-16-18

No, There Haven't Been 18 School Shootings This Year — Not Even Close
The latest mass shooting, which claimed 17 lives at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Florida, was a horrible tragedy. But that's no excuse for the flurry of stories parroting a gun control advocacy group's false claims about school shootings.
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Richmond-based federal appeals court finds Trump Muslim travel ban unconstitutional - again
A divided 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday held as unconstitutional President Donald Trump’s anti-terrorist travel ban from eight countries, six of them majority-Muslim with a total population of 150 million.
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Exclusive: Dozens of refugee resettlement offices to close as Trump downsizes program
Refugee resettlement agencies are preparing to shutter more than 20 offices across the United States and cut back operations in more than 40 others after the State Department told them to pare their operations, according to plans seen by Reuters.
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UN aid workers carried out 60,000 rapes in a decade
Andrew MacLeod, who was chief of operations at the UN's Emergency Co-ordination Centre, warned that 'predatory' abusers used aid jobs to prey on vulnerable girls. The claim was made in a dossier passed to the former secretary for international development Priti Patel last year, according to The Sun newspaper.
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Haley calls for UN to act after report finds Iranian weapons in Yemen
U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley is demanding the U.N. act in the wake of a report showing Iranian weapons and ballistic missile were taken into Yemen even after a 2015 arms embargo -- the latest evidence of Iran’s broader disregard for U.N. resolutions.
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FCC Chair Ajit Pai Under Investigation By Inspector General
Ajit Pai, the chairman of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), is reportedly under investigation by the FCC’s inspector general for potential wrongdoing regarding the chairman’s decision to change broadcast TV ownership rules.
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With new judge on case, Flynn's guilty plea up in air
In ordinary circumstances when a defendant pleads guilty to a charge, the prosecutor’s work largely is done, except for making a sentencing recommendation.
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Show Notes 02-10-2018

Mon, 12 Feb 2018 07:50:00 +0000

Saturday Show 02-10-18 Pastor Begley: Melania Trump Demanded Spiritual Cleansing of WH, Removal of Pagan, Demonic IdolsWhile commenting on President Donald Trump's very public support for Christianity, as well as the frequent Bible studies and prayer gatherings held at the White House, evangelical Pastor Paul Begley said first lady Melania Trump demanded that the White House be spiritually cleansed and that pagan, demonic items and artificats from the Obama and Clinton years be removed.Read MoreCommission that attacked Christian baker may be defundingA state commission in Colorado that punish faces defunding Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips for refusing to use his artistry to promote same-sex marriage could be eliminated.Read MoreOmarosa on 'Celebrity Big Brother': Trump tweets haunted me, had to 'serve' my countryEx-White House staffer and full-time drama queen Omarosa Manigault Newman – back in her reality TV element – tearfully confessed Thursday to being “haunted” by President Trump’s daily tweets, accused his inner circle of keeping her at arm’s length and described her selfless service to the country.Read MoreThree American Heroes Who Stopped Terror Attack Play Themselves in New Clint Eastwood MovieThree American heroes who stopped an attempted terror attack on a high-speed train in France three years ago are now starring in a Clint Eastwood movie that opens this Friday.Read MoreNYPD got 1,526 requests to detain immigrants under Trump — and tossed them all outThe NYPD got a whopping 1,526 requests from the feds to detain immigrants in President Trump’s first year in office — and rejected them all, officials said Wednesday.Read More‘DREAMers’ Threaten to Leave U.S. if DACA Deal Doesn't Allow Them to StayAt least two "DREAMer" aliens say they’ll leave the U.S. if they’re not allowed to stay legally after March 5, when the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) expires.Read MoreOregon hospital denies illegal immigrant a liver because of her status, then terminates its policyAn Oregon hospital who denied an illegal immigrant a liver transplant due to her lack of citizenship later terminated the policy.Read MoreLeft panics on Russia as China buys influence over Establishment media have insisted Russia is the greatest threat to the United States and alleges the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government to defeat Hillary Clinton.Read MoreMacy's attacked online after announcing Muslim-friendly clothing lineMacy’s has come under fire after announcing an upcoming fashion collection catered to Muslim shoppers, featuring hijabs and more modest clothing options.Read MoreDenmark poised to ban Islamic full-face veilsThe Danish government is poised to become the next European country to introduce a ban on Islamic full-face coverings in public places. The government said it planned to fine people who wore items including the burqa and the niqab which are worn by some Muslim women.Read MoreHackers using porn as bait for online scams that 'steal your data and money by the second'Porn is being used as bait for scams designed to steal money and private info from internet users. Cybersecurity experts say that criminals are "using porn as a lure" to get viruses onto people's computers, or to trick them into handing over cash.Read MoreMicrosoft goes after Windows 'scareware' that tries to pressure you for paymentIt’s a scare tactic that is all too familiar to computer users. An application purportedly scans your PC and finds multiple instances of "errors." These programs then promise to clean up your PC. But the catch is, you have to pay to “fix” the problem.Read More[...]

Show Notes 02-09-2018

Mon, 12 Feb 2018 06:07:00 +0000

Friday Show Notes 02-9-18

The American Revolution in North Carolina
Immediately after the embarrassing defeat at Cowpens (SC) on January 17th, British Lt. General Charles, Lord Cornwallis decided that he wanted his captured men back, and he wanted to teach the upstart Patriots a lesson about "messing with the British Army."
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Prof claims ‘there is no such thing as black racism’
Ted Thornhill, the Florida Gulf Coast University professor who drew criticism for teaching a course titled “White Racism,” now argues that “black racism” does not exist.
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Prof uses American flag as doormat in college 'art 
Students and community members at Broward College (BC) are outraged after an American Flag was used as a doormat by a professor during an art exhibition hosted by the school.
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CA Poli-Sci Syllabus: Trump Is 'Failed Businessman' and 'White Supremacist'
A professor at California State University Dominguez-Hill is teaching impressionable minds about politics, if "politics" can be defined as irrational leftist propaganda.
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Dem law takes aim at Trump, makes intimidation journals a federal crime
Anti-Trump Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif. – who has vigorously promoted his own “fake news” by accusing Fox News’ Tucker Carlson of working for Vladimir Putin and claiming Trump has “instated more pro-Russia policies that America has seen in decades” – says he’s been inspired by President Trump to propose a law making it a federal crime to “intimidate” or attack journalists.
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NBC & ABC Fear Military Parade Would Make U.S. Look ‘Authoritarian’
On Wednesday morning, NBC’s Today show and ABC’s Good Morning America recited identical liberal talking points as both broadcasts warned viewers that the U.S. was on the verge of looking like world’s worst “authoritarian regimes” if the Pentagon followed through on President Trump’s desire to hold a military parade in the nation’s capital.
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Indiana man sues after being ticketed for giving state trooper the finger
An Indiana man has reportedly filed a federal lawsuit claiming his constitutional rights were violated when he was ticketed for giving an Indiana State Trooper “the finger.”
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Former dominatrix loses her fight to keep job as cop
A New Jersey sheriff’s officer has lost her job because she previously appeared in bondage films as a dominatrix. Hudson County Sheriff Frank Schillari told The Jersey Journal a hearing officer made the decision to fire Kristen Hyman on Wednesday, and he agreed with the decision.
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Show Notes 02-03-2018

Mon, 05 Feb 2018 07:16:00 +0000

Saturday Show 02-3-18 Nunes memo aims at Russia probe, backfires on Trump and GOPWhen the House Intelligence Committee finally did its dramatic reveal of the so-called Nunes memo, several things were immediately clear — and all were bad for committee chairman Devin Nunes and President Trump , the man his efforts were ultimately intended to benefit.Read MoreK is for ‘Kink’: Some gay-rights activists push to add letter to expanding LGBTQ acronymSome members of the gay-rights community are adding the letter ‘K,’ for “kink,” to the ever-expanding acronym of identities.Read MoreNot every high-paying job requires a four-year college degreeThat's an idea that many companies have been slow to embrace but it's one that has gained acceptance since IBM (NYSE: IBM) CEO Ginni Rometty wrote an open letter on the subject in November 2016.Read MoreFed orders Wells Fargo to halt 'growth' over compliance issuesThe Federal Reserve Board said in a statement that it "would restrict the growth of the firm until it sufficiently improves its governance and controls. Concurrently with the Board’s action, Wells Fargo will replace three current board members by April and a fourth board member by the end of the year."Read MoreMoscow to US: If You Don’t Like Being Buzzed by Our Fighters, Stay Away From ‘Russia’s Borders’Russia’s foreign ministry accused the United States Thursday of deliberately stirring up “Russophobic” sentiment by making a “fuss” about a U.S. Navy surveillance plane being buzzed over the Black Sea, while the defense ministry advised U.S. military aircraft to steer clear of Russia’s purported borders.Read MoreMAXINE WATERS: Russia is out to get me!Maxine Waters now sees a Russian behind every mailbox and lamp post. During an anti-Trump tirade at an urban housing event, the California congresswoman went on a stem winder about Russia and the Kremlin’s alleged love for the American president.Read MoreTrump grants 6,900 Syrians temporary permission to stayThe Trump administration has extended temporary protection for nearly 7,000 Syrians in living in the US as war continues to ravage their country. They were shielded from deportation under a humanitarian programme, Temporary Protected Status (TPS).Read MoreCAIR Slams Trump’s Move to Keep Gitmo Open; ‘Exclusively Muslim-Populated Military Prison’The Trump administration has designated the leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, as a “specially designated global terrorist” (SDGT), targeting the head of a violent Palestinian group that has been trying to clean up its image.Read MoreHamas Cries Foul After US Designates Its Leader as ‘Global Terrorist’The Trump administration has designated the leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, as a “specially designated global terrorist” (SDGT), targeting the head of a violent Palestinian group that has been trying to clean up its image.Read MoreWill the Next Cold War Be Powered by Artificial Intelligence?It is easy to confuse the current geopolitical situation with that of the 1980s. The United States and Russia each accuse the other of interfering in domestic affairs. Russia has annexed territory over U.S. objections, raising concerns about military conflict.Read MoreNew 'Hologram' Device Levitates Particles to Create 3D Objects in Thin AirIn the real world, though, looking at a hologram isn't so much like looking at a physical object. Lasers need to be used to project the image onto some medium, like a sheet of plastic and glass, which bends and reflects the light so the image appears three dimensional to a viewer.Read MoreThe Race to the Dan - January 18th to February 15th, 1781Immediately after the embarrassing defeat at C[...]

Show Notes 02-02-2018

Mon, 05 Feb 2018 06:04:00 +0000

Friday Show Notes 02-2-18Students for Life President Applauds HHS Actions to Protect Life: ‘Personnel Is Policy’Kristan Hawkins, president of the pro-life group Students for Life, told that the Trump administration has transformed the city, because “you can’t walk five feet” in the Department of Health and Human Services “without running into a pro-lifer.”Read MoreRed-light cameras come under fire, at least 7 states trying to ban themTraffic stop law enforcement, in the form of photo enforcement, is at the center of a heated national debate – and it has both sides seeing red.Read MoreBill Donohue: Sexist Assaults on Sarah Huckabee Sanders MountAttacks on the White House Press Secretary are a staple of all administrations, but most of the critics respect boundaries: it is okay to challenge the official White House version of events, and even to call into question the veracity of the Press Secretary, but assaults on that person's physical characteristics—especially if the post is held by a woman—are considered taboo.Read MoreBaltimore, The Gun Market For Women Is Heating UpDespite living in a state with some fairly onerous gun laws, legal firearms sales in Baltimore are on the rise. One big contributing factor is the increased number of women who are choosing to exercise their Second Amendment rights.Read MoreChinese Navy ship reportedly spotted with a deadly electromagnetic railgunA Chinese Navy ship has been spotted with a weapons system that resembles a deadly electromagnetic railgun. If true, it could mean that the communist nation has become the first country in the world to develop and install the system on a ship.Read MoreChina is building a laser 10 trillion times more intense than the Sun that could tear space apartChina is building a mega-laser that's so powerful it could literally tear space apart. Physicists in Shanghai are constructing what they call a 'Station of Extreme Light', which could be operational as soon as 2023.Read MoreZimbabwe to give white farmers 99-year leases, like black counterpartsZimbabwe will issue 99-year leases to white farmers, according to a government circular, after new President Emmerson Mnangagwa said he would end discrimination along racial lines in agriculture.Read MoreMichigan dog receives notice he's eligible for unemployment benefitsA German Shepherd in Michigan received a letter last week confirming that he was approved for $360 every week in state unemployment benefits from a restaurant he was supposedly working at.Read MoreDemocratic congresswoman caught playing 'Candy Crush' during SOTUIt’s a scenario all gamers can relate to. You’re deep into a game, maybe rescuing Princess Peach in “Super Mario Bros.” or stopping your family from drowning in “The Sims.Read More[...]

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Saturday Show 01-27-18 Armageddon Update: 'Doomsday Clock' Stands at 2 Minutes to MidnightThe "Doomsday Clock," a hypothetical timepiece that measures humanity's proximity to destruction by our own actions, hovers perilously close to midnight, the time that denotes global Armageddon.Read MoreOlympian trains for cross-country skiing in the desertHe may not have ideal conditions to train for the 2018 Winter Olympics, but Samir Azzimani is working with what's available to him. That means training for cross-country skiing in the heat of Morocco's desert.Read MoreFederal Spending Set Record During ShutdownFederal spending for the fourth Monday in January set a record of $16,596,000,000 for that day in January even though the federal government was shut down, according to the Daily Treasury Statement.Read MoreNJ couple weds in courthouse women's restroom after mom falls illUnfortunate events — not even a medical emergency — would not stop Brian and Maria Schultz from tying the knot. On Jan. 2, the couple from Ocean Township, N.J., went to the Monmouth County (N.J.) Courthouse with their mothers to get married.Read MoreWhen San Jose market's raw meat supply comes by stacked shopping cart, time to investigateWhen Loretta Seto stopped at 99 Ranch Market for a few barbecue supplies from the San Jose, California, business,  she never expected to see what she did: raw meat being transported to the store in Costco shopping carts.Read MoreExorcists issue urgent call for spiritual reinforcementsFather Pat Collins of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland is sounding the alarm – more exorcists are desperately needed. Collins claims in an interview with The Irish Catholic the demand for exorcisms has risen “exponentially.” The priest further stated the demand had only dramatically increased “in recent years.”Read MoreAtheist Group Targets Ben Carson over 'Secretive' White House Cabinet Bible StudyThe weekly Bible study attended by members of President Donald Trump's Cabinet is once again under attack, this time from an atheist group.Read MoreGoogle Home Devices Programmed to Recognize Muhammad and Buddha, but not JesusGoogle Home can tell you about Buddha and Muhammad--but don't bother asking about Jesus.Users are posting videos showing Google products refusing to answer the question: "Who is Jesus?"Read MoreOnce upon a time, science and religion meshedRobert Boyle was born Jan. 25, 1627. He studied Bacon, Descartes, and other of his contemporaries, including scientists Isaac Newton and Galileo, philosophers John Locke and Thomas Hobbes, and poet John Milton.Read More7 common Prepping mistakesToday I want to go over some of the common mistakes made by new and not-so-new preppers./ I’ve done this before piece-meal, but these potential errors bear repeating.Read MoreSHOT Show 2018: 8 new tactical guns revealedThe range of new tactical rifles that will be hitting store shelves this year is epic. There are new rifle options for every budget and every purpose.Read More[...]

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Friday Show Notes 01-26-18

Make the internet American again? Trump pick opened the door
President Donald Trump's pick for a top Commerce Department post privately assured Republican senators that he would look at reversing the Obama administration's decision to give up U.S. oversight of the internet, according to documents newly obtained by POLITICO.
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Cancer could soon be spotted by technology 'several months' before it occurs
Cancer could soon be spotted by technology 'several months' before it occurs. The chief executive of Nokia said he believes technology can spot cancer "several months" before it occurs.
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In a scientific first, cloned monkeys are born. Will they accelerate biomedical research?
There have been mice and cows and pigs and camels, bunnies and bantengs and ferrets and dogs, but ever since Dolly the sheep became the first cloned mammal in 1996, the list has had a conspicuous hole: primates. Now that hole has been filled.
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Feds quietly relocating illegals across U.S. on commercial flights
Several escorts dressed in civilian clothing are quietly putting illegal immigrants who cross the U.S.-Mexico border on taxpayer-funded flights and secretly taking them to unsuspecting communities across the U.S., according to a government-watchdog agency.
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Sanctuaries: 675 Jurisdictions Wouldn't Turn Over Criminal Aliens to ICE
Law enforcement agencies in approximately 675 jurisdictions around the United States declined to comply with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement “detainer” requests and hand over to ICE removable aliens whom those jurisdictions had arrested for violating local laws, according to the Inspector General for the Department of Homeland Security.
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Opening India’ market to US goods
In public announcements, India touts a largely hands-off approach to regulation as it relates to trade policy. But in reality, India pursues protectionist policies that often deny American producers reasonable access to its market with its “Make in India” initiative, which was launched in 2015.
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FedEx Delivers 3.2B of Good News to Employees, Fueled By Trump Tax Package
Federal Express (FedEx) announced Friday that employees will receive $3.2 billion of benefits, thanks to President Donald Trump delivering on his promise to lower taxes.
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Saturday Show 01-13-17 Cliven Bundy case: How big a problem is prosecutorial misconduct?Cliven Bundy wanted to walk out of the courtroom in his jail jumpsuit and ankle shackles. Deputy marshals blocked him from doing that. But if it hadn’t been for “flagrant misconduct” committed by federal prosecutors and investigators in the case, the Nevada cattleman may not have been walking out at all.Read More'Pro-America' Black Rifle Coffee becoming popular among conservatives, founder saysBlack Rifle Coffee Company is not where you go to get your average cup of Joe. The Salt Lake City-based venture is making waves with high-quality coffee while taking a pro-Trump, pro-gun and pro-military stance.Read MoreFlorida races to accommodate influx of Puerto Rican migrantsAt Leslie Campbell’s office in the central Florida city of St. Cloud, the phone will not stop ringing. Director of special programs for the Osceola County School District, Ms. Campbell helps enroll students fleeing storm-ravaged Puerto Rico.Read More‘Stable genius’ is a merch windfall'According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, 3 people have already applied for rights to slap "stable genius" all over apparel. Problem is ... only one can own the rights to put it on clothes.Read MoreCongress raises concerns over Florida drilling exemptionThe Trump administration may have violated federal law by exempting Florida from a national plan to expand offshore drilling, a Democratic senator charged Thursday.Read More‘Give 3 good reasons for slavery:’ 4th-grade homework assignment sparks backlash, apology in Wauwatosa A homework assignment asked fourth-graders at a private school in Wauwatosa to argue why slavery was a good thing. It prompted an apology from the principal of Our Redeemer Lutheran School, who said the question wasn’t supposed to have an answer because there are no good reasons for slavery.Read MoreEntire class punished for 'microaggressive' commentsA Columbia University professor recently described how an entire class was punished after some students used “microaggressive” language in an online chat.Read MoreSan Diego State College Republicans out professors they say indoctrinate studentsOne professor gave her students a white privilege quiz. Another declared classrooms as tools for “civil resistance.” A third called John McCain a “war criminal.”Read MoreVeterans behind bars: US jails set aside special cellblocksThe military veterans playing cards in the Albany County jail wear the same orange uniforms as everyone else, with “INMATE” printed down the legs. But their service offers one distinct privilege: a special cellblock where they can work through problems they often share, such as substance use and post-traumatic stress disorder.Read MoreSenior Pentagon Soldier to ISIS: Surrender or Get Beaten with a ShovelIn a blunt warning to the remaining ISIS fighters, Army Command Sgt. Maj. John Wayne Troxell said the shrinking band of militants could either surrender to the U.S. military or face death.Read MoreVA Hospitals Could Be Left Vulnerable to Violence: Watchdog ReportThe Department of Veterans Affairs isn't following certain security standards at its hospitals and clinics that are required of all federal buildings, potentially putting patients and visitors at risk, the Government Accountability Office concluded in a report released Thursday.Read More[...]

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Friday Show Notes 01-12-17California Farmers Stymied in Bid for Labor Law RecordsIn a win for California’s powerful lobbying industry, a state appeals court ruled Monday that the state’s negotiations with labor unions regarding a 2015 employment law are privileged and can remain hidden from the public.Read MoreThe Hillary scandal everyon’s ignoringWith the Clinton Foundation now under Department of Justice scrutiny over allegations of “pay for play” politics, it’s clear that while the Clintons’ political power may be fading, their propensity for scandal isn’t going away.Read MoreU.S. National Mango Board Runs on $6.7 Million a YearThe government watchdog group Judicial Watch reported this week that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) maintains a National Mango Board, which operates on a $6.7 million budget, solely to "increase the consumption of fresh mangos in the United States," according to its USDA website.Read MoreAid recipient to US: keep your moneyWhen the United Nations condemned President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the U.S. responded by cutting $285 million of its funding for the international organization.Read MoreState Department Rolls Out New Travel Alert System, Ranking Every Nation 1, 2, 3 or 4The U.S. State Department on Wednesday launched its new travel advisory program, which is intended to inform Americans about the risks they may face when they travel abroad.Read MoreWikiLeaks founder Julian Assange granted Ecuadorian citizenshipEcuador has granted citizenship to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has been holed up in the country's London embassy for more than five years. Ecuador's foreign minister Maria Fernanda Espinosa said Assange was naturalised as a citizen on 12 December, at his request.Read MoreMcDonald’s to eliminate foam drink cups from menu, work toward 'fiber-based packaging'Say goodbye to polystyrene, and hello to “fiber-based packaging.” On Wednesday, McDonald’s announced that it would be eliminating foam packaging from its worldwide supply chain by the end of 2018, along with news that it plans to further its efforts to source its “fiber-based packaging” from recycled sources by 2020.Read MoreFacebook blocks funding for major pro-life movieA crowdfunding site for a theatrical drama in production that promises to tell the “true story” of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that established a “right” to abortion has been blocked by Facebook.Read MoreOnline love scams break hearts and leave many in financial ruinThe 40-year-old woman from a western state told Fox News that she exchanged private messages with a man who sent her dozens of photos and a promise of a better life.Read More[...]

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Sunday Show 01-07-17Mississippi woman bags deer ahead of her 100th birthdayOn Jan. 9, Bertha Vickers of Morgantown, Miss. will celebrate her 100th birthday, but she’s more surprised by all the attention she's getting for her recent deer kill.Read MoreTobacco giant says it wants to give up cigarettesThe company, which makes Marlboro, L&M and Chesterfield brands among others, took out ads in newspapers in the United Kingdom that said its ambition for the new year is to build a smoke-free future and eventually stop selling cigarettes.Read More‘It’s either fight or die’: How a Seattle woman fended off a machete-wielding man on New Year’s DayWhen Lillian Germond walked into her Seattle apartment building early New Year’s Day, she didn’t know the man walking behind her was about to attack, armed with a machete.Read MoreM27s and 'Head-to-Toe' Gear Overhaul on the Way for Marine GruntsAfter more than a year of speculation, the word comes straight from the commandant of the Marine Corps: Grunts, including those outside the squad, are getting the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle -- and a whole lot of other goodies to boot.Read MoreHow to get your hands on a historic  from the US Army stockpileOnly American citizens can purchase one of these World War II combat pistols, the M1911, from the U.S. Army stockpile. And only one can be purchased a year by a qualified buyer.Read MoreFlight attendants sue Delta Air Lines for anti-Jewish, anti-Israeli attitudeFour current and former flight attendants have filed a federal lawsuit against Delta Air Lines alleging that the company’s management has “an anti-Jewish, Hebrew and ethnic Israeli attitude.”Read MoreReport: Religious Jews’ Ascent to Temple Mount Up 75%The number of visits by religious Jews to the Temple Mount has increased by 75% in 2017, compared to 2016, according to the Yera’eh organization, which encourages Jewish ascent to the Temple Mount.Read MoreNow 6 Bishops Challenge Pope Francis on His Divorce/Remarriage TeachingThree more Catholic archbishops have signed on to a letter released by three bishops on Dec. 31, which publicly challenges Pope Francis' teaching on Communion for the "divorced and remarried" and states that his instruction is "alien to the entire Tradition of the Catholic and Apostolic Faith."Read MoreWeed in sidewalk triggerrs $2500 penaltyProperty owners in California have been handed a huge victory with a ruling by the California Court of Appeals ensuring that hearings for citizens who challenge tax assessments or penalty decisions be “fair.”Read MoreTech companies scramble to patch microchip securityTechnology companies are playing down the severity of two recently discovered security problems with computer microchips, saying there will be no need for widespread hardware replacements to shield millions of devices from hackers.Read MoreNHS hospitals ordered to cancel all routine operations in January as flu spike and bed shortages lead to A&E crisisThe instructions on Tuesday night - which will see result in around 50,000 operations being axed - followed claims by senior doctors that patients were being treated in “third world” conditions, as hospital chief executives warned of the worst winter crisis for three decades.Read MoreWashington sets up winter quarters in MorristownAfter two significant victories over the British in Trenton and Princeton, New Jersey, General George Washington marches north to Morristown, New Jersey, where he set up winter headquarters for himself and the men [...]

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Friday Show Notes 01-05-17Bill Nye: Blue States Will ‘Impose Economic Sanctions’ Against Climate Change-Denying StatesMSNBC, climate activist Bill Nye warned conservatives to “watch out,” saying progressive blue states will “address climate change” on their own.Read MoreMen Resist Green Behavior as UnmanlyWomen have long surpassed men in the arena of environmental action; across age groups and countries, females tend to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Compared to men, women litter less, recycle more, and leave a smaller carbon footprint.Read More13 Scientific studies suggest ‘Litte Ice Age’ loomingGlobal-warming diehards who converted their cause to “climate change” when the warming ceased a few years back are being dealt another blow as scientific forecasts of global cooling are about to take over.Read MorePlanned Parenthood Unveils Pro-Abortion License Plates: “My Body, My Choice”The Planned Parenthood abortion business has been on a mission to defend and promote abortion. In the latest effort to brag about abortions, Planned Parenthood is now unveiling a new pro-abortion license plate.Read MorePlanned Parenthood enters transgender-hormone market as abortions decline, clinics closeAs dozens of its clinics closed amid a dwindling U.S. abortion rate, Planned Parenthood has moved to diversify its business model by getting into transgender hormone therapy.Read MorePlanned Parenthood: We Did 321,384 Abortions; Got $543.7 Million in Tax DollarsPlanned Parenthood says its affiliates did 321,384 abortions in the fiscal year that ended on Sept. 30, 2016, according to its newly released 2016-2017 annual report.Read MoreCalifornia's cannabis market is expected to soar to $5.1 billion — and it's going to be bigger than beerRecreational cannabis sales are set to begin in California on January 1 — and the market is expected to haul in billions in revenue next year as dispensaries roll out across the state.Read MorePelosi Defends Limited Government and ‘States’ Rights’—On Legalized MarijuanaHouse Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) issued a statement today attacking what she characterized as an over-reach by the federal government and defending what she described as "states’ rights" when it comes to the legalization of marijuana.Read MoreMcConnell Boasts of $4.99M Federal Grant ‘to Support Conservation of Private Lands’ in KentuckySenate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell put out a press release on the Friday before Christmas touting of his efforts to secure a $4.99 million federal grant from the Natural Resources Conservation Service to The Nature Conservancy “to support the conservative of private lands” in Kentucky.Read MoreInterior Department repeals never-used regulations on hydraulic fracturingThe Obama administration’s 2015 fracking rule was never actually implemented, thanks to an ongoing court battle, and it apparently never will be.Read MoreDemocrats, environmentalists blast Trump offshore drilling planOverturning 33 years of energy policy, the Trump administration Thursday proposed opening as much as 90 percent of the U.S. coast to oil and gas development.Read MoreThe secret to George Washington Carver’s successGeorge Washington Carver was born a slave during the Civil War, possibly in 1865, but there are no records. Within a few weeks, his father, who belonged to the next farm over, was killed in a log hauling accident.Read More[...]

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Saturday Show 12-30-17Thanking Trump has gone viralYou may have noticed the idea of thanking President Trump for his amazing and voluminous first-year achievements has become popular. One might even say the concept has gone viral.Read MoreIn a U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia circuit opinionJudge Stephen Williams did not rule on the merits of the case but instead said the plaintiff -- the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) -- is “not a voter” and therefore has no legal standing to sue for alleged violations of the 2002 E-Government Act.Read MoreCourt turns back challenge to Trump's voter fraud commissionIt's been said that good fences make good neighbors. But in Aspen, Colo., this week, Vice President Mike Pence has something different posted between his vacation lodging and that of the people next door.Read MoreNew Synagogue opens under Temple MountWhile there may not be a Third Temple at which Israeli Jews can worship atop the Jerusalem Temple Mount, there is a brand-new synagogue under the foundation of the holy site – and it’s open for prayer.Read MoreTrump ramps up Border Patrol recruitment, in bid to hire thousands of new agentsPresident Trump doesn’t yet have his "big, beautiful" border wall, but the administration is ramping up recruitment of border agents going into the new year in a bid to enhance security with more manpower  if not bricks and barbed wire.Read MoreVictory! No Amnesty in CR -- See how your Senators Voted…Congress passed a Continuing Resolution on Thursday night to fund the federal government through Jan. 19 without an amnesty for young-adult illegal aliens despite a months-long push by dozens of Democrats and Republicans to do so, and despite threats by many to shut down the government if it didn't happen.Read MoreIowa Supreme Court Lifts Ban On Guns In CourthousesThere are a couple of places you’re guaranteed to find violence felons. One is in jail, and the other is in courthouses. However, many courthouses require citizens to be completely disarmed on the premises, leaving only law enforcement officers with the ability to protect anyone.Read MoreBATFE considering changing position on bump stocksFollowing the horrific events of October 1 in Las Vegas, the subject of bump stocks flared into a firestorm of controversy. The legal devices were sold over the internet after the BATFE had given their approval on the things several years earlier.Read More[...]

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Friday Show Notes 12-29-17

FCC Net Neutrality decision causes some anxiety in Europe, but EU regulation remains in force
The recent vote by the Federal Communications Commission to scrap net neutrality rules has caused an uproar in France and elsewhere in Europe, where the principle has been protected by European Union regulations since 2015.
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Chinese women having babies in Saipan to obtain U.S. birthright citizenship
Women from China, Turkey, South Korea, and other countries around the globe have for some time been coming to America to have their babies to take advantage of what they’ve been told is a provision in the U.S. Constitution that grants their offspring automatic American citizenship.
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Disney resorts add new security policy, removes 'Do Not Disturb' signs from rooms
Disney has started updating the security policies at several of its resorts in Walt Disney World.
Guests staying at one of the three monorail hotels – the Grand Floridian, Polynesian and Contemporary resorts – near the Magic Kingdom have already experienced the tighter security policies, which include the removal of the “Do Not Disturb” door sign.
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France allows Muslim street prayers but bans Christmas movie because it was “too Christian”
France is a secular Republic, because it separates religion and state and it mostly sees religion as a private matter; restricted to the home and places of worship.
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When and Why the West Began to ‘Demonize’ Muhammad
To understand any phenomenon, its roots must first be understood.  Unfortunately, not only do all discussions on the conflict between Islam and the West tend to be limited to the modern era, but when the past, the origins, are alluded to, the antithesis of reality is proffered.
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Show Notes 12-23-2017

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Saturday Show 12-23-17Trump calls on media to stay for prayers: 'A good solid prayer and they'll be honest'Prior to a Cabinet meeting on Thursday, President Donald Trump asked HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson to start the meeting with a prayer and the president also asked reporters to stay for the prayer, saying they "need the prayer more than I do" and that it might help the media to "be honest."Read MoreJudge dismisses emoluments clause lawsuit against TrumpA federal judge in New York dismissed one of the lawsuits against President Trump’s business dealings, ruling Thursday that a watchdog group didn’t have standing to challenge whether the president’s continued connection to his hotel chain violates the Constitution’s emoluments clause.Read MoreRabbis Protest Trump’s Re-Nomination of Obama LGBT Agenda Architect Chai FeldblumA coalition of rabbis is criticizing the Trump administration for re-nominating radical sexual identity activist Chai Feldblum to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).Read MoreChappaquiddick' Trailer Reveals Unsavory Ted KennedyIf anybody feared that the upcoming Chappaquiddick movie would be a whitewash of Ted Kennedy, the recently released trailer should disabuse them of that notion. Legal Insurrection describes the movie as the "portrait of a weasel."Read MoreAlaska's Pebble Mine moves closer to fruition as permitting process beginsA proposed gold and copper mine that nearly got buried by the Obama administration moved closer to reality when its developers filed new permits with the federal government.Read MoreTrump's making American mining great againLost amid this week’s tumultuous vote on a tax-cut bill, President Trump signed an executive order that may be even more important: guaranteeing America has a reliable supply of the critical materials needed to produce modern-era weapons as well as popular consumer goods.Read MoreReligious Leaders: 'Gender Ideology Harms Individuals and Societies,' Rejects 'ReasonIn a Dec. 15 open letter entitled "Created Male and Female," religious leaders of various denominations in the United States denounced "gender ideology" as a rejection of reason and science, which "harms individuals and socieities," especially children.Read MoreHow to win the war on Christmas: Just surrenderIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. To practicing Christians and even some nonbelievers who just like the season's hope and joy, Christmas is the capstone of the year.Read More86-year-old woman with dementia warms up to Santa ─ and makes him cryAn 86-year-old woman deep in the throes of dementia came out to the surface briefly when she encountered her beloved Santa in a photo studio in a New Mexico mall.Read MoreWhy Would Christians Go Christmas Caroling Outside an Abortion Clinic?A young woman sits in the waiting room of American Women’s Medical Center on Chicago’s northwest side, waiting to be called back to the operating room for her procedure. Even now, she’s unsure about the choice she’s made.Read MoreA beautiful example of American defiance in World War IIThe Battle of the Bulge was the largest and bloodiest battle fought by the U.S. during World War II. It involved 610,000 Americans, 55,000 British, and 72,000 Free French, fighting along Europe’s Western Front for nearly 40 days. There were 89,000 American casualties and over 100,000 German casualties.Read More[...]