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Steampunk Never Ending Clock

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 18:29:41 +0000

Ok, I admit it this clock is more steampukish but still this steampunk never ending clock will brighten your day even after the day you pass away. It will still keep on rolling, rolling and rolling. Now reading about the steampunk never ending clock I’m like, hey what? There is an AC plug, I thought it’s a perpetual clock! Steampunk Never Ending Clock Here a word of warning, this clock looks amazing but if you think you can continue working like normal with this machine on your desk, think again. It will suck out any productivity you might have. It’s

Free Montreal Travel Book – Today!

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 16:33:44 +0000

Hurry, because for today we made our Montreal Travel Book available to be downloaded for free. Before I waste any more words, you can get your free copy via this link. This book contains over 91 articles about our 3 month in Montreal, with helpful info and tons of photography about this amazing city. And it looks extremely good on your kindle. Free Montreal Travel Book – Today! We follow couple of Montreal Instagram accounts and we see that it already looks very much like winter there. Which makes me remember couple of days in April when we just arrived.

Lazy People Christmas Lights

Tue, 06 Dec 2016 20:05:11 +0000

Every year the same. Untangling the Christmas lights and putting them up. And then one of those silly tiny bulbs is not working. Then after the holidays you have to hold yourself back to not just throw the lights back in a box. Do you think the same way like me, that this is so annoying. Then you need the lazy people Christmas lights, period! Lazy People Christmas Lights – For The Smart You might be lazy but that doesn’t mean you’re not smart. These lights make total sense and they’re a big selling item on Amazon. Yupp, we’re not

A Quick Weekend In Lucerne

Tue, 06 Dec 2016 19:51:56 +0000

I just got back from a quick weekend visit in Lucerne in Switzerland. One of the most picturesque cities I’ve been in a while. It’s truly breathtaking. This was my third visit but I truly would love to come back for our For 91 Days Travel Blog. I’ve even been in touch with the Swiss Tourism Board. But we haven’t heard back yet. Switzerland is expensive, you know? So happy there is a direct connection from Valencia to Zürich (which is just a short train ride to Lucerne) with Swiss Air. A Quick Weekend In Lucerne With Whips And Bells

Ouch – Cactus Coaster Without The Pain

Mon, 05 Dec 2016 16:19:45 +0000

These cactus coasters won’t sting you. Even if you crab them as hard as you can. They’re there to protect your surfaces from sweaty wine classes (chilled white wine I’m thinking), dirty coffee mugs or any other containers which can leave a stain. Normally you would just stag coasters you don’t need but in this case you create a little cactus which just looks darling. Nope it doesn’t need to get watered or a sunny spot. Cactus Coaster So Pretty You Don’t Want To Actually Use And if in case you have a night of Netflix and Chill with a

My Favorite Festival – FALLAS- Is Now An UNESCO Cultural Heritage

Thu, 01 Dec 2016 09:51:31 +0000

The moment I fell in love with the city of Valencia was during our first Fallas Festival in 2008. A month long festival filled with fireworks, mascletas (daytime fireworks), huge fallas figures, fire, paellas, parades, music, drinking and many other reasons. And it’s super important that Fallas is now a UNESCO Cultural Heritage, since European laws endangered the traditions of Fallas. My Favorite Festival – FALLAS- Is Now An UNESCO Cultural Heritage When we moved to Valencia I never even heard of Fallas, when they had the Desperata to ring in Fallas I fell out of bed and thought World

Chick Egg Molder

Tue, 29 Nov 2016 18:25:31 +0000

It seems kind of sick to form your egg with the chick egg molder. That chick is supposed to hatch out of the egg but not get formed by a boiled egg getting forced to look like a chick. And those chick legs, not sure if I should laugh or cry. Just imagine to cut it into halves and then you have two half one legged chicks. Oh, how adorable. Chick Egg Molder And Add A Chicken Leg Wonder if you can place other things into that mold. I’m thinking potatoes, small apple, cheese? You can have an entire meal

Yummy Food We Ate In Tokyo

Tue, 29 Nov 2016 14:36:40 +0000

Living costs in Tokyo are kind of weird. It’s very expensive to live and to get around but luckily eating out isn’t that expensive. So that’s what we did during our 3 month in Tokyo, eat out a lot! Yummy Food We Ate In Tokyo is easy to encounter and Ramen is the food I miss the most. Sushi was really good too but for my taste the more rice and less raw fish the better the sushi. But in Tokyo they serve up the raw fish. But that’s just my personal preference. Yummy Food We Ate In Tokyo And

Give The Gift Of Hate

Fri, 25 Nov 2016 16:51:28 +0000

2016 pans out to be a very interesting year. Everything seems upside so why not for this year instead of giving the gift of love, why not give the gift of hate. Hate is a pretty strong word but no worries, hate and love are such a similar emotion. So love is just not cutting it right now it seems. So why not take a look at the these lovely presents below and ruin the season for couple of people. Give The Gift Of Hate Gift Ideas Hand Puppet Dish Gloves They also can be used to provide puppet shows

Pocket Bike Kid – Doing It’s Thing

Tue, 22 Nov 2016 18:23:50 +0000

This video of the pocket bike kid is 6 years old and has almost 30 millions views. The biggest complaint of the video is, that that motorbike kid is not wearing a helmet. So I wonder after these 6 years, does the kid still has his head on his shoulders. I really hope so, since he does have some serious skills. Maybe if he would have worn a helmet his balance could’ve been off, crashed and smashed. But who knows and his parents didn’t seem too concerned. Pocket Bike Kid – Fame And I do wish he got all the