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The Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Dot Com Mogul

Last Build Date: Mon, 29 May 2017 12:48:36 +0000


Comment on Video And Photos From Sunset Del Mar – The New MOBE Resort by Stella Maris Spilinga

Mon, 29 May 2017 12:48:36 +0000

Hi John, Awesome Resort! Congratulations to Matt for his new project! Hope to come back to MOBE sometime. Have a wonderful week!

Comment on How I Made $501,110.19 In Less Than 5 Months by Isaac Anim

Mon, 29 May 2017 08:49:02 +0000

Go to

Comment on Websites That Can Help You Make Money from Your Blog by Ramneek

Mon, 29 May 2017 00:11:16 +0000

I have tried many, and no doubt some of them are very beneficial, but still i would rather stick with google adsense for monetising my website than going for any other alternative. Its the most reliable, ethical, visitor friendly and trustworthy source of income that i have ever dealt with. I would advice people to go for it. But as said here in this blog, experimenting with stuff is not a bad habit either, maybe you can find yourself much better options that others have not come across yet. But keep things safe and go for a trustworthy source for long term benifits.

Comment on Video And Photos From Sunset Del Mar – The New MOBE Resort by John

Sun, 28 May 2017 23:04:35 +0000

Looks incredible !

Comment on How To Ensure Your Content Stays Evergreen by Ryan Biddulph

Sun, 28 May 2017 20:29:17 +0000

Hi Rizvan, Super tips. For me, it is about sticking to the fundamentals. Most bloggers focus on systems, or specific practical strategies. Facebook is the best marketing platform. 3 months later it is the worst. Then, Twitter rocks. Then, Twitter stinks. But social media, as long as it exists,will always be a fabulous way to spread the marketing word of your blog. So instead of focusing on specific platforms, focus on the social media platform. Keep it simple. Follow the fundamentals. This is why I always lead in with a mindset tip or 2. Mindset content is evergreen. As long as human beings read blogs, humans will have minds, and blogging with the right mindset will be applicable, and evergreen, content-wise. I think of what will be as timeless as possible. Or what you can edit or change easily, via the quick updates you speak of, to keep content evergreen. I also avoid news-driven or topical posts like the plague. Usually at least. Example; last night I went through my blog. I wanted to prune old posts that were not accurate, or relevant. One such post was me recommending my travel blogging followers to visit Turkey after the coup of 2016. Turns out, we are 1 year later in 2017. Not only that, with the recent moves of the government over there, I can no longer endorse visiting the country. Not because it is unsafe, but because the government isn't behaving as it behaved when I visited in 2016. So I deleted the post. Not accurate. Cannot put my word out there unless I feel fully clear on it. I also may delete certain posts announcing my trips, like when I broadcasted my trip to Qatar earlier this year. Not timely, not evergreen. Even though some dead links will popup as the post gets a pop or click or 2, it is worth keeping all things evergreen. Also, I learned going forward that it makes more sense to avoid these non evergreen announcements on my blog. Better to keep them on social unless it is love life-changing, epic news, like my wedding from a few years back. Ryan

Comment on How To Ensure Your Content Stays Evergreen by Jacob Yahood

Sun, 28 May 2017 20:22:56 +0000

Brushed up my thinking about evergreen content. Thanks for clearing this term. :)

Comment on How To Ensure Your Content Stays Evergreen by atvbar

Sun, 28 May 2017 15:17:44 +0000

TNX Rizvan Ullah Its usefull

Comment on Busting A Move At The Titanium Mastermind by Sanjay

Sun, 28 May 2017 06:31:24 +0000

Great party time. Hoo....!

Comment on 5 Reasons Why Making Money Online Is Easier Than Ever by Ryan Biddulph

Sun, 28 May 2017 02:44:15 +0000

LOL Michael. Geocities! I remember that site well. Although it was before my time - I started with a Wordpress blog about 10 years ago - I did have a My Space before Facebook and all that jazz. Making money online is so much easier now than versus when I started. Even though most of the above tools and sites availed themselves now is so different, because we are more educated as bloggers and readers. Meaning, garbage blogs and affiliate sites are no longer tolerated. Heck, they are ignored. I used to have a whack looking squeeze page way back when I did network marketing. It did A-OK back then because people still bought in to cheaper-looking sites. But over time I saw trends develop. Mainly a trend toward creating value, toward offering clear, professional-looking, fairly hype-free sites, and just putting out a better-looking, authentic brand message on sites and blogs. I followed that trend. And it helped me profit while many who were blind to the trend struggled like heck. I recall talking to Zac Johnson a while back and he noted how you have to flow with trends to make money online. Now the trend is to use all the pro tools available above to be transparent, to help folks and to build a brand before you build a blog and biz site. Wordpress helps you build a brand better than any other site out there. For $10 to $20 a month you get premium hosting, strong support and access to all types of rocking plugins that jazz up your blog. Toss in an investment in a premium or bespoke theme and you can build an eye-popping brand. A brand that makes it even easier to make money online. My developer created a home page for my site that literally makes you feel like you are blogging from paradise, being true to my blog and brand. One visit shows you a vivid video, tropical themed colors and a warm introduction to me, the site owner. In the early 2000's none of this tech was possible or available to us, making it harder to earn cash because it was tougher to impress folks with bells and whistles. Then you factor in the international factor. Most of us have access to high speed internet these days, or, solid internet connections. I recall a blogger who guest posted on my blog a while back. He started blogging in the 90's in Thailand. The guy had to get up on his roof to set up a phone line for an internet connection. Painfully slow when it worked. Then he needed to spend thousands of dollars to buy storage - or was it a database?! - before Wordpress was available. Thousands of bucks just to store data. Crazy. But ya know what? Getting through those tough times not even imaginable to most of us, he has made millions of dollars online. Now it is as easy as ever to cash in. Help folks. Create value. Make friends. Use tech. Prosper. Ryan