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Last Build Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2017 10:58:00 -0400

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What The Democratic Loss in Georgia Means For The Midterms

Wed, 21 Jun 2017 10:58:00 -0400

Everyone wants to take credit for wins, and fingers get pointed in every direction for losses. But what can be read into a special election more than a year out from congressional elections?

The Daily White House Briefing: 'Must-See TV' With An Uncertain Future

Tue, 20 Jun 2017 20:54:00 -0400

There has been a rising storm of high dudgeon among the national media in recent days because the daily briefings have been closed to cameras — when the briefings happened at all.

Russia To Target U.S. Aircraft Flying Over Syrian Government Airspace

Tue, 20 Jun 2017 05:05:00 -0400

A U.S. fighter jet shot down a Syrian warplane on Sunday. Rachel Martin talks with Daniel Fried, a former senior career U.S. diplomat, about the rising tensions between Russia and the U.S. over Syria.

Senate Republicans Consider Health Care Bill To Replace Obamacare

Mon, 19 Jun 2017 05:00:00 -0400

David Greene talks Thomas Binion of The Heritage Foundation, who offers the latest on the Senate health care debate. Democrats complain work on the bill is being done behind closed doors.

President Donald Trump, Unreliable Narrator

Mon, 19 Jun 2017 05:00:00 -0400

Why can't we stop reading Trump's Twitter feed? The same reason we can't put down The Catcher In The Rye or Pale Fire.

Sanders Of Supporter And Alleged Shooter: 'Violence Of Any Kind Is Unacceptable'

Wed, 14 Jun 2017 14:43:00 -0400

The Vermont senator, who led a left-wing effort that nearly snagged him the Democratic presidential nomination, said the alleged shooter at a congressional baseball practice was a campaign volunteer.

Attorney General's Selective Silence Deafens Senate Russia Inquiry

Wed, 14 Jun 2017 05:00:00 -0400

The attorney general may have saved his job and also laid a path for Trump allies on how to avoid revealing conversations with the president — even without invoking executive privilege.

Trump Considering Firing Special Counsel? Just Another Example Of Stirring The Pot

Tue, 13 Jun 2017 12:15:00 -0400

Chris Ruddy, CEO of a right-wing news site, suggested Trump is considering firing Robert Mueller as special counsel. It might just be another chapter in Trump friends causing chaos, because why not?

When What Was Good For Bill Cosby Was Good For Black America

Mon, 12 Jun 2017 15:03:00 -0400

The few, tepid defenses of Bill Cosby during his criminal trial for sexual assault are an illustration of just how much his influence as Black America's emissary to the wider world has waned.

Russian Contacts Issue Hangs Over Trump's Administration

Mon, 12 Jun 2017 05:01:00 -0400

Rachel Martin talks to Republican pollster Jim Hobart, ahead of Attorney General Jeff Sessions' appearance before a Senate panel to discuss issues raised by former FBI Director James Comey.

Is Trump Guilty Of Obstruction Of Justice? Comey Laid Out The Case

Sat, 10 Jun 2017 07:01:00 -0400

The fired FBI director came loaded for bear at his congressional testimony and seemed to leave lots of bread crumbs for investigators, like a Justice Department special counsel, to pick up on.

Comey Drama A Reminder Presidential Disaster Often Hits In Times Of High Confidence

Fri, 09 Jun 2017 05:07:00 -0400

In the hubris of the moment, having vanquished the world of electoral politics, a new or re-elected administration is fully confident of its mandate, and equally full of itself.

Did James Comey's Testimony Exonerate Or Damage President Trump?

Fri, 09 Jun 2017 05:03:00 -0400

Ex-FBI chief Comey testified that President Trump and others in his administration lied when they said agents lost confidence in him. Steve Inskeep talks to Jonah Goldberg of the National Review.

Trump's Infrastructure Plan Still Could Use More Planning

Fri, 09 Jun 2017 05:00:00 -0400

The president's infrastructure proposal still has a few holes to fill in, and it also may not be the job engine he thinks it will be. Here are four questions he may want to think about.

'Racial Impostor Syndrome': Here Are Your Stories

Thu, 08 Jun 2017 11:21:00 -0400

We got more than 100 letters from our listeners about how y'all feel like fakes. Here are some of our favorites.