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Last Build Date: Thu, 18 May 2017 21:11:19 +0000


The Hits Keep Coming for Indiana Voucher Schools

Thu, 18 May 2017 21:11:19 +0000

The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette has an editorial critical of Indiana’s largest-in-the-nation voucher program following an in depth NPR report by Cory Turner (transcript of Morning Edition interview here.) A couple of months ago, there were new studies showing that vouchers did not improve education. Those studies followed on one that showed Indiana’s weak to […]

Unfunded Bicentennial Projects

Tue, 09 May 2017 14:31:17 +0000

Brian Slodysko, writing for the Associated Press, has an article entitled “Lawmakers Bail out Pence with $5.5 million for Bicentennial Projects” (h/t Indy Democrat Blog). According to the Slodysko article: Indiana lawmakers are bailing out the state’s former governor, Vice President Mike Pence, after the Republican’s efforts to pay for two completed projects celebrating the […]

94.27% of Voters Support West Lafayette School Funding Referendum

Wed, 03 May 2017 20:10:24 +0000

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was actively working on the school funding referendum for West Lafayette Schools. I’m not looking up dates, so I might get some of this slightly wrong, but in 2008 or thereabouts the State shifted the school funding model. Instead of coming mostly from local real […]

Why Was There a Civil War?

Mon, 01 May 2017 17:18:55 +0000

I should probably just ignore Trump’s utterances as nothing more than noises coming out of his mouth hole, but this one was like catnip to me. People don’t ask that question, but why was there a Civil War? Why could that one not have been worked out? Slavery. The answer is slavery. Where can you […]

No Evidence Could Ever Exist That Would Change My Mind

Sun, 23 Apr 2017 12:53:37 +0000

Sheila Kennedy and EMPAC have both written posts about an exchange Rep. Rokita had with a constituent on the subject of climate change that underscores why yesterday’s march in support of science is necessary. As Sheila quotes the constituent: My question was “What evidence do you require in order to revise your opinion on climate […]

United and Property

Wed, 12 Apr 2017 11:01:52 +0000

There are a million hot takes on the United fiasco. Here’s a quick one from me. United had legal rights concerning who was going to be transported on that airplane. The passenger they had hauled off by the police was presumably removed based on some variety of trespass. It’s a good illustration that laws and, […]

100 Years Ago Today: Lafayette, We Are Here!

Thu, 06 Apr 2017 12:08:05 +0000

America has joined forces with the Allied Powers, and what we have of blood and treasure are yours. Therefore it is that with loving pride we drape the colors in tribute of respect to this citizen of your great republic. And here and now, in the presence of the illustrious dead, we pledge our hearts […]

Bangert on Ricker’s End-Run Around Liquor Laws

Tue, 04 Apr 2017 13:26:07 +0000

Dave Bangert, writing for the Lafayette Journal & Courier, has a good column on the Rickers’ end-run around the state’s liquor laws. Rickers convenience stores found a loophole that let it sell cold beer at its locations. (Apparently selling just enough food to get a restaurant permit to allowed cold carry out.) After the exploit […]

Sen. Donnelly and Judge Gorsuch

Mon, 03 Apr 2017 11:07:34 +0000

Apparently Sen. Donnelly is going to vote to confirm Judge Gorsuch to the Supreme Court seat left open when Justice Scalia died. There have been a lot of takes: Donnelly is a genius, Donnelly is going to get crushed, Democrats are taking the high road and will surely be rewarded. Anyway, here’s mine: Judge Gorsuch […]

Knocking on Doors

Sat, 01 Apr 2017 21:18:44 +0000

This blog has not, for years, been on any kind of reliable publication schedule. Sometimes, it’s three times per day, then I go a week without anything. That probably explains the longevity — I’ve not put any kind of pressure on myself. It hasn’t done much for readership levels. If I wanted a lot of […]