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A detailed list of nope about the Detroit Tigers

Updated: 2018-04-25T23:05:45-04:00


Tigers' 2018 draft and beyond... It's really not that bleak, Everyone.


This is an odd draft year... There is no generational talent or obvious #1 overall guy to grab. No Bryce Harper, no Gerrit Cole, no Correa just sitting there waiting to sport the (now unnecessarily larger for some reason) Old English D on their hat on draft day. It kind of figures with the Tigers getting their first 1st overall pick since '97, there wouldn't be an obvious #1 choice... Just our luck. So what should the Tigers do? I think there are 4 options here and I like them all. First, we draft Casey Mize out of Auburn. He profiles well enough to be a solid upper rotation pitcher and he's been tearing it up as of late. He might be setting himself apart from the herd a little bit with his slash line at Auburn this year. He doesn't walk a lot of batters and is hanging something like 13 Ks/9 rate so far this year. Great splitter, I want to see it live at Comerica... Second, we draft Brady Singer from Florida. Let's get the band back together for the 2017 Florida Gators team with him and Faedo... I guess 2 guys don't really make up a whole band, so this is more of an ad hoc Simon & Garfunkel type duet in the middle of our rotation. Those guys can harmonize with anything and I'm sure Singer and Faedo will be a nice combo to be a bridge over troubled water. That analogy just jumped the shark, apologies... Anyway, Singer is legit and I think he slots in just behind Mize as a good option. Third, we draft Jarred Kelenic out of High School... This is now becoming one of my favorite options for us. We have plenty of young arms with Perez, Manning, Faedo, and Burrows. I like the idea of getting our farm system built out with position players a little more now to balance us out. Rumor is he puts the barrel on the ball with ease and has some real potential to be a 5 tool guy who stays up the middle as he ages. This kid is only 18 and has tools that will only get stronger as he tacks on muscle to go with his barreling up ability. What's not to like? Fourth, we draft Nolan Gorman, also out of HS... Typing this much about high schoolers is making me feel old and also probably getting me red flagged on a database somewhere for "men who own windowless vans". Full disclosure, my car has windows. This kid is a slugger, tried and true power tool but they say he has holes in his swing and might not stay at third base long enough to cement him in the hot corner. The defensive side of things is not a huge deal breaker in my eyes. The way Candelario has been playing lately, he seems like a solid long term option at third. Let's pick this kid up and get him behind Miggy at 1B. Let Miggy mold this kid into a tried and true hitter with big power while he slips into the twilight of his career. It's rarely a bad thing to have the first overall pick, now we just need to see what we truly need as a team and hope that Avila and his brain-trust don't shit the bed on draft day. In my head, we tear it down to the studs this year... Let's flip this team even more by trading Fulmer and Castellanos for even more prospects. We could get an absolute haul for Fulmer, likely bump us into the top 5 farm systems conversation with the positional talent we could get overnight. I'm talking a top 10 overall prospect and probably 2 more top 50-75 guys in the mix as well. Someone is going to be making a push for him by the deadline and I want our farm systems to me mentioned in the same breath as the Braves, Yankees, Padres after this year with a good first overall draft pick and good trades. Castellanos is also someone we could get a good return for. If you're going to burn it down, burn it down all the way... I like the pieces we have already to build around, now lets build around them guys... Candelario is already solid at the MLB level; Isaac Paredes is doing well for one of the youngest guys in High-A ball, I feel like he's a severely under-rated talent in our system. We have the potential of having our 2-4 rotation pieces established within the next 3 years with Perez, Faedo, and Manning. Then we also have Burrows [...]

A May trade to keep an eye on


Obviously, the Tigers are in rebuild mode and will be offloading any player on a short-term contract who isn't either absolutely critical to field a team or about to get a contract extension. The majority of this talk, particularly for high-value assets like Michael Fulmer and Shane Greene won't come until July. But, I can see an early season trade that would make sense much sooner. Actually, this trade would *have* to be done sooner. It's still early right now, but this one would make sense in late May. Trade Partner: Arizona Diamondbacks The Diamondbacks were looking to compete coming in to this year, but very few people figured they could keep pace with teams like the Dodgers. A hot start could have Diamondback fans wondering if this really could be a special year. They are 16-6 with the best record in the NL and a four game division lead over the Rockies. Yes, it's early, but things are looking good at the start. At the same time, they've also already lost starting pitcher Taijuan Walker for the year to Tommy John surgery. So far, it looks like the unproven in-house options might just be able to hold things together, but the team is probably worried about lasting the full season without some additional depth. Yes, they could use a guy like Fulmer. Just about everybody could. But, a move like that isn't really needed since their starting rotation has some top-shelf talent. Instead, they can use someone who can step into a starting role should something go wrong with the current options or slide back to the bullpen where depth could be an issue as well. On paper, Francisco Liriano would fit that role perfectly, but he might just perform his way into a full-time starting role. Maybe. If not, perhaps Mike Fiers could be that guy instead. The next few weeks will tell us a lot more about hwo much value both of those guys can bring, particularly with the weather warming up. For sake of argument, let's just say it's the lesser of those two pitchers that the Tigers give up. So, what would the Tigers need in return? One (relatively) big prize and two throw-ins. The relatively big prize: the 39th pick in the MLB Draft The Diamondbacks hold this Competitive Balance pick due to their small market size and relatively lower annual revenues. Unlike other picks in the draft, these picks can be traded. (They can only be traded once, so the Tigers could not obtain the pick and then flip it to another team.) By making this trade, the Diamondbacks would be using this tradeable pick to help their club win this year, but they can't wait until July to use it. This pick is far more valuable in the Tigers' hands than it is to the Diamondbacks. As you know, the Tigers hold the #1 pick in the draft. This top pick also comes with a very large bonus value that the team can offer to the player they select. They can offer all of that money to their first selection, or they can hold back some and offer extra to a player they select with a later pick. Their next one will be #43 in the draft -- the first pick of the second round. Say the Tigers hold back just enough money so that their selection is offered the same amount as the #2 selection and add that to second round pick, they'll be offering the #43 pick just as much bonus cash as the #31 pick is slotted for. If they reduce what they offer to the #1 to be equivalent to the slot value of the #5 pick, they can offer the second round selection the equivalent of a #15 bonus. This is an oversimplified view because all 30 teams are playing games like this and players are positioning themselves between teams trying to get the best offer they can. Some players will be willing to walk away from the team that picks them for, say, another year of college, but others will decide not to. Still, this illustrates how the #1 pick can be leveraged to get higher value players with later picks. The Tigers can play this game with that #39 pick as well. The Diamondbacks could use a similar approach but they don't have anywhere near as much bonus cash t[...]

Can’t Predict Tigers Future Until After July Trading Deadline


I see a lot of people trying to figure out where the Tigers might be in 2019 and 2020 but you really can’t do that for two reasons: 1) June’s Draft 2) July’s Trading Deadline Tigers who could be moved are as follows: 1) Fulmer 2) Liriano 3) Fiers 4) Castellanos 5) McCann 6) Iglesias 7) Greene 8) Wilson 9) Miggy Once the Tigers make their selections in June, you will see a clearer picture on what strategy they might employ in July. If they take another pitcher, the likelihood Fulmer gets moved for some top end prospects go up. If they draft a bat, and there are 3 guys (2 infielders and 1 Outfielder who hits LH for serious power) that could go number 1, that makes a Fulmer trade less likely. If they take a bat and they are slotted 3-7, that could get them some serious savings for other prospects in later rounds. This would make the trade of Fulmer LESS likely in July since they might want to see if Faedo, Manning are actually going to make it. Fulmer could still be moved in the off-season or next year at the trading deadline. There is no rush to trade Fulmer but you know, at the trading deadline a team underachieving (Yankees) that really need two starting pichers to beat the likes of Houston and Boston so they might over pay big time. They have 5 top prospects I like and at least 3 are blocked at the MLB level. The 9 guys listed are all possible but the likely trades (if they get lucky) will be Liriano, Fiers, Castellanos, McCann, IGGY, Greene. I just don’t see someone taking on Miggy’s salary EVEN if the Tigers kick in 100 million and he limited to ONLY AL teams so he’s on the list but very unlikely. IGGY might just waived after July trade deadline if no one wants him because Tigers will want to see LUGO so Machado goes to SS and there’s your INF for the next few years. McCann is simply a trade the Tigers get to make if some playoff team is down a Catcher and needs an MLB ready player who can throw and hit a little. McCann is only batting .200 but some of these catchers in the league are batting sub .200 so if you get an injury and you are making a playoff run, McCann is a nice guy to have and not have to worry about a rookie coming up just trying not to screw up and still have to learn the league and his own pitchers. McCann is more valuable than people want to give him credit for. Not a great batter nor a great framer but he is a solid MLB Catcher and has a great arm. Until the draft and then the trading deadline, its extremely hard to gage what the Tigers will look like in 2019 and 2020. This team plays hard and has surprisingly strong starting pitching but their middle relief is horrible. The demotion of Verhagen I called for the minute he walked two guys coming out of the bullpen. You just can’t do that to your team that just fought back and he was always a borderline guy who was out of options so they took a chance. Buck Farmer is in the same situation. Tigers have a few young hard throw arms they could call up; Baez comes to mind, that might do a decent job and breaking them in this year would remind me what they did with Porcello. Middle relievers only need two pitches, throw hard and be in control. This year we are still going be a bad team but clearly not the worst but do you think we really fall out of the top 10 of worst teams? I put us somewhere between 3-8 because depending on who they trade in July, they could be in the top 5 of worst teams and even if they don’t make a trade top 10 of worst teams still seem likely. Poll Where do you think the Tigers finish? Worst Team In The League Again 2-4 5-7 8-10   44 votes | Results [...]

The Tigers Shouldn't Throw 2018 Away


I didn't have many expectations for the Detroit Tigers going into the 2018 season after cratering in 2017 to the worst record in the league. They dipped their feet into the free agent market a couple of times to pluck out a couple of starting pitchers and a center fielder who would quickly draw the ire of the fanbase. They didn't do much to help their bullpen, though I guess that's to be expected for the Tigers front office at this point. They sold off Ian Kinsler, who was one of the most valuable Tigers position players the previous season. They weren't trying to get better, that's for sure. My only interest in the 2018 rendition of the Detroit Tigers was the effect that incoming pitching coach Chris Bosio would have on the pitchers on the staff. The starting pitchers played a big role in doing the Tigers during the 2017 campaign, but there was a sense that they played below their abilities in a way that the underlying statistics wouldn't give you a clear pitcher. Daniel Norris always has had the stuff to be a good pitcher. Jordan Zimmermann is a series of injuries away from being one of the premier pitchers in baseball. Matthew Boyd has made significant changes to his mechanics that have resulted in a noticeable marked improvement in his pitching ability. My only interest was to see if Chris Bosio, whose resume includes turning Jason Hammel into a very useful mid-rotation starter among other feats, could get the Tigers pitchers to realize their potential. Flash Forward 20 games into the regular season, and my interest has gone far beyond just the pitching. The Tigers have surprisingly been quite a fun team to watch. New manager Ron Gardenhire's personality and adherence to fundamental baseball has endeared Tigers fans to him, and the kids have provided a spark of energy to this team that has been pure joy to watch. But it's only a fleeting moment of before talk of which players sold off to where for what begins dominating discussion again. It's only natural. This team isn't expected to win. The thing is, they are winning, and talks of another fire sale in July are premature. The Tigers currently sit at 9-11 and are third in the American League Central Division. They are one blown replay call away from a .500 record, and perhaps a clean inning of fielding or a bullpen meltdown away from an above average record. The Tigers have the best offense in their division, getting expected contributions from Miguel Cabrera, Nicholas Castellanos, and Jeimer Candelario. They are getting an unexpected boost from Leonys Martin, disregarded as worthless by the fan base, and JaCoby Jones, who seems to have made major improvements to his approach at the plate. They have five hitters hitting well above average and are a mini Victor Martinez hot streak away from a sixth above-average contributor on offense. The Tigers have an ace in Michael Fulmer and a seemingly capable above average starter in Matthew Boyd. The back end of the bullpen features a shutdown pair in Shane Greene and Joe Jimenez. The pieces exist on this team to compete and win more than 81 games this year, and the Tigers will be given every opportunity to turn heads and raise some eyebrows in the near future. While three of the Tigers next four series are on the road, three of their next four series will be against weak opponents. After a series against the Pirates, the Tigers will play the Orioles (whom they just swept), the Tampa Bay Rays (who languish at the bottom of the American League East Division), another four game series against Kansas City Royals, and wrap up the stretch of three road series with three games against the Texas Rangers. A positive performance down this stretch could see the Tigers sitting with a winning record. If that's the case, there will definitely be cause for discussion about this team. If it indeed becomes the case, it might not be insane to suggest the Tigers could make the Indians sweat for the pennant. Pictured: The Indians Pitching Staff rescuing th[...]

The Tigers' fan's guide to visiting Baltimore


I've been a Tigers fan since birth, but I moved away from Michigan shortly after graduating college. I've spent the majority of my adult life living in Baltimore City. For one series each year, I get to see my team play in my town. If you are traveling to Baltimore to see the Tigers play, let me first say Welcome! Much like Detroit, Baltimore definitely gets a bad rap. We aren't without our flaws, but we're certainly a lot more than The Wire would make you think. There's plenty to do in town around the ballpark and more to do if you decide to make it a weekend trip. Gameday Where to Sit Camden Yards is arguably one of the most iconic stadiums in the league. Just like any other ballpark, you'll definitely want to walk around the park a bit once inside. But, you can take things to the next level by taking a 1-hour tour well before game time. Tours should be available that Friday and Saturday at 10 a.m., 11 a.m., 12 p.m. and 1 p.m for a bank-busting $9 per person. Like baseball? Take the tour. Seriously, it's worth it. If you like to splurge a bit and sit in the infield, know that the visitor's dugout is on the 3rd base side. Tickets near that dugout aren't super cheap, but sitting there is well worthwhile. Having said that, I tend to prefer the 1st base side for the commanding view of downtown. This shot is from just to the other side of home plate, but you get the idea. If you want to upgrade your experience a bit another way, also check out the club level. These sections are between the lower and upper deck, so the view is reasonably good. The real upgrade is on the lounge-like concourse. Things are a bit more refined and sophisticated than the typical concrete concession areas where the riffraff get their beers. Getting to the Stadium/Parking I'll be honest here, I've never driven to Camden Yards. All of my trips have been either walking and Uber. Baltimore's Light Rail does have a station that is right next to the stadium and works quite well from the northern and southern suburbs. The southern path splits into two extensions with one going directly to BWI Airport. Many of those stations have ample parking for this very purpose. If you do take that route, be advised that leaving the stadium right as the game ends will be an absolute madhouse. Those trains fill quickly. Pregame! Camden Yards is right in the middle of downtown Baltimore, so there are plenty of places to grab a pregame meal or drink. In a minute, I'll talk about other places to go and things to do while you are here. If you're looking to explore a bit earlier in the day, that will give you some options. But, right before the game, the place to be is at the bars just outside the stadium along Washington Blvd. Pickles Pub and Sliders Bar and Grille are the headliners with large roped off areas with plenty of beer on tap in full view of the stadium entrance. Frank and Nic's West End Grille is right next door and provides a more relaxed, sit-down meal. My favorite is actually Pratt Street Ale House, but that's a couple of blocks from the real game day energy. The Stadium There are multiple entrances to the stadium but things just aren't right in the world unless you use the entrance at the North end of the stadium right on Eutaw Street. (Feel like a local and know that it's pronounced just like the state -- Utah.) There are statues to Oriole greats just outside the entrance and the walk into the stadium is worth going a little out of your way. Once you get in, walk down Eutaw Street. Just as you enter, make note of the stairs up to the Roof Deck Bar on your right. It's a great place to socialize a bit during the game with a view of the game from the center field. Now that I've pointed that out, continue down Eutaw Street. I don't care where your seats are, just do it. You can double back if you need to. The stadium will be on your right and the historic warehouse will be on your left. And yes, it is his[...]



Does not matter if Tigers finish 3rd or 4 this year, BUT which positions are being filled for next contending team. WHERE ARE YOU ON THIS?

Let's start in the OF. Seems obvious to me Jacoby Jones is the CF'er of the future, has great (+++) defense, has worked out hitting stance, and best surprise of all is a clutch hitter, in reality he has to extra inning walk off game winning hits this year, some don't have that in a career. RF is a ? of can Tigers sign Nick C. to a contract, if not RF'er is in Brewers system somewhere, BUT Nick C. IS the best hitter of all the choices BUT will he sign, if not he will have to be traded this year to get max value. LF I believe someday will belong to Cam Gibson, but could be any number of prospects in system.

Now let's take a easy one and that is DH, which is a HOF'er in MIGGY with some play at 1st.

Starting Pitching will take it's own coarse with 4 RH SP in system plus Mize looming as #1 pick the ? is what will happen with Fulmer, (WHICH IS SAME SITUATION AS NICK C.). Big question is who will be LH SP Boyd or Norris or both.

3rd base seems settled with J. Candelario, which is solid defense with big advantage of a switch hitter.

Catcher also seems to be handled with McCann's experience plus great defense in system.

WHICH LEAVES SS, 2B, 1B. SS may be in the system Great (+++) defense, IF he can turn into average MLB hitter. So that leaves these positions filled by trade or FA, ANY THOUGHTS? WHO? WHEN DO TIGERS JUMP IN?

Re-Writing History--the 2009 draft!


The most obvious point in recent history for a major change is the 2009 draft. The Tigers had the 9th pick, and took Jacob Turner. The Angels had the 25th pick, and took . . . Mike Trout. I don't really need 50 words to explain ho that might have made a difference in Tigers fortunes.

Are you Kidding..Shane Greene still closer


I have no idea why I can see that almost ever team has him figured out but Tiger management can not. If things aren't bad enough we end up watching the train wreck of Greens relief work. Rebuild or not, we have no chance if this guy is the closer.

Re-writing history, late one night in New York


Picture this. It's late April in New York. Your Detroit Tigers are 10-9, but are coming off of a 1-6 home stand, and have lost 4 in a row. Expectations are high, and the team is a little frustrated. The team arrives in New York the evening of April 26th, 2012 and....

DELMON YOUNG GOES TO HIS HOTEL ROOM AND GOES TO BED EARLY. Getting a good night's sleep in the hotel room bed, instead of, you know, JAIL.

I have no real idea how much of a change this has on the season overall. Would they have won the World Series? Would Justin Verlander have avoided giving up a billion home runs to Pablo Sandoval? No idea. Honestly, I can't even guarantee that this one change would make Delmon a better person overall. Would it have made me more comfortable as a Tigers fan? Absolutely.

Tigers meet and greet.....


Hi Bless you Boys, readers and tigers friends. ,

has a day been picked for Bless you Boys fans to meet up this summer? i am trying to plan my vacation around it and hope that I can participate. I am from boston,,,,, but make my annual pilgrimage to see the Tigers every summer..


A Draft Stategy Tigers Should Consider


I am sure by now you all have ready everything you can get your hands on to see who the Tigers might draft and why they might draft him. Brady Singer, Casey Mize, Tuarang, etc.. and a few others are all being considered for that nearly 7 million payday. However, I have a idea that they should consider since the top guys all have a little injury bug and/or potential injury from they way they throw.

They should look at guys who are slated to be drafted 10-15 like Kumar Rocker. I love this kid! Throws 97 already with a nasty slider and should the Tigers get crafty and they play ball, they can have a pre-draft arrangement of spending lets say in the 3-4 million range by saying to him this is more than what you are slotted for but we will take you number 1 and pay you this. This would leave the Tigers roughly 3-4 million in their coffers to maybe talk one or two players later in the draft to NOT go to school and pay them slightly more than what they are slotted for even if they go to college and increase their value. Money today worth more than in 3 to 4 years and protects against injury. They did this last draft with a C giving him 1 million in a 300k slot value position.

This strategy still gives the Tigers a high quality arm at 1 and then gives them two possible 2-4 round ability player drafted somewhere in the 10-15 draft range. You can’t honestly say Casey Mize, Brady Singer or any other of these pitchers are for sure Justin Verlander types but Kumar Rocker comes from a family of real athletes (father is a or was a pro football player). He is a HS kid with tremendous upside but one they can get for 3-4 million less which allows them to get better players down in the draft. If there was ever a year to do this, its this year because from everything I read, 1-5 are all about even so why not take a gamble and go deeper, high value ARM who would love to go number 1 and save the money for some bats that may have gone to school but offer them 2 million and they might change their minds.

Should The TIgers Employ The Stategy Of Drafting Number 1 From a 10-15 Pick And Try To Pick Up Two More HIghly Rated Players?

  93 votes | Results

Player’s wife story


Funny story about the day I "met" Misty May...

I was in Lakeland a few years back, one of the seasons that Matt Trainor was on the team. During the 7th inning stretch, we decided it was time for one of those delicious strawberry shortcake/ice cream things they have. So I went down and bought three. As I was juggling the treats and meandering through the crowd, I looked up and there she was, Misty May, standing right in front of me. Shocked, I didn’t know what to say, so I just said, "Hey!" And she said, "What?" "You’re Misty May!" I said. "Yup." She replied as she moved on. Super awkward. Very disappointed in myself, but laughed about every time we’re in Lakeland or watching beach volleyball. Pretty lame, but that’s all I got.

Bright Spots


It’s hard to see the forest through the trees but there are some bright spots and more on the way. Candalario has solidified 3b (hated his missed that throw from Hicks but he’s not perfect) and as a swith hitter which doubles power from each side, his swing is perfect for Comerica. Machado defensively is superb so if he ever hits more than .250, he’s an upgrade once we finally rid ourselves of IGGY. IGGY most frustrating player we have had in a while by far. A guy who can play defense better than most in the league but hits like a little leaguer. Lugo is having a good year at AAA so far so by July, I expect IGGY to be traded for a bag of balls and Lugo to up playing 2b and Machado moves to SS. Castellanos is not long for this team. His defense just doesn’t play in Comerica. He can only get to balls close to him and Gerber and Jones will be taking his spot and running down balls in the gap left and right. We can only hope Castellanos keeps hitting some so they can get something for him. He’s really a DH but in a small ball park his defense can be hidden but not in Comerica. Reyes, Jones and Gerber are superior defenders but of course all their bats are suspect. I rather play great defense and pitch awesome and keep it tight until the bats mature. Look at Schwarber on the Cubs. He’s our Castellanos but in Chicago’s small park, he can make some plays. Castellanos just can’t get to the balls in the corners or in the gaps and everyone can see it. He needs to go! Draft: after they take the best pitching prospect available, rounds 2-5 needs to be OF OF OF prospects and possibly go and get some international players that cost a few million instead of spreading it around and hoping to get lucky. Take some chances on the more expensive prospects. Houston, Cubs, Yankees, Dodgers, SF all spend their wad on a few players and go for the best. What’s on the way? A whole slew of pitching, a nice Catcher or two, one really above average OF, Cameron, a SS Paredes but ZERO Left handed power. This is why this draft they need to draft Left Handed Power at 1b and OF and hope they land one. You can’t keep building a team in Comerica with RH power when LH power is what they need. Poll Should Castellanos be traded in July? Yes No   32 votes | Results [...]

Somebody Needs to Force Miggy to Stop Playing Hurt


This has to stop, now. It's clear that he's already injured, not producing, and only making the injury worse. We are paying this guy, I think, more than 200 million more dollars through 2025 including the options he will surely exercise. It is totally insane to continue playing injured and produce minor league numbers and beer league defense. He is injured. He needs to stop playing baseball while he is injured. This has happened each of the last few seasons - As soon as he gets hurt, almost always a hip or back injury or something of that nature, he just keeps playing, getting worse, and putting up bad numbers. If he does go on the DL, he inevitably comes back too soon, either not having Rehabbed at all or not having done enough.

Are our team's manager, general manager, and medical staff truly incapable of telling this man he cannot play baseball unless he is healthy? This is insane and must stop if we are going to get any value whatsoever out of this guy for the next decade.

Just sayin'


Tigers could conceivably have a starting rotation of:

Justin Verlander

Max Scherzer

Rick Porcello

Robby Ray

Michael Fulmer

I know there are a ton of "ifs" and "buts" there, but essentially those are the 5 guys we could roll out. Granted, if we CANT SCORE A RUN, it doesn't mean much, but even still....

DISCLAIMER: Post made after 3 vodka tonics.