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Preview: Life and Art with Glamma Fabulous

Life and Art with Glamma Fabulous

making art, sharing family life, scrapbooking & family history, decorating, entertaining, collecting quotes, flea market & thirft store shopping, a little dumpster diving and just having fun ...

Updated: 2018-03-19T05:40:32.262-07:00 feature and Halloween


 I'm so excited to be featured on today! I made this coffin to display a bunch of apothecary bottles that I made this year. I used cardboard and foamcore, masking tape and hot glue. It's actually quite sturdy. I decoupaged some pages out of some thrift store books that I got to make spell books with inside of the shelves and of course painted the whole thing.
 I also made this Halloween grandfather clock the same way.

I am not posting enough on this blog, but again I am really going to put in more time here. I love all my friends out in blogger land! I do post more on my Instagram account: KelleySmithArt @kelleysmithart so please follow me there. I have been doing a couple of giveaways' for the Halloween season and will do more for the other Holidays and in-between on Instagram.
Happy Spooky Month!!!

The Mystry Thrif Off Reveal


    Thank you BetterAfter for inviting me to repurpose this crazy ceramic head for "The Mystery Thrift Off"! But oh the frustration when my plan of attack had to change when after I made a "crown" out of 2 part epoxy on the top of the head to hold a platter that I had drilled holes all around to hang jewels from and in 2 minutes, I knocked the head of the counter accidentally which cracked and broke it and then I picked up the platter at a weak spot and broke a piece off  just by picking it up. (sorry for the longest running sentence ever)
   For a minute, I had wished it had shattered :(   So I made a vase out of the head instead. Plan B worked out ok.  :)

The Mystery Thrift Off sponsored by


I'm so excited to have been chosen to participate in 's Mystery Thrift Off!
  I went out to my front porch on Saturday and found this box. Inside was this crazy hand made ceramic head!  I am supposed to alter/reinvent/repurpose this object from the Goodwill into something new. Oh man!!! But after a day and a half thinking about it (I'm still open to suggestions too) I'm looking forward to the challenge.
  I will be posting the progress here and on my Instagram account @kelleysmithart with the hashtag #themysterythiftoff . Check out Lindsey's blog Better After to see mine and other participant's progress with their items. Fun!

Portraits inspired by the artist Margaret Keane by Kelley Smith


I have been working on a "big eye" series inspired by Margaret Keane. Here is the start of my granddaughter Remi.
Here is the semi finished painting of my granddaughter Pepper. She is going to be holding a cupcake and giving it to the viewer to represent Good Works. I still have a bit more to do. These portraits are more "flat" than my usual portrait painting, but that is the charm of Margaret Keane's paintings.
and this portrait is of our granddaughter Goldie. She did not make it through labor, but she is in our family's hearts and minds every day. She has given us a renewed desire to strive to live so that we may all return again as an eternal family together in our Heavenly Father's presence. I am going to gold leaf her halo and the banner she is holding.
I'm so happy to be able to be painting again and I am thankful for this opportunity to share.

I'm Back!!!


I'm back!
  After a 2 year hiatus, I am ready to blog again. Thank you for all the warm messages that I have received in my absence. Life took my family and I through some very happy and some very sad times which I will share as we catch up. I am excited to go back to being able to spend more of my time with the glambabies and with my art!
  Life is always good even when it is hard.
and our new family motto:
  "Family means no one left behind or forgotten"   love, Kelley

At Long Last..... A New Post


  I can not believe I have not posted since last November!!!!!! I am now working part time at a wonderful boutique called Pretty Please. I'm still working at the gallery and painting whenever I get a moment AND last week glambaby #16 was born: Summer Haggarton!
and I have started a new art website at . You can order canvas prints, prints on metal and such and greeting cards. I think this will be great and the quality is very, very good. I am going to try to catch up a little with my family photos, etc. Thanks to everyone for hanging in there with me.  XO

New Paintings: "Vintage Toy Series"


I had a blast painting these images of vintage toys! They are oil on wood panels that are 8"x8"x2" (and I guess I wouldn't be a good art marketer if I didn't mention that they are for sale at the Arizona Art Alliance Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ.!)

"Honoring Our Veterans" show and sale at The Arizona Art Alliance Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ


 Please visit The Arizona Art Alliance website at  for additional information concerning this show and future shows. We also have a list of the Outreach programs that we provide to the AZ community, and workshop information if you would like to take some art classes on the website!

More Smith Spooktackular 2012 Partay Photos!



Smith Spooktackular Partay Photos





this year's Halloween crafts.... Ewwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! ( I kind of thought to myself- "What's a nice girl like me making creepy stuff like this?!! ) Oh well.



more images to come..... Happy Halloween!



Just wanted to show you how my daughter Hilari decorated her living room. Isn't it fabulous?! (I'm still working on mine, and I can't wait to unveil the decor soon! ((I'm way behind this year....))

My Paper Mache Pumpkin Head Project


 This summer, while I did some paper mache projects with the glamchildren, I started a pumpkin head mask for myself. I started by applying torn newspaper an old school flour, water and white glue mixture all over a plastic beach ball. ( I like adding liquid starch into the mixture when I can find it)
 Then I taped some cardboard onto the ball for a neck and taped crunched up newspaper all around the ball to form a pumpkin shape, then paper mached on top of that.
 I takes at least a day in between each layer of paper mache to harden and that's in our AZ heat! I then drew a face on the pumpkin head and taped cardboard to add the 3-D features.
 More layers of paper mache........
 and more layers of paper mache and adjustments to add form and scariness...
I'll add a final post as I start to paint this guy. FUN

The Giffin Glamchildren came to stay.


 The next week after babysitting my Jackson glamsons, the Giffin glamchildren came to stay for a week. During a few of the days, the Jacksons came over and so did my cute little Haggarton glamgirls, so there were some periods of time that 10 of my glamchildren were here! Fun, but it is soooo hot here that we stayed inside whenever we could. During that time, the kids wanted me to watch MANY episodes of "Dr. Who" with them. It was great!
 On our Giffin day outings, we went to the trampoline place (I could feel sweaty germs floating in the air.....) and then later we went to the Phoenix Art Museum (which had no sweaty germs floating in the air and was sooooo much nicer).

 and we went to see 2 movies!
I am lovin' these glamchildren!!!!!!!

The Jackson Glamchildren came to stay....


 A couple of weeks ago, my Gourmet Girls went to Utah for 2 weeks to do research for their catering company and it was my pleasure to babysit the Jackson boys for a week. One of the "life skills" that I think is soooo important is paper mache. Need I say more. The kitchen was a mess the whole week (and the next week when I babysat the Giffin kids) but is was fun and well worth the effort as you can see! These boys waited eagerly between drying layers and layers of paper mache over inflatable beach balls.

When the paper mache was drying, the boys played video games, I introduced them to the old "Twilight Zone" TV shows on Netflix and we played laser tag. Laser Tag was intense!!!!! I sure do love these glamsons of mine!



Just bragging about this fabulous new Swarovski crystals phone case that my daughter Devan made for me! Teaching my daughter's a bunch of random crafts when they were little is really paying off!!!
( Devan has created many fabulous custom blinged phone cases, pacifiers, laptops, etc. She will be moving back to AZ this July and so her company "Get Stoned" will have a base. I'll brag some more at the start of August when her little business go's very public.) Hope you are having a cool summer... It is HOT here in Arizona.

Swimming Glamchildren


Today we celebrated Cruz's 6th birthday at Great Grandma Burke's house. Those kids make a Glamma proud!!!!

Camping at the Beach


 Cruz dug a bunch of big holes looking for buried treasure. A walk to the store brought us right over the railroad tracks. The boys thought it was "freaky" when the commuter train zoomed below us under the bridge. I thought it was "freaky" too! You can not find a happier baby boy than Walter. He looked like this the whole time. Conway thought he was King of the Mountain. He loved just sitting there for awhile and then suddenly jumping off and rolling into the deep pit around the sand mound. It was hilarious. The big boys rested to read and nap after wrestling the waves and rocks. Daisy's Mom turned her into a mermaid. Then Daisy proceeded to tell us all her story about how she really wanted to grow some legs but she was trapped in the ocean.Grandma Burke bought all the little girls matching pink swimsuits. Whenever someone walked by out little group they smiled at all this cuteness playing in front of them.We missed most of the Giffin clan as they had recitals.... It is getting harder and harder to plan things that all the family can do or go to at the same time. Oh well., but Yeah for our wonderful big crazy family![...]

Happy Mother's Day and Mug Shot Necklaces


    A belated Happy Mother's Day to all the females in my life and on our planet. I am thankful to all my "Mothers" - Women (both family & friends) that have nurtured and taught me by example how to be a good person. Even though the world is full of creepy stuff, with each other's help we can live happy, fulfilled lives together. XO
    Oh, I started to post these fun necklaces and realized I should be posting some flowery things...Oh Well.

Happy Graduation Son-in-Law!


Melted Crayon Painting


(image) I have always wanted to make one of these melted crayon paintings that you see all over pinterest and I thought it came out so good! I sprayed triple thick epoxy lacquer on top and that made the colors pop. This canvas is 24" by 8" by 2" deep and I painted the sides black.
(image) I put it on top of the mantle above the fireplace in the kitchen next to a painting by one of my favorite artists Lee Kaster (her artwork in also at the AZ Art Alliance Gallery...fabulous stuff!) and some of my store front letters that I collect. (you really can't see the "K", but the letters represent "Dennis & Kelley Smith" Anyway, it was fun and easy. I think it will make a fun craft thing to do with the Glamchildren.

My New Traveling Companion


(image) I couldn't resist this handsome fellow! Doe's this mean I can drive in the HOV lane now anytime I want?!! ha-ha.

"Create" Collage Jewelry line


(image) So I've been working on my line of jewelry called "Collage Jewelry". I use all kinds of non-traditional materials along with vintage pieces of broken jewelry that I incorporate into these fun and creative ways to scream "I LOVE ART"! This necklace is available in my Etsy shop "Kelley Smith Originals and Fabulousities". To see more scrapbook pages of other jewelry pieces, go to my art blog: "Kelley Smith Art". (brag-brag-brag and shameless self promotion....someone has to do it, so it is up to me) Hope you are having a fabulous day!

"Artist" Scrabble Tile Necklace/Bracelet


(image) I am just LOVING these very limited editions of my Scrabble Tile Necklaces (that also can be worn as a Bracelets)! I finally found some more old Scrabble tile game pieces and was able to make a few really artsy jewelry with them. I had to sacrifice a whole lot of other word options to be able to make the art termed jewelry... but it was worth it! I have an "Artist" and "Create" necklace/bracelet available at the AZ Art Alliance Gallery in Scottsdale, and one in my Etsy shop. Anyway, I always feel like I am bragging when I post stuff that I am selling on my Glamma Fabulous blog, but I am just so excited about these new pieces that I have been working on. Fun!