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monkeyinabox presents the daily banana

Published: 2013-02-18T22:03:28-08:00


Cold Days, Cold Metal, It's No Party In The Park This Time of Year


02.18.2013 True, the days are less short than they were a few months ago. However, Winter is still hanging around in Central Oregon. Of course with two little ones, they get cabin fever worse than a grizzly bear who's hungry and knows there's an IHOP down the road from his cave serving up all-you-can-eat pancakes topped with honey. Yep, it's hard to expect the park bears to simply sit around, twiddle their thumbs and eat apples. So, The Teacher and myself have been hitting the park when we can with the no-so-little ones. It's tough with Lars' nap schedule on the weekends. By the time he wakes up, the sun is fading fast. So, we pack up the van as fast as we can, and go to the park (with limited daylight and heat). Of course anything that's metal is brutal to hold on to. It's too cold to sit on most surfaces. In fact, you basically pace around and hope that nothing turns blue. Yipes! Oh wait, it's just his coat. So, the plan is basically keep cool at the park in the cold. If the tone of this post is somewhat down on the weather. Perhaps it's due...

Days #346-366, More Photos Of Lars And The Monkeys


12.26.2012 Time for the final update of Lars' 365 (+1) Day Project. and finally... Oh yeah, almost forgot it's a leap year, so one more. So, that's it on this project. Of course if you want to see the final versions, with the extra witty text, go to my Lars 365 Day Project on flickr. Something new will be coming in 2013....

Days #324-345, More Photos Of Lars And The Monkeys


11.29.2012 Time for another update (the end is drawing near). Here we go... (days# 324-345 of Lars' 365 (+1) Day Project) Pumpkins for Halloween. Time for some cyclocross here. The World Series. The World Series of Poker. Basketball season starts. Halloween and Lars costume (the monkey suit). Candy is divided up. Lars first birthday. A little take on the expression : too close to call. The cold weather is here and the end is close. Of course if you want to see the final versions, with the extra witty text, go to my Lars 365 Day Project on flickr. The next update will conclude the project....

Days #291-323, More Photos Of Lars And The Monkeys


11.21.2012 Yep, I'm cramming in the updates, just like how you will be cramming in all the different dishes on Thanksgiving into your mouth. Of course Lars is already a master at tasty dishes, so look no further at this update for some tips on good eats and sadly a few on the demise of the NY Yankees playoff games. Here we go... (days# 291-323 of Lars' 365 (+1) Day Project) I'll start this one off with some good Voodoo. So, plenty of good eats you see. For the 10th wearing of the monkey suit, Magnus stepped in to make sure quality control was up. Playoff baseball starts. Yeah, those playoff nights are harder to look back on than the yummy food ones, so I'll have to keep that in mind for the future. Of course if you want to see the final versions, with the extra witty text, go to my Lars 365 Day Project on flickr. More to come....

Days #258-290, More Photos Of Lars And Monkeys


11.20.2012 Once again I'm behind on updating the Lars 365 project, so time for a major update with plenty of photos and little else. Here we go... (days# 258-290 of Lars' 365 (+1) Day Project) You can see this was back in Summer, because no one goes camping in November. Decided to do a tribute to a certain movie here. By now you get it, the little guy and the monkeys love poker. So, overall more of the same, hi jinks and good eats. Of course if you want to see the final versions, with the extra witty text, go to my Lars 365 Day Project on flickr. More to come....

Days #236-257, More Photos Of Lars And Monkeys


10.11.2012 It's been a little while, and Summer is gone, so I better update on the Lars 365 project that's all Summer-themed (makes those colder days not seem so cold, right?). Here we go... (days# 236-257 of Lars' 365 (+1) Day Project) Get in the pool, it's hot out. Plenty of corn on the cob this Summer. We thought the Olympic swimmers could use some monkey help at times. Plenty of tacos during the hot days too. County Fair time with yummy goodies. Surprise! A trip to the museum. Good choices for our frequent BBQ's Momma don't let your monkeys grow up to be cowboys. Ribs! No indigestion this Summer! Of course if you want to see the final versions, with the extra witty text, go to my Lars 365 Day Project on flickr. More to come....

Days #214-235, More Photos Of Lars And Monkeys


09.05.2012 It's been a little while, so no time like the present for an update on the Lars 365 project. Another update that might make you hungry... (days# 214-235 of Lars' 365 (+1) Day Project) Chips and a cold drink always work well in Summer. Time for pie!. Hot weather requires a good fan. And of course this one was from the Fourth of July. That time of the year is always a great time to think of future hot dog eating contests... Plenty of good food and activities, mean sometimes we just had to kick back... Time for a dang tasty burger... The monkeys are always keeping tabs on what Lars is doing... Sometimes the Summer time crash took us down... The monkeys and Lars also made sure to watch some baseball, especially the All-Star Game... Another early night... And plenty of cool treats during the heat... When Friday the 13th rolled around, the monkey suggested tossing some salt for luck... Otter Pop time... Chinese food anyone? Time for some Gummy Bear treats... Another wearing of the monkey suit... Sometimes the monkeys and Lars were on the edge of their seat... Maybe it was the anticipation of having sardines......

Moooooooooove Over Plush Accommodations, It's Time For A Camping Trip


8.27.2012 The Teacher and myself had been planning this loosely for some time: a family camping trip, however a few details were still unfinished. Prior to the trip, a couple of weekends ago, we decided to make it happen (full planning and final gear purchases and packing) overnight. Considering Magnus is a toddler and Lars is a crawling machine, it was no easy task, but we made it happen. We had been acquiring gear over most of this Summer, so that part wasn't a big deal to finish off. The biggest task was picking a location, primarily because there were and still are a bunch of forest fires burning and smoking up the air. Not a good thing, so our options were pretty limited. I searched East and found a couple of sites around Paulina Oregon. When you head that direction, it hardly looks like what a picturesque forest camping site that you usually think of what a camp site is supposed to look like. Seriously, for 99% of the drive it was open farm land with cows grazing. No trees, dry brush and plenty of looks between The Teacher and myself on whether we made a good decision. Thankfully,...

Deschutes County Fair - It's a Deep-Fried Thing


08.06.2012 Sunday marked the end of the Deschutes County Fair once again. Another year of rides, animals, the odd one-man bands, photos and all things deep-fried. This year, Magnus was big enough to ride almost any ride he wanted (despite only being 2 1/2). I realized that last year he was rule-breaker because while he was tall enough for one ride, he wasn't 2-years old yet (nobody was checking IDs). I'm sure Lars will be a rule-breaker soon enough as well next year. Magnus' first ride was going solo in a small helicopter. There was no way The Teacher or I could fit into this ride with him. Besides loving helicopters, he loves to do things like unbuckle seat belts. Not the greatest thing, and made watching from below extra interesting. The next ride was the tiger roller coaster. This one was fun because both The Teacher and myself were able to ride as well. Nothing like a 6'-10" guy on a kids ride. Did I mention that it was awesome? Indeed and I made sure to tell Magnus to keep his arms in the air. That is essential advice, trust me. Another fun thing I love doing is entering...

Bend Summerfest - I Am MOsley WOtta


07.17.2012 Last Friday was the 13th. Typically that day can be risky. Take a wrong turn and you end up in an alley crossing the path of a black cat. Take the right turn (after tossing some salt over your shoulder) and you end up at a Philly Cheesesteak stand. Barely a week since I had my last Philly Cheesesteak from Philly Style. During Bend Summerfest the price went up a buck, but that's no issue in my book. Serve me one up! Lars wasn't too thrilled that he didn't get a Philly Cheesesteak, but that's how it goes when you only have two-teeth. Magnus knew this event brought out all the cool cats, so he classed it up with his hat and sunglasses. Besides the good eats, we came to listen to MOsley WOtta. One thing that always burns me is people talking or talking on phones while the music is playing. Seriously? Jason Graham of MOsley WOtta, agreed with me: PUT THE PHONE DOWN!. The taste of the Philly Cheesesteak was still fresh in my mouth, and so was our last performance by MOsley WOtta back on July 1st, at the Les Schwab Amphitheater. The Teacher and myself...

Days #194-213, More Photos Of Lars And Monkeys


07.13.2012 There's no time like Friday The 13th for an update on the Lars 365 project. I'm going to cut to the chase and say this update might make you hungry. I can't help it, the little guy just loves his food, so let's get to it... (days# 194-213 of Lars' 365 (+1) Day Project) First, I'll wet his thirst with a tasty beverage. Besides food, there will be a focus on style. Eating well also makes you sleepy. Hard to deny that (think Thanksgiving). The monkeys and Lars enjoy their treats as well. A little nighttime poker... A good read this night. Alright, here's the first tasty meal. Ribs and pie! Some style in a basket. Time for some Cracker Jack during the baseball game. More ribs! The monkey suit made another appearance. The monkeys and Lars did take a road trip, so here they helped pack the suitcase. There was some business while on the road. Food on the road sometimes has to be quick. A casual snack while watching the tube. The monkeys and Lars in the light. Hanging around the grill. There's a splash in the pool behind the monkey and Lars. Watermelon is always a...

Fourth Of July : Snakes In A Parade - Part Two


07.10.2012 Last week was the Fourth of July. Nothing like having a day off in the middle of the week. Of course it hardly ever feels like a day off with so much happening. The morning starting with the annual Pet Parade. This was year one for Lars and our new wagon. Of course we had to take the monkey theme to the next level. Yep, dual monkey suits. Magnus had his from last Halloween. It helped that it was a fairly cool day. If it had been hot, there's no way this would have worked. Lars wore THE monkey suit. And yes, we got plenty of comments about the monkeys. Of course the monkey wagon was in the parade again. I actually spotted the monkey wagon in a few of photo recaps from the parade. Both Magnus and Lars took notice of the chickens and other animals around in our section. AND yes, yet again, we were surrounded by lots of snakes. Snakes in a parade. No photos however. There were plenty of people watching the parade. The traditional estimate is half the town watches and half the town participates. Might not be totally accurate, but there were plenty...

Days #172-193, More Photos Of Lars And Monkeys


06.28.2012 Here's the latest update on the Lars 365 project. With Summer here, it's time to get these Spring photos out... (days# 172-193 of Lars' 365 (+1) Day Project) Time for the lineup once again. Yep, more basketball playoffs kept us busy watching. Yeah, even the monkeys and me browse the catalog for more goodies. The monkey also got me into recycling. Of course, there was always time for good snacks. And French Dips when we got really hungry. And I was shocked when the monkey spent our pizza money on video games. RIbs. Also, it was time again to put on the monkey suit. Things like this always take focus. The monkey taught the importance of hydration after playing some basketball. We got out of the house for entertainment when we could. The monkeys always had my back with the strange summer noises outside. We kept our style up too. Yeah, really... Basketball season was wrapping up, with some shockers. Nothing caused us to lose our appetites, especially on Taco Tuesday. Another classic read. The best part of this one, was when The Teacher saw the final version she thought I really had written on her boxes. Typically, we...

Days #156-171, More Photos Of Lars And Monkeys


06.13.2012 Time once again for an update on the Lars 365 project. Warmer weather and more adventures for Lars and the monkeys... (days# 156-171 of Lars' 365 (+1) Day Project) Yep, the best way to get out is with a ride in the car. Of course there were plenty more good eats. I did mention the sun, but here's proof of the nice weather. Still not too hot for crazy socks. Of course with the warmer weather that means playing hard during the day and needing to kick back in the evening hours. And late in the night, while Lars slept, the monkeys kept on playing. The monkeys also stole the front row a few times. Lars favorite marital arts move is the banana chop, just so you know... Keeping it casual here. Mothers Day flowers for mom. Just the monkeys and Lars gathering around for a good show on TV... Election day kept us active too... A slightly cooler Spring night here. Pumping iron with the monkeys. Here we check out some home furnishing ideas for bringing the jungle theme to life. What! That's it for this update? Yep. Of course if you want to see the final versions,...

Days #140-155, More Photos Of Lars And Monkeys


06.04.2012 Time once again for an update on the Lars 365 project. The month of May just flew by, so time to try and catch up a bit... (days# 140-155 of Lars' 365 (+1) Day Project) Lot's of basketball to watch, as the regular season turned into the playoffs. What! No food shots yet? Finally, it was getting nice enough to spend more time outside. Of course that was balanced with baseball season starting up and staying inside to watch on TV... The best way to start off the food shots is with something sweet from Sonic. Of course we were serious at times too. The monkey suit made another appearance. Still keeping it sweet. And finally a real meal. Healthy snacks too. And more poses of taking it easy. Or forward thinking... More swinging around too. And the best way to leave you wanting more is with a tasty tease... Of course if you want to see the final versions, with the extra witty text, go to my Lars 365 Day Project on flickr. More to come....