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Last Build Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2017 11:00:46 PDT


Friday Cats Blogging

Fri, 28 Apr 2017 11:00:46 PDT


Fri, 28 Apr 2017 04:00:01 PDT

There is a 40% chance I'm going to get woken up by rain tonight.  My basement is still wet and the ground is saturated. There is no need for more rain.It was suggested that I get myself sandbags and I block off the basement steps. Good Idea. I went to my neighborhood home improvement store and girded myself for the buying of sand bags. Many sandbags. Insurance, self protection. Happiness.  They don't sell sandbags.  Hurricane season starts June 1. and they aren't in the sandbag business?  This doesn't make much sense to me, we get hurricanes here, we get a lot of rain here and flooding is a year round concern and they don't keep sandbags on their shelves. I could buy play sand, but that isn't the right kind. Its "soft sand" and you need "sharp sand" for proper sandbag construction. The sand they had was also in plastic bags. Proper, useful sandbags are filled with sharp sand in burlap bags or some other permeable fabric!It was suggested that I run down to another hardware store and buy sandbag bags and then fill the bags with sand my own self. This is difficult to by ones self, it is suggested that this be a two person job. I've done some research on this.I left empty handed and frustrated. Even more frustrated than when I came in. Insecure, and unhappy.Here is my dam.There are four plastic! covered bags of dirt, two very heavy plastic bins and two concrete blocks.Here is why I need a damIn a heavy rain, or any rain really, all the rain from the roof comes spilling down from there and comes crashing down onto the pad at the top of the stairs ( where it pools) and then goes rushing down the stairs to the drain at the bottom - I assume this was a design decision made lo many years ago and was a good idea in theory, if not in actual practice. Maybe weather was not as harsh back then.  During a heavy rain, it does not go obediently into the rain gutters as you would imagine, it jumps that little fence and crashes down. I have watched it do it.My research has shown me this marvel, which I think I am going to get for myself :Quick Dams, Sandless Sand Bags  . Have a dry week end.[...]


Thu, 27 Apr 2017 04:00:08 PDT

Today was Administrative Professionals Day. I celebrated by leaving the house at six ayem to drop off my rental pump and then drove cross town to the doggy daycare to drop off the dog and it was off to work for an extra special fun day because today was not on APD it was also our  monthly meeting which means the day will run an hour longer than usual. Yay! I walked in the door almost exactly twelve hours later.This year, in a departure from a field trip to a lovely restaurant or for several  years, a visit to a country club, we ate in one of our conference rooms and lunch was salad with cold turkey and ham. Cold. There was also a cake from Wal-Mart with THANK YOU written in icing across the top.We stood there in the doorway looking at the salad on the table wondering when the rest of the luncheon was going to turn up and were we in the way. Last year we ate in the conference room as well, and were also disappointed in the lunch, but  I think it was catered from somewhere. It was at the very least a hot meal.So that was fun. My boss did give me a gift card for a meal at Chili's, so that was nice.I picked up the dog from daycare, late, because I had some work to finish up, and took him home and before I picked him up I got gas in the car.  I had been hopeing to get home and be able to sweep the basement but it was still too wet for that, it needs to be pretty dry for sweeping, so at least one more day with the fan for it. I also noticed on the way into the house that I need to mow the yard, I said "I will do that after dinner".Who am I kidding?I changed clothes and watched TV and  remembered that Target told me that I could pick up the dogs meds two days ago, do I went to Target - not close by, but I was up for the adventure. I had been watching a show about a guy who turns peoples sheds into  $150 a night rentals, but I got realy over watching him turn SHEDS into rental units, I was a little aghast. I think it helps a lot if you live in Vermont and have rustic out buildings available. I had to leave.I went all the way to Target, this is my second trip all the way to Target and again I came up empty. The last time they wouldn't give it to me because I was two days shy of the refill, this time they didn't have the whole scrip on site but they would have it tomorrow. They are lucky I am so tired and frankly, a little depressed right now or I would have gotten really upset about having to make two trips up there for NOTHING. I went to McDonalds to make myself feel better. It worked.I drove home and managed to miss my driveway. I took a trip around the hood and saw two dogs out for a stroll by themselves. I parked in the street for a while watching them wander around, they had collars on and seemed to be together, they seemed to know where there were. I drove on and looked for open gates or people looking for them but didn't see any.Got home, unloaded the dog, ate my dinner. I started to loose my McDonalds buzz. What about those dogs? What if I missed my driveway because I was supposed to help those dogs and I blew it? What if God Forbid, my dog got out?, would I want someone to just sit in their car and think about helping or would I want them to help? I failed those people and their dogs. I suck and whatever happens to those dogs happens on my head. Or in my head, which is worse.I went back out and retraced my steps in the car and didn't see them. I drove around the hood looking for them and never saw them, I also never saw anyone looking for them. I checked Next Door for anything about them being missing and didn't see anything. There is a good chance a neighbor saw them out and either took them in or put them back, or their people saw they were out and out and put them back. I am not hearing dogs barking, which would be a give way that other dogs were around. I need to not go to a bad place.Maybe by stopping in the street for as long as I did, that was how I helped. I don't know. We don't know how we are useful, or when we are used. That i[...]

After the Floodette

Wed, 26 Apr 2017 04:00:33 PDT

And so it rained for a couple of three days and that sucks under normal circumstances, but it really sucks when they have built a behemoth behind your house and it has taken up the entire lot and there is no more actual ground left and thus, there is nowhere for the rain to go and now it has to go into my basement, and my neighbors yards - pretty much everywhere except the yard of the behemoth. I'm sure they weren't pumping water out all day today like we were.My new best friendIt weighs more than I do and its the size of a spaghetti  pot . The hose is also heavy. They didn't mention how heavy they were at the rental space, the pump looked so small I thought it was "small", I thought it was be light and easy to work with. It was easy to work with but its made of led.It worked miracles though, it along with my sump pump got all the water out.If those are the After pictures, we need the Before[...]

Garden 2017 Update 1

Tue, 25 Apr 2017 04:00:06 PDT

My plan for today was that I was going to go to Lowes or Wally or Lowes and Wally and buy my veggies. I was going to rush home and change clothes and immediately set to tilling the old garden up, then I was going to move on to till the other garden, first removing the Ha! weed barrier! that I never removed last spring when the last plant died.

I don't think I'm going to use the new garden space this year, it may get too much sun. I was so excited about it last year and I had such high hopes and everything I planted in it died. It was not a good year for the garden. I got not one single tomato, I bought a bunch of fancy varieties from a girl near here selling fancy versions I can't get in stores. She sold her plants way too young and they died young. I bought a second round of plants from big box stores and while they grew up, all the  baby fruits got eaten by critters or critters unknown before they had the chance to mature. I killed the critters and then the heat killed the plants.

The peppers were in  the overflow plot and they did not get eaten and they did give me some harvest, the entire lot drowned in the flood from the Hurricane. I lost everything from the entire summer, it was really heartbreaking.

I am not excited about planting this year because why bother I could just lose it again and its getting so late in the season. Its been so ugly there hasn't been a good weekend of decent weather yet to do anything in the garden.

I was supposed to do it today. But it rained.  I couldn't go get plants because they keep the vegetable plants outside and I don't really want to get rained on and I haven't really even thought about what I want to plant! I have entirely intentionally ignored my pile of seed catalogues and usually by this time I have  made my  order and have everything in the ground. I should have those catalouges memorized and planted acre and acres of  imaginary farm land by now. I haven't even thought about what I'm going to  do beyond,  basic tomatoes, peppers and spaghetti squash, if I can find it.

Its just kind of sad. I want to get this stuff done.


Mon, 24 Apr 2017 04:00:00 PDT

Saturday I, along with Alphagal, Broskey and their kids and many, many, many don't-let-the-lame-stream-media-tell-you-otherwise-looking-at-you-News-and-Observer- "500 people"- bull shit.I know it was odd to march for "science", it was odd, but the Cheeto administration has shown a shocking lack of respect for facts and truth and sometimes you have to stand up for them. And sometimes that means boots on the ground and an old fashioned show of force. Also, when we wrote signs, we spell them correctly.Because that is exactly what it is: a show of force: We're here, we're real, and we are out here in great numbers.  You can't steal this, you can't misrepresent this' I am here. He is here, she is here. They brought their kids. And we all took pictures. And we are posting them everywhere. You walk away feeling rejuvenated,  stronger and again, not alone. It doesn't matter how many Face Book groups you join, how many Twitter Gawds you worship, how many post cards you send, how often you call your senators and representatives there is nothing like being in a crowd of people who think like you think, feel like you feel and are disgusted by the exact same things that disgust you .The constant tippy toeing around you must do even now, even after everything we have learned, after everything we have seen - its shocking. At this point we shouldn't be the ones having to be polite about where we stand. We should be loud and proud with our truth, but no we are forced by years of being taught by the FAUX news cockservitives that we should be ashamed of our beliefs and we must always be careful of offending our cockservitive brethren because , well, why? again? Really? Have they ever been careful of offending us?! Has any cockservative ever apologized for spewing their "truth" at you? Nope! Because they would never think of it, because they don't care about offending us, because we are beneath them, we are "snowflakes or libtards" and if we take offence , they take it as a sign of weakness.But Gawd forbid you offend them! Jeebus! Have they ever tried to be not offensive to us? Never. They never try to be non-offensive to us? NO! They continue to hurl  creatures like Anne Coulter at us and now just about every slime eater in the Cheeto Administration at us and we're supposed to watch what we say? Bastards.  If you have the opportunity to march, MARCH. Be a public Liberal, let your Blue Flag Fly.[...]

Friday Cats Blogging

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 11:00:24 PDT


Fri, 21 Apr 2017 04:00:31 PDT

Today I mowed both yards with the old fashioned push mower because it was so nice outside and so quite, I just didn't feel right throwing the sound of a mower into all that stillness. It wouldn't be right.

Also, the big mower is just so much work, it has occurred to me. I have to get extension cords, I have to plug them in, I have to dance with them for the whole lawn, - I also have to put the other mower back to and it is also heavy but, work with me here. I have to put the heavy machine back in the shed, also the lawn mower is very heavy and I just didn't want to deal with all that. It takes longer and the job isn't as through, but, the grass wasn't all that long and doing it with the big mower would have been overkill.

It was nice exercise anyway and the weather was so nice, it was a no brainer. If I want to mow the front yard myself, as long as I am too lazy to do the work to get the  electrics fixed in the front, I'm going to have to use the push mower pretty frequently out there - it works best when it has to work the least. You do not want to have to mow really tall grass with an old fashioned manual push mower, it isn't going to be pretty and it isn't going to mow the grass. You are going to wind up with the a heart attack and your grass is going to wind up folded over and popping right back up, to mock you.  So for the time being, until I get my shit together I'm going to have to mow it at least a couple of times a week to stay on top of it. Yay.

Well, I need the exercise any way. There is a secret to the little mower though. You have to go up and own verses back and forth, its makes a big difference! I don't know why, I don't know how it knows, but it makes  a big difference to the over all quality of the job. First up and down then across. I learned this the hard way. Its the complete opposite of how you mow with the power mower, or how I do it with a power mower. You may do it an other way, and that is your business entirely - you be you,


Thu, 20 Apr 2017 04:00:27 PDT

Let me explain, I had a doctors appointment at 5pm and then I "had" to get dinner, because I was so close to my favorite Chinese place and hadn't been there since before Lent and by the time I was in that neighborhood, it was after six and then I had to wait for it and then the after work traffic was a bitch and that added time to the whole thing and then I finally got home and then had to eat that dinner, then I had to feed the dog , then as I was getting the dogs pills out I realized I could order new pills and so I did and the automated voice asked when I wanted to pick them up and I said why not tonight? and it said sure! and I said cool.

So I took the dog to Target to get the med and found out that they had called and told me they could not fill it until later this month. Assholes. I left Target and went to Big Lots and bought Garden 2017 drip hoses.

Then I came home and watched M*A*S*H reruns. and that is why I don't have an entry for today.


Wed, 19 Apr 2017 04:00:14 PDT

I spent so much time laundering the puppies things last week that I I decided to launder the dogs stuff too, its only fair. I also think that the puppy pee may have migrated outside the crate and gotten on the dogs bedding. I got the puppies things out of the upstairs, but left behind the puppy pee. Phantom pee is like living with a particularly lazy poltergeist . It doesn't throw things around or make noise, it just leaves this awful smell around.

It was also brought to my attention that the dog himself has an odor. I hadn't noticed, perhaps because I have gone "nose blind" to such things. I washed his bedding. it was time to wash him. I haven't washed him since last summer so its not a surprise that there have been some complaints.Even short haired dogs are going to have issues. Rocket has developed issues. Seasonal issues.

Its not as easy to wash the dog. The dog doesn't like being washed. He is violently opposed to being washed, The bedding likes to be washed, it all but hops into the washer so helpful and cooperative and nice. The do is not cooperative or nice  when it comes to be laundered. He hates to be bathed! Its a nightmare for all involved and its going to take more than a complaint about his odor for me to give him a traditional bath. Its not worth it, as he is not actually filthy at present and only smells I am certainly not going to put myself into the line of fire to make him smell better. 

I pulled put his doggy wipes and went to town!  He now smells much less like a dog and much more like seven or eight doggy wipes.

Eventually his bedding will come out of the dryer and hopefully I will have exorcised the peeltergest.


Tue, 18 Apr 2017 04:00:39 PDT

I almost didn't get this done. I was very happy dozing on the couch with the dog and it was so warm and soft and comfy and I could have very easily just stayed there indefinitely because who wouldn't want to cuddle with a nice warm dog on a couch indefinitely?

Even when its warm, its nice to have a nice warm cuddle with a nice warm puppy.  Rocket and I had more time for a cuddle because we didn't get our walk to day. We were getting ready to go for our walk, the skies opened up and it poured, quite impressively too . So instead of a healthy walk, I went to Wally and did my weekly shopping and then went to to Food Lion and picked up some lovely apples. I did get some exercise, I also went to Sams at lunch to day, so I really did get some steps in today, not as many as I would had I gotten a walk in, but at least I got some.

 I wish there was a way to enter that it rained on a given day and that it made it impossible to  fulfill the daily requirement - It would be nice if there was a way to  put some sort of asterisk next to the pathetic figure.  But you can not and instead it just judges you, its very judgy and you can't explain things to it, there is no place to enter explanations or excuses. I guess that is part of its whole "thing". The judge aspect you either walk or you don't and it keeps track of whether you or not, forever and then it reminds you by sending you a little report that lists all the days you exercised and how many steps you took and then it lets you judge yourself. Evil thing.

 I understand if you have a pricer version that you can set it to understand things like exercise bikes or other non-walking exercises but, I don't have that, so I have to just live with its judgy nature.

I'm back. I had to make lunch, take the dog out to pee, figure out what I am going to wear to work tomorrow, I went with a skirt and short sleeved blouse which meant I had to make my legs and pits presentable, All those steps counted, even while I was making myself presentable I made an effort to tap my feet so it thought I was walking. I'm still well under my 10,000, but I'm better than I was. Take that, little tracking device.  Not that its going to matter because the Cheeto Administration is busy screwing with the North Koreans, we are all going to die. The only bright spot is that Mike Pence is right there and will die first.


Mon, 17 Apr 2017 04:00:33 PDT

I'm Back. I wasn't anywhere doing anything. I was puppy sitting. This was what I was doing It was hard ya'll, the struggle is real.She just looks little. She doesn't sleep, she doesn't nap and she still manages to have the energy of a hyperactive two year old, even after a 3.5 mile walk. Also she is almost completely potty trained. Let that sink in. You can't take your eyes off her ever. Add to that that she and Rocket get along like a house afire and just wanted to play and play and play. There is no back turning or looking away when you have two dogs doing their version of pro-wrasslin' ( completely harmless dog play, but wrasslin' nonetheless) in your living room. They turned my living room into their very own Dog Park. It took me too long to learn that if they getting out of hand that all it took to make them stop is a quick hoot from the air horn. It was like magic. I know its a very loud noise and it probably hurt their ears (for a moment) but it hurts me when my furniture gets damaged too! I happen to like my lamps. I wouldn't have had to stoop to such barbaric methods if either of them would have followed the commands I know for a fact they have been taught. Prior to the air horn epiphany  I spent a lot of time yelling at them to Stopit! stopit! stopit! or trying to use a command they both know Leave it! nothing worked. Enter the Air Horn. Screw you dogs.Little puppy is however, super cute and as sweet as she can be. She is my niece dog, Esme. We had a really good time and I'm glad she stayed with me. I hated the idea of her spending the whole week in doggy jail, that would be mean. I hope she had a good time with us, Rocket had a blast.Just take them outside, Let them run around out there! They'll have a great time, you say. "All the time? I answer?  Neither can be outside alone without fear of barking or trying to escape, if they are outside, I have to be outside. When am I supposed to eat my dinner or  put away my stuff from my trip last weekend or get my stuff together for my trip this weekend? Oh, and my the way, my backyard is a jungle because I haven't mowed the lawn in two weeks since I was out of town last weekend and I can't do it this week because  I can't leave the animals in the house alone! I also have two cats remember?! I haven't seem them since the puppy arrived on Sunday but I'm pretty sure they are here somewhere.I ate a lot of take out this last week, quickly. I did keep up our walk schedule. The puppy who normally does not go for a lot of walks learned by doing. Our first walk was kind of a nightmare for both of us. It took me that walk to figure out how to make the "splitter" work correctly and to learn we did not need both leashes to walk the dogs. The puppy also learned that the best way to not get dragged to her death was to lead the way. She learned fast.Everyone loved the two doggies, and they loved everyone.It turned out the puppy didn't like her food at all. She did however like Rockets food and glomed it down with abandon. Rocket wasn't as interested in his food and ate her food happily - he would, its the doggy version of the expensive food I buy the cats that he craves. Puppy needs to gain weight and he does not. Both of their foods are gluten free and neither dog had any unpleasant side effects from the food change. Yay!The puppy didn't have any accidents in the house or even overnight until halfway through her stay and then she wet her crate and I learned that dog beds are indeed washable and dryable - and if they aren't, they can and do survive the trial, twice it turned out. Fun! and time consuming.Puppy slept like a baby too. Not before crying for hours and needing to be taken out multiple times. That was the first night, after that she just cried for [...]

Friday Cats Blogging

Fri, 07 Apr 2017 11:30:30 PDT

he may have sussed out we're getting a house guest next week. A very young, canine house guest.


Fri, 07 Apr 2017 04:00:02 PDT

I feel like I left work hours ago it was five. I came home, putzed around and then walked the dog to the bank to get some cash. I needed the cash so I could finance a trip to a Pancake and Art show trip to the Lincoln Theatre downtown, although I bet they spell it Theater. It was once apon a time a Movie theater and getting it integrated was a Very Big Deal in the history of Raleigh, it would be a big deal to get it integrated now, from what I could tell from the play bills of the bands that perform there now and the crowd I waded through.

The art was better than I had expected and the music was louder than I had hoped. It was also more crowded than I thought it would be - Good, because crowds are good for art, and I understand that these Pancake and Art pop ups were being held in several cities across the country so it was good for Raleigh that we had a good showing.

I had to bounce though, the music was too loud and the people were too young and the pancakes too few. It was fun though.

And now I'm tired. Its been a very long week.

The Good and the Bad.

Thu, 06 Apr 2017 04:00:16 PDT

Doing my laundry during the week is much faster than doing it over the weekend. If I do it on a Saturday it takes all damn day, I do it on Wednesday and it's over, two loads in - out in a couple of hours. I need to change my laundry schedule.

I did the laundry, two loads, emptied and filled the dishwasher and went to the store and got new dog food. I also made my lunch . Tomorrow over lunch I'll put gas in the car and buy apples.

I was supposed to buy apples while I was out getting dog food but on the way back from Wally on the way to Food Lion - Wally has awful apples, I buy my apples from Food Lion, they have much better produce - anyway, while I was going from point A to point B I was listing to  the radio and I ran across a recent Robin Williams recording! and I wasn't going to go into the store and miss this! I mean, it wasn't recent, recent, be real. It must have been recorded within a year or so of his death, I had never heard it. There is a station on Serious that runs stand up comedy all the time and they claim they are running The Greats and yet they play almost no Robin Williams and I know  there must be recordings of him performing. I wasn't going to miss this.

So I drive home. I could have sat in the Food Lion parking lot and listened to it, but I don't like looking crazy sitting in my car laughing to myself, and it was a long piece, I would have been sitting there for a while ... I can get apples tomorrow night, and I have enough to get though.

Did you see the news today? Bannon out? Good. Cheeto calls fellow molester Bill O'Reilly a "good person". Days after proclaiming April approximately  "Awareness of Violence againts Women Month", he goes on record defending a man who is currently paying off women he molested.  A Good Person. Good People do not molest women  Good People Do not Defend People Who Do.



Wed, 05 Apr 2017 04:00:20 PDT

I'm trying to figure out why Hamilton is so loved. Thus far I'm getting Cats. No, thats mean. So far I'm getting  Lin-Manual Miranda is to Broadway Musicals is what J.K Rowling is to youth fiction. Brillant! But needs an editor and to be edited. Desperately. Also like Rowling, needs someone who can tell him he is not brilliant.Even though he is very talented, and he is bringing live theater to a demographic that never sees live theater or has any interest in doing so, and for that alone he deserves all the attention he is getting and more. He like Rowling is a genius, he would have to be to make early American history as compelling as he does.

Hamilton, also is not so much a traditional musical in that it seems to be entirely sung, there is no Book, no spoken lines, the sound track is two full CDs. It is more a opera.

But thus far, so far I;m not feeling the whole life changing thing that people are feeling after seeing this show. My life has not changed, I am not a new person I  am not feeling the same sense of re-birth after listening to the sound track through twice. I am, wondering if people who are watching the show in real life have never seen color blind casting in action or seen a show cast with young actors? Or seen a show in a black box theatre?  I don't get it.

News you can use

Tue, 04 Apr 2017 04:00:31 PDT

Okay. Buzzfeed just came out with a lovely piece about yet another  Another current or former Trump advisor with a relationship with Russia  . And yes, Buzzfeed, purveyors of  dopy quizzes about what  your lunch "really means" and how your love of 80s sitcoms foretells how many kids you will have,  more and more often brings you kill peices on the Trump administration. They are not dealers in fake news.

Carter Page isn't on this graph, but he would belong under the nebulous "Trump Campaign". The graph, which I wish was easier to read, but I found several online and none of them are easy to read, I suspect because there are so many names on them, this graph is from last week and is not entirely up to date.

Earlier Monday came the news  that Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education's,  brother, Eric Prince of Black Water Fame was doing some back channel footsy with the Russians for Trump . In One Day  we learned all these things about the Trump administration friends and family plan and the Russians.

I don't have the knowledge or political science background to explain any of it to you. It confuses me and leaves me feeling dizzy. I do however suggest that you follow @20committee on Twitter immediately because he  does have the knowledge and the polisi background to explain all of this. He does speak in acronyms and spy jargon you will spend a lot of time on Google but it will make you feel much more worldly, for example: IC means "Intelligence Community". Go here , and read John R. Roberts collected work at , forewarned is forearmed, said mag is owned by Jared Kushner. Roberts is a safe bet however and he is strongly in the Never Trump camp of conservative Country Before Party writers that even a good lefty can read and learn from.


Mon, 03 Apr 2017 04:00:26 PDT

Saturday morning I got up and drove out to Apex to attend the Wake County Democratic Convention.

The first thing I noticed was that were a lot of cars in the lot, The High School Auditorium they had rented out was brand new and very lovely. The second thing I noticed was that there was line to get in. God Damn Democrats can't do anything right! Jebus! Those of us who had done this before were really annoyed by this who standing in line business, and who are these other people?  what the hell? This year in a addition to my chair  and I we had a delegate from the precinct show up, we didn't know what to do with him. I should say, he wasn't there for the precinct, he was there with Resistance, or The Indivisible or Progressives Democrats - he wasn't voting with us officially. We did let him decide who our precinct was going to vote for Wake County Chair because we didn't really have a favorite and we were just going to divide our precinct votes in half between the two ( we had 19 to vote, one was going to get 9  the other 10,  we let him decide who was going to win our precinct. It seemed to make him happy.

There were a lot of new people. We filled the the auditorium, it was SRO. A total of over 1000 people. Normally it is about half that number on an election year, this is an off year, there should be no one there. Almost all the attendants were  first time people.

The vets were there though. My least favorite gadfly was there. He got up,  like he does every year, did his thing, like he does every year, wasted our time, like he does every year and unlike every year, got shouted down by 1000 people not there to get there time wasted. Its quite impressive to hear a thousand people say NAY. I'm sure he was shocked. So we proceeded to go on to our next bit of business which was voting on last years minutes

A girl stood up and said she didn't want to talk about last year's business, she wanted to talk about  voting rights! She also got shouted down by a thousand people. Because we are there to talk about last year's business, its what we do at these things. Its convention business. It will put your teeth to sleep, but its what you do at these things. A good meeting leader makes sure that you don't spend too much time on these items or any item and keeps the meeting moving and short. Our meeting stared at 11am and I left at 2:30 when we started on the resolutions.

I have too much respect for myself. I used to stay for these until it made me hate people too much and I don't want to hate my fellow Democrats that much.  I think a lot of what we did could be done online and taken care of before the convention. I don't think there is any reason to take any suggestions from the floor.  It leads to chaos.

Friday Cats Blogging

Fri, 31 Mar 2017 11:00:20 PDT

Air Horn Week Something

Fri, 31 Mar 2017 04:00:05 PDT

Don't believe what you may have heard. North Carolina did not repeal HB2, it replaced it with a very slightly watered down version of the same bill. It is just as loathsome and keeps it in place until 2020. It also takes bathrooms and control mover them out of the control of the city and towns that they are located in and puts them under the control of The State.Roy Cooper failed us. And he lied.The Air Horn Orchestra had another concert. It was with a heavy heart, we voted for this guy! and now we are protesting at his door! This is sad. Some of our members chose not to perform with us because they found the pig attractive once there was lipstick on it, this is disappointing.  We did a few new members this time though, you could tell because 1) they spoke with the reporters, 2) they played with their horns before "time".Its bad airhorn etiquette to make noise before we all make noise. Besides the true air horns run out of fuel very fast and are expensive, its foolish to waste it just fooling around. And they are ridiculously loud and they hurts everyone's ears! We wear ear protectors for a reason. Dummy.[...]


Thu, 30 Mar 2017 04:00:29 PDT

Continuing on the On This Day Theme : On This Day in 1973 the last of the troops were withdrawn from Vietnam.

Thinking positively. Good things.  Today I received my Hamilton soundtrack . I am listening to it now. I want to see it, I had to admit my knowledge of early US history is lacking and all I actually know about Burr/Hamilton is that one shot the other in a duel. The sound track is two CDs,  there was more to it than a duel.

Its very pop and R&B, not the traditional musical theater music, however more and more the music of the theater is not the traditional music of the theatre. You aren't going to walk away humming it because you aren't supposed to walk away humming it, times have changed. Tastes change.

 It reminds me of  a slicker, less white kid Hair or less white kid JCS. the same speaking to a very specific audience in a very specific way. The same way that they were hugely popular with their target audiences, Hamilton is cleaning up with theirs instead of trading bible verses, they are exchanging passages from history books. The makers of Hair and JCS  were not interested in the old blue haired ladies either... Its really the same. I mean JCS was right out of the Bible and it was for and by a very young audience that was not usually going to the theatre, much less Broadway. Hamilton is going after this same audience.

Its very interesting music. Exhausting.  Would not make sense outside the show, does reprise "Not throwing away my shot" so far 3x.

Its good, its very factual. Its  like a School House Rock for a whole new generation. But a lot longer. And a lot less white. A touring version is supposed to come here - even with HB2 in place? it shouldn't, decent shows bypass us, as they should.  I would like to see it though, to see what all the excitement is about.

More History.

Wed, 29 Mar 2017 04:00:22 PDT

While I didn't remember anything about the plan crash, I do remember this. Mostly because my family live just outside the evacuation zone and I think if the threat has lasted a little longer they were going to increase the area that had to evacuate but fortunately, they got it under control before they had to bug out ( still? the plume? that place spewed nuclear fallout into the air, for gawd knows how long. I still would have left, I would have loaded up the car and driven the kids down to Texas to see us.  Today in History Cheeto willfully gutted the EPA and its rules to protect us from disasters like this.  Expect more disasters like this befall us as we move into the future. Russian steel is not as good as American steelSo in its entirety:At 4 a.m. on March 28, 1979, the worst accident in the history of the U.S. nuclear power industry begins when a pressure valve in the Unit-2 reactor at Three Mile Island fails to close. Cooling water, contaminated with radiation, drained from the open valve into adjoining buildings, and the core began to dangerously overheat.The Three Mile Island nuclear power plant was built in 1974 on a sandbar on Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna River, just 10 miles downstream from the state capitol in Harrisburg. In 1978, a second state-of-the-art reactor began operating on Three Mile Island, which was lauded for generating affordable and reliable energy in a time of energy crises.After the cooling water began to drain out of the broken pressure valve on the morning of March 28, 1979, emergency cooling pumps automatically went into operation. Left alone, these safety devices would have prevented the development of a larger crisis. However, human operators in the control room misread confusing and contradictory readings and shut off the emergency water system. The reactor was also shut down, but residual heat from the fission process was still being released. By early morning, the core had heated to over 4,000 degrees, just 1,000 degrees short of meltdown. In the meltdown scenario, the core melts, and deadly radiation drifts across the countryside, fatally sickening a potentially great number of people.As the plant operators struggled to understand what had happened, the contaminated water was releasing radioactive gases throughout the plant. The radiation levels, though not immediately life-threatening, were dangerous, and the core cooked further as the contaminated water was contained and precautions were taken to protect the operators. Shortly after 8 a.m., word of the accident leaked to the outside world. The plant’s parent company, Metropolitan Edison, downplayed the crisis and claimed that no radiation had been detected off plant grounds, but the same day inspectors detected slightly increased levels of radiation nearby as a result of the contaminated water leak. Pennsylvania Governor Dick Thornburgh considered calling an evacuation.Finally, at about 8 p.m., plant operators realized they needed to get water moving through the core again and restarted the pumps. The temperature began to drop, and pressure in the reactor was reduced. The reactor had come within less than an hour of a complete meltdown. More than half the core was destroyed or molten, but it had not broken its protective shell, and no radiation was escaping. The crisis was apparently over.Two days later, however, on March 30, a bubble of highly flammable hydrogen gas was discovered within the reactor building. The bubble of gas was created two days before [...]

Lest we forget

Tue, 28 Mar 2017 04:00:12 PDT

Just to remind us that we aren't the only ones that experience bad things being visited upon on and it could be much, much worse. Saturday marked the anniversary of the  Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire that killed 123 young, mostly immigrant women and 23 young men. In response 80,000 people took to the streets  of New York to protest poor working conditions that led to the grisly and unnecessary deaths of these young people, in 1911! If I was good at math I could figure the number of people who lived in NYC at the time and the number now and factoring in values and calculating percentages and  how many 80,000 1911 people versus the population 2017 would be now, and I bet it would be in the millions.  This is why we have unions and why we regulate business and why we have many of the government agencies that Cheeto wants to end. If we don't regulate business they lock the doors and let girls burn to death. Cheetos and his minions believe then as now that it is more important to save a few cents than to save lives. Unions and oversight save lives. Cheetos  desire to gut the laws  and remove  over site will lead to move deaths like these. These young people did not die in vain, don't let Cheeto roll back the clocks and piss on their graves. Never forget.What of the owners? Those Job Creators: What happened to the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory’s owners?Not much. They survived the fire by fleeing the the roof and were later indicted on charges of first and second degree manslaughter. The two men were acquitted, but they lost a subsequent civil suit -- the plaintiffs won $75 in compensation for each deceased victim. Two years after the fire, one of the owners was arrested a second time in for locking the door in his factory during working hours. He was fined $20.freelancersunion.orgAnother fun anniversary today is the 40th anniversary of the Tenerife Airport Disaster  , from Wikipedia and here is another retelling of the day Tenerife Airport Disaster, from the surviving captain of the Pan Am plane. Fascinating  reading.The Tenerife Disaster was a huge loss of life and they should be remembered. My only actual connection to either airline is that my grandmother had a very cool  round Pan Am bag that she had for years and years and I coveted it, but it went its own way years ago.I do have to admit that I have no active memory of this. I was eight or nine when it happened and I don't think it would have been talked about at the dinner table with air travel uncomfortable father present or on the playground or in third grade current events. It was too awful, but I'm not sure anything could have been done there. I don't think we would have spoken of it at school as DFW is very close by, and many  of my classmates parents worked at DFW and for the airlines and we probably didn't focus on bad things happening to airplanes. It was  a good fifteen years later before we had two back-to-back  ( it seemed) massive crashes at DFW, and by that time the jig was up. I did learn something from that though - NEVER fly Delta into Dallas. Ever.[...]


Mon, 27 Mar 2017 04:00:10 PDT

Saturday was glorious. I slept through a lot of it, but that's fine, it's stays light a lot longer than it used to.

I pulled out the newly repaired mower and plugged that bad boy in and went to work on my badly overgrown back yard. I did really good work. I had it set on the very highest setting and I had just finished my first pass  knocking the worst of it down, and had just set it down to the real setting to go back over the yard to really get the lawn mowed and the mower stopped.

I went to the basement and low and behold, the breaker had flipped. I reflipped it and went back upstairs to finish the job.

Nope. They told me it was fixed and they lied. It was temporally fixed, they made it work for one mow and then it stopped working. That is not fixed. It is going back to the shop, and we are going to have a talk on Monday. I unplugged the mower and cleaned it out a little and rolled it in the driveway and folded it up and heaved it into to the back of the car and back we go to the mower store. I was pissed.

I was planning on getting the yard ready for the spring and now its only half done. It looks a lot better but, just putting my umbrella back up makes it look better. I wanted to mow the yard and I got thwarted.

Friday Cats Blogging

Fri, 24 Mar 2017 11:00:22 PDT