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Reading In The Dark


Last Build Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2018 04:00:11 PST



Thu, 22 Feb 2018 04:00:11 PST

Whoopsy! Didn't do an entry for Wednesday, just didn't do it. Watched TV instead. Sorry not sorry, I watched Olympics and  The Alienist instead. 

I think you guys lived.

Oh no, I think I just head fireworks outside, so you can be garundamnteeded that someone on Nextdoor is going to be screaming about gunshots any minute.... And I was right! They "saw the car that did it", and AGAIN I would ask if I wanted to be attacked for being mean, "what were they "shooting" at exactly? Bullets are expensive. Okay then, "Did you see a firearm?, Did you see the flash of the discharge of the weapon?  "Are there spent shells in the street?" or,  Did you actually hear fireworks being thrown from the vehicle?" .

I wouldn't have a problem with their white fear  but its their actual racism I have an issue with, because let's be real here, they are are racists,  they really don't like the neighbors and they did not know there would be black people when they moved here. They are really not happy, so they call the cops. A lot. Its their racism that's a problem.

I would say, fine, bother the cops, be you - if they would just keep the hysteria to themselves. They don't need to post it online. They call the cops every time they hear a sound louder than a humming bird fart and they wonder why it takes so long for the cops to come when they call about a harmless drunk on their porch.

They admitted the drunk white guy was just standing there. They were watching him on their security camera ( they all have security cameras), they knew he was just standing there. They admitted they didn't confront the drunk with as much as blinking their porch light or telling him to get off their porch. And then they got pissed that it took the cops ten whole minutes to get there! another poster claimed the cops "should have been there in two minutes!".  In a significantly less than life or death situation?  Scaring off a drunk? Yeah they will be a huge hurry to get there. Two minutes. You can suck my dick.

I'm sure they were somewhere else following up on fireworks and couldn't get there as fast as they might have. Sorry. These people are so obnoxious I can't even with them. I can't  understand this level of entitlement and self delusion . Its like they think they live in North Raleigh.

I'm getting to where I really have no patience for other white people.


Tue, 20 Feb 2018 04:00:27 PST

Things I think should be a Thing -  If you wake up and its raining and dark, you should be able to go back to bed. Really. Especially if its a federal holiday, the Olympics are on, there is a Without a Trace marathon scheduled, your cats have no food left, and you need to get someone to replace your headlight.

Its a pretty specialized requirement and very few people would make the cut. So I don't think it would get abused.

Cats really, really, really like to be fed on a schedule. Very focused, very OCD. If you go to bed without feeding them they do really cute things to remind you to feed them, or they would be really cute things if they were not being done at 2:15am, like camping out on your face and purring for an hour, its cute, its warm and kind of fun - the first time. And then its not. It's like why don't you go to sleep, and they say "Why don't you feed us" and I say "Because there is no food" and they go "Why didn't you go buy some earlier?" and I say "Well, because it looked like there was more than it was and frankly, I don't want to abuse the script I have for the food because the small print limits me to only six refills and if I can just go to the vets, I want to just go to the vets, which I can do. Tomorrow." And they say "I'm hungry NOW" and I say "Hey, fatty, I think you can suck it up for a few hours". And they say "Hey, lets go chase something loud across the floor for a couple of hours!"

I didn't get a lot of really good sleep Sunday night. I got sleep but not sleep-sleep. I kept getting woken up by cats looking for the kibble I had hidden somewhere on my person. Because I do that, hide cat food in my pajamas and in my hair. Just to be mean to my cats.

SIgnificantly later, I got the cats there food. I thought I was going to get food immediately when I had lunch, but I noticed that  I had no gas and while I might be able to get the cat food I would not be able to get the cat food to the cats - and irony they would not appreciate . 

The car gassed up, I was able to score the cat food and make an appointment for Rocket to get his bordetella shot on, note to self: THURSDAY AT 5PM.

Oh, and after work, I got my light changed. I had really wanted to do it myself, but, I would need supervision the first time or at least watch someone. But, I can say I watched someone do it and it doesn't look that hard. In any case it cost me all of $6.  Its a done job and I'm happy.

Um. Ice dancing is on, if I had a choice between watching snowboarding and Ice Dancing, I think I'd rather watch ice dancing. Are we going to medal in snow boarding though? I mean if there is a chance, I can see why we are here, because I think there is like between no and  not a chance in hell in ice skating  . But do we have to watch all of them? Can't we switch back and forth? What if we don't want to stay up all night?  NBC Fail.


Mon, 19 Feb 2018 04:00:08 PST

The dog got his first walk in a week , in a week. Sunday was the first day in a week hat it wasn't too cold and rainy to take the dog for a walk. Or I wasn't having a toilet installed or thought I  was having a toilet installed. It is supposed to rain on Monday. Because of course it is.

I also noticed this morning, that my backyard wants to be mowed! In February, and that my big tree in the front has broken out in bloom. I think it will live to regret that decision,  and I don't want to mow the yard yet! I mean for real! It was fine and then it got very warm and all the weeds woke up and thought it was significantly later in the season than it is and now I'm going to have to mow them much earlier in the season that either of us are prepared for.

I'm going to have to move things around and  pull out the mower and extension cords and pick up dog bombs and the  dog will not get a walk that day and it just seems so wrong to be mowing anything this early in February. I blame 45. I used to just say "I blame George Bush", and I did, for everything, it was so easy, it just rolled off the tongue and it was inevitably his fault because he was just such a little fucker , but he was at least not directly making a profit on it. Except for oil, he was directly making a profit on that.

This guy, 45, is making a profit, directly on everything he does to screw us over, him and his Russian buddies. He is a criminal, not just a political- morally questionable criminal, it would be really hard to prove that Shrub broke actual black letter laws. But 45 is an actual orange jumpsuit criminal bad guy . 45 is a criminal, a mobbed up guy. You don't think he built buildings in NYC without the help of guys in white ties do you? Who do you think went to those senators offices? Has anyone checked on their pets and family members? Its not the Russians who are keeping them in line. 


Fri, 16 Feb 2018 04:00:16 PST

My day:




Thu, 15 Feb 2018 04:00:12 PST

If I didn't have to buy a new toilet, I would very likely entertain thoughts of buying two of these

allowfullscreen="" class="YOUTUBE-iframe-video" data-thumbnail-src="" frameborder="0" height="266" src="" width="320">

Do you know the stress these babies would save me? I could feed Tex food that would not make him fat, I could save money by not have to feed  expensive vet food to two cats, I could not have to scream at the dog when he eats the cats very expensive cat food. But sadly, these feeders are very expensive. Very, very expensive. But jeebus, the stress relief!

It is to dream the impossible dream. Because I am buying a new toilet because my old toilet has cost me $340 over the last two months and it should have cost me $128.

And I'm not even going to waste my time and yours with thoughts and prayers for the poor kids in Florida. The Republican leadership doesn't care and doesn't want those episodes to stop. They don't care. They don't care about adults, they don't care about children, they don't care about Americans. Lord have mercy on our souls. The Republicans certainly will not.

Ash Wednesday

Wed, 14 Feb 2018 04:00:52 PST

Okay Lent. Bring . It.

Fat Tuesday

Tue, 13 Feb 2018 04:00:12 PST

To prove that I do not just bake for dogs

Pumpkin chocolate chip bread/cake. Its so good! I wish I had greased the bunt cake pan though, I could have and I didn't because for whatever reason, I thought that because the bottom came out that it was like a auto-out thing. It is not. Well. It will taste good, it is baked the fake sugar and almond flour so it's almost not entirely bad for you as well.  It is a little brown, but it's so dense that it takes forever to bake and it just got darker than I would like on the road to not batter.

Little known fact, bundt cake pans were a huge fundraiser for Hadassah back in the day.

This weekend, I did more cooking, also, not for dogs

That is a very nice Pork Wellington. Thank you Buzzfeed and Tasty. com.

Today after work and before getting my bake on, I visited with my friendly plumber and my friendly vender plumber. I have a leak, a bad leak OR I have a bad toilet. The vender plumber was at the house when I came home, I had been expecting a phone call not so much a guy in a van in my drive way, but there he was. He needed to get under my house but I couldn't get the door open because I haven't know where the keys were in years. He wanted to see if the pipe that feeds my house with waster was leaking, long story short, if it is, its not leaking under the house. It may be leaking, but not very much the yard is not sodden or artificially green. My friendly plumber stopped by because he saw a strange plumber at my house and got jealous. He hung around after vender plumber left because there was no way to get into the underhouse.

The leak may be the toilet. The fixed toilet. However, it is an old toilet that doesn't flush very well, actually, its very embarrassing how badly it does not flush - which could be linked to a leak of air somewhere, we agreed to replace the bad, old toilet with a new toilet. The bad toilet also auto flushes itself, which is not okay and could be why the bill is so high. We don't know. I'm still going to have the vender do his thing.


Mon, 12 Feb 2018 04:00:27 PST

SO, what are you doing? I'm watching the Olympics. I'm so much more into skiing than I thought I was. But who isn't into Giant Slalom? I mean, not all skiing, cross county isn't even fun to do much less watch. so there are limits and I am not going to watch curling, so  I  do have standards.

Now I am watching ladies skating. I love this, but I don't watch if it isn't he Olympics, its been on random Saturday afternoons and I'm like Eh, I'm just not that interested in watching if it doesn't mean anything and I'm going to have to watch falling. I don't wanna watch people fall. It makes me sad and worried.

If I'm going to be worried about a person competitor its going to be because they are going to die, not just from embarrassment. There are so many ways to die at the Olympics, I mean those skiers take their eyes or their minds off their tasks for one moment they can more then just loss the run. Its a very scary thing these people do.

The Canadian girl is skating now. I am so over the piece of music. I get bad concession flash backs. It was on the soundtrack to "An American in Paris" and it was played at my movie theatre all the time. The projectionists were in charge of the music and they would forget the CD was in the machine and we would listen to it over and over and over. The projectionists didn't have to listen to it and would only complain if they had to hear the same thing when they came down stairs twice a day. Eventually our hero projectionist took the CD and snapped it in half. We had two projectionists, our hero was the one who was not allegedly  a pedophile. The boys were not supposed to go up the projection both when that one was up there, not that there were many reasons for any of us to go up the both. However, I think the boxes where we kept the letters for the outdoor sign were kept up there, and the doormen were in charge of changing the sign every week. A task that as a not-male, I was forbidden from pursuing, see also, popping popcorn. 

And they let the Russians skate why? I thought they weren't supposed to be here at all?  Druggies. God, she was good. Fucking Russians.

Friday Cat Blogging

Fri, 09 Feb 2018 11:00:19 PST


Fri, 09 Feb 2018 04:00:12 PST

Tired. I went to work at 6:30am and went to work right away and finished up wednesday - I hate not having the day finished on the day, I have standards and getting my wednesday work done on wednesday is important to me. It wasn't my fault, it wasn't my lack of focus or diligence, it was my boss and her issues that made my day start late and caused me to not finish, but it was my work and it was my responsibility to get it done. I had to get it done and I did. I came in early and then stayed late to get even more work done to help out a co-worker who won't be in tomorrow due to a family funeral . I am such a team player I should wear a jersey to work.

 I finally got home and walked the dog, and came home and started my dinner and got it into the toaster oven and onto the stove and settled in to watch some TV and then my phone was my friend from work who escaped and we talked and talked and talked and my oven beeped and we talked and talked and talked and by the time we hung up, while my dinner was cold, my heart was warm. It was a trade off I could live with.

With my dinner back in the oven, I changed into my pjs - Thursday is a very busy TV night so better to not waste time with multiple costume changes. The less time I have to spend messing around with changes the more time I can spend with Project Runway All Stars and Ru Pauls Drag Race All Stars .

Best day ever.


Thu, 08 Feb 2018 04:00:11 PST

The weather people lied! It was supposed to rain all day and then the wind was supposed to pick up and  I planned accordingly. I didn't bring my lunch to work because I didn't want to sit in the car in the rain and eat lunch, so I went to Sam's instead and got more tea - in the weather peoples defence, it was raining lightly then. I congratulated myself  for wearing a rain coat to work despite the fact it wasn't actually raining in the morning

But it never really focused on the raining. It tried but it couldn't make it work. My co-worker said it was supposed to get really windy too, thirty mile an hour gusts! Those never happened either, and I'm pretty sure that she didn't hear the warnings from her phone either, she got that news from the actual real news from an actual real weather professional.  It did manage to rain again, very briefly, when I came home from work, so dog did not get a walk, poor dog! but then it stopped. My phone also lied about the rain. My phone still claims its raining. It is not raining.

I should have gone to the store tonight and bought a few things I didn't want to buy in bulk while on the Sam's trip today, but frankly, I'm in a "I don't like going out at night phase". I like it much better if I can just shut the door and stay in the house once I'm home. I don't have to go out again, I don't need to go out again, I'm not going to go out again. They invented the lunch hour for a reason.

Wally is much less busy over lunch and I can get in and get out much faster than I can in the evening. The whole experience is just so much less distasteful than it is normally. The evenings are so crazy at Wally that it might as well be a Saturday afternoon and no one wants to go to Wally on Saturday afternoon, its just too much to deal with. I would much rather get it over with at lunch, so I will.


Wed, 07 Feb 2018 02:50:52 PST

No entry. I accidentally had a life and had to go out and do something, my nephew had a birthday over the weekend and I wasn't invited, but we had family birthday last night. Then I went home and tried to play  Police Girl with a drunk. 

Its really hard in the dark to keep your eyes on the both the road and a drunk and find your phone at the bottom of your purse. You also can not throw the purse at the dog with the command "Find my Phone!" and have them know what to do. The drunk is not going to call the cops on himself while he is weaving widely across the road.

Fortunately, someone else, possibly one of the cars he came within a hair of sideswiping, was able to find their phone and right after one of his more sloppy trips across the median and three lanes of traffic, a cop showed up behind us and turned on his lights and sirens. I have never been so happy to be startled by a cop behind me in traffic.

But, I got home late, and that is why I have no entry.


Tue, 06 Feb 2018 04:01:01 PST

I would have had a written entry on Friday but I would have had to have a working keyboard when I sat down to write it and I did not, so there you go, I had a working keyboard Sunday night but I was watching the Super Bowl. Deal.

So,tonight, while I have a few minutes before The Alienist comes on, and my keyboard is working, I spent Saturday running errands before it starting raining and then Sunday, once the rain settled in, I made some very nice chicken soup, that turned quite good, by-the-way, even with the store bought chicken broth, and finally put my tree in the attic. I did a lot. So to reward myself, I watched a lot of TV.

The dog and I did get a walk on Saturday while it was nice and while my soup was simmering, but I made my fitbit very sad on Sunday. Because it rained all day, without stopping. There was no break from the rain all day. It wasn't even all that cold out, but it managed to be so damp and wretched that it made the inside of the house colder by comparison.

My fitbit has been very disappointed with me lately, I expect any day now to see some sort of "See Me" email to arrive from it asking if there is anything it can do for me and reminding me of my goals.  Sometimes my fitbit can really go to hell, I am not going to walk in the driving rain or the bitter cold, I'm just not going to to. I also am not going to walk in the dark - but you can't explain that to it. It doesn't care. It is heartless . It does its job and it fully expects that you are as dedicated to yours as it is to its. It just does not understand why you are not as gungho as it is! It is all about getting in that work out and making sure that you get all of your steps! It really is dedicated to your success and it really wants you to be as dedicated to physical fitness as it is. It forgets that it is a machine and you are not.

Fri, 02 Feb 2018 11:01:06 PST


Thu, 01 Feb 2018 04:00:37 PST

Okay, here's the thing, I sat down and stretched out with the dog, post walk, post dinner to watch some TV. I watched some Barney Miller, always funny and then I settled in clear some titles off the DVD, and ran across an episode of BBC's Earth - Deep Sea. It's very, very good.  And I'm listening to the guy go on about the squishy things in the deep sea and then I start thinking that the light is very bright and I turn it off and a few minutes later I start to think that  The TV is very loud and I can watch the squishy things without the narrative just fine. 

And then I fell asleep. I woke up because Tiny was knocking things off the table and it was very annoying. So that's where we are.


Wed, 31 Jan 2018 04:00:14 PST

Today was very pretty. Very bright, very sunny, very lovely. Cold and windy as it wanted to be. Very bitchy weather. I took the dog for a walk because he didn't get one at all Monday because it was still raining and I could tell he was getting antsy.

 I walked out the office and was shocked to see there had been no change from lunch. So no walk in the morning and no walk at night either. My fitbit is going to be snarky about how many days I exercised this week and there is no way to tell it that it rained. It doesn't cotton to any excuses on your part. It fully expects you to get out there, rain or shine and do your part.

So Tuesday, in the interests of making it up to my fitbit and the dog, we took two walks, one in the morning, when it was still wet, and one after work, thankfully, sans rain. I thought after work because it had managed to get colder and now it was windy - that I would change things up by not wearing the cheap one-size-fits-all knit gloves that I wear every day as they are not very warm and I am tired of cold hands. I went with much warmer mittens, I thought these would improve my  hands warmth.

I discovered why adults don't wear mittens, even though they are warm, much warmer than one-size-fits-all knit gloves. We need our fingers. We need to be able to use our hands and mittens impede use of hands. Kids can really rock flippers, we as adults can not. I mean, I'm sure they are great for making snowballs and riding bikes but they suck for trying to tie up poopy bags. I'm just saying, adults need to adult and mittens don't make it easy.

I also chose the wrong hat, I have the right hand and chose the wrong hat and I ended up with cold ears a hundred yards from the house. Not okay. The slacks I wore to work weren't made for the cold either, I could have changed into much warmer pants, should have, could have, would have. Didn't. Did have cold legs.

So I had cold ears,  my chin wasn't happy about the whole thing, my hands that were warmer than they are normally under the circumstances but were all but useless and I had cold legs. But it wasn't raining, I had to find something to be happy about, at the very least, for the first time since Saturday night, it had stopped raining. It would have really sucked to be out in the cold, driving wind and damp. I mean if it was still raining I would have been where I was all weekend, under a blanket with the dog watching TV, but where are the health benefits there? There are none.

Walking and getting exercise are good for you.  Its good for me, it's good for the dog, its good for us. I tell myself that as I slog home every night and my legs are tingling from the cold and I can't feel my hands or my ears and my nose is running. "This is Good For Us."


Tue, 30 Jan 2018 04:00:22 PST

I dodged a bullet this morning. My alarm went off and  I turned it off successfully. I have never turned it off successfully. I have turned the stations many, many times but I have never been able to turn off my alarm successfully. It's a really big deal.

I also thought it was Sunday.

The alarm went off, I looked at the time and I said to myself "Why am I getting up at this hour on a Sunday? That's dumb. I can go back to sleep.
   That was dumb, we don't get two Sundays, we just get one Sunday and we already had it.  Now it's Monday and  I really do have to get up, going back to sleep was not an option. Its a good thing I was so excited about turning my alarm off!
Normally, when I know what day it is, I don't bother turning it off. I let it play its non-funky music until I am properly awake and have glasses on and can see properly and can turn it off like a real person. But not this morning, I had to turn that shite off right now.

Fortunately, I did not fall back asleep. I was just so impressed with myself turning the radio off! That is a real accomplishment! I have a hard time doing that fully awake, sitting up with the lights up. Doing it while asleep in the dark is something I think I deserve some kind of trophy for. I want to contact the makers of the clock and see if they have some sort of program set up where they send them out."Hey, I turned your alarm off, half asleep in the dark! Woo! What do I get?"

See, its not easy! There is no switch to flick . You have to hit the correct button the correct way, which is easier said than done as the whole top of the radio os covered with buttons .When you are flaying at the buttons what you normally do is change the station that you are trying to turn off. So instead of silencing it , you're just changing the stations, what I have found is that you are going between stations. What you are really doing is making the sound even more annoying. I can not even imagine trying to turn it off if I had it turned to the buzzer feature. What a nightmare! Now the worst thing I can be woken with  a particularly badly composed piece of modern classical music.

As it turned out, it was raining and I couldn't walk the dog. I could have spent a few more minutes in bed after all.


Mon, 29 Jan 2018 04:00:36 PST

I found eleven cents in the street today. But not at the same time. I found a dime in the Wally parking lot and a penny in the street while I was walking the dog. It all counts, yes?

Later, I was watching the last hour of The Untouchables, really good movie, if you haven't watched it in a very long time, I suggest you watch it again and more than just the last hour, it was a good movie.  It does play fast and loose with the facts though : For example, Frank Nitti was not killed in a fit of revenge fueled pique by  Elliot Ness by being thrown off a roof, Frank Nitti actually went to jail with Capone for "not paying his taxes" , but unlike Capone who served eleven years, he only got eighteen months.

Nitti fully deserved to be thrown off a roof though, he was a very nasty man, an earlier death would have served the society as whole . I believe that he was thrown to death because one of his favorite marks for hugely successful shake downs later on his career were Hollywood studios. He had to die.

Nitti had a glorious career as a murderous scumbag (even before he worked for Capone) before he took his own life in the early forties ( March 19, 1943) because that storied career was about to come to an end, and he was about to to some real time. Nitti had discovered the first time he was locked up, that he had a rather pronounced case of  claustrophobia and he did not want to go back to jail, so he shot himself in the head instead. He had tried to walk in front of a train but it may have been moving too slowly to do the job properly/painlessly as he might have liked, so he waited for it to pass then shot himself.

I learned all this from reading his Wiki, I also learned  that he married a Dallas girl back in 1917 and spent time in Galveston setting up a very successful illegal liquor import business, before he ripped off some goombah - Yes, there were goombahs in Galveston , prohibition started in 1920 and Galveston is a port city. He was a bad boy and he had go, so he went to New York and then to Chicago and into history.

Don't you feel smarter now?

Friday Cat Blogging

Fri, 26 Jan 2018 11:01:13 PST


Fri, 26 Jan 2018 04:01:02 PST

Okay.I don't have a real post today because I was watching TV instead! All my TV was on and I didn't even have a chance to watch all of it! Drag Race All Stars premiered  and it was Project Runway All Stars night and Great News - because Yes I Do Watch Scripted TV, thank you very much and a whole bunch of Brooklyn 99 reuns scattered in there. So I was Busy. 

I was not busy going to Target to pick up the dogs meds, but they assured me via text they were "emergency ordering" it. Like I didn't put my order in days ago! They could have  plain ordered it then, but nooooo. For some reason CVS needs to be all about the Drama. I do not need or appreciate medication related Drama. 

So. I watched competition  reality TV. Less Drama.


Thu, 25 Jan 2018 04:00:03 PST

I started off this morning my dropping my phone into the dogs water dish, the dish I had just filled with water... Fortunately, it was just "filled" because I didn't want the dog to drink a full bowl of water when I am going to be gone all day, so in reality it fell into a juice glass versus a water goblet - but it still took a bath and cell phones do not like water.

I grabbed it out right away and it was in a case and I think its okay. The phone was advertised as being built to be able to deal with quick baths anyway, so it's good to know that they weren't lying about  its features. I did get a notice about the charging port had gotten wet and it was unhappy about it, so on the way to work I held it up to the heater and let it dry. The notice disappeared by the time I got to work, so I guess it got over it. Here's to hoping.

And then I spent the day at work.

I came home and walked the dog and while I was on Fayetteville street I had a really nice conversation with a jewelry salesman guy I've had a nodding acquaintance with for years. We had a an actual conversation and it was really nice, we talked about how Fayetteville Street itself had changed over the past decade, it went from being a completely unused by actual pedestrians Pedestrian Mall,  but it scored very high with drug dealers and assorted lowlifes, it was a great place to mug and be mugged. Today at great expense, it has been reverted to being a very well used street - he kind of like it as a Mall, he liked the people watching aspects it allowed. He used to have a photography studio on the mall back in the day.

Before he had the studio, he also used to be an OG  and was involved in drugs and scared the cops on Martin street, but that was a long time ago, before things changed here and before  new people moved in. He noted they aren't even "like me", I'm not sure what he meant but I think me means younger and more affluent and less aware of where they are. They bitch about everything! They want to be near downtown and restaurants and museums and culture but bitch about being near downtown and its culture. Its hard to explain to these people that they live in Southeast Raleigh! Just because they paid way too much for their house doesn't mean they paid to not live two doors down from section 8 housing. There will be gun shots and there are poor people, but mostly there will be fire crackers.  Stop calling the police because someone sets off fire crackers. They sky is not falling.

The man knew Nigal the drug dealer! The man has had a life. Now he sells hand made jewelry on Fayetteville street.


Tue, 23 Jan 2018 04:00:13 PST

Monday night on our walk Rocket met four other dogs on our walk and they were all nice. They were also all cute, so it was a double win. We walked past a bar and this older man was there  sitting in the outside seating with his wife and daughter and her very nice, very brave dachshund and the older man gave us one of the treats he had bought for the tiny dog. The dachshund was very patient with his treat being given away and the man being nice to the very big dog. Later we met a pair of  tiny yappy dogs and they yapped but didn't bite and after that we met a shepherd mix that also didn't bite. It was a good day.

Todays lunch time errand was to pay my Sam's bill, tomorrows errand will be to drop my unneeded and unasked for Spectrum modem off at the Fedex place and send it on its way. They told me if I didn't get it back in two weeks they would charge me for it, I'm pretty sure I'm getting back in time but even if the weather set my schedule off, screw them anyway, I didn't ask for it, I never had their service and they can charge middle finger for it. Its going back and they can have it.

I didn't give a play-by-play for the SAGs last night because frankly, I didn't care that much and I didn't think ya'll did either. They do get points for running the trains on time though, it was supposed to run two hours and damned if it didn't. They did an entire awards show in almost exactly the time allotted! Who knew? Of course, they do only award actors and that does speed it up. No surprises in the winners, same as the Globes. Tomorrow, is the Oscar Noms and that will be exciting, probably, not too surprising, but exciting non-the-less.

Woman's March 2018 Raleigh

Mon, 22 Jan 2018 04:00:23 PST

I saw a lady who clearly wants it to snow again right away. The woman has no respect for Mother Nature at all. She was in the Wally parking lot in a part of jean shorts and a sleeveless top. There is snow on the ground still! True, it was 62 degrees, but I was wearing a wool sweater, mostly out of habit at this point, but, damn it! Shorts and a sleeveless top? Its January for Gawds sake! I don't know who this woman was but I was very disappointed with her,Saturday, I along with thousands of other women across America and worldwide - Other cities in NC had better turn outs than Raleigh, Asheville did very,very well. Raleigh got a few thousand, significantly less than last year, but this year there were rallies in more cities closer to Raleigh and so that leeched off the attendees that would have come to Raleigh. It was very nice though, I got pictures.Everyone else there was in heavy snowboots or duck shoes or some other protective footwear and she was in five inch red glitter heals.[...]

Friday Cats Blogging

Fri, 19 Jan 2018 11:30:39 PST


Fri, 19 Jan 2018 04:00:34 PST

Thursday I was the only one in my unit to show up to work and I was one of two people in the entire building to come to the office. Me and the housekeeper. We could have used the time to change DHHS policy but we just didn't have the right passwords. Pity.

Anyway. I came, I did all my work and I left at 2pm, because I could. Tomorrow is going to suck because the streets will be clear and everyone will be back and I will have to be at work all day. Yuck. You know what also sucks? MY front yard is almost completely free of snow! Everyone else is still living in a winter wonderland and my yard is all melted, its not fair. It also makes me worry that my house is bleeding heat, the back yard is still very snowy and wonderland-y, also more shady and less direct sunny. However, the front of my house isn't any different and in fact has a tree thus more shade than any other house on the street sun-wise so why is all my snow gone and everyone else still all Christmas card ready? I don't get it.

Anyway, Yay Friday!