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Published: 2011-03-15T17:00:33+00:00




Doodles and backgrounds downloads licensed under a Creative Commons License.

The Authentic Jobs “No Retweet Necessary” Contest


Partner of this site Authentic jobs is running a cool contest with some really awesome prizes. I handpicked a Drobo 4-bay Storage Array. Check it out!

Authentic Jobs Retooled


Beautiful new Authentic Jobs has launched, now with realigned identity, better search and filtering, more compelling listings and more. Post a job today and get 20% off with promo code RETOOLED. Proud to be part of the AJ team!

Ident Engine


Glenn Jones has taken various parsers and wrapped them all up in one JavaScript library. The demos are really impressive. (via @adactio)

Ten Years of


Congratulations to Jim and team for 10 years of! Still a source of a lot of good stuff.

League Gothic


Free & open-source, @font-face ready fonts by a duo that want to take typography on the web forward. (via @kpii)

jQuery/CSS expert (specifically forms)


Partner in crime Cameron Moll is looking for an jQuery/CSS expert (specifically forms). Only apply if you can turn around this project soon, i.e. 48 hours.

We are colorblind


New resource pattern library for design around color blindness. We use Color Oracle (OS X) too to test designs against color blindness. (via JSM)

Design at Facebook


Facebook’s design team walked LukeW through their philosophy and approach to designing for a quarter billion users. You know, that's the team that stole our Bixby :)

Keyboard accessibility


Keyboard accessibility - basic steps towards a more usable and accessible site by Patrick H. Lauke.