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Published: 2018-02-05T02:23:10-08:00


Instagram now shows when you were last active, here’s how to turn it off


Instagram now shows you when your contacts were last active on the app. If you look under the direct messages, it states how many minutes, hours or days since the other users were last active. That also means that they can see your status as well. If you find this intrusive, fear not, there is […]

Instagram about to remove Top 9 for hashtags


Eye in the sky Ett inlägg delat av Hans Kullin (@kullin) Mar 5, 2017 kl. 12:48 PST Suddenly one day you think you might have cracked the code, that you will finally become an influencer on Instagram. Your photos, for no apparent reasons, are getting twice as many likes as they normally do, and the […]

Obama’s tweets will be archived on @POTUS44 – but the 46th President is an “egg”


We will soon find out who will replace Barack Obama as the President of the United States – Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Obama has been the first president to truly embrace social media in all its forms and when he steps down, Clinton or Trump will take charge of the Twitter account @POTUS. The […]