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Overpunctuated, underinformed.

Published: 2007-05-22T02:32:50+07:00


The farewell sayer


I gave the valedictory address at my high school graduation. Despite the tradition associated with that post, it was not assigned me because I was the head of my class, no. In my case the word was true to its...

Hit songs unsuccessfully translated to Christian rock by way of replacing the word ‘baby’ with ‘Jesus’


Jesus One More TimeJesus Did A Bad Bad ThingJesus Got BackDisco Inferno...

DRM-free, hardly a file sharer’s paradise


It occurred to me today, recalling the Hymn project and its position as the “anti-DRM but not pro-piracy” FairPlay remover, that even though the iTunes store will soon dispense music sans DRM protection there’ll still be one anti-sharing measure built...



I know it’s passé to want more features out of Twitter because the added complexity would just ruin it, but this isn’t so much a feature wish list as a feature-adjustment wish list. MarkdownPlaintext SMS, meet hypertext. Markdown offers the...

EMI ditches DRM, world applauds, and I can finally recommend iTunes to my parents


I honestly did not ever expect that to happen. And to think I’d been badmouthing those music industry jerkholes all this time. It turns out they aren’t complete idiots. Still, I’m kind of backward when it comes to buying music....

Further thoughts on rip-offs, and whatnot


In writing my double standard post earlier this week I tried my darndest to take a detached view of the SimpleBits/LogoMaid and Marclay/Apple situations and to keep ‘my side’ out of it: not to express an opinion, only to express...

The double standard


An interesting couple of weeks for opinions on creative copying over at Daring Fireball. First, regarding the Simplebits/LogoMaid logo debacle, John says: It’s not a blatant pixel-for-pixel copy, but clearly it’s a shameless knock-off. They took his logo and added...

Intrusive advertising asshats


If you haven’t read it already, Dan Gilbert’s New York Times op-ed piece Compassionate Commercialism is worth a look. It took a couple of sites in NetNewsWire to mention it before I bothered reading it, so maybe this will be...

Multitouch indeed


Anybody who’s into HCI —naturally including yours truly— has been salivating of late to the news that Mac OS X 10.5 might support multitouch UI, a new (to consumers) mode of human-computer interaction brought to the public consciousness in the...

iPhone thoughts


I didn’t get to watch the Macworld keynote until a week after the fact on account of being abroad and rarely in the vicinity of a WiFi access point, so I didn’t post any slobbery fanboy remarks. Having taken a...

Stroke it


Occasionally ones desires are matched by those wielding power in the browser development space. It’s a rare occurrence, so one must revel in it when the time comes. Dave Hyatt today announced a CSS property named text-stroke (implemented as the...

Meme of the Week: Sticky Journal


See Rands for an explanation....

Patron Saint of Accessibility


If you’ve been working on the web for any length of time, chances are you’ve heard of Joe Clark; accessibility guru, type aficionado, Canadian. He’s running a funding drive —a micropatronage with a $7777 target— to put food on his...

Shuffled ligatures


The new ads are the first I’ve noticed of this, but the iPod shuffle’s logotype has a rather peculiar ‘ffl’ ligature; whereby peculiar I mean quite attractive. And, for that matter, de rigueur in all manner of other pro —usually...

Don’t tell me


Something that has always bugged me about spam filters is their tendency to announce, quite proudly, just how many spam emails they’ve captured. It serves a very useful purpose, of course, since people will doubtless want to check their filters...