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Irongeek's Security Site, Adrian Crenshaw's Information Security site (along with a bit about weightlifting and other things that strike my fancy). Home of my articles and videos on computer security. As I write articles and tutorials I will be posting them here. If

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BSides Nashville 2018 Videos

Sat, 14 Apr 2018 21:10:01 -0400

Link: are the videos BSides Nashville 2018. Thanks to @lil_lost for inviting me down to record and being my bodyguard while in Nashville. Big thanks to Gabe Basset, Geoff Collins, Cameron and others for helping set up AV and record. Intro Know Your WhyOladipupo (Ladi) Adefala  Deploying Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics in the Real WorldRussell Butturini An Oral History of Bug Bounty ProgramsDustin Childs Blue Cloud of Death: Red Teaming AzureBryce Kunz SECURITY INSTRUMENTATION: BE THE HERO GETTING VALUE FROM SECURITYBrian Contos Changing Who Writes the Queries: High-Leverage IR with Visual Playbooks & Visual Graph AnalysisLeo Meyerovich Learning to Hack the IOT with the Damn Vulnerable Habit Helper IOT DeviceNancy Snoke, Phoenix Snoke Hacking the Users: Developing the Human Sensor and FirewallErich Kron Community Based Career Activities or How Having Fun Can Help You with Your CareerKathleen Smith, Cindy Jones,Doug Munro, Magen Wu Hillbilly Storytime - Pentest FailsAdam Compton  See the ID Rules Before Us: FAL IAL AAL eh? Aaaagh!!! How, How, How, How?Bruce Wilson SAEDY: Subversion and Espionage Directed Against YouJudy Towers Growing Up to be a Infosec Policy Driven OrganizationFrank Rietta Adding Simulated Users to Your Pentesting Lab with PowerShellChris Myers, Barrett Adams Hacking VDI 101Patrick Coble Evaluating Injection Attack Tools Through Quasi-Natural ExperimentationJohn O'Keefe-Odom Social Engineering for the Blue TeamTimothy De Block[...]

BSides Columbus 2018 Videos

Fri, 2 Mar 2018 23:57:19 -0500

Link: are the videos from the BSides Columbus Ohio conference. Thanks to Mitch & Michael Spaulding for having me up and those who manned the video rigs. KeynoteDave Kennedy Automating Security Testing with the OWTFJerod Brennen Looks Like Rain Again: Secure Development in the CloudBill Sempf How Stuxnet Ruined My Life For 6 Months (But I Got To Fly 1st Class A Lot)Chris Raiter, Jeremy Smith Emotet - Banking Malware With A BiteBradley Duncan KeynoteKevin Burkart Cryptology: It’s a Scalpel, not a HammerMikhail Sudakov Pass the Apple Sauce: Mac OS X Security Automation for Windows-focused Blue TeamsBrian Satira Why People Suck at Delivery: How to get your security projects off the ground and into production!Nick d'Amato Zero to Owned in 1 Hour: Securing Privilege in Cloud and DevOps WorkflowBrandon Traffanstedt Are you ready for my call? Security researcher insights into Responsible Disclosure.Jason Kent Everything you always wanted to ask a hiring manager, but were afraid to ask!Mike Spaulding  Deep Learning for Enterprise: Solving Business Problems with AIChristian Nicholson Building JarvisStephen Hosom Active Defense - Helping threat actors hack themselves!Matt Scheurer Shifting Application Security LeftCraig Stuntz Presenting P@cketR@quet: An Auditory IDSKillian Ditch Security and Networking: Dual Purpose ToolsCody Smith Cybereason's Jim VanDeRyt - Fileless Malware Breakout SessionJim VanDeRyt The Quieter You Become, the More You’re Able to (H)ELKNate Guagenti, Roberto Rodriquez[...]

BSides NOVA 2018 Videos

Sat, 24 Feb 2018 23:03:35 -0500

Link: are the videos from BSides NOVA 2018. Thanks to those who manned the video rigs and helped set u AM KeynoteMatt Devos Deep Dive in the Dark Web (OSINT Style)Kirby Plessas PM KeynoteJack Daniel Adding Pentest Sauce to your Vulnerability Management RecipeLuke Hudson, Andrew McNicol The Value of Design in Cyber Threat IntelligenceDevon Rollins DNC Hacked Data in the Hands of a Trained Intelligence ProfessionalWally Prather, Dave Marcus Your Facts Are Not Safe With Us: Russian Information Operations as Social EngineeringMeagan Keim DECEPTICON: Deceptive Techniques to Derail OSINT attemptsJoe Gray I Thought Renewing the Domain Name Was Your Job?Allan Liska Automating Unstructured Data ClassificationMalek Ben Salem Vulnerability Patched in Democratic Donor DatabaseJosh Lospinoso Living in a world with insecure Internet of Things (IoT)Marc Schneider Vulnerability Accountability Levers and How You Can Use ThemAmelie Koran Cyber Mutual Assistance - A New Model for Preparing and Responding to Cyber AttackDavid Batz Rethinking Threat IntelligenceTim Gallo What Color Is Your Cyber Parachute?Cliff Neve, Candace King, Kazi Islam, Trey Maxam, Amelie Koran Feds Meet HackersAriel Robinson, Alyssa, Feola, Gray Loftin, Beau Woods, Amélie E. Koran Recruiting in CyberDan Waddel, Kathleen Smith, Suzie Grieco, Sabrina Iacarus, Kirsten Renner, Karen Stied How to get started in CybersecurityJohn Stoner Improving Technical InterviewingForgotten Sec Ask An Expert: Cyber Career Guidance and AdviceMicah Hoffman, Bob Gourley, John TerBush, Chris Gates, Kirby Plessas, Lea Hurley, Neal Mcloughlin, Ovie Carroll, Sarah Edwards, Tigran Terpandjian, Willie Lumpkin[...]

BSides Tampa 2018

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 19:18:21 -0500

Link: are the videos from the BSides Tampa conference. Thanks to all of the BSides Crew for having me out to help record and render the videos. Special thanks to my video crew: Julian, Andrew Schiro, Austin Ford, John Mejia, Michael Iglesias, Micheal Milford, Mike Ziolkowski,  Patty Morris, Robin Noyes Cyber Assurance - Testing for SuccessCol. John Burger You Can Run..but you cant hide!Bruce Anderson Red Team ApocalypseBeau Bullock and Derek Banks Advanced Persistent SecurityIra Winkler Adding Simulated Users to Your Pentesting Lab with PowerShellChris Myers and Barrett Adams The Shoulders of InfoSecJack Daniels Blockchain: The New Digital Swiss Army Knife?G. Mark Hardy Modern Day Vandals and Thieves: Wireless EditionDavid Switzer and Jonathan Echavarria Fraud; Should you worry?Greg Hanis A Security Look at Voice-Based AssistantsDavid Vargas Hackers InterruptedAlex Holden Insane in the Mainframe: Taking Control of Azure SecurityJeremy Rassmusen MiFare lady Teaching an old RFID new tricksDaniel Reilly Medical Device Security: State of the Art in 2018Shawn Merdinger(not recorded) Weaponizing IoT - NOT!Kat Fitzgerald(not recorded) Blue Team's tool dump. Stop using them term NeXt-Gen this isn't XX_Call of Duty_XX.Alex Kot Exploiting Zillow "Zestimate" for Reckless ProfitRobert "RJ" Burney Self Healing Cyber WeaponsLogan Hicks Ransomware: A Declining Force in Today's Threat LandscapeBrad Duncan Modern web application securityJulien Vehent Advanced Social Engineering and OSINT for Penetration TestingJoe Gray Critical Infrastructure & SCADA Security 101 for Cybersecurity ProfessionalsJuan Lopez Exothermic Data Destruction: Defeating Drive Recovery ForensicsNikita Mazurov and Kenneth BrownDerrick's Thank Yous[...]

BSidesPhilly 2017 Videos

Fri, 8 Dec 2017 21:04:38 -0500

Link: These are the videos from BSides Philadelphia 2017. Thanks to Mark, Mike, Austin, John, David and others I'm forgetting for helping with the video. Innovating for 21st Century WarfareErnest "Cozy Panda" Wong MFA, It's 2017 and You're Still Doing WrongPresented by Dan Astor and Chris Salerno. Out With the Old, In With the GNULsly IoT devices are one of the biggest challengesCharles @libertyunix Sgrillo Evading C2 Detection with AsymmetryBy Brandon Arvanaghi and Andrew Johnston Abusing Normality: Data Exfiltration in Plain SiteAelon Porat Smarter ways to gain skills, or as the DoD puts itDr. P. Shane Gallagher, Institute for Defense Analyses, and Evan Dornbush, co-founder, Point3 Security, Inc. Game of the SE: Improv comedy as a tool in Social EngineeringDanny Akacki - Security Monkey File Polyglottery; or, This Proof of Concept is Also a Picture of CatsEvan Sultanik Your Facts Are Not Safe With Us: Russian Information Operations As Social EngineeringMeagan Dunham Keim Supercharge Your SOC with SysmonChris Lee & Matthew Giannetto Threat Hunting: Defining the Process While Circumventing Corporate ObstaclesKevin Foster, Matt Schneck, Ryan Andress Put up a CryptoWall and Locky the Key - Stopping the Explosion of RansomwareErich Kron, CISSP-ISSAP Web Hacking 101 Hands-on with Burp SuiteDavid Rhoades of Hacker Mindset David Brown: CISSP, CISM, IAM[...]


Sun, 19 Nov 2017 21:01:49 -0500

Link: These are the videos of the presentations from Secure West Virginia 2017. Thanks to Justine, Tim, Morgan, Kevin, Todd & Roy for helping record. IntroBenny Karnes Fighting Advanced Persistent Threats with Advanced Persistent SecurityIra Winkler Coming Up with the Next Wave of Cyber Innovations-Start by Thinking 1ns1d3 th3 B0xErnest Wong I survived Ransomeware.... TwiceMatt Perry Value of threat intelligenceStealthcare SDR & RF Hacking PrimerAndrew Bindner Digital Forensic Analysis: Planning and ExecutionJohn Sammons Intro to WireSharkJosh Brunty Secrets of SuperspiesIra Winkler Total Recall: Using Implicit Memory as a Cryptographic PrimitiveTess Schrodinger IoT PanelRCBI Hillbilly Storytime - Pentest FailsAdam Compton Hackers, Hugs and DrugsAmanda Berlin FLDigi - E-mail over Packet RadioAaron West and Rob West From junk to jewels: Destruction is the key to buildingBranden Miller & Audrey Miller SCAP: A Primer and CustomizationScott Keener Security Through Ansible AutomationAdam Vincent Vehicle Forensics: An Emerging Source of EvidenceJohn Sammons Network Forensics using Kali Linux and/or SANS SiftJosh Brunty 911 DDOSDianiel Efaw Pi's, Pi's and wifiSteve Truax Technical Testimony: Doing the Heavy Lifting for the JuryJohn Sammons Emergent GameplayRon Moyer Closing[...]

GrrCON 2017 Videos

Sat, 28 Oct 2017 08:25:42 -0500

Link: are the videos of the presentations from GrrCON 2017. Big thanks to EggDropX and Jaime for having me out, and my video crew  (paint27, Erick, & brettahansen) for recording. Ghast STRATEGIES ON SECURING YOU BANKS & ENTERPRISES. (FROM SOMEONE WHO ROBS BANKS & ENTERPRISES FOR A LIVING!)Jayson E Street Population Control Through The Advances In Technology…Chris Roberts(sorry for the music in back ground) You Got Your SQL Attacks In My HoneypotAndrew Brandt 3rd Party Data BurnsArron "Finux" Finnon Morphing to Legitimate Behavior Attack PatternsDave Kennedy Stealing Domain Admin (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the CSSFJerod Brennen Oops! Was that your pacemaker?Charles Parker, II 10 Cent Beer Night: The World we now Live InJohnny Xmas Realizing Software Security Maturity: The Growing Pains & GainsMark Stanislav & Kelby Ludwig Cyber, Cyber, Cyber - Using the killchain to accomplish something Amanda Berlin An Employee, their Laptop and a Hacker walk into a Bar Shannon Fritz Eye on the Prize - a Proposal for Legalizing Hacking Back Adam Hogan I've got a (Pocket) Bone to pick with youDr Phil Postra Gig Topic depends on number of federal agents in audienceAtlas of Doom Embedding Security in Embedded SystemsDr. Jared DeMott National Guard for Cyber? How about a Volunteer Cyber Department?Ray Davidson Red Team YourselfThomas Richards An Attack Pathway Into Your Organization? Reducing risk without reducing operational efficiencyDavid Adamczyk Pen Test War Stories - Why my job is so easy, and how you can make it harderAaron Herndon Skills For A Red-TeamerBrent White & Tim Roberts ProbeSpy: Tracking your past, predicting your futurestumblebot vAp0r and the Blooming OnionJustin Whitehead & Jim Allee A GRReat New Way of Thinking about Innovating for Cyber Defense (and even Cyber Offense)Ernest "Cozy Panda" Wong Threat Intelligence: Zero to Basics in presentationChris J Learning from InfoSec FailsDerek Milroy A Reporter's Look at Open Source IntelligenceHilary Louise Hidden Treasure: Detecting Intrusions with ETWZac Brown The Black Art of Wireless Post-ExploitationGabriel "solstice" Ryan Mi Go Change is Simply an Act of Survival: Predicting the future while shackled to the pastBil Harmer Dissecting Destructive Malware and Recovering from CatastropheBryan York Infosec State of Affairs: Too much Kim Kardashian - not enough Malcolm GladwelJim Wojno & Dan Kieta How do you POC? Are you really testing a productKen Donze Tales From The Trenches: Practical Information Security LessonsMichael Belton Securing the Internet of Things (IoT) -Through Security Research and Vulnerability AnalysisDeral Heiland The Future of Cyber SecurityAnthony Sabaj Building a Usable Mobile Data Protection StrategyDavid "Heal" Schwartzberg Software Defined SegmentationMatt Hendrickson The Shuttle Columbia Disaster: Lessons That Were Not LearnedJoel "I love it when they call me Big Poppa" Cardella Infrastructure Based SecurityChris Barnes Defending The De-fundedKeith Wilson Real-World Red Teamingspartan We got it wrongWolfgang Goerlich Critical Incident: Surviving my first layoff by applying BCP/DRP PrinciplesTom Mead[...]

Derbycon 7 Videos

Mon, 25 Sep 2017 18:51:46 -0400

I still have a lot of work to do, but here are the Derbycon 2017 videos. Working on fixing major audio sync issues as I can. Big thanks to my video jockeys Some Ninja Master, Glenn Barret, Dave Lauer, Jordan Meurer, Brandon Grindatti, Joey, nightcarnage, Evan Davison, Tim Sayre, Morgan, Ben Pendygraft, Steven (SciaticNerd), Cory Hurst, Sam Bradstreet, MadMex, Curtis Koenig, Jonathan Zentgraf, James Hurst, Paint27, Chris, Lenard.(image)