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"If you fake the funk, your nose will grow." -- Bootsy Collins

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Frank Ocean, ENDLESS — first thoughts

Fri, 19 Aug 2016 18:30:20 +0000

Frank Ocean’s Endless contains lots of gorgeous music, though it is difficult to take it all in on first listen. The music is mostly low-key, soulful r&b, but mutated with a lot of electronica and various fuzz effects. (While Ocean’s music sounds very different from that of Dawn Richards, they can both be described as … Continue reading "Frank Ocean, ENDLESS — first thoughts"


Thu, 03 Mar 2016 22:20:49 +0000

This is a general statement, nothing really new. I was writing it in another context, realized I didn’t need it, decided to post it here. Affect theorists tend to distinguish between affect and emotion. I will start with the latter, because it is easier to explain. Emotions are personal experiences or states, like anger, disgust, … Continue reading "Affect/Emotion"

Nalo Hopkinson – “Message in a Bottle”

Sat, 06 Feb 2016 01:18:16 +0000

Nalo Hopkinson’s short story “Message in a Bottle” was originally published in 2004; it can currently be found in her recent collection of short stories Falling in Love With Hominids, as well as in her short volume Report From Planet Midnight.  [MY DISCUSSION CONTAINS SPOILERS, OBVIOUSLY. So you really shouldn’t read this until after you … Continue reading "Nalo Hopkinson – “Message in a Bottle”"

Tricia Sullivan – Occupy Me

Thu, 28 Jan 2016 21:32:42 +0000

Tricia Sullivan has long been one of my favorite contemporary science fiction authors. Her past books include the amazing MAUL. It has two plot lines: in one, set in present-day New Jersey, teenage girls engage in gang warfare at the mall; in the other, set in the far future, men are almost extinct due to … Continue reading "Tricia Sullivan – Occupy Me"

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

Fri, 20 Nov 2015 18:50:31 +0000

I posted a shorter version of this yesterday on Facebook; here is a revised and expanded version. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimenson is quite good (despite the predictably negative reviews; the same reviewers who didn’t like the earlier films in the series now say that the new, final installment doesn’t live up to those earlier … Continue reading "Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension"

GROOVE, by Mark Abel

Tue, 17 Nov 2015 00:26:29 +0000

Mark Abel’s book Groove: An Aesthetics of Measured Time, recently published in the Historical Materialsm book series, offers a new musicological and philosophical account of groove music — which is to say nearly all popular music, in the US and the Americas, and increasingly in other parts of the world as well, for the past … Continue reading "GROOVE, by Mark Abel"

Freedman on Mieville

Tue, 10 Nov 2015 23:11:59 +0000

I just finished reading Carl Freedman’s excellent book on China Mieville, which I can heartily recommend to anybody who’s interested in Mieville. The book is filled with insightful and powerful close readings of Mieville’s fiction, and with commentary on how the fiction conveys Mieville’s own Marxist understanding of things. I have a few disagreements with … Continue reading "Freedman on Mieville"

More copyright idiocy

Tue, 10 Nov 2015 00:36:42 +0000

So here’s yet another case of over-the-top copyright restrictions involving something I wrote. In December 2014, the Whitehead Research Project held an excellent conference on Whitehead’s short book Symbolism. I was one of the speakers at the conference; I posted an uncorrected version of my talk, “Whitehead on Causality and Perception,” as a blog entry. … Continue reading "More copyright idiocy"

Accelerationism Without Accelerationism

Tue, 03 Nov 2015 15:21:07 +0000

Here is my review of Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams’ INVENTING THE FUTURE. Cross-posted from The Disorder of Things. The term accelerationism was coined by Benjamin Noys in 2010, in order to designate a political position that he rejected. In Noys’ account, accelerationism is the idea that things have to get worse before they can … Continue reading "Accelerationism Without Accelerationism"

Past & Future

Sun, 27 Sep 2015 21:54:19 +0000

Bergson tells us, as Deleuze puts it in his Cinema books, that “the hidden ground of time” is “its differentiation into two flows, that of the presents which pass and that of pasts which are preserved.” Or, as Paolo Virno similarly puts it, in his recently translated book Deja Vu and the End of History, … Continue reading "Past & Future"