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Randy Charles Morin blogs for the sake of blogging.

Copyright: Copyright 2006 Randy Charles Morin

GripGo Scam?

Mon, 13 May 2013 23:38:49 GMT

I just purchased myself a couple GripGo's. If you don't know the product, it's a cell phone holding arm for your car. I've always wanted one, the commercials are great. So, my birthday is next week and my family wanted to buy me something and I told them I wanted a GripGo.

Time to buy. I went on the website, yes to buy my own gift from my wife and kids. This is the most confusing website in the world. It's clearly intentionally confusing to get the user to order the wrong thing. After selecting to purchase, you are asked for credit card information. Then you are asked numerous times if you want to add another purchase to the orders. Then before you even confirm the order or get a price, the transaction is complete. And I'm billed $90+ instead of $30+.

Even the receipt doesn't say why I just paid $90 for something that cost $15 plus shipping. It's just $90. I called their customer support and they told me they can't do anything about the order until it's 6 hours old. At this point, I knew this was a scam. They told me to call back in 6 hours.

I called back in 6 hours. They said, I had purchase 2 GripGo's. I said, I only wanted 1 plus the free one and that's exactly what I put on their website. The new told was $40+. I told her this was this not correct. It should be $30 plus tax, not $40. Why isn't it the advertised price? She said I purchase the deluxe model. B.S. She reduced it to proper price.

Clearly, this company is a scam. I still want the product. I hope it's half what it's advertised. But I'm afraid it may not. Had I know the hassles of making an order, then I would never have even tried to purchase one. They are clearly trying to scam their customers. Hopefully, the blog entry will guard others from a bit of frustration. And I'll post a review of the final product in a month or two.

Justifying Bad Service

Mon, 01 Apr 2013 09:43:51 GMT

Today, I received the following letter in response to a review I wrote about an East Side Mario's restaurant in Oshawa. I find it amazing how people will justify bad service. Please give me another excuse why I won't come back to your restaurant. BTW, I'm a housewife with lots of time living off my husband's wealth. Although it is nice that you have a blog it also shows how ignorant and self absorbed you are. Clearly living off your husbands or someone else's money because it seems like you have so much time to ramble.You obviously have never worked in the hospitality industry specifically a restaurant and even if you tried denying this any server or host would know right away that you haven't given the nature of your complaint.Here's some knowledge of how restaurants and many operate just so you can learn before talking and expecting service as if you're royalty even though you're a commoner.Many Times a restaurant will have lots of open tables and for a customer like you it may seem easy to just be sat at any table but its not that easy if it was you would have been.A restaurant relies on cooks, hosts and servers they also have a budget and hours and they usually have more staff during evenings than day time also you can't always accurately predict if it'll be a busy day or not the closest assumption you have to get an idea is to check the sales of that same day from a hear ago and from there you take chances on how many people you'll have on working for you.As a server that sometimes happens to be the only one at the entire restaurant (eastside Mario's )I can serve 4 tables at the same time easily and 7 is my limit and this is the average for most servers espe illy those that work at eastside Mario's because you have to deal with the unlimited nonsense therefore you're running back and forth to all table over and over .If its only one server and I've reached my limit and there is no other server than the host needs to start putting people on waitlist period simple as that. The waitlist works for days when they're short of staff or when it's too busy if you can't accept that and respect that eat elsewhere, too to a fast food restaurant I'm sure they'll have your order ready on a snap of a finger like you seem to like it.God forbid your kid ends up becoming a server one day and you'll hear stories and understand how terrible you can sound.God bless! And here's my review, which I assumed she was responding too. bless everybody that justifies bad service with excuses. Your friendly neighbourhood housewife living off her husband's wealth,me [...]

Morning Drive after Beautiful Snowfall

Tue, 05 Mar 2013 19:51:18 GMT

The morning drive to school after an amazing snowfall that left us in a white winter wonderland.

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Outside the House After Snowfall

Tue, 05 Mar 2013 19:29:38 GMT

Video from our driveway, the morning after a nice snowfall (February 28th).

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Gun Ppl r Stupid

Sat, 26 Jan 2013 03:58:33 GMT

I'm sitting at a bar and this anarchy gun-freak guy sitting close to me says "In Canada, you can just walk into a movie theatre and shoot everybody. In the US, everybody has guns, so you think twice about doing that." I really felt like standing up and laughing in this idiots face. I simply replied, "Didn't stop them in Colorado." I don't even think he understood what I said. Anarchy gun-freedom people tend to be the stupidest people in the world. He continued to make stupid ass comments like this for the next hour. It was very entertaining. Gun people are stupid. in Domain Hall of Fame

Thu, 25 Oct 2012 21:24:04 GMT

Apparently, a domain (website) I owned long ago has been entered into the domain hall of fame. LOL! This domain hasn't been active in many years. I sold it to NBC more than 5 years ago. Further, I'm not even registered as the domain owner (NBC is the owner). They must've pulled up some very old domain records to find my email address. Worst, somehow being the 1,723,227th ranked domain, puts it into the hall of fame.

WTF!? Blackberry

Tue, 16 Oct 2012 16:13:36 GMT

When I try to use Blackberry AppWorld, I get the following error.
Our apologies: It looks like you are using an unsupported Operating System.
Nice Blackberry. I can't download anymore apps or update my existing ones. The phone is only 2 1/2 yrs old. My phone plan was 3 yrs. Why can't AppWorld work with older phones? The chance of me buying another Blackberry in the future = 0%

Claude Julian to Coach Silver Kings?

Tue, 16 Oct 2012 15:00:11 GMT

Having a little fun with the NHL lock out, the TV panel suggests NHL coaches start signing with beer league teams. They mention the Cobalt Silver Kings, a team my brother and I founded years ago and play in the True North Hockey League. My brother still plays for the team, while I'm retired.

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Pickle Barrel

Thu, 11 Oct 2012 01:17:17 GMT

We went to Pickle Barrel, Brampton in August. It's my wife's fav restaurant.

I got the souvenir Steam Whistle mug.


The food always looks great.





And the deserts look even better.



Water Leak in Ceiling

Wed, 10 Oct 2012 15:14:28 GMT

Last week, we had a leak in the ceiling in the main floor washroom. We first notice a spraying sound, but there wasn't any water. We shut off the main water valve and the spraying sound disappeared. We turned the water on and it didn't return immediately. Overnight, the spraying sound returned. Eventually, you could see the paint in the walls getting moist.


We called around for a plumber. It was the Canadian Thanksgiving long-weekend coming up and everybody was busy. Eventually our neighbour came over and fixed it all up for us. There was little water damage in the bathroom, but a lot of water made it to the basement. Now, my nephew is patching up the hole.

Strikes on Ice

Wed, 10 Oct 2012 14:42:43 GMT

Brayden throws two strikes on Canadian Thanksgiving day on the Brampton Battalion ice during the 2nd intermission. It was a competition between Brayden and another Brayden. My son shot first and got a strike. The other Brayden shot 2nd and missed all the pins. The other Brayden shot again and again missed all the pins. Brayden finished with a 2nd strike. The announcer said he should go for a Turkey (3 strikes), but he never got the 3rd shot.

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Being Nice and Acting Nice

Fri, 15 Jun 2012 03:26:25 GMT

Most people want others to believe they are nice, so they act nice. You, the reader of this blog entry, are most likely one of those people. Now imagine if, you were nice, just because you wanted to be a nice person and that you wanted yourself to believe you are a nice person. This is the fundamental difference between a person who is nice and one that is simply acting, so that others think well of them. There's nothing wrong with acting nice. But it's not genuine.

For instance, I had a short twitter conversation with an online friend. She was saying that she enjoys stressing "Your welcome" to people she holds the door open for, who don't respond with a "Thank you". My reply "Or u could just hold the door just 2 b nice without expecting returns."

Why do you need acknowledgement for your good deeds? Why not just do and know that you are being nice. If you're just being nice for acknowledgement, then that's fine. You're still nice. But there's a nicer out there, where you do things solely for the purpose of knowing yourself, that you are a nice person. Where you don't need acknowledgement and you don't even need others to know that you are nice or what you have done. It's something like selflessness, but even greater than that.

This is where I want to go and be.

twitter Drag Drop Copy Paste bugs

Tue, 12 Jun 2012 14:27:34 GMT

Some annoying bugs on twitter that are making my life difficult.

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Why Did the Banana Cross the Road?

Sun, 06 May 2012 00:04:10 GMT

Q: Why did the banana cross the road?

A: Cause the monkey eating it was stapled to the chicken.

credit to Celeste, my 8 yr old daughter

Canadian Diabetes Clothesline

Tue, 24 Jan 2012 01:25:58 GMT

You know those calls you get and nobody answers from the calling end. I got one today, called *69 and found out it was the Canadian Diabetes Clothesline. Don't donate to this charitee, they are annoying their customers.

Thru the legs, 2 rails, spare

Fri, 20 Jan 2012 03:28:27 GMT

Try this in your spare bowling time.

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How to Lose Your Lover

Fri, 09 Sep 2011 02:11:58 GMT

(image) This is a great romantic comedy about a guy who has lost his way. Frustrated with his romantic life, going to AA, crappy job, but he has some great friends holding him in Los Angeles. He decides to start anew on the East Coast. He pisses off all his friends to remove all reason to stay. But he meets a girl at the airport and decides to stay and try it. He presents this girl with every opportunity dislike him and she still falls for him.

I very relate to the main character and his plight. I bought the entire story. It was stupid funny watching him fall apart. Don't worry, he gets the girl.

Dragonheart - A New Beginning

Wed, 07 Sep 2011 14:23:49 GMT

(image) The original Dragonheart movie was always one of my favs. I never knew there was a part two and it was made 11 years ago. I was quite happy to endulge myself in this movie. I didn't expect much, which was good, because it's not the greatest and no way compares to the original. But going in with little expectation, I liked it.

The story starts that Drago, from the 1st movie, is not the last dragon. He has a son, an egg. Then it turns out there's yet another dragon trapped in a human body. So, dragons are back. I hate it when they destroy the originally story line.

Graphics were ok. Story was good. Ending was fun. If ya bored and looking for a fantasy story to kill 90 minutes of your life, then this is a recommend. Good, not great.

Bavarian Inn Dark Beer

Wed, 31 Aug 2011 02:55:06 GMT

Yesterday, I tried the house Bavarian Inn Dark draft beer at the Bavarian Inn restaurant. I got in the souvenir mug, which was on $3 and totally worth it, since I'm a major Bavarian Inn fan.


The beer itself was quite tasteless. Tasted like a regular lager. I like my dark beers with some extra flavor. This one had nothing extra.


They didn't have any other darks on tap. Kinda disappointed. They use to have the Hofbrau Dunkel, which was a dark and quite tasty. Still the meal at Bavarian Inn was amazing, as usual.

God's Sense of Humor

Tue, 30 Aug 2011 18:44:33 GMT

While creating wives, God promised men that good and obedient wives would be found in all corners of the world.

And then... 

He made the earth round.

Captain America, The Movie

Mon, 25 Jul 2011 18:51:06 GMT

This was a great movie and story about an american comic book legend. Red Skull, the villain, looked awesome. The story was complete with a romantic tragedy moment approaching Romeo and Juliet.

width="560" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

But the best part of the movie was after the trailing credits. The Avengers preview. Iron Man, Thor and Captain America coming together to a screen near you next summer.

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Tim Hudak << IDIOT

Thu, 21 Jul 2011 23:47:02 GMT

Tim Hudak, leader of the Ontario PC party, has been sending me automated telephone messages every few days to try and secure my vote in an election months from now. Does automated messages actually convince people to vote for political party? I find them extremely annoying and an invasion of my privacy. He can't even be bothered to call me personally. Thanks for your time Tim. Really appreciated. You lost my vote.

Laura's Law

Wed, 04 May 2011 23:51:07 GMT

Laura's law is...

As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Osama bin Laden approaches 1

This law is an replacement for Godwin's law.

As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1

The law was named after the 1st person who made me realize the eventuality of bin Laden replacing Hitler in the minds of people that can't formulate proper arguments and have to resorts to exaggerated attacks.

PS3 Troubles

Thu, 07 Apr 2011 17:25:03 GMT

On Sunday, I picked up my daughter from her grandpa's. He told me his Netflix on PS3 wasn't working and wanted me to take a look. I've used a PS3 and cringed at the thought of learning yet another stupid system.

I called Play Station support and the automated menu was a circle of fun. Kept asking the same questions and insisting it was the wireless router.

I decided to connect to the wireless router with my Blackberry. The SSID wasn't being advertised and I couldn't connect to it manually. Eventually, I figured out that the SSID was wrong and picked the strongest signal. Success, but now it wanted a password. I typed in the password in the manual and just like the SSID, it was wrong too! Eventually, I tried 1234567890 and it worked. Why even bother having a password? I scratched out the chicken scratches in the manual and entered all the real values. Awesome Bell technician set this up.

And... I was able to connect. In other words, there was nothing wrong with the wireless connection. Back to square 1.

I called back Play Station support and finally found the correct options to get a person online. They asked question after question and I was only able to answer about half of them, cause I didn't know WTF was up.

Eventually, the technician told me she couldn't help. I replied, "This is too hard. You should make it easier." She replied, "It is easy." "Huh! I'm an uber-geek with a degree Bachelor of Computer Science and you can't help me, but somehow this is easy?"

She realizes her stubbornness and tells me all I have to do is create a new Play Station profile. I confirm my reservations about this, exchange pleasantries and bye.

I create a new Play Station network profile. It works. I'm connected to Lay Station network. Load netflix. Cannot connect. WTF!?

I tried Netflix on his PC and it worked. I called Netflix support. They had a prompt saying Netflix wasn't working, except on the PCs. ***** fk!

I went home. It was late. My kids had school in the morn and homework needed to be done. If it didn't work in the morning, then I'd come back.

I got home... My Netflix was down too! On the XBOX and not the PC. ***** fk!

How the fk do non uber-geeks like me use computers?