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Extra, Extra: Will Millennials Learn To Love The Suburbs?


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NYU Unveils Flashy Renderings Of Giant $1 Billion Mercer Street Building


Despite pushback from the community and a lawsuit, NYU is moving forward with its massive 2031 expansion plan and today released the renderings for the 23-story facility that will replace the former Coles Sports Center at Houston and Mercer Streets. [ more › ]

College Trumpkins Now Require Safe Spaces To Celebrate Dear Leader


(image) For the most part, millennials did not vote for Donald Trump, though somehow the outcome of this election is their fault anyway. But for the few young folk who did cast a vote for the Republican candidate, the last month has been a hard road indeed—according to the Times, pro-Trump college students feel so bullied for helping elect this incoming kakistocracy that they're in search of "safe spaces," where they can cheer about Trump all they want without someone pointing out that he might be a teensy bit flawed. [ more › ]

NYPD Seizes Guns, Tiger Hook Swords In Queens Apartment


(image) Police executing a search warrant early this morning in Queens recovered an arsenal made up of a number of guns, ammo, and also a couple of extremely cool-looking swords. [ more › ]

Report: Sea Levels Surrounding NYC Could Rise A Full Foot By 2030


(image) The sea levels surrounding the New York metropolitan area have risen a foot since 1900—and, due to our rapidly changing climate, could rise another foot in less than 15 years, according to a new report by the Regional Plan Association. [ more › ]

David Chang's Fuku Chicken Chain Is Moving Downtown


(image) David Chang—who rivals Danny Meyer in the Busiest Restaurant Guy In NYC category—is apparently cruising into the Financial District in a big way, opening an outlet of his Fuku fleet in the neighborhood. The FiDi Fan Page, a Facebook group for the area, posted the news last night, indicating the fried chicken outlet would be coming in for a landing at 110 Wall Street. The prolific restaurateur is also opening a restaurant in Pier 17 at the South Street Seaport at some point in the future. [ more › ]

SantaCon 2016 Will Drunkenly Dash Through These Lucky Neighborhoods Saturday


(image) A few months ago, SantaCon announced on their website and social media that this year's events would take place in Williamsburg, right in the heart of the West Bedford Meatpacking District. But it seems the neighborhood wasn't the right fit this year, as the festivities have now moved back to Manhattan—SantaCon 2016 will take place this Saturday, and travel through Midtown, Flatiron District and the East Village. [ more › ]

Here's Where To Watch Holiday Movies In NYC Theaters This Month


(image) If you prefer seeing a holiday classic this December over the latest releases like La La Land or Rogue One, the city's theaters are providing. Below, find a list of some really old classics like It's A Wonderful Life, some sort-of-old classics like Christmas Vacation, and some non-traditional Christmas favorites like Die Hard. [ more › ]

MTA Bus Driver Pleads Guilty To Felony In Fatal Brooklyn Hit-And-Run


(image) Update below [ more › ]

The 14 Best Comfort Foods In NYC


(image) Over the past couple of months, I've eaten a ton of classic comfort-food dishes around the city to compile this thorough roundup of deeply satisfying eats. These are the best examples I could find, in a wide range of categories. [ more › ]

For Some Reason You Can Still Get Tickets To See 'Rogue One' Before Everyone Else


(image) The latest installment in the Star Wars universe officially hits theaters on Friday, December 16th. But really it hits theaters the night before. That's how movies work sometimes! Who knows why they do this. (Hype.) But the first night of a Star Wars movie hitting theaters is something to behold—remember when it happened last year? Good times. Remember when it happened in the '70s? Even better times. Remember those first lines from the 1980s? Wow. Surely the huge fanbase in any given city is larger than seats availalbe, right? Apparently not anymore. [ more › ]

Early Addition: The Best Prince Stories You'll Ever Read


(image) Because you want to experience a Titanic simulation, check out today's mid-day links: Pantone's new color of the year, Pizzagate gunman interview, Prince stories, Trump inauguration woes, and doggy loves snow. Don't forget to follow Gothamist on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, and like us on Facebook. You can also get the top stories mailed to you—sign up here. [ more › ]

Seth Meyers Wants The Media To Stop Calling Nazis & White Supremacists 'Alt-Right'


(image) With a surprising amount of stories popping up lately glamorizing white supremacists, Seth Meyers thinks the media needs to chill the fuck out—he doesn't understand how certain sites could ever confuse hipsters for Nazis, and wants everyone to use the correct language in discussing these people. "'Alt-right' is the name they picked for themselves," Meyers argued. "If zombies wanted to be called 'Post-life brain foodies,' we'd still call them zombies." [ more › ]

More Swastikas Surface In Hell's Kitchen, Newtown Creek Nature Walk


(image) There are still a number of unanswered questions about life in America under Trump: Will our lakes and rivers become oil spills? Will working at a pizzeria become one of America's most dangerous professions? And will coming across swastikas in public places become a part of everyday existence, like a Man In The High Tower marketing campaign come aggressively to life? At least in the case of the last question, it seems like that's going to be true for the foreseeable future, with swastika sightings in Hell's Kitchen and on a trail along the Newtown Creek joining the many other hate crimes occurring in the city since the election. [ more › ]

A Beginner's Guide To Eating Dim Sum


(image) The rattling carts stacked with steaming baskets of dumplings and buns, the clink of lids atop fragrant pots of tea, the decoration of the bill denoting each of the many rounds of dishes: dim sum is a feast for all of the senses. [ more › ]

Film Society Of Lincoln Center Celebrates 25th Anniversary Of Its Theater With Free Screenings Today


Tucked into a corner of the Lincoln Center's sprawling domain on the Upper West Side is the Walter Reade Theater, where cinephiles like myself have enjoyed seeing new releases, repertory films, and world and U.S. premieres during festivals, as well as revealing Q&As with filmmakers. Today, the Film Society of Lincoln Center is celebrating the Walter Reade's 25th anniversary with two free screenings of movies shown as part of its inaugural series—Shadows and On the Town. Plus, for a little #TBT action, the FSLC has shared these photographs (above) of directors, actors and more who have appeared at Walter Reade over the years. Look at Chloe Sevigny in 1999 (has she even aged?!). [ more › ]

Girls Killed In Radiator Explosion Were Sheltered In Building Owned By Notorious Landlord


(image) Two young girls who were apparently scalded to death when steam poured from a broken radiator on Wednesday were being sheltered with their parents in a Bronx building owned by Moshe Piller, a notorious landlord who landed on Public Advocate Letitia James's Worst Landlord List in 2015. [ more › ]

NYC Will Dump Info About Undocumented Immigrants Applying For Municipal IDs


(image) The city says it will officially transition to a policy requiring officials to dump personal information of New Yorkers applying for municipal IDs once Donald Trump becomes president. Meanwhile, Republican legislators are trying to keep the city from destroying records it has collected so far. [ more › ]

Why New York Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets Are the Best Last-Minute Holiday Gifts


(image) The warmth and joy of holiday celebrations can be marred by many unforeseen glitches: snowstorms, travel delays or an oven that goes on the fritz before you pop in your turkey or ham. [ more › ]

Video: Madonna Sings, Twerks & Talks About Kissing Michael Jackson In NYC 'Carpool Karaoke'


(image) You may or may not love Late Late Show host James Corden, whose effervescent personality often comes across like someone just gave a theater kid a shot of espresso at 12:30 a.m., but there's no denying that like Wolverine, he is the best there is at what he does. And what he does is get world-famous singers to drive around in cars with him and singalong to their biggest hits in a manner which comes across as genuine and off-the-cuff (even if it's as manufactured as any other celebrity appearance). [ more › ]

Teenage Boy Dead After Trying To Leap Off Moving L Train


(image) A teenage boy was killed last night after he reportedly tried to leap from a moving subway train onto a station platform in Brooklyn. According to NBC NY, the deadly incident happened at roughly 10:30 p.m. Wednesday inside the New Lots Avenue L station. [ more › ]

LIRR, Metro-North Ban Booze During This Weekend's SantaCon


(image) Ho Ho Hold on to your dignity as best you can this weekend when the annual SantaCon douchesplosion spews thousands of Santas and other "merry" drunkards onto our streets and bars like so many Fireball pukes. As has become a new form of silent protest tradition, the MTA and NJ Transit have banned alcohol on all trains for most of this weekend in preparation for the onslaught. [ more › ]

Brooklyn Man Arrested For Allegedly Snatching Hijab Off Woman's Head


(image) A man who allegedly harassed a Muslim woman, grabbed her phone, and snatched her hijab off her head was charged with a hate crime on Wednesday. [ more › ]

Nazi Loot Lawyer Sues FBI To Release Clinton Investigation Documents


(image) A Los Angeles lawyer is suing the Justice Department to obtain the documents supporting FBI director James Comey's late-October investigation into Hillary Clinton, which Comey publicized in a dramatic breach of protocol 11 days before the presidential election. The lawsuit, filed today in New York federal court, follows up on a November 12th Freedom of Information Act request by E. Randol Schoenberg, an attorney who specializes in the recovery of property looted by the Nazis. The records request and lawsuit seek the search warrant and supporting documents that the FBI and Justice Department used to review the Clinton-related emails of Huma Abedin that were found on Anthony Weiner's computer, during a separate investigation into his reported sexual online messages to a teenage girl in North Carolina. [ more › ]

NYPD: This Guy Kissed J Train Rider, Then Threw Her Down & Kicked Her


(image) A woman in a Manhattan subway station was assaulted by a man who kissed her before beating her. [ more › ]

Discover Open Campus At The New School. More Than A Course. A New Kind Of Network.


(image) Imagine continuing education that not only offers cutting-edge courses to transform your education and career, but connects you to a network of audacious innovators. Now reimagine your future. [ more › ]

Extra, Extra: 'Sopranos' Star's Son Accused Of Painting Swastika At NY College Campus


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Hofstra Frat Accused Of Gross 'Extreme Hazing' By Former Member


(image) In yet another instance of frat hazing gone completely overboard, a Sigma Pi chapter at Hofstra University on Long Island has been accused of initiating new members by forcing them to do things like drink milk until they puke, let other members cover them in hot sauce and placing their pledges in cages. Were there swastikas involved as well? Come on now, what kind of 2016 news story wouldn't involve swastikas? [ more › ]

Two Babies Die After Radiator Explodes In Bronx Apartment


(image) A one-year-old baby and her two-year-old sister died after being fatally burned by an apartment radiator. It's believed that the radiator's valve may have "popped off," sending scalding steam throughout the apartment. A neighbor told the Daily News, "(The mom) had the baby on the ground trying to make [her] alive, pumping her heart... The father had the girl on his shoulder...(Both babies) were both totally purple." [ more › ]

NYC Confirms Five Babies Born With Zika-Related Birth Defects


(image) Four more babies born in New York City have been diagnosed with congenital Zika virus syndrome—a manifestation of Zika that can result in brain abnormalities and other birth defects—since the city's first case was reported in July. The Health Department confirmed the five total cases Wednesday as part of a health alert to city doctors. [ more › ]

Trump's EPA Pick Determined To Destroy Environment


(image) President-elect Donald Trump has chosen Oklahoma attorney general Scott Pruitt, a man who has spent a lot of time fighting climate change-mitigating regulations, to head the Environmental Protection Agency. Al Gore got trolled hard. [ more › ]

Have A Look Around Union Square Cafe 2.0, Reopening On Thursday


On Thursday, Danny Meyer's seminal restaurant Union Square Cafe reopens in its brand new location just a few blocks over from its home of 30 years. It's taken a bit longer than expected to get set up in the new digs, but as you can see, it's finally ready for prime time. [ more › ]

NYPD Releases Sketch Of Man Who Attacked Muslim MTA Worker


(image) Police have released a sketch of the man who followed a hijab-wearing Muslim MTA worker off a subway train into Grand Central and pushed her down a flight of stairs on Monday. Officers describe the attacker as 25-35 years old, 5-foot-9 to 6 feet tall, and 150-180 pounds. He was last seen wearing a dark jacket and a black knit beanie. [ more › ]

'Good Girls Revolt' Creator On Cancellation: Amazon Didn't 'Care For' The Show


(image) I was pretty excited for Good Girls Revolt prior to its debut in October—the original series for Amazon, based on the book by Lynn Povich, concerned the real life events in 1970 that challenged and defied the patriarchal world of journalism. But the execution was a little disappointing—it felt empty, more focused on love affairs around the office than the real-life compelling story, and the important issues mostly ended up falling to the background. The costumes were also distracting, as they seemed to be straight out of a cheap Halloween costume store, and this added to the feeling that a serious topic was not being approached seriously at all. [ more › ]

Now Roberta's Is Getting Threatening Pizzagate-Related Phone Calls


(image) Pizzagate, the conspiracy theory that claims (with no evidence) that high-ranking Democratic officials and allies operate an international pedophilia ring centered around Washington, DC's Comet Pizza, made a cameo in New York City this month when employees of Roberta's received threatening phone calls related to the internet fixation. [ more › ]

Crown Heights Residents Protest Bedford Armory Site Development


(image) Long-time Crown Heights residents, union workers and affordable housing advocates converged on the corner of Bedford Avenue and Union Street in Crown Heights Tuesday night to protest the development of City-owned land by a for-profit developer. [ more › ]

Wilma Jean Chef Opens Black Walnut In Downtown Brooklyn


Chef Rob Newton's repeatedly mined his Arkansas heritage for inspiration at his restaurants like Wilma Jean and the now-closed Seersucker, but also looked farther afield with his Vietnamese restaurant Nightingale Nine. For his latest, Black Walnut, debuting inside The Hilton Brooklyn in Downtown Brooklyn, it's a patchwork of both Southern roots and international flavors, with some local character thrown into the mix as well. [ more › ]

Early Addition: Tina Fey Talks To Letterman About 'Our Glorious President-Elect'


(image) Because Tina Fey thinks Donald Trump can't muster the dignity of a seventh-grader, check out today's mid-day links. Don't forget to follow Gothamist on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, and like us on Facebook. You can also get the top stories mailed to you—sign up here. [ more › ]

Photos: The Best Of The Insane Dyker Heights Christmas Lights Displays


Every year, the Dyker Heights community bands together to transform their neighborhood into the craziest holiday lights display in the entire city. The annual display includes everything from blinged-out nativity scenes to blown-up Marvel superheroes, from glittery candy cane soldiers to sparkly candy cane front lawns. Behold the most complex and eye-catching displays up above, courtesy of photographer Sai Mokhtari. [ more › ]

Forecast: It Just Keeps Getting Colder And Colder


(image) The forecasts are getting more and more winter-like with each passing day. A vigorous jet stream pattern is establishing itself, and that promises a succession of storms and cold waves for the next couple of weeks. With a high in the upper 40s, today is likely to be the last warmer than normal day for quite some time. That's quite a change from the record-setting warmth of last December, which had no cooler than average days. [ more › ]