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Summer Nights Need A Little Light


(image) There's no better time to explore the great outdoors than the summertime -- and you shouldn't be hindered by the setting sun. Wander freely in the dark or set up a secure campground with these three amazing products to give you a little extra visibility when and where you need it.  [ more › ]

Extra Extra: Finally, A Men-Only Screening Of A Metallica Movie


(image) A 100-year-old mobster goes free, Clinton fundraisers are doing just fine, a retaliatory men-only screening and more day's end links. Don't forget to follow Gothamist on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, and like us on Facebook. You can also get the top stories mailed to you—sign up here. [ more › ]

Gorgeous 10,000 Balloon-Display Pops Up Outside West Village Office Building


Until hundreds of thousands people make the LGBTQ Pride Parade route glitter with color, a West Village building might have the biggest display of rainbow-colored solidarity. Squarespace has decked its 8 Clarkson Street office facade with a 500-pound balloon structure, made by Geronimo Balloons. [ more › ]

Finally, ASSSCAT Makes It To Carnegie Hall


(image) The Upright Citizens Brigade is synonymous with improv in New York, thanks in no small part to the four original members of the troupe, Amy Poehler, Matt Besser, Matt Walsh and Ian Roberts. And if you never got to see them live before, good news: the quartet is reuniting for one night only at Carnegie Hall to kickoff the Del Close Marathon next year. [ more › ]

One57 Apartment Hit With Biggest Residential Foreclosure In New York City History


(image) Life sure seems easy when you're wealthy, what with no worries about things like landlord harassment and generally being free from material want. But, pour one out for the unlucky person, or more accurate in this case "shadowy possible collective of people hiding behind a shell company," who's the laughingstock of the world of wealth because their apartment at One57 has become the most expensive foreclosed upon residential property in New York City history. [ more › ]

Another Set Of Frustrated Subway Riders Walked From Stalled 3 Train


(image) The Daily News confirmed that a set of passengers from a stalled subway in Brooklyn jumped off the train and walked along the tracks to the platform. [ more › ]

See The Resplendent And Racy Queens And Kings Of NYC Drag March


As usual, NYC Pride weekend got started on a fabulous note, as more than hundred marchers made their way from Tompkins Square Park to the Stonewall Inn [ more › ]

Twitter User Who Documents Placard Misuse Claims Cops Harassed Him For Tweeting


(image) A Twitter use who takes pictures of parking placards used by off-duty police and other drivers in order to shirk parking laws says that he got a threatening visit from members of the Internal Affairs Bureau, with the message to stop tweeting. [ more › ]

These Streets Are Closed For Sunday's LGBTQ Pride Parade


(image) Sunday, June 25 is the big Heritage of Pride March, also known as the Pride Parade, which steps off at noon at Fifth Avenue and 36th Street and heads down into West Village. Below, you can find the street closures, which start at 11 a.m., for the parade's formation, route, dispersal and festival. [ more › ]

Help This Teen Unload His Roaches Before He Goes On Vacation!


(image) It's summer now, which greatly increases the probability that you'll find yourself face-to-thorax with a giant cockroach. Or be awoken by one stumbling through you hair. The manner in which this happens is typically pretty straightforward—you caught one scrambling under your refrigerator, probably, or maybe you stumbled upon their many-legged orgies while commuting through midtown. But now (literally right now), a new roach acquisition option is emerging: mail order roach delivery from an enterprising teenager in Queens. [ more › ]

Bike-Riding Burglar Is Targeting Apartments In Ridgewood, Bushwick, Police Say


(image) Police are looking for a suspect who has apparently broken into—or tried to break into—five different apartments in Queens and Brooklyn in April and May. In one instance, authorities say he claimed to be a police detective investigating a break-in. In another, he allegedly threatened a victim with a knife. [ more › ]

White Cop Sues NYPD, Claiming He Was Harassed For Refusing To Bully Black Colleague


(image) A white NYPD sergeant says that he is being harassed for refusing to take part in the mistreatment of a black officer in his unit. [ more › ]

How About A Game Night This Weekend?


(image) Why head out when you could be perfectly entertained by good company in the comfort of your own home? Spend some quality time with friends and family (and get really competitive) with these awesome games: from murder mysteries to strategy tactics to good old fashioned wordplay, we've got something for everyone.  [ more › ]

Extra, Extra: The NY Times Thinks You Should Take Naps At Work


(image) Because 'Spaceballs' is 30, check out today's end-of-day links: NY Times talks to high school seniors, is the electric guitar dead, Corey Stall on controversial 'Julius Caesar,' bad newspaper columns, and a skateboarding cat. Don't forget to follow Gothamist on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, and like us on Facebook. You can also get the top stories mailed to you—sign up here. [ more › ]

Video: Police Break Up Rock Concert On Orchard Street, Arresting Two


(image) Police arrested two members of the Brooklyn-based punk band Beechwood on Wednesday evening, pulling both men to the ground on Orchard Street. At least one officer brandished a taser at the crowd while fans gathered around and accused the police of using aggressive force. [ more › ]

Who's In Charge Of The MTA? Governor Cuomo Cannot Say


(image) "Who's in charge?" the Governor asked in recent comments about the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. "Who knows! Maybe the county executive, maybe the president, maybe the governor, maybe the mayor." [ more › ]

Underground Rum Bar Fishbone Debuts Friday Night In Chelsea


The bar component to the second location of fish spot Seamore's opens Friday night in Chelsea with a bevy of bespoke rum cocktails, rum flights and frozen rum-based drinks. Located below the restaurant down a set of stairs—look for the "Licker Bar" denotation above the entrance—Fishbone looks to be a more casual, stripped-down environment for tossing back some rum drinks. [ more › ]

Bronx Man Arrested At JFK For Alleged Attempt To Join ISIS


(image) A Bronx man was arrested at JFK airport Wednesday night while allegedly attempting to fly overseas to join ISIS, officials said Thursday. [ more › ]

NYCLU Joins ACLU As NYC LGBT Pride Parade Grand Marshal


(image) This year's NYC LGBT Pride March will feature grand marshals representing what the parade's organizers hope "will ultimately be a successful resistance movement." The grand marshals are NYC's first openly transgender firefighter Brooke Guinan; Krishna Stone, Community Relations Director at Gay Men’s Health Crisis; Geng Le, an LGBT rights activist in China; and the ACLU. Now, the NYCLU has announced it's also joining the ACLU as a joint grand marshal. [ more › ]

Video: Father Of The Year Catches Foul Ball While Safely Holding Infant


(image) The Mets are doing so poorly at sport right now that it’s only worth watching or attending a game on the off chance something crazy happens, like if Matt Harvey’s arm snaps off or Mr. Met finally snaps and repeatedly stabs a spectator atop the home team dugout. And last night, lucky viewers were able to witness a real majestic moment when the Mets took the Dodgers on in Los Angeles—not a Mets win, naturally, but a catch more graceful than anything Jose Reyes has to offer. Indeed, a man in the crowd was caught on video catching a foul ball WHILE HOLDING A BABY. Readers, take note: you’re about to see something truly AMAZIN’. [ more › ]

Coal CEO Sues John Oliver After Giant Squirrel Tells Him To Eat Sh*t


(image) Big Coal is coming for John Oliver. In response to the most recent episode of Last Week Tonight, Murray Energies magnate Robert Murray has filed a defamation lawsuit alleging the "false and malicious broadcast" amounted to "ruthless character assassination" of the 77-year-old coal baron. The suit also takes aim at the show's supposed partisanship, which "vigorously supported and advanced Mrs. Clinton's agenda," according to the complaint. [ more › ]

Vintage Photos Of The Cyclone, Which Is Turning 90!


The Cyclone, Coney Island's legendary, rickety wooden roller coaster, is celebrating its 90th birthday with a party at Luna Park this weekend. [ more › ]

Historic Prospect Park Tree Inspired This Park Slope Restaurant


The gnarled and knotty branches of the imposing, almost gothic-looking Camperdown Elm tree inspired not just a famous piece of poetry, but also a new restaurant opening Friday adjacent to the tree's home in Prospect Park. Camperdown Elm (the restaurant) owner Nao Minami took over the former Thistle Hill Tavern space, where Chef Brad Willits—most recently Executive Sous Chef at Claus Meyer's Michelin starred Agern in Grand Central Terminal—will be executing the menu of New American dishes. [ more › ]

This Website Lets You Warn The World About Your Crappy Landlord


(image) There's a lot to consider when looking for an apartment—location, rent, window size, whether or not you can make do with a kitchen shower. But one thing New Yorkers, particularly ones new to the city and/or with limited means, often fail to adequately investigate is the landlord renting to them. I've lived in four apartments in Brooklyn in the last six years, and the maximum research I did on each property owner or management company I signed a lease with was check the building's address on the Bedbug Registry. (I still got bedbugs.) [ more › ]

A Look Inside The Abandoned Essex Street Market, Where Hanksy Is Hosting A Weekend Art Show


Hanksy, the NYC artist known for street art puns and turning an abandoned building into a four-hour art exhibition, is putting on another show this weekend with the help of a whole bunch of his talented street art friends. It's called Market Surplus, it's being held inside the former Essex Street Market (which is slated for imminent demolition), and it features a dozen massive murals from the likes of Buff Monster, Elle, Faust, NDA, BK Foxx, Owvbics, Pixel Pancho, Sonni, L'amour Supreme, and Hansky himself. From the press release: [ more › ]

Early Addition: Senior Obama Official Says 'We Sort Of Choked' On Russia


(image) Heckling James Dolan, Crash Bandicoot oral history, thoughts on female friendships in fiction, and much more in today's midday links. Follow Gothamist on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, and like us on Facebook. You can also get the top stories mailed to you—sign up here. [ more › ]

Cuomo, Who Controls The MTA, After Denying He Controls It And Asking To Control It: 'Who Knows' Who Controls The MTA


(image) Governor Andrew Cuomo doubled down Thursday on his request to "control" the MTA Board, which by all accounts he already controls with a plurality of votes and influence over its spending priorities. He also served up some word salad, making it difficult for us to not attempt to outdo our previous headline on this topic. [ more › ]

An All-You-Can-Eat Japanese Brunch Debuts In Midtown On Sunday


(image) The Bronx Brewery's lively backyard in Port Morris hosts a three weekend music series beginning this Saturday evening. The Summer Done Right series, co-produced with Lord Finesse, includes live performances by Boogie Blind of the X-Ecutioners and local singer-songwriter Raine Torae, among others. Tickets ($30-$40) include entry and one free beer; Dinosaur Barbecue will be on site selling their famous 'cue. [ more › ]

Johnny Depp Asks Glastonbury Crowd, 'When Was The Last Time An Actor Assassinated A President?'


(image) [Update Below] Johnny Depp, who has had more than his fair share of unfavorable press lately, added another notch to his bad boy belt this week. At the Glastonbury Festival in England on Thursday, Johnny Depp took the stage and asked the audience, "Can you bring Trump here?" After saying Trump "needs help," he continued: "When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?" He then seemed to walk it back slightly by saying, "I want to clarify: I'm not an actor. I lie for a living. However, it's been awhile, and maybe it's time." [ more › ]

Watch This Tiny Little Mouse Spark Panic On An E Train


(image) A small mouse was spotted on a Jamaica-bound E train, sending some riders into a leaping, screaming frenzy. The scene, featuring several musophobic New Yorkers who presumably go through life here in a constant state of terror, was captured on video by straphanger Augustus Balasubramaniam during an evening rush hour train leaving Queens Plaza Wednesday night. [ more › ]

Cyclist Claims NYPD Gave Him Disorderly Conduct Ticket After Almost Running Him Over


(image) A Brooklyn cyclist claims NYPD officers gave him a disorderly conduct ticket after nearly running him off the road earlier this year. [ more › ]

The Great Escape (From Stalled F Train): Watch Commuters' Desperate, Dangerous Walk On Subway Tracks


(image) Signal problems made Tuesday morning extremely difficult for subway riders trying to get to work during rush hour. This level of subway meltdown has become increasingly common, and it seems that some commuters have reached their breaking point— two frustrated straphangers jumped off a stalled train on Tuesday and proceeded through the subway tunnel on foot. The MTA is not pleased. [ more › ]

Queens Is Getting Its Very Own Hot Sauce Made By Peppers From Community Gardens


(image) A small but fiery Bronx-based hot sauce operation is expanding to Queens this fall. Small Axe Peppers and GrowNYC, who together launched the community garden-produced Bronx Hot Sauce, announced that a similar program has been initiated in Queens, the end result of which will be the Queens 7 Hot Sauce. [ more › ]

L.A.'s Favorite Cactus Store Opens Pop-Up In Chinatown Greenhouse


(image) Have you been to L.A.? Everyone there lives in bungalows surrounded by succulents and cacti that encircle statues of Joni Mitchell, according to people who are in L.A. and running highly curated Instagram accounts meant to make their friends in NYC feel like they made the wrong choices in life. But now we're getting a little piece of the SoCal (they hate that name!) action. [ more › ]

Time To Learn All The Stuff They Didn't Cover In College


(image) How to actually get the job you want, how to untangle your finances and how to deepen your entrepreneurial skills without going back to school -- sound like some stuff you wish you knew how to do? Pick up the Adulting 101 Bundle. [ more › ]

Extra, Extra: Bill Cosby Plans To Teach Young People How To Avoid Sexual Assault Accusations


(image) Because scientists have some breaking news on eggs, check out today's end-of-day links: Obama on healthcare bill, pet wedding officiant, BuzzFeed bedbugs, Cosby town hall tour, Colbert in Russia, and Khaleesi the bulldog. Don't forget to follow Gothamist on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, and like us on Facebook. You can also get the top stories mailed to you—sign up here. [ more › ]

Courthouse ICE Arrests Are Making Immigrants 'Sitting Ducks,' Lawyers Warn


(image) A 2017 spike in Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrests in New York City courthouses is scaring immigrants who might otherwise attend a scheduled court appearance or seek legal assistance, according to a coalition of public defenders and advocates. While the NYPD's sanctuary city policy limits cooperation with ICE, the federal agency can appear unannounced in city courts, where vulnerable clients' names are clearly posted. [ more › ]

NY Officials Predict Senate Trumpcare Bill Will 'Devastate' Health Care


(image) Senate Republicans released a draft Thursday of their closely-guarded health care bill, which would drastically cut Medicaid, slash taxes on the wealthy, and repeal the Obamacare requirement that most Americans have health insurance. According to Senators Chuck Schumer and Bernie Sanders, the senate's version of the bill is even more harmful to middle class Americans than the House bill—which would've taken insurance from 1 million New Yorkers, according to Mayor de Blasio. With Mitch McConnell pressing for a recess vote by next week, we're now in the midst of yet another tight battle between Democrats, who are unified against it, and Republicans, who may need to do some arm-twisting to lock in the necessary 50 (out of 52) Senate votes. [ more › ]

'Eloise' Moves From The Plaza To New York-Historical Society In New Exhibit


Back in the day it seemed like Eloise, the child who (fictionally) resided in The Plaza, lived the life. That majestic little latchkey monster got to order beers from room service, feed lawyers rubber candy, saw open dolls, and terrorize debutantes, plus she had a PET TURTLE. Eloise was a baller, and now she's getting her own show at the New York-Historical Society. [ more › ]

Hiram Monserrate, Infamous For Dragging Girlfriend Through Lobby, Wins Key Endorsement In City Council Race


(image) Two-time disgraced elected official Hiram Monserrate—who was expelled from the state Senate in 2010 after being convicted of assaulting his girlfriend, and then pleaded guilty to spending $100,000 of City Council money that was earmarked for a non-profit on a campaign for higher office instead—received an endorsement for his latest City Council run from a group run by the former CEO of ACORN yesterday. [ more › ]