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Master Graphic Design With This Certification Training


(image) If you've got a passion for flexing your creativity, a career in graphic design could be the perfect job for you, and a lifetime subscription to the Graphic Design Certification School will train you in the skills you need to make it as a certifiably employable designer. [ more › ]

Extra, Extra: The Full Story Behind The Internet's Favorite Brownie Recipe Comment


(image) Because there's a mad pooper on the loose, check out today's end-of-day links: new Morrissey single, Chance The Rapper's sign language translator, WFMU billboard, infiltrating far right groups, 'The Deuce' renewed, greatest Internet recipe comment ever, and cat goes for bird. Don't forget to follow Gothamist on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, and like us on Facebook. You can also get the top stories mailed to you—sign up here. [ more › ]

City Planning Commission Approves Controversial Pfizer Site Rezoning


(image) The controversial proposal to develop a lot formerly owned by Pfizer took another step towards full approval from the city today, as the City Planning Commission signed off on the rezoning that the multi-building proposal by the Rabsky Group needs in order to get built. [ more › ]

Schneiderman Announces Walgreens To Buy Fewer Rite Aids, For Competition's Sake


(image) Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced today that after an investigation by his office, Walgreens, the second largest drug store chain in the country, agreed to buy fewer Rite Aid stores than they initially planned, calling the change a victory for consumers and competition. [ more › ]

Fox News Blacklisted & Smeared Guest's Name After She Reported Sexual Assault, New Lawsuit Alleges


(image) A conservative commentator has filed a lawsuit accusing Fox News of orchestrating a campaign to destroy her reputation after she reported she was sexually assaulted and raped by a Fox News anchor. Among the claims: An outside lawyer hired by Fox News suggested a settlement, versus a formal investigation, while a network spokesperson leaked her name to the National Enquirer as someone who had a consensual affair with the Fox News personality. [ more › ]

SNL Will Air Live Coast-To-Coast For Entire 43rd Season & Probably Forever


(image) Saturday Night Live returns for its 43rd season on September 30th, and NBC has just announced they'll be broadcasting the entire season live, coast-to-coast. This is the first time a whole SNL season will be broadcast live, though this isn't the first time the show has broadcast an episode live—the final four episodes of the 42nd season also aired live in every time zone (which reportedly gave them a ratings boost). [ more › ]

Chick-Fil-A Opening In FiDi Will Be The Largest Chick-Fil-A In The Known Universe


(image) The Chick-fil-A coming to the Financial District will be the largest ever built—by double any of the other puny Chick-fil-A's of the world. The location at 144 Fulton will be "nearly twice the size of any existing Chick-fil-A restaurant," according to press materials, and the "largest the company has ever built, with five levels, including a rooftop terrace that will offer unimpeded views of Freedom Tower." [Editor's note: The building is actually called 1 World Trade Center, but of course Chick-fil-A would call it the Freedom Tower.] [ more › ]

Old Town Bar Owner Talks About The Classic Tavern's 125th Anniversary


We've lost a lot of good old-school bars over the years (RIP Milady's, we loved you so). But Old Town Bar, located on East 18th Street by Gramercy Park, has been holding strong since 1892, having served over the years as a German-American salon, an alleged speakeasy, a blue-collar hangout, and a pivotal location in Whit Stillman's film The Last Days of Disco. Last weekend Old Town celebrated its 125th anniversary, and in anticipation, we spoke with bar owner Gerry Meagher about Old Town's history, Union Square in the Bad Old Days, and those famous urinals. [ more › ]

Schumer Calls Latest Push For 'Meaner' Trumpcare A 'Red Siren Moment'


(image) The effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which fell apart earlier this year in a convulsion of Republican finger-pointing, has risen from the dead thanks to an effort that one Republican Senator positively compared to a grave robbing. To be honest he's describing something closer to necromancy, but that's probably a minor point at the moment. [ more › ]

Domino Sugar Factory Building Poised To Be Dining Destination In Williamsburg


(image) Chef Missy Robbins, who made a huge splash opening her Italian spot Lilia in early 2016, is reportedly doubling down on Williamsburg with a second restaurant in the neighborhood, expected some time next year. The chef will be debuting her new restaurant at 325 Kent, one of the new Domino Sugar Factory buildings that recently opened its rental applications on the neighborhood's south side, according to the Post. [ more › ]

Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito Among Arrestees At Trump Tower DACA Action


(image) Protesters, including City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and New York Congressman Adriano Espaillat, were arrested outside of Trump Tower in Midtown on Tuesday. While President Donald Trump participated in United Nations events nearby, protesters called on the president to work with Congress on a version of the DREAM Act that would include immigrant protections and a path to citizenship, and exclude additional border security funding. [ more › ]

Jen Kirkman Discusses Louis C.K. Sexual Misconduct Rumors


(image) Back in 2015, comedian Jen Kirkman implied that a male comedian who matched Louis C.K.'s description was a "known perv," noting that her career would be over if she ever directly named him. That podcast kicked off an ongoing conversation about various rumors and anonymous accounts of C.K.'s alleged behavior with women comics and writers. While no one has publicly and directly accused C.K. of sexual assault, prominent comedians including Tig Notaro and Roseanne Barr have called him out for not addressing the rumors. Now, Kirkman has come to C.K.'s defense, explaining that she was never harassed by C.K. and has never heard a first person account of any wrongdoing. [ more › ]

In First U.N. Address, Trump Threatens To 'Totally Destroy' North Korea If 'Rocket Man' Does Not Back Down


President Donald Trump plugged his "native city" of New York and thanked U.N. nations for assisting hurricane victims before launching into a threatening U.N. address Tuesday. In it, he bluntly warned North Korea that he would "totally destroy" the country if its leader, Kim Jong-Un, does not back down from a "reckless pursuit of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles." [ more › ]

Jeju Noodle Bar Serves NYC's Best New Bowl Of Korean Ramyun


Our latest installment of Quick Bites brings us to the West Village for ramyun, Korea's equivalent of Japanese ramen. [ more › ]

Standing Now Also Killing You


(image) With study after study suggesting sitting all day is killing you quickly, slowly, and rendering you immobile, you'd think ditching your desk job for something more active might be the best move for your health. But since life is about choices, each one designed to suck out your living soul and replace it with some cancerous imposter that will eventually render you crippled and later dead, it turns out standing is also killing you. [ more › ]

Early Addition: James Corden Tries To Explain Spicer Kiss


(image) A skater punk is on the loose near the U.N., a suppressed report on refugees, and much more in today's midday links. Follow Gothamist on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, and like us on Facebook. You can also get the top stories mailed to you—sign up here. [ more › ]

Greek Steakhouse Brings Spit-Roasted Meats To The Flatiron


Open wide for a mouthful of meat and an extremely long restaurant name. Merakia: The GreekMountainThief Spithouse + Steak, a new Greek steakhouse, debuted last week in the Flatiron, bringing with it spit-roasted animals aplenty in a sleek, railroad-style space on West 21st Street. Whole animals, including lambs and chickens, take a spin in "La Rotisserie," a giant oven powered by more modern techniques than those available when our ancient ancestors first discovered cooking by flame. [ more › ]

Interview: How Bing & Ruth Found Instrumental Peace Amidst The Chaos Of NYC


(image) Beneath the icy beauty of Bing & Ruth lurks a lake of dark uncertainty. The New York-based instrumental quintet has come to prominence in the last year thanks to their brilliant third record, No Home of the Mind, which features pianist and bandleader David Moore using his instrument to create trance-inducing loops that expand and contract, as if the music itself is breathing. [ more › ]

Watch Live: Trump's First Address To The U.N. Generally Assembly


(image) President Donald J. Trump is delivering his first address to the United Nations General Assembly this morning. You can watch it live right here: [ more › ]

Hurricane Jose Expected To Flood Parts Of NYC


(image) Hurricane Jose is on its way toward NYC—early this morning, the National Weather Service noted the Category 1 hurricane was approximately 360 miles south-southeast of the city and predicted Jose would make its way southeast of the area late tonight into Wednesday. The good news is, the storm is expected to stay offshore, but we'll still likely see showers, heavy wind gusts, rip currents, and potential flooding along the coastlines. [ more › ]

Tour Bus Driver In Fatal Queens Crash Was Fired From MTA Following 2015 DUI


(image) The tour bus driver who plowed into an MTA bus on Monday morning in Queens, killing himself and two others, was previously employed as an MTA bus driver—until he was fired for a DUI in Connecticut. [ more › ]

NYPD: Teen Stabbed After Refusing To Give Stranger A Beer In Lower Manhattan


(image) A 16-year-old boy was hanging out near the Staten Island Ferry Terminal in lower Manhattan early Saturday morning when police say he was approached by an unknown man who asked him for a beer. The teen declined the request, and so the man stabbed him in the stomach, then ran away. [ more › ]

8 Must-Haves For Any Smart Home


(image) These days, helping out the environment by opting for green, eco-friendly gear isn't just easy, it's downright appealing. Who can resist the idea of investing in gadgets that not only help prolong the planet's health, but actually make our everyday lives easier? Check out these smart home appliances that use technology to your advantage — from innovative security systems to the smart bulbs that cut down our electricity usage, these are the devices you didn't know you needed (until now, of course). [ more › ]

Extra, Extra: Sean Spicer Has At Least One Regret


(image) Because Cuomo has finally endorsed de Blasio, check out today's end-of-day links: best worst political campaign ad, dead birds in Brooklyn, Kellyanne Conway offended, Sean Spicer's regrets, NY Times Book Review drama, and puppy goes skiing. Don't forget to follow Gothamist on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, and like us on Facebook. You can also get the top stories mailed to you—sign up here. [ more › ]

Brooklyn Cop Allegedly Assaulted Man Over Dropped Plastic Cup


(image) A police officer patrolling Coney Island knocked a 23-year-old man to the ground, dragged him around and later threatened him, according to Brooklyn prosecutors. [ more › ]

Chinatown Favorite Chikarashi Brings Its Next Level Poké To NoMad


(image) The Great NYC Poké Boom Of 2016 brought with it many new spots to sample Hawaii's popular raw seafood dish, some with greater degrees of success than others. Chikarashi, co-run by Michael Jong Lim, has been one of the more successful of the pack, and it is now expanding from its original home in Chinatown to a second location in NoMad on Monday. [ more › ]

9-Year-Old Boy Killed By Goal Post Was Hanging Off It When It Collapsed


(image) The NYPD has identified the 9-year-old boy who died after a soccer goal post fell on his head in Hell's Kitchen yesterday. Tommaso Cerase, who lived with his family on the Upper West Side, was playing soccer at a youth event at Park West High School on West 50th Street when the fatal incident occurred. [ more › ]

Food Market Returns To Garment District For Autumn Encampment


(image) Urbanspace Garment District, sibling market to the Mad. Sq. Eats market that reopened on September 2nd, returns to Broadway between 40th and 41st Streets Monday, running through October 27th. Operating Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., the market features ready-to-eat food vendors and a beer option from over a dozen local artisan outlets, cooking up waffle sandwiches, empanadas, tacos and more. [ more › ]

Border Patrol Agent Costumes On Sale Next To Trump Masks At NYC Halloween Stores


(image) From the outset of Donald Trump's presidential campaign, when he claimed that Mexican "rapists" were surging into the country, immigrants in New York and across the country have struggled to deal with the fallout of his xenophobic rhetoric. Trump's efforts to clamp down on immigration and ramp up deportation have coincided with a spike in hate crimes and immigration-related arrests in New York City. Public defenders say their clients are afraid to report to courthouses, where ICE agents are popping up with increasing frequency. ICE agents themselves say they feel emboldened. [ more › ]

Inside The Worlds Fair Nano: The Future Is Cricket Flour, Lulzbots, And VR-Synced Fleshlights


(image) In the future, we’ll commute on electric skateboards, eat apples that never go brown, and drink, like, a lot of Soylent. Or so it would seem from the vision of the future on display this past weekend at the Worlds Fair Nano. [ more › ]

Martin Shkreli Jurors Say They Feel 'Ill' Over Not Convicting Him Of Highest Counts


(image) Last month, infamous "pharma bro" Martin Shkreli was convicted of several counts of securities and wire fraud by a federal jury. The 34-year-old former pharmaceutical CEO, who became infamous for price-gouging an HIV drug, was found not guilty of the top wire-fraud charges, which carried a 20-year sentence. Now, two jurors say they deeply regret not pushing to convict on those counts—and they say that a lack of sleep, confusing legal language, and one holdout juror who "bullied" them are all to blame. [ more › ]

Trump Plugs His Tower Near The U.N. During First U.N. Speech


(image) President Trump is at the United Nations today ahead of his speech before the General Assembly on Tuesday. And right before he started talking about what a disappointment the U.N. has been, Trump plugged his building across the street. [ more › ]

Democratic Party Machine Kicks Into High Gear To Anoint Squadron's Successor


(image) In the end, former State Senator Daniel Squadron—progressive and reformer extraordinaire—got the man he wanted to replace him. [ more › ]

Savor Giant Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches & Themed Milkshakes This Week


(image) Will & Grace returns to primetime this fall and in celebration, the Herald Square and Upper West Side locations of Shake Shack are offering two special milkshakes that celebrate two iconic duos from the show. The Will & Grace ($5.99) features cinnamon marshmallow frozen custard blended with Shack fudge, topped with whipped cream and cinnamon sugar; the Jack & Karen ($5.99) is a strawberry frozen custard shake blended with prosecco and topped with whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles and raspberry dust. Two dollars from every shake sold will be donated to GLAAD. The shakes will be on offering through October 1st. [ more › ]

Interview: Walton Goggins Pushes Back At Critics & Talks Season 2 Of 'Vice Principals'


(image) The first season of HBO's Vice Principals ended with a shocker that upon reflection felt inevitable: after spending a season watching Neal Gamby (McBride) and Lee Russell (Walton Goggins) terrorize their coworkers and rivals, all in pursuit of becoming principal of North Jackson High School, Gamby was shot by a mysterious assailant and left for dead. Although the show shared much of the same DNA with Eastbound and Down, Vice Principals turned out to be an even more uncomfortable portrait of toxic masculinity than that beloved ode to a megalomaniac baseball player. It was often hilarious, and it was clearly building toward that near-fatal denouement, but it left a bad taste in some critics' and fans' mouths along the way. [ more › ]

Forecast: Heavy Rain & Coastal Flooding Possible From Hurricane Jose


(image) As you may have heard, our weather for the next few days is going to be strongly influenced by Hurricane Jose. Jose (shouldn't it be José?) is expected to pass a hundred or so miles southeast of Montauk tomorrow night as a tropical storm. That's close enough for sustained strong winds, coastal flooding and heavy rain for much of Long Island and some potentially heavy rain and mild flooding closer to the city. [ more › ]

NYC Is Killing Hundreds Of Raccoons To Test Them For Rabies


(image) The Raccoons long ago declared war on The Humans, but it appears the humans are fighting back, with a new report in the Post claiming the city has euthanized hundreds of raccoons to test them for rabies. Of the 662 killed and tested between 2014 and 2016, the Post says only 18 tested positive for rabies, which is good news for humans who fear the raccoons eating out of their trash cans but less good for the many raccoons who died to bring us this information. [ more › ]

Early Addition: Unauthorized 'Stranger Things' Bar Gets Super Geeky C&D From Netflix


(image) Marlon Brando turned into a monster, a Stranger Things-themed bar got a nerdy warning from Netflix, capturing the poetry of the subway on camera, and more in today's midday links. Follow Gothamist on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, and like us on Facebook. You can also get the top stories mailed to you—sign up here. [ more › ]

Photos: The Best Street Food Vendors In NYC


On a gorgeous if humid Saturday this past weekend, the Vendy Awards crowned the best in mobile food vending, surrounded by the leafy trees and stately buildings of Governors Island. For the 13th year, the fundraiser for the Street Vendor Project has sought out the best in the city's robust group of food trucks, carts and sidewalk stands for the annual gathering to celebrate the diverse ways to dine on the street. If you weren't able to make it to the fest, feast your eyes on photos of all the delicious eats that were on hand, and track down the winners out and about in the wild. [ more › ]

NYPD Investigating Two Nooses Found Hanging In Brooklyn


(image) Two nooses were discovered hanging from trees in central Brooklyn this month, according to local City Council member Robert Cornegy, Jr. and the NYPD. [ more › ]