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Beta version releases are announced here.


Feedreader 3.09 development release

Fri, 02 Feb 2007 11:13:35 +0000

After releasing 3.08 we started 3.09 version development. How development functions? We are naming 3.08 as 3.09 and start adding new features and fixing bugs.

Biggest feature of 3.09 should be "article synchronization between multiple Feedreaders (home and office)".

It's not available in this development release but will became available in next dev release that we announce in this thread.

Periodically we make new EXE available (if bugs are fixed or features are added). And today it's time for first beta EXE of 3.09.

What's new?

  • If you add "highlightfeederrors=1" under [misc] section in feedreader.ini then Feedreader will highlight those feeds that gave you "error" while updating them. So you can for example monitor online status of your site or some intranet servers.
  • Related to previous feature you can change update interval on feed that gave you an error. If site is down for some reason then Feedreader will try again in specified interval. By default this interval is 1 hour but you can change it by adding "updateintervalonerror=??" (?? can be for example 10 (those are minutes)) under [misc] section in feedreader.ini
  • We rewrote some parts of internal database logic. Hopefully we get some memory requirements down and some things will get a little bit quicker.

You can download beta release from here.

3.07 sneak peek release

Wed, 18 Oct 2006 13:40:19 +0100


For curious minds we have made available 3.07 sneak peek release. What it comes to new functionality then it can be buggy as hell. But curious mind knows what he/she does ;). Also - this version will not make into final 3.07. We are adding more features before 3.07 is released.

Why must one download this? There are some really interesting new features in Feedreader 3.07:

*Most interesting feature is new "Enclosure browser".

We really took our podcast listening users into account and tried to get Feedreader enclosure support a little bit better.

But we have made only half a way. In this thread comments are welcome from hardcore podcast listeners and enclosure users. One thing though - at the moment we do not have plans to support full blown multimedia player in Feedreader 3.07. So all ideas are welcome but we cannot fulfill all of them.

Some information about Enclosure browser

Feedreader plays only wav and mp3 files internally. If you think that this internal playing is nonsense then talk out ;).
On left navigation tree are five icons. They mean following (in the order from top to bottom) : All enclosures, audio, video, images, all other enclosures.

But in overall I think the user interface should be quite logic to everybody...

There is only one thing that you do not see from image ;). It's quite good shell integration. For example you can drag files with right mouse button from enclosure window to whatever folder you have opened in file explorer or windows. You can COPY and MOVE files. If you select one or more files and press Control+c then files will be copied to Clipboard and you can paste them to whatever folder with Control+V. This shell integration is good if you want to copy files easily to mp3 player and so on.

Other features of this release

*Now you can change font size in Feedreader easily. There are two no buttons on statusbar of main form
*Some users have complained about the fact that Feedreader is brought into foreground if notification window is displayed. I hope we have fixed this.
*Feed subscription from Firefox. Earlier Feedreader versions were a little bit buggy then talking about this feature. Now Feedreader should subscribe to feeds nicely if autodiscovery button is pressed in Firefox.

Feedreader 3.06 #3 preview released

Fri, 22 Sep 2006 08:47:09 +0100


I'd like to introduce Feedreader 3.06 preview release. Hopefully this release will became normal 3.06 release soon. We are not adding any new features to 3.06 after this point.

3.06 release has been shown to you earlier, too. From that release quite a lot of things have changed and added:

*Now you have possibility to change some options in notification window. There is also possibility to mark all news in notification window as read.
*We are trying to get rid of bugs in unread count calculating.
*Now you can turn of automatic marking of newsitem read then viewing it. If you turn of automatic marking then you can use keyboard shortcut Control+q to mark article(s) read.
*we have fixed one really annoying problem with smartfeeds. In earlier versions you just could not create really advanced filter (multiple levels). Now it should be possible.
*About performance - we are announcing a really interesting option for power users. If you have a lot of feeds and articles and it feels like feedreader is using too much CPU then do following:

"Use gfix program in Feedreader program directory and in command line apply following command:
gfix -w async -user sysdba -password masterkey "c:\Docu
ments and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Feedreader\RSSENGINE.FDB

Please try out this option only if you know what you are doing.

This option makes Feedreader database to remain a little bit more in memory and hard disk is used less. I tried this option and was quite happy with it.

There can be only one problem - if your computer crashes then there is bigger possibility of losing some data. So please think about your data before applying this option :).

We are releasing this preview because we want your feedback :). There are two things what can go wrong:
*unreadcount is somehow calculated wrongly
*this gfix hack does not work or kills your data.

We really appreciate if you talk back about your success (or bad luck ;)) with this release regarding these two points. Please do not reply here if there is some bug that already existed in 3.05 version. We just want to be sure that 3.06 is not worse than 3.05

Feedreader 3.06 developer release #2 available.

Wed, 02 Aug 2006 19:42:39 +0100

It's time to release next developent release of Feedreader 3.06. Please do not take it as final release for 3.06 because we still plan some additions :).

Developer release is interesting for users who are not scared of possible bugs. At the same time it's privilege to keep up with latest developments.

Development release is available from here (EXE) .

What's interesting in 3.06#2

  • Google Mail Atom feed works now
  • We have changed some logic and opening folders is instant now. In previous versions FR always update unread counts if folder is opened
  • Logic change also made Feedreader more responsive then updating feeds.
  • Feedreader now memorizes opened folders. So you can have multiple folders opened and on next startup they will also open.
  • We have introduced new state of feed. If there are some new items since last time you opened this feed, it will be shown as underlined. Just take a look at it and you get the point :).
  • Now it's possible to tell in program options if you want multiple update processes or just one. Some users were complaining that on startup Feedreader takes too much of processor time if it checks for feed updates. Now you can just limit FR to one upate process.

Those are new features and fixes presented in 3.06#2. At the same time some caution too :). If you drag and drop feeds from one folder to another folder then unreadcounts of feeds and folders can get wrong. If you encounter this problem then just close down feedreader and start it again while holding down Control key. Another possibility is just terminate FR (kill process). Feedreader will then calculate unreadcounts again. We are continuing work on this problem and in final 3.06 it's hopefully fixed.

3.06 developer release available.

Tue, 11 Jul 2006 20:52:21 +0100


Interested parties can download 3.06 developer release exe file. This is not final 3.06 release. I guess there will be some additional features in 3.06 final release.

If you want to try out this exe then please make backup of older feedreader.exe and save new exe to Feedreader program directory.

What interesting is included in new version:
*This version should use less resources then updating feeds.
*Now there is possibility to create smartfeed based on article date. For example you can make smartfeed "headlines of last one hour".
*There are two new items in article context menu: "Copy article link" and "Copy article content".
*There is new item in tray menu "Pause notifications".
*There is new item in feed context menu : "Go to homepage".

3.03 Setup package is released for testing

Tue, 06 Jun 2006 09:16:08 +0100


We are releasing setup package of 3.03 to interested parties. Most of new features and bug fixes are described here but besides there are some new features not available in last beta of 3.03:

    *New option added "Keep application in front then opening links in browser"
    *New minibrowser toolbar
    *Some additional bugs fixed.
    *Fixed "Deleting Feed in sub-sub folders fails"
    *All custom tags are now included in ATOM XML file. This makes it possible to display custom tags with stylesheet - this is power user feature and it gets interesting for end users in some later releases.

This setup package is available from here.

Friday's tester's release (3.03)

Fri, 02 Jun 2006 13:17:10 +0100

At week's end we are releasing possible 3.03 version of Feedreader to testers and other interested parties. Formal release of 3.03 will be available as setup package next week. This 3.03 can still contain some bugs related to changes we made. Changes of this release are:

    *RTL support fixes
    *If windows uses large fonts Feedreader will use them too (in feed list and in headline list)
    *We saved one click then there is need to select something from "More" menu.
    *Open article in webbrowser is reintroduced
    *"Open article link automatically" can be checked in feed setup
    *If clicking on Alertwindow's article it will be opened in Feedreader (earlier only feed was opened)
    *Now article list updates itself if there are some new entries after feed update. No orange spot needed any more (it's still needed if using webview).
    *Double clicking on feed (on left) triggers feed update. Double clicking on "All news" triggers update of all feeds.
    *You can now change all feeds update period and archive size then selecting all feeds by Control+A in Feed management
    *Fixed problem with URL encoded links
    *Moving the divider now works (before it did not work for full extent)
    *Right-click menu in article list now works quicker.

EXE file can be downloaded from here.