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Preview: Croncast - Life is Show Prep

Croncast - The New York Days

Croncast is an awesomely funny comedy series heading into its 7th year of production and 29th season. Comedian, Betsy Shilts and co-host Internet Nerd, Kris Smith bring you stories from their lives together, apart and with kids in tow. From the Chicago Bu

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Croncast Now On TuneIn Radio

Sat, 04 Jan 2014 14:03:41 +0000

More pure winning?

Yes, TuneIn X Croncast. That is how it happens.

Another app that puts us all up in your car, mobile phone, internets at everywhere.

If you've got TuneIn in your vehicle, you've got to do nothing special but search for Croncast.

If you're new to the TuneIn game, go get yourself the App, a Tesla, Chevy or Ford. Then you'll be able to listen to all the Croncast NYC Days podcasts in 'luzzury' as the former adult stars on SNL say.

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Listen to Croncast on Stitcher!

Thu, 31 Oct 2013 09:17:39 +0000

Pure winning?

Stitcher X Croncast. That is how pure winning happens.

Now we can be all up in your mobile phone, internets at work AND your mother-lovin' cars, trucks and minivans. Yeah, that is how we now roll.

If you've got Stitcher in your vehicle, you've got to do nothing special but search for Croncast.

If you're new to the Stitcher game, go get yourself the App, a Mazda or BMW. Then you'll be able to listen to all the Croncast NYC Days podcasts in 'luzzury' as the former adult stars on SNL say.

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Croncast Now On SoundCloud

Tue, 22 Oct 2013 14:42:47 +0000

Now that we're breaking all the rules of podcasting we might as well put our episodes on other sites. That's what we were thinking back we relaunched.

We're happy to announce that for the foreseeable future new episodes will be available via SoundCloud.

What is a 'SoundCloud'? It's basically YouTube for audio. It's that simple.

They have a great audio player with the ability to leave comments inside the episode or song and an amazing mobile app.

Right now we're in the process of putting all Croncast episodes on the service. That's right. Every last Croncast from 2004 to today will be available on SoundCloud.

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Croncast and iPhone - Not Good

Mon, 21 Oct 2013 20:03:10 +0000

The iPhone and Croncast are having a hard time getting along. Anyone with a sense of what solid comedy is that has been trying to listen with the Podcast App on an iPhone knows this.

I've tried every way imaginable to make our episodes work in the Podcast App for all listeners and they have been a total failure.

Some have no problems and others have nothing but.

That's over - There is a fix for iPhone users (actually, a couple):
1. Install the Stitcher or Soundcloud App for iPhone
2. Upgrade to iOS 7
3. Upgrade to Android
4. Install a longtime listener recommended App, PocketCasts

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202 Free Episodes You May Have Never Heard Before

Thu, 03 Oct 2013 10:44:05 +0000

When it comes to smoking hot Croncast episodes, we don't disappoint.

All of our New York Days seasons are now free. All of them.

Over 100 hours of Croncast from the beginning of 2010 to the beginning of 2012 are ready on iTunes or in this RSS feed -

So when you're ready, hit these 202 podcasts with delight and prepare to experience the Smiths become New Yorkers.

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Croncast is back tonight!

Mon, 23 Sep 2013 11:15:10 +0000

When the show prep piles up you have but one duty: make some episodes!

Tonight at 8 p.m. EST the newest episode of Croncast will be released.

How to get the new episodes:

If you were "Cool" before, it will be there waiting for you.
If you have an old feed, refresh that sucker . . . there some new stuff inside. Like, I don't know, 202 episodes that you haven't heard before.
If you're new or just want a new feed to start off this batch + the 202 New York Days episodes, this is for you

We're very excited to be coming back on a regular basis. In the beginning we'll be putting out new episodes every Monday. You can't just fire up 3 episodes a week right away!

Thanks to everyone for everything over the years. And a huge shout out to long time listener Rob Mitchell. He's @mhpd on twitter and saved the @croncast handle from seedy corners of the internet and returned it back home where it belongs.

See you at 8!

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The End of Croncast

Wed, 28 Mar 2012 13:31:21 +0000

We may not be crossing the finish line first, however we are. The show has been in the media race, so to speak, and it's run the course.

We've tried for the last few months to work on the things that were central to the show.

The content was easy. It's New York. Stand outside for 5 minutes anywhere and you've got a 10 minute bit.

It was the other things that impact production that we couldn't get in check.

And after taking a look at how we aren't meeting our goal or listener expectations (you know, like new episodes), we have to call it quits on Croncast.

For the next two weeks you will be able to download anything here or on iTunes that you'd like. After that it will be up to you to enjoy or pass along.

We'd like to thank everyone that helped to make this experience possible. We will miss all of you.

Cheers, Betsy and Kris.

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Apologies, Nerdy AK, Betsy Saves A Life

Mon, 02 Jan 2012 10:05:08 +0000

Episode: #769 Season 30 Ep. 19: Apologies, Nerdy AK, Betsy Saves A Life
Length: 32:18
Format: mp3

Enjoy what we're up to now :)
Get on board with us for $4.49/month or less

To listen to this and all new Croncast episodes in full Get Cool!


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