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Published: Sun, 17 Dec 2017 03:59:05 +0100


Keygen Password Generator 1.4-Configurable password generator

Tue, 12 Aug 2008 08:00:00 +0200

Keygen Password Generator is a free Palm tool to automatically create passwords.

We're told that using the same password for everything is a security risk, but how you supposed to think up a secure ID every time? The answer, apparently, is Keygen Password Generator.

The app offers you a way to produce passwords without even thinking. There are two different ways in which you can do this in Keygen Password Generator. The first is Basic, where you select the type of characters you want in the password (or the type that the supplier stipulates). You simply check or uncheck tick boxes options for upper case, lower case, numbers, punctuation marks, and hexadecimal, to indicate whether or not you want to include this type of character. Then just choose the password length and hit 'Generate'.

The other mode in Keygen Password Generator is Custom mode, which allows you to be a little more specific. Here you can select the type of character that appears in each position in the password, and generate each one randomly.

Keygen Password Generator is fast and effective but it doesn't solve the problem of how you are supposed to remember these passwords. It would've been nice if the app had some kind of password management feature for storing and organizing these secret codes.

As it is, Keygen Password Generator offers an easy way to produce passwords on the fly.

Download Keygen Password Generator 1.4 in Softonic

Opera Mini 4.2.14912-The Mini revolution in mobile browsing

Mon, 10 Aug 2009 08:00:00 +0200

If you've been using Opera Mini on your mobile you'll know all about the benefits its brings. If not, you really should be using it. It's the best way to get the most out of your mobile, making surfing the internet fast, secure and easy, plus you can use photo-sharing applications and subscribe to RSS news feeds from your favourite websites or blogs. And now Opera Mini promises to be even better with this new Beta version.

It still has a fast and free internet connection and when you open a webpage Opera Mini will give you a full-screen view and then suggest where to zoom in to begin reading. Of course you can choose yourself if you are looking for something specific. Importantly the software changes the size of the text so you can get as much information on your screen while still being able to read it. This optimization of pages ensures easy reading. You can even flip the screen to landscape mode to get a better view. And you can bookmark in the usual way. One simple feature I liked was the Opera Mini mouse which allows easy scrolling, an addition that many mobile packages are sorely lacking.

Download Opera Mini 4.2.14912 in Softonic

Palm Desktop 6.2 + HotSync 7 for Windows Vista beta-Vista version of Palm Desktop

Mon, 30 Jul 2007 08:00:00 +0200

Palm Desktop is the central interface for data exchange between PC and Palm. This latest edition for Palm brings the first Vista-compatible version of the standard software.
The Palm Desktop for Windows Vista, available in a beta version, works with the Smartphones Treo 650 and 680 as well as the Handheld models TX, Z22 and E2.

Some usual features are missing here like a Palm quick install tool and this version of Palm Desktop is only intended for new installations on Windows Vista.
It does not support the upgrade of pre-existing Palm Desktop installations to this new version meaning you must uninstall old versions of Palm Desktop and HotSync Manager prior to installing.
Check out the website to see how.
The good news is you can now synchronise Outlook 2007's Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes using your USB sync cable, as well as optional non-wireless e-mail synchronisation.

Download Palm Desktop 6.2 + HotSync 7 for Windows Vista beta in Softonic

Documents To Go Premium 11.000-Word and Excel files in your Palm

Fri, 26 Mar 2010 08:00:00 +0100

Leaving your office or leaving your laptop behind does not have to mean leaving your critical files and work behind too. Now you can work smarter, save time and be more productive by using files (view, edit & create) right on your smartphone or PDA.

Documents To Go is the only product on the market today with support for native Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and TXT files as well as native JPEG and BMP graphics. You can even use files saved to expansion cards or sent as e-mail attachments directly on your smartphone or PDA without synchronization.

In addition, the Premium Edition supports password protected files, charting, pictures, synchronization of e-mail with attachment and even spell checking for word processing files! It's no wonder, with over 8 million copies sold, Documents To Go continues to be the #1 selling office suite for Palm OS handhelds!

Download Documents To Go Premium 11.000 in Softonic

RealPlayer for palmOne 1.6.0-Audio player for files in RealAudio and MP3

Thu, 05 Jul 2007 08:00:00 +0200

It might seem uncharitable to start like this, but I never had high hopes for the Palm version of RealPlayer. Its big brother on Windows has long been a bloated mess of proprietary formats and prosaic protocols. The PalmOne edition seems to be very similar, but for the fact that it is missing many of the features of the Windows client.

Lacking in any capability to play video or streaming audio, RealPlayer for PalmOne is really nothing more than a simple MP3 player with support for RealAudio formats. Its user interface is simple enough, but fairly unattractive.

The only thing this program really has going for it is that it's free.

Download RealPlayer for palmOne 1.6.0 in Softonic

Karel the Robot 1.0-

Fri, 15 Jun 2012 08:00:00 +0200

Download Karel the Robot 1.0 in Softonic

Puzzle Bobble 2.0-Relive the 90s with the cannon-happy dinosaurs

Wed, 25 Mar 2009 08:00:00 +0100

Puzzle Bobble is a classic 90s arcade game, based on the characters from Bubble Bobble. If you feel like reliving those misspent years when your did nothing but shoot bubbles at a wall then download Puzzle Bobble for Palm OS.

In case you're not aware of the game, Puzzle Bobble is kind-of a cross between Columns and Breakout, in which you need to aim and fire bubbles at a wall in order to create groups of matching colors. When you've grouped three or more of the same color, the bubbles will burst. A level is complete once all of the bubbles have been popped.

This Palm version of Puzzle Bobble is meticulously faithful to the original, with the same cutesy graphics and fun sound effects. What's more, the game hasn't lost any of its addictiveness, and once you've started, you'll find it very difficult to put down your PDA. That is, you will if you upgrade to the full version, because this demo version is very limited, restricting you to just one level.

There are four different game modes in Puzzle Bobble (one-player, practice, vs. mode, and vs. playoff), all of which add to the diversity of the game. There are plenty of options to tinker around with too, such as control settings, aimer speed, audio levels, difficulty, etc.

Puzzle Bobble is one of those games that will brighten up your Palm device, and make you happier.

Download Puzzle Bobble 2.0 in Softonic

Lemmings 4.3-Save the mindless little creatures!

Wed, 08 Nov 2006 08:00:00 +0100

With its original style of gameplay, ease of use and lovable but stupid characters, Lemmings has become one of the most popular and celebrated games ever produced. This version for Palm brings all of the original fun, deft of hand and addictive quality of the original to a handheld format.

For those as yet uninitiated in the rules of the game, Lemmings has a pretty simple aim: try to save as many of the cute green-haired critters as they wander witlessly into whatever peril awaits them. To help you achieve this, there are eight special types of Lemming all with a special talent that the player can make use of: climbers, floaters, exploders, blockers, builders, bashers, miners and diggers. Each of these specialists’ skills will prove invaluable in the seven different maps included in the demo edition.

There are few significant changes to gameplay in the mobile edition of Lemmings – but one handy feature that Ardiri have introduced is Scroll-by-Graffiti, a really handy control enhancement on PDAs. Similarly, the game’s graphics and sound are remarkably similar to the original game. Users of older devices may experience a minimal delay when scrolling the screen, but it should never be so bad that it really impedes your progress.

Lemmings is one of this reviewer’s all time favourite games, and Ardiri’s version for Palms is a clone of pretty much every aspect of the original.

Download Lemmings 4.3 in Softonic

Novii Remote Infrared Codes 1.1-500 additional codes to configure your PDA's infrared port

Fri, 06 Oct 2006 08:00:00 +0200

Remote control applications have always been popular with Palm users and Novii Remote remains the number one choice for controlling home entertainment devices. The main problem with such programs, however, is that the developer can’t be expected to provide support for every television, DVD player or sound system on the market. This package of five hundred codebases hugely expands Novii Remote’s compatibility with a wider range of devices and manufacturers.

Novii Remote Codes is designed to help those who previously couldn’t obtain functionality from Novii Remote. It includes codebases for all the major manufacturers (and many of the less well known), in categories including VCR, Audio system, DVD, TV and more. While it’s still impossible to guarantee support for your home entertainment devices, Novii Remote Codes will certainly be useful for the majority of users.

Download Novii Remote Infrared Codes 1.1 in Softonic

Spider Solitaire 2.0-Spider Solitaire mode

Tue, 09 Aug 2011 08:00:00 +0200

Download Spider Solitaire 2.0 in Softonic

TouchLauncher 2.4-Turn your Palm into an iPhone!

Tue, 01 Jun 2010 08:00:00 +0200

We'd all love to have an iPhone but unfortunately not all of us have the cash to stump up for one.

Don't worry though, because if you've got a Palm device you can at least pretend to have one of Apple's great inventions by using TouchLauncher.

You might think that the Palm OS is a little antiquated now and to some degree you'd be right, but using TouchLauncher you can disguise that fact with an interface that is remarkably true to Apple's wonder device.

Once installed, TouchLauncher embeds itself on your device and can be launched with an icon. The alternative Startup screen looks very similar to the iPhone, with some lovely animation.

In fact all of the TouchLauncher menu items are animated with a series of plush icons that replace the rather drab default Palm ones.

Another added bonus in TouchLauncher is the Pocket Tunes skin that adds iPod Touch-style control buttons to the MP3 player.

It all looks very nice, but be warned that it does have a tendancy to drain battery power so think twice before setting TouchLauncher as your default launcher.

Download TouchLauncher 2.4 in Softonic

PocketDivXEncoder 0.3.96 Beta-Convert and watch videos on your Palm PDA

Mon, 14 May 2007 08:00:00 +0200

PocketDivXEncoder allows you to convert and optimize movie files for use on your Palm device.

Installing PocketDivXEncoder is a breeze, mainly because there is no installer! The program is pretty easy to use, with controls and settings which should be familiar to anyone who's even come close to thinking about video compression in the last five years, or who has dabbled with DivX converters. For those who haven't, all you really need to do is tell PocketDivXEncoder which device you'll be using and it'll do all the work for you.

Experts will likely balk at the lack of fine-tuning tools available in PocketDivXEncoder but its Advanced options dialog allows for greater control over such features as 2-Pass Encoding, XviD Compression, Audio Live Effect, and more.

A really impressive little feature is the live clip resizing tool, which allows you to preview your video while changing its dimensions - handy if you’re working with a device which doesn’t have native support from PocketDivXEncoder.

The most important factor in video conversion and compression tools is the quality of the end product. It’s no good reducing a movie to 4MB and rendering it completely unwatchable in the process. PocketDivXEncoder performed admirably when converting our (fairly high quality) test video, achieving good video compression without losing much detail.

Small changes we did notice was a slight alteration to color and brightness balance on the picture and an almost imperceptible shift in audio-video sync. These issues reflect the fact that PocketDivXEncoder is not a professional level tool but then again they’re almost impossible to spot without really hunting for them.

Working with PocketDivXEncoder is on the whole a pleasing, simple and rewarding experience. That a free application can offer such reliable performance and high quality – at levels often missing from other, highly priced DivX software – says a lot about what a good freeware program should look like.

If you’re looking to convert video to fit your Palm, all you need is PocketDivXEncoder.

Download PocketDivXEncoder 0.3.96 Beta in Softonic