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Updated: 2017-08-13T11:57:41-04:00


The White Nationalist Terrorism in Charlottesville and Trump’s Moral Impotency


By Brigitte L. Nacos President Trump who doesn’t miss any opportunity to condemn “radical Muslim terrorism” could not bring himself to condemn yesterday’s white nationalist terrorism in Charlottesville, Virginia. Instead, he condemned hatred and bigotry “on many sides.” The white...

“The Russian Thing” and the Threat of War


By Brigitte L. Nacos Beleaguered President Donald Trump wants nothing more than make “the Russian thing” go way. He spent political capital by firing Acting Attorney General Sally Yates und FBI Director James Comey for not buckling under his pressure...

Limiting One’s News Consumption Can be Liberating


By Brigitte L. Nacos Taking off from following the unreal reality show presented by President Donald Trump day-in and day-out is a very healthy exercise. I know first-hand. And I recommend it. Instead of following every turn and twist in...

London’s Latest Terrorist Attack: Another Example of Mass-Mediated Contagion of Political Violence


By Brigitte L. Nacos As shocking as it is, nobody should be surprised about last night’s horrific terrorist attack in London starting with a van ploughing into pedestrians on iconic London Bridge and continuing with the killing and injuring of...

In Trump’s Reality Show Even the Generals Surrender


By Brigitte L. Nacos Not enough that GOP leaders and foot soldiers in Congress, elected offices around the country, and so-called experts in think tanks continue to defend the indefensible in the Trump campaign, transition operation, and White House. What...