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Updated: 2017-12-28T14:23:07-05:00


Why the Liar King in the White House Owes Thanks to the News Media


By Brigitte L. Nacos None of his predecessors has peddled lies (and actually repeated them when proven false) as frequently as President Donald Trump. Part of the steady flow of lies (according to one count 103 in his first 10...

The News about Sexual Assault and the Elephant in the Room: President Trump


By Brigitte L. Nacos For weeks now the shocking news of sexual assault and misconduct by prominent males has been the leading story in news and social media. Women, so the narrative has it, finally dare to speak out publicly...

The Most Dangerous Man in the World Sits in the White House and Spineless Republicans in the Congress Do Nothing to Prevent the Catastrophe that the President Himself Threatens


By Brigitte L. Nacos Nine month-worth of 24/7 nightmares unleashed by Donald Trump’s daily menu of outrageous tweets and ludicrous deeds are enough to realize that Trump is an emperor without clothes. If you hoped this spoiled, narcissistic child-man would...

The White Nationalist Terrorism in Charlottesville and Trump’s Moral Impotency


By Brigitte L. Nacos President Trump who doesn’t miss any opportunity to condemn “radical Muslim terrorism” could not bring himself to condemn yesterday’s white nationalist terrorism in Charlottesville, Virginia. Instead, he condemned hatred and bigotry “on many sides.” The white...

“The Russian Thing” and the Threat of War


By Brigitte L. Nacos Beleaguered President Donald Trump wants nothing more than make “the Russian thing” go way. He spent political capital by firing Acting Attorney General Sally Yates und FBI Director James Comey for not buckling under his pressure...