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Last Build Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2017 07:49:07 GMT


Trump setting up Generals as Fall Guy (?)

Thu, 29 Jun 2017 07:49:07 GMT

The Defense secretary’s response was both forthright and evasive. “We are not winning in Afghanistan right now,” he conceded, while promising that “we will correct this as soon as possible.” Mattis then unleashed a cloud of blather, promising “a change in our approach” so as “to do things differently” and devise “a more regional strategy” involving “across-the-board whole of government” collaboration. He offered no specifics. The fact is that every couple of years since 2001, policymakers in Washington and commanders in the field (including McChrystal) have trotted out plans “to do things differently” in Afghanistan. Those plans have come in...

German consumer morale at highest level since Oct 2001

Thu, 29 Jun 2017 07:49:00 GMT

[BERLIN] The mood among German consumers rose to its highest level in almost 16 years heading into July, a survey showed on Thursday, supporting expectations that private consumption will contribute strongly to growth this year. The consumer sentiment indicator, published by the Nuremberg-based GfK institute and based on a survey of around 2,000 Germans, rose to 10.6 going into July, the highest level since October 2001. A Reuters poll had expected an unchanged reading of 10.4, from last month, also a near 16-year high. GfK linked the high reading to income expectations reaching their highest level since reunification in 1990...

US military updates Trump's North Korea options

Thu, 29 Jun 2017 06:41:03 GMT

US military updates Trump's North Korea options Military options have been prepared By: BARBARA STARR AND ZACHARY COHEN Posted: Jun 28, 2017 06:57 PM EDT Updated: Jun 28, 2017 10:37 PM EDT WASHINGTON (CNN) - US military options for North Korea have recently been updated and are ready to be presented to President Donald Trump if Pyongyang conducts an underground nuclear or ballistic missile test that indicates the regime has made a significant progress towards developing a weapon that could attack the US, two US military officials told CNN. National security adviser HR McMaster also confirmed publicly Wednesday that military...

State of ‘Collapse’: Italy Overwhelmed as 13,500 Muslim Migrants Arrive in Past Two Days

Thu, 29 Jun 2017 05:43:08 GMT

Al hijrah. We are witnessing the fall of Europe. They’ve reached a tipping point — a point of no return. “The government continues to show a worrying powerlessness in the face of a situation that becomes more and more dramatic every day,” said Paolo Romani, president of the senators of Forza Italy. Trump is right! back the ban! State of ‘Collapse’: Italy Overwhelmed as 13,500 African Migrants Arrive in Past Two Days Italy’s migrant welcome centers are in a state of “collapse” as huge waves of African migrants take advantage of the temperate climate to make the crossing from Libya...

Venezuela crisis: Attorney general banned from leaving country

Thu, 29 Jun 2017 04:49:05 GMT

Venezuela's Supreme Court has banned the attorney general from leaving the country and frozen all of her assets. The court, which is dominated by government loyalists, said Luisa Ortega Diaz had committed serious errors. Ms. Ortega, once a staunch government ally, broke ranks in March, when she said an attempt by the Supreme Court to strip the opposition-controlled Congress of its powers was unlawful. Critics believe President Nicolas Maduro is trying to push Ms. Ortega out. She faces a hearing on 4 July--some analysts say she may eventually be put on trial. The move comes amid growing political turmoil in...

People Will Die

Thu, 29 Jun 2017 04:31:18 GMT

Remy channels his inner Elizabeth Warren to vilify the other side. Written and performed by Remy Music mastered by Ben Karlstrom Video by Meredith Bragg LYRICS: People need kidneys, it's sad but decreed yet this Senator's hoarding one more than she needs I offer this bill and I hope you'll vote "aye" Unless, of course, you just want PEOPLE TO DIE!

LaVoy Finicum shooting: Indictment of agent "devastating" for FBI (OREGON STANDOFF)

Thu, 29 Jun 2017 04:29:06 GMT

An indictment accusing an FBI agent of lying to hide the he fired two shots at Robert "LaVoy" Finicum and missed caps an 18-month investigation.... Deschutes County Sheriff Shane Nelson credited his investigators for their tenaciousness..... The sheriff also revealed that FBI leaders, told of his department's findings more than a year ago, didn't put the agent or four of his colleagues on leave..... all members of the Hostage Rescue Team..... The indictment of W. Joseph Astarita, 40, of New York casts a shadow on the highly trained team...... "I'm encouraged. I'm thrilled that the grand jury came back with...

Secrets of ‘Office 39’: North Korean leader Kim gets Russian fuel via Singapore dealers...

Thu, 29 Jun 2017 04:09:38 GMT

Secrets of ‘Office 39’: North Korean leader Kim gets Russian fuel via Singapore dealers, says defector who fled China Defector: ‘It is a wrong perception that North Korea is completely dependent on China’ North Korea secures up to 300,000 tonnes of oil products from Russia each year through Singapore-based dealers, a defector who formerly managed funds for the leadership has told Kyodo News, posing a challenge for the United States as it seeks to isolate Pyongyang. “North Korea has procured Russia-produced fuel from Singapore brokers and others since the 1990s...It is mostly diesel oil and partly gasoline,” Ri Jong-ho, 59,...

German audience laughs after Trump Cabinet member's address cut off

Thu, 29 Jun 2017 04:00:26 GMT

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross's video address to German Chancellor Angela Merkel's political party's business conference in Berlin was cut off on Tuesday after Ross went over his time limit, prompting conference attendees to laugh and cheer. Ross's video feed at the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) conference was faded out after roughly 20 minutes for going over his time limit, according to Bloomberg. Attendees then began to applaud and laugh at the move. "That was the U.S. secretary of commerce, who had promised us a 10-minute statement," the head of CDU Economic Council Werner Bahlsen said.

Schapiro: It won't be your father's Virginia - or your grandfather's

Thu, 29 Jun 2017 03:58:23 GMT

This is not your father’s Virginia — or your grandfather’s. We’ve seen ample evidence of this in recent years. In just over three decades, Virginia has become fully multi-hued. Asians make up about 7 percent of the population; Hispanics 9 percent. African-Americans have held steady at nearly 20 percent. This new diversity, concentrated in the cities and suburbs of eastern Virginia, is lifting Democrats. Barack Obama in 2008 snapped the Republicans’ 40-year presidential win streak here. He repeated in 2012. Hillary Clinton made it three straight Democratic presidential victories in Virginia in 2016. Every office decided by a statewide vote...

Turkey Takes Over 50 Churches, Monasteries

Thu, 29 Jun 2017 03:55:26 GMT

Close to 50 churches and monasteries were taken over by the Turkish government in Mardin, a city located in the southeastern part of the country, reported the news outlet Agos. The move was made during the time that the villages that comprise the city were turned into an official municipality. As per legislation that established the city, a “liquidation committee” was established to distribute institutions of the city whose legal permits had expired. “For years, minority foundations could not acquire property in Turkey,” explained Kuryakos Ergun, the chairman of Mor Gabriel Monastery Foundation. “Then legislative amendments were introduced in 2002...

China's Type 055 Super Destroyer Is A Reality Check For The US And Its Allies

Thu, 29 Jun 2017 03:41:28 GMT

China's launched its first Type 055 destroyer today—the most advanced surface combatant Beijing has ever designed and fielded. Pictures of the visually striking ship whipped around the internet, with many people being surprised that China was producing such an impressive warship. The truth is, the Type 055 is the J-20 stealth fighter/interceptor of the high-seas, and it not only is a showcase of China's rapidly evolving surface warfare and weapons development capabilities, but also a sign of what Beijing's overall maritime strategy will be in the not so distant future. When it comes to the Chinese Navy, the Type 055...

Maplewood, Montclair, and Glen Ridge: Why these three suburban areas are tops for ex-New Yorkers

Thu, 29 Jun 2017 03:39:03 GMT

If you live in New York City and are at a stage in your life when you're contemplating a move to the suburbs (or your friends have begun to leave the city en masse), you've probably heard of at least one of these towns in Essex County: Montclair, Maplewood, and Glen Ridge. That's because these three spots, all accessible via New Jersey Transit trains, are eternally popular among NYC expats looking for more space and a little more greenspace for their green. "We have a lot of people coming from Manhattan, Brooklyn, Jersey City and Hoboken," says Stacie Levy of...

Death threats directed at Assembly leader over universal health care bill

Thu, 29 Jun 2017 03:28:12 GMT

Anger over Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon’s decision to shelve universal health care legislation in California has boiled into aggressive protests and even violent rhetoric against the Democratic leader. Rendon said Wednesday that he and his family have experienced “distressing” death threats since announcing late last Friday that the “woefully incomplete” Senate Bill 562 would not move forward this year.

Federal judge blocks parts of Indiana's new abortion law

Thu, 29 Jun 2017 03:23:37 GMT

A federal judge on Wednesday blocked portions of a new Indiana law that would make it tougher for girls under age 18 to get an abortion without their parents’ knowledge. U.S. District Judge Sarah Evans Barker wrote in approving a temporary injunction that “when it comes to our children, while parents or others entrusted with their care and wellbeing have the lawful and moral obligation always to act in their best interests, children are not bereft of separate identities, interests, and legal standing.” Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky and the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana sued the state...

Bikini hiring contest for nuclear plant interns gets toxic reaction

Thu, 29 Jun 2017 03:12:36 GMT

It’s normal to expect a certain level of scrutiny when a company wants to hire an intern. That scrutiny is not usually based on swimwear. A Czech nuclear power station seemed to focus more on looks than qualifications when they used a swimsuit contest — yes, swimsuit contest — to hire interns. CEZ’s Temelín station posted photos of 10 high school graduates posing in bikinis and hard hats on its Facebook page last week. According to the post, the woman with the greatest number of likes was supposed to be crowned “Miss Energy 2017” and score a two-week internship with...

Pa. Senate passes bill clearing way for schools to allow employees’ guns on campus

Thu, 29 Jun 2017 02:32:58 GMT

FACEBOOK484TWITTERPINTERESTLINKEDINEMAIL Pa. Senate passes bill allowing teachers to bring guns on campus h HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Controversial legislation allowing Pennsylvania public school workers to bring guns onto school grounds narrowly passed the State Senate on Wednesday. Senate Bill 383 passed by a vote of 28-22, with six Republican Senators voting against it. The legislation would allow school employees who are licensed to carry firearms the ability to store their gun in their classroom or office inside a safe.

CNN, Potato Chips, Elmo, Teensy Russian Dolls and Jim Acosta’s Interpretive Dance Routine

Thu, 29 Jun 2017 02:22:30 GMT

Tucker Carlson interviews political humorist Mark Steyn on the current state of the ‘Muh Russia’ CNN planetary conspiracy theorem. Mark Steyn accurately provides numerous metaphors to encapsulate the latest Russian meme du jour; from empty potato chip bags to Sean Spicer’s interpretive dance routine while CNN’s Jim Acosta interviews Comrade Elmo. Good Stuff. The best. Bigly:

New Russian naval missile system shown off to the world

Thu, 29 Jun 2017 02:06:32 GMT

A new sea-based missile system was presented to the world on June 28 during a naval show in St. Petersburg. However, the project hasn’t yet been greenlighted by the Ministry of Defense, so it remains to be seen if it will be adopted by the Russian military. What’s the difference between the sea and land versions? The new “Pantsir-ME” will be able to intercept missiles during rough seas, rain, wind, and even storms. It will also be more compact and covered with an anticorrosive sheath to ensure its longevity. “The biggest difference is that ‘Pantsir-S’ missiles have to intercept targets...

Suspect accused of shooting RT deputy in the face was once charged in double homicide

Thu, 29 Jun 2017 01:27:31 GMT

The man accused of shooting a Sacramento sheriff’s deputy in the face with the officer’s gun at a North Highlands light-rail station has an extensive criminal record, including involvement in a double homicide in the Bay Area a decade ago. Law enforcement search teams arrested Nicory Marquis Spann, 27, Tuesday night after finding him in a fetal position in a motel hallway a few blocks from the Interstate 80 and Watt Avenue station three hours after the scuffle and shooting.

Dear Hollywood: Stop Gaying All the Things, Especially Straight Characters…

Thu, 29 Jun 2017 01:26:35 GMT

Dear leftists in Hollywood intent on pushing incessant gayness, even when unnecessary and irrelevant, Today it seems Hollywood’s primary mission, especially television, is to shove gayness into wherever it may fit. It’s getting tired. Namely because it’s being pushed by a tiny minority of militant gay activists in the gay community. I want to make this crystal clear. I’m not suggesting ALL gays are pushing for all gay characters in all TV shows or movies. I contend like with most issues in our political climate, the “Gay Agenda” in TV is being shoved by a fraction of a percent of...

Busted Name In News: NY Post Discovers CNN Kryptonite Is Lawsuit Threat

Thu, 29 Jun 2017 01:25:36 GMT

But now the Post reports, with a front page calling CNN “The Most Busted Name in News” that it was the threat of an eye-watering $100 million lawsuit from Anthony Scaramucci — a Trump ally named in the CNN hit job — that forced the network’s hand into pulling the report. The paper reported that CNN top-dogs feared that a major lawsuit could put a pending media merger with AT&T, currently being examined by the Justice Department, in doubt. advertisement “The cable network’s coverage of Trump transition team member Anthony Scaramucci came amid federal scrutiny of corporate parent Time Warner’s...

New York Times Editors Decry “Humiliating Process” Of Layoffs

Thu, 29 Jun 2017 01:17:07 GMT

Using words including “betrayal,” “humiliating” and “covfefe” and suggesting that management had compared them to “dogs urinating on fire hydrants,” copy editors at the New York Times today let executive editor Dean Baquet and his heir apparent, Joseph Kahn, know exactly how they feel about taking the brunt of layoffs and buyouts as the Times expands its reporting ranks. The latest flare-up comes at a moment when the Times also is dealing with a libel lawsuit filed by former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin over a Times Op-Ed column erroneously linking her to violent attacks on public figures. In a...

Office supplies chain Staples sold for $6.9 billion

Thu, 29 Jun 2017 01:09:22 GMT

NEW YORK — Private equity firm Sycamore Partners is buying office supplies chain Staples for $6.9 billion. The companies said Wednesday that shareholders of Framingham, Massachusetts-based Staples will get $10.25 per share. Staples' stock closed Wednesday up 77 cents, or 8.4 percent, to $9.93, fueled by a late-afternoon report of a deal. The stock rose another 1.5 percent in extended trading after the deal was announced.

Reagan Derangement Syndrome Is Alive and Well

Thu, 29 Jun 2017 01:05:53 GMT

To believe, in the 1980s, that Ronald Reagan was going to blow up the world may have been merely peculiar. To believe so today is a symptom of raging Reagan Derangement Syndrome. And yet here we are, with The Reagan Show, a new documentary rehashing the paranoid style of Reaganography, set for limited theatrical release on June 30 and video-on-demand release shortly thereafter. The continuing popularity of President Reagan is a source of profound irritation and unease to liberals. To assuage their pain, they have gone back to their initial rationalization for how Reagan became so beloved: He cheated. Though...