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From fooflington's contacts

Updated: 2016-10-22T16:29:13Z




ccgd posted a photo:


Cromarty doors. Fisher town. Weird lens effect from a smart phone.



rosiehardy posted a photo:



I woke up this morning after a bad dream, got hit full force in the face with a wave of grief so big it felt like I was right back to Day 2. It took me a while to gather all the sentiments I've curated and attitudes I've developed about it all over the last 6months, and then I started to calm down and sync back up to normal life. I miss his company so much, I miss my best friend and I miss being able to look forward to seeing him. It's taking a whole lot of resilience not to let depression sweep in and take me, and feeling grateful for everything around me really helps - the colours of the leaves continue to make my heart swell, the smell of the air makes life seem full of magic, making plans with my friends and family gives me something to look forward to. Sometimes I just want to blink out from my to-do lists, my job, my apartment, and just lay outside in the cold and the leaves soaking up every little bit of my senses until I forget everything.

Another airport sunrise


PLeia2 posted a photo:




hk_traveller posted a photo:



ckeene posted a photo:


Young Stag


kev747 posted a photo:


Princess Aurora Doll cake


Fairy Dust Bakery posted a photo:


Canterbury parkrun #135


jammeh posted a photo:


Stay Safe campaign 2016


University of Kent posted a photo:


Stay Safe campaign 2016

Moraine Lake, the gem of Banff National Park, Alberta Canada


!!WaynePhotoGuy posted a photo:


While it's true we haven't been everywhere in the park we have been to many many places. Of the places that I've seen it has been this late, Moraine Lake, that has stolen my heart. It is both a natural wonder and a work of art, Beauty Beyond all measure.

If you have not been there, I would recommend you put it on your bucket list and start saving money and making plans to get there. I recommend that it be put on the list as the 8th Wonder of the world.

Be sure to check out the blog post for all the details of the trip:

The post will help you plan your trip.

Until next time, get out and capture the adventure!

St John the Baptist Cathedral in Norwich


fenlandsnapper posted a photo:


A Gothic revival church from the mid 19th Century, it was a large parish church until 1976 when it was granted cathedral status.

Flickr friends on holiday in Stockholm


sosij posted a photo:


Airbnb in Stockholm with my Flickr buddy and gorgeous friend Eva. JUst one day left boooo hoo!



andrea.peett posted a photo:





Jane Mary posted a photo:


is good! Practice day at Snetterton race track, Jame Ellison doing a wheelie

Tate modern - people watching


c1t0d0s2 posted a photo:


Today's parkrun fun

2016-07-02T18:51:15Z posted a photo:




_rebekka posted a photo:


You don't need to be able to pronounce it to find it on a map, and I recommend doing so if you're travelling around the West Fjords of Iceland. The small town of Flateyri is on the horizon in the distance. This was taken at 2:30 in the morning of June 8th.

If you enjoy these photos I'm sharing, please check out my book Moodscapes . Even if you just buy the ebook, I can really use the support.

ADL Enviro 300 403 DCD and ADL Enviro 400 KX08 KZK


John Pugh 1958 posted a photo:


Stagecoach South 27651 (New as GX10 KZD) repainted in 2015 into original Southdown colours to commemorate the Southdown Centenary, poses next to Stagecoach South East's Scania/ADL Enviro 400 15443, wearing a commemorative livery for East Kent's centenary year.