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Holidays and birthdays!

Sat, 08 Jul 2006 18:16:30 GMT

Wow, what a long time since I updateded! This is almost as good as announcing to the world that I am lazy which, of course, I am not.

Today has been a day of much excellence which is good because yesterday was not fun. I got woken up this morning with a run along the sea front - well, I ran, she just walked (Lazy!) then we came back and I got to eat teh Pain au chocolat crumbs - one day, I will eat a whole one nad see if they taste as good in bulk.

after that, there were many singings and pressies - It was the oldest puppies birthday - he is now getting very old! After much fun I went for a drive with Mummy which was boring but I got rewarded witha dentastick - see, good things come to dogs who endure cars! After that we went for a swim. I was very good and rescued the shoe every time Sarah lost it - It was a bit cofusing when I was rescuing one to see the other up on the big post - I couldn't rescue it from there! It was ok though because Sarah got it - then I got very confused because she hid both of them underwater and I couldn't see where they had gone - next thing I knew she was on the beach and wearing them - must be some kind of human magic like the way they make food.

After my swim I got tricked a bit - I came back and was showered! Then, when I was busy cleaning my bowl they vanished! all of them! In protest, I curled up and went to sleep on the sofa - haha, that'll teach them to leave me!

In the end it was ok because Sarah came back for me - I was worried because I thought Mummy had left me but she was on the grass so it was ok :o)

Now I'm off to see Jase...

It has been a wonderful day - I was so pleased with all the ear rubs and walks! I wish Mummy would make sea near us!

Well, what a time this is

Sun, 25 Dec 2005 02:49:06 GMT

Wow, it has been a while since i came on here and updated. I have gotten more used to typing with my paws now. Mummy and Dad have been away for quite a while now. I miss mummy lots and lots, but the same day they went away, the Jase came home and he spends a while playing with me and tickling me. Now the matthew and Sarah are here, along with a few others ive met before and smell like Sarah, so i would guess family.
They have the big tree up, but no chocolates under it this year :(
Anyway, back to bed for me

Christmas Weekend

Sun, 27 Nov 2005 15:36:04 GMT

A bit early this year - I didn't get any pressies so I am hoping htey repeat it at the proper time - I have a baaaaad feeling about this...

Tere was much food - turkey for me :o) They ate all the best bits first though :/ They also fired a poppy thing (party cannon!?!) near me - I tell you, it was enought to run away and hide!

Many people - no sofa space :o( Pete and Charlotte invaded my spare room , Matthew and Sarah stole my study and they all kept me away from the yummy smells in the kitchen!

I did get lots of walks though - once along the dyke and once up to the heath nad many many ear rubs.

Fri, 19 Aug 2005 21:17:06 GMT

1. Go here.2. Pass it on.1.~How did you meet manyfacesofjase? he was here when I turned up ... and hasn't left since2.~What would you do if you had never met manyfacesofjase? scrounge food elsewhere3.~What do you honestly think of manyfacesofjase? he gives good scritches4.~Would or did manyfacesofjase and manyfacesofjase go out? only if you drag them very hard. They prefer the computer.5.~Have you ever liked fooflington? yeah, although he nicks my space on hte sofa6.~If rahslowe died tomorrow, what is one thing that you would need him/her to know? that I love her very much7.~Would manyfacesofjase and manyfacesofjase make a good couple? they could beat each other at the football thing ;D8.~Describe manyfacesofjase in 3 words: good fuss provider9.~Do you think manyfacesofjase is hot? sometimes, especially when it is sunny. Other times, (like winter) he is cold10.~Would rahslowe and manyfacesofjase make a lovely couple? no, she belongs to the other one11.~What do you think of when you see manyfacesofjase? mmmmm ear rub12.~Tell me something humiliating about manyfacesofjase: hehehehehehehe13.~Do you know any of manyfacesofjase's family members? hmmm, there is the ear rubbing one, the food provider, the taker of long walks, the young playful ones ... a few14.~What's manyfacesofjase's favorite color? black and tan15.~On a scale of 1-10 how cute is manyfacesofjase? 816.~What would you do if manyfacesofjase just professed their undying love for you? rub my nose in his ear17.~What language does manyfacesofjase speak? humanish18.~Who is manyfacesofjase going out with? 19.~Is rickity a boy or a girl? a boy20.~Would manyfacesofjase and manyfacesofjase make a good couple? you asked me that...21.~Who do you think manyfacesofjase would be great with from this list? me :D22.~When was the last time you talked to manyfacesofjase? earlier today23.~What is fooflington's favorite band? ooh, they all sound the same to me24.~Does manyfacesofjase have any siblings? yeah, loads of them25.~Would you ever date manyfacesofjase? about 24th June26.~Would you ever date manyfacesofjase? or maybe 5th September27.~Is manyfacesofjase single? 28.~What is manyfacesofjase's last name? Slowe29.~What is manyfacesofjase's middle name? Robin30~What is manyfacesofjase's fantasy? to have many many frodo's31.~Where does rickity live? here32.~Would you make out with manyfacesofjase? ewwwwwwwwwwww33.~Are manyfacesofjase and manyfacesofjase best friends? yup34.~Does manyfacesofjase like manyfacesofjase? again!?!35.~How did you meet manyfacesofjase? he turned up here36.~Is manyfacesofjase older than you? yeah in human years37.~Is manyfacesofjase the sexiest person alive? no, that the rather cu.. *blush*[...]

Sat, 18 Jun 2005 22:00:30 GMT

Well, what a day!

All my favourite people were here today! I have had so many pats and scritches and fuss that I don't know waht to do with myself.

There have been low points too - they wandered off out without me at one point but this meant i spent some quality time with the sofa. Also, the girl stole my paddling pool. I watched her - quite blatent, walked up, put her feet in it lay down and stared at some paper which she kept turning - I ask you, really, whats a dog to do? So, I climbed in with her and when she wasn't watching, trod on her toes, then got out and showered her with water nad *SHE COMPLAINED* if she doesn't like water, what was she doing in my pool?!

Anyway, I am ready for a nap now, maybe more tomorrow.


Sun, 27 Mar 2005 16:07:06 GMT

Well, I haven't updated for a long time -- my paws get so sore typing but I have my beautiful secretary here this weekend so I have asked her to help.

The weekend has been good so far - I have celebrated Easter in true style with turkey lickings and broccoli mmmmmmmmmm.

All of my people are here - they are being very lazy but htis please me greatly as it means my fuss-o-meter has gone through the roof.

In other news, I am very happy, I have lost 5.5kilos, which has reduced my standing in the sleek business dogs of Newmarket but has made me feel much better - I can run and jump and things-- I even hupped for some Turkey skin earlier (soooo degrading but what can you do? I had to get her to type this somehow).

Anyway, I need to sleep after all that thinking.


it's me

Sat, 26 Feb 2005 18:50:28 GMT

yeah, i know it's ages since I updated - well, Mum has me so busy these days - since Christmas, we've had the windows replaced and I had to keep the men in order while she was at work. And, what with the diet, walks and swimming - ther's not much time for writing!
I have lost a grand 5 kilos since June! *wags joyfully*. My poor old hip feels so much better, I even managed to find to young doves yesterday - to supplement the meagre diet mum gives me! Mind you, she was soooo cross with me that she chased me round the garden - not that she could catch me! I did have a rather full tummy though - which was a good thing 'cos she wouldn't let me have any dinner! and I didn't like to tell her she was right about the feathers!

i's been a poorly boy

Wed, 01 Dec 2004 22:05:06 GMT

Well, I am feeling better now but the last few days have been a bit mis - p'raps it's 'cos Sarah + Matthew came and then went again! Seems to be the story of my life! :(
Mummy had to take me to the vet on Monday 'cos I had a poorly leg. It was all swollen and sore. I was real glad the vet didn't make me suffer the indignity of having something stuffed up my rear end! She was nice and kind and very gentle with my leg then told Mummy I had to rest up for a few days. Today was the first day I even felt like having a walk and it was soooo good to be outside. Mummy only let me walk a little way - she says it's 'cos she didn't want me to over do it, but I reckon it was 'cos it was cold and dark - I DID have my flashing collar on and I DID try to convince her otherwise, but Mum knows best (I think!). Anyway, all I erally want to do at the mo is sleep....
so what's new huh?

my people come home

Sat, 27 Nov 2004 17:19:31 GMT

I had a suprise today! My people came home! It was a bit of a shock really, I heard a car pull up adn mum let me out as she normal does and there they were!

I've had a lovely fuss on the sofa nad am looking forward to a relaxing weekend ;D


RickiDads guitar

Sat, 27 Nov 2004 00:05:40 GMT

Ricki came home on Wednesday. Daddy arrived with him in the car, so im not entirely sure where he came from, but i didnt care.. he was full of good smells, and he always has lots of fuss to give to me. we went for a nice long walk on thursday, and then played some games before bed. and then today, he went away again.. i was asleep this morning with him on the sofa, and it was so nice and warm, and comfortable, and he's always there to cuddle me, and now he's gone again. Mummy and I took him to the station, and then Mummy took me for a walk, but i knew Ricki was gone.. the big bag made me know. Mummy says he's coming back again for thursday though.. so i hope she's right. Anyway, im tired, and in definate need of sleep

well....I'm all alone, ther's no one here beside me (Shrek)

Tue, 16 Nov 2004 07:54:37 GMT

Ricki's been and gone and been and gone again! i was real excited when he came home on Saturday night 'cos i thought he might be around to stop me getting shut in when mummu was at work, but no! i had to endure a ride to Ely at 7.30 am on Monday so he could get bak to Lincoln. Mummy says it was 'cos a horrid man at his work had been pushing him around and i said "let me at 'im Mum - i'll show him not to pick on my rick". but Mummy said I wasn't alllowed - Ricki can look after himself - sort of!. She says he might be bak home again soon so i've got that to look forward too - ALSO foo and rah are finally coming back to see me! Mummy says it's cos they're coming up for the church barn dance but I know better! ;)
She says they keep talking about multiplying! that's a bit worrying! but I guess they know what it's all about - Mummy says it's not what i'm thinking!
well, i best go and see what mum's up to - she hasn't given me my walk yet before she shuts me away for the morning - but she did say that i've got my swim this afternoon - yeah!
bye all

Wed, 10 Nov 2004 19:09:43 GMT

Ah well, as everyone is doign it ...

10 things I am happy about

4)ear rubs
5)general fuss
6)my people
7)other dogs
8) sniffs

Ricki's home!

Fri, 05 Nov 2004 09:57:21 GMT

its been different the last two mornings, when mummy's left me at home when she goes to work. she hasn't shut me in the lounge with the tele on (i miss the tele), but she's let me walk around the house. and that, i can proudly say, is because Ricki is home! I went with mummy to the train station in ely on wednesday afternoon, and sniffed at many legs until i heard one say my name, and i thought "i know that voice". it was ricki, and i got lots and lots of fuss. ricki always gives me fuss, very like sarah, so i enjoy it when they are home. and, i get fuss even when i wake him up by sticking my nose in his face, which i find very rewarding.. still, anyway, its nice to have ricki home, and marion is coming this afternoon too, so i'll get more fuss then too. anyway, im going to go and have another look to see if my breakfast has changed, and then im going to choose from one the various locations i now have available in the mornings to park myself for a few hours. Iv already been outside this morning, but Ricki told me off for eating things when i was out there, so i dont think i'll go out there again yet.
sleep is waiting for me.. its missing me, and im missing it, so i think i should go


It's good to be home

Mon, 01 Nov 2004 19:59:28 GMT

Oh, it's so good. Matthew and Sarah have gone now, and everything is back to normal. Well almost - Jase now seems to always be sitting in my seat on the sofa using his laptop.
I now spend my time engaged in my favourite pastimes - lazing about, and looking for food.

Just a quick update - need to catch up on some sleep.


Mummy's home!Eagles

Sun, 31 Oct 2004 15:52:59 GMT

Well, Sarah kept telling me they were coming and then they had to take me out for a walk to keep me occupied until they were finally here. Then at last, they came - after giving them both a good sniff, I jumped into the drivers seat to make sure they weren't going to drive off again without me!
They seemed pretty pleased to see me but Mummy only gave me ONE treat and NO chicken + rice!!!! I think Sarah must have been talking to her.
Today is daddy's birthday and he and Matthew took me for a lovely foxy walk - unfortunately they then felt I had to have a shower after it - well, I liked the smell but they didn't! No-one asked ME if I wanted a shower! They all had chocolate cake but they didn't give me any of that either!
ah well, happy birthday dad!


Fri, 29 Oct 2004 07:48:34 GMT

Yesterday was a very good day. sarah was at home all day so I got lots of fuss. She had lots of things to do so any time i thought she wasn't paying enough attenetion to me, I went adn sat on her feet.

She had the loud thing out ont he floor again. I don't understand it, you think its being nice and friendly but then all of a sudden it leaps out at yuo. And it ate all the tissue bits I had elft on the floor. Greedy.

I hada lovelywalk and swim. We went ot he place where we went wiht that other dog, the loud excitable one. This time we went all on our own which was a lot better.

The evening was progressing as normal, I was a bit sad becasue the Humans had to go out but it was alll fine. Then they got home around bed time and cheekily put me into the car and drove for *hours* I was quite upset for a while -- I had been looking forward to going to bed, but they brought me *home*.

I like being home but mummy isn't here yet, Sarah says she'lll be back tomorrow, which is good. They seem intent on staying here for a while so I know my ear rubs won't run awway just yet.

Breakfast time. Maybe she'll give me a proper breakfast now we're here.



Wed, 27 Oct 2004 22:16:11 GMT

Today I am a happy dog, but I do not understand humans.

Take my Sarah for instance. In the middle of the night she woke me up, ok she was stroking me, so it was a nice way to wake up and turned me out for making a noise. Ok, I was makinga nolise, but a dogs goota snore right? Anyway, the Matthew half was snoring too!

Then this morning she was really nice, took me for a short run and gave me chicken with my biscuits cos I ate all my biscuits yesterday. the she went off adn *left* me. I mean, after all that fuss and attention she *abandoned* me. So I ate her tissues.

Then she came home and was nice to me and fussed me and fed me adn did all my favourite things. Then she went upstairs. Next thing I know I was hauled upstairs to look at the tissues. Now this is really silly. there was only me and Lizzie int he house, did she really think Lizzie would do it? So plainly, I had seen these tissues before but still, she inissited on showing me. Humans are weird.

Later in the evening Sarah went out to get her wallet from the Car and I followed, caught a niff and wondered around. I didn't go to far but next thing I know I see herr chasing me. Unforunately I spied some bread under the Car and so couldn't immediately convince her of my innocence of any wrong doing. I snatched up the bread adn ran for the house, only to be greeted by foo trying to force it out of my mouth. I swallowed it PDQ but this resulted in a telling off. I was so upset. I'd only been clearing up for them, saving htem having to feed me and she TOLD ME OFF!

Anyway, I said I was sorry adnd she gave me a fuss and all is happy now.

I do not understand Humans, you're nice and helpfula dn they complain! You make a mess and they *show* it to you. *sigh* I am having fun here though, many new sniffs and lots of strokes. Sarah gives good ear rubs.

Bed time for me now, this is a very long entry and my paws hurt


MehPeople Eating (grr)

Mon, 25 Oct 2004 17:20:20 GMT

As appears to be customary with human livejournals, I shall angst for a bit.

Mummy left some Chicken and Rice for my dinners which I really like, but it's run out and now all they are giving me is nasty biscuitses. We doesn't like them. Then they goes out and leaves us alone all day. They doesn't love us.

I think that, as October draws to a close, I might be getting depressed. I can't sleep at night; this couldn't possibly be anything to do with my lovely habit of sleeping during day time.

Anyway, they take me for long walks. We went to some place with cliffs and lots of boats on the sea; it was really nice.

Angst over (for now).

VisitingHumans talking

Thu, 21 Oct 2004 19:26:28 GMT

Mum took me on a long journey in the car today. There was lots of traffic and rain. We didn't stop for ages and when we did I hardly had a chance to pee let along sniff around the car park before we had to go again.

We got to Matthew's school where I had a chance to run around and sniff things before being put in Matthew's car and taken to his house.

When we got there it was dark and they gave me some dinner after I scared away a black cat who had invaded their garden.

Then Sarah rewarded my cat-scaring with a walk up onto the big, dark field.

Now we're back at home and I'm ready for some more sleep.