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Published: 2004-09-27T11:28:27-05:00


eVote Tampering - So easy even a monkey could do it!


Critics of the Diebold touch-screen voting machines turned their attention Wednesday from the machines themselves to the computers that will tally the final vote, saying the outcome is so easy to manipulate that even a monkey could do it. And...

Campaign Finance Fun


Funny and somewhat scary Fund Race uses freely available data from the FEC on campaign contributions. You can search by zip code, address, or even name, to find who is donating, to which candidate, and how much. Find out if...

GPO signs on to using PKI


One of the issues regarding information on the web is ensuring authenticity, especially in regards to government information. The GPO recently announced they will be soon begin using public-key infrastructure and digital signatures to ensure authenticity of documents released online....

Department of Interior websites shut down for security reasons


A federal judge in Washington yesterday ordered the Interior Department to shut down most of its employees' Internet access and some of its public Web sites after concluding that the agency has failed to fix computer security problems that threaten...

Feedback on NARA eGov policies saught


The Electronic Records Policy Working Group is inviting interested persons to provide their written views on issues relating to implementing section 207(e)(1)(A) of the E-Government Act of 2002. That section calls for ``the adoption by agencies of policies and procedures...

Child Left Behind?


Curious as to the success (or failure) of the 2001 No Child Left Behind Act? School Results is a public-private collaboration to provide data from the first rounds of NCLB initiatives and standardized testing. The project is funded by the...

Give the people what they want


I've mentioned in the past the number of people Googling to the site to find information about felony offender registries and the official Tennesse (a misspelling of Tennessee) state site. Since then, the new common search is for the Tennesse...

Search Interoperability Standards


The E-Government Act of 2002 calls for the U.S. Federal Government to enhance interoperability by adopting a common search standard. The Categorization of Government Information Workgroup has just finished the second version of their Statement of Requirements for Search Interoperability...

Do Not Call List upheld


The on again, off again Federal Do Not Cal List is now officially, and permanently, on again. Earlier this week a U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the FTC and FCC's registry does not violate the telephone solicitors First...

Felony offender registries


Someone came to the site looking for a Felony Offender registry. As far as I can tell the only state that has an online registry of felony offender is Tennessee. Here are two lists of links to official Megan's Law...

Excellence.Gov “Top 5” Award Winners


"The Industry Advisory Council’s (IAC) eGov Shared Interest Group (SIG) and the Federal CIO Council, in partnership with E-Gov, today announced the Federal agency programs selected as the “Top 5” within the awards program. These prestigious programs were selected...

Michigan Primary eVoting Test


Over the weekend the democratic party in Michigan used an eVoting system for its primary. According to their reports, things went off without a hitch. In response to reports (reported here below), about the Pentagon scrapping their eVoting initiative, a...

Federal eGov fund $92 million short


The 2005 U.S. federal budget includes just $5 million for the eGov fund. The amount requested for the year was $45 million. Last year the fund received just $3 million, which means over the last two years just $8 of...

Military eVoting Pilot Postponed


An eVoting pilot that would allow miltary staff stationed overseas to cast their ballots electronically has been postoned. The pilot program was scraped due to security concerns - concerns not just about the pilot, but the security of the Internet...

Eh, Guv'nor?


The National Governors Association has created an archive of historical information about state governor's going back to colonial times. Or at least it will. Currently the archive contains information on all current governors and historical data on governors from Alabama...