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Trump Signs Executive Order To Roll Back Obamacare

Fri, 20 Jan 2017 22:49:00 -0500

President Donald Trump wasted no time in chipping away at the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (sometimes called "ACA" or "Obamacare"), signing an executive order giving federal agencies the authority and discretion to roll back certain aspects of the Affordable Care Act.

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2017 NFL Playoff Odds: Atlanta Falcons Vs Green Bay Packers NFC Championship Game Picks And Advice

Sat, 21 Jan 2017 09:35:00 -0500

Check out the odds against the spread and a preview for the 2017 NFC Championship Game between the Atlanta Falcons and Green Bay Packers, plus get advice from a pro handicapper.

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California Undercuts Trump's Inauguration With Aggressive Carbon Reduction Plan

Sat, 21 Jan 2017 08:30:00 -0500

By 2050, California aims to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 80% -- and create jobs in the process -- but it will need federal approval for parts of its plan, setting up a potential showdown with the Trump administration.

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Ten Things You Deserve From Your Job -- Besides A Paycheck

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 01:03:00 -0500

What should Corinne look for in a new job? Here are 10 things she deserves at work -- and so do you!

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Trump's Executive Order On Obamacare - The Dismantling Begins

Fri, 20 Jan 2017 21:56:00 -0500

President Trump wasted no time in moving forward on Obamacare. He has signed an executive order that basically starts the dismantling of Obamacare and directs the Department of Health and Human Services and other responsible agencies to start development of a free market health care program.

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Man Boasts Of Sexual Assault, Later Inaugurated 45th President Of United States

Fri, 20 Jan 2017 05:11:00 -0500

Sexual assault survivors will spend the next four years being reminded of their assaults by President Donald Trump.

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Android Circuit: Samsung Reveals Galaxy S8, New Nokia Sells Out, Deciding The S8 Launch Date

Fri, 20 Jan 2017 19:17:00 -0500

This week’s Android Circuit includes Samsung's reveal of the Galaxy S8, the decision about the S8 launch date, Nokia sells out its new handset, thoughts on the Pixel 2 features, Android One's arrival in America, the history of Project Ara, and details on Super Mario Run's arrival on Android.

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Sorry, Recruiters: My Salary Is None Of Your Business

Sat, 21 Jan 2017 18:55:00 -0500

Chris is job-hunting, and recruiters have been asking Chris for salary details. What should Chris and other job-seekers do in that situation?

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What Effects Of Quantum Physics Can We Observe In Our Daily Lives?

Fri, 20 Jan 2017 12:41:00 -0500

What are some of the effects of quantum physics we can observe in day to day life? This question was originally answered on Quora by Mark Eichenlaub.

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Melania Trump Is Fashionable, But She's Unlikely To Become A Fashion Icon Like Michelle Obama

Fri, 20 Jan 2017 11:03:00 -0500

Melania Trump's choice of a baby blue Ralph Lauren dress this morning suggests a return to form: classic style. It's a sharp contrast from Michelle Obama's inauguration outfit in 2009, and the bold ways she communicated her priorities as a public figure by way of her wardrobe.

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