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Learn to Dance Samba

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Samba Dance Styles


Samba Dance Steps are found all over the world in a staggering number of different styles. While most famous in places like Rio de Janiero, one might just as easily see these steps performed in a street parade in Finland or a dinner club in Chicago. It is one of the most common Latin dances taught as well as being a perennial favorite in the history of ballroom dance competition. Part of its appeal is the simplicity of learning the basic steps of the samba, making it easy to spice it up later with the intricacies of choreography.

Here are just a few examples of samba’s immense variety and worldwide popularity.
  • Samba no pe an impromptu form
  • Samba de gafieira popular in nightclubs
  • The intimate embrace of a samba pagode
  • The tightly-choreographed solos of the samba axe
  • Mesemba
  • Carioca
  • A Baion
  • A Batucado
  • Conga
  • Carnivale

What is Samba?


What is Samba? - A syncopated, smooth dance style which was invented in the late 1800s as part of Brazil’s carnaval celebrations. Carnaval sambas were typically performed by large percussion ensembles, and were an expression of Brazil’s West African heritage. Later on, in the 1920s and ’30s, samba became increasingly complex, as writers such as Ary Barroso transformed it into a pop style, blending African rhythms with European melodies. This dance is great for the ladies and guys body movement. Samba can have great benefits for your fitness and other latin type dances too.

Samba Dancing with DanceCrazy Instructional Videos


The samba dance is both fun and beautiful, but it takes some skill too. To improve those skills DanceCrazy offers the best instructional videos for Samba loaded with great samba dance steps and samba music. So Don't worry, they've got you covered. All of the important samba dance steps are covered, and shown along with great samba music. Samba dance instruction will not only teach you dance, but it will make you more active and confident in you day to day life!


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