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Fidelity Investments' Timmer: Investors Watching Volatility Should Keep a Close Eye on China


China could be the next to add to volatility and is worth watching, said Fidelity's Timmer in an interview with Investopedia.(image)

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Vanguard Says Investors Didn't Panic When Markets Tanked


Vanguard said that investors didn't panic earlier in the month when stocks plummeted.(image)

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E*TRADE: Markets Historically Show Weakness on Wednesday, Thursday After a Holiday


Based on historical data, E*TRADE says that investors should brace for some stock market weakness this Wednesday and Thursday.(image)

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E*TRADE: Economic Indicators, Not Stocks Indexes, Give Better Investing Insight


Investors wanting to gauge if more bloodletting is in the cards should pay attention to economic indicators, advises E*TRADE.(image)

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Vanguard's New Factor ETFs Resemble Actively Managed Funds


Vanguard's new factor-based ETFs are among the most actively managed investments from the passive fund company.(image)

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Fidelity Investments: Filing Taxes Early Saves Money, Protects From Identity Theft


Here's a way to protect yourself from identity theft courtesy of Fidelity Investments: file your taxes early.(image)

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TD Ameritrade's Backtesting Tool Lets Investors Relive, Retest Their Trades


TD Ameritrade's backtesting tool lets traders implement lessons from the past.(image)

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Charles Schwab: Markets Repricing Risk Without Economic Downturn


The stock market repriced without a recession, which Charles Schwab said is good news.(image)

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E*TRADE's OptionHouse: Financial Stocks a Play on Rising Interest Rates


With the Fed in rate-raising mode, E*TRADE said that financial stocks could be a way to play the market.(image)

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Vanguard Funds Join Cboe ETF Marketplace


Six Vanguard ETFs are now included in Cboe's ETF Marketplace.(image)

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Charles Schwab: Volatility Caused Market Drop, Not the Other Way Around


Volatility caused the stock sell-off, not the other way around, says Charles Schwab strategist Liz Ann Sonders.(image)

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Investors Move to Cash in February: Merrill Fund Manager Survey


With stocks selling off in the beginning of February, fund managers around the globe moved to cash.(image)

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Vanguard Lowers Fees on a Canadian Bond ETF


Vanguard has lowered the fees on one of its biggest bond ETFs in Canada.(image)

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TD Ameritrade: Construction, Transportation Companies Could Benefit From Infrastructure Bill


The infrastructure bill is far from a done deal, but TD Ameritrade said there are some industries that should benefit from upgrades.(image)

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Defensive Investing Is One Way to Manage Volatility: Charles Schwab


With volatility back and likely here to stay, getting some defensive investments in your portfolio can help, says Charles Schwab.(image)

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Vanguard Funds, ETFs Tops Money Magazine's Annual Investment Guide


Money Magazine named 42 mutual funds and ETFs from Vanguard to its annual fund and ETF recommendation lists.(image)

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Charles Schwab Total Client Assets Jump 23% in January; Expects More Mutual Fund Clearing Outflows


Charles Schwab set a new client assets record in January but is preparing for mutual fund clearing services outflows of up to $100 billion.(image)

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Vanguard First to Pass $1 Trillion in Defined Contribution Assets


Vanguard is the first firm to surpass $1 trillion in defined contribution assets under management.(image)

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TD Ameritrade’s Advisory Platform Sees 10% Inflow Jump in February


TD Ameritrade's advisory platforms has seen a 10% increase in inflows so far in February as DIY investors seek a little hand-holding.(image)

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Charles Schwab: Interest Rates Should 'Grind Higher'


Charles Schwab's chief-fixed income strategist Kathy Jones thinks interest rates will "grind higher" this year.(image)

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Fidelity's Timmer: Markets Are Now Balanced


Fidelity's director of global macro says that the sell-off has brought necessary balance to the stock market.(image)

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Merrill Edge Adds ESG Scores to Platform for Impact Investors


Merrill Edge added ESG scores from MSCI to help customers identify companies that are doing right by the environment and society.(image)

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Lower ETF Investment Minimums Attract Small Investors to Charles Schwab


Charles Schwab's move to lower the minimum amount to invest has resonated with smaller investors.(image)

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E*TRADE's January Daily Average Revenue Trades Jump 57% Year Over Year


E*TRADE saw a double-digit increase in daily average revenue trades, or DARTs, during January.(image)

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Vanguard: 3 Questions to Ask Clients Interested in Factor ETF Investing


With factor ETFs growing in popularity, Vanguard said advisors have to work to determine the best ones for clients.(image)

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Vanguard: Avoid Emotional Investing With Planning, Big Picture Approach


Vanguard says having a plan and seeing the big picture can prevent investors from reacting to emotions when stocks are declining.(image)

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Charles Schwab: Volatility Is Back With a Vengeance


Volatility is back and isn't going anywhere, although Schwab doesn't think the bull run is at risk as of yet.(image)

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Fidelity Investments Bans Investing in Fear Gauge ETFs


Fidelity banned investing in an ETF that lost most of its value because it bets on the calm in the stock market.(image)

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TradeStation Gets Cozy With Siri


TradeStation is integrating more deeply with Siri in the latest update to its iOS mobile trading app.(image)

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