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Preview: Best Actor Academy-The Monster Of Free Acting Tips

Best Actor Academy-The Monster Of Free Acting Tips

Best Free Tips To Become An Actor At Home Without Joining School

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The Dangerously Powerful 4 Learning Acting Exercises At Home

Mon, 25 Sep 2017 01:58:00 +0000

Prabhas- Great Telugu actor of Baahubali who learned recommended acting at homeDue to my personal reasons, I can't join an acting school or a coach. Any solution?I belong to a middle-class family and can't afford Mumbai's expensive schools. Can you help?I have been cheated by an acting school at Old MHADA, Andheri-west, Mumbai with a promise to give me a break in the films. Now, I want to learn acting at home. Are there some exercises?--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Acting Alone And PracticeI’ve had a number of emails recently about acting students who are in a situation where they can’t be in a class for various reasons - whether it’s financial, location, or other, and want to do exercises to keep themselves in the work.First of all, I would emphasize strongly how important it is to have a good teacher or coach or a good acting school (where a teacher gives personal attention) to work with. One guy that observes you, identifies your emotional issues, physical movements and has the expertise to help you break your shortcomings and spends time with you.My Highly Recommended Exercises1. Three phone Calls The sceneIn this exercise, you are in your scene, either you are getting ready to leave or have come back from outside. You will make or receive three phone calls. Each call needs to be very different, with a different subject and tone, to three different people. You are in these phone calls while in the “doing”, meaning you are doing something at home during the call. Imagine and create the other person, and hear their side of the conversation. Get totally involved yourself in the call, hear them, respond to them, and complete the call, while doing your other work (like arranging something, changing clothes, dusting etc). As you complete the call you continue your activity and the second call, either one you make or receive. A second phone call with another person with a different life…. Then a third call. When finished, you leave or go back to your activity.Notes: Your other people that you can create should be A. some close one with whom you have a genuine emotional relationship like a love mate, friend, mother; B. Maybe some stranger or a creditor with whom you may enter into a conflict. Listen to them. Take your time. Make them important, and be creative. Find something that you can be really interesting. Do this while “in the doing something at home or a place” or getting ready to go somewhere. This exercise is about specifics, activity, and living truthfully in the moment. Review the calls – are you being real or “too dramatic”? truthful? fake? Give the phone calls contrast. These should be people you have a very different emotional point of view about. Show your range of emotions, actions, and reactions. Don’t make them all the same. Keep each call to no more than 2 minutes. Practice, time yourself, and rehearse with yourself.Example:I get home and am getting ready for bed, and see that I have a message. I read the message; it’s my mother… again. I return the call. She’s complaining about something. I feel guilty and irritated when I speak to her. I talk with her for a bit and hang up….. I continue to get ready and then call a woman I’m interested in, I’m quite nervous, I like her and don’t know if she likes me. I chat her up a bit and then ask her out Friday night…..I continue and make a third call. It’s to a friend who has to give my money back which I loaned him long back. You can practice this by yourself, with a friend, even shoot on mobile video camera yourself and review it. Again, the best is a good “eye” watching you and giving notes and feedback is best.Do this once a week if you are self-acting.2. Film An Imaginary Audition:Set-up a camera, cell phone, or webcam to capture your performanceFind and prepare a monologue ( say about 10-15 lines from a storybook, newspaper or just create a scene with someone), get ready as you would for an auditionCho[...]

Want To Join Big List Of Losers? Don't Get Monologue | 14 Tips

Sun, 24 Sep 2017 01:21:00 +0000

feedsharkI don't know how to prepare a monolog for auditions and failing. Can you help?Is a bad monolog or no monolog the reason of rejections in auditions?How important is for an actor to prepare a monolog?--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------How to select a monolog?What monolog should I use for my audition?How to prepare Hindi monolog?How long should be a monolog?What precautions should I take for preparing monolog?What Is a Monologue?If you have a friend or relative who likes to hear himself talk, you already know what a monologue is.  It is an uninterrupted, one-sided conversation in which a person — a college professor, your drunk friend at a wedding anniversary party— addresses a specific audience. Dating back to ancient Greek drama, where they played an essential role, monologues remain the main feature of plays and films. Monologues provide character development, give an explanation, or identify key themes.Nowadays it's a trend with casting directors to ask an actor appearing for audition to give a monologFollow these winning tips when choosing oneFinding good audition material seems to be a pain in the ass for many actors. I began to fully appreciate how actors kill selection chances. Many actors simply choose bad audition monologs for themselves. The reality is, if you are going to audition for films and TV (also especially for theater), monologs are going to be required of you fairly regularly. You can help yourself immensely if you follow some simple tips.1. Know your "type" and be realistic about it.A good way of discovering this to ask other actor friends, your acting coach and people in the industry. If you choose a piece that is something you’d "LIKE to do" as opposed to something that truly suits you, you are unlikely to stand out among the competition- there will be plenty of others who are type same casting type, better looking and more experienced or better prepared for the same audition                  2. Know your age range Again, be realistic about this and ask friends, your acting coach or people in the industry for honest opinions about your screen age then stick to that age range. For example, if your screen age is 23 to 30 and if you prepare or select a monolog spoken by 60 years old man, well then you know it would be absolutely out of the place and the casting directors would notice instantly.3. Enter the room with confidenceIf hands are offered, shake them. Look the auditors in the eyes during introductions i. Introduce yourself and let them know what piece you are doing and who the source/s. Remember to smile and show off your confidence.4. Short And SweetA monolog that’s between 1 minute to 2 minutes is great. More than that is beginning to push it too much. A monolog audition should work to spark the auditor’s imagination, not be an attempt to cram everything you can do with a one piece of text.5. ImagineSimply put, your monolog should express as if you are talking something to your scene partner whether partner present to absent. In this way, every monolog is actually a dialogue, a give and take between you and a silent, invisible scene partner.6. Don't tell just a storyThis is related to #2. So often actors create monologs which simply tell a story or reflect on a memory. These pieces become inactive 99% of the time and highlight the matter rather than you.7. Avoid pieces that are full of violence, sex or offensive languageRemember that an audition is, after all, a job interview. Often the casting director doesn't know anything about you apart from what we see in the audition. "A lot of offensive language or pieces that contain descriptions of graphic violent or sexual acts are just in bad taste at an audition8. Entertain auditioners No one in the industry wants to watch an actor working really hard to impress them with their "acting" especially if the piece is boring or mediocre. Choose a monolo[...]

Rejected! You're Crap Like 100 Others | Can't Create A Character

Thu, 21 Sep 2017 02:43:00 +0000

Jim Carrey the world's greatest comedian getting repeated rejections before successWhy so many actors including me rejected in auditions?I' quitting. Getting repeated rejections in auditions. Any solution?My school never taught me how to avoid repeated audition failure and get a role. Can You help?How to become film and TV serial actor by being selected in auditions?Answering These 7 simple questions and preparing well can make you succeed in auditions  The other side is that an actor who puts in the time and energy will definitely have a greater understanding of their character and their personal acting technique.Take them, learn them, and think about them. That is why Stanislavski asked them.There are so many different acting techniques that finding a process that works for you can be confusing and difficult. Ironically, most acting books and teachers use similar principles based on Stanislavski's system. This is because Constantin Stanislavski is considered, even today as 'The father of modern acting' and every acting technique created in the current era continues to get influenced by 'Father Stan.' For young actors, I'm giving an understanding of Stanislavski’s 7 questions which will be an invaluable foundation upon which to build a 'character' the actor intends to play.As A Character AskWho am I?Start with the basics and then fill in the gaps with your imagination. Pick apart the script to find out what type of person your character is; what they look like, what they believe, how others describe them and so on. Think about your character’s past and the significant events/people that influenced them and made them who they are in the script.Where am I?The script will usually tell you where you are but the important thing for an actor is to consider how the character feels about the place they are in. Characters act differently in public than they do in private. People move differently when they are cold vs. when they are too hot. The space your character occupies can determine how they behave during a scene.What time is it?Year, season, month, day, and time of day should all be described. Then, think about how the specific time of the play changes the character’s action. If it’s night, looks or says in the upper regions of Himachal Pradesh in extreme winter, physical reactions and dialog delivery may change.What do I want?This is a character’s primary motivation for everything they do in a scene. All actions should be executed with the goal of getting what you want from the other characters in the scene. This is also called a character’s objective.Why do I want it?There must be a driving force behind your objectives on stage and on film screen and that is your justification. We all had reasons for doing what we do and characters are no different. Give your character a convincing reason for acting and you automatically generate high stakes which lead to tension.How will I get what I want?Imagine. Use your dialogue, movements, and gestures to try to influence the other characters to give you what you want i.e. accomplish your objective. This is also called a character’s tactic. If one tactic fails, try a new one and see if that works.What must I overcome to get what I want?There may be always something in the script stopping characters from achieving their objective so as to create a drama. Usually, there is someone or something in the outside world impeding a character’s advancement and also some internal conflict with which they struggle. Find what it/they are and fight against them with the scene. This is also called a character’s obstacle.Source[...]

Why Actors Should Play Lottery

Mon, 18 Sep 2017 02:05:00 +0000

An actor's dreams and imaginationWhy am I not becoming a good actor?I'm getting roles but not becoming a Bollywood star. What's the reason?I can't imagine playing different types of characters' What to do?When I play a script in auditions, I become tense and look false. Why and what to do?SolutionDevelop The Power Of Imagination, Dream, And Practice Characters At HomeBuy Lottery Ticket, Imagine Becoming Rich And Famous--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Why Playing Lottery Made Me A Good Actor?Hi,I'm an International Award-Winning Character Actor (Guiana 1838), and an acting coachPage From My Life DiaryAs an aspiring actor a few years back.... "Like many millions of other people, I bought a lottery ticket on Monday. With a jackpot worth of Rs.10 Crores, I couldn’t resist. But as I handed over that cash, I felt shame. I felt as if I'm being looked by scornful eyes and judged. In my head, I heard the voices of dozens of friends and family shouting at me, “You just threw that money away!” They told me how ridiculous I was being, how insanely long the odds of winning are and to not get my hopes up. They are familiar voices. They pop up regularly in my life, in moments when I find myself beginning to fantasize and daydream. They are the voices of reason. Of the rational. Of control. And they are trying to ruin my acting. I have spent most of my life fighting with my mind’s weird strict direction to through life out of control. It is extremely easy for me to think negatively, to turn the smallest discomfort into as if I'm gonna die. In my head, a failed effort easily turns into a fear and a doom. An unexpected knock on the door quickly escalates into a devil entering. My mind likes to just run away. I’m constantly fighting against it because, most of the time, it leads into some terrible direction so I have to do everything in my power to bring myself back to reality just to calm myself down. This escapism away from realizing my dreams to become a good actor is nothing but a myth.  Less often, I will find myself fantasizing about an opportunity that comes my way to be a successful actor. When a big audition comes along, a life-changing kind of project-I will find myself drifting away into a fantasy, a colorful futureI imagine hearing how proud people are of meI imagine traveling to incredible places to film my scenes.I imagine the crew and the director gave me a standing ovation on my performance in a scene shotI imagine my beautiful female co-stars congratulating me after a shotI imagine depositing Rs. 10 Lakhs in my bank accountMy vacations to incredible tourist places in India and abroad and staying Taj or Hilton And when I get caught up, I hear those voices telling me to get ahold of myself, to calm down, to come back to my safe and routine life. The voices, the voices of therapists and friends and family, voices of those who have my best interest in mind, try to restore control.The world trains us to lead a less complicated and a safe life. We get messages to calm down and not get worked up all the time. The life teaches us to keep our heads down and follows the logical, rational path. Perhaps this may be correct. It would be a tough world if everyone was constantly in contact with the extreme things that could happen in every moment. It would be equally impossible to go to work if we followed every fantasy and dream. So we tame our imagination. But we actors cannot. We actors must learn to tap into the depth of our imaginations in order to fulfill the depth of the roles we play. We have to remember that every moment in our life as an "Avatar" has tremendous potential, that we can alter our lives by following the impulses others would try to forget. We must own the reality that some days we lose what we love to be and other days are full of new opportunities to fulfill what we love to be. Films and plays are not about the days where you wake [...]

Thousands Have Failed | Which One Is Next?

Fri, 15 Sep 2017 07:00:00 +0000

Feed SharkLearning emotions and attitudes in my private  coaching Or Get Ably TrainedHere is the answer How Not Be In Those Thousands Who Have Failed And Roaming On Mumbai Streets!My lucky words are simple:"Get professionally trained in acting craft, acting for camera and marketing and promotion of your career". Or forget about acting and actor. There are more than 2.5 Lakhs aspiring actors better than each other roaming on the roads of Mumbai and struggling, some even for 10 years!If You Are A Beginner, Initially Better Join An Acting Coach For Personal "One On One" focused Coaching. Later, You May Join a Good School for scene practices with co-actors, networking and as a source of industry information.Before you join an acting coach or a school, ask for their syllabus and check if it includes the following topicsNobody will give you this!What are the requirements to become an actor, especially in India and BollywoodHow can I meet these requirements and how an acting coach or a school will help me in fulfilling these requirementsA complete understanding of what is an  "Acting and "An Actor"Can I really become a good actor or not-My SWOT analysis (strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats)Action plan for the aboveWhich human parts of the body are responsible to become a good actorThe role of body and mind and how to develop themWhich are the separate and individual exercises to develop body and mindIn-depth script analysisIn-depth character analysis and how to create an amazing characterExercises for the aboveWhich are the best acting techniques for how to learn themExercises on acting techniquesHow to create my own acting techniques best suited to meActing for the camera: cinematography, scene and shot, angles, expressing through face and eyesActing for stage and difference between film and theater acting Learning different emotions and attitudes of people around usKey factors to become a good actor1. Observations (Exercises)2. The power of imagination (Exercises)3. Relaxation4. Sense memory and emotional memory5. In the moment and situations6. How to be instantly in a character7. Memorization8. Focus without distractions9. Super confidence10. Animal exercises11. Improvisation12. Auditions and how to grab roles (Exercises)13. Fighting nervousness, anxiety and fear14. Marketing and promoting my acting careerGeneral queries to be made by youHow are the teaching faculty and their backgroundWhat is the duration of each sessionHow many students in a classDo the faculty give time to each studentDo they give important notes like the list of casting directors, artist coordinators, portfolio studios (photographers), list of free websites to register and promote etc. etc.On average how many passed out students get acting jobs- names and contact No., films or theater plays, their websites etcThe above may not be all but a must in any acting syllabus syllabusGood LuckWould you like to be trained by me as your personal and private acting coach?Read this carefully and decide:I wish you a good luck to be an actor, for sure!Join me. This step today will make you a Top Actor tomorrow!  1.  Main page for complete detailshttp://topactingcoach.weebly.com2. Website page for fees, courses, duration, syllabus, registration rules etc Emails for communicationactingcoach.kiran.pande@gmail.comkiran.aged@gmail.comUpdated on Saturday 16th September at 6 AM[...]

How To Blow Casting Directors And Actors | Be The Best | 20 Q & A

Mon, 11 Sep 2017 01:33:00 +0000

How to bomb casting directors to your selectionThis post has been given 5 stars by Blogger India  as the most useful post for actors "To my knowledge, never read a single post equivalent to perhaps reading hundreds of sources on how to become an actor. I must for aspiring actors"~ Danny DenzongpaBollywood Celebrity ActorHow to become an actor?I'm a beginner. How to start?Can I become an actor learning acting at home and without experience?What time it takes to be an actor in films and TV in India?Why the majority of actors Fail?20 Most Common Questions By Actors And Best Proven AnswersHow To Become An ActorThere are thousands of aspiring young man and women in the world who dream to be an actor. They just land up in LA, New York City for Hollywood, or in Mumbai India for Bollywood. Sadly, around 90% go on struggling and fail to be one. Why?Because, they never had a prior proper knowledge, on cine industry, what are the sure ways to become an actor and how to meet them. There are some requirements which they can prepare and meet them in their towns and villages without just packing and landing up in the cine industry's big towns. The result is a disastrous-a failure!I have a sure shot solution for those who dream to become an actor.The questions and answer below is  MUST to read and act upon if they want if you want to become a guaranteed actor1.I'm a beginner. How to start?Empty your mind, Acting for camera, Don't mimic and copy, develop imagination, Read script repeatedly,  read more -HERE2.What are the success requirements to be a Bollywood actor and how to meet them?Build good body, get trained, well spoken Hindi, good portfolio, Build contact, patience, readmore-HERE3.What is the difference between acting in theater and filmTheater- live audience at a distance, Exxagerate actions | Film-invisible viewers close to you, subtle performance, read more-HERE 4.Can I become an actor without experience?Yes. Read and practice posts of this blog, In front of a full-size mirror, With friends. Read more HERE5.Can I become an actor learning acting at HomeWhy not?Learn and practice each post from this blog | Needs total devotion, forget yourself,  go to as many auditions as possible and fail. Learn and improve, observe people and animals, birds, play them at home, watch good movies and learn from actor,Read more HERE6.How can I build a hot body?Practice simple exercises at home or join gymRead more HERE7.What are the best acting techniques to become star actorStanislavski, Sandy Meisner, Alexander.............Read more HERE 8.What are the best tips to face a camera in an audition and shoot?Focus on the camera, Concentrate, Don't shift eyes and face, Be subtle, Don't exaggerate expressions, Speak softly...Read more HERE9.Why many of the actors fail in auditions? What are the mistakes?Repeatedly say to self you are good, Don't watch others in the waiting room, Don't lose confidence, Don't overthink, Don't overwork on lines...Read more HERE 1O.What is acting for the camera?Film vs Theater, Different shots and angles, Best tips...Read More HERE11.My Hindi is poor. How to improve?Great tips. Read HERE12.What are the true stories of actors Struggle before they became  Bollywood starsThe stories and facts of 18 Bollywood stars. Read More HERE13.How to find out if I can be a Bollywood actor or not?A simple test to know instantly. Read more HERE14.What a casting director wants in an audition?Be natural, Don't try hard and look fake, Be professional, Be respectful...Read more HERE15.Do You Need Artist Card? Authentic and Bogus | Check HereDo you really need? Do you want to be a worker in the industry? Which are the sources...Read more HERE16.What are monthly living expenses in Mumbai for an aspiring actor?The suitable places for actors to live, Film and TV industry places, Monthly expenses...Note: Add 10% to what is shown in 2017Read more HERE17.Which are [...]

Are You A Dumb-Ass Paying Large Money To Learn Acting? The Best FREE

Mon, 11 Sep 2017 01:00:00 +0000

Leonardo DiCaprio is a great American Hollywood actor, film producer, and environmental activist.I'm struggling for a long but no success. HelpI'm getting small roles in Films and TV serials but not good and regular roles. What to do?How to succeed as an actor in Films and TV serials in Mumbai?Too many rejections in auditions. Frustrated. What to do?Quitting acting due to no success in acting career. Is there any solution?-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ambitious people are always striving for success and acting is no different. The question of how to be a successful actor has bothered thousands of actors and experts.  There’s good news, and then there’s bad news.The good news is that there are 2 guaranteed formulas on how to win auditions and be a successful actor.The bad news, however, is that these 2 formulas are not easy to crack. But if you stick with it, follow the rules, play the game, and give it all you’ve got, you might be a star in Bollywood or Hollywood or in TV.Controlling  And Winning Your Auditions and Acting CareerStep 1.Get selected in auditions Caution!Don't go for every audition. Check if it suits you before you apply and go for audition Prescription 1Your Type = age range + jobs + attitudeExplanation Your typeWe are all born a certain way, with a certain “look” and unless we want to commit to drastic plastic surgery, then we will be cast as specific roles in our acting careers. It’s up to actors to be smart enough to identify that look, harness it, and use it to our advantage. Are you look and suitable for:ExamplesLeading man/woman2nd man/womanCollege studentTeacher, professor or principalVillage farmerGood or a bad friendCommon street man/womanShopkeeperTaxi driverBusinessmanExecutivePriest / PujariCrooked and slyComedianLook belonging to a particular ethnicity like South Indian, North East etcShort, Tall, Fat, SicklyWith a particular voice, accent and body languageHow to conclude your 'Type'Take a good hard look in the mirror. Pay attention to your face, your weight, your ethnicity, and your personality. Do you have a receding hairline? Do you have a thick accent? Listen to your voice. Do you sound smart and articulate when you talk, or do you sound uneducated? Be. Honest Finally, ask your close friends, an acting coach, or anyone who will be honest with you. Your good friends will be honest with you.Age rangeFor example, you look between 22-32. This is called as screen age rangeJobsAudition requirements for a role eg. college student, hot, sexy, taxi driver, shopkeeper, professor, middle-aged father, character actor, businessman etcAttitudeAs an individual are you a positive, negative, shy, aggressive, introvert, smiling, argumentative, peaceful, brave etc?Step 2. How To Become A Successful Actor? Prescription 2(P + HW + T) × L = SExplanationWhat is this, you ask? This is your equation of success. This is your formula towards succeeding in acting business. It’sP: PerseveranceHW: Hard WorkT: Talent; Then all of the above multiplied by X: Multiply by luckEquals to Success!If you want to implement the above 2 formulas, we would love to have you join us[...]

From A Rat to Top Dog | 4 Lessons Learned And Changed Self

Fri, 01 Sep 2017 12:55:00 +0000

From a struggler to Bollywood star- Nawazuddin Siddiqi How Was I A Stupid Actor?5 years of struggle, rejections, depleted finances, mounting credits, criticism, mockery... it was everything terrible which compelled me to chicken out from my dream to be a great actor. Then I met an actor cum an acting coach and that changed my life. I pondered, analyzed my 5 years of struggle, practiced and changed.Here  are my observations and tips to all actorsThe day I was struck by how similar the rules to acting are to the rules of success in life.After being labeled as a "Struggler" for long, the day had come when either I find the reason and change myself or quit acting. After analyzing my past of 5 years, asking close ADs and my acting coach,  I found that much like attaining success,  good acting is far from easy. The brighter side is, with the power of imagination, observation and regular practice, any one can be an excellent actor and be a believable on camera.1. Forget Self And  Self-Consciousness by Concentrating On "The Other”Here what I mean by "The Other" is reacting to your experience at the "moment" either in real in life or in a "imaginary moment" in a film scene or on stage. This is by reacting truthfully to what you have sensed through your 5 senses(see, smell, taste, listen and by touching)To varying degrees, humans are all the same. We are preoccupied with ourselves and what others think of us can lead to occasional irritating thoughts to crippling anxiety In acting, the number one rule is to lose self-consciousness, your "self", Archetype. Bad acting is often the result of self-awareness. It’s easy to tell when the actor is concerned with how they look, enjoying the sound of their voice or how they are performing. These thoughts take the actor way from the audience, and the actor loses being in a character and his credibilityActors can avoid this pitfall by shifting their concerns on some object on the set, or on watching and really listening to co actor. By responding to what they see and focusing on their partner’s reactions, actors may forget that they are "acting".  By placing   focus on the other person could be the best way to achieve goal on-stage or for the camera-by responding to the people. Listen and I mean really listen and respond naturally. 2. Focus On Controlling What You Can Control Not everything.  That may look fakeOnce, when I was attending class by Scott Zigler.  I noticed he always emphasizes that “ deliberate indication” is a sign of bad acting. When an audience watches a performance, it is easy to feel and tell if the actor is truly angry or just trying to act angry (hence “indicating” anger). To avoid this, actors need to STOP thinking that they need to "act".   For example to “feel” angry,  some will be trying desperately to "act" and the viewers will immediately feel them as "artificial". However, these actors can take at least "actions" which are within their control. For example, It is not my "attempt" to appear angry, but with my action like body language and gestures generated truthfully when you listen carefully and focusing on what and how my character will react may cause me to be angry.3. It's Not What You Say But How You SayI used to become frustrated during rehearsal when I felt that the lines in the script were awkward or out of character.However, good actors do not need to rely on the words of the script. The lines are simply the means to the character’s goal, and the actual words are not nearly as important as the tone of voice, inflection, body language and emotions behind them. For example, the words “I love you” can be used to really tell someone: “I care about you”. The audience is humans and can detect the slightest emotional signs — from the worry in someone[...]

No Chance For You Unless Read 10 Top Posts Among Thousands

Thu, 31 Aug 2017 05:23:00 +0000

Still dreaming with closed eyes how to be a  successful actor?The beginners, struggling and even market actors are always in a confusion and dilemma on how to get correct information and how to become a good actor. There are thousand of websites, blogs and posts on Internet. Many from small towns, not adequately educated, may not have access or knowledge how surf and search Internet. With just their dreams, want to knock the doors of film and TV industry. They may not realize that more then 90% of aspiring actors commit most silly and serious mistakes thus jeopardizing career and eventually leading a miserable life. Many of websites and posts provide theoretical information or for their own financial benefits.So, what to do when their questions remain unanswered?--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Read, apply or quit acting before you wrack your lifeUltimate 10 posts which will answer all actors questions, create into master of acting craftWhom and how to contact--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Top acting schools in India and the best private acting coach2. Sure ways to become an actor in Bollywood3. Top 3 casting directors you can contact for acting jobs4. Call on them and don’t give up. Sure to get good roles in films and TV5. The ultimate sites to promote acting career6. The best and top casting agencies in India for actors7. The most reliable and the best 7 casting directors in India for actors8. How to select good monologues for winning auditions9. Learn from the life stories and struggle of 18 Bollywood stars10. Why an artist card? You are not a menial worker like a sweeper in productionJoin us and become a guaranteed star actor[...]

Not For Strugglers | Only Who Want To Be Bollywood Star

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Which habits made them Bollywood stars?How To Get Into Bollywood Film Industry?How To Become A Bollywood Actor/Actress?How Can I Be A Bollywood Star?I Want To Be A Bollywood Star. Help meStop Being A Struggler!Learn 10 Habits To Become A Bollywood Star1. Constantly Question EverythingWhen you’re taught something, don’t write it down, accept it as fact and vomit it out the same way later. Instead, as stars have done is to really dig it and turn upside down. If you don’t ask questions, are you really learning?2. Allow your thoughts to wanderToday Bollywood stars knew and did some of their best thinking while day-dreaming and letting his thoughts drift. When you feel stuck, especially when thinking about what to and how to do, allow yourself to lose focus and let your mind go somewhere else.3. Have varied interestsMany successful actors of films and TV dance, sing, play musical instruments, learned martial arts,  kept a pretty fascinating social life and studied non-stop. For some of you, this may seem mind-blowing and difficult but remember it’s important to be versatile when it comes to your interests and hobbies. You learn so much just by being interested in a multitude of things. It’s also a great way to give yourself a break from one subject ie "acting" when it starts to overburden you. It can help and inspire you when you feel stuck or depressed because of prolonged struggle, financial instability and frequent rejections and criticism.4. Figure out how you learn bestThe Bollywood stars knew, to succeed a never ending training is absolutely essential to be on top. They identified the following major areas of learning:Learning and updating acting craftHow to build body and look HOTHow to have an excellent proficiency in spoken Hindi and a reasonable English vocabulary.How to market and promote their acting career with all the contemporary toolsHow to be an excellent public relation guyHow to manage financesHow to have a thick skinHow to develop the ability to struggle for a long period 5. Surround yourself with brilliant, successful peopleLike everything in life, it’s easiest to be inspired to do something when you surround yourself with people who are especially good at that thing. When it comes to education and learning, do as stars did and surround you with successful actors, good casting directors, directors or assist. directors of any age and hobbies or develop in you, their hobbies to help you to be in their friend circle. Also, develop a habit of reading. Pick up some good books not only on acting but on how to be successful and happy in life and on other self-development subjects.6. Think for yourselfIn today’s world, we get so caught up in other peoples’ opinions. We think everything we do, right down to the coffee we drink, is important and is under the scrutiny of others. The Bollywood stars do notice but don’t get caught up in what other people think or say. Don’t write or argue with people you are associated and make it a habit.  Develop a habit of thinking for yourself and in the real world, not under imaginary situations, social media, and people. Make learning as your major interest and a second nature.7. Don’t give in to life's dramatic situationsThe film stars were never concerned with, well, any of the events going on around him! If they weren’t directly interesting to them, they would pretty much leave these events alone. Well, I’m not recommending you become a saint and only leave your house if it serves you in a selfish way, but I am saying to follow these star's example and not get caught up in the drama that can so often surround you.8. Never doubt your intuitionWhat is an intuition? It's an ability to understand or know something immediately based on your feelings rather than factsMost of us have experienced [...]

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Destroy!Actor And Acting-How To Master Acting To Be A Legendary ActorThe growth as an actor and growth as a human being are similar(synonymous). The objective should be to learning with tools, professional training with the discipline to grow. Most importantly, To learn how to develop the limitless human imagination in their task of studying and bringing a script to life. IndividualThe 4 Basics To Destroy Competition1. Development Into A BombAn actor's talent is in him. He should discover, identify and learn how to develop itTo think them  and not on anybody's suggestionRespect their own ideas and values(unique ideas which have been developed over an entire lifetime)To be an independent and intelligent actor determined to train their mind, bodies, voice, and spirits to achieve their goals (Learn how to set goals)2. The Lethal Weapon Of  ImaginationAn actor's imaginations are the most powerful source to create even unimaginative.To bring a film or a theater play and characters to life. the actor must be able to create from his own living experiences or by a considerable period of observation of anything he feels by his 5 senses(See, smell, taste, hear and touch). The classic example is of a great actor-Lee J Cobb.3. The Ultimate Plan:  "And....Action!" Drama in a film or a theater depends on "Doing" rather than 'Saying' or Just 'Feeling'.However, an actor's approach strongly depends on connecting these together by creating a drama(conflict) between him and other characters or with 'given circumstances' in a story. This drama should not be between his own various shades of life(Me and myself)  which may push him into an isolation in the story. These actions especially in for the camera should be subtle, creative and expressive (with eyes and face).4. The Preperation: Script InterpretationA story by a writer and recreated as a screen play for film or a script for a play once submitted is a unique object with its own life and has a tremendous potential to 'impact'on the minds of the audience.To play it is not in words but in you.It's an actor's responsibility  to respect the script with deep and repeated readings, To know where the script is leading the characterUnderstanding  the character's environment(situation in a scene where the actor is performing)Understanding changes in emotions, conflicts and rhythm and tempoAll of the above becomes easier if he has or developed the power of the imagination to incredible heights. Finally, for an actor to achieve a true excellence, a clear objective, resolution, determination, and sacrifice becomes essentialInspired by an article from great acting teacher and author-Stella Adler My opinionA Legendary ActorA legendary actor is an individual that is worth remembering throughout years to come even after this actor has died. An actor who has attained this status leaves an unforgettable mark on others in some way. The actor's story is told over and over again and he or she is remembered throughout history. He or she leaves a morally based legacy for others to remember instead of anything of monetary value.They Develop And PossessCourage, will power, strength, wisdom and freedom, passion and positive attitude towards acting, more so towards life as well as with death, are all the qualities you need to strive for this unforgettable status in history. Have a warm heart, a broad mind, and an important mission to put all this in simple terms.Do not mix this up with just becoming a famous actor. It is true that some famous actors are legendary, but other famous people may only have fame for a short time and for the wrong reasons~Your Acting coach[...]

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Actor's success and failure: Confidence and lack of it- Sushant Singh Rajput and Imran KhanHow to get a role in auditions among hundreds of competitors?Why I fail in Auditions?Why casting directors don't give me roles?I fail in auditions and want to quit. Is there any solution?I get nervous in auditions. What's the solution?Repeated Failure In Auditions In Spite Of  Good ActingMay Be Due To Poor ConfidenceOne of the greatest enemy of  an actor dreaming of being successful and happy “A poor image of your own self in your own eyes and mind”The best synonym for this common mental condition is "The Lack Of Confidence"Check if are you a confident person or a doubtful person?Do you feel and behaveFearful, Afraid, Timid, Meek, Unsure, Pessimistic or Shy?Signs Showing: Low Self Confidence1.  Your views are based on what other people think2.  Staying in your comfort zone3.  Cover up your mistakes4.  Dismissing your mistakes High Self Confidence1.  Doing what you believe is right. Not bothered what others think2.  Willing to take risks3.  Admitting your mistakes and learning from them4.  Accepting complaints graciouslyHow An Actor To Build ConfidenceTo start with, do a SWOT Analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and write down on a table.1. Work Hard on:Further strengthening your strengths;On overcoming your weaknesses and turning them into your + points;Develop a strategy to avoid threats, which means working hard on alternate options and solutions; probably threats are due to some of your weaknessesAlways thinks of opportunities you have and benefits you will have if you exploit opportunities!2. Further work on:On developing your skills, excellence, and knowledge. Join a coach, a school and attend workshop regularly.Set Time bound Goals: ie in 2 years, 1 year, 6 months, This and next month. Then prepare an action plan starting from the achievement of long-term objectives narrowing it down to the current month. Then work on schedules ie weekly, daily and so on.Only think of positives.3. Always think of good thingsAsk others what you can do for them. Don't expect too much and always from others.Join Yoga, Gym, Dancing and music classes. These activities will help you to develop a positive and cheerful mind apart from adding in your acting craft.Attend shows, theater, music shows and events.4. Do what interests youIdentify your successes since childhood, even small ones. Recollect them offer and smile.Don't worry about the outcome of your efforts: For example, go for an audition as an event to enjoy and as a part of your training. Do your best, come out and celebrate your effort with a cup of tea or a drink either with your friends or alone, thinking good and smiling. In another word- CELEBRATE every small effort, not only an achievement!5. Be aggressiveDevelop a habit of "Barging in" (Pushing in)Meet strangers; Talk and interact with everybody. However, while talking, always talk what others may like;Tell a person without hesitation if he/she offends or negates you. Be frank. Don't worry about the outcome!6. STOP your wanderingBy instructing your mind by saying "stop" or count backward from 10 to 1. Focus and concentrate7. Analyze your dayStart writing down a day's activities before you go to bed. What you have achieved and what you couldn't.8. Smile and smileDevelop a habit of "Smiling" most of the time. Try this forcibly and consequently, it will become your habit.9. Talk loudlyThe world doesn't accept soft spoken people. They are considered as "Timid"10. Must consider and doMake decisions every day and follow irrespective of consequences.Always think of bright future ahead youLearn to accept "You are wrong"Mind your body language. To be confi[...]

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Feed SharkDon't Know How To Become An Actor?"3 Serious Questions To Actors. Can You Answer Them? I don't Think So"Do You Know What's Your Job As An actor?Does It Solely Happen In Front Of Camera Or On stage?Or Is Acting Job is All-Around, Varied, And Fulltime?An actor (often actress for females; see terminology) is a person who portrays a character in a performance. The actor performs "in the flesh" in the traditional medium of the theatre, or in modern mediums such as film, radio, and television.AnswersThe jobAn actor is someone who plays a character in film, television, radio or theatre productions. When most people think of actors they think of Hollywood actors who perform in blockbuster films, and this is often the ultimate aspiration of anyone dreaming of a career in acting.SkillsGood stage, screen or vocal presence.The ability to enter into another character and engage with an audience.The ability to memorize lines.Good understanding of dramatic techniques.Having the confidence, energy, and dedication to perform.Creative insight.ActingActing is an activity in which a story is told by means of its enactment by an actor or actress who adopts a character—in theatre, television, film, radio, or any other medium that makes use of the mimetic mode.TimeYour job is all-around, varied and full-time. As an actor, you have to realize your job doesn’t depend and happen solely in front of the camera or on stage. You’ve got to give as much attention to personal acting coaching or school, auditions, exercises at home or the gym, portfolio, marketing and career promotion, meeting people, rehearsals, and wardrobe as you do to your actual on-set performance. That means showing up on time. When you’re late or unprepared, it communicates that your time is more important than the other person’s time, and shows a great lack of respect for others.Time ManagementIt's one of the important areas usually neglected by actorsWhy Time Management is Important To Become A Successful Actor?Problems And Solutions In Time ManagementA. Time is limitedEveryone gets the same amount of time each day, and it's limited, therefore it's important to make the most of your time if you ever want to be more than average at highly competitive acting business where thousands aspiring actors (Maybe better than you) are desperately trying for the same break in Bollywood |TV as you.B. You can get more with less effortWhen you learn to take control of your time, you improve your ability to focus. And with increased focus comes enhanced efficiency, because your mind doesn't get distracted and wander. You’ll start to complete your tasks more quicklyC. Can make better decisionsThere are many choices in acting life and often times we're faced with many choices to choose from at the same time. When you practice good time management, you have more time to breathe and think more objectively; this allows you to determine which choices are the best to make.D. You become a disciplined actorWhen you practice good time management in your life, you are less likely to delay or postpone things. Time management leads to your higher work output and leads to a disciplined life.E. Defeat competition and become more successfulTime management is the key to success; it allows you to take a better control of your acting life rather than follow the others. You accomplish more, you make better decisions, and you work more efficiently; this leads to a success.F. You learn more. Become importantWhen you control your time and work more efficiently, you have time to plan and spend it on learning and learning regularly. More, you can spend time in like industry networking, acting workshops, follow ups with artist coordinators, help production, direction[...]

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Playing Character-Stab Tension before Audition | Be The King Of The KillAre You Trying Desperately To Portray A Character And Failing?Then You Aren't A Good ActorStab And Kill TensionNobody Tells You9 Truthful Observations How Actors Should Really Get Into CharacterThe Character You PlayStunning performance! Hrithik Roshan Playing gray haired mentally challenged character1.The mechanics and science of human nature and its implications to acting are staggering.Case in point is a "Character" and how to portray without discussing “character” from an acting standpoint.2. What “character”(in the story) really is from a truthful, practical sociological point of view?3. It’s you. And “you” as a human with a typical archetype who reacts and changes from different circumstances. Period. That’s what creates different “you’s.”Hot tea is spilled on you at Coffee Cafe Day. A different you are triggered.You ask your partner to marry you. She declines. A different you are triggered.A stranger asks you for directions. A different you are triggered.4.  “Character” in a screen play, then, isn’t what we think it is or, rather, what we want it to be".5. It isn’t a stable, easily identifiable set of closely related traits, and it only seems that way because of a flaw in the way our brains are organized. A character is more like a bundle of habits and tendencies and interests, on the circumstance in story and situation. The reason that most of us seem to have a consistent character is that most of us are really good at controlling and changing our environment. If not then we may leave and go to other”6. So just like in life, circumstances and context in a story trigger the many-sided characters out of us. Sometimes we like them, sometimes we don’t. Then why in 90% of actors, the portrayal of a character looks unreal, artificial as if trying desperately hard to be in a character?7. In my strong opinion as an experienced actor and an acting coach for the many years, if we can learn while creating a character, how to analyze and judge them less, we can reach them easily and more and become everything of a character we want: fearless, vulnerable, expressed, and instant transformative. Just like we aspire to in life.8. While creating a character in us everything comes from the inside(feeling and accepting) and so we come out so and so. But keep in mind- for sure it's also true, the outside triggers our insides- for example 'using physical gestures similar to a character in a given circumstance in a story for a convincing.9. This second consideration may help those actors poor in imagination, dreaming, high emotional sensitivity and self-transformation. An inborn Thick Skinned? Personally, I don't think so.To know more and to learn to play a character superbly, join  us [...]

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Award winning director Director Mira Nair to an actor in a shoot...Struggling for long as an actor with no success?Often Failing in Bollywood and TV serial auditions?Only getting small roles, no big success?How to remove audition nervousness and a fear of forgetting lines?The culprit for all the aboveRead this small scene below and know the causePoor memorization?How learning lines can impress your audition and give a great shot in a film scene2 great stepsA ScreenplayVishwashghaat- A BetrayalFADE IN:INT. RAMESH HOUSE DRAWING ROOM- DAYJOERamesh, Ramesh, give my money back my's not "friend". It's "father".  Listen, I know you’re actually very good... but things like brain fog and forgetting important things are your huge barrier. Learn how to memorize. Will call you later.  Poor Memorization Is One Of The Major Reasons Why Good Actors Fail How Learning Lines Helps You To Create A Truthful Great Genuine PerformanceAfter my experience with many actors with an excellence in acting craft who unfortunately failed miserably either in auditions or while on filming a scene, I have come to the conclusion of one of the major reason being a poor portrayal of the character due to a nervousness triggered by forgetting lines.So, is a poor characterization by poor memorization or forgetfulness? I did considerable research to find out the best solution and though this may not be the only right way, here it's for you to tryLearning Lines ( Script)Step 1.Read your script focused deeply, without looking up, loudly even if you know it and repeatedlyThen three times without a wandering mind on bed before falling asleepAnd three times as you get up in the morningGo step by step In stage 1,  memorize first 3 lines. Cover these lines with some card and see you know them. Similarly then go to stage 2 and onwardsStart again from the beginning if you forget any lineDon't worry about creating a character, situation, tempo rhythm or emotions. These will follow once perfect with lines. This may be worked later if needed"Script Rehearser Free" app from google play is a good tool which helps you to record other characters'lines and leave space on your ownAfter recording your dialogues, listen to it in waiting rooms, driving, traveling on subway-metro, bus, while walking, jogging or anywhereReplace the lines of a song you remember to script lines. For example "Happy birthday to..." or "twinkle twinkle little star" and sing loudlyWrite lines in the air and speak themType lines while speaking them in different font size and in colors on Desktop or laptop.Step 2.Creating CharacterOnce you have memorized your script to a level becoming your second nature, start working on the script for creating a characterBreakdown the line by line as per the psychology of the characterQuestions to asked ( better, let the character answer-by you imagining to be the character)What is the backstory of  the scene and of the characterWhat is a character's objective and how is he/she achieving it?Why the character is saying things the way they areWhat the importance isWhat are the circumstances and situation in the sceneHow the character is showing emotions while speaking (love, sadness, happiness, anger, hate, distaste, wonderment, like-dislike, distrust, peace etc)Write down motives and action required for each line while speaking themNow imagine and try to transform self into character and speak your dialogs in a given circumstances of the scene. Get natural beats and feel it.Write keywords of each line in the margin of the script and make notes on the blank opposite page. Read them every time as neededI know this [...]

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Actor, Acting and On camera acting-Bollywood Actor Ranbir KapoorMy acting career hasn't really taken off. What to do?I want to become an actor. What experienced actors say?-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Do You Have Knowledge, Wisdom, And Know:What's A Life Of An Actor?What's The Strange and Fascinating Inside Of Acting For Camera?Knowledge: Is being aware of something, and having information. it's really about facts and ideas that we actors acquire through study, research,, observation, training or experience.Wisdom: Is the ability to analyze and judge which aspects of that knowledge are true, and applicable to our acting craft and lifeLearn And Share Experience Of A StarThese are the saying from the experience of a successful Bollywood *actor- author(*name is hidden on request)The Life Of An ActorNo person in the industry is your friend who demands your silence or denies your right to growI gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which I really stop to look fear in the face. I'm able to say to myself, “I lived through this horror of terrible struggle and rejections. I can take the next thing that comes along… I must do the thing I think I cannot do- A winning actor after struggleDon't worry, not all forms of abuse like rejections and criticism leave bruisesThere are far too many silent suffering actors. Not because they don’t desire to succeed, but because they’ve tried and found no one who caresDon’t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successfulNobody criticizes and abuses us more than we do to ourselvesWhen objective and path is not known, self-abuse is unavoidableThe Realities Of Acting for the camera RememberOn camera, a tear contains an ocean. The cinematographer is aware of the tiny moments while an actor is portraying 'life' that reveal greater truthsConflict and contrast is what makes acting for camera interesting. So create one, even subtlyThere are always two people in every frame of the movie camera: the photographer and the viewerA movie camera doesn’t shoot, actor makes itThere is only you and the camera. The limitations are in yourself, for what viewers see is what you areCinematography is the story I fail to put into wordsSmile and don't hate when someone looks at your on camera performance and says, “Wow, you have a great camera!". It's not a viewer, could be one of the thousands of ignorantNothing happens when you sit at home. Carry a mobile with a camera with you at all times. Observe keenly and just shoot anything interesting-types of people, situations, reactions, behaviors...The camera is a love affair with lifeOn camera is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than realityYour performance on camera is "imaginary" you want to create with realityThe cinematography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving life. What you have given on film is captured forever… The camera remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everythingWhich of my on camera performance is my favorite? The one I’m going to give tomorrowWhen dialogs and words become difficult, speak with expressions focusing on the camera. When even that becomes inadequate, be content with silenceWhy not learn from us and become an actor? Join us NOW![...]

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Secret weapon of the achiever actorsHow To Become An ActorHow To Become Really A Good ActorHow To Improve Your Acting Skills To Be A Famous And Rich 1. Requirements to become an actorGet decently educatedDo online research on requirementsDevelop and maintain good bodyLearn to speak good Hindi or needed languageLearn acting in a good school or by an acting coachRead good acting booksCreate a professional portfolio and resumeCreate small short films with you on any subject on mobile. Request friends/relativesCreate video introduction, monolog Get registered with good artist coordinators/casting directorsBe a good networkerLearn to market and promote career vigorouslyArrange reasonable money to sustain you for a considerable periodLearn to accept and manage rejections and criticism.Have patienceDon't give up2. How to become really a good actorRead the entire script 2-3 timesUnderstand objective and how script fulfills those objectivesDivide script scene wise and identify the above same as in (2)Find out changes (rhythm and tempo) in script-beginning, middle and in the endCreate the character you intend portraying:Create physical. mental and social profileAsk and answer several key questions about your characterKnow your character's defining desirePractice your lines until they become second natureTalk to the director everything you want to know about the character Learn to transform putting yourself in the shoes of your characterLearn how to act for the cameraMake giving good audition and on camera performance your job 3. How to improve your existing acting skills to become a famous and richAlways look for new ways to improve on an acting skill you are-A. InadequateB. Hasn't learned and added like swimming, dancing, singing, parkouring, martial arts, new languages, new regional accents of a countryC. Keep studying and readingD. Learn all top acting techniques of the world by great teachers-Stanislavski's System. One of the world's most frequently taught acting techniquesMeisner, and Lee StrasbergLee Strasberg's MethodStella Adler*Meisner Technique*Michael Chekhov*Practical AestheticsUta HagenViola SpolinE. Get inspired by those great actors and actresses.F. Watch regularly movies with good acting performance and practiceG. Update your acting skills through workshops, theater, attending film festivals and by regular re-training till you dieH. Remain persistent even when you are rejectedI. An acting coach can give you one-on-one guidance that is tailored to a specific need of yoursWishing you to be a great actor with name, fame, and money-Your Acting Coach [...]

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Success, awards, and fame-Bollywood StarsHello!As an actor are you in a terrible struggling period for a long time?It doesn't matter how "successful" or disciplined you've been in the past. An actor's  failure happens and things get off track. The only constant is a "Change". Subconsciously, your eating can get off. You can become more sensitive, reactive, irritable, depressive and spend more time on social media and other distractions than you want.The best and fastest way out of this shit of constant struggling mode is a solid morning routine. Whether you've had one, or even still have one, I challenge you to read this and evaluate how well you're truly doing.I'm confident you can improve.Your Benefactor8 Things Every Actor Should Do In The MorningLife is busy. It can feel impossible to move toward your dreams of becoming an actor, from a middle/limited financially class of families, ignorant, non-graduate and inadequately proficient in Hindi and Spoken English, it’s even harder.How do you go forward?If you don’t have and practiced Time Management, without question, your time will get lost in the chaos of our increasingly crowded lives. Before you know it, you’ll be frustrated— wondering where all that time went.However, live every moment of your life on your own terms.RememberYou are the designer of your destiny.You are responsible.You get to decide. You must decide — because if you don’t, time doesn't wait!So, change your life quickly.Is it really simple?Yes, it’s really quite simple:Wake upGet in the zoneGet movingPut the right food in your bodyGet readyGet inspiredGet perspectiveDo something to move you forwardBegin1. Must have 7+ Hours of SleepLet’s face it — Sleep is just as important as eating and drinking water. Despite this, millions of people do not sleep enough and experience insane problems as a result.A healthy amount of sleep could benefit you by:Increased memoryLonger lifeIncreased creativityIncreased attention and focusDecreased fat and increased muscle mass with exerciseLower stressDecreased dependence on pseudo-stimulants like tea, coffee, gutka, alcoholDecreased risk of getting into accidentsDecreased risk of depression2. Practicing Relaxation And Auto-Suggestion Techniques After waking from a healthy and restful sleep session, practicing relaxation and auto suggestion techniques are crucial for an actor's  optimism and confidence creating a positive person in you.3. ExerciseA good hot body is one of the fundamental requirements to become an actor in films, TV, as a model, and in commercialsAdditionally, exercise has been found to decrease your chance of depression, anxiety, and stress. It is also related to higher success in your career.If you don’t care about your body, every other aspect of your life will suffer.4. Eat ProteinsExamples: cottage cheese, Indian pulses (Arhar, Moong, Beans) and vegetables, skimmed milk, lean meat like chicken, fish, eggs, nuts and dry fruitsProtein-rich foods keep you full longer than other foods because they take longer to leave the stomach. Also, protein keeps blood-sugar levels steady, which prevents spikes in hunger.Eating protein decreases cravings for junk, oily and Indian masala rich foods.5. Take daily a cold water bathCold water bath facilitates physical and mental wellness when practiced regularly, it provides long-lasting changes to your body’s disease defense, circulatory and digestive systems that improve the quality of your life. It can also increase weight-loss because it boosts your metabolism.Studies prove taking cold showers routinely can help treat depress[...]

How Lousy Not Become An Actor Yet? Read Practice 3+7 Steps

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A struggling actor on Mumbai beach. Waiting sulking?How To Avoid This Sad Struggling Situation Of Aspiring ActorsNot becoming an actor. What's the solution?Rita, Saharanpur UPWhy am I failing in everything I do to become an actor?Saurabh, MumbaiLost all hopes to become an actor. What to do?George, Mapusa GoaI did everything-best acting school, registered with top 5 artist coordinators, given auditions. It's 5 years but still no break. Can you help?Kamini Aurora, LudhianaLeft parents sad. Lost time and money. How to quit acting and go back with shame? Help PleasePatna--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Change Your Role In Real Life3 Fast Changes Within A Week Actors Must Make1. Wake up earlierIt gives you much more time and energy in the day. Try it, even if you think you’re a night owl.2. Minimize and simplify lifeTry to live for some time with minimum of worldly possessions like dresses, deodorants and perfumes, pairs of too many shoes, air conditioners, visiting restaurants etcReduce clutter of your daily physical and mental activities which tend to make you confused, stressed and tense3. Make yourself uncomfortable on a daily basisWhether it’s not taking a bath, not eating for one day, talking with a stranger, or moving to a new uncomfortable place for a few weeks or a few months, do something that makes you step outside your comfort zone. It’s the single most important thing if you want to constantly grow.7 Life-Changing Decisions For An Actor's Stardom 1. Neglect failure Sure, there may be many setbacks along the way to achieving an actor's ultimate goal of being a star actor and happy. However, each failure is but a lesson to be learned, and reignites his passion and drive to push forward in pursuit of his final goal.As soon as you make the commitment to becoming successful and a great actor--no matter what, your entire point of view on life will shift to one of self-centered, selfish taking advantage of every opportunity to result oriented and leave no stone unturned that comes your way. A failure of any magnitude is nothing but a speed bump along your journey to the top. When I became an actor. nobody really cared, I relooked myself up, reinvented, and kept going...because there is no other option.Failure doesn't mean you have failed. Only you haven't succeeded yet. so go on struggling till you get what you aimed at.2. Be passionateAn actor without passion, you're destined for failure amidst all the challenges you'll experience on the road to success. Your work needs to be something you love in order to outperform your millions of competitors in the long run. In fact, you are responsible to yourself not to indulge in any activity that leaves you feeling anything less than most joyful regularly.Don't expect to be completely in love with every aspect of your acting.If you follow your imagination, observation, curiosity, engage in your interests, and seek answers to the questions that matter most to you, there's nothing that can stop you from being the best in your field.3. Follow your curiositiesThe examples areWhat?Where?When?Whom?You get powerful lessons through finding the answers of the above leading to testing new ideas. As an actor, it will make you a creative performer.4. Dive deeply in your interestsWhat are your hobbies outside of acting work? Chances are your enjoyment of writing, making music, fencing, cooking, playing some game, teaching, or helping others that benefit other people. This will lay a foundation in you a ve[...]

Which Are Top 20 Bollywood Movies To Learn Acting

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Which Bollywood Movies Are Good To Learn Acting?These All Times 20 Bollywood Classics. More Will Be Posted On This BlogWhy Actors Should Watch Bollywood Movies 1. How To Give A Believable Performance In Various Life Situations2. How To Play Different Emotions, Attitudes, Types Of Characters3. How To Show Excellence In Acting For Camera4. Able To Watch And Learn In Comfort Of Home UndisturbedAny Suggestions For Actors While Watching Movies? 1. Don't Be An Emotionally Involved Audience And Become A Viewer Like Millions Of Cine Goers. Watch With Analytical Mind As A Critic Of  The Story And Watch Actors Performance2. How To Do It? Switch Off The Volume In Between At Critical Moments In The Story. This Way You Will Be Focused On Performance, Only3. Rewind And Watch Repeatedly An Actor's Good PerformanceAs actors, you have the coolest homework of all: You get the opportunity to watch and study truly great films to learn from some of the industry’s best artists. But where do you start?Every actor hands down should watch these films to really learn the fine art of acting while on cameraFor actors, these Bollywood classics exhibits how to a good actor can transform into new lives with different emotions, attitudes, conflicts, changing rhythm and tempo, action, silence and so on...Secondly, because the themes and performances in these movies raise questions to search an actor's soul. How much do you have to suffer? How much do you have to sacrifice for your success? When is it too much? Do you have to be beaten down to produce this great art? Do you need to find someone a director, an acting coach, a school that will push your limits? Do you literally have to bleed for the pursuit of excellence? It’s some of the great movies down below that will make artists think about how to stay true to themselves in the pursuit of their artistic dream.Note: The Ranking below is based on stars earnedA Brilliant classic to watch and learn acting1. The Legend of Bhagat Singh (2002)The story of a young revolutionary who raised an armed resistance against the British rule in India. (155 mins.)Director: Rajkumar SantoshiStars: Ajay Devgn, Sushant Singh, D. Santosh, Akhilendra Mishra“Brilliantly directed by Rajkumar Santoshi, awesome performance of a legendary revolutionary by Ajay Devgan and superb music along with background score by A.R.Rahman ”Bollywood classic-Trimurti2. Trimurti (1995)Entrapped by the notorious gangster, Khokha Singh; an honest police inspector Satyadevi Singh gets a life sentence in jail... (187 mins.)Director: Mukul AnandStars: Anirudh Agarwal, Mohan Agashe, Tinnu Anand, Anang DesaiAdd to Watchlist“An average screenplay on too good storyline, but with a good direction along with technical cinematography  under the production of the second showman of Hindi movies Subash Ghai, consisting the evergreen music of the legendary Laxmiknt Pyara Lal, along with the stars like JACKIE SHROFF, ANIL KAPOOR, SHAHRUKH KHAN, PRIYA TENDULKAR, SAYED JAFFERY, TINU ANAND, MOHAN AGASHE. Also, some scenes are amazingly shot, such as Shahrukh's entry and Anil's entry scenes, Jackie-Anil meeting scene(Jackie is too good in emotional roles, he did the best performance), Anil-Shahrukh forest laugh scene and Anil saving Shahrukh from 3 goons on a hill.”How to enact as family drama- good for actors to learn3. Apne (2007)A disgraced ex-boxer attempts to make his two sons champion boxers in order to clear his name. One son agrees with this goal, but the other does not, causing family conflicts. (173 mins.)Director: Anil Sha[...]

Character Building Is Tailoring | Learn How To Stitch Suit

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Feed Shark Acting is like stitching a suit | Bollywood actors with top Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio in suitsAn actor must consider 'Acting' as stitching character's suitHere is an example of an imaginary situation to explain a character buildingScreen Play (Script)THE TAILORFade in:INT. TAILOR'S SHOP-DAYA character (could be anybody-hero/heroin, villain, doctor, businessman, professor, taxi-driver etc.) walks into a tailor's shop.                                                 CharacterTailor master, stitch a good suit to look impressive and memorableActor TailorOkay. Tell about about you. I mean your physical, mental and social profileCharacterMy objective is to look good and convincing. You create it. He is my story and what have I to do. Read, analyse carefully and create (gives a script to the tailor)Actor TailorOkay. I will do my bestFade out--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Creating Your Character Is Like Tailoring A Suit“The first season of a show, the character is written and the actor is kind of putting on a suit. As the show progresses, the actors start to tailor the suits for themselves, and the writers start writing to the actors’ strengths…. If the actor is not helping inform the writers and they’re not able to go, ‘I feel this way about my character,’ the actor is not growing into the part.”Authenticity In Stitching SuitCasting directors or film TV directors hate watching people perform and feeling like they’re ‘acting’—acting like they’re frustrated, acting annoyed. Every character expresses their anger or hurt differently. Sometimes actors come in and try to show a universal way that they’re hurt or they’re mad, but it doesn’t necessarily tell a director/viewers what this character does when they get upset.You can give a stunning performance and expect appreciationBut it doesn't happen-you don't get selectedYou have overlookedWho decides how a film or a scene will succeedWho gives a break to youWhat they want in a characterHow are you meeting those requirements better than hundredsWho pays youCaution: Are You The Boss?You’re running the scene literally. You’re going to say ‘Hey, this is what you’re now going to watch on the screen.’ You have stitched the best suit (character) as per what you think the viewers will love. But it doesn't happen that way. You fail to impress casting directors, The difference is between what you think is good and what is required from a casting director point of viewActors Must Trust What’s On The ScriptAs a casting director or as a scene director you want actors to make interesting choices, but you also want them to do what’s in the script- objective, how a script achieves those objectives, beginning-middle, and end, rhythm, and tempo, given situation etc. Have you considered this while stitching the suit?Explore Deeper And Then CreateYou’re obviously finding characters after your vivid power of imagination-a deep psychological analysis and then breaking up of the physical, mental and social profile of the character. Then you try to transform yourself into this newly created life of the character.Don't go by preaching of an acting school or try to play safe. Feel Insecure. Don't be afraid to go wrong. Be imaginative, wild and vivid. Sure, you will be a wonderful tailorIn[...]

9 Solid Reasons Why You Can't Become An Actor? The Solution

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Robert John Downey Jr. is an American actor. His career has included critical and popular success in his youth, followed by a period of substance abuse and legal troubles, and a resurgence of commercial success in middle age. WikipediaWhen most people think of actors they think of Hollywood or Bollywood actors who perform in blockbuster films, and this is often the ultimate aspiration of anyone dreaming of a career in acting. Without knowing requirements and whether you can meet them, this is bullshit!~Irrfan KhanUnless If You Have The Passion9 questions to ask yourself is why you want to become an actor?Is it because you want to be famous?Is it because you think you are more handsome or prettier than those actors who are famous today?You get dreams of stardom?Nobody asks for a degree, diploma, acting school? You like to be chased by fans and several film |TV reporters?You want to be called a star?You want to be rich?Sign autographs?Want handsome guys or pretty girls following you all the time?LogicalI think it would make sense to me when this feeling comes from an aspiring actor:“I want to be an actor because I love to act”, I like to entertain people”. "I feel joy in acts I do”. "I feel no tiredness, I think I am made for this. I don’t care how I look or sound. I just love to act”. "I feel I achieved success every time when my audience stands up and applause".It is difficult to achieve a high level of success in the field of acting if you link success with money, fame, stardom etc.. the majority of actors perform in smaller productions, often starting out in advertisements or as extras on television shows or films.Career LimitsThere are many actors who make a successful career out of so-called "bit parts" and never have a featuring role as a leading actor.Others who achieve great success very early in their careers, become household names, and get many major roles. The majority of actors will have a career that is somewhere in-between these two limits. Becoming a successful actor in film industry requires you to have a thorough knowledge of how the industry works.The Knowledge Is A King9 Success RequirementsUnderstand the requirements to be a successful actorPlan, create a strategy and implement on how to fulfill requirementsIdentifying what type of actor/actress you are.Select the right acting school or a good acting coach not only to learn acting and groom yourself also to give you thorough knowledge about the industry and how to market and promote your career as a businessKnowing what is portfolio and why it is required.To know how to make videos for video introduction, showreel, and monologWhom and how to approach right people like reputed- artist coordinators, casting directors, TV channels, and production housesHow to identify fake auditions and casting directorsHow to stay away from fake production companiesSource[...]

Can You Become An Actor? 11 Requirements And 13 Steps

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12 Questions In The Mind Of A Dreaming ActorHow do I start acting?How do I become a good actor?How can I make my career in acting?Do you need to go to college to become an actor?How hard is it to become a professional actor?Can anyone be an actor?Can acting be learned?I want to become an actor where do I startHow to become an actress with no experienceHow to become an actress in BollywoodWhat do you need to become an actorI Had A Dream I Was An Actor. How to fulfill It?----------------------------------------------------------------------Though not as easy as "just dream and become one" it's true that working on yourself, self-marketing, hard work, and perseverance, you can definitely be a successful actor/actress in Bollywood.Here Are The Answers To Above 11 Questions11 Essential Requirements1.Good looks may help you (especially in TV serials) though I don't agree fully with it. You can work on your looks or rather on your overall personality by facial exercises, Ayurveda treatments, and yoga.2.Good body and its maintenance.3.Good voice. You can develop by various vocal exercises.4.Very pleasant nature.5.A graduate, good command on HINDI and an ability of a well spoken ENGLISH6.Excellent ability to memorize and that too, quickly. This is of paramount importance, especially in serials where you get your lines just before the shot!7. An exceptionally good acting ability!8.Good networking capabilities- building up contacts on line, off the line with industry people.9.The tremendous amount of patience, to be ready for a prolonged struggle (5 t0 10 years in some cases).10. Good financial resources and willingness to face periods of financial instability.11.Emotional stability 13 Steps On How To Develop The Above Qualities In You                                                                                                                                                                1. Learn professional acting either by carefully selecting a good school or if in doubt, the best option could be a personal and professional acting coach.2. If there are financial constraints, read, learn and practice at home in front of a full-size mirror or with friends-all 280+ posts from this blog: This Blog3. Join a gym or plan a workout at home to develop a good and HOT body.4. Take care of your skin and face. Protect it from harsh sunlight.5. Learn to speak good Hindi (preferably Urdu also). Practice along with Hindi News readers in Doordarshan. Read loudly Hindi articles in newspapers. Learn to speak classical and literary Hindi for mythological films and TV serials6. Improve your mental health and be strong. Join or learn yoga to practice at home Relaxation, Auto-suggestion, Confidence and for a perfect Mental balance7. Complete your graduation because it's a long struggle with financial instability. Being a graduate and having additional skills like IT, Marketing, Teaching, etc. may help you to support financially to fulfill your dream to be an actor. Knowing spoken English well  helps you to network with cine industry and creates a favorable[...]

How To Become A TV Serial Actor And Earn Lakhs

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From left to right-Kapil Sharma (Comedian) Rs 60-80 lakh per episode, Sunil Grover – Rs 10-12 lakh per episode, Mishal Raheja – Rs 1.6 lakh per episode, Ronit Roy, Ram Kapoor – Rs 1.25 lakh per episode, Hina Khan, Karan Patel – Rs 1-1.25 lakh per episode, Divyanka Tripathi, Mohit Raina, Drashti Dhami – Rs 1 lakh per episode, Devoleena Bhattacharjee – Rs 90,000 per episode, Sakshi Tanwar – Rs 80,000 approx per episode, Shabbir Ahluwalia – Rs 75,000 per episode, Sriti Jha, Anita Hassanandani – Rs 60,000 per episode. Source-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Struggling For Years Without A Good Break In Films?Financially Tight Now?Hit To Becoming A TV Serial Actor And Grab Good Money!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TV ActorsPlaying the part of one of the characters on a TV series is up to the TV actors. These (often) trained and talented people make the shows you watch possible and interesting. They transport you into a world of fiction and can be anyone. Leading actors in television earn huge actors salaries, while the smaller roles and TV commercial actors get less per day for the jobs they do.The Job Description of TV actorsThe TV show actors have the job of bringing a story to life. They are the characters and must be able to act out scenes convincingly while (most important) remembering their lines. As a television actress or actor, you may or may not have to attend rehearsals for the TV shows. In India, mostly they don't have to. However, you must learn on your own, certain skills that you need for the part. Many television actresses and actors learn fighting, dancing, swimming, martial arts, hold and shoot guns, how to do stunts, and more. The actor's salaries will also depend on the type of role they have, with TV actors doing their own stunts, getting paid more.Is Training Essential?To become one of the leading actors in television, you must have proper acting training from a good school or a private coach. Many TV show actors shift to film jobs, and many stays in TV their entire acting career, especially when it comes to long episodic TV serial with may be more than 100 episodes.TV Commercial AdsTraining for TV commercial actors is not really acting training, but more about how to work with the camera and requires a lot of modeling. In fact, most TV commercials use models instead of actors.Requirements To Become A TV Actor or TV Show ActorPassionTo become a TV actor you must have a passion for acting and work in the TV industry.You must have a talent for acting and you must also have a strong determination and be a hard nut to crack, as you will get rejected lots of times before you even get one TV show part or TV commercial. After training, television actress hopefuls, as well as TV actors usually join an agency. They are promoted through a database and sent to various castings and auditions. You must always follow the correct requirements and etiquettes for castings and auditions.You must keep trying no matter how many times you audition because eventually you will be chosen for something. The trick is to keep busy and constantly meet people and make contacts.And don't worry, soon you will get better auditions and land better roles.TV Actors SalariesAs you can imagine actors salaries change all the time, and while some earn a few thousand (Rs. 5000 to 10,000) for new [...]

Change Your Acting Life In 5 Minutes | 9 Blows To Impress Film Folks

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Karan Johar-"Great film producers love actors who impress them instantly"!How To Become A Successful Actor In 5 Minutes With 9 Punches“I’ve never told in my school"~ Marlon Brando ( Hollywood Legend)As for communication is concerned, we’re taught the basics of communication early in the classroom. To be able to read, write, and speak effectively, we had to learn vocabulary, grammar, spelling, handwriting, and pronunciation.Today, especially in cine industry, how to deal and talk goes much further than school education of the written or spoken word. The purpose of communication is to build and grow connections with others at better than just contacting and talking. It is at an emotional level.Therefore if you want to build up contacts with casting director, coordinators, producers, directors, TV channels and film production houses, the earlier you master communication skills, the better for you.So, are you really serious to fulfill your dreams of becoming a successful actor, better read and practice  the cheat-sheet to the 9 essential communication skills your school and parents missed:1. Showing warmth | sympathyPeople don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.Empathy makes us human. You connect with others much better when you show understanding, appreciation, sympathy, and compassion in your communication.How-to do it:Be present with the person and feel what he feels. When someone opens up with his problems, see it from his point of view. Suspend your own judgment of what’s right or wrong. Listen to his emotions. Reflect back his susceptibility by sharing yours. Ask questions to go deeper into his world. Give encouragement. Offer to help if possible. Show the kindness and compassion you would hope to receive from someone else when in a similar situation.2. Resolving conflictThis is the "how to defuse a bomb" under top communication skills. Left unchecked, conflict can leave contacts, communication, relationships constantly turbulent and painful. Avoiding conflict altogether isn’t a solution either, as you’ll often be simmering with restrained frustration and resentment. Conflict often happens as a result of poor communication. To resolve such conflict, you’d need better communication skills.How-to do it:Respond, but never react. When you react to a conflict situation, you allow emotions to lead your words and actions. Responding to the situation means you keep emotions in check and focus on the problem, not the person. Let the other party know your intention to work out a mutually acceptable solution. Clearly and calmly communicate what you want from the situation and listen to the other party’s views. Understand what counts as a ‘win’? winning the argument or winning the other person over?. The two are very different.3. Asking great questionsTo be a better communicator, don’t try to be the person with all the right answers. Instead, be the one who asks all the right questions, but not one to embarrass anyone. When you ask great questions, you show that you’re eager to engage and open to exploring more into the topic. They encourage the other party to share more of his opinions, stimulate discussion, and even create new ideas. He won’t forget you in a hurry.How-to do it:Ask questions that could lead to interesting answers. To do that, keep your questions open-ended, that is, they cannot be answered with a simple [...]