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Best Actor Academy-The Monster Of Free Acting Tips

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Sure Formula To Fail | Don't Follow What Bollywood Stars Don't Do

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 00:09:00 +0000

What Top 4 Bollywood Stars Don't DoWhat Successful Actors Don't DoLet's figure out how to fight your struggle by focusing on your existing strengths. For much success of your acting career, here is this result-oriented positive plan of attack was an effective way to help actors to fight and win over being a failure and remain a struggler.Reaching your greatest strengths and potential doesn’t require you to work harder by adding desirable and good habits to your already busy acting life. Instead, you can work smarter by eliminating the routines that reduce and wipe out intelligent and effective ways and make you weak in this highly competitive actor's market where for even for a small role, there are hundreds of actors in the audition line.Here are the 8 things mentally strong and successful actors don’t do:1. Winning stars don't waste time feeling sorry for themselvesIt’s  a foolishness to worry about your problems, exaggerate your bad fortune and keep thinking of how many hardships you’ve faced and still no success. Whether you’re struggling to pay your living expenses in Mumbai, food, transport, portfolio, registration, video filming bills or experiencing a seriousemotional and health throwing a pity on self only makes things worse. Self-pity keeps you focused on the problem and prevents you from developing a solution.Hardship and sorrow are inevitable, but feeling sorry for yourself could be your really bad choice. Even when you can’t solve the problem, you can choose to control your attitude. Yoga and auto-suggestion technique can to be thankful to the God for whatever little good you have and your circumstances every day to kick away self-pity.2.Keep Away From Communicating Their Thoughts In Negatively"I could not succeed in the audition", I was tense during the shot and forgot lines", " I left acting class as the teacher often ridiculed me in front of other student actors", " I get impatient and feel bad if my audition or performance is not appreciated or they reject me" ...and so on.This shows that you have really become a victim of a human with the negative attitude and are bound to fail.Changing your daily vocabulary (how you speak) is one way to recognize that the negativity is a choice you make are yours. Rather than saying in the above ways, winning actors say “Though I had not been selected, I was good and will improve further”. Edit your negative vocabulary is a better choice and positive statementwill empower yourself is a smart approach to creating the kind of life you want3. Shy away from changeIf you worry that a change in your approach will make things worse, you’ll stay stuck in your old ways. The world is changing, and your success depends on your ability to adapt. The more you practice tolerating distress from various sources—perhaps taking a new approach like changing to theater from TV  or only Bollywood, improves your success chances.So, change immediately if your method is not succeeding4. Waste their energy on things they can’t controlComplaining, worrying and wishful thinking doesn't solve problems; they only waste your energy. But if you invest that same energy in the things you can control, you’ll be much better prepared for whatever life throws your way. Pay attention to the times when you’re tempted to worry about things you can’t control—such as the mimicking Bollywood stars, what x or y actor does, pleading with a folded hands to a casting director will get me a job or I will join an acting class who will give me contacts or chance in a film or TV.5. Worry about pleasing everyoneThis approach never yields results so good actors are careful to avoid this. This approach of pleasing others may drain out your courage to remain struggling and have persistence.Act according to your values. Write down your top five values and focus your energy on staying true to them, even when your choices aren’t met with favor.6. Fear to be a risk takerIf something feel scary, you might not take the risk, even a small one. On the contrary, if you’re excited about a [...]

Don't Cheat Casting Directors | Know Your Type And Apply Bang Right

Wed, 15 Nov 2017 15:37:00 +0000

Which role suits your type as an actor?What is Typecasting? Why and How to Know Your Type as an Actor and Apply For Appropriate AuditionsHow Casting  Directors Select Actors For Auditions?TypecastingTypecasting (acting) In television, film, and theatre, typecasting is the process by which a particular actor becomes identified with a specific character; one or more particular roles; or, characters having the same traits or coming from the same particular social or ethnic groups eg. South Indian, Hariyanavi, Nepali, Bhojpuri, young, old, short, tall, villager, urban executive and so on.An actor who knows his/her type and apply to meeting a character description always stand a better chance of selection among hundreds who apply randomly without considering a character's description.How to Know Your Type as an ActorThere are a lot of acting jobs out there in Bollywood and in TV serials, and as an actor trying to get roles as much as possible, you need to spend your time efficiently instead of wasting it on the parts you simply do not fit.Actors are virtually running their own business in this chaotic Indian Bollywood and TV industry. One of the very first rules of your business is to find your customers. The success of the business will depend on your ability to find a circle of consumers interested in the product (Casting directors, producers who will understand you as an actor with a distinct "Type"- a brand).For decades, actors have been fighting typecasting, and rightfully so: nobody wants to do the same role the rest of their lives. That’s one of the reasons many of you decide to become actors: it’s the variety of jobs and things you get to do on a regular basis.An exception to typecastingHowever, it’s one thing to go against typecasting when you’re an established name within the industry, and a whole different story when you’re trying to get your feet wet in this huge showbiz pool. When you’re just starting out as an actor, in fact, you DO want to get typecasted and be known for certain things in the film industry.Finding out your type as an actor has always been overlooked by actors, but this knowledge is extremely helpful in the beginning of your acting career, and here’s why.Benefits of TypecastingWhen you know your actor type:You can market yourself more effectively because you know who’s going to be interested;You will know how to shoot and sell your headshots;You can present yourself more accurately during online submissions;You will know exactly what parts to go for and raise your chance of booking them;You will not waste your and others’ time by auditioning for something you aren’t fit for.Benefits of figuring out what type of actor you are applying for any market: stage, film, TV, commercials, corporate and anything else.Knowing your brand as an actor in the beginning of your acting career will not only get you cast more often, but it will also help you in fighting typecasting later in your career (something that almost every working actor has to go through).Your looksUnderstand how to look at your physical appearance objectively and learn everything about yourself; be aware of it. Can you honestly pull off a leading man’s or leading woman’s role, or would you suit better a part of his/her geeky friend?RolesJudging from the side, do you see yourself a lot in comedy skits or in serious drama? I know you can do both, but for now, you need to pick. Think about any minor detail and what makes you stand out, what makes you that type of a character.Your ageThis should probably go with figuring out your looks and exterior, but I just want to stress how important this part is. In this industry obsessed with looks and age, knowing what you appear like is vital.First of all, remember that you are as old as you look. If you’re 30, but you can pull off a teenager – good for you! In the acting business, that is how old you are; it’s not about your legal age. So learn how old you look and go for parts that are asking for that particular playing age.Your TraitsYo[...]

You Are Bad Actor With Bad Habits | Then Not For You

Thu, 09 Nov 2017 00:00:00 +0000

Too much of beer and whiskey?Good acting school, good auditions, running around but struggling for 5 years. No success. Why?What else is required to become a successful actor apart from a good training?Why am I failing as an actor?--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------What about your habits?Actors! Get Rid Of These 7 Bad Habits NOW If You Want Success I sympathize with you and myself. It's not a sin to have a bad habit. Everybody has but quietly can start destroying your career and happiness. So, let's kick them outDo You have These Bad Habits?Dominating a conversation. Everyone wants to be heard but some just go on speakingOverthinking and brooding on any subject. Most of the times it makes you sad, drags you and wastes time.Over-attachment with people. Rule No. 1-Focus on yourselfThe habit of delaying (procrastination). You will never do it if you don’t do it nowLying and cheating yourself because you dare not face the truthFinding excuses for yourself and other peopleSpending too much time on social media like FaceBook4 Steps on How to Break a Bad Habit1 Be aware. Consciously focusing on everything, even small you do and identify THAT bad habit 2 Write down -This is my bad habit I WILL through it out before the new year 3. Substitute it with a good habit. For example, instead of biting nail or smoking , try chewing gum or some other mouth freshener. 4. Finally, I strongly recommend Meditation, self-hypnotism and auto-suggestion techniques. This definitely helps. Learn from usA few of our TV Serial actors talk about their habits which they want to get rid off and what does the New Year mean to them. Sneha Wagh-I wants to give up taking people at face value and sweets. New Year means fresh perspective on your priorities and goals and finding happiness.Piyush Sahdev-I wants to give up nail biting and also want to learn to forgive easily and also want to try to sleep early. A new year means a new beginning for me, new hopes and aspirations. I also plan on buying assets as the new year begins so the new year is big for me.Gaurav S. Bajaj- I will not give up but I'll reduce the no. of cups of tea in a day. I drink 5-7 cups of tea in a day usually. Late night eating habit. When I watch films at home. I grab so much unwanted stuff from the fridge and hog like a dog ice creams, Namkeens, and chips etc.Shivin Narang - I would like to take a control on fattening food and second habit is I would more focus on my fitness.  New Year arrival means new chapter for me Rishina Kandhari - Life is a book and every year is a new chapter full new challenges and opportunities and I would like to score my 100% in it. Two things I would like to change will be A-under estimating my abilities towards myself andB- spending money like a spendthrift.  I will save as much as I can.Gunjan Utreja - I want to sleep early. It's been long I have not slept before 4 am. And that's a bad habit  because  I wake up early as well.  I want to give up my fetish for sweets. I cannot resist chocolates and Gulab jamun. Change of date doesn't mean anything to me. It's just another milestone and gives you an opportunity to measure the distance you have come in your life. I believe life is to be lived not measured.Shashank Vyas -Pray  to God and mom on 1st of January that makes me a better person and asks for good health.Source of actors comment[...]

You Are A Bad Performer | 6 Sure Ways To Be A Great Actor

Mon, 06 Nov 2017 03:48:00 +0000

An actor's confusionWhy Actors Fail In Giving An Authentic And Believable Performance?1. The PuzzleYou’re reading a book when there is a knock on the door. You get up and walk to see who it is. You turn the deadbolt and put your hand on the doorknob. You open the door. On the other side, standing across the threshold is your long-lost brother. You have not seen him in years. You both stand there for a moment, looking at each other. He opens his arms to give you a hug. You hesitate before opening your arms to hug him back. You embrace. It has been ten years since you’ve seen each other and seeing his face is such a surprise.Except, NO! It isn’t. Not really. It is just a scene in a play and you are only acting. You saw each other last night. And the night before and the night before that. Last weekend it happened, too. You rehearsed this moment every day in the three or four weeks before you opened the show. The last thing this moment it is a surprise. And yet it must be. It must be as if you have never gone through it before. This is the actor’s paradox.Actors have a uniquely difficult challenge among artists. For our work to be good, we must possess the ability to both know and not know simultaneously. We have to live in this paradox, this human quantum state. There really isn’t another art form with such a requirement. It is unique to what we do.2. What We Do?Fake?Most of us just fake it. We pretend. We look at our friend, that actor playing our brother and we just put on the physical trappings of surprise. We open our mouth in pretend shock. We let out an audible gasp, just enough for the audience to hear it, because we want to show the audience how surprised we are. We need them to get it. For the story to be told, we telegraph the cliche of a shock to the audience. We try to trick them away from seeing it isn’t really happening.3. But The TroubleThe trouble is, if you’re anything like me, fakery and trickery make me immediately self-conscious. When I give in to pretending, it’s as if a giant blinking sign instantly manifests in front of my eyes, a sign that says in penetrating neon letters, “YOU LIAR!” My face gets hot and I fall into myself, ashamed and alone in my glaring dishonesty. I have let the audience down. I know that I have failed. And my work suffers. For the rest of the scene, I’m in my head thinking, “Did the audience just see me lying to them? Do they know?”4. The  TruthAnd the truth is, yes! The audience knows when we lie to them. Maybe not consciously, but, on some level, they always know! When actors fake it, even when they fake it well, the audience goes to sleep metaphorically and often literally. Sadder still, most audiences have grown accustomed to dishonesty and trickery. They’ll still clap and maybe even give a standing ovation at the end of untruthful performances. Out of politeness, they will settle for our lies. But they will leave with an aching suspicion that there could have been more in what they just watched, that there was something missing. And they are right.We all know when we see truly great acting because it becomes invisible. Instead of a performance, we only see true life engendered before us. There is no pretending, there is only life itself. There is a knock on the door, it opens and the great actor actually is surprised.5. The SecretBut how? Why can some actors both know what is about to happen and not know simultaneously? Because some have learned, deep in their bones, that no moment will ever occur twice. No knock will ever really be the same as any other knock, no matter how many times it gets rehearsed. No matter how long you live, you will never repeat a single second of your life, onstage or off. Not really. The great actor accepts this truth and trains their attention on the specific miracle of each fleeting moment with such dexterity that they can not only see it unfold but be fully in response to what is unfolding. They give up the futile, intellectual a[...]

From Middle Class? Practice This Proven "Acting Alone" Technique

Fri, 03 Nov 2017 00:56:00 +0000

The Technique of Learning Acting At Home Why Not Learn Acting Alone At Home?Most people consider talking to one’s self to be a symptom of a severe mental problem, but for an actor, the ability to converse while alone is a sign of a strong and vibrant imagination. actors can perform solo exercises to improve their craft. Monologues, imagination exercises, vocal exercises, and the simple act of reading scripts are all effective ways for actors to progress.Watch YourselfFilm yourself on mobile or webcam.More and more, it is becoming commonplace for actors to watch the playback of their scenes for directional purposes. So, being comfortable watching yourself on camera and understanding the technicalities of film acting are both important skills that can be practiced.Film A MonologueSet-up a camera, cell phone, or webcam to capture your performancePrepare as you would for an auditionChoose a point in the room to talk to, a chair, a speck on the wall, whateverPicture the other character in the room with you and play to them, observing their reactions as you actPress Record, perform the monologueWatch the playback and observe yourself. What worked? What didn’t?This exercise will help you become more comfortable on camera and also help with the technical side of film acting. Do your eyes drift? Are you “overacting”? Experiment with your motivations and technique until you find what works for you. This simple and solitary exercise builds comfort and confidence in front of the camera that directly translates to the film set.Remember that acting is an internal process that leads to an external performance. Do not focus on external results like your facial expressions or posture. Focus on the thoughts that led to them.Watch Friends And OthersTechnically, this exercise is not a solo exercise because it requires other people, but those people do not have to be willing participants. To begin with, The best is watching your friends and Relatives. Watching is an excellent way to hone character building skills by improving your observational skills and imagination.Be A Spy And Watch StrangersGo to a public place – coffee shop, mall, park, or anywhere else with foot trafficPick a person and observe them. Look at the way they walk, talk, laugh, wear their clothes, etc.Allow natural questions to arise. What job do they have? Where do they live? What are their dreams and desires?Answer these questions as honestly as you can, taking into consideration all that you have observed.Repeat the process over and over for different people around you.With this exercise, an actor works on their imagination, taking their surface observations and using them to fill in the details that make a person unique. These skills of observation and imagination directly translate to script analysis. The next time you break down a character, your decisions will be more specific – rooted in observation – and the result will be a well-rounded and unique performance. And to think, this was all accomplished by practicing alone.Acting alone is a powerful way for an actor to strengthen their imagination and build confidence in a risk-free environment. However, acting alone is only worthwhile if it leads to better public performances in the future. Take these exercises and learn from them, but continue to pursue auditions and classes to further your acting career.Source[...]

Which One Deserves To Become Bollywood Star? Not You

Tue, 31 Oct 2017 01:51:00 +0000

Can You Be A Bollywood Actor?Can I become a Bollywood actor?~MohanHow to learn acting easily to become a Bollywood star?~Rita GhoshI have been cheated. Is there any safe way to become a Bollywood actor?~Suresh AgarwalI lost a lot of money for my dream to become a Bollywood actor. No face to show to my parents. Help please~ Khalid Ansari-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Key Requirements To Become A Bollywood Actor1. Learn the Art of Acting You have to learn Art of Acting  Preferably From:A. National School of Drama Delhi, or Film and Television Institute of India, PuneB. Any well reputed acting training institute like Whistling  Woods Mumbai, Actor Prepares Mumbai.However, If you are a beginner or even an experienced actor and want personal and private attentionThe Best OptionC.   A private one on one acting coach2. Learning acting and for hands-on experience join and start doing TheatreStart the acting @ your college gathering or @ your area's Play/Drama GroupNote: Many actors in the industry are from the TheaterDon't Worry! If not handsome doesn't have good body or a hot looking girlEach and every Type of artists) are required in this field. (e.g. Om Puri / Rajpal Yadav etc)You can do it at home also - in front of the Mirror by reading and practicing from this blog!3. Portfolio Make a Portfolio by the Professional Still PhotographerArtist card? If you want to be a good actor, a demand of an artist card may be a fraud. The card may be required only if you want to be just a worker in direction, production, cinematography or in a film-TV studio4.  Which are essential promotional tools requiredA. Video introduction, Show-reel or your own short film shot from mobile, HandycamB. Your websiteC. Resume5. Register as an actor with 3 or 4 good artist coordinators and contact them regularly6. Start your actionIn the beginning, try to  enterTV Serials / Live Shows / Movies / Short Films / Student films-from those learning Production or Direction from training institutes. anchoring, music or in dance videos, web series etc with the help of your artist coordinatorTry for Modelling with an Ad-Agency or in Fashion Shows!(But for it you have to build a good physique & increase your Beauty ! )May enter from the low-level job in any film TV department (production, direction, studio organizer or as an intern with any director as an A.D.), an Assistant of Cameraman / Lights man etc.Even you can do the job of Tea-Boy / Spot-Boy also!& You can't believe - "There would be So Many Friends - Actors/Actresses too - of the Tea-Boy !"7. Accept any opportunity givenDo Any Given Roll - as an extra, no dialog roles, bad man, vamp, 2nd or 3rd villain, any character roleeven as a single artist or in a group performance - either of a positive or negative ShadeWhy? Because only Hero or Heroine is not a movie. It's work of maybe 100+ People8. Apply for auditions which suit to your profile and type. There are many free audition and actors registration websites 9. Meetings & AuditionsTry to meet with Producers / Directors or with the other film industry people -Do the Meetings / Give the Auditions with your prepared promotional toolsSummary And Important F.A.Q Nobody Will AnswerWhat are the sure ways to become an actor?Good looks and bodyLearn professional actingExcellent Hindi and good voice.Speaking knowledge of EnglishPatience to struggle for the long periodsMoney to live and maintain you for longThick skin. Ability ot accept rejectionsLearn to market and promote your career. To be a businessmanExcellent networking ability- social media, directors, producers, artist coordinators etc are the top acting schools in India?Read this post which has the best names and contacthttps://bestactoraca[...]

From Failure To Success | Questions By Actors And Best Answers

Wed, 25 Oct 2017 00:49:00 +0000

FAQ-how to become a Bollywood ActorWhat are the sure ways to become an actor?Good looks and bodyLearn professional actingExcellent Hindi and good voice.Speaking knowledge of EnglishPatience to struggle for the long periodsMoney to live and maintain you for longThick skin. Ability to accept rejectionsLearn to market and promote your career. To be a businessmanExcellent networking ability- social media, directors, producers, artist coordinators etcReadWhich are the top acting schools in India?Read this post which has the best names and contactNobody gives me the names and contacts of best casting directors. Can you?Read this post which has the best names and contactWhich are the websites giving free info about auditions?Here is the list of 9 websitesWho are the top Bollywood directors and production houses to contact?Read this post and plan to call them regularlyWhat are the lessons we can take from the struggle of Bollywood stars?Here are the shocking details of the struggle of Bollywood stars which will bring you down on ground from your dreamDo I really need an artist card? What's the truth?Yes, if you want to be a worker in any of the film department like production. direction etc. NO, if you want to be an actor.Read Which are the best theater groups in India to learn acting free?Here are the list and contactWho are the best personal acting coach and select acting schools in India? The names of good school and perhaps the only acting coach in India who teaches acting personally and individuallyReadI'm a struggler since long. How to become a successful actor?Here is the guaranteed way[...]

So, You Wanna To Remain A Struggler | Then Don't Read This Secret

Mon, 23 Oct 2017 02:02:00 +0000

What's the secret to becoming a good actor?Agony Of Bollywood Strugglers I Want To Become Only Bollywood Actor | Is There A Secret Tip? Jagtap PatilSince childhood had a dream to become Bollywood actor. No TV serials. You don't earn the name, only money and that too after many years of struggle. Any shortcut? Gopu NairBecause of my blind dream to be like SRK without knowing anything, I lost time and money. How can I leave and go back to my home in Gorakhpur UP. Help. Ram Prasad I'm sure, I  look and can act better than Salman Khan. I cry seeing their films. Help me to become another Salman Khan. Ganesh PrakashWhat is needed to become a good actor and how to meet them. Silviya D'souzaWho is top 3 reliable casting director? Avinash AroraAmong Thousands Can An Aspiring Actor Become A Bollywood Star? Shalini--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Top 3 Casting Directors mentioned at the end of this postYes, Of course!Here Are The Lasting 6 Fixes Unknown To Schools  Whether you are a  beginner, a struggling or an experienced actor, your acting, and life goal is to meet your objective-Be A Great, Wealthy and Happy With Name and FameTo achieve this goal, you are working hard day in and day out. But are you a successful great actor and happy?Most of the actors NOT!How To Achieve Your Cherished Dream To Be A Successful Actor?Step 1 What Are The Requirements?Good looks Good physiqueGood voice quality, breath control, range, diction, accentExcellent communication skills in Hindi and a reasonable ability to converse in English Good professional acting talent Impressive body languageFinances to support long periods of instability without good incomeAbility to accept rejectionsStrong determinationAble to struggle for a long timePatience in all situationsThick skinGood public relation skillsGood networkerReady to learn till deathStep 2Know how to meet the above requirements. List down action required and plan to meet these requirementsStep 3Analyse yourself-SWOT Analysis: Analyze your strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to youKnow your type- who are you?Step 4How To Develop An Excellent Acting Ability? Through our acting instrument The acting instrument is1. Body and 2. MindThis instrument of everybody is "SET", which creates in you an “Essence”, an archetype which makes you a unique human with different physical, mental and behavioral type and attitude.  It's absolutely essential to know your type to help you to decide which "character type" can you portray and will prefer to for those auditions which need a character of your archetype.If a person has to perform a fictional role in a situation to meet the objective, a new interesting life, a new character has to be created after analyzing the situation. This new role must be played truthfully and convincingly.However, the biggest hurdle in this sincere endeavor is his “own self”, his essence, his/her “type”. The more an actor tries and forces self to act in the best possible way, more it looks an “acting” and fake. The actor’s  “self” like his/her body language, voice, gestures, attitudes, emotions etc come in the way to transform convincing into a character which an actor has created by his/her imagination.Then, how an actor can transform into an authentic character which looks real?Step 5How An Actor Can Neutralize And Free Him\Herself To Portray A New Life?Step 6By Developing Acting Instrument (Body and Mind)Action PlanA. Observe self. Who are you? Note down yourYour Physical profile: height, weight, hair, face, eyes, mouth, skin, shoulder, chest, walk, gestures, voice, language, any physical abnormality, your style etcYour Mental profile: attitude types, emotions, intelligence etcYour Social Status: class (rich, middle class[...]

You're Shit Scared | Shot Ready No Script | 5 Panic Killing Tips

Sat, 21 Oct 2017 13:30:00 +0000

Kill your worst enemy panic and nervousness before a shotOn TV Serial Set they don't give you your lines until the last moment. What's the solution to fighting panic?How to fight nervousness and panic before an audition?While on Balaji TV serial, I got my lines at the last moment. My shot was bad because of tenseness. What to do?--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Yes, this could be common in filming of an Indian TV serial and also a normal feature with most of the actors before an auditionHere are 5 Great tips on how to fight and kill panic in the event of getting your lines just before the shotFirstly, Do You Know What Really Happens on a Movie or TV Set?Congratulations! You are selected in an audition for a role in a movie "Zero To Hero". This is your first assignment as an actor, a real break in your career. You will be facing a camera for the first time and also be visiting a movie set (location where shooting will take place) for the first time.You became crazy with excitement when you got a call from a production house, but all they told you was "You are in" and "We will let you know the details later". However, you wanted to know everything- When and where I have to go? Whom I have to report? When I will get the script? For how many days? What about the pay? When would be the rehearsals? You want everything well in advance and though you are right, that "Later" invariably never comes till the last day.I have seen many first time actors getting terribly frustrated and mess up their performance while doing their first scene.Therefore, be prepared to accept unexpected. You may not get any details till you reach for a set.Each set is different. Some are friendly, some are not. Some move fast in some move slow. Some are fun, some not so much.The following may happen though not necessary.You may be probably informed the night before when and where to reach.You wonder why they don’t tell you earlier. Now, this may happen. Every day the 1st AD sits down during a break to determine what shots need to be done the following day and who is needed for those shots. But, they can't make the final decision until they know how many shots they completed on the current day. If they’re running behind they might have to push your scene to another day. Or, if they suddenly lose a location due to whether they might have to alter things. There are hundreds of reasons why the shooting schedule has to be fluid and able to change at the drop of a hat. So, for that reason don't expect to get your call time or anything else until late the evening before. They put actors on hold for several days for a reason. They can never predict what will actually happen in a particular shoot day.  It's just common practice. If it’s 11PM and you still haven’t heard, maybe now you have a reason to be concerned. That might be the time to call to your coordinator or agent.1. What to do after you get details of when and where to reach?Once you get your call time and shooting location, it's your job to get there on time. In other words sufficient (and I do mean SUFFICIENT) of time to get there. Traffic is always an issue in Mumbai and the last thing you want to do is keep a crew, a director and millions of Rupees of equipment waiting for you. That's a surefire way to get you out and lose the role. Just because Salman Khan or Kareena Kapoor Khan shows up an hour late doesn't mean you can too. When you get that famous… still, don’t do it!Remember; don't bring a lot of stuff in your backpack. In a chaos which is common to a set, it may be misplaced or stolen. Ask somebody whom you are supposed to report. Usually, it is the 2nd AD. You're finally ready to start your first day of shooting.2. What To Do Next?The 2nd AD will usually tell you [...]

Learn Meisner Or Get Your Scene Removed By Film Editor | Why?

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My scene with Shah Rukh Khan  is removedI had given a party to celebrate my brief shot with celebrity Shah Rukh Khan. I was my first break. But to my utter shock, this disappeared from the film and I was a laughing stock in the eyes of my parents and friends. When I talked to the director, she didn't comment. I'm shattered. Why this could happen? Mohini GaikwadBecause You Listened And Reacted Badly On Camera. You Don't Know "Reality Of Doing"Film Editing And The Film EditorThe actors must know what is a film editing and the role of an editor. For actors, in simple term he\she is the final key factor to decide whether an actors scene should be included in a film or in a TV serial scene or should be removed. The inclusion of an actor scene largely depends on how well he/she has listened and reacted truthfully for the camera, an actor's overall performance which may comprise of different shots and finally whether it is contributing and enhancing the value of the film or not.There is an amazing acting technique of Sanford Meisner, the legendary acting coach, and a writer. This must be learned by all actors who dream to become a star-Author(Film editing is a technical part of the post-production process of filmmaking. The term is derived from the traditional process of working with the film which increasingly involves the use of digital technology.The film editor works with the raw footage, selecting shots and combines them into sequences which create a finished motion picture. Film editing is described as an art or skill, the only art that is unique to cinema, separating filmmaking from other art forms that preceded it, although there are close parallels to the editing process in other art forms such as poetry and novel writing. Film editing is often referred to as the "invisible art" because when it is well-practiced, the viewer can become so engaged that he or she is not aware of the editor's work.On its most fundamental level, film editing is the art, technique, and practice of assembling shots into a coherent sequence. The job of an editor is not simply to mechanically put pieces of a film together, cut off film slates or edit dialogue scenes. A film editor must creatively work with the layers of images, story, dialogue, music, pacing, as well as most importantly, the actors' performances to effectively suit the camera -source)Why Was Your Scene Removed?Unfortunately, because of repeated readings of the script which has co-actors' lines as well and rehearsals, we know what would be the next line and take it as granted and when actually spoken on camera, we don't REALLY listen. This could be a terrible mistake. The scene and our reactions look lifeless and fake which an editor hates. In a big film, he may ruthlessly cut off your piece or as an extreme measure, tell the director or a producer to "pack off this actor". Especially this is 90% true in Indian TV serial in a reaction shot-AuthorThe Best And Easiest Learning Acting TechniqueThe Great Natural Way of Acting-Sanford MeisnerSanford MeisnerYou will NEVER be successful till you learn Meisner's Acting TechnqiueThe best experience in an actor's life is the realization that he/she is not the character which seems to them or others, but simply the exposing the different colors of his/her life itself. The height of "experience" in acting is the reverse; that "I AM the characters I play in front of the camera!  Every moment is new. The mind creates in a natural way and instantly in response to the requirements of the situation. Every moment a new character is born, live a little and die.This was not always the case. A child is always is very imaginative, always in a fantasy. But the harsh competition of human, always acutely painful and changes a kid.The years at acting schools do nothing to improve the[...]

Top Google Websites-How To Become An Actor

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How to be a Bollywood actor free learning at homeDo You Want To Become An actor Free?Do You Want To Learn Acting At Home Free?Are You A Beginner And Want To Learn Acting Privately And IndividuallyWell, here are 3 best reading and practicing google pagesTo Make You A Good Actor Easily And Quickly--------------------------------------------------------------These websites are created under google business pages and are published by google only after proper guidelines and verification of business establishments.Once you visit these websites, you will find a link which will take you to the best resources for actors to become an actor, and FREE also 1. How To Learn Acting At Home FreeClickGoogle Website 12. How To Become A Child ActorClickGoogle Website 2Let your child be an actor3. How To Learn Acting Privately IndividuallyClickGoogle Website 3Learn acting by an acting coach privately individually Join us to be a star actor[...]

You're Screwing Career | Which Best Best Acting Style To Learn?

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"I don't want to fail as an actor. Which acting technique to learn"?Is learning acting necessary to become an actor?I have some inborn acting talent as told by my parents. The why should I learn acting?  I watched Shah Rukh Khan and confident I can be better. Can join Bollywood without training?I'm from a lower middle-class family and can't afford acting schools in Delhi or in Mumbai. Is there a way out?I recently quit an acting institute. They were sarcastic in front of other students who laughed. I found "Improvisation" a scene difficult. Can I learn at home?I find acting techniques difficult. When I act a character, it looks and even I feel artificial. Is there a way to develop your own acting styleWhat’s The Cheapest and Absolute Best Acting Method?--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In summary, Learning acting will improve your selection chances and beat competitionYou can learn acting by picking up a particular acting technique suited best to youYes, you can learn acting without large sum of money and at homeYou can develop your own acting technique for a truly creative and unique performance What’s The Absolute Best Acting Method?What Which And How?Confused About Acting Techniques?An actor is supposed to learn probably as many acting techniques as there are types of emotions ( 9 go 12?) an actor is required to display. Every actor is unique with his/her own archetype, with their "technique" usually a combination of their training and their experience. That being said, there are certain techniques that are devoted to the specific way of learning this unique art- individual processes developed over the years by acknowledged masters. Teachers such as Stanislavski, Chekov, Strasberg, Adler, Meisner, Hagen, Mamet, et al, have become the standards and are taught by most world's teachers and trainers of acting work.This post will definitely help the actor choose a  method and style which appeals best to them. In our fierce struggle for becoming an actor, most of us don't have the time nor the funds to join acting schools like Whistling Woods Mumbai (9 Lakhs?) to learn acting.What I suggest here is:Buy acting books. Look at the left sidebar of this blog, select books and click. This will take you to, then search with the names I have mentioned below and buy them one by one over the period.Once you find the one that touches you deepest, practice, practice and practice at home, with friends or in front of a full-size mirror. Then find a good acting coach and take a short course or personalized workshop for maybe for 3 to 4days to correct and sharpen your acting talent and skills you have learned, practiced and helped to create your ownThe 8 best I strongly recommendThe foundation of almost all world's acting training comes from the work of Konstantin Stanislavski and must be learned.1. An actor prepares, Building a character, Creating a role, The magic if-Konstantin Stanislavski (You may buy one by one as per the sequence mentioned)2. Lee Strasberg's Method Acting3. The Stella Adler Technique - In your choice is your talent4. Sanford Meisner - Acting is the reality of doing (My choice- very practical)5. The Uta Hagen Technique6. Michael Chekhov (My choice for those who can and have a great power of imagination)7. Practical Aesthetics: David Mamet and William Macy (My choice-for higher level)8. Bobby Lewis TechniqueObviously, there are other methods available for you to research. The ones I've chosen are those that I believe are most effective and most popular.“Create your own method. Don’t depend slavishly on mine. Makeup something that will work for you! But keep breaking traditions, I be[...]

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Most admired Bollywood Star Shahid Kapoor with many stunning performances who learned Practical AestheticsNot For You! You Are Just A So-So Actor This Is Not For Those Whom  A Failure Is An Option. Foolish Dreamers Who Are Just Struggling Without Any Belief In A Professional Approach-Goal Setting, Personalized Training, Action Plan And Hard Work.Please Don't Waste Your Time. Continue Your Easy And Comfortable Living -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- allowfullscreen="" class="YOUTUBE-iframe-video" data-thumbnail-src="" frameborder="0" height="266" src="" width="320">Simple explanation of the acting technique-Practical AestheticsWho-You-Truly-Are This technique is focalized in two partsA. Act Before You Think and Think Before You Act. Script Analysis and Performance Technique classes focus on analyzing a script by understanding the story and given circumstances and then going through the process of choosing an action and making specific choices that will create a character.B. Actors learn to focus on what is actually happening in the scene and focus on creating and pursuing of an action.Bollywood Films And TV serialsMy 2 lines to aspiring actors and even long-time strugglersActing can be taught, and if taught, then learned and then anyone could learn to act and act well. To be an actor, does not require the mysterious thing called talent, or the ability to 'become' the character and in my strong opinion, none of these things are within our control.The Practical ApproachPractical Aesthetics is a practical approach to acting, developed by the director and playwright David Mamet and actor William H Macy. It was developed as a better option to the confusing, mostly impractical acting approaches, maybe casually mentioned and perhaps briefly explained by acting schools in actor training.It's simplified works from the acting theories and works of legendary Stanislavsky, the works of Sanford Meisner, Joseph Campbell, Aristotle, Carl Jung and philosophy of others.Its principle is simple and effective and is an essential tool for anyone who feels they have never had a truly reliable and systematic technique from which to approach any and every script.  Too many systems and teachers ask you to ‘have a technique’ without ever giving you a basic foundation on which to develop your own personal approach easily suited. This is not another 12-20 step system that tends to confuse you further.  This is a simple 4 steps technique that will do the only thing an acting technique should do, set you free!This technique is focused in two partsAct Before You Think and Think Before You Act. Script Analysis and Performance Technique classes focus on analyzing a script by understanding the story and given circumstances and then going through the process of choosing an action and making specific choices that will create a character. Actors learn to focus on what is literally happening in the scene and focus on the pursuit of an action. Developed by David Mamet and William H. Macy, script analysis explores what the character is “actually doing,” what the character “wants,” and what is playable “action”.Why it's easy, practical and most relevant for all types of actors? Talent, skills, body, figure not a learning and an essential requirement to become an actorThe technique focuses and comes straight on A.The useful and practical- "The Script Analysis And Creating a Character"B. Simple storytelling rather than going round about on different techniques and their complexities,The Scri[...]

Don't Read If Want Audition Failure As Your Habit | 3 Steps 4 Actions

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Feed SharkTop Bollywood Performers in The History Of CinemaAn actor's performance in auditions and in a sceneHow To Knock Down Scary Competition And Give the Best PerformanceWarningI have noticed in a lot of sessions lately that, when an actor gets nervous, they get paralyzed. This is, of course, a natural reaction for many. If you forget your lines because you feel out of your self (as you have prepared and developed self as an actor), you often shut down and get panicky. The reactions that follow can include tears, perspiration, and shortness of breath. Some actors are so doubtful and stiff that they stop in the middle of their audition apologizing for a wrongly perceived poor performance wasting everyone’s time.I know. It is a very scary thing to get up in front of people and perform. You become uncertain and left to the mercy and judgment of the audience of selectors. But if this becomes your habit and has not taken any steps to learn and develop the [power of confidence, you may be in the wrong profession. So better be late than never. Learn audition techniquesSome anxiety, however, is normal. If you find it sometimes this "anxiety" gets the best of you, do not.fear. just hit it!Handling Audition PressureThree Steps to Success1. BreathingTake a breath! Breathing helps calm your nerves, so take slow, long breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. This has to be done 10 times. You will be shocked at how many people forget to simply breathe.Remember the casting director is your friend. They are not in that audition room to look down upon you – Though they don't express, internally they are cheering for you to succeed. They want you to do well. You could be the answer to their casting prayers to get the best actor for the character.2. MemorizationIf you forget a line, DO NOT stop in the middle of a scene. Finish the rest of the scene and then the casting director will tell you if they want you to begin again. You never want to stop because you fumbled and missed a line. The casting director may have loved everything you did until then and could edit around it. Lines do not always have to be perfect either. They are more looking for your performance and essence of the character. You can always do the scene again.3. Never apologizeDo not apologize for your audition. Ever. You may have done a great job, and the casting director may have loved your work. Even if it felt terrible to you, do not apologize. It makes you appear timid, doubtful and insecure, and it just plain looks bad.The next time you find yourself sweating under pressure, remember there are simple things to get you through. And if you make a complete fool of yourself, just remember: you are acting! It is meant to be fun and silly.When You Begin4 Actions To Initiate Nobody will tell You1. Surprise the Casting DirectorsCreate a beat change (rhythm, speed, volume, emotion) after the first line of your script or monologue. Industry people disagree on so many areas of actor's performance, but one thing I’ve never disagreed on is that they want to be surprised. So, let’s imagine the first line of your monologue is something, like, “Muzhe aap ka paisa nehin chahiye, sirf meri baat suniye" (I don’t want your money, I want you to listen to me) and the second line of your script or monologue is, “Aisa lagta hai ki iska koi matlab nehin hai" (it seems like nothing I say means anything to you)Pause after you’ve delivered your first line. if there is a co-actor, imagine a reaction from your imaginary scene partner upon his/her having heard what you just said. it could be something like shock, denial, resistance—anything from co-actor or you that keeps the conflict ongoing and strong.2. [...]

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BEATING STRONG COMPETITION! Is Hon. President Donald Trump An Excellent And An Intelligent Actor As Well?I'm a trained struggling actor for the last 4 years but not getting good roles. Only as an extra like driver, doorman, a villain's assist etc. I usually rejected in auditions for good TV serial or a film. Help me. What's the solution? I don't want to quit~Kartik GaikwadI have lost lots of money in training with a renowned acting institute, registering with coordinators and by false promises by fraud casting directors in Old Mahda, Andheri West, portfolio etc. I don't succeed in auditions. Become nervous. What can I do?~Madhulata Arora I'm failing and frustrated. Have no choice but to quit. What face I have to go back to my hometown in Haryana. Please help.~Peter D'souza --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------There could be many reasons for a  failure like 1. Poor or no professional training by a good school or an acting coach 2. Wrong selection of auditions ( You don't match with the character) 3. Poor health and figure 4. Bad Hindi 5. Forgetting lines 6. Uncultured and rude approach etc However, one of the major reason for a failure is anxiety, nervousness and an impending fear of a failure. If I fail? The only solution to this major reason is "TO RELAX". You must learn how to relax to give a memorable performance whether in an audition or before a shot in a film or for a TV serial Any audition or an actual shoot for a film is always nerve-wracking for actors who truly love the craft and want to make a paying career out of it. Getting nervous is okay to an extent(and even normal), but they should not frighten you! Don't become tense and overwhelmed. Have fun! Easier said than done, I know. But seriously. Before few minutes before the audition, do jumping jacks or even do push-ups before your turn.  Breathe slowly 10 times and say a prayer (or two). I have witnessed many auditions and looked into the waiting room. Seen some good actors doing push-ups before their turn and also some closing their eyes and breathing deeply inside the audition room just a few seconds before starting. And such actors always are relaxed and give usually a good performanceI would just say try to prepare yourself before entering the room. When you're in front of the casting directors, its showtime -- not preparation time!. Beating The Long Queue Of  Actors Kill Your Tension | 6 Ways to Relax Before an AuditionNo matter how many years you’ve been acting, going into an audition is always stressful. You’re worried that you’re going to forget your lines or screw up in some way, or that they just won’t like you.But if you want to have a good audition, you can’t let those fears and anxieties get to you. The more relaxed and focused you can be heading into an audition, the more likely you’ll be able to really shine.Here are a few simple tricks for relaxing before an audition:1. Reach EarlyRule number one for having a relaxing audition: Arrive early. Getting stuck in traffic is only going to make all of your frayed nerves even tenser. Give yourself plenty of time to figure out where you’re going and find a parking space so you can walk in cool and collected.2. Listen to MusicWhile you’re in the car or on the L, listen to some relaxing music to get you into that Zen place. Classical music or meditative yoga music are both great for bringing your heart rate down, but if you have other songs that are especially meaningful to you and you like to sing along to, that can work as well. You can even create a special pre-audition playlist of[...]

Make Casting Directors Stop Dead With Strange Fascinating Acting

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Acting without trying hard to "Act"How to become an actor without acting?I don't have an inborn talent, but want to be an actor. How to?I try hard to act in auditions, but get rejected? Why and what's the solution?Which is the best acting technique to be selected?AnswersLearn to act naturally as "you" transforming into the character or create your own acting techniqueAn inborn talent may help you but not an absolute essential. Learn acting without fakingThe best acting technique is which suits you. Or after learning the world's best techniques, develop your own. Read further..... How to be a good an actor without acting"Don't Try Hard To Act, Please. It looks you are "faking". Be natural"~A. D. Manoj Remola  Actor Without ActingHow To Master Truthful Acting Without Trying Hard | Under Tension | In A Fear Of Failing Or Rejection The growth as an actor and growth as a human being are similar(synonymous). The objective should be to Understanding and learning about "Self", to know your type (Archetype) and about what is acting as a delicate art and actor learning with tools, and with the discipline to grow. Most importantly, To learn how to develop the limitless human imagination in their task of studying and bringing a script and a character to an interesting life.This is possible only by becoming neutral, a blank slate/ paper self and by transforming yourself into new lifeThis can be definitely be done individually at home and be learning to become an actor without so-called "Acting" where an audience finds you as a truthful actor in a given circumstances rather than as a fake or trying hard to play a role.The Simple 4  Basics Of  Becoming An Actor AreA.The Self DevelopmentAn actor's talent is is him. He should discover, identify and learn how to develop itTo think them and not on anybody's suggestionRespect their own ideas and values(unique ideas which have been developed over an entire lifetime)To be an independent and intelligent actor determined to train their mind, bodies, voice, and spirits to achieve their goals (Learn how to set goals)B. Why Develop The Power Of Imagination?An actor's imaginations are the most powerful source to create even unimaginative.To bring a film or a theatre play and characters to life. The actor must be able to create from his own living experiences or by a considerable period of observation of anything he feels by his 5 senses(See, smell, taste, hear and touch). The classical example is of a great actor-Lee J Cobb who acted in an award-winning play "The death of a salesman".C. The Importance Of "Action"Drama in a film or at heater depends on 'Doing' rather than 'Saying' or Just 'Feeling'. However, an actor's approach strongly depends on connecting these together by creating a drama(conflict) between him and other characters or with 'given circumstances' in a story. This drama 'should not' be between his own various shades of life(Me and myself)  which may push him into an isolation in the story. These actions especially in for the camera should be subtle, creative and expressive (with eyes and face).D. Understanding Script And Its InterpretationA story by a writer and recreated as a screenplay for film or a script for a play once submitted is a unique object with its own life and has a tremendous potential to 'impact'on the minds of the audience.To play it is not in words but in you.It's an actor's responsibility  to respect the script with deep and repeated readings, To know where the script is leading the characterUnderstanding  the character's environment(situation in a scene where t[...]

Insult Casting Directors | 7 Questions To Ask Self In Creating A Character

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The master actor of creating a character to knock casting directors outYes. It's insulting to the casting directors. They never thought this stunning way to create a characterYou are good but failingYou are handsome, hot but dying and hence, quittingYou did everything-best school, selected top artist coordinators, stunning portfolio etc but your career is bombedWhy and what's the solution? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Great Acting Guru Stanaslavisky recommends questions to ask self while creating your character and throw knock-out punch on casting directorsHow To Build Your "Character" 7 steps QuestionsThere are so many different acting techniques and books and teachers that finding a process that works for you can be confusing. Ironically, most acting books and teachers use similar principles as the basis of their pedagogy; Stanislavski’s system. This is because Constantin Stanislavski is considered the father of modern acting and every acting technique created in the modern era was influenced by “Father Stan.” For young actors, understanding of Stanislavski’s seven questions is an invaluable foundation upon which to build a character.1. Who am I?Start with the basics and then fill in the gaps with your imagination. Pick apart the script to find out what type of person your character is; what they look like, what they believe, how others describe them and so on. Think about your character’s past and the significant events/people that influenced them and made them who they are in the script.2. Where am I?The script will usually tell you where you are but the important thing for an actor is to consider how the character feels about the place they are in. Characters act differently in public than they do in private. People move differently when they are cold vs. when they are too hot. The space your character occupies can determine how they behave during a scene.3. What time is it?Year, season, month, day, and time of day should all be described. Then, think about how the specific time of the play changes the character’s action. If it’s set in Victorian England, voice and proper etiquette will be different than San Francisco in the 1960s.4. What do I want?This is a character’s primary motivation for everything they do in a scene. All actions should be executed with the goal of getting what you want from the other characters in the scene. This is also called a character’s objective.5. Why do I want it?There must be a driving force behind your objectives on stage and on screen and that is your justification. We all had reasons for doing what we do and characters are no different. Give your character a convincing reason for acting and you automatically generate high stakes which lead to tension.6. How will I get what I want?Use your dialogue, movements, and gestures to try to influence the other characters to give you what you want i.e. accomplish your objective. This is also called a character’s tactic. If one tactic fails, try a new one and see if that works.7. What must I overcome to get what I want?There is always something stopping you from achieving your objective (character). Usually, there is someone or something in the outside world impeding a character’s advancement and also some internal conflict with which they struggle. Find what it/they are and fight against them with the scene. This is also called a character’s obstacle.These seven simple questions can provide hours of work for an actor to answer fully. The flip side is that an actor who puts in the time and ener[...]

Read Accept And Change Or Piss Off | 10 Actor's Life Truths

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NO! You can't be an actor | Follow or quitAre You A Struggling Actor? Not Yet made It As A Star?  Has A Hard Life?Read below and embrace these facts on 'Life'. I guarantee, your embracing life truths will transform you to a relaxed but a rejuvenated fighter in pursuing your ultimate goal to stardom, sooner than expected. Life, in general, more so of an actor is a beautiful experience, but sometimes it is hard. During those hard times, we often forget how awesome it is to experience this thing called 'life'.Here are 10 amazing truths about actor's life that will change your life as an actor and as a human being for success, name, and fame.1. Life is cyclic with up and downEverything under the sun rises and falls. In fact, even the sun itself rises and falls every single day. After every fall there is a rise. When you accept this truth you don’t have to be discouraged when you inevitably experience a fall. You just have to wait for the tide to turn- and it will.2. Life doesn’t judge youLife is not judging you. It does not judge who you are. It does not judge what you’ve done. Life sees no faults. It loves you just as you are. Life only cares that you live it to its fullest and take advantage of all that it has to offer.3. Life forgives you.Sometimes we curse life. “F***K MY LIFE” may be a common slang, but life doesn’t hold a grudge. Whatever you’ve done or said against life isn’t held against you. Life is standing by waiting for you to change your mind. When you are ready to love your life again, life is ready to help you create a life you can love.4. Life doesn’t believe in failure (or success for that matter).We tend to think of life in terms of successes and failures. If I make a lot of money, marry an attractive spouse, and raise intelligent kids I am successful. If my house is in foreclosure, I get a divorce or raise a wayward child I have failed. Life doesn’t see events and circumstances in terms of successes and failures. Life believes in lessons learned and experiences that strengthen you. Life accepts that stuff happens, and no matter what happens, life is prepared to help you rebuild, change directions, and find fulfillment once again.5. Life will give you things you never knew you wanted.In my personal experience as an actor, life gave me the gift of traveling the world – from Asia to Europe to South America. I never knew how important it was for an actor experiencing new places was until I was gifted with the opportunity to do so. Then I realized a Life’s imagination is much bigger than my own (Actor's) imagination. Be ready to receive things you never knew you wanted but can’t live without. Life loves to give good gifts.6. Life will make sure it is good in every evil.When something bad is done to you, life will make sure you are repaid with good. When things go wrong there’s always something amazing that comes out of it. There’s always a silver lining whether it is a lesson from an audition failure, a new perspective, new direction or even a new friend.7. Life rewards the apologetic.I’ve heard it said that apologizing is one of the most difficult things for people to do. That is so unfortunate because saying “I’m sorry” can breathe new life into your relationships. It can offer a fresh start and a new slate. Life will help you start again, repair what’s been damaged and regain what’s been lost when you are brave enough to admit your faults and apologize.8. Life honors the courageous.When you take a chance on life, life takes a chance on you. When you’re brave enough to conquer life in ways that [...]

The Dangerously Powerful 4 Learning Acting Exercises At Home

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Prabhas- Great Telugu actor of Baahubali who learned recommended acting at homeDue to my personal reasons, I can't join an acting school or a coach. Any solution?I belong to a middle-class family and can't afford Mumbai's expensive schools. Can you help?I have been cheated by an acting school at Old MHADA, Andheri-west, Mumbai with a promise to give me a break in the films. Now, I want to learn acting at home. Are there some exercises?--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Acting Alone And PracticeI’ve had a number of emails recently about acting students who are in a situation where they can’t be in a class for various reasons - whether it’s financial, location, or other, and want to do exercises to keep themselves in the work.First of all, I would emphasize strongly how important it is to have a good teacher or coach or a good acting school (where a teacher gives personal attention) to work with. One guy that observes you, identifies your emotional issues, physical movements and has the expertise to help you break your shortcomings and spends time with you.My Highly Recommended Exercises1. Three phone Calls The sceneIn this exercise, you are in your scene, either you are getting ready to leave or have come back from outside. You will make or receive three phone calls. Each call needs to be very different, with a different subject and tone, to three different people. You are in these phone calls while in the “doing”, meaning you are doing something at home during the call. Imagine and create the other person, and hear their side of the conversation. Get totally involved yourself in the call, hear them, respond to them, and complete the call, while doing your other work (like arranging something, changing clothes, dusting etc). As you complete the call you continue your activity and the second call, either one you make or receive. A second phone call with another person with a different life…. Then a third call. When finished, you leave or go back to your activity.Notes: Your other people that you can create should be A. some close one with whom you have a genuine emotional relationship like a love mate, friend, mother; B. Maybe some stranger or a creditor with whom you may enter into a conflict. Listen to them. Take your time. Make them important, and be creative. Find something that you can be really interesting. Do this while “in the doing something at home or a place” or getting ready to go somewhere. This exercise is about specifics, activity, and living truthfully in the moment. Review the calls – are you being real or “too dramatic”? truthful? fake? Give the phone calls contrast. These should be people you have a very different emotional point of view about. Show your range of emotions, actions, and reactions. Don’t make them all the same. Keep each call to no more than 2 minutes. Practice, time yourself, and rehearse with yourself.Example:I get home and am getting ready for bed, and see that I have a message. I read the message; it’s my mother… again. I return the call. She’s complaining about something. I feel guilty and irritated when I speak to her. I talk with her for a bit and hang up….. I continue to get ready and then call a woman I’m interested in, I’m quite nervous, I like her and don’t know if she likes me. I chat her up a bit and then ask her out Friday night…..I continue and make a third call. It’s to a friend who has to give my money back which I loaned him long back. Yo[...]

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feedsharkI don't know how to prepare a monolog for auditions and failing. Can you help?Is a bad monolog or no monolog the reason of rejections in auditions?How important is for an actor to prepare a monolog?--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------How to select a monolog?What monolog should I use for my audition?How to prepare Hindi monolog?How long should be a monolog?What precautions should I take for preparing monolog?What Is a Monologue?If you have a friend or relative who likes to hear himself talk, you already know what a monologue is.  It is an uninterrupted, one-sided conversation in which a person — a college professor, your drunk friend at a wedding anniversary party— addresses a specific audience. Dating back to ancient Greek drama, where they played an essential role, monologues remain the main feature of plays and films. Monologues provide character development, give an explanation, or identify key themes.Nowadays it's a trend with casting directors to ask an actor appearing for audition to give a monologFollow these winning tips when choosing oneFinding good audition material seems to be a pain in the ass for many actors. I began to fully appreciate how actors kill selection chances. Many actors simply choose bad audition monologs for themselves. The reality is, if you are going to audition for films and TV (also especially for theater), monologs are going to be required of you fairly regularly. You can help yourself immensely if you follow some simple tips.1. Know your "type" and be realistic about it.A good way of discovering this to ask other actor friends, your acting coach and people in the industry. If you choose a piece that is something you’d "LIKE to do" as opposed to something that truly suits you, you are unlikely to stand out among the competition- there will be plenty of others who are type same casting type, better looking and more experienced or better prepared for the same audition                  2. Know your age range Again, be realistic about this and ask friends, your acting coach or people in the industry for honest opinions about your screen age then stick to that age range. For example, if your screen age is 23 to 30 and if you prepare or select a monolog spoken by 60 years old man, well then you know it would be absolutely out of the place and the casting directors would notice instantly.3. Enter the room with confidenceIf hands are offered, shake them. Look the auditors in the eyes during introductions i. Introduce yourself and let them know what piece you are doing and who the source/s. Remember to smile and show off your confidence.4. Short And SweetA monolog that’s between 1 minute to 2 minutes is great. More than that is beginning to push it too much. A monolog audition should work to spark the auditor’s imagination, not be an attempt to cram everything you can do with a one piece of text.5. ImagineSimply put, your monolog should express as if you are talking something to your scene partner whether partner present to absent. In this way, every monolog is actually a dialogue, a give and take between you and a silent, invisible scene partner.6. Don't tell just a storyThis is related to #2. So often actors create monologs which simply tell a story or reflect on a memory. These pieces become inactive 99% of the time and highlight the matter rather than you.7. Avoid pieces that are full of violence, sex or offensive lang[...]

Rejected! You're Crap Like 100 Others | Can't Create A Character

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Jim Carrey the world's greatest comedian getting repeated rejections before successWhy so many actors including me rejected in auditions?I' quitting. Getting repeated rejections in auditions. Any solution?My school never taught me how to avoid repeated audition failure and get a role. Can You help?How to become film and TV serial actor by being selected in auditions?Answering These 7 simple questions and preparing well can make you succeed in auditions  The other side is that an actor who puts in the time and energy will definitely have a greater understanding of their character and their personal acting technique.Take them, learn them, and think about them. That is why Stanislavski asked them.There are so many different acting techniques that finding a process that works for you can be confusing and difficult. Ironically, most acting books and teachers use similar principles based on Stanislavski's system. This is because Constantin Stanislavski is considered, even today as 'The father of modern acting' and every acting technique created in the current era continues to get influenced by 'Father Stan.' For young actors, I'm giving an understanding of Stanislavski’s 7 questions which will be an invaluable foundation upon which to build a 'character' the actor intends to play.As A Character AskWho am I?Start with the basics and then fill in the gaps with your imagination. Pick apart the script to find out what type of person your character is; what they look like, what they believe, how others describe them and so on. Think about your character’s past and the significant events/people that influenced them and made them who they are in the script.Where am I?The script will usually tell you where you are but the important thing for an actor is to consider how the character feels about the place they are in. Characters act differently in public than they do in private. People move differently when they are cold vs. when they are too hot. The space your character occupies can determine how they behave during a scene.What time is it?Year, season, month, day, and time of day should all be described. Then, think about how the specific time of the play changes the character’s action. If it’s night, looks or says in the upper regions of Himachal Pradesh in extreme winter, physical reactions and dialog delivery may change.What do I want?This is a character’s primary motivation for everything they do in a scene. All actions should be executed with the goal of getting what you want from the other characters in the scene. This is also called a character’s objective.Why do I want it?There must be a driving force behind your objectives on stage and on film screen and that is your justification. We all had reasons for doing what we do and characters are no different. Give your character a convincing reason for acting and you automatically generate high stakes which lead to tension.How will I get what I want?Imagine. Use your dialogue, movements, and gestures to try to influence the other characters to give you what you want i.e. accomplish your objective. This is also called a character’s tactic. If one tactic fails, try a new one and see if that works.What must I overcome to get what I want?There may be always something in the script stopping characters from achieving their objective so as to create a drama. Usually, there is someone or something in the outside world impeding a character’s advancement and also some internal conflict with which they struggle. Find what it/they[...]

Why Actors Should Play Lottery

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An actor's dreams and imaginationWhy am I not becoming a good actor?I'm getting roles but not becoming a Bollywood star. What's the reason?I can't imagine playing different types of characters' What to do?When I play a script in auditions, I become tense and look false. Why and what to do?SolutionDevelop The Power Of Imagination, Dream, And Practice Characters At HomeBuy Lottery Ticket, Imagine Becoming Rich And Famous--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Why Playing Lottery Made Me A Good Actor?Hi,I'm an International Award-Winning Character Actor (Guiana 1838), and an acting coachPage From My Life DiaryAs an aspiring actor a few years back.... "Like many millions of other people, I bought a lottery ticket on Monday. With a jackpot worth of Rs.10 Crores, I couldn’t resist. But as I handed over that cash, I felt shame. I felt as if I'm being looked by scornful eyes and judged. In my head, I heard the voices of dozens of friends and family shouting at me, “You just threw that money away!” They told me how ridiculous I was being, how insanely long the odds of winning are and to not get my hopes up. They are familiar voices. They pop up regularly in my life, in moments when I find myself beginning to fantasize and daydream. They are the voices of reason. Of the rational. Of control. And they are trying to ruin my acting. I have spent most of my life fighting with my mind’s weird strict direction to through life out of control. It is extremely easy for me to think negatively, to turn the smallest discomfort into as if I'm gonna die. In my head, a failed effort easily turns into a fear and a doom. An unexpected knock on the door quickly escalates into a devil entering. My mind likes to just run away. I’m constantly fighting against it because, most of the time, it leads into some terrible direction so I have to do everything in my power to bring myself back to reality just to calm myself down. This escapism away from realizing my dreams to become a good actor is nothing but a myth.  Less often, I will find myself fantasizing about an opportunity that comes my way to be a successful actor. When a big audition comes along, a life-changing kind of project-I will find myself drifting away into a fantasy, a colorful futureI imagine hearing how proud people are of meI imagine traveling to incredible places to film my scenes.I imagine the crew and the director gave me a standing ovation on my performance in a scene shotI imagine my beautiful female co-stars congratulating me after a shotI imagine depositing Rs. 10 Lakhs in my bank accountMy vacations to incredible tourist places in India and abroad and staying Taj or Hilton And when I get caught up, I hear those voices telling me to get ahold of myself, to calm down, to come back to my safe and routine life. The voices, the voices of therapists and friends and family, voices of those who have my best interest in mind, try to restore control.The world trains us to lead a less complicated and a safe life. We get messages to calm down and not get worked up all the time. The life teaches us to keep our heads down and follows the logical, rational path. Perhaps this may be correct. It would be a tough world if everyone was constantly in contact with the extreme things that could happen in every moment. It would be equally impossible to go to work if we followed every fantasy and dream. So we tame our imagination. But we actors [...]

Thousands Have Failed | Which One Is Next?

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Feed SharkLearning emotions and attitudes in my private  coaching Or Get Ably TrainedHere is the answer How Not Be In Those Thousands Who Have Failed And Roaming On Mumbai Streets!My lucky words are simple:"Get professionally trained in acting craft, acting for camera and marketing and promotion of your career". Or forget about acting and actor. There are more than 2.5 Lakhs aspiring actors better than each other roaming on the roads of Mumbai and struggling, some even for 10 years!If You Are A Beginner, Initially Better Join An Acting Coach For Personal "One On One" focused Coaching. Later, You May Join a Good School for scene practices with co-actors, networking and as a source of industry information.Before you join an acting coach or a school, ask for their syllabus and check if it includes the following topicsNobody will give you this!What are the requirements to become an actor, especially in India and BollywoodHow can I meet these requirements and how an acting coach or a school will help me in fulfilling these requirementsA complete understanding of what is an  "Acting and "An Actor"Can I really become a good actor or not-My SWOT analysis (strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats)Action plan for the aboveWhich human parts of the body are responsible to become a good actorThe role of body and mind and how to develop themWhich are the separate and individual exercises to develop body and mindIn-depth script analysisIn-depth character analysis and how to create an amazing characterExercises for the aboveWhich are the best acting techniques for how to learn themExercises on acting techniquesHow to create my own acting techniques best suited to meActing for the camera: cinematography, scene and shot, angles, expressing through face and eyesActing for stage and difference between film and theater acting Learning different emotions and attitudes of people around usKey factors to become a good actor1. Observations (Exercises)2. The power of imagination (Exercises)3. Relaxation4. Sense memory and emotional memory5. In the moment and situations6. How to be instantly in a character7. Memorization8. Focus without distractions9. Super confidence10. Animal exercises11. Improvisation12. Auditions and how to grab roles (Exercises)13. Fighting nervousness, anxiety and fear14. Marketing and promoting my acting careerGeneral queries to be made by youHow are the teaching faculty and their backgroundWhat is the duration of each sessionHow many students in a classDo the faculty give time to each studentDo they give important notes like the list of casting directors, artist coordinators, portfolio studios (photographers), list of free websites to register and promote etc. etc.On average how many passed out students get acting jobs- names and contact No., films or theater plays, their websites etcThe above may not be all but a must in any acting syllabus syllabusGood LuckWould you like to be trained by me as your personal and private acting coach?Read this carefully and decide:I wish you a good luck to be an actor, for sure!Join me. This step today will make you a Top Actor tomorrow!  1.  Main page for complete detailshttp://topactingcoach.weebly.com2. Website page for fees, courses, duration, syllabus, registration rules etc Emails for communicationactingcoach.kiran.pande@gmail.comkiran.aged@gmail.comUpdated on Saturday 16th Septem[...]

How To Blow Casting Directors And Actors | Be The Best | 20 Q & A

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How to bomb casting directors to your selectionThis post has been given 5 stars by Blogger India  as the most useful post for actors "To my knowledge, never read a single post equivalent to perhaps reading hundreds of sources on how to become an actor. I must for aspiring actors"~ Danny DenzongpaBollywood Celebrity ActorHow to become an actor?I'm a beginner. How to start?Can I become an actor learning acting at home and without experience?What time it takes to be an actor in films and TV in India?Why the majority of actors Fail?20 Most Common Questions By Actors And Best Proven AnswersHow To Become An ActorThere are thousands of aspiring young man and women in the world who dream to be an actor. They just land up in LA, New York City for Hollywood, or in Mumbai India for Bollywood. Sadly, around 90% go on struggling and fail to be one. Why?Because, they never had a prior proper knowledge, on cine industry, what are the sure ways to become an actor and how to meet them. There are some requirements which they can prepare and meet them in their towns and villages without just packing and landing up in the cine industry's big towns. The result is a disastrous-a failure!I have a sure shot solution for those who dream to become an actor.The questions and answer below is  MUST to read and act upon if they want if you want to become a guaranteed actor1.I'm a beginner. How to start?Empty your mind, Acting for camera, Don't mimic and copy, develop imagination, Read script repeatedly,  read more -HERE2.What are the success requirements to be a Bollywood actor and how to meet them?Build good body, get trained, well spoken Hindi, good portfolio, Build contact, patience, readmore-HERE3.What is the difference between acting in theater and filmTheater- live audience at a distance, Exxagerate actions | Film-invisible viewers close to you, subtle performance, read more-HERE 4.Can I become an actor without experience?Yes. Read and practice posts of this blog, In front of a full-size mirror, With friends. Read more HERE5.Can I become an actor learning acting at HomeWhy not?Learn and practice each post from this blog | Needs total devotion, forget yourself,  go to as many auditions as possible and fail. Learn and improve, observe people and animals, birds, play them at home, watch good movies and learn from actor,Read more HERE6.How can I build a hot body?Practice simple exercises at home or join gymRead more HERE7.What are the best acting techniques to become star actorStanislavski, Sandy Meisner, Alexander.............Read more HERE 8.What are the best tips to face a camera in an audition and shoot?Focus on the camera, Concentrate, Don't shift eyes and face, Be subtle, Don't exaggerate expressions, Speak softly...Read more HERE9.Why many of the actors fail in auditions? What are the mistakes?Repeatedly say to self you are good, Don't watch others in the waiting room, Don't lose confidence, Don't overthink, Don't overwork on lines...Read more HERE 1O.What is acting for the camera?Film vs Theater, Different shots and angles, Best tips...Read More HERE11.My Hindi is poor. How to improve?Great tips. Read HERE12.What are the true stories of actors Struggle before they became  Bollywood starsThe stories and facts of 18 Bollywood stars. Read More HERE13.How to find out if I can be a Bollywood actor or not?A simple test to know instantly. Read more HERE14.What a casting director wants in an[...]

Are You A Dumb-Ass Paying Large Money To Learn Acting? The Best FREE

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Leonardo DiCaprio is a great American Hollywood actor, film producer, and environmental activist.I'm struggling for a long but no success. HelpI'm getting small roles in Films and TV serials but not good and regular roles. What to do?How to succeed as an actor in Films and TV serials in Mumbai?Too many rejections in auditions. Frustrated. What to do?Quitting acting due to no success in acting career. Is there any solution?-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ambitious people are always striving for success and acting is no different. The question of how to be a successful actor has bothered thousands of actors and experts.  There’s good news, and then there’s bad news.The good news is that there are 2 guaranteed formulas on how to win auditions and be a successful actor.The bad news, however, is that these 2 formulas are not easy to crack. But if you stick with it, follow the rules, play the game, and give it all you’ve got, you might be a star in Bollywood or Hollywood or in TV.Controlling  And Winning Your Auditions and Acting CareerStep 1.Get selected in auditions Caution!Don't go for every audition. Check if it suits you before you apply and go for audition Prescription 1Your Type = age range + jobs + attitudeExplanation Your typeWe are all born a certain way, with a certain “look” and unless we want to commit to drastic plastic surgery, then we will be cast as specific roles in our acting careers. It’s up to actors to be smart enough to identify that look, harness it, and use it to our advantage. Are you look and suitable for:ExamplesLeading man/woman2nd man/womanCollege studentTeacher, professor or principalVillage farmerGood or a bad friendCommon street man/womanShopkeeperTaxi driverBusinessmanExecutivePriest / PujariCrooked and slyComedianLook belonging to a particular ethnicity like South Indian, North East etcShort, Tall, Fat, SicklyWith a particular voice, accent and body languageHow to conclude your 'Type'Take a good hard look in the mirror. Pay attention to your face, your weight, your ethnicity, and your personality. Do you have a receding hairline? Do you have a thick accent? Listen to your voice. Do you sound smart and articulate when you talk, or do you sound uneducated? Be. Honest Finally, ask your close friends, an acting coach, or anyone who will be honest with you. Your good friends will be honest with you.Age rangeFor example, you look between 22-32. This is called as screen age rangeJobsAudition requirements for a role eg. college student, hot, sexy, taxi driver, shopkeeper, professor, middle-aged father, character actor, businessman etcAttitudeAs an individual are you a positive, negative, shy, aggressive, introvert, smiling, argumentative, peaceful, brave etc?Step 2. How To Become A Successful Actor? Prescription 2(P + HW + T) × L = SExplanationWhat is this, you ask? This is your equation of success. This is your formula towards succeeding in acting business. It’sP: PerseveranceHW: Hard WorkT: Talent; Then all of the above multiplied by X: Multiply by luckEquals to Success!If you want to implement the above 2 formulas, we would love to have you join us[...]