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The Most Important Discovery Ever for Money, Power, and Love

Wed, 21 Jun 2017 15:45:21 +0000

An entire new field of knowledge has been discovered by Mark Hamilton. For nearly four decades, Mr. Hamilton developed a powerful array of integrated knowledge called Neothink. That new knowledge allows any person to prosper monetarily, personally, romantically, and financially anywhere in the world, even during personal or financial hard times, inflation, boomtimes, recession, depression, war. I interviewed Mr. Hamilton was interviewed about Neothink at his home in the Sierra Nevadas. Want to skip to Part Two of this series and learn how to use Neothink to become unstoppable? Click Here. Below is an edited portion of that interview which explains his discovery: ES: What is Neothink? How can I benefit from it? HAMILTON: Neothink is a new way of using one’s mind; it’s a new, scientific method for capturing major business and personal advantages everywhere. Neothink is a new knowledge that has nothing to do with positive thinking, religion, or anything mystical. Once a person is exposed to Neothink, he can quietly profit from any situation — anywhere, anytime. He can prosper almost anywhere on earth and succeed under almost any economic or political condition. Neothink applies to all money and power gathering techniques — to all situations involving the transfer of money, business, power, or love. Ironically, Neothink has its roots in poker — the money game, the

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How to Start Using Neothink Right Away to Become Unstoppable, Win at Anything, and Become the Person You Were Meant To Be

Wed, 21 Jun 2017 15:37:35 +0000

Are you looking for immediate results? The Neothink Secrets are built upon a spiral of techniques. You will acquire the tools to make man’s final evolution into a superior being called the Superhuman. The Superman enjoys several Gifts including extraordinary health and longevity, millionaire wealth, an exhilarating livelihood, romantic love, and superior intelligence called Neothink®. “But,” you may be thinking, “to read through all the Neothink Secrets and become the Superhuman seems overwhelming and would take such a long time.” This Inner-Circle Secret you are reading will get you started on this journey immediately. This Neothink® Secret will give you immediate results so you can start your journey toward the prosperous Superhuman tomorrow morning, bringing you instant energy, enthusiasm, and payoffs as you discover the life you were meant to live. Before you begin, let me ask you: how much is it worth to you to discover what you would have done best in life? $250, $500, $1000? I know I would pay five-thousand dollars to know. …Over the next twenty-four pages, you have the opportunity to see, via the proven Neothink® techniques, your best path in life. It will cost you an hour of your time to read those pages that open the door to the life you were meant to live. Some people just like to know, out

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How to become happy? Follow your dreams and believe in yourself

Wed, 14 Jun 2017 09:32:29 +0000

Allyson gasped in horror as a wave of muddy water from a nearby puddle drenched her.  She looked up just in time to see Tori Eggleston and her friends laughing as they drove away. Belive in yourself to be happy! This story defines how to become happy             “You did that on purpose!”  Allyson screamed after the retreating Mustang.             “Are you alright?”              Allyson turned.  A young woman wearing a blue sweater and jeans and holding a large black umbrella stood before her.              “I saw what those girls did.  It’s warm and dry in my bookstore; come and get out of the rain             “I don’t want to be a bother.”             “No bother.  I’ll make tea.  I’m Mackenzie.  Call me Mac, everyone does.”  She opened the door to Petersen’s Rare Books and Curiosities.             “I’m Allyson Richards.  I don’t remember seeing this store before.”             “I opened last week.  Do you like books?”             “I love them.  My mom says I’m a bookworm.  She keeps wanting me to try out for cheerleader.  But I would rather read.             “Is that a wool sweater?”  Mac looked at the muddy garment.  “Let it dry naturally?  I have a brush to get rid of the mud.             “I hope it comes out.  Mom will kill me if it doesn’t.”            

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Discover the gift of happiness and all those things to be happy within yourself!

Tue, 13 Jun 2017 15:22:05 +0000

The Gift… We are all born with, but never discover it. We all have the gift, you may not know it now, but, you will. The gift I talk about is buried deep down inside everyone of you, it started developing along time ago. When one man and one women you have known about your whole life, met and fell deeply in love. It all started when the flame was burning as strong as it could possibly be, it was then at the high point of their discussion, of children and family. Soon there after, You entered the world. Your gift developing inside you. The Gift we are all born with is, The Power Within Our Mind. You may be well aware of the True Honest Fact, that has been proven to be– Most, only use a small fraction of our brain capabilities. From birth, to about 5 years old is when the brain reaches its strongest capabilities, but still, this is only a small fraction of its potential. Why? What happens? Who stopped the growing potential of the mind?   Discover the power of mind deep inside you to bring yourself back to life and to be happy always   Think back to when you were a small child, You constantly asked questions to find the answers to, Why?

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How can I be happy in life once again?

Tue, 13 Jun 2017 14:42:58 +0000

How do you feel?  Are you happy?  What do you base your happiness on?  Is happiness just a feeling?  Can feelings of happiness come from tangible things in life?  What prevents happiness in your life?  If we loose our tangible material emblems of success that we have acquired in life, do we then also loose our happiness?  If so why?  I say that we should not simply have happiness “in life but we should have happiness “for life itself, for the joy of living.”   We should all experience the joy of life, the joy of living life!  So what’s preventing us from experiencing this happiness in life today?    Read the Mark Hamilton theory of how can I be happy in life. The writings of Mark Hamilton® and those found in the Neothink® library state, “The happiness of a man and woman is not based on sex or pleasure, but on self-esteem.  Self-esteem acquired through honesty and productivity is the requisite for romantic love and all encompassing life celebrating pleasures.”  These (Life Celebrating Pleasures) are known in the Neothink® society as (Psychuous Pleasures).  These pyschuous pleasures are vibrant, exhilarating, and all encompassing in representation of a life experienced to the fullest.  There is no half way in psychuous pleasures. These are the all encompassing celebrations of life in every area

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How to Be Happy in Life Again

Tue, 13 Jun 2017 03:41:14 +0000

After youth has passed, the question that lingers on nearly every adult’s mind is: How to be happy. What’s your first answer? To be rich? Famous? Have the answer to every question? Are you under the belief that once you have these things, you’ll be happy? Are rich people happy? Let me give you your first clue: The answer is never that simple. For most, happiness is a spectrum. To those who are self-leaders, the answer to “how can I be happy?” is a decision that is made within. The moment we begin to hold ourselves with the same respect and admiration that we hold celebrities, idols, and ‘leaders’ alike to… We begin to gain self-esteem. Self-esteem is defined by the strength and direction to evaluate yourself and those around you on rational and honest values. Once you’ve discovered how to unlock this purposeful method of thought, you can unlock your potential and begin living life as a happy and self-assured individual. What does it take to get self-esteem? A good teacher. Most great aspirations in life start with the tender love and care of a teacher. Let Mark Hamilton and the leaders of the Neothink Society show you the way. Not only can we connect you with the tools you need to build self-worth, we’ll equip you with the

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A Message from Mark Hamilton

Mon, 06 Feb 2017 06:53:37 +0000

.. What I’m trying to do here today with you is talk directly to you, in a sense. I want you to really understand what it is, the society is all about; what it really, really is. In science, in philosophy, pretty much any study, people can express what something is; but to really know and understand what it really is, let’s go into the science arena and take the concept of gravity, for example. People think they know what gravity is, but really gravity is a big mystery, to really understand what gravity really is. I use that as an analogy to the society. I want you now today to begin to really really understand and know what it is the society is really all about. So let’s move on. I’m going to read to you just a little piece I’m going to work with. It’s not in practice yet, but it’s going to help you to begin to understand really what we’re doing. All right. I’m just going to read through this, this is probably about a minute here. Finally it’s here, is a growing society unlike anything ever seen. Some amazing people are here, some amazing secrets are here, you can meet lifelong friends here at Or you can go in the flesh to

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When i was introduced to the SELF-LEADER SYSTEM

Thu, 02 Oct 2014 08:44:13 +0000

.. When i was introduced to the SELF-LEADER SYSTEM,(Neothink Literature) I was temporal hourly rented worker at the baggage centre as baggage collector and arranger, at the Schiphol airport, Amsterdam.  Then I started and applied Project Curiosity to master the nitty gritty details within my place of work, it moved me to became a permanent worker at the KLM, Catering Services as board supplier superviser in-charge of the complete aircraft until it departs to its final destination. From there, i began to apply the great self-investment plan, to invest in myself, with the integrated knowledge intact, i was able to capture my own business, one of the leading printing presses in the eastern region of Ghana(Amazing Grace printing press)Due to the NEOTHINK LETERATURE, Now, i am able to walk with my chest out and say EURUKA! I have found the way. My LORD MARK HAMILTON has offered me and my family what money can not buy. We do not know how to thank you LORD MARK HAMILTON for the wonderful kind gesture you have done for human-kind, what can we say? thank you LORD MARK HAMILTON for offering us the wonderful piece of NEOTHINK LETERATURE, to deliver us from the hands of the flaw-filled men.

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Shall We Dance in the Moonlight?

Wed, 01 Oct 2014 16:25:54 +0000

.. Shall we dance in the moonlight? Will you dance with me please? For us to enjoy this moment together, we each must know we can dance, and, we must trust each other to be our very best. Our gift of dance is not gender based, reliant upon a region or religion, nor a lack of any of these. We are two dancers and we are heading to the moonlight. We shall not see the color of our eyes or skin for the moon is so slender. The curve of your spine and the curve of mine are very similar. We have no need to speak for the music of love is our guide. Oh the hand of Mother Nature made us so similar. Yet to know the difference requires we go on a moon walk together. Together we shall discover the sun rises and falls, as do our chests while we breathe in the intoxicating scent of the briar bush and the sweet scent of each other. We need not feel uncomfortable with the way that we step or breathe as this is the newness of life the world over. Over and over again, we step into the darkness. We discover that each step and breath, in-tune with the beat of Mother Earth, brings us together and we begin

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Rising to the Top!

Wed, 01 Oct 2014 16:22:52 +0000

.. When you sit in your chair today, stop for a moment to ponder, to introspect. Who will make you rise from that chair? Who ultimately determines the thoughts in your mind as you sit quietly in that chair? Now, that you have answered the questions, you get to make a choice. Yes, you still possess the power of choice. Will you sit in the chair and continue your rut or will you begin to use the power of choice to let the winds be at your back instead of knocking you over? Your perspective of life emanates from within. Yet, we often believe we are doing what we do “for a living” because someone else is pressing from outside. There may be barriers placed upon you, but, often when one introspects the barriers miraculously fall away. The walls come down, so to speak, and you can start building a brand-new foundation. Arise from that chair with a fresh perspective rather than continue your stinking thinking. You were born with the power to create and shape your life. You used that power well as a toddler when you told an adult “No!” Stop saying “No!” to the most important adult in your life – you! Begin today as you add some play to your day, and some pep to your

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