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The Mini-Day/Power-Thinking Technique Will teach you How to Make Money Fast

Mon, 14 Aug 2017 21:27:35 +0000

Hello. My name is Charlie Moore and I am a mentor with the Neothink Society. Today I’m going to be talking about the Mini Day Power Thinking System that can make you money fast. But first, I’m going to ask you a question. Do you control your time or does time control you? This is the question that many of us don’t think about too often. But at the end of the day, do you feel like you accomplished something? Or do you feel more like the day just wasn’t very productive? Are you frustrated by not getting enough things done each day with work or at home? Are you tired of not getting ahead? But if there was a way for you to almost guarantee that you can make more money fast and all you had to do was follow a proven system would you do it? This is where the Mini Day Power Thinking System comes in. If you can plan your day, that you control time, instead of the other way around, do you think that you will get more done each day? Well, let’s take a look at your work for a second. You go in and the whole day is controlled by your work and time. You react to everything so you run from project

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How Friday-Night Essence is the Path to Help You Become Wealthy

Thu, 10 Aug 2017 16:01:42 +0000

Hello, I’m Steve Fagan, senior mentor for the Neothink Society. I want to share with you that before I got connected to the Neothink Society, I always wondered how did people become rich? How do they gain wealth? How do they move forward with their lives to successes? Since I’ve been connected to the Neothink Society, I have found the secret and I’d like to share that with you. The secret is called your Friday Night essence. For you see, when you are a child, and I really mean more your preteen years, you were in school all day and even all week. But on Friday night, that was your night. That was your night to move forward and develop and grow the way you wanted. It is what we call you were motivated, you were excited, you were exhilarated. You could do whatever you wanted. That’s what your Friday Night Essence is all about. This is the process that we call, brings you to what we say your motivational root, your inner being. For you see, we all have an internal desire to do what we want to do. Our talents, our traits, all the essences that we have are within us and we’re motivated to do it. Unfortunately we live in a world where we’re not really focused

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How To Be Happy With Neothink

Sat, 29 Jul 2017 18:14:34 +0000

Hi. I'm Linda Mokeme. When I was first approached by the Neothink Society in the fall of 2004, I was in desperate need of help. In November 1984 I was paralyzed on the entire left side of my body. After two weeks of extensive testing, medical doctors diagnosed me as having multiple sclerosis.

When I was introduced to the Neothink Society, I was not happy. Applying the techniques that I've learned through the Neothink Society has taught me how to be happy. By 2004 I had been separated from my husband for nine years. Applying the techniques that I learned through the Neothink literature, I manifested my international divorce and it didn't cost me anything. I lost weight, I went from a size 16 to a size 12. The Neothink literature has taught me how to be happy.

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How Can I Find Happiness in Life Once Again?

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 19:41:49 +0000

How do you feel? Are you happy? What do you base your happiness on? Is happiness just a feeling? Can feelings of happiness come from tangible things in life? What prevents happiness in your life? If we loose our tangible material emblems of success that we have acquired in life, do we then also loose our happiness? If so why? I say that we should not simply have happiness "in life but we should have happiness "for life itself, for the joy of living." We should all experience the joy of life, the joy of living life! So what’s preventing us from experiencing this happiness in life today? The writings of Mark Hamilton® and those found in the Neothink® library state, "The happiness of a man and woman is not based on sex or pleasure, but on self-esteem. Self-esteem acquired through honesty and productivity is the requisite for romantic love and all encompassing life celebrating pleasures." These (Life Celebrating Pleasures) are known in the Neothink®

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The Gift

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 19:23:49 +0000

The gift I talk about is buried deep down inside everyone of you, it started developing along time ago.
When one man and one women you have known about your whole life, met and fell deeply in love.
It all started when the flame was burning as strong as it could possibly be, it was then at the high point of their discussion, of children and family.
Soon there after, You entered the world. Your gift developing inside you.
The Gift we are all born with is, The Power Within Our Mind.

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The Mentor

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 19:10:45 +0000

Allyson gasped in horror as a wave of muddy water from a nearby puddle drenched her. She looked up just in time to see Tori Eggleston and her friends laughing as they drove away. “You did that on purpose!” Allyson screamed after the retreating Mustang. “Are you alright?” Allyson turned. A young woman wearing a blue sweater and jeans and holding a large black umbrella stood before her. “I saw what those girls did. It’s warm and dry in my bookstore; come and get out of the rain “I don’t want to be a bother.” “No bother. I’ll make tea. I’m Mackenzie. Call me Mac, everyone does.” She opened the door to Petersen’s Rare Books and Curiosities. “I’m Allyson Richards. I don’t remember seeing this store before.” “I opened last week. Do you like books?” “I love them. My mom says I’m a bookworm. She keeps wanting me to try out for cheerleader. But I would rather read. “Is that a wool sweater?” Mac looked at the muddy garment. “Let it dry naturally? I have a brush to get rid of the mud. “I hope it comes out. Mom will kill me if it doesn’t.” “It will be fine. Besides it wasn’t your fault. That car headed straight for the puddle. “That won’t matter. I missed the bus; I walked

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Invitation to Immortals from the Heart of All

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 18:40:52 +0000

A soul was born empty and as such, was alone on its long journey into creation. This soul was blind, and perceiving itself as without a body floated aimlessly into the solitude of the deep. And so it was, hoping to find hope and a meaning for an existence without embodiment. The darkness was forever, and its vastness great; and in all the space of time and movement for which this soul found itself floating, there was nothing and no one that could look upon this soul and describe to it what its appearance was. In solitude it motioned through the black universe waiting to feel the sensation of touch which would confirm its existence to itself in the absence of another. The thoughts of this solitary new born as it moved into existence were as follows: I am moving through the darkness. I can feel myself, but, where am I? I feel the black vast void and try to reach out to touch something.I can’t find my sense of touch, where am I? What am I? I have to ask myself… How did this happen? Where did I originate? What is this place? Why do I feel that I must see something that will teach me who I am, what I am, and where I am. The only thing

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Producing and appreciating values will solve America’s problems

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 18:21:12 +0000

Why should a strong-arm government expect you to sacrifice your efforts, earnings and values to the non-producers and tricksters? Enslavement to the social good is not the solution to America’s problems. We must each step-up to the plate, produce for the pay we receive, and quit believing the world owes us. Begin to ask what we can do to help a neighbor, co-worker, or a child. Quit asking for help instead find solutions. Using our natural state of being, which is to solve problems, will make this country stronger. Passage of yet another bill will not solve our problem. We must quit asking what the government can do for us. What we do with our minds makes life better? Are we producing values with our minds? Are we continuously creating more man-made valuable products with our minds? Or do we want nature or government to automatically provide for us? We haven’t lived in nature for centuries and we have learned to produce and provide for our needs. Since man no longer lives in nature we are no longer saddled with environmental conditions that dictate what we do. We can live inside and enjoy the great man-made home already created for us. We can also choose to create additional values for the benefit of self and others. We don’t need government

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Race Cars, Pretty Ladies, and Passion

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 18:12:27 +0000

From the age of 10 he dreamed of becoming a self-made millionaire. He loved to spend hours tearing down engines and putting them back together again. He knew someday he would create the fastest car on the race track, and that a beautiful lady would sit in the stands, on the edge of her seat, waiting for him to cross the finish line. The race would be over, he would be the winner and they would passionately embrace, tell each other how much they love each other and look forward to the next time they would embrace at the end of the day. He was now the driver and he would race-off to join his expert mechanics to determine how they could shave-off a few seconds in the upcoming race. She would hurry home to their precious baby girl. They were a handsome and intelligent couple, and they couldn’t wait to spend time together, later that evening, enjoying a delicious celebration feast, made by her, while she swelled with pride and love for her man. She jointly prepared, in her mind, the next article for “Racer’s Edge” magazine (her pride and joy publication). Dinner time was drawing near, the scent of her feast filled the air, and his family would be waiting patiently for their hero to arrive. Life is

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Business Leadership

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 18:00:43 +0000

What is the essence of leadership? To do what needs done and to do it well. How does one do that? By taking charge rather than waiting for someone else to make it happen. What will taking charge do for you? Improve your life. So, how does one take charge in a job? By asking questions and taking on additional responsibilities. This unearths your creativity. This is the 1st step, a small step, but, a great leap for you. It won’t be unusual for you to have more experience than some fellow employees or bosses, and less than others. So, what do you do about that? You accept it, and move forward. We are not all good at everything, but, we can learn more. Start by taking on responsibilities in areas that you are good at and that bring you happiness. Then, don’t be afraid to try something new. You might find something that brings you even more happiness. Do you know that some bosses are happy to have you take over their work? They are busy, and as an added bonus to them, you may help free up their time for another round of golf. You may wonder why you would want to make their life “easy street”. Well, when the boss is gone, you get to be the

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