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Updated: 2017-12-14T12:44:24.108+01:00


10 Apple iOS iPhone Text iMessage Tips & Tricks for Smart Users


Are you an Apple iOS device user and experiencing a constant binging and buzzing making your iPhone or iPad devices missing texts and not giving a normal response in a timely fashion? If you are...(image)

How to Redeem a Google Play Store Promo Code to Freely Download Paid Android ApK Apps


Most Android Developers now give free promo codes for people to download their new individual or company paid Android APK Applications when launched and uploaded on Google Play Store for the public...(image)

How to Redeem Promo Codes & iTunes Gift Cards on iOS (iPhone, iPad) Devices


Do you actually receive an iTunes Gift Card or App Store Promo code and doesn't know how to utilize the service through your iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) Devices? if yes, here comes a step by...(image)

Play 31 Top MultiPlayer iOS (iPhone or iPad) Games


Hi fans, here comes the best selection of Multi-player games for iOS (iPhone and iPad) users. You can now get the games downloaded to your different iOS devices with direct links provided here on...(image)

Download Latest 16 Best Free Multiplayer Bluetooth & WiFi 2018 Games For Android & iOS Devices


Whenever you screw online searching for multiplayer games you would find out that there are many such type which you can play with even strangers online but when you want to play such kind of game...(image)

5 Best iOS Converter Apps That Can Help You With Daily Tasks


In our daily life, we have many tasks at hand. Some choirs are easy to handle and some require more effort than you are willing to put into. In the end, if you love something you will get it done...(image)

Professional Tips to Bitcoin, Litecoin And Ripples Crypto Currency Investments


Bitcoin, the world most popular crypto currency surged past $16,000 for the first time on Thursday as the frenzy to acquire the digital currency continued. It has appreciated from 4cents in 2010 to...(image)

How to Automatically Transcribe YouTube Videos Online


As many people using the YouTube platform are often ignorant of this feature of translation for titles and description and YouTube keyboard shortcut. As there are ways of transcribing YouTube videos....(image)

How to Take Screenshots on Windows 10 PC (8 Ways)


Most of us do normally take screenshots on our daily basis on windows PC and that is what I love doing each time due to my nature of job and I believe that same case with you. But to boost my...(image)

How to remotely View Someone’s Location On The New iPhone X


You would surely know that to locate a lost iPhone you can with the ‘Lost My iPhone’ feature. But what if you are looking to locate someone else’s iPhone remotely?  Well, there have been...(image)

How to Know the Best Charger & Power Cords for All Electronic Devices


Hello fans, today I will be unveiling ways to find out the best charger and power cords for your electronic gadgets. So just follow me up as I teach you how to detect original power cords for your...(image)

Unlock Modems: How to Easily Unlock PC Internet Modems Manually


You can now easily unlock your PC internet Modem for free just in 5 minutes. So that is to say, this post contains an expert tips on how to go about unlocking your internet modems to become a...(image)

Gionee M7 Plus Android Full Specification with Wireless Charging Feature


Gionee company launched another powerful mobile device called Gionee M7 Plus. And in this post, am sharing with you the full specs of this Gionee M7 Plus phone, comprising the Price, images, new...(image)

How to Check 9Mobile Prepaid Call Tariff Plans With A Dial Of Code


9Mobile Network is one the Nigerian telecommunication networks that offers or provide you with network service medium, for making both local/national calls and international calls, send SMS/messages,...(image)

How to Connect Wireless Headphones to All TV (5 Expert Ways)


After acquiring a new model TV and you expected it to have a built-in Bluetooth so that you can always connect your wireless Bluetooth headphone but after going through series of settings and viewing...(image)

8 Best Online Free Money Making Video Sites


Are you left on how you can make money online with video creation? Do you have the talent of video creation, if yes then this post is definitely for but if you are not inclined in video creation you...(image)

12 Best Free Smartphone Camera Apps For Android & iOS Phones 2018


If your smartphone camera does not prompt you option to explore DSLR manual controls, RAW capture support, voice-activated command or the ability to have some wonderful selfies for selfie lovers,...(image)

How to Freely Watch Movies Anywhere in Windows 10 PC & Android Devices with Plex App


Sharing or transferring media from one device to the other one after the other, is sometimes a very boring act I guess. For instance, transferring to other device and waiting to play it on a varied...(image)

How to Troubleshoot 15 Major Common PC Problems Simplified Here


You do not necessarily need to be running to any repair shop each time you encounter any problem with your PC, as most of the problems being encountered actually has a possible solution which you may...(image)

Best Ways to Fix Windows 10 Memory Leak Issues - Errors


Some people have been facing memory leak issues in windows 10 after upgrading to windows 10 OS and this could be that RAM usage is surging up to 80% using the system after upgrade, whenever you view...(image)

How to Disable Windows 10 OS Automatic Maintenance Feature On Computers


Automatic update is a feature built by Microsoft for the maintenance of the Windows and to also keep the Windows features up to date depending on the Windows versions. But for Windows 8 and Windows...(image)

How to Boost PC Internet Browsing Speed with Command Prompt CMD (6 Ways)


Most PC user usually face the issue of slow internet connection and this could be due to factors like network configuration and issue relating to the Laptop/PC/Desktop in particular.  But...(image)

How to Automatically Change Windows 10 PC Wallpapers


Normally setting up wallpaper to your PC makes the screen of your PC look so attractive to the eyes and just like me personally I love setting up wallpapers on my PC but most windows user normally...(image)

How to Open Your Device Default Browsers in Private Mode Anytime


For you to leave no tracing after browsing on your system then you need to open your browser in private mode and this could be as result of security issues to prevent other from accessing your...(image)

How to Freely Root Samsung Phones & Tablets With CF Auto Root App


Rooting has been a serious issues face by most mobile user as to when a mobile device is being rooted it will grant you some certain access in which manufacturers restrict you from either by...(image)