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“Me” Time is The Most Important Time


“Me” time is the most important time of your day and is crucial to bringing happiness in your stress filled day. It can be hard to break out of a daily routine, especially when we coast through our days mindlessly. Waking up at the same time every morning, going to work, getting out, and going to sleep can get repetitive. It can make you feel unaccomplished at times, more so, bored with your routine. If you feel this way its time to spice things up and take care of yourself. Mentally or physically what ever it is, the point is to make you feel better. Here are some ways you can make some time to care for yourself. 


Don’t be scared to be in your own head. Learning about yourself can help you grow in many ways. Making time to meditate will make your day a bit easier and it has plenty of mental and physical benefits. The hardest part of meditating is finding the time and actually doing it. Now it is up to you if you would like to wake up 15 minutes earlier to start your day with meditation, in the middle of the day during lunch, at the end of the day, or all three.

Find a Hobby 

Going through our days mindlessly can get boring and repetitive. The key to brightening your day is finding a time to do something for yourself. Now, this can be anything you enjoy doing. After a long day at work, or completing chores, I enjoy watching the NBA. This gives me something to look forward to at night knowing this my “me time” and it gives me a sense of relief knowing after I get everything done I can relax and watch the artistry in my favorite sport. A hobby can be as simple as collecting stones that look like chips.

Work Out

There is no better way to work on yourself than actually getting exercise. At times it can be hard to motivate yourself to go to the gym or go for a run. Actually doing so will make you feel a lot better about yourself as you work on your well being. Even if it is difficult to give yourself that pep talk to make it to the gym, you can always do some home workouts. Push ups before the shower, after waking up, or before going to sleep can be a great start.

Maintain Your Relationships

We often go through life unappreciative of the small things in life. Our family and friends are our biggest supporters and sometimes we forget to appreciate them. A simple text or call sharing your day with each other, or even letting them know your appreciation for them in your life will make your day better and much more meaningful. As well as making them feel good about being your life.

At the end of the day you are your most important asset. Take care of yourself, mind, body, and soul. Having “me” time in your day will help you find happiness in days that are not going in your favor. Take some of these tips and incorporate into your life however you see fit!



Meet Cristian Gonzalez


At inMark Media we strive to build our team around like-minded, goal oriented people. Creativity is a plus! Allow us to introduce our newly found copywriter, Cristian Gonzalez.

Everyone at inMark Media is one of a kind, this is no different about Cristian. Using a creative twist to add to the personality he shows in his writing adds to his bubbly personality. Graduating from the University at Albany, with a degree in Communications, he enjoys other hobbies to work on his creativeness. Whether its being savvy on the basketball court, or jokingly free-styling during his lunch break, he is always working on being the best he can be. Willing to be a part of a team is only half of the process, working to be a part of a team is the next. inMark Media is glad to have a willing learner and a hard worker on our team.

Here are some questions we asked Cris about the culture at inMark Media.

  1. What is something about inMark that you really like?

“I like a lot of things about the culture here. I’ve only been here for a few weeks and it feels like forever. I already feel as if the people here are my family. Plus, anywhere I can bring my chili dip for a potluck two weeks in is where I want to be.”

2. What is your “why”?

“Anything I do is for my parents, they have given so much to me that I can only repay them with my best effort in everything I do. I represent what they have molded me to be so I do it for them.”

3. Do you have a favorite quote you live by?

“’Keep grinding boy, your life can change in one year, and even when it’s dark out, the sun is shining somewhere’ – J.Cole.  Tell myself this anytime I get down about something, never know when your chance is coming.”



Supermarket Advertising During The Holidays


How to Utilize Supermarket Advertising


Learning to utilize supermarket advertising will help your local business gain exposure where it counts. Marketing opportunities are easy to come by, but the right one will properly brand your business into a household name.

Using the old fashioned print advertising won’t get you anywhere nowadays. Let’s be honest, not many people pick up newspapers today. TV advertising can work, but you have to localize the commercials, it costs too much, and at the end of the day people will probably be distracted while it is playing. Now take a look at how supermarket advertising benefits your local business.

Target Audience

Your target audience is the most important part about your ad. You can have the best ad, but targeting the wrong audience will get you no where. When you choose to advertise in supermarkets, you choose which supermarket will have the most leads for you as a business. A local supermarket, with local shoppers, will definitely help your local business. Even if those shoppers don’t need your service, they can point someone else in your direction.


Once you know who your target audience is, you can focus on how they will see your ad. Of course there are many ways to reach people. Have you ever thought about in the supermarket where they visit 2 to 3 times a week? Our ads are strategically placed around the store whether its our welcome centers at the entrance of the store, or at the end with our brand bars at the grocery belt. People will see your ad but it won’t be successful unless it leaves an impression.


How do you leave a long lasting impression? Repetition is key. The more time your target audience spends in the store, the longer they are exposed to your business. These shoppers will see your ad every time they need to grab something at the supermarket. They’ll know your company subconsciously even if they don’t want to.

Now that you know how to utilize supermarket advertising, contact us at inMark Media to get started!


Best Apps For Your Social Media Accounts


Managing multiple social media accounts can be a daunting task when you want to be as efficient as possible. Whether you are running accounts for different clients and you need to be more organized, or you are promoting your own brand on multiple surfaces, it is easier to have everything easily accessible. Luckily you aren’t the only person going through this. There are many apps that you can use to help you in your endeavors. Many are alike and many are different, depending on what you want out of it is up to you. Here is a list of the best social media management apps for different purposes. 

1. HootSuite

This is the best app to manage multiple accounts and posting content. It is great for a person managing a few accounts, or an agency handling hundreds of clients. Add as many accounts as you would like, and here you will be able to schedule your content according to your marketing campaign and view everything on one dashboard.

2. Hubspot

If you are looking for the analytics to your marketing campaign, then you should try out Hubspot. There are many apps that support scheduling and posting content through multiple accounts, but few actually show you the data metrics of your content. You can directly see which post led to the most leads or purchases.

3. TweetDeck

This one is pretty self explanatory. If you handle accounts solely on Twitter, then this the app for you. Twitter is fast paced and handling one account can be overwhelming. TweetDeck allows you to manage multiple conversations through different accounts on one platform, and at no cost!


If This Then That is a great automation tool to manage multiple apps, websites, and social media platforms. This tool will make covering these platforms easily when you are running a blog, a website, and a few social media accounts. You enter a function which is the “If This”, and you enter a “Then That” which is what will happen for that function. For example, if I post a blog on my website, then I post the link to my Twitter and Instagram accounts.

5. Buffer

Buffer is amazing in that it does everything you need it to do. You can manage and schedule content as you please, check out data metrics for your posted content. If you are less experienced in the realm of social media, Buffer helps post content at the best possible times throughout the day.

I hope this list narrows down your choices when choosing a tool for your marketing campaign. If you are still having trouble managing your social media accounts, contact us at inMark Media.



Healthy Diet, Healthy Life


There are many ways you can do to improve your quality of life. Waking up a little earlier, starting a routine, appreciating the small things, thinking positive, and EATING BETTER. Our bodies are our temples, why wouldn’t we take care of it like we do with our houses or cars?There are different kinds of diets to go on, some more extreme than others, but any move in the right direction will lead to improving your life. The best diet for me personally, is as easy as watching what you eat and how much of it you’re eating.Healthy Dieting It is hard to find the right diet for yourself. Some people think eating less is good for their health. This does the exact opposite for your body. Your body’s metabolism will slow to preserve the nutrients in the food you do eat. Dieting is about watching what you do eat. Eating many small portions throughout the day will keep your metabolism running and in essence continuously extracting nutrients from the food. This will also keep you from “cheating” because you aren’t starving yourself. Stick to foods that are less processed, and go with organic choices. Even if you decide to eat something like pizza, do so once in a while.Drink Water!One of the easiest things you can do for any diet is adding water. Our bodies are made up mostly of water, so why would we deprive it from the most essential liquid. Obviously water has its own taste, which is nothing. Nothing can taste different at times, confusing right? Well if you want to add some flavor, spike it with some lemon, watermelons, mint, and what ever your taste buds enjoy. Water does so much for our diet, it can help fill you up before a meal so you eat less, flushes out any toxins you may have through our pores and urination, and its a whopping amount of 0 calories!Stick To The PlanThe hardest task of a diet is actually abiding by it. We tend to set goals for ourselves that we would like to reach, but are unrealistic for our ways of life. You know yourself better than anyone, set realistic goals. If you drink a lot of soda, try cutting back and substituting it with water. If you love pizza, try using it as a reward for the end of the week after eating healthier options. Setting realistic goals will make it easier to follow and achieve.Healthy LifeFollowing a diet can be a difficult at times but the benefits are tremendous. Eating better has a direct correlation on how you feel. Have you ever ate McDonalds and felt groggy after? Instead eat a healthier choice and you may feel more energized. Your day will be better if you stick to your diet because one, you feel accomplished sticking to your diet improving your mood, and your body will thank you for feeding it nutritionally. source[...]

Daily Huddles


It feels good to have a feel good routine. Starting your day right can lead to a better rest of the day. It also makes you feel better knowing someone is listening to you. This all ties into our daily huddles at inMark Media. Our daily huddles consist of learning, understanding, laughing, and a sense of community. We all come in to work with our coffees in hand ready to start our days. We work until about 10:45am each day. Then it is time for a 15-minute pause in our hectic days to gather around and share our thoughts about a quote with a positive message.

The daily quote is always one that promotes growth, positivity, learning new things, or is simply motivational. When the daily quote is read, each of us speak about how that quote resonated with us. This is important to get into the mind of others because we each have something different to say, everyone reacts differently. It works so well because everyone has their own mind, so one quote can have many different meanings, and someone could say something that resonates with you to build off of. Just like we do in our office, build each other up, apposed to breaking each other down for our own benefit. We work as a team, when someone is down, we pick them back up. It benefits all of us at the end of the day.

“I am best version of myself when I am with you.”

The quote above is an example of our daily quote. Such a simple quote, yet so many interpretations can be made of it. One can take this a specific person in their life that pushes them to be great, or just the team around us that pushes each of us to be the best version of ourselves each day. We try to take something away from each daily huddle, we look to progress in one way or another. That is why everyone enjoys coming in to work, we are always growing, and striving for best no matter the circumstances.

The daily huddle is our team’s way of picking up each other for the day. Making sure no one is stuck on anything, and if they are they have a whole team of people to count on. It also serves as a breather before our lunch break. We get to get our minds off of work for aa bit and have some good convo to set up the tone for the rest of the day. After the huddle everybody is usually more motivated to get back to work. At inMark Media you have a group of like minded people supporting you, your goals, and the team’s goals.


Benefits of Exercising Regularly


The Culture at inMark Media


Working your typical 9 to 5 will get very repetitive and dull. Waking up every morning to rush to work, driving through traffic, and dealing with those coworkers, who are just that, coworkers. When you work at inMark Media you really found a diamond in the rough.

The culture here is different than others, it is very uplifting and fun. Working with so many likeminded positive people will change those coworkers to friends that you work with. This makes everything you do just that much enjoyable. You want to get up in the morning, you don’t mind the traffic you have to go through, you are happy to be with your friends, and there is a lot of Dunkin’ that goes on around here.

It all starts from the top. Franco and Marco, our CEO and COO respectively, are both putting in efforts to instill that kind of culture in the work place. Hiring like minded people is very difficult, you don’t actually know a person until you hire them, anything before could be a bluff. After you hire the right people maintaining the culture should be a little easier. Franco and Marco instilled a sense of family, everything is so transparent with open door policies, team trips, and daily huddles. Everyone is always in communication in our group chat and pushing others to be the best versions of themselves each day.

Once Marco and Franco have instilled the culture they want, it is up to everyone else to buy into the culture to set it in stone. That is exactly what has happened. Your coworkers at inMark Media, strive to be the best versions of themselves, while encouraging others to do the same. Whether its going to the gym before or after work, denying the pizza from the new guy who has yet to learn the healthy lifestyle, or even a simple text of appreciation, at inMark Media we always grow as a family.  To get to know each of the team members click here.



Meditation and Its Benefits


Everybody is not lucky enough to have time solely for themselves, spend most of the day stressing about things out of their control, and never find the time to relax. Little do they know, relaxing your mind and focusing it on yourself for at least 10 minutes a day can do so much for your mental and even physical health. There are multiple studies showing the benefits of meditation and how important it is to our daily routines. Meditation greatly reduces stress, helps clear your mind, and increases our capacity to find ourselves within the world we live in. After reading this, I want you to give yourself some time away from everything that stresses you out, and mediate to better yourself.

Mental Benefits 

To get the full benefits of meditation, one must reach a relaxed state mentally. This prevents constant stimuli from entering the brain pathways, which in turn allows the brain to be fully relaxed and in a state of deep rest. Meditation is not only a technique to relax, it is a practice of self care that helps the practitioner to become more in tune with the inner self. Here is a list of the mental benefits that go hand in hand with meditation.

  • Emotional Stability
  • Creativity Increases
  • Happiness Increases
  • Peace of Mind
  • Problems Become Smaller (My Favorite)
  • Improves Mood and Behavior


Physical Benefits 

When meditating you are replacing Beta waves (functioning brain waves) for Alpha waves (relaxed brain waves), which allows the nervous system to relax and improve functionality. This leads to a list of benefits to your overall physical health.

  • High Blood Pressure May Decrease
  • Immune System Improves
  • Overall Energy Level Increases
  • Decreases Tension Related Pain
    • Ulcers
    • Insomnia
    • Headaches
    • Muscle and Joint Problems


Knowing all the benefits of mediation it is hard to not implement it in your daily routine. Although, it is very beneficial to our bodies as a whole, it also takes reap the benefits of meditation. It involves an ongoing process of repetitive meditation and practicing self care. It won’t come overnight, keep at it and you will see your world change right in front of you!





Attitude is Everything, Choose Positivity!


Your attitude is the way you perceive the world around you and it will affect your life, good or bad. Attitude like many other things is a choice. It gets complicated when the attitude you chose was learned. For example, a child who is growing up with a pessimistic guardian or only experiences the worst of what life has to offer, will develop a negative attitude towards the world around them. Learning to be optimistic will better your life in more ways than one could imagine. The attitude you have towards the situations that occur in your life will in return make it daunting or a learning experience. What you take from a given situation can I either make or break you, this is why optimism is key. An optimist can make any situation go from the worst thing that ever happened to a slap on the wrist. Attitude is contagious, so spread positivity and surround yourself with like minded people. Here is a few ways to live a better life.SMILE SMILE SMILESmiling calls for an instant boost in mood. Think of whatever makes you smile, hold that thought for a minute. You will feel better after, and the person next to you will thank you. Smiles are just as contagious as a yawn, spread the happiness. It is a lot easier to be positive when you are feeling good and smiling releases the right endorphins to do so. Another plus are the comments you will get!Start Your Day Right The only thing as important as how you start something, is how you end it. Starting your morning with a daily routine can help jumpstart your mood. It can be as simple as waking up 10 minutes earlier for some meditation. Listening to your favorite song, watching your favorite tv show, and even better, going for a jog.Appreciate The Small Joys People tend to wait for the monumental moments in their lives, for example, graduating school, getting a stable job, and getting married. Waiting for these moments will stress you out when they don’t come as planned. Look forward to the small joys that are in our lives everyday. Waking up in the morning, that plate of food that makes your mouth water, your friends and family, whatever makes you happy. Take Charge When life isn’t going your way, its easy to put the blame on your surroundings. Rather than saying “I could have studied more for this test”, we say it didn’t go well because “My roommate didn’t let me study”. It’s easier to play the victim rather than a creator attitude. Once you are able to take charge and own up to our flaws, you will live a better life knowing you are in control. source[...]

8 Tips to Master Holiday Marketing Campaigns for Small Businesses


The holiday season is an extremely useful time for small businesses to experience monumental progress in sales, brand awareness, and market growth. But, too often the seemingly endless possibilities lead businesses to chose marketing campaigns that fall short. Follow inMark Media’s tips for small business holiday marketing campaigns, and your business may be celebrating a new year and a large return on investment:  It’s never too early to begin planning Seriously. If you even think for a moment that ‘maybe I can wait a few weeks,’ you’re already wasting time. Planning your holiday marketing campaign early (even as early as July) will help you think of any potential issues that may arise before it’s too late. Not to mention, launching early (if your competitors are taking a seat back for the time being) will give you more attention from a larger portion of the target market, too. Don’t assume that people will go searching for your promotions Don’t get lost in the vast sea of advertising and promotions during the holiday season. Repetition is key. Your ads should be eye-catching, yes, but they should also be in abundance. Constantly remind your audience about the sale you’re having, the hashtags users should put in their posts to win a gift card, or the spirit your company exudes during the holidays. Without these reminders, your company may slip into the pits of lost revenue. Chose your stance on Black Friday—and stick to itNo, not whether you’re going to have Black Friday sales, but when your store will open. The open-on-thanksgiving debate is highly controversial to both costumers and companies. To avoid any unwanted bad rep, make sure you have a solid stance on the issue, and don’t contradict what you say with what you do. AKA, if you preach throughout that “family is the most important part of the holidays” but require all employees to staff your store on Thanksgiving, you may be creating a not-so-honest and not-so-transparent brand. Tell your costumers what they needGift guides are one of the best holiday marketing investments a company, especially retail, can make. Throw together a quick guide, or reach out to a media company to do it for you. Start by sectioning off the guide with “gifts for her,” “gifts for the kids,” “gifts for parents,” sections. Costumers often want help with holiday shopping. Giving them an easy-to-follow guide will ease their shopping anxieties. If you can convince your audience that your products are something they need not just something they should look at, you’ll come out a winner. Figure out how to relate your brand to the holidays Whether you run your own dental practice or sell tires for cars and trucks, every business can relate to the holidays. Sometimes it just takes a little creativity. Let’s take a dental practice for example. If your goal is to increase brand awareness, create a unique holiday candy giveaway. Caption your social media posts with thoughtful quotes like “we’ll help you fix up your teeth after all this sugar.” Then, ask users to follow your page, like your picture, and comment a friend to be entered into the giveaway. This can grow your social media reach exponentially. Chose a voice and stick with it. Consistency is essential during the holiday seasons. If your brand is flip flopping between gung-ho holiday advocate and nothing more than a ba-humbug, you’re going to confuse your audience to the point of no-purchase. Instead, choose a solid attitude and voice and continue it from Thanksgiving to New Years. Donate a portion to charity—and mean it. The holidays are naturally a charitable time of year. But, constant pushes fo[...]

4 Easy Exercises For Your Mind


Our bodies are meant to get exercise to stay fit and we benefit in multiple ways when we do. The same applies to our minds. Some people neglect the most important part of our body aside from our hearts, THE BRAIN. There are multiple studies proving exercise is essential to our mind the more we age. It is pretty easy to exercise your mind, it just takes some extra effort out of your day. The mind coasts through the day when you perform daily routines…Switch it up! Here are some different exercises you can work on to keep your brain active and healthy. (None of these are video games.)

Math With No Help 


Nowadays it is so easy to fall in the trap of everything being oversimplified. This causes our brains to relax a little too much, maybe even just too much. We are so quick to use a calculator for the easiest math problems. Try and solve it in your head, with no calculator, or pen and paper. This will get your brain thinking harder than usual. Ding ding ding! That right there is an exercise!

Righty to Lefty or Lefty to Righty 


This one is self explanatory, try using your less dominant hand once in a while. When you wake up and brush your teeth use your other hand. Next time you try to throw a paper ball into the trash can use your other hand. You can even try eating with your opposite hand. Its a change of routine that will exercise different parts of your brain.

Memorize That List



Next time you need to go shopping, take down a mental note of your list. This list can be of anything, you just have to remember it! We get so carried away with writing notes in our phones or on a paper, we hardly take time to actually remember things. Challenge yourself, recite the list an hour later and try your best to remember everything.

Less GPS, Yes Less GPS


Traveling has gotten too easy with the creation of the GPS. Back in my father’s day they traveled off of memory or learning new routes by actually remembering how to get to their destination. Now, we use our GPS for the smallest distances and forget how we got there. If getting to a new destination is a must then use your GPS to save time, but on your way back try getting home without it. You’ll use your brain a whole lot doing so.







10 Years From Now


Ten years into the future, where will I be? That’s a question many of us are either excited or worried to answer. I for one am confident in my future, especially after my brief introduction to inMark Media. When I arrived to the headquarters and saw three people standing by the elevator ready to welcome me, the nerves started to kick in. My palms instantly started to sweat, thinking to myself, “these are the genes I got from my mom”. Soon after introductions were made, one of the owners, Marco, showed me around their easygoing environment. Thinking to myself what a dope place to work at, I felt more comfortable.

After the tour of the huge office space, Lauren and Marco sat down with me in their conference room. Exchanging questions and answers, I was slowly coming into form, my usual optimistic, extrovert attitude was beginning to show. I learned a lot about what it means to be an employee for inMark Media. The atmosphere implemented at headquarters was starting to call my name the more I learned about it.


Being a recent college grad with little to no experience, you will go through a lot of hurdles trying to find a job that is right for you. The values instilled by Marco will definitely attract anybody who wants to work hard and just needs a chance to make a name for themselves. This is why I left inMark Media with my head held high hoping for that chance to prove myself in the “real” world, outside of school.

Now, if someone does ask me where I will be in ten years, I know what to say. I can’t tell you where I will be in ten years, but I can tell you where I started, InMark Media.


Brand Recognition Through Grocery Divider Ads


Whether you’re running an existing company, or attempting to get a start-up off the ground, brand recognition is an imperative to long-term success and costumer loyalty. Sure, some consumers may buy your product just because they like your product. But, many of the purchasing decisions consumers make are directly relative to how they feel about a brand, its mission, and the status they receive, or believe they receive, after purchasing that brand.All of these aspects are known as your company’s brand awareness: how familiar your costumers are with what your brand stands for, the quality it produces, and the manner in which it produces. A great brand awareness helps retain and attract consistent costumers. Costumers who feel welcomed by a brand are more likely to purchase from that brand again. This turns the once product-induced purchase (which tends to be short-term, unpredictable, and inconsistent) into a brand-induced purchase (longer-term, predictable, consistent).So, how do you build brand awareness? There are many different avenues to reach an optimal brand awareness, but one of the most important things to do, first, is understand who and where you target market is. Many businesses overlook this crucial step which leads them to chose advertising avenues, like newspaper advertisements or commercials, that contribute very little to their bottom line or brand awareness.Grocery dividers in local supermarkets offer an optimal solution for creating local brand awareness. Your brand is much more than your company’s logo and design. It’s the overall message you send to your consumers—including where your advertisements are located. For a local business whose target market is the local clientele, advertising in the neighborhood supermarket is the smartest avenue for brand awareness. Why? Check it out:  It shows that you care Costumers want to feel cared about, more than anything. They want to feel like more than just another number or sale. Grocery dividers do just that. If you’re so in tune with your target market, that you know where they are just about every week (if not more than once a week), they’re going to feel appreciated. No changing channels Okay, so maybe you believe your local TV station is a better fit for your advertisements. Well, how are you so positive that consumers are even watching your advertisement? Or, that those consumers are in your target market? Your target market is at the supermarket, and they almost always have to wait in line, so advertising on grocery dividers creates almost guaranteed exposure. It’s only you When you commit to advertising your business in your local supermarket with inMark media, you are given the opportunity to do so exclusively. This already sets you apart from your competitors, because you are literally the only business in your industry that your target market is going to see at least once a week during their shopping trips.  If you’re ready to take your business and brand to the next level and establish a stronger brand awareness throughout your local target market, learn more about inMark media’s supermarket advertisements here:   source[...]

How Grocery Dividers Can Increase Your Company’s Brand Awareness


You’re at the supermarket, and it’s about time to check out. There’s already a costumer checking out in front of you, so you reach for the grocery divider on the checkout lane to separate your purchases from theirs. But, you quickly realize this is not any ordinary grocery divider.

Sure, you’ve seen grocery dividers before, but this one is different—it’s branded. InMark media’s brand bars offer advertisement space on grocery dividers in supermarkets across the country. Unlike other grocery dividers with advertisements, inMark Media’s includes a three-inch billboard that displays clearly branded advertisements for small and medium companies. Not convinced brand bars can suit your business? Check out what your business can benefit from advertising on an inMark media brand bar.


1. Just you and your market


Arguably one of the best perks of our braded grocery dividers is the exclusivity that comes with them. When you decide to make a (very smart) decision to advertise your small business on one of our brand bars, you are embarking on an exclusive opportunity. What does that mean for your small business? That your business is the only one in your industry that will be in your target market’s supermarket. So, all the shoppers will remember you, and only you, next time they need a lawyer, lawn service, etc.


2. They’ll see you again, and again, and again…


When you go to the grocery store and purchase something, you have to check out. It doesn’t matter if you go there three times in one day, three times in a week, or three times in a year.  The check-out process is completely unavoidable, and so is seeing the grocery dividers where your company’s advertisement could be! Repetition is one of the most important parts of building a brand, and branded grocery dividers make it almost completely effortless and almost guaranteed.


3. Completely tangible


There’s no better way to reach your market than to be in their hands—literally. Grocery dividers are tangible and constantly used by grocery shoppers. But, our brand bars take that to the next level, with a three-inch, completely unique, advertisement space for small businesses. It is so unique, that shoppers are bound to take take note of it.


Listen, everyone goes to the supermarket. I mean, do you know a single person who has never stepped food in a supermarket? Probably not. Make an investment in your small business that could lead your company right to your target market’s feet. Whether it’s a brand bar, cart corral, or brand bin, inMark media has all the advertising tools to bring your small business to success.


Leadership in the Workplace


Using Dividers to Increase Brand Awareness


You’re at the supermarket, and it’s about time to check out. There’s already a costumer checking out in front of you, so you reach for the grocery divider on the checkout lane to separate your purchases from theirs. But, you quickly realize this is not any ordinary grocery divider.
Sure, you’ve seen grocery dividers before, but this one is different—it’s branded. InMark media’s brand bars offer advertisement space on grocery dividers in supermarkets across the country. Unlike other grocery dividers with advertisements, inMark Media’s includes a three-inch billboard that displays clearly branded advertisements for small and medium companies. Not convinced brand bars can suit your business? Check out what your business can benefit from advertising on an inMark media brand bar.

1. Just you and your market

Arguably one of the best perks of our branded grocery dividers is the exclusivity that comes with them. When you decide to make a (very smart) decision to advertise your small business on one of our brand bars, you are embarking on an exclusive opportunity. What does that mean for your small business? That your business is the only one in your industry that will be in your target market’s supermarket. So, all the shoppers will remember you, and only you, next time they need a lawyer, lawn service, etc.

2. They’ll see you again, and again, and again…

When you go to the grocery store and purchase something, you have to check out. It doesn’t matter if you go there three times in one day, three times in a week, or three times in a year. The check-out process is completely unavoidable, and so is seeing the grocery dividers where your company’s advertisement could be! Repetition is one of the most important parts of building a brand, and branded grocery dividers make it almost completely effortless and almost guaranteed.

3. Completely tangible

There’s no better way to reach your market than to be in their hands—literally. Grocery dividers are tangible and constantly used by grocery shoppers. But, our brand bars take that to the next level, with a three-inch, completely unique, advertisement space for small businesses. It is so unique, that shoppers are bound to take take note of it.

Listen, everyone goes to the supermarket. I mean, do you know a single person who has never stepped food in a supermarket? Probably not. Make an investment in your small business that could lead your company right to your target market’s feet. Whether it’s a brand bar, cart corral, or brand bin, inMark media has all the advertising tools to bring your small business to success.


8 Tips for SEO Copywriting


If your company isn’t on the SEO bandwagon yet, don’t fret! SEO content is a habit that just about anyone can master with the proper skills and mentoring. Are you ready to take your company’s website and online presence to the next level? Check out these tips to get your blog on its way to success.

Active Voice

Always stay in the active voice: on your blog, on your website, on your social media…

Passive sentences are often confusing to readers. Active sentences are easier to follow and understand. Take these two sentences for example:

“Our company creates top-of-the-line motion graphics.”

“Top-of-the-line motion graphics are created by our company.”

The former is shorter and clearly easier to read and understand. The subject and verb in the latter sentence are hidden. Readers don’t even know what the subject of the sentence is while until they’re halfway through.

Searchable headlines

Headlines are one of your best bets for views. If visitors don’t have any sort of curiosity, they won’t click on your material. Create headlines that will attract eyes and searches.

Use your emotion

Your blog is your voice, not an essay. Lean back, relax, and let your voice flow. There’s nothing wrong with adding a little slang or abbreviations if it correlates with your audience.

Make a Call-to-Action

Even your blog is a selling point for your business. If there is nothing for your audience to do but read and leave, those sales ain’t happening. Give your readers good information, and point them in the next direction you want them to go.


Yes, keywords will help your blog and website increase in SEO ranking, but don’t go crazy. Write good content that your audience will actually want to read, and your ranking will take care of itself.


In fact, your appealing to your audience matters so much, that your overall tone can lead to lost views. Instead of focusing on negative situations or “pointing fingers,” try to focus on solutions and collaboration.

Concise, Short, To-The-Point

There are very few people who will actually read your entire blog. Most are going to do the skim, read a couple points, and move on trickery. Make sure your posts are not too long; otherwise once-willing readers will leave your page almost immediately.


There’s a reason that so many articles and posts are list based—because they work. The attention span of current users is only getting shorter. If a consumer can scan your bolded and bullet-pointed article, they’ll be more likely to stay longer.


If you’d rather get the help from copywriting professionals, reach out to inMark Media. Or, if you want to have control of your blogs but just need guidance, check out their other SEO articles.


Diffusion of Innovation


Marketing a new product requires a lot in terms of planning, promoting, etc.The theory of diffusions of innovations tries to explain why a population will adopt a new product at different times.  To understand how your small business can use this theory to master the launch of a product, let’s look at what the theory says:When an innovating product hits the market, it will have a distinct product life cycle. The speed of adoption among users and consumers will basically determine the length and extremity of a product’s life cycle. The theory suggests there are five main groups of adopters in a population. Below is a brief description of each group of adopters for an innovating product:Innovators: These are the first people to take a risk and accept your product. They are usually highly sociable people who have not only a lot of influence on a population, but enough financial stability to take risks. These prominent social leaders will have a large influence on the community. Early Adopters:  These people are usually the opinion leaders in their communities. They may have a lot to say on Facebook and Twitter or they may just simply be a “people-person.” They are also pretty financially stable, but are more discreet about their adoptions than innovators. Early Majority: The early and late majority groups are where most of a population will lay.  In particular, the early majority group adopts an innovation quite some time (depending on the product) after the first two groups. They don’t have positions of opinion leadership in their communities, but do have higher social statuses. Late Majority: These people are a lot more stubborn than the early majority and will typically wait until they are certain that there are benefits from this new product to adopt it. This group will wait until a majority of the community has adopted the product before they themselves skeptically adopt it. Laggards: This last group of innovation adopters tend to have lower social status, low financial stability, are usually older in age, and only really in contact with family and close friends.  These people may adopt the product but may also never adopt the product. To successfully strategize using this model, it’s important to understand your product and what sections of your community (age, location, gender, etc.) will fall under each of these categories. Each group of adopters should be targeted in a different way.How to use it?Sure, this model has a lot to do with new tech products, but it can be used in just about any industry.For a moment, pretend you run a new business that sells protein powders and supplements. You believe your product is much different than other protein powders, so you consider it an innovation. Let’s look at how you can reach each of these groups through your different communication channels:Innovators: Bring the product to fitness expos. Reach out to athletic influencers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and send them a free product in exchange for a shout-out. Early Adopters: Offer a discount code to Early Adopters that they can give to their followers in exchange for a small commission. Discount codes increase your sales and create loyal costumers. Early Majority: Your work with the above two groups will hopefully aid the attraction of this group. But, in the case that this is not occurring, try Instagram and Facebook ads and promotion, create a blog section on your website, post recipes and how-to’s on your so[...]

Important Morning Habits


Personal growth is to success as water is to the ocean. The more water there is, the bigger the ocean is. The more personal growth you achieve, the more success you’ll achieve.Personal growth is so great because no one else can do it for you. It is simply up to you to create a mindset that fosters self-development.Yes, some people are born into money or a successful family, but success, especially in self-development, means more than monetary funds. Truly successful people find an impeccable balance between work, social, and familial life. However, it will take practice and habits to develop such success. Luckily, there are five habits you can begin instantly (and without dropping a single penny) that may lead you on a path to intrinsic and external success.Make your bedIt’s the first task you complete that will positively affect your mindset for the rest of the day. It may seem like a small task that is too superficial or minuscule to make much of a difference, but in fact that’s completely untrue. Its minuteness is exactly what makes it so spectacularly powerful.The Power of Habit author, Charles Duhigg attributes productivity with bedmaking. In his highly acclaimed book, he states “making your bed every morning is correlated with better productivity, a greater sense of well-being, and stronger skills at sticking with a budget.” One of the most important parts of a bed-making habit, is that it starts at the beginning of your day, Duhigg suggests. He calls it a “keystone habit,” because it creates a spiral effect of productive behavior.In his famous address during the 2014 commencement at the University of Texas, Navy Seal William H. McCraven, addressed the crowd of graduates with a simply proposition: make your bed, and your will succeed. Specifically, he advised “If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed. If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride, and it will encourage you to do another task, and another, and another. And by the end of the day that one task completed will have turned into many tasks completed.”Eat breakfastAnd… not just any breakfast. As the saying goes, this meal is the most important meal of the day—and for good reason.Your body was just on complete mental and physical shutdown for 6-8 hours (or maybe less, if it’s a stressful week). When you wake up, you are essentially rebooting your entire system. Breakfast helps this transition. A nutritious balanced meal will give your body the energy it needs to begin the day. And not just your legs to walk to your car or your arms to blow dry your hair, it will give your brain energy to focus and concentrate throughout the day!MeditateTake a moment to be with yourself. A daily meditation habit can lead to reduced stress and anxiety, a clearer and more precise focus, and a greater sense of self-development. Completing a meditation session upon awakening allows your mind to flow free of distractions. It is one of the few moments in your day that will help you reconnect with your inner self and inner passion—the one thing that will determine success.Write down three goalsGoal setting is an imperative part of personal growth. Without goals and proper planning, no true success will come to fruition (except for extremely lucky and rare situations.) Like meditation, writing when your brain is beginning to reboot will allow a clear flow of thoughts. It is the truest form o[...]

What Your Website Should Contain


No matter how small your business is, a website is completely necessary. A lot of behind-the-scenes work among consumers leads to your sales. If a consumer has no way of referring your business to family and friends on their social media platforms or through digital channels, you’ll be missing out on sales! A lot of consumers won’t even trust a company that doesn’t have a website. So, if you’re about ready to present your company online, here’s what you should be including.Who you areWhat does your business stand for? What does your business do? What are your missions for your own business and the industry?These are all questions that potential customers may have, and your website should clearly have the answers!While part of your target market may be impulse buyers who don’t fret about the company they’re buying from, a lot of your market is going to do some research. And, if you don’t have the answers for their questions, they might move to your competition. Location, location, location!Whether you’re selling a product or marketing a service, the location of your operations is extremely important information for consumers.Some may need their product by a certain date, others will want to come into your store location, even more may want to figure out shipping costs.If a consumer can’t find your location anywhere, you may be losing sales without even knowing it.Let’s talkYour website needs contact information. Preferably, your website should include a section that customers can fill out without leaving the site.This section may include customer name, email, and comment, so it is easy for costumers to fill out and for you to respond to.But, DON’T link this part of your website to an e-mail you never check! Response time to customer concerns and questions is critical to landing the sale.If you prefer to only include contact information and not an entire section on your website, then make sure your e-mail is professional. Don’t use your actual name in the e-mail address. Instead, use your company’s domain name or a variation of it.AKA: instead of “” use “” (if your company’s name was Yarn Of Love, that is.) Easy-to-read copyThink of a website that you would use. The most impressive ones have very little copy on their home page.While this may vary depending on industry, limiting the information you throw at your potential market will hopefully increase their site-time.Leave them wanting more. Leave them curious and willing to search through your website. Avoid big words, sentences, and jargon that your potential market wouldn’t understand. A feedback sectionConsumers love reviews. Including a feedback/testimonial/review section will give the skeptical or on-the-edge consumer a bigger push to buy your product or use your service. Something to doYour website should include a call to action. If there is no “Sign-up,” “Buy now,” or “let’s chat,” etc. button anywhere on your front page, you’re already losing costumers. Why?When there is a button to press that will bring a consumer elsewhere, curiosity takes over, and they click on it.If there is nothing to click and your website is essentially one page with all the essential information—you’re leaving little to the consumer’s imagination or curiosity.More people are using the internet everyday. The number of daily users keeps growing, and will continue growing[...]

Improve YOUR Brand Identity


Brand identity will create a loyal costumer base. Consumers are the reason you are in business, whether you want to believe that or not. Without them, your business would literally not exist.But, it’s not enough to just target your potential market. Your brand identity is formed through every aspect of your business: the cleanliness of your website, the succinctness and lucidness of your content, the speed at which you deliver your product or service, your ability to properly conduct customer service…Not sure how well your brand is received among your community? Check out these four tips to improve your brand:Don’t sell a productInstead, sell your brand. Your brand is the one most important aspect of your business. And, it’s the one aspect that will increase the likelihood of loyal costumers. If all you do is sell the product and focus your entire attention on the sole item you are producing, you will pay very little attention to customer service, your logo, or social media presence. This won’t create brand identity or consistent sales, just a single sale.Instead, divide your time and create a balanced brand. Customers want to feel respected and cared about. If they feel like they are just another sale or number, they’ll feel less obligated to stick with your brand.Even if you’re not selling them a product right away, remember the point is to sell your brand. So, give them valuable and useful information, create SEO content, post helpful tips on Instagram and Twitter that are actually usable. Overtime, you will build a loyalty with your audience that will lead to long-term relationships.Transparency—don’t lie about who you areYour brand identity is who you are. If your company doesn’t have a large focus on philanthropy, but believes in building a motivating community, preach that. Your brand is simply who you your business is and what you stand for—there is no need to lie about it.Just remember to maintain your mission in all aspects and activities of your business to increase brand identity and recognition. Remain transparent, not just your costumers, but to your stakeholders, too.Content is imperativeBusinesses’ push toward SEO content is not just for search engine optimization, but to create a loyal audience, too. Imagine you buy a product and decide to give that company’s social media a follow. If that company only posts pictures of their products without adding any value, you’re going to get pretty bored of their social media and possibly even unfollow them (which means, a loss of audience)Now imagine, instead, they post useful tips and tricks. This type of content will keep users attracted to their company because of its informative nature.One very important item to note here: GRAMMAR, GRAMMAR, GRAMMAR! Most consumers are going to expect a professional presence, on social media, on your website, in person, wherever and whenever they are connecting with your business.That means not understanding which they’re, their, or there, to use is going to severely deter customers. Even if your business is a plumbing service, and has nothing to do with writing or communication, consumers care about the professional essence company’s conduct business with.Rebranding is okaySo, maybe by now you’re realizing that your business or brand needs a little redoing. The good news? Brands are kind of expected to change.Think of a business as a person. People consistently grow and foster [...]

Pinterest and Your Small Business


Social Media can significantly boost your sales, improve your business’s brand, or increase your local business’s awareness. You’ve probably heard that countless times, but how is it done? Well, first it’s important to understand how social media works. Not the technological jibber jabber—but how it works in society.

Each social media serves a different purpose for consumers—and for companies

Facebook could be a great place for companies to post a PR-related status or to share articles relevant to their industries or values. At the same time, Snapchat is a more intimate form of a social media, and is better for featuring “behind-the-scenes” of what a business does and stands for.

Okay, but what about Pinterest?

Pinterest is an exceptionally great platform for small businesses to grow brand awareness. And, it’s even more beneficial for company’s with blogs.

But, okay, there are plenty of websites and social media that will promote my blogs for you company. And, maybe you don’t have time to add another social media account to my already expanding arsenal.

Well, here’s the thing: Pinterest is one of the largest website traffic drivers.

Pinterest maintains over 150 million daily users. And, unlike users on Facebook, users on Pinterest are more likely to engage with your company, because they are interested in reading blogs.

User engagement doesn’t stop at just reading company’s blogs either. According to research released by Millard Brown, 87% of users have purchased a product because of Pinterest, and 93% have used Pinterest to plan a future purchase. That type of ROI is not one that you should pass up.

It’s not just engagement. It’s purchasing power, too.

According to Shopify research, Pinterest users’ typical orders value around $58.95, while Facebook referral orders value only $55. That may be only about a $4-dollar difference, but the possibility of $4 extra dollars per person with a 150-million-person audience is pretty lucrative.

Still not convinced it is worth your time, but think it may be worth your investment? There are agencies that will do the work for you. Companies like inMark media understand the usefulness of social media and how to use outlets to their greatest benefit.