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Mustang Trek – Get Ready to Explore the Unspoiled Tibetan Culture

Thu, 20 Apr 2017 22:59:14 -0400

Mustang is one of the few places in the Himalayan province that has retained its typical Tibetan culture unspoiled. Mustang (which interprets as “fertile plain”) is the ex Kingdom of Lo & now is a part of Nepal. Majority of the populace of Mustang dwells close to the Kali Gandaki River at approximately 2800 to 3900m above the sea level.

The Kali Gandaki River is the major hydrographic feature of Mustang. The river flows southward towards Nepal Terai, intersecting Mustang. Paths paralleling the river once catered as a premier trading route amid India and Tibet, particularly for salt. Parts of the river gorge in the south of Mustang, forms by some measures the deepest valley in the globe.


Climate In Mustang:

Mustang is mostly dry and & with annual rainfall in the range of 250–400 mm) because of its position in the rain shadow of the Annapurna massif & the Dhaulagiri Range towards the south.

Best season for Mustang Nepal trekking:

From April-November are the most suitable months to hike Upper Mustang. Well, Upper Mustang is a rain-shadow region, hence, you can trek in this region of Nepal even during the monsoon month (mid-June-mid-Sept), whereas during monsoon, Everest base camp, Annapurna base camp, Upper dolpo trekking, and Ghorepani Poon Hill trekking isn’t recommended.


Acute Mountain Sickness:

A good Upper Mustang trek itinerary should be planned keeping AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) in mind. Moving too fast can cause a medical condition that’s serious enough to take life. The higher the altitude the less oxygen there will be in the air. Crossing tiny passes aren’t that demanding & Upper Mustang hike does not demand additional acclimatization day but slow & steady ascent is essential for bit-by-bit acclimatization process in the thin air. Thus your itinerary should be planned smartly allowing adequate time for steady acclimatization. People with heart or lung disease should consult their doctor prior to taking on the trek. Fever, mild headaches, stomach disorder or loss of appetite are the typical symptoms of AMS.

Upper Mustang Trek takes trekkers through a voyage of barren moonscape of scoured sandstone pillars & intermittent moraine patios. Thousand years old monastery, the city wall & the 4 storey palace in Lomanthang, caves, local tribes & exciting views of mountains such as Nilgiri, Annapurna & Dhawalagiri makes the trip to Upper Mustang more enticing.

Upper Mustang Trek was closed for outsiders till 1991 as the government didn’t wish this area to be influenced by western culture. Nonetheless, after 1991 Upper Mustang Trek has been opened & since then it has made itself as one of the most popular hiking routes in Western Nepal.

Annapurna Circuit Trek! Know When Is The Best Time to Travel

Thu, 20 Apr 2017 22:58:14 -0400

Deciding the ideal time to trek the Annapurna Circuit is certainly an elimination game. You can ignore December through February – exceedingly cold. Eliminate May from the list as it tends to be too hot. And you surely don’t wish to trek during the summer – because it remains too wet. From June to September is the monsoon season, when as much as seventy percent of the annual precipitation takes place. This is also the time when rock fall& landslides are most expected to take place.


That leaves 2 times when Annapurna Circuit trek is best: from October to November & mid-March to mid-April.

How long is the Annapurna circuit trek?

Annapurna located in the North central of Nepal is the 10th highest mountain in the globe, it is massif – the tallest point of the 34 mile long range reaches an elevation of 24,545ft, about 3000ft below Mount Everest.

Since the Annapurna massif is measured as the most risky to trek of all the 8,000m summits, a lot of travelers are just happy to stroll around it. Every year approximately 115,000 people tour the province & a lot of them do accomplish the 100 to145 mile long Annapurna trek. (the hike distance differs, relying on how far you at first go through truck or van.)


Weather advice for Annapurna circuit trekking:

Though tourists hike the province throughout the year, we suggest ignoring the heavy rain of the monsoon month that make the route muddy and slick and make rivers to rise. In monsoon season, flight maybe canceled, sights are often concealed by dense clouds, and leeches appear in full force.

Annapurna Circuit trekking in the fall & early spring does not assure clear blue sky & comfortable temperature. Even during the best time, the climate in Annapurna province may alter as you arrive at higher altitudes.

Keep in mind that these are the majestic Himalayas! On absolutely clear sky day, an unexpected storm can appear from the Bay of Bengal & drop up to more than 36 hours of snow on the trail. These dense snows at higher altitude can cause serious risk to those not familiar with the trail, lacking the appropriate gear or hiking without an experienced local trek guide who understand the trail & the weather patterns as well.


Be it Annapurna circuit trek, Annapurna Base Camp trek or the Everest Base Camp trek, Nepal is always going to be a fascinating destination for the trekkers.

Upper Dolpo Trekking – An Enthralling Experience

Fri, 17 Mar 2017 07:26:12 -0400

Upper Dolpo is the home of herbal territory, untouched trans-Himalayan cultures, Buddhist monuments and distinctive human civilization at a higher altitude is worth a trip. Hiking around the Dolpo province is a memorable voyage in every traveler’s life to witness diverse rain shadow landscapes with incredible mountain vistas, wild flowers and a lot more. With sweeping & windswept high altitude desert panoramas, Dolpo assures to enthrall each hiker who possesses the courage and strength to get into this land of classic Tibetan culture.What’s the best trekking season?The Upper Dolpo trekking season prolongs from mid- September- May. From early September the monsoonal rains drop. By the end of September through to December the climate is generally stable with temperate to warm days, chilly nights. March, April, May, June, October, and November are the most favorable time to accomplish this trek.Trip Highlights• City tour at historical monuments in Kathmandu• Explore the divine mountain kingdom at the foot of mighty Himalayas• The biggest, beautiful, glistening lake- Shey Phoksundo Lake• Witnessing the amazing ethnic culture• Fully supported camping trek.• Trekking through the biggest National Park of Nepal.• Crossing over Kangla PassThe trail starts becoming very hectic but once you cross the river twice on well made bridges, you then make a steep ascent on a very narrow path, hugging the cliff face. Having descended to the river again the trail takes another steep ascent requiring frequent stops to watch the panorama of the landscapes and also for rest. You may camp on the side of Suligad River.Shey means crystal - this monastery is also known as the Crystal Mountain. The lama of Shey resides at a red hermitage known as Tsakang Gompa which is west of Shey. It is not really a monastery but a retreat. Tsakang has been a meditation centre to many famous lamas from Tibet. Shey Gompa belongs to the Chaiba community, followers of the Padmasambhava and Kagyu sects.The trail is generally well compacted making the going underfoot easy, much easier than loose shale, but it is steep. It is only a 2 hour climb to reach the top of the Jeng La. From the top of the pass there are good views of the Dhaulagiri massif, glittering in the morning light. A rough track descends towards the Tarap valley. By the afternoon you find a green valley which leads you by a pleasant track down towards the Tarap Chu. Tarap is a dream valley with vast plains in high mountains extending 20kms along the river Tarap Chu. It has ten villages with cultivated fields, many Gompas and Chortens of both sects. You halt for the night at Tokyu monastery. This monastery also belongs to the Chaiba sect.If you have sufficient time Ghorepani Poon Hill trek as well as Mustang Nepal trek can be done for more adventure.[...]

Annapurna Circuit Trekking – A Massive Adventure In Itself

Fri, 17 Mar 2017 07:16:14 -0400

The Annapurna circuit trekking can be a massive adventure with the advantages of exploring the incredible splendor of the nature. This trail is exceedingly renowned in Annapurna & all over the world. Therefore, travelers come to this region from each corner of the globe to enjoy all this circuit has to offer. The circuit passes through 4 popular regions which are Mustang, Manang, Lamjung and Myagdi. It also provides stunning sights of lovely villages & subtropical gorges that flood the circuit.It’s also recognized for its incredible waterfalls, splendid forests and majestic cliffs. The Manang province is quite admired since it’s where the Hindus pay pilgrimage to the Tibetan-Buddhist Muktinanth. Besides the incredible nature, you will also have the opportunity to explore the rich culture of this region. The Annapurna circuit is usually made of awe-inspiring vegetations, wildlife, landscapes, rivers and peaks making it a perfect stop for adventure and nature lovers.Best Annapurna circuit trekking time:The Annapurna circuit trekking can be best enjoyed in spring between the months of March-May. This is also the most favorable time to relish some peak climbing in the area. The wild flora encompassing rhododendron blossom during this time offering views that you will love to watch again and again. The temperature stays gentle even at the higher altitude. September to December is also an idea period to trek the circuit.How to get ready for your trek?• Decide whether you want to go sole or in a group and if you require guides. Keep in mind that, guides make sure you don’t miss the untouched features of the circuit.• Get your hiking kit ready relying upon how long you want to trek. Take into account the days & all the resources you require. Trek supplies will generally include jackets, sleeping bags and foods.• Buy walking socks composed of materials with sweat wicking attributes to keep your feet as dry as feasible.• Buy personal trekking equipment and gear such as walking sticks and the proper outfit to balance the temperature. Not all trekking equipment is provided in a tour package, so find out what you may require to bring yourself.• Pick the proper footwear as you have to walk for long making it really essential to have comfortable yet protective shoes. You will also like to have lightweight boots to make walking in the slopes easier. Scooped ankle cuffs will be great in keeping irritation at bay.I recommend both Annapurna base camp trek and Everest base camp trek alongside Annapurna circuit trek for pure adventure.[...]

Mustang Trek – One of the Most Cultural Treks in Nepal

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 01:39:41 -0500

Combining organic beauty, cultural legacy and rich history, Nepal is no doubt one of the most appealing vacation destinations in the planet. Historical cities & temples are enclosed by the wide mountain ranges that embrace the nation & spring through its countryside. Affluent fertile soils reward the land with a splendid & diverse ecosystem, and an excellent assortment of cultures and ethnicities await to be explored. Nepal is certainly a place like no other.

As the land of Nepal is best known for its trekking adventure, here in this article we will talk about the Mustang trek which is one of Nepal’s most mysterious & least recognized monarchies.


The countryside of Mustang is an infertile moonscape of windswept sandstone columns & discontinued moraine terraces, which collectively present a vibrant mosaic, composed of earthen red, brown and yellow. It’s considerably simple to hiking along the permitted trail to Lo Manthang that lies in the center of Mustang. The hike to Mustang is via a nearly treeless countryside. Powerful winds usually shriek across the region during the afternoon, typically reducing at night. Being placed in the rain shadow of the Himalaya, Mustang experiences much less precipitation than the rest areas of Nepal.

Mustang Nepal trek lying in the rain shadow of the Himalayas is perhaps the last enclave of pristine Tibetan culture. Forbidden & isolated from the rest of the World it was able to evolve its own distinctive culture and traditional which is so rich & unique. Lo-Mustang, the capital is walled city ruled by religious king. Untouched by modern civilization, life in Mustang goes on as it has for centuries in unhurried pace. As everywhere in the Himalayas, this area provides spectacular mountain scenery highlighted by Dhaulagiri at 8167 meters (26,795ft) and Annapurna I at 8091 meters (26,545ft). You will be surrounded by more than 35 mountains over 6000 meters (19,680ft) high. The elevation of the trails rise from 2815 meters (9,233ft) to 3780 meters (12,398ft) above sea level.


This outstanding trek, which includes some long trekking days and several passes around 4200m, follows established trails through substantial villages that once served a thriving trade route between Nepal and Tibet. These whitewashed settlements, set amid fields of barley and home to impressive chortens and simple monasteries, reflect the abiding Buddhist culture. If you are after real trekking in Nepal, then this is an outstanding journey to one of the true gems of the Himalaya.

So, get in touch with a reliable trekking agency in Nepal and ask him to arrange the most suitable Mustang trek itinerary for you.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek – 3 Foremost Highlights You Shouldn’t Miss Out

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 01:38:35 -0500

The Annapurna Base Camp or ABC trek was 1st commercial hiking trail in Nepal and trekking lovers from all corner of the globe have been coming t this region for more than fifty years to witness what it is all about.


The ABC trek owes its fame mainly because of the astonishing Himalayan vistas, but its well-organized routes, frequent lodges everywhere, a long hiking season and effortless entry to trailheads commencing just one or two hour away from Pokhra, has done wonders to enhance its repute as one of the finest places for mountain trekking in Nepal.

If you are getting ready for this season to explore the Annapurna Conversation Area, here are a few major highlights that you shouldn’t miss out.

Annapurna Base Camp:

A tough one to miss out, ABC is a must if you are after real trekking adventure at 4,130 m, hikers are enclosed on each side by exceptional snow-covered summits, like the grand Annapurna I and its sisters Annapurna III, Annapurna Fang and Annapurna South. You’ll also have great view of Gangapurna, Hiunchuli, Tent Peak, Khangsar and the legendary Machapuchare.

May favorite way to move towards the final stage of the Annapurna Base Camp trek is to spend a night at the Machapuchare Base Camp, wake up early and hike the final 2 to three hours up to ABC to witness the sun rise over the beautiful Annapurna mountain range.


Annapurna Apple Pie:

Many would debate that the ABC trek is as much a gastronomic experience as it’s a natural one. Throughout the trail you will come across friendly teahouses catering hot dal bhat (typical Nepali meal of rice & lentil soup), appetizing Mo:Mos as well as the staple food of the province – home cooked apple pie.

Jhinu Hot Springs:

A trip to the Jhinu Danda hot springs works like magic on your exhausted trekking legs & is a well-deserved brek during your return trip from the ABC. Jhinu itself is an enjoyable small settlement, located on summit of a border along your fall from Chomrong, with a few beautiful teahouses & pop-up craft stores. The hot spring is a 20 to 25 minute stroll on a descending trail to the river Modi Khola below. Believe, it’s well worth the effort.


Annapurna circuit trek as well as Everest base camp trek are also deserves a trip during your trekking adventure in Nepal. Get yourself ready both mentally and physically because a lot of adventures are waiting for you in Nepal.

Mustang Valley Trek and Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek Give Exhilarating Experience

Mon, 16 Jan 2017 03:26:40 -0500

Mountain trekking in Nepal is relatively strenuous and worthwhile adventure, which one could experience in one’s life. If you are looking to get an unforgettable and exhilarating experience, you should make plans to enjoy trek in Nepal. A prime reason for this is that the country and its citizens feel proud for the Mount Everest, which is the highest snow mountain peak across the world.


Excluding this, Nepal provides with countless excursions, which you may call for short and easy walks up the forest and mountain trains or highly demanding yet thorny adventure, along with majestic and complicated hills. In this article, experienced travelers have attempted to highlight about few of the common mountains provide trekking in Nepal for tourists.

Trek to Mustang Valley

Mustang valley trek is a famous trekking route that physically forms a part of the entire Annapurna region. In addition, it includes culture and lifestyle of Tibet in combination with that of Nepal. Trekkers choose to set their feet on the valley would capture various nostalgic moments related to early Tibet.

Moreover, Upper Mustang trek lets you to view the hidden world of traditional Buddhist kingdom in Mustang. It is the least known but mysterious kingdom prosperous with many vistas, which include eye-catching and unusual views of Himalayan mountains covered with snow, deep canyons, barren lands at high plateaus and ocean comprises of exposed hills as well as desert sunset.

Furthermore, during the entire trek, you will be able to find countless old caves, monasteries, tribes of local area and many scenic beauties of various landscapes, all of which form prime attractions of the entire trek.

Trek to Ghorepani Poon Hill

Ghoretpani Poon Hill trek involves a hike of about 4 and 5 days in the mountain range of Annapurna in Nepal. It requires moderate fitness for completion of the journey, while trekkers have to cross the highest possible elevation equal to 3210 meters. In this way, the trek suits perfectly for even those people often deal with the problem of altitude sickness.


Along with the mountain and scenic views, experienced travelers said that one can also reach at Pokhara, the closest possible main access city to start with the trekking in Annapurna range. If this is not enough, trek to Ghorepani Poon Hill gives opportunity to travelers for witnessing many warm villages, terraced slopes, excellent paddy fields and lifestyle of various ethnic peoples, including Magars and Gurungs.

Overview on Annapurna and Everest Base Camp Trek Opportunities in Nepal

Mon, 16 Jan 2017 03:24:21 -0500

Nepal is one of the unique destinations across the world. It acts as the home for the highest peak of the world i.e. Mount Everest at the height of 8848 meters with eight other mountains among the total 14 snow-capped mountain peaks of more than 8000meters worldwide. Every year, more than thousands of trekkers make their journey to Nepal for tour and trek adventures.It incorporates natural diversity in the form of Himalayan vistas, panoramic landscapes, cultural variations, fast flowing rivers and various historical monuments indicating ancient significance. In addition, Nepal is the birthplace of famous Lord Gautam Buddha i.e. a peaceful land. Indeed, the local area citizens have sole belief in hospitality and good treatment towards guests. Here, experts want to discuss about few common treks usually chosen by individuals after they visit to Nepal.Annapurna Base Camp TrekAnnapurna Base Camp Trek is in foothills of the famous mountain range of Annapurna that has an altitude equal to 4130 meters. Journey for this trek starts with reaching at Pokhata city. During the entire trip, you will be able to get excellent views of Machhapuchhure, Annapurna range, Hiunchuli, Dhaulagiri, Gangapurna and various other mountain peaks covered with snow. The trek would also give opportunity to be the part of many other famous trails and treks belonging to the region, like Ghorepani, Sanctuary, Jomsom Muktinath and Poornhill and lots more.Annapurna Circuit TrekAlong with ABC trek, trekking companies and professionals may go for round travel to Annapurna Circuit Trek, known as the popular and courageous trek package. Circuit trekking requires usually 20 days journey that starts from Besishar, while ends in round way at Pokhara. The trek lets you to make journey from Manang and the most challenging Thorongla pass of about 5416 meters. Furthermore, the trek allows you to visit the religious pilgrimage center named Muktinath and Marpha, along with the medieval valley named Kagbeni.Everest Base Camp TrekEverest Base Camp Trek is the most famous trekking peak countrywide that takes individuals to get panoramic views of the great Sagarmatha or Mount Everest located at the height equal to 8848 meters from the level of sea. During the trek, you will be able to pass through Everest National Park and get chances to view many rare animals and birds. For reaching to Kalapattar and Everest base camp, you have to travel for seven to eight days from many traditional villages and nearby trading routes.[...]