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sugar addiction and belly fat


Belly Fat is one of the most dangerous kinds of fats which may lead to heart attacks or some metabolic problems. Belly fat is the one kind of fat that is built up around the waistline to the extent that it is would cause your health a damage or a problem .  it is also known as central obesity. In this page, we are going to talk about sugar as one major factor in building up this kind of fat around the waistline.One thing we have to know that sugar in general and the refined one is not just causing fat. it is also unhealthy for the body as a whole. We have been always including this substance in our daily diet without knowing nothing about the damage it would cause to our health. We even add it to our morning cup of coffee and start our days with it.  Raymond Francis, MIT scientist  & researcher says summarize it this way," Sugar is a deadly poisonous substance that should be cut off and it should also be banned by the government ".So what are the parts of sugar and what make it unhealthy? Sugar is 50% glucose and 50% fructose. The problem is that when the liver gets overloaded with these two elements due to the excessive consumption of sugar, it eventually turns all this into fat.Most of the times, into belly fat.So, fat accumulation due to the excessive consumption of sugar would increase the belly fat around your waist which will lead to some metabolic problems. What is worse than all is the huge amount of liquid sugar we get from drinking sugar-sweetened beverages.Sugar-sweetened beverages contribute by 60% to Obesity.These unhealthy drinks that we should avoid also include soft drinks and fruit juices as well. What ? Are fruit juices unhealthy? the answer is that they are not 100%  unhealthy.However, they do include sugar. So, should I not drink fruit juices? Actually, it is highly recommended to eat the fruit itself rather than making juice of it. However, we should reduce the number of fruit drinks we drink every day.  [...]

Are fruit juices unhealthy ?


Three is a common belief that fruit juices are healthy.In fact, they are not.Maybe it is one common mistake that we consider fruit juices as healthy drinks. It is true that fruit juices do contain some necessary vitamins which are good for our body. However, they also contain huge amounts of sugar.As we have discussed before, added sugar is one of the most dangerous, unhealthy ingredients that we include in our daily life.We have been always including this substance in our daily diet without knowing nothing about the damage it would cause to our health. We even add it to our morning cup of coffee and start our days with it.  Sugar-sweetened beverages contribute by 60% to Obesity.These unhealthy drinks that we should avoid also include soft drinks and fruit juices as well. What ? Are fruit juices unhealthy? The answer is that they are not 100%  unhealthy.However, they do include sugar. So, should I not drink fruit juices? Actually, it is highly recommended to eat the fruit itself rather than making juice of it. However, we should reduce the number of fruit drinks we drink every day.  It is scientifically proved that sugar is one of the most dangerous ingredients that we should cut off.This is one issue that we have been discussing in previous essays. As we said before, sugar is a deadly poisonous ingredient that we always include in our drinks and which should be cut off.It is highly recommended that we reduce the number of sugary drinks ( which include fruit juices ) we consume every day. Soft and sports drinks are also included.It is worth pointing out that fruit juices should not be consumed as we consume water.A lot of people drink fruit juices in order to quench their thirst and this is a bad habit that should be get rid of.[...]

Open your refrigerator and get rid of these food items


Open your refrigerator and get rid of these food items, A lot of studies have been conducted in order to determine what foods are unhealthy and what are not.However , we need to know that there is no kind of food that is classified as 100% healthy or 100% unhealthy.In this essay, we are going to show you three items that you should get rid of.1-    Sugary drinks: As we have discussed before, added sugar is one of the most dangerous, unhealthy ingredients that we include in our daily life.It is not just about losing weight. Added sugar could damage your health gradually as we have been discussing it in our previous essays.It is scientifically proved that sugar is one of the most dangerous ingredients that we should cut off.The liquid form of sugar is the worst ever for our health.Sugary drinks are very unhealthy since they contain much sugar which would also turn into fat which will cause a lot of metabolic problems in turn.2-    Pizza Pizza is one of the world's most popular food. It does not take much time to be eaten not to mention that it tastes good. it is consumed by a lot of people everyday who do not have enough time to prepare one at home. The problem about Pizza is that the ones prepared in fast food restaurants are being prepared in a bad way in which unhealthy ingredients are included.So, is pizza unhealthy?  Actually, it is highly recommended that by many experts that we should eat pizza which is made at home. Homemade pizza is one of the very healthy foods that we should eat .When you prepare your Pizza at home, you have the ability to control the ingredients included and keep what is good and get rid of what is bad. Homemade pizza includes a lot of vegetables which are good for health since they are rich in fiber.[...]

How to get rid of Belly fat by eating protein ? (From a Scientific standpoint) Step


How to get rid of Belly fat by eating protein? (From a Scientific standpoint)  Obesity is considered to be as one of the most annoying  contemporary health  problems in the 21 century. Besides the fact that it would give you the bad shape of your  , it could go beyond that.I  could also lead to heart attacks as well as death.First, we have to understand that having  fat doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in danger of heart diseases or metabolic problems. A lot of people are overweight but still in good health.So, what is the secret?In fact, being at risk of a heart attack or not is decided by the kind of fat you have and the location of that fat in your body.  In this page, we are going to discuss one of the most important and dangerous which is the belly fat. Belly fat is the one kind of fat that is built up around the waistline to the extent that it is would cause  your health a damage or a problem .  it is also known as central obesity.So what should I do in order to get rid of this kind of fat?Actually, there are some proposed steps to follow in order to get rid of this fat.One of these ways is  Eating more protein.Eating protein is one of the most important substances required  by your living body organs in large amounts. A study has shown that people who include protein in their diets lose weights more than those who do not by 60%. Protein and belly fat:                       One study conducted in Ukraine has shown  a   reverse relation between eating protein and belly fat. the study has also shown that the quality of the protein included in the diet plan has a strong impact on the weight gained. So, The more & better protein you eat, the more you are likely to get rid of Belly fat and achieve positive results. [...]

Do you want to have Maria sharapova's shape ? – Here is the secret - Diet plan


Are you looking for having the body of a model, actress? Do you want to look like Maria Sharapova and other actresses? Do you want what diet plan these models follow?If this is what you looking for, then stop by and read this article because you came to the right place.As always,  we at   ""  provide you with the best plans to lose weight as well as to gain weight. In other words, on this site, we offer you the plan needed in order for you to get the shape you want. Maria Sharapova Diet Plan: We cannot deny the fact that we all envy the Russian tennis player " Maria Sharapova " not for just what she achieved in the field so far, but also for her beautiful and sculpted body. Maria Sharapova, the talented tennis player who is ranked No 3 in the world as for 2013 has been an inspiring woman  for most of the girls who want to lose weight and have that sculpted body they all dream of.So what is the secret  Maria Sharapova Diet Plan? Here Maria Sharapova shares her workout regime and her  diet plan:  Away from the field, the famous tennis player does plenty of exercises while having free time in order to keep herself in a beautiful shape. Also, Maria follows an intensive program including doing cardio exercises at least twice a week.In addition, Maria goes regularly to the gym and also practice some additional exercise like yoga and some other outdoor activities.  According to her personal trainer, Maria also takes a rest and relaxes her body doing message twice a month which helps her to get rid of stress and anxiety.As for Maria's diet plan, the two key- words  for  Maria's successful diet plan are: First:  High protein     Second: Low crab As for breakfast, Maria prefers having salads, oatmeal, and some fruit. However, in lunch and dinner, she prefers having meals such as tacos, sushi alongside with soups.  It is important to be mentioned that you don’t have to follow the system precisely as it is but rather to keep the basics and add what it fits with your daily routine.Remember the two keywords; Low carb , High protein.We at ""   wish you all the best.[...]

3 Quick Simple Changes To Lose Wight NOW!


Since you’ve clicked on our article that means that you want to see some really effective actions that will help you lose weight! I personally know the struggle of going through weight loss because I was there myself! I was so unbelievably overweight, tried so many crash diets, lost and gained several pounds and when I regained my lost weight it came back DOUBLED!So, I came to know what will make me lose weight on the long run and that’s why I want to share with you these magical 3 tips:1.    Trick your brain into using smaller plates instead of those big ones!Yes, you can trick your brain using this simple amazing trick that will dramatically change your weight loss journey! By using smaller plates and filling them with food, your brain will automatically process that this meal will satisfy you and you will not need to add too much food and control your food portions because it’s a SMALL plate! 2.    Stop getting hungry often by eating more PROTEINS!Again, this is another wondrous trick for your belly! Proteins take a longer time to digest and of course, will make you fill full longer. Which means, good news, you’ll eat less often, fewer calories and best of all, you will gain muscle! How awesome is this tip? You can always start your day with some delicious eggs or oatmeal and get creative with your proteins!3.    Fiber up your meals to feel fuller faster!Now, I believe we all know how important fibers are in weight loss and for our overall general health! But, when it comes to fast weight loss, you need to add even more fibers in your meals! There are countless numbers of vegetables and fruits you can enjoy while losing weight!Lose weight fast and try them today![...]

Best ways to make going to gym more Fun ! 3 Magical Steps


Best ways to make going to gym more Fun!Are you one of those people who complain a lot about going to the gym? Are you concerned about making Gym a more exciting place? Are you not satisfied with your body? Have you not found the motivation for going to the gym? If this applies to you.Then, you have to read this. "People who complain a lot are difficult to please" a saying that people have been saying over the course of time. Most  Gym- Goers complain a lot about going to the gym. Being a gym superstar is not that easy thing to do. Joining Gym is the easy part but what is hard is that you have to keep going and set a daily plan for yourself which you will follow to achieve positive results. Now, a lot of people find it is difficult to find the motivation in going to the gym. Getting the shape you want is not easy. However, on this page, I am going to show you how you can make going to the gym more funnier and a lovely habit.First, Find yourself a partner. This one way that would motivate you to do more efforts and to do a lot of exercises. Finding a company would create an atmosphere which is full of competition and entertaining which will result in good performance and positive results. Second, listen to music. Listening to music while doing the exercise would make you more satisfied when doing those exercises.You have just to wear your headphones and start listening to your favorite music. it is highly recommended that you use wireless headphones which will not hold you back from doing the exercises. It is also recommended to listen to inspirational music which will motivate you more.    Finally,  use your power of imagination. Imagine yourself giving more. Imagine yourself working out like Gym superstars. see yourself being in the shape you like to be in. Have the confidence and open your eyes and start working out. Remember the best things that will happen in one's life begins with a dream, with closed eyes, and with imagination.[...]

the best 5 exercise for weight gain at home


More articles about gain weight program  and advice concerning gain weight, and spread exercise to gain weight at home &how to gain a lot of weight   , but did not mention a lot to  gain weight , where many weigh down the natural rate, which forced them to address many of the fatty cuisines in vain, because the nature of their bodies to prevent them from gain weight, so heading to exercise gain size of the muscles, thus gain weight of their bodies. It also suffers some of the men of the small their bodies, which forced them not to a sense of confidence and self-esteem, lack the capacity to exercise their lives normally, push people to portray the idea of their negative, both from the health aspect, or by the strength of their bodies, although not linked to those matters body weight, so the solution lies in healthy eating which helps to rapid weight gain  , we talk about this on this article " 7 Food to how to gain weight fast " this is food to eat in order to gain weight   such as serves rich in protein and exercise special sports gain weight.some of the exercise for weight gain at home  exercise for weight gain at home     , to give the body healthy appearance and forces, used in these exercises weights and testing the strength of the individual, whether male or female, but care must be taken to take account of the capacity of the body, and graduation in the strength of the exercise and the size of the weights that bear, in order to avoid causing damage to your muscles  .things to do to gain weightlab I: roll straight, and differentiated between your feet slightly, given jobs back to move forward with the keep straight to the extent possible, and appropriate weights roomy (would prefer to consult a professional in sports to determine appropriate weight you), then lift the back to the top of a very slowly, and the ball five times, with increase of weight gradually every time .Lab II: lie on your back, and weight in all the hands, and lift the high highest your patience, then lower the hands of each side to reach to the ground, stay slightly in this position, and prepared the ball five times, with the increase of weight each time that the possible.Lab III: roll straight and appropriate weight in all the hands, then I yearn back forward to become parallel to the orbit, and lift your elbow will get touched to toward your head with the keep your back in positioned, then lower your elbow will get touched to the bottom, prepared the ball twelvefold.Lab IV: lie on your abdomen, and pry your toes inward raising your body slightly, has proved to be the highest your body on the soles of your hands, then lift your body to the highest slowly and then to the bottom, and be careful not to touch thee of the land, and prepared the ball twelvefold.Lab v: roll straight, grasp the weight in all the hands, and pry left foot forward, then lower the lean down slowly and then to the highest, and prepared the ball dozen times, and ideas with the right foot.important observations for exercise for weight gainexercise for weight gain day after day, to give your muscles and the opportunity to build and to increase in size.Do not practice exercises building muscles for more than an hour.Relax between each exercise to another.More than drinking water during the lab.[...]

Why should you masturbate ? What you don’t know about masturbating


Why should you masturbate? What you don’t know about masturbatingHave you ever think about masturbating as a healthy habit ?? There is a common belief that masturbating is a bad health habit which will damage your health gradually. However, we must look at the other side. In this page, you are going to be exposed to some shocking facts that you don’t know about masturbating."This is too good to be true? ", this is the sentence that came to your mind right now, is that it? So, the question is  " Could masturbate be healthy? "A study has been conducted on one of the adult sites shows that almost  30% of the American men masturbate twice a week. Actually, the number of Americans seems to be more than that but always the polls are not that accurate. However, this still a high percent. So, What are masturbation health benefits ?First, it would make you harder.The more you practice, the more you are going to strengthen your penis muscle. That's just a fact. This would also prevent Dysfunction. It is recommended that you practice regularly in order to achieve the desired results. Second, it prevents cancer. As we already know prostate is one of the most dangerous kinds of cancers.A study conducted in Ukraine revealed that men who masturbate a lot are less likely to have prostate cancer. This seems a little bit controversial.However , some analysis suggested that there is a relation between ejaculation and cancer. Some other studies revealed that rubbing your urogenital tract regularly will function as a device that flushes the viruses out of the urogenital system.It is important to mention that we should look at the two sides. The negative and the positive one. Maybe for some people, these are not convincing  reasons in order for them to practice this habit. However, for others, they are.       [...]

In winter you should fight to stay in shape – Here is the secret


In winter you should  fight to stay in shape – Here is the secret Winter is coming ! And we all know what winter means because a lot of times winter means diseases. the majority of people are likely to catch a cold in winter so you are.  Winter would make your stay at home spend your time watching TV and that's a big problem.  The question is " Are you going to lose all the progress you made at the gym or you going to fight in order to stay in shape    Are you really want to risk all that you made so far?I know that you can't stand the idea that you return to the point where you just spend your time complaining about your shape !!  You have to take the responsibility to go to the gym no matter what happens . Weather condition could make you fat again. sitting on the couch watching television won't make you a model. Should I work while I'm sick?  And if not, so why?The idea of going to the gym while you are sick is controversial. Some experts say that you should stay home until you recover. However, others say that going to the gym is not an obstacle for you to recover and maybe this would help you recover faster.Here are the basis,You should stay home if you are experiencing some serious symptoms like coughing all the time especially the one accompanied with blood,  having fever , cold and other illness and also when you are injured.However ,  if are not experiencing serious diseases . Then, you should go in order not to lose what you have been working on for months.It is important for you to know that you have to take the "Safety " in consideration.  Always remember safety is First. Always remember  " You have no excuse for not going to the gym when you are capable of doing so".Stay safe!Stay warm!Stay shaped!  [...]

the difference between man and woman brain


the difference between man and woman brainMale and female brains There was a common belief that male and female brains are different. However, today most people believe that although men and women are physically different their  brains are the same. But what about the science view on this?A recent research suggested that maybe people were correct a long time ago. Male and female brains they do work in different ways which will result in having different abilities and different behaviors. We can't deny the fact that culture plays an important role in influencing male and females behavior. However, Biology plays a more important role.Differences are clear when we look at the abilities that someone could develop. For example, Girls seem to develop verbal abilities more and quickly than boys. So, girl seems to have more vocabulary than boys. Scientists believe that the brain is the responsible for these differences in human abilities. The brain is divided into hemispheres.  As young children grow  differences continue. More and more studies and researches are conducted in order to highlight the differences in abilities and behaviors between males and females. One example of an experiment which shows one kind of differences between both genders is that children from both genders were given pictures of people and some objects and they were asked to remember what they saw in these pictures. The result was that girls remembered more people than objects however boys were able to  remember more objects than people . This experiment justifies the fact that male children are more interested in toys like cars, tanks, and  trucks. However, girls are more interested in toys that resemble people in the actual life like dolls.  These examples show how different the brains of the two genders work and highlight some of the differences between both genders which could not be covered in one page.[...]

Get your skin smooth and fresh using "Honey "- Beauty


Get your skin smooth and fresh using "Honey "- Beauty Before using any cream or product we have always to ask the question “will these creams provide me the long lasting smooth skin? If the answer is yes then use it.However, if the answer is no. Then you should avoid. Nothing is worse than losing your money spending them on things that would not help. Then, “What should I do in order to get smooth skin”?. The answer is that you have to look for natural ways instead of using these treatments which may help or may not. So, what are these natural ways? And what is the best one in this blog I will be listing some of the most natural important ways to get your skin smooth?  One of the most important ways to lose weight is using Honey. How honey could help in making your skin look fresh and owning?”   Here is the secret,Honey could help in protecting your skin protected from infection for the fact that it consists of some medicinal properties such as antibacterial and antiviral properties. It also provides you with nourishment to the skin so that your skin will stay hydrated. Using honey as a mask will help your skin get the dirt out from the skin pores and make the pores open.  It also helps to heal the damaged parts of the skin by providing protection and isolating the skin from the air for a considerable amount of time. The regular use of honey as a mask would also help in making your skin look fresh and gowning because Honey also serves as Anti-aging.[...]

Drinking water may help me lose weight ?


Drinking water may help me lose weight? There was a common belief that drinking water would help losing weight. many studies were conducted on this subject. in this article, I will be explaining and illustrating the water role in losing weight. The relationship between drinking water and burning CaloriesFrom a scientific point of view, drinking water would help losing more calories. Many studies have been conducted in order to highlight the benefits of drinking water. Many of them shown that drinking water can help losing weight for the fact that drinking water may increase a number of calories that your body burn. So many people have been increasing their water intake.But, "How drinking water would help me losing weight and achieve positive results? "One study suggested that people who don’t do sports exercise and drink  more than 1 liter a day are likely to lose extra 3 kg over a 10moth period. However, with doing more sports exercises a number of kgs you lose would definitely change. So the rule is: Drinking water + Some sports exercises = more calories are burned  Is drinking water before the meals would help more?A lot of people are wondering what is the point in drinking water before meals. Here is the secret; Dinking water before meals claimed to be reducing people's appetite which will result in eating less.Following a system of drinking 2 cups of water before each meal especially the lunch would help reducing the number of calories intake by 14% which will result in less weight gain.So, the whole idea of losing weight by drinking water is a matter of having a lower risk of gaining weight. So, you have to understand that the process is not direct.No one loses 10 kgs ore more a month by just drinking a bottle of water. Drinking will help you lose weight by reducing your appetite and with doing some sport you will achieve positive results.   [...]

7 Food to how to gain weight fast


7 Food to how to gain weight fastThe Enter through our mouths and stomach contented with the most important element of the increase or decrease the weight. In this subject to touch upon the most important health food to help gain weight fast and effectively.1.vegetables and fruitscannot limit the benefits of vegetables and fruits even wrote a book about that, because of the vegetables of the most important elements of the increase or decrease the weight. In this subject to touch upon the most important health food to help gain weight fast and oilsif you add health oils to Your Diet, will be able to gain weight and building muscles faster. Health oils are the most common: olive oil and canola oil (canola oil). canola oil has a lot of benefits,  These oils most health due to curb unilateral fats and multi-others imbued with the increase in the fatty acids Omega 3. On the rehabilitation and construction of the cells, especially after the workout increase, alkaline recommended (alkaline) located in vegetables and fruits will help balance the DNA being in the blood, especially when dealing with a lot of proteins. The Better Eating fruit natural as it is and avoid juices.3.nutsmonths nuts protein-rich, fiber, fatty acids multi-saturated of others is cashews, peanuts, almonds, nuts. Regardless of the health components, these nuts also have a good amount of calories. Therefore, all the wanted to increase weight earned a sufficient amount of healthy fats through the addition of these nuts to their diet.4.Red meatis red meat and one of the most important sources of protein. In parallel, do not contain meat on proteins only, it is also rich in vitamins and minerals of the body. Therefore, a person must skinny to include red meat in his diet to gain weight rapidly, and increase the bloc musculoskeletal disorders.5.eggswhen it comes to building muscles, protein is very important and eggs from the most important sources of protein in food. White has also on many of the elements of the important food such as vitamin A, D and E. Because of these great advantages, the white of the best international cuisine and when it comes to the acquisition of weight.6.linseedslinen seeds are rich in protein and fatty acids Omega 3. This is the food is also one of the most important sources of the fiber basic foodstuffs to maintain the health of the digestive system. Therefore, if you want to increase of weight and building muscles, make sure the linen supplements although I would not recommend addressing any complementary because of the possibility of increasing weight in a normal manner, but you can get results faster if dealt with food supplements. On the other hand, consult your physician before purchasing and eating any complementary.This is the list of the most famous and the most important food to help gain weight and gain muscles, but it is also important that the exercise gym complements your software properly and effectively. If you have any question, typed below the subject. I will answer him whenever I had the opportunity, and I hope to gain weight fast you want as soon as possible.[...]

advice on how to lose weight teenage girl


advice on how to lose weight teenage girl   In teenage girl which, attention must be wrong habits in diet and nutrition is a period of growth needed food ...Food habits whom harmful to the health of teenage girl: :exercise some adolescents in often some habits bad food products whichare reflected in its negative impact on the daily performance, especially they Omar requires that addressmany vitamins and health food, and some resort to the diet is wrongif they suffer from obesity and others overeat meals fastunrestrainedfollow the advice to lose weight teenage girl that make your life full of vigor and vitality:*adopted exercise to do a workout in the daily life by study and does not jump between meals a breakfast, lunch and can take a quick snack after the times.*has attempted to address the food on the table rather than on the toes and taste the flavor food and enjoy the time eating as much as possible.*Avoid read or watch TV while eating.*unremitting on sports and try to send good steps for half an hour dailyor participate in the swimming pool and institutionalizes beautiful form on the muscles.*enjoy dairy products extenuating circumstances such as milk, yogurt, cheese and a natural house of skim milk or 20% of all the share of these products.*Always eating chicken and wheel fat and rabbitsas well as fish and eggs.*Addressing the fresh vegetables and freshly prepared international frozen and canned or the authority provided some oil droplets.*Always check with the presence of one of these elements with every meal: bread and potatoes returning home, pastries and natural, rice, cereals,.*water is very necessary with useful herbs tea and light.*should not exceed consumption soft fruit three pieces on fats andapproximately 80 grams a day with 2 tablespoons or three of vegetable oil.*must be the preference of snack rich in protein and iron and calcium vitamins such as vegetables and fruits on the fatty meals fast.*Care to eat processed meals at home in the breakfast and dinner with food rations and the main body.*drew attention to the drinks ghazi yet risk spaces and do a workout.If you want to diet this diet of ( doctor feed):a diet plan for a teenage girl:breakfast hour:a cup of milk tub without sugar or 1/2 tsp minibus onlybreakfast: acup of Alcorn Felix, milk fat-free2 their eggs boiled or 4 teaspoons fall 1/4 loaf of bread Asmara glass of orange juicea piece of peanut butter in the size of the Venetian restaurants1 tablespoon honey, solve or the aquariumfood:big dish soup without heartySTEAK 100 grams or ¼ chickens 250 grams or 200 grilled fish or boiled eggsbig dish green salad, lemon or vinegarapplied average Khedr, 1 tablespoon olive oil4 teaspoons rice or pasta or ½ loaf of breadbetween food and Dinner:2 The fruit of fruitmilk cup of fruit.Dinner:salad) applied average  favored)50 gsm boiled potatoes or, ½ 1 tablespoon butter or transfer case the tray of pregnancy without oilfruit fruit of permitted¼ loaf of bread Diet Pilladvice on how to lose weight teenage girlhow to lose weight teenage girlAdolescents need be above estimated at 2000 calories for girls and 2200boys.[...]

How to Lose Weight in a Faster & Safer way (6 steps )


Lose weight in a  Faster & Safer   and the preservation of the fitness center of most of the things that occupy the youth of this generation every young dreamed that enjoys an integrated body in terms of elegance and strong infrastructure, but in order to reach those dreams should be available to some of the steps that will help us to reach the body Rashiq. What are the steps to lose weight and how it will help us to lose weight?!!!!!!!! This is what we will learn in this article, let us follow up together the best ways that will help you lose weight and enjoy physical fitness and high.How to Lose Weight in a  Faster & Safer  way (6 steps )we will talk on this blog about 6 steps make you Lose weight in a  Faster & Safer for all men, women, and child.6 steps to Lose weight in a  Faster & Safer 1. Make sure that you eat healthy and fresh food. It is important to make sure that what you eat is not processed or packaged. Always make sure that all meals you choose are fresh: and which means that you should include vegetables and fruits, low-fat dairy and protein in it. 2. Don’t eat much salty food.         You have to be aware of the fact that salt is an enemy of losing weight. Salt will make your body retain water. Although it will not stop the  losing weight process, but it would make it very hard for you to lose weight .  3. Start your day with a cup of coffee.Although it is not recommended to drink those drinks which contain much  " Caffeine"  it's is good to start your day with a cup of coffee for those who want to lose more weight. Caffeine is a  substance which is found in coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate, kola nuts, and certain medicines.What should I do if don’t  love drinking coffee in morning? Then,"Tea"  is the best solution.  The idea about caffeine and losing weight is that caffeine helps in reducing your desire to eat for a short period of time. However, this short period would help you a lot.4. Be away from sugar.Unfortunately, people don’t know much about sugar. Sugar is a deadly substance that we let it enter our blood without knowing its dangerous effects on our body. We used to drink all hot drinks with sugar which is not good at all. Sugar causes a lot of diseases most of them are deadly. Sugar also helps in gaining weight for the fact that Sugar is carbohydrate which will turn into fat in the body at the end.[...]

Some exercises to make your breast ( Boobies) larger


We have to admit that almost every girl dreams about getting her breast larger in order to look like Kim Kardashian and other superstars. But the question is "What to do in order to do that "? Now, we will answer you to how to get bigger breast in a week . Some exercises to make your breast ( Boobies) larger:In this blog, I am going to be presenting some exercises that will help you to make your Breast Larger. Training the Chest Muscles is the best way to get your barest larger. Here are the exercises:     Exercises to  train Chest Muscles: bigger breast exercisesThe first Exercise is  " Doing push-ups ":Doing push-ups is one of the most effective ways to get your  " Chest Muscles " stronger. By doing this exercises you are in fact strengthen the pectoral muscles which are below bosoms .  You can either do it on the floor or against the wall.  The result will be the same which is strengthen your arms as well as your chest muscles.The second exercises are lifting dumbbells. Here is what you are going to do: If you are doing this for the first time in your life. Then you have to consult your gym instructor in order for him to recommend you the suitable way for you. However, if you are not new to this process then you can practice at home by yourself while listening to music.This process  as the previous one will help you strengthening  your pectoral muscles .Diet Adjustment    If you are eating less than usual then you shall eat more because this a whole process which require you to get the essential protein in order  for which will turn eventually into muscles . So,y ou needs to gain some weight in order to get huge bust naturally and without surges or other issues . It is worth pointing out  that you should concentrate on foods like carbs and  cakes.[...]

How to do more sport using ice bags?


The idea of doing more exercises without getting exhausted is just amazing. Most of the people stop doing their exercises when they get tired and that's the human nature. But what should we do in order to overcome this little problem?. Obviously, the answer is that you have to reduce the heat of your body in order to keep going. However, the question is " How is that? "One important technique that a lot of people use is the Ice bag technique. How it works?Actually, the Idea of using an Ice bag for while training was just for healing injuries. However, more people today are using ice bag in order to reduce the heat of the body while training.How to do that?One little thing anybody could do is to keep a small ice bag by the bike while running. This will save much time and make the whole process easy as we want it to be.On which parts of the body should I put this ice bag?Every time you get too hot just put it on some points like your hand, your wrist, the back of your neck and your ankles. These are the points on which the body get the most overheated.Another thing you should pay attention to is the heat of the room. The heat of the training room is an important factor which will affect your training positively or negatively.  It is important to adjust your room's heat to some extent where you feel it is comfortable so that you can keep going on.There are a lot of ways to adjust your room's heat like using radiators which you can look them up on search engines.  [...]

How to lose weight in a week


In most times, the bad routine and the unhealthy food habits are usually the major causes that would make you gain weight. In this page, I am going to present you some steps that would help you lose weight and achieve positive results.One important point that you need to know is that you can't lose weight by a just string on the couch eating and watching T.V.It is important to know that loosing weight is not a process that supposed to be easy because if it were, in fact, easy then everybody would do it.I know that the question that comes to your mind right now is "What should I do in order to lose weight? "Here are the tips to lose weight:First, you have to control your appetite towards certain kinds of food especially those which contain much sugar. You have to know that sugar is a deadly poisonous material that should be cut off. It is not just about losing weight it is also about being healthy. So, being away from sugar is one way to stay healthy and to achieve positive results in order for you to lose weight.Second, you have always to include vegetables in your meals especially, Low-Carb Vegetables like lettuce. However, you need to be away from fruits which always tends to have a higher carbohydrate content than most vegetables. Third, you have to know that doing exercises is a must. As I mentioned before, you will not lose weight sitting on the couch eating and  watching T.V. You have to do certain sports exercises such as:  Lifting  Weights at least 4 times a week, running when having free time, and doing six pack exercises.Finally, you have to be sure that it is not going to be easy.So , you have to take the responsibility to act in order to get in front of the mirror and stop complaining about your shape.  How to lose weight in a weekhow to lose 10 kilos in a weekhow to lose 5 kilos in a weektips to lose weighthow to lose weight fast at homehow to lose weight in a week at homelose weight programhow to lose 5 kilos in 3 daysfast weight loss diet plan lose 5kg in 5 days[...]

Healthy Aging and your Workplace


Healthy Aging and your WorkplaceMore about your workplace and how it affects your health:Some places that you work at can be dangerous to your health. They can cause you a lot of medical and mentally problems. We know you have to work, nowadays if you do not work your not going to get anywhere. We are not telling you to run off and quit your job but we want you to do your work safely. So talk a long look into your work environment to see if you are safe or not. Does your environment affect your health?What are some of the jobs that are bad for one to do?Some of the jobs that are bad for your health are sawmills and other mills the reason for this is because of the small gains that you breathe in your lungs. In sawmills, a person will breathe in the sawdust, which affects your respiratory system. Other types of mills a person will breathe in all the small grains like corn, or wheat, and whatever else they grain up. Breathing all this stuff can cause you to develop lung disease and/or lung cancer. Factories often cause bronchitis, allergies and so on.People in the southern parts work in the coal mines. These people have it bad too for the same reason. When the person visits the doctor environment factors are considered, which doctors often find damage due to the chemicals in the atmosphere or environment?Coal mines are filled with black Sid. Black Sid will cause diseases known as the black lung cancer. Once the disease is in your system, unless your doctor caught it at the first stage, usually a person is out of luck.Jobs may include the ones where a person has to spray to kill the weeds and the bugs. The spray is used to terminate lime also. The crops require such sprays to grow healthy, yet a person breathing in these hard chemicals are at risk. The chemicals do not only kill what they are spraying, but it ends up killing the person slowly. These chemicals could cause lung cancer or lung disease. Alternatively, if you are one of the lucky ones that don’t get lung disease or cancer you just might various types of breathing problems.What can I do to be safe while am at work?When at work and you want to stay safe. You have options when it comes to the workplace. You can play it smart and ask your supervisor if a mask is available. A caring supervisor will have one ready for you. If your supervisor does not offer you a mask, then you take it in your hands, go to your local drug store, and buy one for your own safety. In addition, make sure you wear the mask, it will help you in the end since you will be better off than if you do not wear it.What kind of mental problems can a job cause?All jobs come with stress we have no control over. However, you can learn to control the stress that is put on you if you let stress control you that is bad for you. Stress will take control if you let it. We all have deadlines to meet as well as making sure we are doing our job the right way. Stress if out of control, however, can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, or even a stroke. Just remember you have all the control to handle the stress or to let it handle you. If you learn to handle stress and wear the mask you will live a healthier life so play it safe.[...]

7 magic solutions for losing weight after pregnancy


7 magic solutions  for losing weight after pregnancyAfter pregnancy  mother gain some extra weight that may affect the mother of frustration, especially with the prevailing belief that the post-natal period may not be which follow a diet because of the danger to the mother's milk and  breastfeeding, but we will present 7 magic solutions that can help you for losing weight after pregnancy and at the same time does not affect the breastfeeding.Now, losing weight after pregnancy while breastfeeding is easy and don't worry about our site your health today don't have difficulty losing weight after pregnancy because we offer only healthy diet plan.Hikingyou need to walk from 20: 30 minutes a day, it is not intended to walk here running but comfortably walk, you can also use the comfortable exercise which effectively assists after birth.The effort:moving a vehicle children daily, with some specific situations you can take advantage of the lose weight, only be your body straight back away from the Arab Child around 6: 10 inches.At the outset, maintain that the pace of the few hiking and my start in increase speed gradually, you can each time an increase in the rates of hiking the time which preceded it, with the repetition of this lab 3 times a week.Eating:You are in need of proper nutrition, not you only but also your child, American study proved that children are affected by eating covered by their mothers during this period and are keen to eat later so ensure the selection of healthy eating and was useful and causes obesity at the same time, one of the researchers in the field of sugar diseases that eat candy in large quantities doesn't make you feel Fool Your Body Into Feeling Full but on the contrary makes you would like to eat the largest so it is better to rely on meal by all the elements of protein and fat health.The ideas of light meals and delicious:You can eat a piece of Turkey with bread Asmar, onion and tomatoes with orange and Kobe Bin low calories.The Hamburger barbecue lunch with a piece of bread, apostasy Low-cal with lettuce and parmesan cheese.An Integrated Power Food elements such as the authority of the delicious beans with delicious peaches in syrup.Adas and the authority of the vegetables with pieces of the issuance of the grilled chicken.Chauvin and cut with the addition of bin low-fat diet.The Islands of a segment with chickpea.Pending almonds and currants with a half cup of cold milk low-fat diet.Asmar toast with cheese and low-fat diet.Toast light with boiled egg.Biscuits low-fat diet with a cup of milk.A glass of yogurt with fruitDo not operate your mind:new mothers suffer tension, which makes them do not feel comfortable, disproportionally affects the hormones increases the secretion of cortisone in the blood which you want to deal with the huge quantities of food and lose weight so try to rest your mind and stay away from the things that may cause tensionSleep must once your child sleepof course, you have many snacks of a home where the laundry and ironing board care Belsaghir, ask your mother or your husband assistance and try to sleep, sleeping under an ITN helps you to get rid of tension and help to burn calories.Go hikingif the weather allows it you can pick up your child to one of the gardens and parks, which reduces the proportion of your tension.Allocated 6 minutes for rest:You can sit in dim light with enjoying a cup of tea cozy and decapitated concerts which reduces the proportion of your tension.[...]

how to help your child lose weight


how to help your child lose weighthow to help your child lose weight ,  kids are the best thing in our life, now i am going to give you the answer for "  how to lose wight fast for kids " ,  The latest childhood obesity statistics say 17% of children and adolescents aged two to 19 years old are obese. We're talking about 12 million kids! It's no wonder why so many parents are looking for how to lose weight fast for kids. Did you know obesity has tripled among kids since the early 1980? Did you also know that one out of seven low-income, preschool-aged children are obese? I found all these stats on the and they even show you maps of all the places in America where child obesity is prevalent  .• Step 1- Change Your MindsetPlease do everything you can to avoid so called diets. Most of them are pointless and only cause you to revert back to where you were before you started. You see, when you start a diet, it's as if you feel there's an end to it in a few months . You've accomplished a few things but then you revert back to your old ways. This won't work with children especially. Step one is a mindset change for the whole family. If you really want your child to drop some pounds then it's got to be a whole family effort.Step 2 - Change Eating Habits •"We have an unprecedented amount of type II diabetes in our children, and we are starting to see hypertension in our children in grammar school." - Richard Carmona, former Surgeon General of the United States. • Did you know that obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure are all mainly diet-related health issues that cost the United States around 120 billion dollars per year? • A really, really fast way for your child to lose weight is by changing the family diet. • I do want to tell you that plant-based foods eaten on a regular basis along with a drastic reduction in processed foods like cookies, chips, crackers, pies, cakes, etc. will allow an overweight child to shed pounds in merely weeks. • By plant-based I just mean lots of veggies, fruits, whole grains, tubers, and legumes. No bleached flour, refined sugar, and bad oils.• Step 3 - Fun Fitness Activities For Kids • The final step is by incorporating more exercise for kids. It's much more difficult in today's world because many homes have both parents working so after school kids tend to sit the whole time watching TV, playing video games or surfing on the Internet. We all know the CDC recommends 60 minutes of kids exercise per day. I don't want you or your kids to think of it like that. Let's just say our kids need to have fun and stay active for at least 60 minutes per day. • You can get a head start by downloading my free report called, " a I'm so excited to share this information with you because I believe with all my heart these tips will absolutely help your child. We just need to change our mindset instead of thinking "diet." We need to eat healthier foods together as a family especially at dinner time. We also need to remain active but have fun doing it. This is how to lose weight fast for kids. What is your story? I want to hear it. Leave a comment and tell me about your experiences. [...]

some advises before diet


  health is the backbone of the life  Every woman in the world dream about the most beautiful     and healthy body, so this is some advises   before diet that will help you being in perfect shape            drink about 8 cups of water every day  drink a lot of non-sweetened fluids between the main meals, we advise you to drink green tea or cinnamon and ginger practice some sports at the home for 30 minutes to raise the fat burning rate   its better to chewing the food slowly and perfectly  never eat any kind of sweet  avoid the fast and fried food        hope you all have a healthy life                   [...]

how to lose arm fat fast at home in a week


how to lose arm fat fast at home in a weekwe are going to teach you how to lose arm fat or how to lose arm flab and give you an awesome routine to put into your workout. So stay tuned. So you are wondering how to lose arm fat that is awesome! It's a combination of 3 things. Proper nutrition, full body exercises and strengthening your arms. You need to be eating quality foods and consuming fewer calories than you burn in a day. You need to lose total body fat. Your body does not just pick and choose where you lose fat. In order to burn enough calories and speed up your metabolism to help you lose that fat you need to be doing total body exercises. SO your workouts should have total body exercises as well as ones that isolate your arms. That's what we are going to be doing today, so come and join by reading how to lose arm fat in a week.the best way to lose arm fat quickly, The key here is to keep the weight on your heels. Amanda is going about half way down in her squats. Keep your chest tall. Extend those arms all the way up. We are going right into jumping jacks. She won't be jumping so follow her if you have trouble with jumping. These are great to elevate your heart rate as well as using my arms.Remember this is how to lose arm fat fast at home. Full body exercises and using those arms. Focus on your breath. We are going to go into our next one, narrow pushups. It's like a normal pushup but your hands stay in close to your ribs. She will be on her knees. Challenging that core as wellas isolating those arms. We are going to go into another form of jumping jacks, split jacks. Feet are going back and forth, my arms are reaching up towards the ceiling. You can go down further if you want a little extra leg work. Time to start of circuit 2 are you ready? We are going to go right into squat & punch. Take a wide squat, feet out nice and wide, toes out.the fastest way to lose arm fat  Come into a low squat, let's go! Rotating from the core here, extending those arms. IF you start getting tired you can come up a little bit.I feel the burn, do you? We are going to head right into our mountain climbers. It's one of my favorite to get that heart rate up, work your core and build strength in your arms. Amanda is tapping her feet and I am bringing mine to my chest. Make sure to keep your arms under your chest and not put too much strain on your shoulders. The next exercise is a dumbbell overhead extension. Grab a little bit of a heavier weight. Use both hands on the one dumbbell. Feet under your shoulders and hands behind your head.Press your hands up to the ceiling. Make sure to squeeze your glutes and hold your abdominals.We are going into plank jacks our feet are going to hop out and in and Amanda will be walking her feet out and in. Awesome job, we just finished our workout. Just remember you can do each 3-5 times to get an amazing 12-20 minute workout. IF you are looking for more workouts, you can get my FREE 28-day workout program down below in this link as well as right above on the "I" It will give you 4 full body workouts as well as incorporating your arms to help you lose fat in your arms.[...]

1000 calorie diet plan for fast weight loss free


1000 calorie diet plan for fast weight loss free
1000 calorie diet plan for fast weight loss free, most of the people stop eating foods for weight loss, but it's not a right for weight loss. It's actually unhealthy way. In this page, we well share a 1000 calories diet plan for weight loss which will help you in weight loss as well as keep you healthy will all essential nutrients we take about vegetarian diet plan for weight loss.

so let's start,
 First meal is early morning snacks, Take 2 High fiber digestive biscuits with 1 cup Lemon Green Tea, You will get 55 calories from this diet.

The 2nd meal will be Breakfast, You can have 1 bowl of Poha or up and sprinkle flax seeds on it Also have 1 cup skimmed or double toned milk with it. this meal will provide you 330 calories.

 The 3rd Meal will be Mid-Morning Snacks, You can consume 1 apple or orange OR any other season fruit but try to avoid sugary fruits like mangoes, banana, grapes etc. this meal will provide you 50 calories with lots of fibers, vitamins & minerals.

 The 4th meal is Lunch, Here you will consume 1 medium bowl of Brown Rice OR 2   Bread, with these consume 1 medium bowl cooked lentils or dal, 1 cup low fat yogurt and 1 cup vegetable salad where you can add cucumber, carrot, onion, tomatoes etc. With this diet will get 330 calories.

 The 5th meal is evening snacks. Take 1 apple or orange with 1 cup Lemon green team and 2-3 high fiber digestive biscuits this meal will give you 110 calories. Last meal of the day will be Dinner. consume 1 large bowl of broccoli or cauliflower salad You can add some more vegetables in it like spinach, carrot, tomatoes etc. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of flaxseeds too on it. and also drink 1 glass low-fat buttermilk with it. this meal is approx 150 calories.

With this diet plan you will get 1000 - 1100 calories in a day which is which is ideal for weight loss and which include required protein, it, minerals etc. and that's why it's a healthy diet plan too. So, friends start following this diet plan & add at least 30 mins workout session in your daily routine for the customized diet plan you can this topic.