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When is the Best Time to Paint the Exterior of Your Home?

Fri, 15 Sep 2017 14:44:51 +0000

You’ve decided to paint your home! Congratulations! Now for the hard part: when are you going to start your project? Painting the exterior of your home can be trickier than the interior, the main reason being that the great outdoors is unpredictable. Weather is the determining force in the world of exterior painting, and unfortunately it doesn’t always cooperate. But there’s good news: from years of experience, Foothills Painting knows the best times to paint your home! Let’s start with what you need to know about the ideal conditions for painting your house. Ideal Conditions Paint drying is related to temperature and moisture. So while it’s obvious that you don’t want to paint your house while it’s raining outside, you also don’t want to paint when the temperature outside is extremely cold or hot. Extreme temperatures can cause paint to dry unevenly, lead to clumps, or expose brush strokes in the paint while it’s drying. Generally, the months in the middle of winter or summer aren’t great for painting your home. Humidity is an important moisture factor to consider and often gets forgotten because it isn’t a direct form of moisture like rain or snow. Your house may look completely dry from the curb, but porous materials like wood and mortar might be damp because of humidity. Whenever you paint, you’ll want a warm and dry day and to ensure that all of the surfaces you’re going to paint are dry as well. Know Your Window Having ruled out the extreme months of summer and winter, we’re starting to get a window of time to work with. It is important to remember that depending on where you live, this window might be different. While exterior painting in Texas might be possible until December, it might only be viable until October in Michigan! It’s important to know your window where temperatures won’t be extreme, but will also be fairly static. This means that temperatures wont fluctuate too much from daytime to nighttime, as this confuses paint as it’s trying to cure. Generally, good windows for painting  are early summer months and early fall months because of minimal rain and temperature fluctuations. Planning and Prep Plan, plan, plan! With all the factors that go into your painting project, you need to make sure that you have everything straight before you start. So what are some things to think about and prepare for? Most importantly, you need to plan for the weather. However, this involves more than just picking a few clear days for your painting window. You’ll need to ensure that the days leading up to and after painting are dry so that your house can dry out, and so that your paint doesn’t get rained on while it’s drying. You’ll also want to check the weather for the nights in your painting window. Sometimes people forget that paint is still dying at night! The weather isn’t the only thing to plan for. Different types of primer, paint, and finish can affect when you should paint your house – and there are A LOT of paint options out there. Need help prepping for your exterior painting project? From deciding what type of paint is best for your home, to settling on the right time to begin painting, our professional painters want to help! Call us today! Whether you just need help starting, or you’d like us to handle your whole project, Foothills specializes in excellent customer service, prompt and clear communication, and extreme attention to detail. We won’t leave until you’re 100% satisfied with our work! The post When is the Best Time to Paint the Exterior of Your Home? appeared first on Foothills Painting. [...]

Fort Collins, CO’s Favorite Summer Home Interior Painting Projects

Thu, 07 Sep 2017 15:53:13 +0000

Fort Collins, CO's Favorite Summer Home Interior Painting Projects Whether you’re hitting the food trucks in City Park or tubing the Poudre, Foothills Painting hopes you’re enjoying the beautiful Fort Collins summer. Haven’t found enough summer activities to keep you busy? Fear not, because we are excited to share some of our favorite summer interior painting projects with you! Below are some fun summer projects (big and small) that are guaranteed to spruce up your home… if not just your schedule! Windows Open Painting Need some change in your home? This relatively easy and affordable project is a fun way to give your home some spontaneous change. While it’s a big undertaking to change the paint job on the exterior of your home, you can change the color of a room on a whim. Not sure what color your room needs? Just open the window and look outside! Inspired by the trees? Then maybe a gentle green. Are you a sunshine lover? Perhaps a warm yellow. Whether you opt for the bold pink of the blooming wildflowers or a subtle sky-blue, leave the windows open while you paint and enjoy the smells and sounds of summer. This project is fun for the spontaneous who want to give a natural summer look to their home! Refurbish a Yard Sale Find Hop in the car with some friends, roll down the windows, and go on a treasure hunt. If you’ve exhausted all of your summer adventures, this super easy project is for you. Go find a yard sale, enjoy being outside, and find that antique that would look great in your home. Not only will you have fun cruising the city in search of a yard sale, but you’ll have a blast bringing an unwanted item back to life with a new paint job. This one is not only a smaller commitment compared to changing the color of a room, but extremely affordable – depending on how well you can bargain at the yard sale! Paint Your Own Flower Decor  Summer foliage is all around you! Get outside and pick some beautiful Colorado wildflowers that will be the perfect decor in that one room that needs a little extra something. Add extra flare to your flowers by hand painting whatever you keep your flowers in. This is a fun way to give your room some spunk, as well as some great smells! Make a Bold Start to the School Year Want to start the school year on a fun and energetic note? Add some color to the small details of your home. Bold trim will shake you out of the summer ‘slowdown.’ A fun twist to a bookcase will encourage you to finish all your new reading! The possibilities are endless, and you’ll be surprised at how a little bit of color in the small details of your home will excite you back into school mode! Want to begin your own summer project but don’t quite know how to start? Call Foothills at  (970) 286-0060. We love serving the Fort Collins area, and would be more than willing to help you start your project today! The post Fort Collins, CO’s Favorite Summer Home Interior Painting Projects appeared first on Foothills Painting. [...]

Project Post – Excellent Home Exterior Paint Job

Wed, 06 Sep 2017 21:58:04 +0000

Project Post – Excellent Home Exterior Job Foothills Painting is dedicated to serving our customers with excellent customer service and professional painting. We also love keeping our customers updated on the projects we’ve been working on. One of our latest jobs was an exterior painting job for a local home. Our foreman, Adam, completed this job in about five days after a color consultation (included in all Foothills jobs) and prepping the entire home. As you can see, he did an outstanding job! Home Prep These ‘before’ images highlight Adam’s careful preparation before he started work. We love painting your home – but not the areas that you don’t want painted. Every Foothills Painting job begins with careful preparation including covering windows, floors, and furniture to ensure that we protect your home. Quality Work That Adds Curb Appeal This new residential paint job is quality, precision work. It gives a new, fresh, modern feel – not only to the home itself, but to the whole property. The new color complements and accentuates the lawn and landscaping, giving the sense that the whole property was improved. This home has increased its curb appeal, and it will definitely see a jump in resale value as a result! Are You Next? Are you thinking about painting your home or business? You can expect the same results for yourself that you see here. Foothills Painting Company has been proudly serving the Northern Colorado area for over twenty years and would love to serve you next. Our professional painters work on the interiors and exteriors of commercial and residential buildings, so give us a call if you’d like to get your project started! The post Project Post – Excellent Home Exterior Paint Job appeared first on Foothills Painting. [...]

What Does Your Interior Paint Say to Your Guests?

Wed, 06 Sep 2017 21:48:41 +0000

What Does Your Interior Paint Say to Your Guests? Thinking about painting a room? Our homes say a lot about us, and the colors we choose are one of the biggest factors in how our homes feel. Yes, your own personal color preference is most important in your own home, but have you ever considered what the color of your interior paint says to your guests? Color is a Tool It’s amazing to think that color can affect the mood in a room, but it’s true! Color is a useful design tool that can drastically alter your home. Not only can color set the mood, but it can also make large rooms feel intimate or small rooms feel spacious. So, are you having guests over soon? The color of your home’s interior paint will actually be communicating to your guests. But what is it saying? Color Psychology The majority of colors can be categorized as either warm or cool colors. Warm colors like reds, yellows, and oranges tend to express comfort, hospitality, and kindness, while cool colors like blues, purples, and greens express calmness, relaxation, and peace. This is a bit general, so what does each color actually say to your guests? Here’s what some of the most common interior paint colors are suggesting to the people in the room: Red – Reds will give your room a sense of bold energy and excitement. Yellow – Yellows are usually associated with happiness and cheer. Blue – Blues will give off feelings of calmness and serenity. Green – Greens suggest tranquility and harmony. White – White will make the room feel clean and spacious. Gray – Gray will have a neutral feel. Brown – Browns imply stability and reliability. Determine The Functions of Your Rooms Now that you know a bit about color psychology, you can pick colors for rooms based on the functions you want those rooms to serve. Want your living room to feel warm, cozy, and welcoming to your guests? Try a deep red or brown. Want your kitchen looking spick and span? Maybe go with white. Fall asleep peacefully by giving the bedroom a soft blue. There are no wrong choices! It’s all up to you to determine the functions you want each room to serve, and what mood you want them to portray to your guests, but more importantly to you! We’re Here to Help Whether you’re thinking about changing the color of a room or painting a room for the first time, Foothills Painting is here to help. We’ve proudly been serving a number of areas in Northern Colorado and Fort Collins since 2010, and would be honored to serve you as well. We invite you to take a look at all of our painting services and give us a call with any questions you might have. Our professional painters will be ready to help you with your next project with clear communication, frequent updates, and excellent results. We won’t leave until you are 100% satisfied with our work—guaranteed. The post What Does Your Interior Paint Say to Your Guests? appeared first on Foothills Painting. [...]

4 Painting Services You Didn’t Know You Needed

Wed, 06 Sep 2017 21:41:59 +0000

4 Home Painting Services You Didn’t Know You Needed Whether you’ve already painted your home or you’re about to start, consider this: there is more to painting than you think. Often, the home’s interior and exterior walls are the only things people take into account when residential painting. Here are 4 additional painting services that you didn’t know you needed… but you really do. Power Washing           Power washing isn’t usually associated with painting a house, but it’s the first and crucial step to priming your house or deck for paint. It ensures you will get the most out of your paint job by removing dirt, mildew, mold, and other contaminants before you even start painting. On the other hand, power washing can bring your home back to life by restoring your existing paint job. This restoration of your home will not only make it more beautiful, but will immediately increase its curb appeal, and therefore resale value. Exterior Painting for Protection Exterior painting is purely aesthetic, right? Wrong – the exterior paint job plays a huge part in how well your home is protected. The exterior of your home takes on wear and tear year-round, and a quality paint job acts as a barrier between your home and the elements. From hot summers, to rainy springs, to freezing winters, you need to ensure that your home is protected from moisture, mildew, dry rot, and other effects of the weather. Your exterior paint job will also help seal your home from insects seeking to escape the outdoors. Whether you just bought a home, or you painted your home years ago, you need to ensure that it’s protected with a quality exterior paint job. Cabinets You’ve painted the walls of your kitchen, but something is still missing. Your cabinets are the face of your kitchen – they make it unique, and they are the main piece that will stand out to your guests. Cabinets with a fresh paint job or stain that complements the room’s existing paint job will bring your kitchen to life. Painting your kitchen cabinets allows you to play with different color combinations that will give your kitchen personality and intrigue. It is important to have a paint job that gives one of the most utilized rooms of your home its own character. Your kitchen’s aesthetic is also a large factor in your home’s resale value, so you need to ensure that your cabinets’ paint job is helping, not hurting your kitchen. This can be a fun DIY project as well! Small Details Attention to detail matters. It’s easy to get so caught up in painting the walls of your home that you forget to address the smaller details like your crown molding, window sills, baseboards, and closets. These areas seem minor, but if done right, they will complement and drastically enhance the larger details of your home’s interior paint job in a way that not only sets the mood of your home, but gives it increased value. These little details matter. Think about hiring a professional painter to make sure they are done well.   Think your home might need some paint work, but not exactly sure what it needs? We’d love to help you out – just give us a call!            The post 4 Painting Services You Didn’t Know You Needed appeared first on Foothills Painting. [...]