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Why do some people change IMEI numbers? [Reasons and Facts]


The reason behind changing IMEI number of cellphones Why change the IMEI number: Many times you have come to see that people talk to me or talk about IMEI number change. Have you thought why people change their mobile's IMEI number and whether changing the IMEI number is legal? First of all, it is important to mention that IMEI number change is illegal in many countries as well as in India so (image)

Building Materials Exams Important Topics


Exams Important Topics for Building Materials The sedimentary rocks are formed due to : gradual deposition of materials like sand, clay, etc., generally by setting water The rocks formed due to solidification of molten mass laying below or above the earth surface are called: Igneous Rocks The rocks formed due to alteration of original structure under heat and excessive pressure are called(image)

Strength of Materials Questions For Competitive Exams


Strength of Materials Strength of Materials Questions For Competitive Exams U.P.S.C., S.S.C., I.A.S., B.Sc. Engineering, Diploma and various interviews The unit of stress in S.I. units is: N/mm square, KN/mm square, N/meter square Whenever some external system of forces acts on a body, it undergoes some deformation. As the body undergoes some deformation, it sets up some resistance to (image)

Engineering Mechanics Free PDF Class Notes


Download Engineering Mechanics Free PDF Class Notes Download Engineering Mechanics Class Notes Free PDF Book Server 1 [Download Now] Server 2 [Download Now] (image)

What is Public and Private IP Addresses?


Difference between Public and Private IP Addresses Private IP Addresses: When many computers or devices connect either to the cable or to the wireless, they create a private network. Within this network, a unique IP address is assigned to share files and resets to each device. The IP address of all the devices in this network is called private address. Public IP addresses: The public IP (image)

What is IP Address?


IP Address definition IP Address means Internet Protocol. This is a Numerical label that is used to identify all the devices (i.e. computers, printers etc) of the network. Any IP address mainly works in two form, one for hosting and network interface identification and second one to identify the location of another device. When the desingers designed the IP address, the IP address was a(image)

Define Structure of a Program


Structure of a Program Probably the best way to start learning a programming language is by writing a program. Therefore, here is our first program: Best C++ Books Input // my first program in C++ #include using namespace std; int main () { cout << "Hello World!"; return 0; } Output  Hello World! The first panel shows the source code for our first program. (image)

What is VPS? (Full Details)


About Virtual Private Server The full form of VPS is Virtual Private server and it is also known as Virtual Personal Server. There are so many physical servers in any data centers that when virtual resources of a physical server (memory, storage, CPU etc) are created by virtually dividing the machine with the help of software, this process is called virtualization. VPS virtual machine To(image)

Facebook's new 'Streak' feature is coming soon


Facebook's new 'Streak' feature is coming soon, know what's special Picture credit: Facebook will soon add another new feature from Snapchat to your app. According to some reports, Facebook has been testing snapchat's popular Streak feature for several days and it can soon be included as Facebook's main feature. Earlier added to the Facebook app, the camera feature and(image)

Better Field - Mechanical or Production Engineering?


Mechanical Engineering vs Production Engineering Production Engineering is, for the most part, a study program in Mechanical Engineering, with added emphasis on Manufacturing Engineering, Statistics and Industrial Management. All of these topics are also covered in the typical Mechanical Engineering program, albeit to a lesser extent. Image source: (image)

Explain Safety Concepts in Industries


All about Safety Concepts in Industries In all kinds of industries, each shop supervisor is generally assigned the responsibility of safety in his shop regarding the men, machines and materials. Every supervisor in each shop ensures to the top executives in respect of all kinds of the safety matters. He is supposed to incorporate all new safety measures needed in the shop from time to time(image)

Some interesting facts about Harvard University


About Harvard University  The Harvard University of America was founded on 8th September 1636. This University was chosen as the Best Prestige's Institute in the 'World Reputation Rankings 2016' survey. In this survey, Harvard University was at the top for the third consecutive time.  Image source: Some interesting facts related to Harvard University Harvard (image)

Comparison of Product Layout and Functional Layout


Comparison of Line or Product Layout and Process or Functional Layout S.No. Line or Product Layout Process or Functional Layout 1. In line or product layout, similar machines are arranged according to the sequence of operations required for manufacturing the product. In process or functional layout, similar machines are arranged in one location for (image)

Define Combination Layout


What is combination layout? A combination of process and product layouts combines the advantages of both types of layouts. Most of the manufacturing sections are arranged in process layout with manufacturing lines occurring here and there scattered wherever the conditions permit.  These days, the most of the manufacturing industries have adopted this kind of layout. In this type of (image)

Production & Industrial Engineering - Objective Questions with Answers


Objective Question-Answer from Production and Industrial Engineering 1. .............activities are the activities for which total float is equal to zero. (A) Dummy (C) Critical ✔ (B) Subcritical (D) Supercritical 2. Layout provides greater flexibility (A) Product (B) Process ✔ (C) Fixed position (D) Group 3. In a shop, heavy jobs are lifted by means of- (B) Conveyors (D) Overhead crane ✔(image)

Define Electric Resistance Welding


About Electric Resistance Welding It is used for joining pieces of sheet metal or wire. It is a type of pressure welding. The welding heat is obtained at the location of the desired weld by the electrical resistance through the metal pieces to a relatively short duration, low voltage (from 6 to 10 volts only) high amperes (varying from 60 to 4000 amperes) electric current.  Other details(image)

What are the basic requirements to setup a good plant layout?


Basic requirements to set up a good plant layout Integration of manufacturing centre facilities in terms of man, machine and material. Movements of production personnel and material handling should be minimized. The smooth and continuous flow of production or manufacturing work with least possible bottlenecks and congestion points. Floor space utilization should be optimum as for as possible. (image)

What is Plant Layout?


About Plant Layout Plant Layout Plant layout is such a systematic and efficient functional arrangement of various departments, machines, tools, equipment and other support services of an industrial organization that will facilitate the smooth processing of the proposed or undertaken product in the most effective, most efficient and most economical manner in the minimum possible time. (image)

Download AutoCAD 2017 (Offline Setup) [32/64Bit] All Products


AutoCAD 2017 (Offline Setup) [32/64Bit] All, Products AutoCAD 2017: Autodesk AutoCAD 2017 is the latest version of one of the most powerful CAD applications which you can use to get great precision and design anything. When you equip your computer with the right tools it becomes a thing of great importance which can help you in many ways. And when it comes to designing (image)

About Advanced Manufacturing Engineering


Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Manufacturing is derived from the Latin word manufactures means made by hand. In a modern context, it involves making products from raw material by using various processes, by making use of hand tools, machinery or even computers. It is, therefore, a study of the processes required to make (image)

Types of Milling Cutter With Diagram


Types of Milling Cutters Picture Reference: Milling cutters are made in various forms to perform certain classes of work, and they may be classified as: (1) Plain milling cutters,(2) Side milling cutters,(3) Face milling cutter,(4) Angle milling cutters,(5) End milling cutter,(6) Fly cutter,(7) T-slot milling cutter,(8) Formed cutters,(9) Metal slitting saw, (image)

Milling Methods - Up and Down Milling Process


Milling Methods There are two distinct methods of milling classified as follows: 1. Up-milling or conventional milling, and2. Down milling or climb milling. Know here: Milling Process - Definition and Principle Up-Milling or Conventional Milling Up-Milling or Conventional Milling Diagram In the up-milling or conventional milling, as shown in the figure, the metal is removed in form (image)

Milling Process - Definition and Principle


Definition of Milling Process A milling machine is a machine tool that removes metal as the work is fed against a rotating multipoint cutter.  The milling cutter rotates at high speed and it removes metal at a very fast rate with the help of multiple cutting edges.  One or number of cutters can be mounted simultaneously on the arbour of the milling machine. This is the reason that a milling (image)

Crater Wear | Definition with Diagram


What is crater wear? More common in ductile materials which produce the continuous chip. Crater wear occurs on the rake face. At very high-speed crater wear predominates.   For crater, wear temperature is main culprit and tool defuse into the chip material & tool temperature is maximum at some distance from the tooltip.  Crater depth exhibits (image)

Flank Wear | Reason, Effects and Stages


What are the reasons of Flank Wear? Abrasion by hard particles and inclusions in the workpiece. Shearing off the micro welds between tool and work material. Abrasion by fragments of built-up edge ploughing against the clearance face of the tool. At low-speed flank wear predominates. If MRR increased flank wears increased. What are the effects of Flank Wear? Flank wear directly affect (image)