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U.A.E Visa Rules and Regulations

U.A.E Visa rules and regulations give updates about U.A.E Labour law, Resident visa, visit visa, maid visa, Labor ban, what is the labour law in uae,

Updated: 2017-06-22T06:43:20.098+04:00


Ejari mandatory for Electricity and Water connection in Dubai from 1st of July


Preparing to move to a new apartment, you need to attest tenancy contract with Ejari for getting electricity and water connection in Dubai from 1st of July 2017 onwards. It’s no longer possible to move to your new flat and have your tenancy contract attested by getting an Ejari (‘My Rent’ in Arabic) at a much later date unless you want to live without electricity and water. The Dubai

UAE Wallet smartphone app is your passport in Dubai Airport


Passengers departing from Dubai International Airport can now use their smartphones at the smart gates instead of their passports as part of a new service called Smart UAE Wallet. Lt General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Deputy Chairman of the police and public security in Dubai and Major-General Mohammad Ahmad Al Merri, director-general of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners

New draft law offer Better conditions for UAE house maids


The Federal National Council (FNC) approved a draft federal law on domestic workers during its 16th legislative session held 30th May under the chairmanship of Dr Amal Abdullah Al Qubaisi, President of the Council.The new draft law comes as part of the UAE's continuous efforts to provide the best living conditions for its residents. It also aims to enact special legislation to regulate all

Facial, iris scans to help reduce need for U.A.E ID cards


Third generation integrated bio-metric data for ID cards will be launched by the UAE in the next four to five years, a top official said on Wednesday. This means, people will not be asked to carry their ID cards, the official told the Federal National Council. “The 3rd generation integrated biometric data for ID cards, to be launched by the UAE

UAE’s non-Muslim expats now register a will


Those that offer services or sell goods that are non-taxable will also not need to get bothered by the extensive paperwork and reporting that the new tax system will require.The Ministry of Finance issued an announcement on Tuesday that effectively sets Dh375,000 as the minimum annual turnover requirement for companies that are required to register

New Traffic Rules and Fines in U.A.E


The UAE government on Tuesday introduced new amendments to federal traffic laws, in a bid to make the country's roads safer.According to these amendments, passengers will be fined for not wearing seat belts, while children up to four years of age must sit in special child seats.Children aged 10 and above can now sit on the front seat, but they must be at least 145 cm tall.Here are the salient

UAE plans to assure rights of domestic workers


A weekly day off, 30 days of annual paid leave, the right to retain personal documents including passport, ID card and work permit, besides daily rest of at least 12 hours — including at least eight consecutive hours — are among rights that the UAE plans to assure domestic workers. In a bid to ensure decent working and living conditions for domestic workers, who outnumber family

UAE to implement 5 per cent VAT from January 2018 to Business and Landlords


Business owners and landlords must pay a five per cent value-added tax (VAT) starting January 2018, announced the Federal National Council (FNC) on Wednesday in the UAE capital. The FNC approved the draft law, which serves as a legal framework and organises all the regulations of taxes, which aims to generate revenue for the federal government and enabling a sustainable economic

Get Dubai Residence Visa for your family


If you are a Dubai resident visa holder and want to bring your family members, wife and children to UAE, you must first apply for an entry residence visa and after they arrive, you have up to 30 days to stamp resident visa. (New residence visas or Renewal of existing visa linked to medical insurance in DubaiWith effect from August 1, 2015, no new residence visas or renewal of existing