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GOGO healthy


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iOS 11 release date, news and futuristic feature


iOS 11 includes enormous changes over its forerunner, iOS 10. Here's all that you have to think about iOS 11, which will be discharged to people in general tomorrow. > When is iOS 11 turning out? > iPad-selective highlights in iOS 11 > Which iPhones and iPads can get iOS 11? > What Apple didn't declare > New highlights in iOS 11 iOS 11 was divulged by Apple at WWDC 2017 in June, with enormous enhancements over its ancestor, iOS 10. The organization uncovered more about iOS 11 at the 12 September occasion, and will be discharged to general society tomorrow (19 September). Here, we bring you all that we think about iOS 11, including its discharge date and new highlights. At the point when is iOS 11 turning out? Apple has uncovered that iOS 11 will be accessible to download on 19 September. Here's the manner by which to introduce iOS 11 once it's out. Be that as it may, that doesn't mean you can't get your hands on iOS 11 preceding its propelled. Prior to the official dispatch, pre-discharge forms of iOS 11 have been made accessible to beta analyzers to experiment with on their iPhones and iPads. Following the Apple Event on 12 September Apple issued the Gold Master adaptation of the iOS 11 beta, which will enable designers to do some last testing before the product is issued a couple of days after the fact. In the event that you need to join the beta program, here's the way to introduce the iOS 11 beta. We examine the progressions and changes that have touched base with the beta forms in that article. iOS 11 discharge date Which iPhones and iPads can get iOS 11? The gadgets that'll have the capacity to refresh to iOS 11 are: iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 6s iPhone 6s Plus iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus iPhone SE iPhone 5s iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2017) iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2015) iPad Pro 10.5-inch iPad Pro 9.7-inch iPad Air 2 iPad Air iPad fifth Generation iPad fourth gen iPad smaller than expected 4 iPad smaller than expected 3 iPad smaller than expected 2 iPod Touch sixth gen In addition any new iOS gadgets that are discharged amongst once in a while: the iPad Pro 2, for example, and the iPhone 8. We take a gander at this in more profundity in a different article: Can my iPhone and iPad run the new form of iOS? New highlights in iOS 11 Apple's WWDC 2017 saw countless highlights disclosed for iOS 11: it was difficult to keep up! Here, we have a synopsis of each of the greatest. Many are solely for the iPad, however first we'll discuss the all inclusive highlights. Enlarged reality Apple reported ARKit as a major aspect of iOS 11 at WWDC. This enables designers to offer top of the line expanded reality (AR) capacities in their applications without developing the AR framework themselves, and furthermore enhances existing AR arrangements, for example, Pokemon GO. Macintosh's ARKit page on its site asserts that ARKit is a "bleeding edge stage for creating increased reality applications for iPhone and iPad" and offers "capable abilities for positional following and scene understanding". Amid the Q3 declarations Tim Cook said that ARKit "will enable the most innovative personalities in the business to take advantage of the most recent PC vision advances to construct connecting with content". Amid the 12 September occasion Apple and its engineers showed the AR abilities of the new iPhones with a demo of an amusement called The Machines where you can fight companions on the web or locally in AR. The Machines will be discharged later in September just on iOS. Upgraded App Store One of the greatest iOS 11 refreshes is the upgraded App Store. Propelling the application will initially take you to the new Today tab, which is intended to help with application disclosure. You'll see new Collections, a Daily List based on a specific topic, and even instructional exercises that demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to do specific things in new applications. A moment new tab is called Games, and is a devoted place to find both new and famous amusements, and also in-application buys for diversions you may officially possess which a[...]

How to win easy game pokemon go


allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"> How to play Pokémon Go: Tips, tricks, hints and cheats to assist you become a Pokéboss faster than your mates.What was the planet doing before Pokémon Go came out? It looks everybody has a minimum of tried the sport at some purpose, and at now, there is not any question it is a certified development.But with such a lot of players, you are going to want a trifle further facilitate if you would like to remain one step prior the competition.Which is why we've rounded up our greatest tips and tricks to assist you become a Pokémaster. Here's all you would like to grasp so as to induce ahead in Pokémon Go.Related: seven best Pokémon Go hacksUNDERSTANDING POKÉ-TERMSFirst tho', a fast summary of a number of the names and phrases you will encounter once taking part in the game:Pokéstops – All the things you would like to play the sport ar keep in these blue offer stores, dotted round the map.Pokéballs – accustomed catch Pokémon and build your team.Incense and Lure Modules – you'll be able to use these things to draw in additional Pokémon to your location. At the beginning, this is often be} very important to create an outsized team that you just can then use to battle or trade for goodies any into the sport.Gyms – on the market from level 5, dominant gyms is what the sport is all concerning. set at points of interest and landmarks, these ar wherever the battles between players and their Pokémon occur.Factions – These ar the groups you are asked to hitch when reaching level 5. They will determine which colour a gym turns when you claim it. Simply pick your favourite colour.Potions, Super Potions and Revives – After a hard battle, you’ll need these to help your Pokémon recover before the next challenge.Candy and Stardust – Think of these as supplements to make your Pokémon stronger and more evolved — absolutely vital for taking over more gyms.Eggs – Go is big on XP, and you’ll need Lucky Eggs if you want to earn double XP. Regular eggs allow you to hatch more Pokémon to add to your team.Razzberries – Harder to catch Pokémon can be tamed by feeding them these and winning their trust.Now you're up to speed, here are our tips on how to get ahead in Pokémon Go:Video: Top 4 Pokemon Go Tips & Tricks0:00/1:311) TURN OFF ARThis is the easiest way to start racking up your Pokémon count. One of the game's more intriguing features is how it uses your phone's camera to overlay images of Pokémon onto real-world environments – a crude but still engaging form of AR. Come across a wild Pidgey or Weedle and the game will load whatever you camera is pointed at as a background on which to do battle with the newly-discovered creature.But what you may not be aware of is that using AR mode actually makes it harder to catch Pokémon. Simply turning off AR allows you to centre the Pokémon on your screen, making it much easier to chuck Pokéballs and claim your prize.AR Pokemon GoTo turn AR mode off, wait until a wild Pokémon appears and tap the AR slider on the top-right of the battle screen. Whichever creature you're trying to enslave into your Poké-army will immediately move to the centre of the display, ready for the taking. Throw a ball or two and that wily Abra will be yours.2) DO CATCH 'EM ALL (AND TRADE THE LEAST POWERFUL)This is another simple tip, but one worth knowing for those who've just signed up to the game. While it's often tempting to overlook the more mundane Pokémon that crop up all the time (seriously, Weedle, piss off) you should try to catch all the creatures you can.That's because you can immediately trade them in to the Professor to get Pokémon-specific candy. Why is that important? Because candy and Stardust are how you evolve your Pokémon.Related: How to fix common Pokémon Go problemsimage: Go CandyFor example, if you've got an abundance of Pidgeys, yo[...]

Theophylline, heal yourself along with theophylline


  Theophylline is a xanthine bronchodilator drug group The shaped tablets or capsules. Singer drugs used by orangutans trouble or respiratory obstruction, such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).TheophyllineTheophylline will make breathing and help relieve symptoms of cough, shortness of breath, And breath husky WITH Opening the Air Line (bronchi) MORE Width Into the lungs so that air can freely flowing WITH MORE prepaid. Singer drug MAKE respiratory tract Muscles And Lose MORE relaxed response against lung irritants.ABOUT theophyllineThe group operates drug xanthine bronchodilator drugsPrescription drugs groupBenefits Overcome Its Resultant Disorders symptoms OR Respiratory tract obstruction, such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease / COPD.Consumed by Adults And KidsTablet and capsule form of the drugWARNING:For pregnant women OR are planning a pregnancy or breastfeeding, ask doctor BEFORE taking the drug At Singer.PLEASE Careful hearts singer for Patients taking medication heart disease, Liver disorders, hypothyroidism, hypertension, gastric ulcers, epilepsy, and porphyria.Andari should limit consumption of Alcohol, Caffeine, smoking and taking drugs currently Singer to review Lowers Risks And Side Effects What Happens interfere Term theophylline absorbed by the body.IF Andari experiencing flu-like symptoms OR Fever, let the industry know the doctor as soon as possible BECAUSE dosage received Yang Anda Need Customized.IF MORE sensitive singer drugs consumed by orangutans Also Elderly And Children, WITH SIDE EFFECTS such as Heart Rate Rapid OR NOT irregular. Note the Side Effects And hearts blood drug levels.Singer drugs can berinteraksi WITH drugs lie, be sure to review the doctor asks ON OR BEFORE Andari Pharmacists concurrently taking drugs lie WITH theophylline.Allergic Reaction Occurs OR IF overdose, soon encountered Physician OR Go Into nearest hospital. Singer drugs can Highly Toxic if the overdose occurred.dose theophyllineDose Sales manager for a review of adult orangutan hearts taking theophylline is 300-600 mg per day. As for the reviews orangutan advanced age, the dose will Slightly lowered to review Reduce Side Effects of theophylline. The singer will be divided dose Becoming One Up Day hearts prayer time. While the dose for Children Adjusted Weight.Eating theophylline WITH ProperlyBe sure to review read instructions AT Drug packaging and follow the advice of doctors taking theophylline hearts. Do not add OR Reduce the dose of Doctors Without Permission.It is advisable to review Continue using drugs theophylline WITH BECAUSE Brand Same Period of theophylline The body absorbed depending BETWEEN DIFFERENT WITH One other brands. Changes brand theophylline The body absorbs consumed MAKE MORE OR MORE Lots Of Little doses that already given by the doctor.Singer drugs can be consumed with or without food. Do not crush OR chew tablet that was provided by the doctor. Similarly WITH capsule, Andari can swallow Directly Operated OR BY air.The capsules can be swallowed Direct WITH air. For children, can Andari Opening the capsule and pour the contents Into Software FOOD differences like yogurt. Contents of the capsule should NOT be chewed and swallowed Direct.Singer drug will work fine if content of theophylline hearts Blood is always stable. For reviews on maintaining IT, Always Singer drug consumption at the same time each day.Be sure to review conduct Operate Regular visits to the doctor. Doctors Need to do blood tests to make sure the reviews Andari get a dose of Right And Also measuring blood level of potassium hearts. The Too High doses can cause poisoning while Too Low IF NOT going Effective hearts handling conditions.Ask your doctor BEFORE Andari In taking the drug theophylline WITH OR vitamin lie simultaneously. Also Andari Keep Giving the industry know Doctor handle Andari Operation BEFORE BECAUSE some drugs can interfere with theophylline.For Patients Who forgot [...]

Scientists findings medicine to cure Aids



Gogo healthy,The discovery of the scientists in medicine in Paris that AIDS can be cured if the discovery of two people in Paris who recover from a deadly disease it.This started after investigation that could in genetic engineering hiv virus can not develop in the body of the patient. should continue to develop this discovery is the latest strategy to combat the virus hiv.Penemuan they pour in the journal Clinical Microbiology and Infection.

Beginning with the discovery of a patient affected by hiv virus recovered from the virus do not develop and the blood test was cleared of the virus when it was time he contracted hiv.

And based on the investigation of existing viruses can not thrive and inactive due to genetic changes in the virus hiv connected with human cells. researchers concluded that it is part of the evolution that occurs suddenly between the virus and human. It was called the endogenization. '' Healing HIV might arise through endogenization HIV to humans, '' the researchers wrote in their journals. '' And this discovery continues to be developed.

Adam Sandler won the award By Forbes


Gogo haelthy,Adam sandler won the award for the most expensive actor by Forbes after two years yesterday he top positioned to.Adam sandler got rid of competitors such as Johnny Depp, who plays the film Piratte of Caribian and Ben Stiller in the third position on Film nigt at the Museum and further Actor Ryan Renold and Tom Hank is positioned to five.

Adam sandler : Sandler's latest film Grown Ups 2 became a hit and was able to reap the income of 246 million dollars.
Source: BBC Indonesia

Nuts kill Career Executive Korean Air


Nuts kill Career Executive Korean Air.
A few days in Korea shocked by something stupid a daughter of the president director airlines Korean Air Korean air.eksekutif finally forced to apologize because they scheduled departure be delayed.

How foolish crew who offer peanuts from his pocket without using plates and electrify the entire Korean because of the news.

And finally executive Korean Air, Heather Cho resign .the very embarrassing and distressing irony.
 sources: BBC

 image: BBC Indonesia

Samsung Galaxi S5 review


Smart phones continues to grow from day to day continue to be refined to be beyond expectations will be very sophisticated so pesat.produktifitas large factories such as Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Motorola and China continue to compete Production and rampant. In the Asian region itself Blackberry highly favored by consumers, including Nokia which is now in aquisisi mikrosoft and Chinese brands like Esia, Zte and others. Various variants are always sold out in every edition. Samsung galaxy smart phones and the latest variant Blackbery always in the waiting customers. With more sophisticated features Smartphone able to master phone market in the world.  Here's the latest Smartphone 2015 Samsung Galaxy S5 (Suitable for gaming) 5.1-inch screen HDR Processor Quad Core 2.5 GHz Krait 400 GPU Adreno 330 RAM 2 GB OS Kit Kat[...]

Vivo mobile x5 china products will be available soon.


Mobile technology continues to evolve. Mobile tablet vivo re-release of the latest product is expected to present soon as x5 vivo cell phone that will compete with the Oppo R5 as the thinnest phone.
Vivo mobile x5 china products will be available for another week. Vivo X5 Max is prepared to deal directly with the Oppo R5. This phone has a 5.5-inch screen size with FHD resolution (1920 × 1080 pixels) and octa-core embedded processor speed of 1.7 GHz MediaTek made.

RAM capacity has massive 2 GB combined with Android 4.4 KitKat. While the main camera has a 13 MP capability, and the front camera of 5 MP.

The Chinese products increasingly dominate the market Asia and even the world at an affordable price.

Amir khan vs DanielGacia


Amir Khan to fight dangerous Danny García in July
 Khan to face undefeated US light-welterweight on 14 July
 'I feel like I have what it takes to beat this guy,' says García

Amir Khan
Amir Khan was scheduled to face Lamont Petersonbut the fight was cancelled due to Peterson's raised testosterone levels. Photograph: Andrew Couldridge/Action Images

Amir Khan's next fight in America has been put back a week to 14 July – and the nominated opponent, the unbeaten Philadelphian Danny García, represents a significant threat.

García felled and comfortably outpointed the once formidable Erik Morales in his last fight on 24 March to win the vacant WBC light-welterweight title and was due to defend against the mandatory challenger, the London-based Nigerian Ajose Olusegun.

Khan's connections, meanwhile, were negotiating a ticking-over fight against a selected opponent while waiting for Lamont Peterson's appeal against his failed drugs test in front of the Nevada State Athletics Commission on 13 June.

But the machinations of boxing politics shredded that scenario on Tuesday when Khan's American partners, Golden Boy Promotions, switched from a 7 July date at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, to 14 July and an unspecified site.

That could be in Los Angeles still or the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, the venue where Khan believes the fight will take place, having said as much in a tweet on Wednesday. He had been due to fight Peterson there last weekend in an effort to reclaim the IBF and WBA belts he lost to the American in their chaotic fight in Washington last December.

Khan will not know until after Peterson's appeal if his fight against García will be as the reinstated holder of those titles, or if the bout will be for the vacated championships. GBP chief executive Richard Schaefer says a unification fight for all three belts would over-ride García's commitment to defend his WBC title against Olusegun.

Once the Khan deal was done, García told, "I feel like this is how it's supposed to be: the best versus the best, both of us in our prime and giving the fans a great fight. I'm just happy … I feel like I have what it takes to beat this guy."

"I've watched Khan a lot. He's a good fighter, but I don't think he's what people say he is, getting all this credit. I feel like he will leave himself open for some big shots and we'll see if he can take them. I can box and I can punch. I'm going to hit him with stuff he won't see. I can't wait."

He claimed negotiations started as soon as the Khan-Peterson fight was scrapped – which will come as no surprise to Olusegun. The 32-year-old British champion, who trains in Kentish Town, will never the less be furious at being sidelined. He said when talk of a Khan-García fight first surfaced: "They're trying as hard as possible to avoid me."

To facilitate Khan's fight with García, GBP suggested Olusegun fight on the same card against another opponent but he told at the time, "I don't want an interim fight. He's the champion, which I respect. If he wants to be a good champion, like the great ones, he has to fight his No1 challenger, which is me."

Roberto Di Matteo Chelsea is the best


Roberto Di Matteo Chelsea is the best Roberto Di Matteo finds way to give Roman Abramovich richest paybackRoman Abramovich can buy all the Francis Bacons and Lucian Freuds he wants, but he will never spend £24m better than he spent it on Didier Drogba eight years ago. If this was indeed the great Ivorian's last match in a Chelsea shirt, then what a way he chose to go. Having pulled Chelsea back from the brink of disaster with a goal two minutes before the end of normal time, Drogba converted the penalty that gave them victory at the conclusion of a shootout that had seemed, inexorably and excruciatingly, to be going their opponents' way.In between times, Drogba had threatened to plunge his side and their supporters into terminal gloom by committing a wholly unnecessary foul on Franck Ribéry inside the Chelsea area early in the first period of extra time. Luckily for him, Petr Cech made a brilliant stop from their old team mate Arjen Robben. To finish off the night, it was Drogba who placed the trophy in the hands of Abramovich. The Russian billionaire must surely feel that, at last, he has got what he paid for.And another sort of justice was served here in Munich. More than half a century after the myopic blazers of the Football Association and the Football League denied Roy Bentley's team the chance, as the champions of England in 1954-55, to take part in the first edition of the European Cup, their descendants made Chelsea the first London club to hold the most precious of titles. No one could say they did not fight for it, in conditions that hardly conspired to assist them.Before the kick-off, Bayern's fans had unveiled a huge banner of the European Cup, along with a set of giant messages: UNSER STADT, UNSER STADION, UNSER POKAL ("our town, our stadium, our cup"). It was a graceless statement from a side enjoying home advantage, and Chelsea approached the match like men determined to ram their opponents' assumptions down their throats, forcing them to endure a series of ordeals: first by exasperation, then by penalties.For 83 minutes, until Thomas Müller stole in behind Ashley Cole to apply his head to Ribéry's cross, it worked. And then, instead of folding in the face of such a calamity, Chelsea struck back with the sort of majestic blow that Drogba seems to reserve for such occasions. Before Müller struck and after Drogba had headed the equaliser, every minute without a goal for Bayern seemed like a victory for Chelsea. The tactic that proved so unexpectedly effective against Barcelona – "overcrowd the central defence, force the enemy wide, throw yourselves in the way of every cross and shot" – was the one selected for use once again as Roberto Di Matteo's players worked their way towards the ecstatic climax of an extraordinary period in their history.Two and a half months ago, remember, this was a team heading for the knackers' yard. Then Di Matteo replaced André Villas-Boas, and everything changed. Before this game , Chelsea had played 20 under their Italian interim manager, with a record of won 13, drawn four, lost three. Facing opponents almost as formidable as the brilliant Catalan team they had beaten to reach the final, Di Matteo saw no reason to tinker with an approach that had restored to his players the feeling that they were the masters of their own destiny.At times Bayern seemed to be enjoying an even greater percentage of possession than the 80% or thereabouts that had given Barcelona total territorial dominance of the two legs of the semi-final. Ribéry and Robben, bouncing off the unyielding armour-plate of the Chelsea defence, found the experience every bit as frustrating as had Lionel Messi and Andrés Iniesta. Was it pretty? Was it the sort of thing to expand football's audience? Was it the sort of thing Abramovich had in mind when he paid Ken Bat[...]

Amazing the new iPad - video


Amazing the new iPad - video
Technology editor Charles Arthur gives us a preview of the latest iPad, unveiled by Apple on Wednesday. It features a high-definition retina display and an improved camera dubbed 'iSight', and will be able to connect to high-speed 4G networks

(object) (embed)

Beautyful dog,best in Westminster Kennel Club dog show in New York


beautyfull dog.Malachy, a Pekingese, sits in the trophy after being named best in show at the 136th annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show in New York, Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2012. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

Costa Concordia cruise ship accident


Costa concordia is a luxury yacht, with special pasilitas reported drowned (jan 14).

 image :

The ship hit a reef reportedly due to negligence of the captain's driving that time.
and is currently captain of the ship in the resistance of the police.

according to witnesses, Christine Hammer, 65, and her husband, Gert, was enjoying appetizers. A plate of squid, mushroom mash, and salad for dinner is the opening menu of the luxury passenger cruise ship Costa Concordia, January 13 last night.

The ship had just departed from the Port of Civitavecchia near Rome, Italy. Along the 50-meter yachts that start shipping during the week leading Barcelona and Majorca in Spain.

There are 4000 passengers on board, of whom 1,000 residents Italians, 500 Germans, 150 French nationals, and 1,000 men participated in the cruise ship sailed the Mediterranean Sea.

Suddenly the ship hit something. Dishes, glasses, and the passenger ship slammed into the floor. The situation was suddenly dark because the lights on the ship died. Panic was wafted

beyonce and the birth of a baby blue ivy charter.


beyonce and the birth of a baby blue ivy charter.

Who is not happy to have, gave birth to a cute baby, Beyonce is no exception.
but there is news that is not liked by biyonce there.

Birth of first child the couple Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z was initially welcomed by the public. Apparently not everyone is happy to welcome the birth of Blue Ivy Carter, as some unscrupulous precisely assess the baby is a demon that threatens the Earth.

Wednesday (11 / 1), as reported Aceshowbiz, a church in North Carolina public concern. Because, in front of the church was plastered a provocative article, in which the baby Beyonce is the victim.

samsung notes and profits 2011


Samsung has announced its preliminary every 1 / 4 outcomes – and some people are hailing it as the most considerable cell cellphone homeowner in it all 1 / 4. So why won't it actually give figures?

Samsung Note
2011 saw New new samsung take the cell cellphone head. Except New new samsung won't give any complicated data. Why not? Photograph: Beawiharta/Reuters

Samsung has announced its every 1 / 4 reasonable outcomes. Well, actually, no, it hasn't; what it did beginning on Unique was to offer some hint of how big it wishes its financiai outcomes to be. It would, after all, be awesome for a business as hefty as New new samsung to have its complete reasonable details all available only five times into the new interval after the reasonable 1 / 4 completed.

But that's generally what it has done. Here's Reuters, saying that "Smartphones energy New new samsung to historical past every 1 / 4 profit":

    New new samsung Cool gadgets, the top producer of shed treats and smartphones that you can buy on the industry, unveiled a historical past every 1 / 4 obtain on Unique, assisted by one-off earnings and best-ever income of high-end cell cellphone gadgets.

Fair enough: New new samsung is the only company on the planet that has noticed out how to earn extra earnings from DRAM, it got a $580m (£376m) windfall from advertising its generate travel business to Seagate during the 1 / 4, and its cell cellphone business is doing gangbusters – at least according to professionals.

That these aren't greatest data (which as I said, is unsurprising) is done by another price from the wires: "The Lower Western company released 5.2 million won ($4.5bn) in every 1 / 4 handling obtain, beating a contract forecast of 4.7tn won by professionals inquired by Thomson Reuters. It said real obtain may improve or slip by 200bn won from the preliminary figure out when the business provides particular earnings later this Calendar month." So it could be 5tn won, or 5.4tn. Either way, it's before professional forecast.

And that's good, make no mistake: handling obtain (basically, earnings on advertising stuff) were up 73% year-on-year.

But the real is that when you begin to seek advice from about effectively how well the cell cellphone business is doing, components get hidden. How many smartphones that you can buy on the industry were available in the quarter? How many tablets? (They're both aspect of the same divided within New new samsung, so one needs to know these components.)

Answer comes there none. (And I've expected New new samsung consistently for data on these.) Actually New new samsung, despite being crowned the most considerable homeowner of smartphones that you can buy on the industry in the third 1 / 4, before Htc and The apple company company, has never actually said how many smartphones that you can buy on the industry it provided or available during that interval. The figure out of 27.8m is often provided. But this indicates nowhere in Samsung's fictional operates.

Review quickcam logitec webcam c310


allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="300" src="" width="460">(image) (image) recommendations:
a success in itself.
you should try.
hd technology is amazing.
appropriately priced for you.
I feel this tool will be helpful for you.
and is more sophisticated than previous products. (image) (image) (image) (image)

Chronic insomnia,how to overcome insomnia


You may find it difficult to sleep.
you realize you never really sleep.
and to restore the fitness of your body to rest and sleep, and how sleep quality.

in some surveys in the UK, people suffering from insomnia they tend to consume drugs.
It would be very dangerous, because your body will become dependent on drugs, this certainly is not a good thing.

healthy behaviors, exercise routine, this is a highly efficacious drug to overcome inisomnia, most people can not sleep due to psychological factors, fear and so on.

By overcoming fear, and psychological factors that you should not hesitate to consult with consultants, friends or others you will definitely sleep well.

dragons animals fierce, On the island of Komodo


dragons animals fierce, On the island of Komodo

animals are dragons on the islands of NTT, Indonesia
Komodo dragons are protected animals and is very rare.
THE island of Komodo can live freely in the Habitat

Sign In Komodo Island Finalists 7 wonders of the World
You Must Come and witness the fierce dragons that only animals can you find in the island of Komodo. Ntt, Indonesia

You will be like the days  Then, surrounded by strange animals and a descendant of an amazing rare animals like in the movie Jurassic Park.

How to prevent cancer?


How to prevent cancer?You like to drink coffee? it's very good, but do not over
Coffee could reduce risk of skin cancer. The good news is Released on Monday (24/10) at the American Association for Cancer Research and Prevention is the 10th. The international conference held in Boston shows that coffee drinking, especially by women have a positive effect for risk of skin cancer.

Women who drank more than three cups of coffee per day had a 20 percent lower risk exposure Basal Cell Carcinoma (BBC), compared with women who drank less than one cup per month. The BBC is one type of skin cancer most often diagnosed.

According to the American Cancer Society, 75 percent of all skin cancer cases there is a type of the BBC. Until now there has been a total of 22,786 cases. Men who drank the same amount had a lower risk of skin cancer face nine percent.

"Our study suggests that coffee consumption may be an important option to help prevent the BBC," said Fengju Song, a researcher who was involved in this research.

These data obtained from studies conducted in hospital nurses Brigham women, and health practitioners profesioanal (Harvard School of Public Health). The nurse took approximately 72 921 participants from June 1984 until June 2008. Health practitioners professionals examine 39 976 participants from June 1986 until June 2008.

Unfortunately, the benefits of drinking coffee has not seen a positive impact on other types of skin cancer, namely squamous cell carcinoma (1953 cases) or melanoma (741 cases). Previous studies have shown coffee drinkers tend to mmeberikan risk of breast cancer, uterine, prostate and colon cancer. A good effect was not seen in people who drank decaffeinated coffee.

Ideal body weight, tips


raise the ideal weight, how do?
As well as losing weight, for some people gain weight case also becomes something that is difficult and takes the fight. Although there are many supplements on the market that help increase daily caloric intake, but it has not been proven safe and beneficial.

Therefore, the necessary intelligence in determining diet and lifestyle, to become healthier in the long term. Here is a smart and safe way to increase your weight forms the ideal:

1. Choose dairy products, eggs, fish, meat and vegetables. Eating foods with high protein content such as nuts and foods with high starch content such as potatoes, rice and tapioca.

2. Eating snacks more often. Many eating high-calorie snacks (not junk food) such as cheese sticks, milk shakes, muffins, dried fruits and yogurt. Also, eating larger portions and eat at least five times a day.

3. Drink plenty of fluids that supply nutrients and calories such as milk or fresh fruit juice.

4. You need to practice hard and intensively to gain muscle mass. Focus on weight training (without tools) to target the largest group in your muscles. If you have a high metabolic rate - which means you spend a lot of energy even at rest. You need to exercise an intense but short-term rather than long.

5. Consistent. Probably needed a long time, usually several months, to get the ideal body weight. Some women will generally be frustrated and quit when it did not see any changes. It must be remembered, weight gain program will not work if you do not regularly run.

Beauty Retouch Mode Panasonic camera


Innovation in pocket digital cameras did not just stop at the implementation of Hi-Def video and magnitude of megapixels alone, but also in other creative features. Recent example can be found in the ranks of the latest pocket cameras Panasonic output.

Some of the Panasonic Lumix range of cameras that have been equipped with touch screen, now rely on new features related to beauty, the Beauty Retouch.

What's that mode Beauty Retouch mode? Beauty Retouch is a feature that will allow you to edit photos in an instant through the camera without the need to help the computer device. You could say Beauty Retouch mode feature is an enhancement of previous Panasonic Cosmetic mode.

The second difference lies in the completeness of this feature and how to use options. If the feature Cosmetic mode you can only do limited photo editing change the level of light dark skin color alone, the Beauty Retouch mode, you can perform a variety of other adjustments that much more complete on the face in the photo.

Cosmetic mode will be active while you record the image. While Beauty Retouch mode can only be used after the photo was taken. Beauty Retouch Mode adjustment consists of two distinct parts of Aesthetic Retouch Retouch and Make-up.

The first is the Aesthetic Retouch. Here are five adjustments that can be done, including fashion 'clear skin' that serves brighten skin tone, 'shine removal' to remove stains that appear on the face, 'whitening of teeth' to whiten teeth, 'lift up' to give effects on the cheek to make it look more gaunt, and 'eye emphasis' that serve to give effect to your eyes look bigger. So arguably, an effect that is in Aesthetic Retouch like the effect of digital plastic surgery results.

The second is a Make-up Retouch. This option consists of several make-up effects that can be added on your face. There is an option 'foundation' to give the effect of foundation, 'lip color' to provide color to the lips, 'cheek color' to give effect blusher and 'eye shadow' to give effect to the eye coloring.

This one feature is quite handy if you shoot a friend or spouse who has not had time to dress up so they will not be disappointed when viewing images with a face that is too "plain".

What to watch, make sure the appropriate angle shooting. If the images of faces taken from the side or from a rather unique angle, like from above or from below, the camera will be difficult and will even fail to deliver maximum results to dress your shot.

So, make sure the face is taken from the front so you can beautify your subject. All these features can be enjoyed on the latest Panasonic pocket camera models that have used a touch screen like the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FP7 and the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX78.

automatic surveillance camera Generator, Citizen


sophisticated computer camera review of citizen production
We have written about computer vision and face recognition many times before, and recently one of the issues that has come has been that all the cameras in the world is to produce data that are more visual than anyone could watch. I wrote about Kitware the intention to create "behavior recognition" in the camera system, and this "Questionable Observer Detector" seems like it would be a nice complement to it.

You've heard, no doubt, a security camera that takes pictures of your face when you graduate and compare them to a central database smugglers, terrorists and other criminals. The problem is that unless these people are already known, the system can not really detect them. So the team of computer scientists at Notre Dame decided to put together a way for the database to be constructed on the fly.

The camera will analyze the recording, the recording time and place of every face in it. Then, while recording a different view, it will compare the new tracking data to the old, and see if anyone has come up twice. Someone pass the same point five times a week will be normal, but someone came and wandered in the area of ​​the airport ticket twice a week for a month might be something to look into, regardless of whether the person's face in any database or connected with the crime.

It's a bit scary, but so is the problem it was meant to combat: the type of criminal who only need one chance to do a horrible crime - such as a suicide bomber. They will never be in the database for obvious reasons, but has a habit of checking the target several times before they attack.

Sure, it's also kind of thing that a police state would love to have in their arsenal. But one must discover sooner or later.TechCrunch latest info

missing lisa irwin:FBI continues search for


search information missing toddler continuesbecame big news in various media in the U.S.Police: Baby Lisa's Parents Not Cooperating Watch VideoMissing 10-Month-Old Baby's Parents Go Public Watch VideoYoung said detectives would be happy to resume conversations with Lisa's parents, but added, "We still haven't heard from the mother or father as of this morning."What Happened to Kyron Horman, Holly Bobo, Others?Irwin said that he needed to take a break from the intensive questioning and soon saw a police press conference where they stated that the parents had ceased to work with police on the investigation."We were in interrogated for a really long time Tuesday there again, answering questions….I just couldn't' take it anymore," he said. "I told them I had to have a break -- no more questions today. I asked to be let go, and they let me go from police station. An hour later was when we saw the press conference from them."Both parents vehemently denied on "GMA" that they had any involvement with their daughter's disappearance, and reiterated their willingness to cooperate."We continue to ask, answer all the questions the best we can and do everything they tell us to do and so I mean, we've done everything we can do," Bradley said.That conflicted with what Kansas City, Mo., police Capt. Steve Young said earlier."The mother and father no longer want to talk to detectives," Young said. "From an investigative standpoint, we enjoyed their cooperation. So far, [it] has been very beneficial to the case. But yeah, you can imagine it doesn't help the case" [that the cooperation has ended]."Like I've said before, the cooperation of the parents is -- they live in the house. They intimately have information of what's been going on. They know the child. They were maybe one of our best bets to help find this child," Young said. "This doesn't help the investigation."Thursday night police also shut down their outdoor command post and removed that crime scene tape that had been surrounding the house since Lisa's disappearance, but police insist this was not related to their claim that the parents were no longer cooperating."It has nothing to do with the statement I made about the parents' cooperation," Young said. "We closed that down only because of geography."Young said the investigation is continuing with the same force but has simply moved to the police station as a matter of convenience.Police have said that they are still investigating what happened at the house Monday night when the baby, who the couple nicknamed "Pumpkin Pie," disappeared from her crib.Young confirms what the police have said since their initial questioning of the parents earlier this week, that they are not suspects in their child's disappearance."The investigation is directed and led by hard information," Young added. "Again, we don't have any suspects. If we had enough to charge anybody with, we probably would be issuing charges."The dispute over whether Bradley and Irwin were cooperating came after ABC News learned the couple was trying to make lists of possible suspects for police by thinking about all of the people they cross paths with on a daily basis. That meant they were listing every grocer, utility worker who may have been in the house, former friend, classmate, neighbor or acquaintances who may have wanted a child.[...]

Pancreatic cancer facts


Definition of pancreatic cancer: A disease in which malignant (cancer) cells are found in the tissues of the pancreas. Also called exocrine cancer

In their announcement of founder Steve Jobs' death, at age 56, Apple officials did not mention a specific cause of death. But the visionary digital leader had been battling pancreatic cancer since 2004.
Pancreatic cancer is one of the faster spreading cancers; only about 4% of patients can expect to survive five years after their diagnosis. Each year, about 44,000 new cases are diagnosed in the U.S., and 37,000 people die of the disease.
The pancreas contains two types of glands: exocrine glands that produce enzymes that break down fats and proteins, and endocrine glands that make hormones like insulin that regulate sugar in the blood. Jobs died of tumors originating in the endocrine glands, which are among the rarer forms of pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic cancer facts
    * Most pancreatic cancers are adenocarcinomas.

    * Few patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer have identifiable risk factors.

    * Pancreatic cancer is highly lethal.

    * Pancreatic cancer is difficult to diagnose, and the diagnosis is often made late in the disease course. Symptoms include weight loss, back pain, and jaundice.

    * The only curable treatment is surgical removal of all cancer.

    * Chemotherapy after surgery can lower the chances of the cancer returning.

    * Chemotherapy for metastatic pancreatic cancer can extend life and improve the quality of life for people with the disease.

    * Patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer are encouraged to seek out clinical trials to improve pancreatic cancer treatment.

    * Many organizations exist to help provide information and support for patients and families fighting pancreatic cancer.

What is the pancreas, and what is the function of the pancreas?

The pancreas is an organ in the abdomen that sits in front of the spine above the level of the belly button. It performs two main functions: first, it makes insulin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar levels, and second: it makes enzymes, which help break down proteins. Enzymes help digestion by chopping proteins into smaller parts so that they can be more easily absorbed by the body and used for energy. Enzymes leave the pancreas via a system of tubes called "ducts" that connect the pancreas to the intestines. The pancreas sits deep in the belly and is in close proximity to many important structures such as the small intestine (the duodenum) and the bile ducts, as well as important blood vessels and nerves.

Detection of cervical cancer inexpensive way


Acetic acid was not only adds flavor in savory dishes, but also useful to detect early cervical cancer is easy and inexpensive. Early detection of cancer of the cervix with acetic acid method is called VIA (Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid). This method has been introduced since 1925 by Hans Hinselman from Germany, but the newly implemented around the year 2005.

Ministry of Health had already adopted it. This method is in addition to easy and cheap, also has a very high accuracy in detecting precancerous lesions or sores, which reached 90 percent.

Early detection by applying vinegar to 3-5 percent in the mouth of the womb (cervix) is not to be done by a doctor, but can be practiced by trained personnel such as midwives in health centers. And in about 60 seconds can already be seen if there is an abnormality, namely the emergence of a white plaque on the cervix. These white plaques may be aware as precancerous sores.

World Health Organization (WHO) has examined the application of IVA in India, Thailand, and Zimbabwe. Its effectiveness was not lower than the pap smear.

In addition to the same performance with other tests and the results can be immediately known, IVA also offers other advantages, that is practical, requiring only simple tools, and affordable.

Inke Maris, communications expert who is also cofounder of Cervical Cancer Prevention Initiative Indonesia (Ipkasi), said that many health centers are able to provide testing services IVA is a cost of about 15 thousand dollars.

"In fact, several regions have issued regulations that set a price of only five thousand dollars for IVA inspection," added Dr. Basalama Fatum, MSM, Head of Sub Directorate of Cancer. PPTM, Kemenkes RI.

This therapy is of short duration, about 5 minutes. There is discomfort when undergoing this therapy. Most women feel the sensation of cold and a little cramping, or sometimes feel warm spread on your upper body and face.

Ease in conducting the examination as well as pre-treatment if found to be wound is spurred to make See and Treat program more and more applied in a number of health centers. Expected with the IVA, will more and more women are covered by early detection of cervical cancer, so the incidence of this cancer can be derived.

steve jobs love apple


steve jobs love apple,everybody know why?
Are there any of you are wondering why Steve Jobs using the apple name to name the company that was founded with Steve Wozniak?

Apple lovers are reported from the site,, there are some facts that may be associated with the provision of the name. Here are the facts:

Jobs had worked during the summer at an apple farm, and admired the Beatles' record label, Apple. He also felt the apple is the most perfect fruit. Reportedly, when the process of naming his company, Jobs and Wozniak did not find a better name than Apple.

As for the logo, they had decided to use the logo of a tree and a banner that said Apple Computer. But Jobs was, they need a simple logo and they pick the apples into the logo now without being bitten. Feeling shaped like oranges, it was decided bitten apple is their logo.

The best CEO from Apple company


Today the company has lost a magnifying Apple, Apple's CEO of the Company.
who had been instrumental in advancing the development of Technology.
Steve Jobs died of cancer.
he is one of the world's great CEO.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs's death mourned throughout the world. Not only fans, but also a number of other CEOs who feels Jobs have contributed to the business. One is Jack Welch's management Apple company.

In an interview with CNN on Thursday morning, Welch said he felt very lost Jobs. Not only that, he said that Jobs had a significant contribution to the world of technology and innovation, and the younger generation.

"Steve Jobs invented the word 'cool'" said Welch. He explained each product sold by Apple's Jobs managed to raise the degree of the wearer, in this younger generation. That's why Apple products are always awaited his presence to be presented by Jobs.

"What is arguably the best CEO Jobs of this century?" CNN anchor asked.

Welch replied, "I say this, we will be very difficult to find again the figure of Steve Jobs and his influence on any one company in the company forward."

get the book story steve jobs here Steve Jobs(image)

New from apple


I quote these days, what's preached in mashabel that production lunge Apple iphone will be very influential
let alone Apple's corporate elite.
which will issue new products for 2012 iphone 5.
This will make the competitors such as blackberries and blackberry
do not want to lose and miss strategy

consumers have different views to assess, purchase, and enjoy the works of the iphone was greater technology and each has its own favorite iphone

are now in Asia is still dominated by branded samsung iphone, blackberry, nokia, and china production

Tron Bicycle techno


It's Unbelievable Tron Bicycle

It's unbelievable tron bicycle. Hi, did you already watch Tron Movie? Yup, there's someone who really love the movie
Tron. He even designed a bicycle with a Tron theme. Check this out:

It's really cool, is not it?
sourch : kaskus

ROSAT satellite-weighted 1.6 tons will Fall


techno up to date
Space junk former satellite UARS (Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite) was fall hit the earth on Saturday, September 19, 2011 last. But the threat of satellite carcasses that fall to Earth is still not over.

ABC News wrote news sites UARS did fall in the Pacific Ocean and do not endanger human lives. But October is again threatened by the falling earth satellite called ROSAT garbage.

Is a German satellite ROSAT X-ray observations of Germany. ROSAT mission began on June 1, 1990 to initiate a new era of X-ray technology in the disciplines of astronomy. The spacecraft is equipped with a giant X-ray telescope to capture images of objects in space.

This satellite was launched by the laboratory space Jerma, DLR in cooperation with the U.S. antarika agency NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and the board of science and engineering research UK (SERC).

Site DLR Newscientist write according to estimates there are 30 pieces of ROSAT with a total weight of 1.6 tonnes would fall hit the earth.

Head Office Space ruins, Heiner Klinkrad, the European Space Agency in Darmstadt, Germany recognized that fractional ROSAT satellite will fall to touch the earth's surface. "This is because the ROSAT does have a glass structure that will be able to break through the current high temperatures fell crashing layer of Earth's atmosphere," said Heiner Klinkrad in Newscientis

Marina Express ship crashes out


up to date Indonesia today
Marina Express ship crashes out at Coral Island
Express Ship MV Marina I, which sailed from Kuala Tungkal, Jambi to Batam, ran aground on a coral island in the waters around the Island Chief of Jeri, District Rear Padang, Batam, Riau Islands, Saturday (01/10/2011) at around 17:45 pm.

One passenger ship, Suana Niu, when contacted by Reuters said the ship was in a position to rise above the island of coral in waters around the Island Chief of Jeri.

"The position of the ship is above the coral island. Island is not big, sea water was receding. Machinery ships and passenger ships off quite crowded because of this ship from Batam to Kuala Tungkal," said Suana.

He ascended the ferry from the port of Tanjung Batu, Kundur island, Karimun regency, Riau Islands, Saturday around 17:00 pm, but some time going to the Port of Sekupang, Batam, the ship ran aground on an uninhabited coral island.

"At approximately 19:30 pm just came speed boat (speed boat with a capacity of about 70 people) rescuers to carry passengers," said Suana which states waiting to be transported.

He said there are three speedboats that come to transport passengers Marina Express. The passengers whose number is estimated that hundreds of people walking off the boat in the crevice between the rocks toward the lifeboat.

"Sea water is receding, while the ship's position on the Express Marina Cay and the ship could not dock near the boat so we had to walk off the boat," said Suana.

In fact, he said, harbor lighthouse Sekupang, Batam Island looks not so far from the location of the vessel is stopped, but due to the condition of the ship on a coral island about the cruise they stopped for a moment.

"I just hope we all can be helped, it was getting night besides many women and children on board," he said.

Apples nutrition facts


That an apple can keep us from a doctor, maybe you often hear. However, a recent study published in the journal Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association elaborate more specific: an apple a day will keep us from a stroke. Not only apples, but the whole fruit of the light-colored flesh.However, Dutch researchers said people with high intake of apples, pears, bananas, or cauliflower may reduce stroke risk by 52 percent. The study involved more than 20 thousand adults aged over 10 years.Even so, experts say a stroke, do not have to put off eating fruit and vegetables with other colors, just for the sake of preventing a stroke.At the beginning of the study, participants were asked to fill out detailed questionnaires about diet and lifestyle in the previous year. By using this information and tracking the health of participants during the next decade, the researchers were able to examine the relationship between the color of fruits and vegetables that are consumed with stroke risk.The study found that an increase of 25 grams (g) per day consumption of fruits and vegetables and white associated with the risk of stroke that is 9 percent lower.Of white fruits and vegetables that are eaten by 20 thousand people are involved in this study, more than half the apples and pears. An average apple has a weight of 120g.However, no similar relationship was found between the incidence of stroke and fruits and green vegetables (dark leafy vegetables, cabbage, and lettuce), orange / yellow (mostly citrus fruits), or red / purple.Linda Oude Griep, lead author of the study, as well as a postdoctoral in the field of nutrition at the Wageningen University, The Netherlands, said more research is needed to figure out why the white meat (in fruits and vegetables) is important."It's hard to say what the important role of nutrients in fruits and vegetables white. We know that apples and pears are fruits that are high in fiber, but there may be another explanation."He said these findings may be useful to encourage people to consume large amounts of white flesh fruit and vegetables to prevent stroke.[...]

linkinpark consert in Jakarta


Linkinpark in jakartaDo not feel eleven years have passed since an American rap metal band Linkin Park released their debut album a huge success worldwide: Hybrid Theory. Had branded as a seasonal band with the kind of music that did not last long, the band whose members Chester Bennington (vocals), Mike Shinoda (vocals), Rob Bourdon (drums), Brad Delson (guitar), Dave Farrell (bass), and Joe Hahn ( DJ) this proves that they continue to thrive, through a new album titled A Thousand Suns.Yahoo! Indonesia OMG! opportunity to talk with Brad Delson via a telephone line, one week before Linkin Park came to Indonesia to hold a concert at the Bung Karno stadium Jakarta, 21 September 2011. This will be the second time Linkin Park entertained fans in Indonesia after their first visit to Jakarta in 2004.In this brief chat, he talks about how important the fans outside the United States for them. He also explains the reason why we can no longer refer to Linkin Park as rap metal band.This will be the second time you visit to Jakarta. What do you expect?I remember, on our first visit, we are having fun in Jakarta. Concert went really well. So we were glad to return to Indonesia and share songs on the album A Thousand Suns with fans in Indonesia.Linkin Park On the website, you upload a video blog announcing a concert in Jakarta. You also write a blog with the Indonesian language. As important as what's fans in Indonesia for you?From the beginning we make music, one of our goals is to share our music to listeners outside the United States. We have more than ten years of traveling the world, and almost in every country we feel like a local band. Welcome to our fans is very warm to the point that we feel as a local band. Their support even more strongly than the fans in the United States. We also felt a connection with you more strongly with what we have with the fans in our own hometown.You've been three times to fill the Transformers movie soundtrack. Do you just love that movie?We feel there is a strong bond between the Transformers with our music. Moreover, we all had the Transformers robot toy as a child. Before the first Transformers movie was made, we've met the people behind the film and discuss possibilities for cooperation. Cooperation that we do is very strong, even for us feels more like a marriage between Linkin Park with the Transformers. Thanks to this cooperation we can also introduce the music of Linkin Park to the many people who may initially not listen to our music.Transformers movie where the most you like?When talking about special effects, obviously the first film. Technology they use is ground-breaking, has never been done by any other movie before. They also succeeded in making robot-robot so human.So you better choose Megan Fox or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley?Hahaha ... I am confused to answer. Both deh. All of the above. Hahaha ...A Thousand Suns new album released in 2010, but he said you guys already started working on the next album. Really?We never stopped writing songs. But now our focus is still on tour and promoting A Thousand Suns.Brad Delson (C.Lauren / WireImage)Ten years ago, you are a rap metal band. Now your music is different. Are you still th[...]

Ahmad Dhani ,acting up again


Republic of Love frontman Management Prastyo Ahmad Dhani angrily to a tabloid with a Twitter account that issuance few minutes ago.

Musicians who have trouble with the media until he came to the police report said no thank nephew say 'baby mysterious'.

"Wake up reading the tabloids in geblek ... I said baby nephew mysteriously ugly .. 2 reporters make journalism a bad name Indonesia" writes Ahmad Dhani in Twitter, Thursday (8 / 9)

Not just angry at the media who write 'mysterious baby' but, retainer band Dewa 19 is also called 'thieves' to reporters who take pictures of her nephew.

"Journalists What thief? ,,such as stealing, his image ..." Added a few minutes after saying 'journalist ugly'.

Prevent, treat Mesothelioma


Mesothelioma who threaten one's life, does not mean can not be cured.
Mesothelioma is a form of cancer that is often caused by malignant cells that develop in the mesothelium, a protective lining that covers most of the organs. The most common is the pleura (outer lining of the lungs and internal chest wall), but may also occur in the lining (the lining of the abdominal cavity), heart, or membrane vaginalis.

important and note if you work in an environment
close to the asbestos dust particles.
Most of the people affected by mesothelioma are caused by working on the job in inhaled asbestos particles, or perhaps also because they have been exposed to asbestos dust and fibers in other ways. Washing clothes of a family member who worked with asbestos can also be at risk of developing mesothelioma. Unlike lung cancer, and there was no association between mesothelioma and smoking. Compensation via asbestos funds or lawsuits is important in discussing mesothelioma (see asbestos and the law).

Denag mesothelioma symptoms include shortness of breath due to pleural fluid (fluid between the lung and the chest wall) or chest wall pain, and also because of overweight. Diagnosis can be suspected with chest X-ray and CT scan, and confirmed with a biopsy (tissue sample) and microscopic examination. A thoracoscopy (inserting a tube with a camera into the chest) can be used to take biopsies. Allow the introduction of objects as talc to obliterate the pleural space (called pleurodesis), which prevents more fluid from accumulating and pressing on the lungs.

Despite being treated with chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery, which carry the disease prognosis. Research about screening tests for early detection of mesothelioma is ongoing.

Recycling queen "Kate Middleton"


fashion design that always impressed beautiful, fashionable, and expensive.
it's the impression people to British queen Kate Middleton.
kate clothing that combines smart, liked by all circles

Who would have thought that art experts recycled fashion world will become a member of the royal family? Kate Middleton has made a name for himself this year.

Besides bearing the name of the Duchess of Cambridge, wife of Prince William has also become a fashion icon. Berbusananya the most imitated style of women, as well as kepiawainnya recycle clothes closet makes getting a new nickname as the Queen of Recycling.

According to Female First, she not only received much praise for his performance that always looks sempuarna in every atmosphere. The worldwide fashion commentators were amazed at her. Trends in the style of dress is popping up all over the place perfect copy her fashion style.

And not just the critics who praised his performance mode, many celebrities are fascinated with the look of Middleton. Anne Hathaway one of them.

Perfect Woman

In an interview with USA Today, Anne expressed her gratitude to Kate because it has become counselor berbusananya style to look like a perfect lady.

Since then, the clothing choices that Anne has been guided by her, including her appearance on the red carpet for the premiere of new film One Day. She looked beautiful wearing a lacy dress.

Kate was also considered good at combining accessories that match the clothing he wore. Ranging from hats, bags, and shoes, always look perfect when worn with matching dress so the appearance looks fresh and always different.

Kate is also an intelligent woman who chose a different blazers and cardigans funny to be integrated with the clothes in his closet. He is also known as a simple woman. Seen from how to makeup. Makeup that is used has not been seen much, including time on her wedding day.

The legend" Diana Ross"


The legendary Diana Ross with a beautiful sound.
making hysterical all the fans who loved the work of a legendary golden melodious voice Diana Ross.

Last night at Ross' Radio City Music Hall concert, the Queen of Motown chirped brightly, "Remember the old days that good? Memories.. Tonight is really about memories." The well-dressed, especially middle aged audience agreed, and recalled during the set Ross 'biggest, react as they hear the soundtrack of their youth playing 90 minutes live.The set career touches all the bases Ross' very success of his tenure as the center of the Supremes for a solo career.

While the chronology of hits wasn'ta straight sets, at the beginning of Ross's show offers a classic quartet won the Supremes. He started with "Reflection" and work through the "You Can not Hurry Love," "Come See About Me," and "Stop In the Name of Love."

There was never a question of power is the old songs still pack: almost everyone in the audience singing along and doing the hand jive traffic police is an integral part of "Stop In the Name of Love."

From the book solos, Ross is equally impressive, work Music Hall with a disco-era hits that made the mirror balls spin at the club in the early '80s, including songs "I'm Coming Out" followed by "syncopation Upside Down" unglued. That funk restless young and old from their seats.

The romantic ballads - "Touch Me in the Morning" playing "Endless Love" initial and final play - it seems the numbers that make the couple "oohs," "aahs" and leaning against each other.

And what a Diana Ross concert without, quick change costume spectacular.

Flip the skirt first took only 2 1 / 2 minutes. Cupboard next adjustment is as fast or faster, as he plowed through such flamboyant parade of Bob Mackie sequined, spangled, flouncy dresses in primary colors.

Ross, who has been strangely silent on the loss of her friend Michael Jackson last June, pamper yourself in the memories of this event, dedicating "Missing You" to the King of Pop and do his "You Are Not Alone."

On stage, everything looks easy for Ross, Billie Holiday and even do challenging "Do not Explain."

But even for a diva's diva, sang goodbye to Jackson looks tough.

Elvis Presley kiss


with beautifull song legend  Kiss Me Quick Lyrics

Kiss Me Quick Lyrics
Artist(Band):Elvis Presley

Kiss me quick while we still have this feeling,
Hold me close and never let me go,
‘Cause tomorrows can be so uncertain,
Love can fly and leave just hurting,
Kiss me quick because I love you so.

Kiss me quick and make my heart go crazy,
Sigh that sigh and whisper oh so low,
Tell me that tonight will last forever,
Say that you will leave me never,
Kiss me quick because I love you so.

Let the band keep playing while we are swaying,
Let’s keep on praying that we’ll never stop.

Kiss me quick, I just can’t stand this waiting
‘Cause your lips are lips I long to know.
For that kiss will open heaven’s door
And we’ll stay there forevermore,
So kiss me quick because I love you so.

Let the band keep playing while we are swaying,
Let’s keep on praying that we’ll never stop.

Kiss me quick, I just can’t stand this waiting
‘Cause your lips are lips I long to know.
For that kiss will open heaven’s door
And we’ll stay there forevermore,
So kiss me quick because I love you so.

Kiss me quick because I love you so.
Kiss me quick because I love you so.

Governor of Texas for U.S. president


Texas Governor Rick Perry to run in the United States presidential election of the Republican Party on Saturday. "He considered candidates at the top position. He immediately jumped to the top position," said Matt Dickinson, a professor of Political Science at Middlebury College in Vermont. "The reason why Perry as a credible candidate ... is because he is from one state to successfully create jobs in times of recession," he told AFP. Previous Mitt Romney's run for the party to compete against President Barack Obama in the presidential election on November 6 next year. Romney is a millionaire investor and former governor of Massachusetts. Other figures of the Republican nomination to enliven the bourse recorded Congressman Michele Bachmann and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. Obama still faces problems the U.S. economy with unemployment rates above nine per cent due to global crisis of 2008. Perry, who replaces George W. Bush as governor in 2000 hoping he can achieve its objectives by a combination of various abilities. "I am pro-business governor. I would become president pro-business," said Perry told Time magazine in an interview published Thursday. His statement was the opposition of the taxes and regulations in accordance with his beliefs as a Christian. The next day he promised his conservative groups at Republican dinner in Alabama, where he is seeking support to oppose the regulation of corporate America, who made the Obama administration. [...]

Flip-flops in the world's most expensive


Forget Jimmy Choos, Manolo Blahnik or Christian Louboutin. Maybe you've been consider the price of footwear from boutiques of name the most expensive. Apparently, it flip-flops output Chipkos the exorbitant price.Not made of crocodile leather or studded diamonds and exotic gems, flip-flops is worth about U.S. $ 18 thousand or Rp154 million. Then, what makes the price could be fantastic?As reported by the shine, it turns out each pair of sandals painted by hand artist from Los Angeles, United States, David Palmer. Paintings on the theme of abstract flip-flops with Jackson-Pollock-style.Chipkos symbol itself is made of 18 carat gold created by jewelry boutique, Readers Fine Jewelers in Santa Monica. With a price that reaches hundreds of millions, the buyer will not just get wrapped in gold sandals and artwork.But it also got a painting by Palmer, mahogany, and inlaid glass box. Including, the original certificate and a bag of Chipkos which of course made ​​from environmentally friendly materials.The results of these sandals purchase Chipkos was used to 'adopt' the rain forest of 100,000 square feet in Costa Rica. Later, the forest will be preserved, including protecting the natural resources contained therein. (art)[...]

Heaven Beautiful Underwater World


If you are enthusiasts of nautical tourism, visiting the Marine Protected Area (MPA) Derawan Islands, Berau, East Kalimantan, newsworthy agenda. Although only developed into a tourist attraction, the potential and beauty of the waters is not inferior to other areas. This area is a marine and mangrove areas regulated for the purposes of sustainable fisheries activities, marine tourism, research, and socio-economic development of society, as well as utilization of other marine resources sustainably. There are no direct flights to get to this area. Flights from Jakarta to Balikpapan only, replace it with a small plane to Cape Redeb, the capital of Berau District. From Cape Redeb using a speedboat to the island Derawan. It took an hour down the river to reach the estuary. Do not be surprised if you see so many step on the chart. This chart belongs to the local population and the number could be thousands. On the island there are several cottages Derawan. Sea water in the area is clean and clear with white sand that stretches. Derawan Islands located in the Celebes Sea, on the coast of Berau, East Kalimantan, overlooking the mouth of River estuary known as the Delta Kelai and Berau. This archipelago consists of six major islands, namely Pulau Derawan, Sangalaki Island, Kakaban, Maratua Island, Long Island, Pulau Samama, and several small islands and coral clusters. There are 21 islands in the archipelago. Derawan Islands group is only a fraction of the hundreds of islands on the east coast Kalimantan which amounts to 248 islands. Of that total, 138 islands do not have names, of which two islands of Sipadan and Ligitan lost, belongs to Malaysia. Waters on the island is famous as one of the diving spot or the best diving places in the world. Marine tourism and conservation area which developed into a tourist submarine is famous for its coral reefs are very beautiful. By using a snorkel you can enjoy the beauty of coral reefs under the sea because the water was very clear. Do not need all the way out to sea, about 100 meters from the beach, fish and colorful coral reefs can be enjoyed by renting snorkel Rp 50,000 per day. As for scuba equipment rental (self containing bhreating underwater apparatus) is around Rp 400,000. The series of islands stretching Derawan more than 100mil along the coastline of East Kalimantan, is one of the most biologically rich in Indonesia. In this archipelago of water from the River Berau mixed with water from the Celebes Sea, creating a unique seascapes characterized by a wide river delta toward the scattered reef, fringing reefs and atolls. Islands Derawan there are more than 460 species of corals. This makes Derawan Islands as having the highest diversity of hard corals in the world's number two after the Raja Ampat Islands in eastern Indonesia. The study also noted the presence of more than 870 species of fish, ranging from Pygmy seahorses are very small to giant manta rays. Very often foun[...]

21st Century's Largest Maritime


Sail Bunaken "Event" 21st Century's Largest MaritimeManado (creative zone) - rd involving dozens of countries equipped with warships and sailing ships, is the largest maritime event of the 21st century, held in the waters of Manado and Bitung, 12 to 20 August 2009."Sail Bunaken is a momentum to restore the image of Indonesia as the world's largest maritime event successfully held in Manado," said Director General of supervision and Control of Marine Resources and Fisheries, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Aji Sularso in Manado, on Thursday.Rd with scheduled activities Sailing and Flying Pass various ships and war planes, is an activity that is rarely done in the world.North Sulawesi Province which is very prestigious to gain momentum with the activity, so expect local communities to support and success of that activity.According to him, there are two important things related to the implementation of the Sail Bunaken in North Sulawesi, namely the potential of marine and biological resources is great, very decent converted to economic activity for the people."The Indonesian people can promote the potential of inviting a number of investors to invest in Indonesia," he said.          Then, the Indonesian nation can show the strength of the defense and maritime security, so it can not be viewed lightly by any countries."There are already thousands of foreign participants in North Sulawesi, meaning they recognize that the international event in Indonesia is recognized," he explained. [...]

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If you require any more information or have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us by email at At, the privacy of our visitors is of extreme importance to us. This privacy policy document outlines the types of personal information is received and collected by and how it is used. Log FilesLike many other Web sites, makes use of log files. The information inside the log files includes internet protocol ( IP ) addresses, type of browser, Internet Service Provider ( ISP ), date/time stamp, referring/exit pages, and number of clicks to analyze trends, administer the site, track user’s movement around the site, and gather demographic information. IP addresses, and other such information are not linked to any information that is personally identifiable. Cookies and Web Beacons does use cookies to store information about visitors preferences, record user-specific information on which pages the user access or visit, customize Web page content based on visitors browser type or other information that the visitor sends via their browser. DoubleClick DART Cookie .:: Google, as a third party vendor, uses cookies to serve ads on Google's use of the DART cookie enables it to serve ads to users based on their visit to and other sites on the Internet. .:: Users may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy at the following URL - Some of our advertising partners may use cookies and web beacons on our site. Our advertising partners include ....Google AdsenseAmazonThese third-party ad servers or ad networks use technology to the advertisements and links that appear on send directly to your browsers. They automatically receive your IP address when this occurs. Other technologies ( such as cookies, JavaScript, or Web Beacons ) may also be used by the third-party ad networks to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements and / or to personalize the advertising content that you see. has no access to or control over these cookies that are used by third-party advertisers. You should consult the respective privacy policies of these third-party ad servers for more detailed information on their practices as well as for instructions about how to opt-out of certain practices.'s privacy policy does not apply to, and we cannot control the activities of, such other advertisers or web sites. If you wish to disable cookies, you may do so through your individual browser options. More deta[...]

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Islamic song "Insya Allah"


Islamic song "Insya Allah"   the work of Maher ZeinInsha Allah Lyrics | Insha Allah Lyrics By: Maher ZainWhenever you feel like you can not continueYou feel so lostThat way you justWhat you are seeing is the nightAnd the darkness aroundYou feel so helplessYou can not see a way to goDo not despair and never loose hopeCause God is always beside youInsha Allah x3Insha Allah you will find your wayEvery time you do one more mistakeYou feel you can not repentAnd that way too lateYour're so confused, one decision you have madeHaunt the mind and heart full of shameDo not despair and never loose hopeCause God is always beside youInsha Allah x3Insha Allah you will find your wayInsha Allah x3Insha Allah you will find your wayTurning to GodHe is never far awayPut your trust in HimRaise your hands and prayOOO O GodGuide my steps do not let me strayYou're the only one who shows the way,Shows how x2God willing x3God willing, we will find a wayVideo & Lyrics InformationArtist: Maher ZainAlbum: Thank You GodLyrics: Maher Zain & Bara KherigiMelody: Maher ZainSettings: Maher Zain & Hamza NamiraCopyright: Resurrection Records 2009[...]

Tips, healthy fast


tips, healthy fast Fasting, in addition to the obligation for Muslims, also of the science of medicine, fasting could actually provide some health benefits for the body. According to Dr. Siti Setiati SpPD, a Specialist in internal medicine from the Division of Geriatric Medicine Department, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia is relatively (Faculty of medicine), with fasting, the number of calories the food we eat will usually be reduced. "Restricting the amount of food calories is one way that has been shown to slow aging. As well as preventing diseases that commonly occur in the elderly and cancer," said siti Setiati on Wednesday (07/27/2011) and then, in Jakarta. When fasting, will generally be a reduction in the number of calories diasup up to 10-40 percent of daily needs. The results of research on animals has shown, by reducing the number of calories it can prolong life expectancy, lower risk of cancer, prevent the development of diseases such as diabetes and kidney. "Research in humans has also been there. And as a result, reduced body fat composition, improved blood pressure, decreased cholesterol, reduced risk of diabetes, and can slow the aging process," he said. Siti said the variety of research and literature has indeed shown the benefits of fasting for health. However, one certainly would not directly feel the usefulness, if only the fasting month. "It's certainly not the fast that only one month only. But it must continue to be done in the following months," he explained. Benefits restriction (restriction) calories, continued Siti, also affect heart health. Calorie restriction, is believed to be a stronger heart pumping and makes a person not easily tired after activity or exercise.[...]

Obama's Birthday Party


U.S. President Barack Obama will celebrate its birthday-50 this Thursday in Washington by holding a private ceremony at the White House.President Obama will spend this morning with the work, before a party with family and friends in the White House Rose Garden, in the afternoon. He will then spend the weekend with his family at the presidential retreat at Camp David.At birthday parties and campaign fundraising event in Chicago on Wednesday night, Obama defended his economic policies, but he admits there are still many things need to be done about the economy.He also called compromise legislation on the debt ceiling recently as "inscribed his own wounds," as he said Washington had no time for partisan games.President Obama signed an agreement to slash government spending and raise the national debt ceiling on Tuesday, hours before the government faces running out of funds to pay his debts.The audience in a fundraising event Wednesday to pay up to 35,800 dollars per ticket. The money is intended for presidential re-election campaign and the Democratic National Committee.[...]

Yingluck Shinawatra, Thailand's New PM


Yingluck Shinawatra, Thailand's New PMToday is a victory for the people of Thailand, Yingluck Shinawatra, today received support from a majority of MPs vote for new leader. Yingluck Shinawatra became prime minister of Thailand is the 28th.Ballot election conducted Yingluck month intervals after the victory of his party, Thai Pheu, on July 3 elections ago. According to the Bangkok Post, August 5, 2011, a total of 296 lawmakers expressed support for Yingluck, while 197 opposition members chose to abstain.Pheu Thai Party who received 265 of 500 seats in parliament to make this party the majority party. Thai Pheu currently garnering support other smaller parties to form a coalition with 300 seats.Become prime minister, Yingluck should face some challenges. One is to create political stability in the country and society. Siripan Nogsuan Sawasdee, political scientist from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, said Yingluck can make the situation stable, but only briefly."To bring stability to his government, Yingluck must find ways to harmonize military and conservative forces without damaging the struggle Red Shirts," said Siripan, CNN reported from the station.ListenRead phonetically source [...]

Kimkardashian wedding plans


kimkardashian wedding plans According to some sources in April and is the most extravagant weddings ever.namely marriage princes William and Kate Middleton.but selsebritis sexi Kimkardashian will celebrate the lavish wedding that will be the world's attention.Kim is married to Kris Humphris Basketball PlayersKim said the wedding would be like Prince Williamthe royal style.Kim said the wedding would later become one ofluxurious wedding of the century.Kim has ordered the manufacture of a wedding cake.Fiona chairns the cake maker  pangeran william and kate.Kim said the wedding will be aired directly through the television for 2 hours.Kim thinks the live broadcast, the wedding will be more popular than Prince William and :female ferst ListenRead phonetically[...]

Ir.Habibie in germany


a simple writing of ronibloggers.sometimes difficult to understand, seeing the condition of our country.yes, how does an Habibie expressed his feelings about the condition of this country.a rich country but it seemed natural to retreat who can not take advantage of natural resources and human resources.although not explicitly in disclosed.The figure of Mr. Habibie, was a world icon scientists product of thisnation. He expressed the memory of youth in Germany, spoke of science and technology, economics, and the brain drain.yes It was Mr. Habibie spoke in front of scientists at the German city of Aachen (saturday 30 / 07)which was attended by 470 of intellectual / student in mainland Europe was present there. with a distinctive smile and joked, "that scientists are not reasonable, or do not want to go back to Indonesiabecause there are no employment opportunities, even difficult to do research.I do not think they do not love for his people, if given the chance they'll want to work for the homeland. "What a great country when the rich natural resources in the best possible use is supported 100 percent of the scientists, and utilize the maximum of all children of the nation.Indonesia must already be a developed country.a developed nation to IndonesiaSimakBaca secara fonetik[...]

Amy Winehouse, world British musicians


Amy Winehouse, a top British musiciansThe world lost a great musician, Amy Winehouse has diedBackground informationBirth name Amy Jade WinehouseBorn 14 September 1983 (14/09/1983)Southgate, London, EnglandDied July 23, 2011 (23/07/2011) (age 27)Camden, London, EnglandGenre Soul, R & B, jazzOccupation Singer, songwriterInstruments Vocals, guitarYears active 1998 - 2011Label Island, lioness, Universal Republic (U.S.)Site  Amy is a singer-quality, high achieversAmy Jade Winehouse (14 September 1983 - 23 July 2011) is an English singer-songwriter known for her powerful contralto vocals are deep and its eclectic mix of musical genres including R & B, soul and jazz.2003 Winehouse's debut album, Frank, was a critical success in Britain and was nominated for the Mercury Prize. 2006 his next album, Back to Black, causing six Grammy Award nominations and five wins, tying the record for most wins by a female artist in one night, and made Winehouse the first British female to win five Grammys, including three of the "Big Four": Best New Artist, Record of the Year and Song of the Year.  On February 14, 2007, she won a BRIT Award for Best British Female Artist; he was also nominated for Best British Album. She won the Ivor Novello Award three times, one in 2004 for Best Contemporary Song (music and lyrics) for "Stronger Than Me", one in 2007 for Best Contemporary Song for "Rehab", and one in 2008 for Best Song musically and Lyrically for "Love Is Losing Game", among other differences. This album is the third largest seller of the 2000s in England.Winehouse is credited as an influence in the rise of popularity of female musicians and soul music, and also to revitalize British music. Winehouse is a distinctive style that made him an inspiration for fashion designers like Karl Lagerfeld. Winehouse is a problem with drug and alcohol abuse, violence, and self-destructive behavior that tabloid news regularly from 2007 until his death. She and her ex-husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, is plagued by legal problems that made serving a prison sentence. In 2008, Winehouse is facing a series of health complications that threaten both his career and his lifeWinehouse died at age 27 on July 23, 2011, at his home in London, police said the cause of death was "not yet explained," Winehouse's. family and friends attended his funeral on July 26, 2011. He was later cremated at Golders Green Crematorium [...]

Beauty "tour the france"


"tour the france" Alpen mountainous region in the French has become a tourist area by tourists the world.tourists come from all over the world because of love with beautiful views in the mountains there.with a "tour de france" is a sports party with the French people follow the cyclists around the world.really attract tourists to visit and linger there in the added scene paris and typical building of luxury fashion in the city.  have you been there?[...]

"Arumi Bachsin" beautiful smile of monalisa


She walks like a Super Model of the World.Her face is very pretty charming, loose hair makes many men fall in love with him.many issues come to Arumi, Arumi lost!in Asia ,Arumi are celebrities who are famous in Indonesia to be exact.Arumi was young and beautiful, beautiful smile like monalisaArumi can not consent to love her lover.Arumi be married to someone by the father, mother ArumiBut Arumi refused, Arumi go and hide.Arumi like confusion, Arumi as missing did not know where.Everyone is looking for Arumi, even journalists are busy looking for Arumi participate.[...]

Tips on buying a car


how much money you now?, whether you buy a car in cash or kredit.make sure on you, new car prices would be purchasedin accordance with your a survey first before buying, which car you buy appropriate in accordance with your survey on other people who buy on credit and was completed without any problems.and do the survey also on others who bought on credit but the problem with the seller.and you start counting your money back.make sure your survey is able to overcome the problem in credit payments later on, so you do not need to loan money to the bank expecting.Do you have insurance?car dealers on credit will have more confidence in yourbecause you have insurance.[...]

New world record for mass wedding


marriage is a sacred thing in Indonesia, today Tuesday 19 July 2011.there has been a new history, the largest mass wedding in the world, and recorded a new world record, marriage was held in Jakarta Indonesia Senayan sports many as 4541 couples attended and followed the event.they come from various areas in Jakarta Indonesia, with a different religion but they get along.them from a young age 16 years, and a grandfather 82 yearsThis history museum in recorded world record in the UK / 'royal world record "in attendance witnessed firsthand in Senayan, Jakarta.                                                       pic.okezone .com[...]

new harry potter vs Transformer 3


in July will be premiering two works of the best films of HarryPotter and the transformers 3.and certainly both will succeed, because this film is the awaited by fans around the world including Asiaharry potter showing the latest episode and will definitely benefit two-fold, through the premiere in the United States the result is higher than the target as HarryPotter years ago.[...]

lady gaga indonesian fans


lady gaga this controversial celebrity would come to Indonesia.This proves that Indonesia has a fanatical lady gaga enough. really fantastic when the lady's chest came soon after,  She made a special video for the fans in Indonesia that  Lady Gaga is coming when he appeared in singapore.[...]

future aircraft 2050


future aircraft UB8BZEFDXXAP  French production aircraft designed in 2050 as marketed what and how?technology is increasingly showing that fiction becomes the room like a cabin that feels comfortable in the room for relaxation, and the extent of such people can shop in cyberspace, even predicted to be able to play golf in it.this concept is exhibited in london, by expert engineering airbus planes, and planes will look transparent walls so thatpassengers can see the clouds directly above, sides and front, surely this will make the frightened passengers at high altitudes.ufffss, very extraordinarysource: various sources[...]

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writing is my hobby that can not be stopped.
originated from a lot of writing then I become a bloggers.
only one I hope, I hope everything I write is useful
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Super fast train china


The fastest train in the world now is in china                        This train has just completed testing successfully.This train speed 350 km / hspeed 2 x faster than regular trains chinaThis project spent $ 32.5 billionChinese bullet train is a combination of fast trainworld such as Japanese, French and GermanEuropean countries began to be interested to buy it[...]

What do you think,,,,,,?


my friend has a friend, she likes spongebob
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Book review best seller


get the book bestseller on amazon you
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A Dance with Dragons: A Song of Ice and Fire: Book Five(image)

writing get dollar


if your hobby of writing. This is the best that I recommend. provided that the lighter you are able to follow after so long blogwalking finally see well. this he is looking for a paid review. This name linkfromblog paid review.  already described. linkfromblog receive blog with Indonesian. and how easy alias list is easy. I'm trying to find a fortune here to chase the dollar. linkfromblog was already long-standing and hitherto proved to pay. Iam recommend to look for a paid review on a trustworthy linfromblog need to try friends can register here or on the banner below, just click. linkfromblog advertisenya was a lot of ways you can select for bid on the start menu. for bid you can do as much but must direct review, of course, after approved. usually 1 day immediately approved. linkfromrog is paidreview with earnings payout after you get $ 50. OK, good luck,,, [...]

president "Orde Baru"Soeharto


Suharto was president of the 2 in the Republic of Indonesia.leadership at many already successful, especially in the areas of development, and agriculture.Indonesia makes the achievement of food self-sufficiency for New Order.recommend to the president Suharto in Indonesia became a national hero.[...]

mystery dance bali


Balinese dance is the preferred by tourists for its magic power[...]

influence of western culture in the east


influence of western culture in the eastif you know the culture of the population of east asia.such as Indonesia, especially in Bali.polite culture will be felt for a visitor.they are very closed in clothes even when try to swim, they look at you half naked, they would really not like. because that culture in Bali very uphold decency.maybe you think it is normal and your rights.but the development of Bali as an international visitculture such as lost in the earth.because of the diverse culture of Bali, Bali is still Baliwith an exotic at kuta beach and its inhabitants are polite and friendly.[...]

song by lavigne "what the hell"


"what the hell"          lirics by avril lavigne

You say that I'm messing with your head
(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
All 'cause I was making out with your friend
(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Love hurts, whether it's right or wrong
(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
I can't stop 'cause I'm having too much fun
(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

You're on your knees,
beggin' please
'stay with me'
But honestly,
I just need to be a little crazy

All my life I've been good but now,
I'm thinking 'What the hell'
All I want is to mess around,
and I don't really care about
If you love me, if you hate me,
you can't save me, baby, baby
All my life I've been good but now,
whoa 'What the hell'

What the hell

So what if I go out on a million dates
(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
You never call or listen to me anyway
(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
I'd rather rage than sit around and wait all day
(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Don't get me wrong,
I just need some time to play (yeah)

about insurance


friend complained to me that how to make car and home insurance, I tell them look that has been trusted insurance company has been present since at least 10 years old, and already trusted the government and the company grows well in all areas and experiencing traffic increases from year to year .so be careful in insuring your life, home, your car, look for insurance that is responsible, who has a big name companies and trusted.[...]

$400k ,Michael Jackson "Thriller"jacket


michael jackson jacket for auction, a memory of mj icon in the "video thriller" that is given a price of $ 400,000, the auction sale price jacket in the video "Thriller"all mj fans really like, and will offer exceptional price, because this is a legend icon mj, "the thriller" king of pop.its truly the most iconic piece of pop culture histori,"Darren julian president of julien auctions,tells CNN,you see the jacket and you know what it is, Other offerings include Elvis Presley's original "TCB" necklace, Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run" denim jacket, wool cape Ringo Starr from the "Help " and custom Jaguar's 25 years of Frank Sinatra. In fact there are items related to Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash, Madonna and Lady Gaga.[...]

insurance investigation


facing the modern era, when economic growth is very rapid. Indonesian government regulations and the world, that every company that employs a lot of people with a sizable financial enjoined to enroll employees in insurance companies.

insurance in its development, has proved able to cooperate very well and proved as much disaster
plagued this country and the world.

able to foster attitudes insurance trust every person and faith in the company.
the world-famous celebrities, many who registered insurance for new-born child, for example, home insurance, vehicles, and others.

list of trusted insurance in Indonesia

1. Tugu Pratama Indonesia
2. Asuransi Jasa Indonesia
3. Asuransi Adira Dinamika
4. Asuransi Astra Buana
5. Zurich Insurance Indonesia
6. Insurance Jasaraharja Son
7. Jaya Insurance Protection
8. Asuransi Mitsui Sumitomo Indonesia
9. Insurance Forum for Tata
10. Asuransi Central Asia
11. Chartists Insurance Indonesia
12. Asuransi Allianz Utama Indonesia
13. Asuransi Tokio Marine Indonesia
14. Asuransi Ramayana
15. Tri Pakarta Insurance
16. Asuransi Sinar Mas
17. Mercury Insurance Pre Tikara
18. Metallica Dayin Insurance Partners



Presentation with Blackberry on Amazon


Amazon present what you can buy,about electronic or ipod
with blacberry.hp ,accer and apple ,cek it out!!!
frameborder="0" height="1500" scrolling="auto" src="" width="700%">

Barcelona celebrates victory


barca should be proud, they are a formidable team had no doubt, messi, villa, pedro, Savi and team.they played very well, alex pergusson though it praised to the juniors.FC Barcelona 3-1 Manchester United FCSecond-half goals from Lionel Messi and David Villa ended United's challenge at Wembley and earned a fourth European title for Barça.Just as in 1992, Wembley provided the setting for a Catalan celebration as FC Barcelona turned on the style to beat Manchester United FC 3-1 and claim their fourth European crown. Barcelona were worthy winners, taking the lead through Pedro Rodríguez and responding to Wayne Rooney's equaliser with two superb second-half strikes from Lionel Messi and David Villa.If Barça's triumph at the old Wembley broke down a barrier with their first European Champion Clubs' Cup, this underlined the Spanish titleholders' status as the continent's dominant force – their third UEFA Champions League in six seasons conferring the stamp of greatness on Josep Guardiola's side. For an outplayed United team, it was a sorry repeat of their Rome defeat by the Blaugrana two years ago. There were dancers with umbrellas in the opening ceremony and even the simulated sounds of a storm but it was on the pitch that lightning eventually struck twice. For a short while, it looked like things might turn out differently for the English champions. Sir Alex Ferguson selected an attacking formation, resisting the temptation to pack his midfield and instead fielding both Javier Hernández and Rooney in attack.As in Rome, his team raced out of the blocks, pushing up and aiming to deny Barcelona the time and space to find their stride, and briefly the ploy worked. Barcelona seemed edgy as Hernández hustled a defender into losing the ball on the edge of his area. Javier Mascherano, starting in central defence in place of Carles Puyol with Éric Abidal at left-back, then failed to deal with Edwin van der Sar's punt down the middle, forcing Víctor Valdés into urgent action to deny Rooney.Inevitably, though, Barça clicked into gear, and they fashioned the first clear opening on the quarter[...]

fc.Barcelona the Champion 2011


very interesting game last night.messi and impressed the team at Wembley Stadium.since the early minutes of the match was very interesting.even Roney and his colleagues many times to threaten the goal barca.seen in the early minutes menchester trying to steal a goal.but instead barcelona mid time appear very solid, they performed with quality as a very good team, almost did not make mistakes throughout the game.The first goal by Pedro managed to make silent spectator mencester united supporter, but not so long ago timewayn Roney managed to score to each.until the end of time, the first half, they appear to attack each otherdisplays the individual's ability as a top class player.  barcelona in the second half appears more aggressive, via a short feedback messi, david villa and made ​​alonzo.mencester overwhelmed.several times the referee had issued a yellow card.mid back round to dua.lionel messi break your goal and the position to be 2-1 to Barcelona.and competition increasingly fierce, but because barca attack difficult at the weir by you, david villa to make the score 3-1 to deliver barca champions league champions 2011[...]

music and business


development of music in the world is getting advanced. especially regarding the presence of music in all sorts of fields. music can be promoted everywhere, including the Internet, radio, television, and also on the outskirts of the street pavement. and what happens piracy everywhere. Music producer first use of production music libraries when they seek to create music scores for advertisements or films. However, since then it has been useful for people who want to use royalty free music for motivation to make their speeches memorable by using emotional music, or for other school projects. . Production music library available in all different sizes such as those who have thousands of tracks and the people who only have a few hundred songs that are available to consumers and producers who want the right kind of music for their own purposes. Consumers and producers can be sure that all their music requirements will be met in a production of libraries because they offer so many different tracks royalty free music in one place. Because there are so many music tracks, consumers and producers can buy a few songs for the production of large or only a few songs for projects smaller. By offering a variety of music packages, consumers and producers can be confident that they will only have to pay for music they want and will be used, as opposed to having to pay for a package of premade tracks that only have a few tracks in the package.  Creative zoneAs a result, consumers and producers need royalty free music for their own purposes, production music library has become increasingly popular. It is becoming more difficult for consumers and producers to get music legally for this purpose because the music can be used in various ways and these days there are laws strict licensing for music. Because they provide royalty free music for consumers and producers, production music library that is used to ensure that consumers and producers who buy music legally for their purposes. Because the production music library has become so[...]

how easy to write on the blog.


as difficult as whether to write or make an article on the blog.everyone can write, then why such a difficult to make a post which is actually simple.but like to write it blocked a high wallwho wrote it so that makes things difficult.It is easy to write, write like water flowing.Convey what you feel, do not matter what stop you, because there the power of your writing.writing for me is beautiful tunes like a song.that always accompany the sad, love, and when you are in any circumstances, it is not you write articles and will be a great writingso congratulations to write.Creative zone [...]

Ahmad Dhani will create a new band.


Ahmad Dhani (Foto: Koran SI)back a claim of Ahmad Dhaniwith vocalist Judika formation, with the name of the band Great God.Ahmad Dhani Will Discuss the Great God and Fate of Dewa 19Thursday, May 19, 2011 - 8:07 pm  Ahmad Dhani with his new band, Great God, have been show-case in public Yogyakarta, Friday (5/13/2011) ago. Judika as a vocalist.But Dhani still took Ari Lasso to strengthen his new brand for a tour in several cities in Indonesia.Love Is Blind be the debut single Supreme Deity, other songs Dhani still rely on the songs that have popularized the god.Dhani encountered when launching the Virgin titled debut album 'Yes I'm' in the number of Menteng, Central Jakarta, until now he did not want to reveal about the 'toy' is new.He will talk a lot about the Great God at once the fate of Dewa 19 in celebration of his birthday which falls next May 26."I do not want fanfare before now. Later on 26 May unison, "Dhani brief talk about the band is more interested in her care, the duo of The Virgin, filled by Dara and Mitha.[...]

Beautyfull of music


How to listen great music.are you love music? this about Carlos santana.I instruct a free of charge video guitar lesson on the traditional song "Residence Of The Soaring Sun" on my web page. The website link is at the finish of this report. It may possibly be a good way to get you pointed in the appropriate direction. It's a fun song! As I inform all my students, finding out guitar is a journey. Appreciate it as a straightforward remedy in your everyday everyday living. The frustrations you encounter along the way just suggest that you're discovering and increasing into new territory. Greatest in guitar and Everyday living! I've heard Carlos Santana's Amazing Grace guitar model and I will need to say it was wonderful. Nonetheless, Carlos Santana had his views with regards to the song "Amazing Grace" and this may perhaps leave you pondering why he produced his own version of the song. In accordance to the interview which can be found at, when Carlos Santana was asked to elaborate on his affinity for John Coltrane and not just Coltrane's approach to scales and chords these are the issues that he said "People today have to have to have an understanding of there's this remarkable mystery. We are a lot more critical than demons or angels. Demons only disobey. The hyperlink is at the end of this post. It may well be a superior way to get you pointed in the correct path. It's a enjoyment song! As I tell all my college students, finding out guitar is a journey. Take pleasure in it as a very simple therapy in your daily life. The frustrations you encounter along the way just imply that you're mastering and rising into new territory. Most effective in guitar and Everyday living! Hundreds of beloved items of Christian music are free, largely because they are now in the public domain, which in the United States signifies they ended up composed just before 1923 (everywhere else, a safe rule is to make positive the author has been[...]

Ahmad musician Indonesia


Dhani Ahmad Prasetyo (born in Surabaya, East Java, May 26, 1972, age 38 years) or better known as Ahmad Dhani / Dhani Manaf is a musician, songwriter, arranger, and producer Indonesia. Dhani is the leader of the group's top band, Dewa 19 and also personnel band The Rock. Dhani is also the owner and chairman of the Republic of Love Management. Dhani has scored many hits and orbit a number of artists through his Ahmad Dhani Nama lahir Dhani Ahmad Prasetyo Nama lain Muhammad Dhani Manaf Lahir 26 Mei 1972 (umur 38) Surabaya, Indonesia Pekerjaan musisi Tahun aktif 1991 - sekarang Mempengaruhi Dewa 19, The Rock, Republik Cinta Management, T.R.I.A.D. Pasangan Maia Ahmad (cerai)Mulan Jameela Anak Pernikahan dengan Maia Ahmad:Ahmad GazaliEl Jalaluddin RumiAhmad Abdul Qodir JaelaniPernikahan siri dengan Mulan Jameela:Syafiya Orang tua Eddy Abdul Manaf [...]

Krakatau bands and international achievements


KRAKATAU was founded in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia in 1985. The band started when bassist Pra Budidharma returned from Seattle. Washington, USA to begin a jazz career in Indonesia. The personnel and concept for Krakatau took shape during weekly jam sessions sponsored by the “Jazz Break” program in Bandung, a city known throughout Indonesia for its talented, accomplished musicians. Donny Soehendra, a well-known guitarist in Bandung, and a promising young piano student named Dwiki Dharmawan had been interested in starting a jazz-rock fusion oriented band, and with Pra on bass and the addition of rock drummer Budhy Haryono, Krakatau’s original lineup was complete.The band made its international debut at the 1985 Yamaha Bands Explosion in Tokyo, Japan. There Dwiki Dharmawan won a Grand Prix as the most talented keyboard player at the contest. Some changes and additions to the band”s lineup followed as Krakatau began work on their first jazz-pop oriented recording, which was released in 1986 by Bulletin Records, a subsidiary of Billboard Indonesia. Additional players included young jazz keyboard wizard Indra Lesmana on keys and Hollywood College graduate Gilang Ramadhan on drums, replacing Budhy Haryono. Also on board was vocalist Trie Utami, who contributed her considerable talents to the album; Krakatau had previously collaborated with well-known singers Hari Mukti and Ruth Sahanaya for their live performances.Krakatau scored several bits, including “Gemilang” and “Imaji”, both written by Dwiki Dharmawan & Mira Lesmana. “Kemelut” written by Indra & Mira Lesmana, and an instrumental cut entitled “Haiti” composed by Dwiki Dharmawan. In 1987 Krakatau released their second album, which produced the hits “La Samba Primadona” (by lndra Lesmana & Trie Utami) and “Cita Pasti” (by Dwiki Dharmawan & Trie Utami).In 1988, Krakatau recorded the[...]

'Elfa Secioria, the best Musicians in Indonesia'


Elfa Secioria dedicated his life to develop the world of Indonesian music. For musicians Yovie Widianto, Elfa is a teacher of many musicians.

"Elfa Brother is my cousin brother and teacher of many musicians in Indonesia. He has a lot of musicians to bring Indonesia into the international arena," said Yovie when met at the funeral home, Kemang Pratama, Bekasi, on Saturday (08/01/2011).

Yovie revealed that Elfa highly appreciate the works of music that has quality. Yovie claimed to have a lot of lessons from Elfa.

"If there is good work him more respect, but if the attitude-behavior most he said 'it's just nyari ne money'," said Yovie.

Elfa last breath on Saturday (01/08/2011), at 17.00 pm. He was treated at Pertamina Jaya Hospital, Cempaka Putih.

"This is a great loss for the Indonesian nation, as stout a musician who was born from him," he concluded.

Writing Your Marketing Blog


writing is a must in the blog.write content that is interesting, keep in every day.You'll find the right blogs and more qualifiedthere is no difficult thing for a a blogger will always find new things and interesting Who wouldn't get bored with the same old static pages? But as you write your blog, and if you write it well, you'll be able to impress both your clients and the search engines.And now for the one qualifier. Content may be king, but content alone is like a figure-head king who talks a lot but doesn't get anything done. For the monarchy to be effective, you have t actually write good and appropriate content.The first step to write a marketing blog is to set your goals and know why you blog. What this means is that you have to understand that a blog is not an open invitation to post sales material and self congratulatory tripe. The purpose of your blog should certainly be to inform, but it is also an opportunity to communicate with your clients. Search engines may like blogs because of constantly updated content, but customers have come to trust blogs because they feel like this is a chance to “get to know” the company – not subject themselves to more mindless sales material.When you are writing content for your marketing blog you need to keep a few things in mind. First of all, a business blog, while not exactly creative writing, is not really technical writing either. Everyone has their own style and, depending on the subject matter of the blog, different styles are appropriate for different industries. But in general, a blog should be written in a more conversational tone. This will help you avoid the marketing-speak that can otherwise creep into a valid article.Next, make sure that your grammar, punctuation, and spelling skills are regularly exercised. All you have to do is spend some time visiti[...]

An Easy Guide To Blogs


to get a blog that can be easily found by search enggin.each blogger trying to keep writing every day.then obtained his popular blog and easily get the visitors to the blog's owner.seo techniques and with the writer will be more confident and professional.  The good thing about blogs is that they are constantly updated with fresh information and ideas, that is, if the blog is maintained correctly by the owner – This is what makes them so popular with the search engines. Blogs usually get high ranking on the search engines because of the constant update of information. Search Engines love fresh content and if it’s on your blog first then your blog will be the first to get listed and ranked.A Few Advantages of having a Blogcreative zone 1. Blogging can be an excellent form of advertising for your products or business2. Blogs are so easy to set up and they are free.3. They usually get very high rankings in the search engines.4. They usually contain constant updates with relevant information.5. Blogs can be an excellent cash generator.Anyone doing business online should by now have a blog or two or three, and if not they should start blogging as soon as they can. It is an excellent way to get your business out there and be noticed. Good Increases in sales usually follow a good blog promotion. There are a lot of ways to make a lot of money using only blogs. You can sell products related to your blog, or even unrelated. People have lots of different interests. You can advertise for someone else by placing their banners or text ad on your blog. You can also use Adsense ads to generate extra income.Creating and starting a blog is very easy, it can be a lot of fun and exciting, especially when you start making some money from your efforts. For a blog to be effective you must remember to update your blog quite often;[...]