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European Fine Dining in Melbourne - Brickmakers Arms

A real Melbourne Modern European dining experience with a warm classy feel the Brickmakers Arms Restaurant will tantalise your taste buds with fresh seasonal produce and revel in the local and imported wine list.

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6 Ways to a Successful Restaurant Business


The popular notion is that if you have good food to offer, success in the restaurant business is yours for the taking. This is not always the case. The food is only the product and it has been shown time and again that products alone, no matter its quality or desirability, do not always guarantee business success. As in other types of enterprise, the restaurant business requires an amalgam of factors to be able to hit the big time.  Here are 6 ways to make a success of that restaurant business you have long planned to embark upon: #1 Never start without the big three. The big three are a great chef, a great location, and a great concept. These all work together. Your location should fit your concept. Your chef or “talent” must fit this concept otherwise your restaurant’s cash register will not be ringing merrily. It’s foolhardy to say location doesn’t matter because you have a destination restaurant. Location is everything. So do some research on a target area and understand what local patrons are missing and ask yourself if you can fill that void successfully. The restaurant should be in a busy location with a lot of parking.#2 Always overestimate your capital needs. Plan on capital expense that would last six to nine months before you can break even. Many start-up restaurants see a major downswing in business after the opening’s initial excitement. That’s when capital is critical. You have to wait to see if the restaurant would really catch on. A lot of restaurant owners start out with cash in reserve and start blowing it because they think the honeymoon phase will last forever. That’s why most restaurants go out of business. So never let initial success go to your head. Success is only determined years later.#3 Don’t get cheap with guests. The most important money you will spend is money that adds value to the guest. Don’t try to go cheap on certain things like equipment, valets, and even desserts. This is short sighted because everything that touches a guest is important. Bear in mind that guests love it when a dish comes out and the server says, “The chef wanted you to try this.” This creates a real connection and makes the experience more personal. Hence, make sure you spend as much money as possible on the guest experience. Spend money on the people already in your restaurant because that’s the best way to generate positive word of mouth.#4 Focus on organization and systems of operation. Failing to put systems in place is one of the biggest mistakes an independent restaurant owner makes. Many restaurant owners don’t want to come across as a corporate entity on the belief that this would make their diner impersonal. This idea is misplaced. Developing a system will make your restaurant build guest demand, hold on to key people, and make money. Otherwise it would have been impossible to open two locations. Organization gives you the freedom to be creative.#5 Be ready to evolve. Many businesses are started by a craftsperson with an idea for a product. Rarely does that idea become anything unless that person partners with someone with a complementary ability, like, “You carve wooden bananas and I can sell them for you”. That’s when an idea becomes a business. So always look for people who are smarter than you. As a restaurant owner, the smartest thing you can do is partner with people who know things you don’t—and then give them a reason to care.#6 Acquire experience in all areas of the restaurant business. Again, this is so you can understand and appreciate the responsibilities of your staff, and also so you can motivate and guide others effectively. Dish washing, waiting tables, and bar-tending are some of the positions you should undertake. You need to know how to perform every position in your restaurant so you can both train new staff members if necessary and know when a staff member is misinforming you.  SEE ALSO: 10 Best Restaurants Worth Visiting in Essendon North, Melbourne[...]

Seafood Restaurants in Melbourne


Melbourne is home to a vast array of top cuisines from all over the world where seafood is the specialty. When it comes to seafood restaurants in Melbourne, there is the Brickmakers Arms which serves the “very best fine dining in modern European cuisine” wherein you’ll find from an array of stunning dishes that includes seafood, pasta, charcoal grilled meats and vegetarian dishes. Here are some of Brickmakers Arms seafood menu in melbourne that will satisfy your taste: Salt and Pepper Calamari Salad - Mix baby salad crest, lemon and a spiced chili jam. Portarlington Mussel - Steamed in harissa, white wine and tomato Chermoula Spiced King Prawns - Mango salsa, aioli, lime (gf) Fillet of Cone Bay Barramundi - Salad of MT Zero grains, pistachios, sultanas and broccolini, saffron vinaigrette Beer Battered Fish and Chips - Salad, chunky chips, tartare sauce and lemon Tempura Zucchini Flowers - Herb ricotta, chili jam (v) Linguine Marinara - Portarlington mussels, king prawns, clams, calamari in a tomato sugo(Beer Battered Fish and Chips - Salad, chunky chips, tartare sauce and lemon)   The reason is that the state is blessed with the rich fishing grounds of Lucky Brighton, which in turn boasts of Fish Tank, the leading seafood restaurant in Melbourne. Fish Tank is an ever popular seafood restaurant that prides itself as a healthy dining place. It’s a fishmonger doubling as a smart seafood cafe where you can browse and buy glistening, market fresh local seafood to cook at home; pick up fish and chips to go, or enjoy a sit-down meal with a refreshing glass of local wine. Along with black trevally, blue grenadier or King George whiting cooked to your liking (with or without hand cut chips), menu options could include salt and pepper calamari, baked salmon with chilli sauce, or for the less seafood inclined, tasty burgers, souvlaki and dim sims. Seafood grill is your first option, which is half crayfish mornay, prawn and fish skewers, half shell scallops, salt and pepper calamari, salad and chipsThen there’s Anchorage Restaurant whose menu highlights a selection of fresh seafood, showcased in dishes like the seafood platter for one and sumptuous mains such as squid ink risotto with buttered poached prawns, scallop and diamond clams with basil and chilli. Those looking to deviate will find solace in alternatives like the Gippsland free range Black Angus eye fillet steak.Reeling you in for a seafood feast in Melbourne’s southern suburbs is Tommy Ruff Fish Bar, a recent addition to the Mordialloc dining scene. Like its founding father in Elsternwick, this breezy casual eatery draws the crowds in with its funky seaside boathouse fit out (think octopus murals and fishing rod lighting) and menu of fresh seafood sensations. Take your pick from options like the marinated scallop skewer served with either chips and salad or rice and salad, or perhaps opt for the tacklebox for two, featuring house fish, king prawns, calamari rings, potato cakes and chips.   There are more of the Melbourne restaurants notable for their excellent seafood offerings as featured in the Australian Good Food & Travel Guide: Melbourne Seafood Restaurants... (Order by: Popularity)Matteo's Restaurant   Fitzroy North, - Modern, Japanese, Seafood Rockpool Bar and Grill   Southbank, -  Modern, Seafood, Steakhouse 8 Whiteman Gingerboy  CBD  - Asian, Seafood, Tapas 29 Crossley St France-Soir  South Yarra/Toorak, - French, Seafood, Steakhouse 11 Toorak Rd.Claypots Seafood & Wine  St Kilda, - Seafood 213 Barkly St Chef Lagenda Flemington, - Malaysian, Seafood, Chinese 16 Pin Oak Crescent Jim's Greek Tavern  Collingwood, - Seafood, Greek, Mediterranean 32 Johnston St.Railway Club Hotel Port  Port Melbourne, - Steakhouse, Seafood, Gastropub 107 Raglan St. Richmond Oysters  [...]

Fine Dining at Lunch Time


Fine dining is a style of eating that usually takes place in expensive restaurants where good food is served to discriminating people.  But it is not always about eating out for dinner as is the common impression. Fine dining restaurants are also a beehive of activities at midday, pandering to the lunchtime crowd of fastidious diners with delightful and dedicated meal courses.  This is true in Melbourne which abounds in restaurants that serve fine diners with an array of fine lunchtime menu.  The décor of these restaurants feature higher-quality materials with an eye towards the "atmosphere" desired by the restaurateur. The wait staff is usually highly trained and often wears more formal attire.  Fine Dining in Melbourne are almost always small businesses and are generally either single-location operations or have just a few locations. Food portions are visually appealing. Fine dining restaurants have certain rules of dining which visitors are generally expected to follow, often including a dress code. Typical of the Melbourne restaurants that provide fine dining for lunch are Allegro, Alluvial, Alpino, Amiconi, Bacash, Becco and Bergerac.  They are spread in such places as Collins street, Domain Road in South Yarra, Crossley street and King street and serve lunch food with all sorts of international flavors.  Here are some of the best-selling foods in Brickmakers Arms Fine Dining in Melbourne lunch menu: Grilled Chicken Salad    Avocardo, Meredith goats curd, tomato, leaves Pork Belly Sliders    Aioli, relish, leaves Spaghetti Amatriciana    Bacon, olives, fresh tomato hint of chilli Chargrilled Asparagus & Goulburn Smoked Trout Salad  Soft boiled egg, capers, buttermilk & herb dressing Beer Battered Fish and Chips   Salad, chunky chips, tartare sauce & lemon Scotch Fillet 300g Riverine Grain Fed, British Breed, NSW Gnocchi with Slow Cooked Beef Cheek Ragu  Shaved parmesan Brickmakers Arms Tasting Board  A selection of our favourite entree items, perfect for sharing Salad of Marinated Buffalo Mozzzarella  Tomatoes, oregano, basil, fennel seed, fried sour dough and extra virgin olive oil Chicken Schnitzel   Herb & parmesan crumbed Tempura Zucchini Flowers Herb ricotta, chili jam Fillet of Cone Bay Barramundi   Salad of MT Zero grains, pistachios, sultanas and broccolini, saffron vinaigrette  Chermoula Spiced King Prawns  Aioli, lemon[...]

A Fine Wine Bar in Melbourne


Welcome to the Brickmakers Arms, home of the cocktail elite and discriminating wine connoisseurs. You won’t find drinks better shaken or stirred in Melbourne than at this fine wine bar where bartending has been elevated to an art form, ice is hewn from giant blocks, hair is slick, and the four-ingredient cocktail is king. But the piece de resistance really is its vast collection of fine and rare wines obtained from all four corners of the earth. At Brickmakers Arms, you get the opportunity to taste some the world’s finest wines. The wine cellar is a stunning display of premium wines that seats up to 20 guests at a time.  Whether you come solely for cocktails, fine dining or both, the wine bar is the place to be.   Here is a list of the wine collection in this wine bar in Melbourne, with a description of the characteristics and origin of each wine selection: Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough, NZ. Cloudy Bay has produced a Sauvignon Blanc of vibrant intensity. The Characteristically uplifting aromas of ripe lime and grapefruit, nectarine, papaya, mango and floral notes.Mitchell Watervale Riesling, Clare Valley, SA. Intense aromatic Riesling fruit flavours are the hallmarks of this wine.Cantina Zaccagnini, il Bianco, Italy. Pale straw yellow with green highlights, its bouquet is intense and persistent following through to ripe apples, peach and a hint of almond biscuit on the palate.Pink Claw Grenache Rose, Heathcote, VIC.  It's a crisp, semi dry style with a vibrant, red berry character. The Pink Claw is a variation of the Red Claw to help awareness of breast cancer. A portion of the profits from every bottle of Pink Claw goes towards supporting women affected by breast cancerTe Mata Cabernet Merlot, Hawkes Bay, NZ. Te Malta make some sublime Bordeaux style red wine and wonderful floral aromas with intense blackberry, currant and dark plum flavoursPoliziano Chianti DOCG, Tuscany, Italy. A fresh, fruity wine with a wonderful vinosity and suppleness, making it ideal for an early drink. It's and ideal to accompany tasting board, pasta dishes, risotto or duckLouis Roederer Cristal Champagne. Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne is the epitome of class and elegance from the house of Roederer. A super limited and hard to find top echelon Champagne, Cristal is a 55% Pinot Noir and 45% Chardonnay blend that was harvested in near perfect conditions. The resulting wine is a blend of vineyards from the finest vineyards of Montagne de Reims, the Vallée de la Marne and the Côte des Blancs2004 Vintage Dom Perignon Champagne.  Dom Pérignon is the most famous Champagne in the world, and for good reason. The bouquet sparkles with delicate fresh violets in a setting of white peaches. The soft delicate flavours continue while the senses are tickled by the most delicate of fine bubbles. Though this is such a fine delicate wine, the complexity is astounding, along with its length.Te Mata Elston. Elston ’12 has a brilliant, pale lemon colour, with inviting aromas of golden grapefruit, toasted brioche, brazil nuts and popcorn. The palate shows immediate characters of ripe nectarine and nougat, together with both the sweetness and acidity of fresh pineapple that contribute to its long, fine finish.1999 Giaconda, Chardonnay. A perfect growing season and vintage has provided a wine of significant depth. The 1999 Chardonnay continues the theme established by the 1996, and in our opinion, surpasses it both in terms of intensity and complexity. In a glass, the wine looks rich and enticing. The vibrant glow of white gold and green suggests richness. Hazelnuts, oatmeal, fig and white peach meld with the oak and "dirt" to provide an intoxicating aroma. Creamy and intense with lingering spicy oak, the core flavours of white peach and oatmeal build and build on the palate. As is the custom, the oak character is perceptible at this stage, but the sheer explosive intensity of the wine will in time ensure complete harmony.Torbreck ‘The[...]

The Best Restaurant Menu for Breakfast in Melbourne


Starting your day right is the whole idea behind taking breakfast right, which simply means never skipping your first meal of the day and having healthier food choices as well.  According to nutritional experts, skipping breakfast or having too little can set us up for overeating later in the day. But a healthy breakfast can give you energy, the feeling of being full, and set you up for smart decisions in your day-to-day activities. It is a definitely a plus if you take your breakfast in style, your meal prepared and served with a flourish in fancy restaurants.        The options for healthy and scrumptious breakfast meals are plenty. Here's a look at some of the Best Restaurants in Melbourne menu for breakfast, along with expert tips for making them even healthier:Awesome Omelettes – Prepared with three large eggs, served with sides: your choice of hash browns, breakfast potatoes or fruit and choice of three buttermilk or two multigrain nut pancakes, fresh baked Mammoth Muffin, or whole wheat, white or rye toast.Griddle Greats – One bite and you'll know why they're called Griddle Greats. This consist of  Buttermilk Pancakes, Belgian Waffles and Brioche French Toast made from scratch and served with Perkins brand syrups. Fresh-Cracked Classic – Each comes with two large eggs, served with sides: choice of hash browns, breakfast potatoes or fruit and choice of three buttermilk or two multigrain nut pancakes, fresh baked Mammoth Muffin or whole wheat, white or rye toast (unless noted "No sides").Frittata of Chargrilled Asparagus and Yarra Valley Feta – Goes with Zucchini flowers, broad beans and herbs. Raisin Toast – With Rooftop Honey and Lemon Ricotta, cinnamon and pistachios.Smoked Trout and Sorrel Scrambled Eggs – With toasted brioche and chili jam.Eggs on toast – With chorizo, thick cut bacon, blistered tomatoes, chestnut mushrooms and spinach.Two Eggs on Toast – Poached, fired or scrambled. Toast from Dench Organic Bakery – Whole grain, white, rye or fruit.Chia Seed, Almond and Coconut Pudding – With cranberry and pumpkin seed granola. Bircher Muesli – With strawberry, grapefruit, blood orange compote and fresh nashi. Ricotta & Blueberry Pancakes – Stack of three ice cream servings with maple syrup. Grilled Banana Bread – With vanilla and honeycomb mascarpone.Fresh Seasonal Fruit SaladHoneyed yogurt, coconut and shortbread crumbleBaked EggsHam Hock, spiced chorizo, feta, roast capsicum and Dench baked fresh toast The best restaurant menu for breakfast usually offer breakfast add-ons. These include: Thick Cut Dry Cure BaconHomemade Potato RoestiBlistered Heirloom Grape TomatoesSmashed Avocado and Yarra Valley FetaSautéed Chestnut MushroomsGrilled Chorizo SausageSautéed SpinachFor the All-Day Kids Breakfast, the menu has the following:Kids EggsChoice of scramble, fried or poach egg on toast with baconMini Kids PancakesPancakes with ice cream, maple and fresh strawberriesEye Fillet SteakChips and garden saladChicken NuggetsChips and fresh garden saladFish and Chips with fresh garden salad[...]

10 Best Restaurants Worth Visiting in Essendon North, Melbourne


In the Essendon area in Melbourne, restaurants are as diverse as they are many attracting people from surrounding areas and even out of state. Most of these restaurants are award winning too, attesting to the fact that Australian chefs have come into their own as among the world’s best. Sky is the limit on the culinary range of the offerings of these Essendon. They serve authentic Mediterranean dishes, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Italian, and French cooking.  You name it. They have it.Dining in Essendon can be an exciting and fulfilling experience. Tipping is optional in restaurants in this city but this nonetheless is appreciated if offered. If the diner is pleased with the service and food quality it is customary to leave a tip of 5-10 percent. And excellent food and service the diners almost always get.Included on the list are some good words about them. If you want to know further about AGFG featured Essendon Restaurants, you may see 10 most viewed below about Best Restaurant in Melbourne Northern Suburbs in Essendon in “most viewed” list.AGFG or Australian Good Foods and Travel Guide, a comprehensive restaurant accommodation and travel authority, featured 30 Essendon restaurant to visit but only the 10 best restaurants throughout Essendon is listed here with Brickmakers Arms on the fifth. Here then are 10 of the 30 “most viewed” restaurants in Essendon North, Melbourne: Image via Restaurant and Café - specializes in Mediterranean food and brings the tantalising flavours of Spain and Italy to the bustling Essendon North. It’s not just the food that is certain to make you come back but also the way they pamper diners like royalty.    Image via's of Essendon - At Oscar’s, the food is refined to an art form.  It offers a dining and drinking experience with a variety of seating options.  Here, the chefs are the main attraction such that the kitchen is visible to dining patrons.  The ambience strikes a balance between a formal and relaxed atmosphere. Image via - has been wooing Essendon locals with traditional Mughlai Indian dishes since 1985. Situated on Leake Street, the award-winning establishment offers a relaxed and homely setting to enjoy crowd favourites such as the creamy butter chicken and spicy rogan josh.    Image via www.slidingdoorsrestaurant.comSliding Doors - This themed restaurant features the Roaring Twenties through an art deco building circa 1928 set on a two-storey structure which combines the dining area, a bar and a luxurious lounge area with a marble fireplace imported from Florence.   Image via Arms - It seats 150 and boasts of al fresco dining, bar, and private romantic dining, this maybe one of the best restaurants in Essendon for fine dining. It has gluten-free and vegetarian options.  The specialty of the house is herb-crumbed Victorian pork cutlet served with parsnip, kipflers, heritage carrots and mustard fruit juice.   Image via Loft - specializes in a range of steaks and ribs cooked over a coal-fired grill.  Signature dishes may include pork and beef spare ribs marinated for seven days and then grilled to perfection.  Image via @St_Marthas TwitterSt. Martha’s Café - The food selection here is rated 4 stars, as are its service and value for money.  St. Martha’s Café has amazing blueberry hotcakes with cinnamon doughnut that can make your mouth water.  The setting is really relaxed and the service staffs are friendly.  Image via Cantina - All one can say about Mexicali Cantina is that it is a good Mexican restaurant, with vast choices of scrumptious meals.  More important, you get your money’s worth.    Image via Li[...]

Brickmakers Arms Location in Melbourne


European Fine Dining in Essendon - Brickmakers Arms Restaurant


Physical Location: 

1018 Mt Alexander Road,
Essendon, VIC 3040, Australia

Telephone Number:

+61 3 9337 4422


Mon - Wed
: 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Thu - Sat: 7:00 am - 10:00 pm
Sun: 7:00 am - 4:00 pm


Takes Reservations
Waiter Service
Outdoor Seating



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Experience European Dining and Finest Wine in Essendon


align="middle" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="350" src="//" width="570"> European cuisine and fine wines appeal to people in other parts of the world like no other regional style of cooking traditions and practices. When people of discriminating taste in the great cities of New York, Sydney or Qatar go out for a night of fine dining and classic wines, they almost always seek out a European or Italian restaurant that serves authentic European dishes and classic wines. The iconic status of their cuisine especially has reached new heights lately after organic foods became the health vogue worldwide. Healthful consumption of organic foods started in European countries.It is no different in Australia. For both Australians and visitors to the country, the most beaten paths are those that lead to the doors of European restaurants and wine bar in Essendon, Melbourne. These places are also the best restaurants to go. Whether you’re a fan of haute cuisine or down-home cooking, you'll love the quality reflected in the fresh ingredients, delicate preparation, and variety of menu choices. Many European restaurants in this area serve honest, simple and healthy food, sourcing only the best and freshest produce from Australia and Europe. These fine dining institutions are a must-visit, even if it’s just for one of this city's finest coffees. The same advice applies to Italian restaurants. Settle in for a marvelous dining with stately ambiance, stunning views and lush décor. The menu includes steaks in a variety of cuts cooked to perfection, along with starters like crab cakes with remoulade, lobster bisque, wedge salad with bacon and blue cheese, and more. Other entree choices may include lamb, pork, veal chops, game hens and seafood. Indulge your palate with this Menu from a finest European dining in Essendon, the Brickmakers Arms Restaurant:Risotto of Roast Pumpkin and Yarra Valley Feta - Baby spinach, harissa, parmesan... Beer Battered Fish and Chips - Salad, chunky chips, tartare sauce & lemon... Gnocchi with slow Cooked Beef Cheek Ragu - Shaved parmesan... Spaghetti with SA Blue Swimmer Crab and Zucchini Flowers - Shellfish and saffron cream, chili, lemon, parsley, capers... Fillet of Cone Bay Barramundi - Salad of MT Zero grains, pistachios, sultanas and broccolini, saffron vinaigrette... Many Fine European restaurants in Essendon also serves Trout Florentine, steak au poivre and an extraordinary array of filet mignon, chicken cacciatore and other samples of haute cuisine from your choice of European origin, be it Italian, French or German. If Italian cuisine is your special preference, they will have it done for you the same way it is done in Italy: characterized by its simplicity with many dishes having only four to eight ingredients. Italian cooks rely chiefly on the quality of the ingredients rather than on elaborate preparation. Italian food restaurants from this place have a mouth-watering Risotto alla Milanese and Norcia black truffles.  Through these preparations, CNN ranked Italian cuisine the best cuisine in the world in 2013.When it comes to Finest Wines, a “Wine Bar” such as Brickmakers Arms in Essendon will delight the connoisseurs with a vast collection of limited-production, small-label and rare vintage wines.  Their knowledgeable sommeliers will help you pick the perfect wines for your evening meal.  These classic wines come from the best wineries in France, California, Argentina and South Africa.All told, European cuisine in are simply the best restaurants. Not only do they understand that you want the perfect banquet or dining with delicious foods and beverages, they also understand that you want it served in style, with superb service.[...]

Local Destination for Dining with some of the Finest European Cuisine


Most European societies have many different types of dining enterprises, which go down in price but rarely in excellence or genuineness as they get less extravagant and proper. More casual restaurant abounds, usually smaller and serving timeless cooking like mama used to make. The business in this second category is the places to head on a nightly basis for filling, first-rate, well-priced food and a homey, pleasant atmosphere.  In some of the top restaurants in the big cities, you'll come across stricter dress policies at restaurants. Europeans tend to have a razor sharp fashion sense and dress indifferently well any time they go out; you'll be fine in jeans. The food of Western countries are different by themselves, even though there are common characteristics that tell apart Western cooking from cuisines of Asian countries and others. Meat is more foremost and considerable in serving-size. Western cuisines also put important emphasis on grape wine and on sauces as condiments, trimmings, or garnishing. Dairy goods are used in the cooking procedure, except in nouvelle gastronomy. Wheat-flour bread has long been the generally common source of starch in this cuisine, next to with pasta and pastries, even though the potato has become a chief starch plant in the diet of Europeans.Here are some Variations in a European Restaurant?The interior motif is not a good indication of food excellence. Some of the very best restaurants can appear much the inferior for wear. Many have a necessary cover charge of $1 to $5 per person; you pay it basically for the privilege of sitting down to a basket of bread. Water does not come to your table.When you request for water, you get to decide between fizzy or non-fizzy bottled mineral water. Europeans never use ice in their drinks, nor do they habitually butter their bread. Parts are often smaller,since you're expected to order more courses. In numerous countries, dishes are served on a separate plate, so don't imagine a little pile of vegetables to come next to your steak. You need to order a side dish. The salad comes at the end of the meal,ahead of dessert. The tip is included in the bill, so always inquire. If it's already integrated and the assistance was good, leave a bit more on the table nonetheless. If service fee isn't included, leave behind 10 to 15% of the receipt. For the gastronomic travellers, Melbourne and Essendon are some of the finest destinations in the world. There is a great quantity of reasonably priced, excellent quality European dining in Melbourne representing every cuisine. Dining out is cheaper not expensive than in Western Europe. The help in Australian restaurants may be more prudent than many European may be used to. While service staffs in Australia are paid significantly more than their European counterparts and tipping is not required, a tip for excellent service is always appreciated. European Fine Dining restaurant can be found sprinkled all the way through all of the inner and some outer suburbs, while specific neighborhoods have turned out to be magnets for residents and restaurants of distinct countries. A huge range of restaurants offers superior quality food and symbolizing different cultures or countries.[...]