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Hyperloop One is in early talks with the Indian governmentHyperloop%20One%20is%20in%20early%20talks%20with%20the%20Indian%26nbsp%3Bgovernmenthyperloop oneetherinA concept graphic of proposed Hyperloop routes in India.

Tue, 28 Feb 2017 15:45:38 +0000

(image)  Hyperloop One could bring its high-speed, tube-based transportation system to India, and will make a call by the end of this year whether it’s feasible to operate in the country, based on conversations it’s begun having with the Indian government, per Bloomberg. The company was in the country at a “Vision for India” event, discussing how its transportation innovation… Read More(image)

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Pypestream raises $15M for its customer messaging platformPypestream%20raises%20%2415M%20for%20its%20customer%20messaging%26nbsp%3BplatformPypestreamanthha

Tue, 28 Feb 2017 15:44:54 +0000

(image)  Pypestream is announcing that it has raised $15 million in Series A funding. When the startup launched more than a year ago, founder and CEO Richard Smullen was pitching text messaging as the best way for customers to communicate with businesses — specifically, through the Pypestream app, where businesses can create their own accounts with a variety of different “pypes”… Read More(image)

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Ford lets passengers stream live TV in-car with the 2018 ExpeditionFord%20lets%20passengers%20stream%20live%20TV%20in-car%20with%20the%202018%26nbsp%3BExpeditionexpedition-interior-2etherin

Tue, 28 Feb 2017 15:10:45 +0000

(image)  Ford’s putting traditional TV service into its vehicles, starting with the Expedition, which gets streaming cable capabilities thanks to a partnership wit Slingbox. This will pipe that hot cable into the Expedition’s headrests, letting passengers in the back get all their entertainment without interruption while on the road. Ford’s live TV streaming is just one part of its… Read More(image)

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Verst is a blogging platform with all the optimization tools you needVerst%20is%20a%20blogging%20platform%20with%20all%20the%20optimization%20tools%20you%26nbsp%3Bneedm64pkccqmx6aot4dlx5puonmdhb75y4dromaindilletzfm2epi4umufee56ayvbu3jvn376vz3hvmex3e5xq3x5yn3alizibdhyzoewc4qs

Tue, 28 Feb 2017 15:08:45 +0000

(image)  Meet Verst, a brand new product from the company that brought you DWNLD. It’s a blogging platform like WordPress or Squarespace, but will all the optimization and analytics tools you need to optimize your traffic and revenue. “It's really difficult to consistently monetize on the web,” CEO AJ Frank told me. “Overall it's a web publishing product that has a… Read More(image)

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Simple’s new kind of shared bank account targets unmarried partners, roommates & moreSimple%E2%80%99s%20new%20kind%20of%20shared%20bank%20account%20targets%20unmarried%20partners%2C%20roommates%20%26amp%3B%26nbsp%3Bmoreshared-cards-twotonesarahintampadsc00056-2_vertical_copy

Tue, 28 Feb 2017 15:03:49 +0000

(image)  Online banking service Simple today is launching a new type of banking product aimed at a younger generation of customers who want to be able to collaborate on finances with others, but aren’t in the market for traditional joint checking accounts, like those typically used by married spouses. The company’s new Shared bank accounts let customers control their own accounts from a… Read More(image)

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Starsky Robotics’ autonomous transport trucks also give drivers remote controlStarsky%20Robotics%26%238217%3B%20autonomous%20transport%20trucks%20also%20give%20drivers%20remote%26nbsp%3Bcontrolimg_0773etherin

Tue, 28 Feb 2017 15:00:12 +0000

(image)  Starsky Robotics has already used its autonomous trucks for paying gigs, including a 5,000-lb haul covering 140 miles, with 120 of those driven by the truck itself. It’s also moved trailers around a truck yard without anyone behind the wheel, a task that’s usually a time consuming chore for someone or a team who has to get in and out of cabs. And Starsky’s tech doesn’t… Read More(image)

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Breaking into Startups: How a 16-year-old dropout became a senior engineer at SlackBreaking%20into%20Startups%3A%20How%20a%2016-year-old%20dropout%20became%20a%20senior%20engineer%20at%26nbsp%3BSlackimg_3693shieberj

Tue, 28 Feb 2017 14:35:01 +0000

(image)  his week’s Breaking Into Startups episode features Rodney Urqhart who talks about how he acquired the skills to become a Senior Engineer at Slack after he dropped out of high school at 16 years old to work at Burger King, Sears, Best Buy, Comcast, Thoughtworks, and Microsoft (Yammer). Read More(image)

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The Xbox Game Pass is a $9.99 Spotify-like game subscriptionThe%20Xbox%20Game%20Pass%20is%20a%20%249.99%20Spotify-like%20game%26nbsp%3Bsubscriptionxbox-game-pass_hero-heroromaindillet

Tue, 28 Feb 2017 14:31:37 +0000

(image)  Having free games with Xbox Live Gold was one thing, but Microsoft wants to go one step further. The company is launching a new service called the Xbox Game Pass. It’s a library of more than 100 games that you can download and play for a monthly subscription of $9.99. The feature isn’t live yet, but the company already announced some names so that the company can start beta… Read More(image)

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People now watch 1 billion hours of YouTube per dayPeople%20now%20watch%201%20billion%20hours%20of%20YouTube%20per%26nbsp%3BdayYouTube logoetherin

Tue, 28 Feb 2017 14:28:50 +0000

(image)  A few minutes of short-form video here and there can really add up – YouTube’s average video length may be quite constrained, but in aggregate, humans are watching a billion hours of its clips per day. That’s around 8.4 minutes per day per human, according to some very napkin calculations. Put in perspective like that, it’s easy to see how we’ve come to this:… Read More(image)

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The $10 Raspberry Pi Zero W is the teeniest little Wi-Fi-enabled computer you’ve ever seenThe%20%2410%20Raspberry%20Pi%20Zero%20W%20is%20the%20teeniest%20little%20Wi-Fi-enabled%20computer%20you%26%238217%3Bve%20ever%26nbsp%3Bseenimg_3020john

Tue, 28 Feb 2017 14:26:46 +0000

(image)  When the original $5 Raspberry Pi Zero came out – to much fanfare, I might add – users connected it to all sorts of things. They made micro gaming rigs that ran on the 1GHz single-core CPU and added Pi Hats – little breakout boards – to power robots and sensors. Now you can do all that but without worrying about a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth dongle. The $10 Pi Zero W is the… Read More(image)

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Honda’s new R&D Center X will focus on robots, energy and AIHonda%26%238217%3Bs%20new%20R%26amp%3BD%20Center%20X%20will%20focus%20on%20robots%2C%20energy%20and%26nbsp%3BAIhonda-neuvetherin

Tue, 28 Feb 2017 14:07:21 +0000

(image)  Honda opened its new Innovation Lab Tokyo to press for the first time on Tuesday, and also marked the occasion by announcing the debut of a new tech R&D group within the facility called R&D Center X. The new unit will begin operations in April, and will focus on the kind of cutting edge stuff you might imagine it would – robotics, mobility services and systems, artificial… Read More(image)

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Dubuc Motors gets SEC approval for equity crowdfundingDubuc%20Motors%20gets%20SEC%20approval%20for%20equity%26nbsp%3Bcrowdfundingdubuc-motors_tomahawk-10hallgeisler

Tue, 28 Feb 2017 13:57:37 +0000

(image)  Dubuc Motors, makers of the Tomahawk all-electric supercar prototype, recently announced that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had approved its filing for equity crowdfunding under the US JOBS Act Regulation A+. The company began a Testing the Waters campaign in 2016, when it revealed the Tomahawk prototype, and raised $6.1 million in initial funding reservations. Now that the… Read More(image)

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Kado wants to make the world’s thinnest chargerKado%20wants%20to%20make%20the%20world%26%238217%3Bs%20thinnest%26nbsp%3Bchargerscreen-shot-2017-02-28-at-6-51-00-amjohn

Tue, 28 Feb 2017 13:53:03 +0000

(image)  What can you wrap up in ribbons? Stick in your sock? And what can you take out in public and not get thrown in the dock? The Kado phone charger, of course. This new product by Itay Hasid and Daniel Assis is making the rounds at MWC and is essentially the “world’s thinnest wall charger for smartphones.” Obviously a wall charger isn’t that exciting but the pair raised… Read More(image)

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Apple to release $1k iPhone with curved screen and USB-C, WSJ saysApple%20to%20release%20%241k%20iPhone%20with%20curved%20screen%20and%20USB-C%2C%20WSJ%26nbsp%3BsaysTim Cook - Apple Unveils iPhone 6mjburnsy

Tue, 28 Feb 2017 13:51:28 +0000

(image)  Apple is said to have something special planned for the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and rumors have circulated for months speculating on different features. This report by the WSJ is the most detailed yet, citing anonymous sources who state there will be a high-end version of the next iPhone that will sport exclusive hardware. According to the report, at least one new iPhone model will… Read More(image)

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OneWeb to merge with Intelsat in $13B deal, SoftBank to put $1.7B in newcoOneWeb%20to%20merge%20with%20Intelsat%20in%20%2413B%20deal%2C%20SoftBank%20to%20put%20%241.7B%20in%26nbsp%3Bnewcoearth image kellyingridlunden

Tue, 28 Feb 2017 13:44:17 +0000

(image)  Yet more consolidation is afoot in the satellite industry and a sign of how satellite providers are hoping to build a more cost-effective satellite broadband business for the future. Today, OneWeb — which last December raised a whopping $1.2 billion from SoftBank for its yet-to-launch satellite internet service — announced that it would merge with large satellite incumbent Intelsat. Read More(image)

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FCC Chairman pledges to roll back net neutrality regulations during European addressFCC%20Chairman%20pledges%20to%20roll%20back%20net%20neutrality%20regulations%20during%20European%26nbsp%3Baddressajit-pai-3bheaterfcc-mwc

Tue, 28 Feb 2017 12:15:19 +0000

(image)  As Ajit Pai took the stage for a speech at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this morning, CNBC anchor Karen Tso noted that the newly appointed FCC Chairman’s top priority has been the dismantling of net neutrality, a cause, she added, that would likely make him popular with many in attendance at the world’s largest mobile show. Pai started his talk rather humbly, telling the… Read More(image)

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Google has shipped 10M Cardboard VR viewers, 160M Cardboard app downloadsGoogle%20has%20shipped%2010M%20Cardboard%20VR%20viewers%2C%20160M%20Cardboard%20app%26nbsp%3Bdownloadsamit-singhingridlunden

Tue, 28 Feb 2017 11:53:54 +0000

(image)  Google is putting a lot of its virtual reality focus right now on its Daydream VR framework, but today Amit Singh, the company’s VP of VR, also gave an update on its earlier (and still active) effort in the area, Google Cardboard. He said that to date the company has shipped 10 million Cardboard VR sets, and it has seen 160 million downloads of Cardboard apps, with 30 individual… Read More(image)

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ResearchGate raises $52.6M for its social research network for scientistsResearchGate%20raises%20%2452.6M%20for%20its%20social%20research%20network%20for%26nbsp%3Bscientistsblackboard2ingridlunden

Tue, 28 Feb 2017 11:01:42 +0000

(image)  As LinkedIn continues to reign as the world’s largest social network for the wider working world, we are seeing the rise of alternatives that are besting and beating it in specific verticals. ResearchGate, a Berlin-based startup that provides a professional network for the scientific community to connect with each other to share and discuss research, is today announcing that… Read More(image)

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SoundCloud revamps its subscription service with cheaper $4.99 optionSoundCloud%20revamps%20its%20subscription%20service%20with%20cheaper%20%244.99%26nbsp%3Boptionsoundcloud-moneyJon

Tue, 28 Feb 2017 08:37:49 +0000

(image)  SoundCloud has rebooted its paid membership plan with a new budget option less than a year after it launched. The Berlin-based company today revealed a cheaper tier of $4.99 per month, down from the initial $9.99 subscription that it rolled out last March, in a bid to make its plans more appealing to users. The company isn’t abandoning that higher pricing, though, and it will offer… Read More(image)

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Xiaomi’s new Mi5c is the first phone to be powered by its custom chipsetXiaomi%26%238217%3Bs%20new%20Mi5c%20is%20the%20first%20phone%20to%20be%20powered%20by%20its%20custom%26nbsp%3Bchipsetmi5c_5Jonmi5c_1mi5c_2mi5c_3mi5c_4mi5c_5mi5c_6mi5c_7mi5c_8mi5c_9mi5c_10mi5c_11mi5c_12

Tue, 28 Feb 2017 08:04:46 +0000

(image)  Xiaomi may be skipping Mobile World Congress, the year’s biggest phone show, but it is still making news this week after it unveiled its first processor and the first phone it is powering. The device is the Mi5c, an updated model of its 5.15-inch Mi5 that it launched at Mobile World Congress last year. The Mi5c is powered by the Surge S1, Xiaomi’s first SoC chipset and its bid… Read More(image)

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