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Benefits Of Eating Fruits

This blog contain about the benefits of eating fruit which is accompanied by an explanation of the contain that is contained in these fruit.

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How to Make A Fruit Salad


One's diet affects the quality of life, why do I say, because if we are good at regulating our diet then we will also be able to maintain health. One of the healthy foods and provide many benefits for our body is the fruit salad, in this article I will discuss about how to make a fruit salad

Currently the market has been frequently encountered or even you too often consume fast food or often called Junk Food. For some fast food is the only food that practically no need to receive treatment, but did you know that fast foods contain toxins that can kill you slowly. Fast food contains more cholesterol than the vitamins that are useful for our body. 

One type of food that is again the trend and has many benefits for our bodies is a fruit salad, fruit salad usually consists of various kinds of fruit and cheese plus mayonis. As I've discussed in previous articles about the benefits of various types of fruit, fruit contains vitamins and minerals needed for the body like apples are rich in vitamin C which is an antioxidant that helps to protect the body from exposure to a pathogen-free from outside. 

If you have difficulty to make a fruit salad then here I will give you tips on how to make the fruit salad
Prepare the salad the main ingredient to make various kinds according to your tastes for example apples, mangoes, grapes, fruit strobery 
You can also add pieces of lettuce if you want.
For the sauce ingredients you can prepare 150 ml bottles of mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons cheese, 2 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk, lime juice and 1 tablespoon grated lemon peel 1/2 tsp. 
The first step you should do is cut into small pieces or according to your taste all the main ingredients. 
Mix all the main ingredients then stir well and store in the refrigerator until cold. 
To make the sauce mix all the ingredients except grated cheese sauce. 
Then mix the sauce was finished with the main ingredients that have been cool then stir until smooth then put grated cheese on top. 
Serve fruit salad ready to be enjoyed.

Diet with Fruits


Great body is a problem for everyone, sometimes a person to perform extreme ways to lose his body's weight. Body fat is actually caused by the buildup of fat and this can be prevented by eating healthy foods such as fruit. In this article we will discuss about the diet with fruit. The purpose of the diet with fruit here is how we are to lose weight by eating fruits without having to take medication for slimming and all kinds of actions that actually harm your body dpat. The fruit is a food that is rich in nutrients and minerals that are suitable to be consumed if you're in the process of dieting. Several types of fruits have a high content of protein and low in fat so that both consumed and avoid the accumulation of fat in our body. The accumulation of excess fat in the body can result in a variety of deadly diseases that can kill you slowly, among other diseases cholesterol, hypertension can also occur even in cardiac function due to disturbance of the heart is too heavy. Proper diet is one way to lose weight and also increase the burning of fat in the body. Sometimes a diet in an extreme way as to reduce the portion, or even not rarely even put out food that had already entered into the body by using a finger. Actually the car a good diet and recommended by health is to keep your diet well balanced with exercise and nutritious foods. one type of food that is nutritious fruits, Diet With FruitsHere is how to diet with fruits namely: 1. Apples Glikemic apple contains a good index for health, the sweet taste of apples will provide more satiety so you will not feel hungry. 2. Citrus Fruit Citrus fruits are rich in fiber and water content which will give a sense of satiety for longer, but it also has a citrus fruit that is relatively low in calories consumed so good if you're in a period of dieting. 3. Peaches This fruit is the fruit of the land mainstay in korea. The fruit is a source of energy for the body to start the process of digestion. Peaches has a fairly high sugar content so that it can provide a sense of fullness longer. 4. Bananas bananas are believed to accelerate the fat burning process in the body, because bananas contain a high enough soluble starch. In addition didalm banana fiber can also facilitate the digestive tract. 5. Watermelon fruit This fruit has no fat at all, but not with the water content. This fruit has a high water content that can be consumed to balance the water content in the body. Watermelon contains viatmin A and C that can provide extra energy for your body. That was some fruit that you can eat to diet, hopefully this article can provide more benefits to the reader.[...]

Planting Strawberry in Lowland Area


Strawberry is a plant that has the resilience and adaptability which is quite extensive. generally good growing conditions for strawberries is like the following climatic conditions:The optimum temperature 17-20 C and minimum air temperature between 4-5 degrees Celsius. Air humidity (RH) of 80-90%. Solar irradiation 8-10 hours / day. Rainfall ranges between 600-700 mm / year. In fact it is not an absolute requirement above, I've tried it myself to cultivate strawberry in my part of the actual environmental conditions less suitable for cultivating strawberry. At first I just try to buy strawberry seeds 1 pot before Ramadan in 2007 at the time when I travel and streets In the ornamental plant market Bandungan Semarang district. Bandungan area is located on the slopes of Mount Ungaran the air cool and I estimate its altitude of about 800 m from the sea level. Initially I was hesitant what may this strawberry plants can survive in the area where I live? even my friend had said that the plants that I bought in a moment of time will die. The city where I live is the city Cepu has a height of approximately 30 meters of sea level (I know this is Based on the signpost at the height of the Cepu station +28 m) and my house is located not far from the station. temperatures ranging from 25 degrees to 33 degrees Celsius. rainfall less than 500 mm / year. many people have told me that the city's sultry stuff on me, maybe as hot as the other major cities on the island of Java. Planting Strawberry in Lowland AreaThe strawberry plants I care for the land next to the house is quite narrow and receive direct sunlight about 6-8 hours a day, this plant was indeed not strong enough to withstand the heat. many leaves are dried, then I tried to spray the leaves with a sprayer filled with cold water in the morning and early afternoon and late in the afternoon. in this way help to reduce the amount of dried leaves and I also water the plants this morning and afternoon. I began to grow strawberry plants with tendrils stolon emergence of plants, from the end of these tendrils will grow new strawberry plants and roots. this is the end that can be accommodated in the new pot, after the new plants have 4-5 leaves of the vine that connected with indukannya can be cut. Media planting her I made from a mixture of garden soil and a little manure. I use a pot that small 'size of 17 to 20'. One pot containing between 1 to 3 plants. This new crop of plants I got from the parent plant stolon panhandle. After a year I was waiting for my strawberry garden finally started to bear fruit, from about 30 pot, 3 pots of them for sure there are flowering later turned into fruit. almost about 4 days I can pluck the ripe fruit (marked in dark red fruit) from one pot to 1-2 ripe strawberries. I can enjoy the fruits of my garden strawberry narrow it for 3 full months from the month of september - november 2008 december 2008 in my garden did not produce fruit. I expected to do in the month that it is strawberry season to bear fruit. [...]

Cultivating The Fig Fruit


In previous articles we have discussed about figs, but if you are riding in part nobody wants to cultivation of the fig???? If your answer is yes, then continue to refer to this article, I will discuss about the cultivation of figs.

Who is not familiar with the fig, the fruit is known as the fruit of paradise. Fig fruit is rich in content that is beneficial to the body, one of the ingredient is omega 3.

In Indonesia itself has much to cultivate this fruit, you should know that these plants originally came from Arabic and then spread all over the world except the polar regions. Because the fruit is derived from the Arabic then automatically this fruit requires solar hot air or more in order to thrive and grow well.

Here is a fig fruit cultivation techniques:

1. Planting Seeds of Fig Fruit
The first way you can do in figs plant is to plant the seeds of the fig. If you choose this method, then you need a long time to wait until the fruit is grow.

2. Grafting figs
The second way in cultivating fig fruit by way of grafting figs, 
fig fruit grafting method:
  1. The first is to choose the fig stems and young stems are green because it contains more perkaran.
  2. Prepare transparent or translucent plastic and cocopeat.
  3.  Embraces tin trunk with cocopeta already wrapped in transparent plastic.
  4. Length 10-15 cm area grafts enough alone, then fastening parts grafts on tip and base regions.
  5. Flush slips through the cracks every day that you have created earlier.
  6. When grafts 30-40 days old then slips are ready to be moved to the normal area.

Shoe Polish With Banana Peel


After eating bananas, banana peel is usually thrown away. nah, it turns out the banana peels can still be used. one of them to shoes. The most economical shoe polish that is fairly easy to get a banana peel. So, no need to drain the contents of the bag to be able to make our shoes like new again .. 

The inside of a banana peel contains potassium which is an important ingredient contained in shoe polish on the market. Materials that can preserve leather shoes very well. By using a banana peel, we can reduce the use of shoe polish that is not natural material which over time will reduce the quality of the shoes and in addition to using banana peels we can reduce the costs to buy shoe polish. 

Shoe Polish With Banana Peel 

Do the following: 
1.Clean shoes with damp cloth until all the dust is lost from the surface of the shoe. 
2.Take a banana peel and rub it on the entire surface of the shoe to shoe leather looks shiny. 
3.After using the banana peel to polish the shoe, do not forget to clean the fruit peels that contain vitamin C, B complex and B6 that by using cloth made ​​smooth. 
4.Oil content contained in bananas will soften and preserve leather shoes after rubbing. 

Guaranteed, your shoes will look like new again ... so, could not economical money to buy new shoes again ... Good luck .....

How to Make Acid Candy


Remember, when you as a child, you often consumes candy or you may even whine to your parents to buy candy. Sour candy is a hawker who used to be very popular and it's very unique, do you know how to make sour candy????. How to Make Acid Candy Sour candy is candy made from fruit acids and has a sour taste, but of course there is a bit of sweetness. As I've discussed in previous articles that sour fruit itself has a lot of benefits both in terms of non-health in terms of health too. Usually each parents forbid their children to consume sweets because it will damage the teeth so that the email will arise dental caries. Actually the cause of dental caries in itself is not because the food we eat, but how can we can maintain and care for our teeth. As I've discussed in previous articles that sour fruit has many benefits for health and non-health. Sour candy itself is starting rare to find in the market because it has been displaced by the candy factory production ang certainly be able to attract the attention of children and adults. Back to the main topic of how to make acid candy, the main ingredient to make sour candy sour fruit itself certainly is. Fruit acids you can easily meet or perhaps even your home kitchen garden plant. The materials should be prepared among others: a. 250 gr sour fruit b. 500 gr tapioca flour c. 350 grams of brown sugar which has been refined d. ginger to taste e. and the last is sugar How to make acid candy is based on the following steps: 1. Way the first thing you should do is certainly separate the sour fruit with skin. Remove the seeds and then take the meat its acid and water mix with approximately one cup and then filtered.2. Having separate all the meat pieces, mix brown sugar that has been crushed, ginger with approximately one cup of water and then boiled until dissolved and boil.3. Feedback acid solution into the sugar mixture over and stir until evenly and let it boil for a while in order4. Upon dough over boiling then input tapioca flour little by little but first reduce heat and stir the batter until well blended.5. Remove and let it cool down first, then the newly formed roundly small then prepare granulated sugar in a bowl, then roll the dough-roll all sour candy that has been formed in the sugar, until the entire surface covered in sour sugar candy . 6. Then if it can be packaged in plastic or can also be inserted into a jar and ready to eat.[...]

The Facts About Benefits of Banana peel


Who does not know a banana? This bright yellow fruit has a distinctive taste and can block the stomach special because healthy carbohydrate rich. Banana is one fruit that is easily found everywhere. Indonesia is a tropical country and is one of the banana crop that thrives in the tropics. Due to abundant, bananas sold at affordable price. Efficacy of bananas not only as a source of carbohydrate but also a source of vitamins, fiber and beta carotene. Reportedly, the consumption of 1 banana a day will keep you from a heart attack! Bananas is special! Not only the meat alone, it turns banana peel was no less amazing. If you've just regard them as rubbish, from now on you should think again. Because the benefits of banana peel is quite diverse and has been clinically tested. Do not believe? The following description. Content of Banana peel Before dissecting the benefits of banana peel, it could not hurt to understand what compounds were present in the peel that are often considered waste. In general, a banana peel contains a lot of carbohydrates, water, vitamin C, potassium, lutein, anti-oxidants, calcium, B vitamins, fat, protein, various vitamins B complex including vitamins B6, vegetable oils, fibers, serotonin and many others . All components of this compound has a variety of properties that are good for the body. Not only that, kupit bananas also it can be a source of alternative energy! Wow! Unravel the Benefits of Banana peel Observing the active substance which is quite complex, it is very natural that a banana peel then also have a variety of benefits. Here are some benefits of banana peel quoted from various sources: As a mood enhancer. Did you know that the banana peel is rich in serotonin substances. This substance is responsible for the feeling of happiness in the human body. And by regularly consuming a banana peel, will help you be more relaxed and a portion of course. Overseas, smooties always mixed with banana peels. While in Indonesia, banana smoothies only form of meat and mashed banana.As a pain reliever. Banana peel contains a number of vegetable oils are also some very good sneyawa dampen pain. Quite easy, tenpekan banana peel that has been cleaned and is still in a fresh state on the part of your body that is experiencing pain as a burning or sharp objects scratch. Overcoming itching. If you often feel the itching caused by insect bites and ants, use a banana peel. Just paste on the surface of the peel that itches. Warts expel bullies. Warts is usually small, but still annoying. This can be solved with a banana peel. do I just attach the banana peel to the wart, then hold down the paste with plaster and let it as long as possible. Do this until the wart stop growing and disappear completely from the peel. Accelerate wound healing. And apunya If the wound covered with a layer of peel that has been blackened and looks disturbing, simply attach the banana peel to the black layer immediately disappear without a trace. Eliminate headaches. The trick, simply puree a banana peel and stick on the head like a compress. In some time, your headache will disappear. Eliminate acne. Same way as the others. Quite attached. It could also be mashed and then made ​​like a mask. Use at night. As an alternative energy source. Recent research proves banana peel contains power that can be battery power stone. As livestock feed. These benefits are well known, of course. Fertilize the soil. He can act as compost. The trick, just put in the ground that you want Sehatkan. Substitute shoe polish. is easy enough, peel bananas and use them to your shoe leather. As a water purifier and oil. The best banana peel is a type of bananas gold. The trick, just fill in water and oil well to be clarified. After knowing the benefits of a banana peel, still sanggupkah you throw a banana peel?[...]

Strawberry Cultivation with Hidroponic Technical


The taste is sweet and sour fresh made fruit strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, red blackberry, and black courant much preferred. Fruits from different families but are categorized give this match live in cold regions. At night, the temperature range is ideal for plants give 13-14 degrees Celsius, whereas when the day around 23-24 degrees Celsius.Temperatures were quite cold at night needed to trigger flower initiation processes, whereas during the day crops berries, especially strawberries, require sufficient sunlight for fotosintensis and fruit ripening process. To get a strawberry fruit quality, ranging from the planting to fruit treatment must be considered with care. Usually, planting strawberry traditionally done by relying on soil media with technique or also called mulch. This technique is commonly used because it is easy and cheap. Farmers make only a mound covered with plastic that has been hollowed out. Before the closed plastic, soil fertilized with certain levels. After that, the plastic is spread to cover the soil as a growing medium. Although relatively simple, this way memunyai deficiency. Because the land is planted continuously to experience burnout and contains microorganisms that can become pests to the plants. To overcome these shortcomings, developed hydroponic system. ? The Indonesian planting strawberries with hydroponics systems begin to bloom since 2000,? Dada said Gusyana, Production Supervisor PT Strawberindo Lestari, strawberry producers. Strawberry Cultivation with Hidroponic TechnicalFor other plants, hydroponic techniques have been developed much earlier. Referring to its origin, the term hydroponics or hydroponics originated from Latin, hydromeaning water and ponos meaning labor. In general, hydroponic system means a system of arable land without the use of media, but the use of water containing a nutrient solution. When compared with traditional cultivation systems, this system has several advantages, namely the density of plants per unit area can be multiplied so as to save the use of land, the assurance of product quality, good shape, size, flavor, color, and cleanliness for the nutritional needs of plants supplied in a controlled manner in in the greenhouse. In addition, the hydroponic system does not recognize the season or time of planting so that crops can be set according to the market needs. In the development of hydroponics, there are two types of media used, the media and the media nontanah water. The definition of nontanah media is sand, rice husk charcoal, zeolite, rockwoll, peat and coconut coir. While the media are usually water containing nutrients or fertilizers as a circulating medium. In the aqueous media, plant roots partially submerged to a depth of about three millimeters. This method is often referred to as Nutrient Film Technical (NFT). ? Media that is suitable both for the plants give because if something goes wrong in nourishing the plants will not immediately collapse,? Dada said that also give hydroponics to grow plants in the Region Cipanas, West Java. Actually, technically hydroponic cultivation system on strawberries do not vary much with hydroponic systems in other plants. What makes it special, strawberry hydroponic systems typically use a medium weathered wood. The media serves as a counterweight buffer or if there is a change in water temperature and there is an excess or deficiency of nutrients at the time of fertilization. Another planting medium that is often used, among others, rice husk and coconut fibers. The manufacturing process begins with how to roast both the ingredients in the pan or on top of a layer of zinc. This process must be done carefully, lest the material burned to ashes. Charcoal or coconut husk fibers which have been cold and then put into a small polybag as the seeding medium and large polybag for enlar[...]

Benefits of Eating Talok Fruit


Talok fruit is a kind of small fruit trees at once sweet and bright red. In some areas, such as Jakarta, is also named cherry fruit while in the area of ​​East Java lumajang usually called baleci. Talok or cherry fruit favored especially by children, birds and Flying-Fox. In the school, children often climb the tree and left traces in the form of a twig that had fracture and peeling bark. The fruit can also be used as jam.  In Mexico, talok fruit sold in the market. Talok tree in Indonesia easily found. Usually used as a shade tree for a pedicab driver in Indonesia. 

Talok or cherry fruit is very useful and contains more when compared with various isotonic solution that is now being circulated in the market. In terms of nutritional content of fruit cherry is not inferior to that of other fruits like mango. The content of vitamin C 30 mg mango, talok fruit while on 80, 5 mg, in addition to the calcium content of 124.6 mg of cherry fruit.

Talok tiny pieces proved to have great benefits in terms of health. besides being sweet, this fruit is also easy to be encountered in the area around us. because the fruit is also easy to grow anywhere. 

Benefits of Eating Talok Fruit include:

  1. The content of vitamin C in Talok fruit can increase endurance and can enhance the body's metabolism. 
  2. Talok fruit contains vitamin A beta-carotene which is high which serves to enhance the immune system and is useful for vision and skin. 
  3. Talok fruit can prevent uric acid and can relieve pain caused by gout. 
  4. A research states that cholesterol levels can diturunksn by consuming flowers of fruit Talok. 
  5. In the leaves of fruit the country peru Talok already commonly used to treat inflammation and headaches. 
  6. Talok fruit easily grow anywhere, so do not be surprised also we can see the Talok fruit anywhere.

The Fruit to Get Rid of Acne


The face is the body part that is very proud of everyone, especially women. Skin health is the most important part is always the top priority despite the weaker sex should spend a few dollars. Nevertheless there are still some things that can damage your skin like acne that can be lasting and very disturbing. In this article i will discuss a bit about the fruit to get rid of acne

Acne is a proplem its own for some among the fair sex, acne usually occurs as a result we are less able to maintain a healthy skin.

Here is fruits to get rid of acne on the face: 

1. Avocado 
Who is not familiar with this one fruit, avocado fruit is usually used mainly by some to be a fruit juice and used by some companies to serve beauty products. Avocado fruit is rich in fiber and amino acids that work to restore skin health from the effects of the presence of free radicals. 

2. Tomatoes 
As already highlighted in the article previously about tomatoes that have content to get rid of acne. the way by cutting the tomatoes are still fres then rubbed on the face with acne. 

3. Cucumber 
Cucumber is a fruit that is rich in water, but it is also believed tomatoes can eliminate acne and blemishes on the face. 

4. Lime 
How to get rid of acne with the lime with cut lime transversely and then rubbed on the skin of acne. 

Benefits of Starfruit for Health


Starfruit is one type of fruit that have properties and benefits very much. The benefits can include star fruit in terms of health. Fruit which has green and yellow and has a slightly sour taste turns sweet mix contains many substances, vitamins and minerals and fluids that functions in the human body to maintain stability.

If you have a starfruit tree at home, and often consume this fruit, but you do not understand what are the benefits in terms of health and kecantiakan hence in this paper we will membagikanya for all companions.

Here are 10 benefits and efficacy of star fruit for health and beauty:  

  1. Starfruit contain some vitamins which gives the effect of shrinking pores on the skin of humans. Vitamins contained in these fruits are Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Vitamin C and A will give effect to the skin freshness and rejuvenation of aging skin. 
  2. Keeping the immune system, the star fruit is found much fluid ions act as a substitute for the missing body after activity 
  3. Preventing the occurrence of cancer 
  4. Overcoming lack of appetite, star fruit is rich in A and retinol viatmin function in stimulating appetite in humans 
  5. Treating diseases Hypertension 
  6. Reducing sugar levels in the body, especially for people with diabetes it is recommended to consume a lot of fruit Starfruit 
  7. Freshen breath and heal canker sores 
  8. Digestive system because it contains a lot of liquid in the leatherback 
  9. Reduce heat in the body, for those of you who suffer from fever, the star fruit can be a natural remedy as fever quickly. 
  10. Treating blackheads and pimples on the skin.

Benefits of Starfruit for Beauty


Star Fruit is a fruit that is easy to find in the environment around us, which can be easily grows in tropical climate such as Indonesia, Because of this fruit is easy to in get in Indonesia.

Many Women are willing issued with millions of money to even up to hundreds of millions only to beautify herself, if you include women who like it.? However on this occasion we did not discuss about how to polish the face with the exorbitant cost, because on this occasion we tried to discuss about the efficacy of starfruit fruit for natural beauty.

Starfruit fruit is useful for face beauty course it is in because it has a sweet starfruit fruit contains Vitamin C and Vitamin A which can shrink the skin pores, refreshing and soothing wajah.Selain mineral content was also found in this sweet starfruit fruit can reduce fatigue and mejadikan facial skin looks so much fresher than the previous one, so that your skin will look more beautiful naturally.

Starfruit Fruit Benefits For Beauty

Overcoming Hypertension
For some reason the fruit is often recommended for people with hypertension diasup by. Likely because the fruit is rich in potassium which makes pengasupnya frequent urination (diuretic) that blood pressure was under control. In addition, the fiber contained, especially pectin, so it would be able to absorb fats help lower blood pressure.

Lowering Cholesterol Levels
Thanks to contain pectin which is a coarse fiber, cholesterol and bile acids will be bound by these fibers from getting into the blood vessels. As a result, the levels of cholesterol in the body declines.

Launched urinating
Fruits that contain a lot of water and potassium is efficacious facilitate urination problems, and does not allow the formation of kidney stones as well as nourish the kidney.

Lose Weight
Fruits that contain lots of water is very low calorie levels making it suitable diasup by those who are trying to lose weight (because it should reduce the intake of calories). Fibers contained in the leatherback was instrumental in digestion so there is no constipation.

Overcoming Liver Disorders
Efficacy of anti-inflammatory found in leatherback touted good to help liver disorders.

In addition to Make starfruit can also smooth and clean skin below.

How to Make:

     Rinse star fruit and cut into thin slices.
     Stick to the oily skin
     Let stand for about 5 minutes.
     Rinse your face with clean water
     And See the results after a few times you use it.

Similarly, the article on benefits of star fruit for this beauty, so if we want to empower what is around us then we will feel a lot of benefits that we can take from the natural world around us, whatever it is hopefully what we provide can be useful for you all, thank you for everything.

Benefits of Eating Apricot Fruit


Apricot fruit is a species of the subgenus Prem. Difficult to ascertain the origin of this plant has been cultivated since the since prehistoric times. The plant likely originated from the north and west of mainland China or Central Asia, but it may also come from Korea or Japan. Apricot fruit is a round orange fruit is very sweet and chewy. Apricot contains antioxidants and high fiber. 

Apricot fruit is a small tree, 8-12 m tall, with stems up to 40 cm in diameter and canopy, dense spreading. Apricot leaves ovate, 5-9 cm and 4-8 cm wide, with a rounded base, a pointed tip and a finely serrated margin. 

The apricots are rich in essential nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, beta carotene, calcium, and kalium.Sebuah apricot weighing about 40 grams, contains 17 calories, 4 grams carbohydrates, 0.5 grams protein, 3 grams sugar, 1 gram dietary fiber, 1 gram of fat, and no cholesterol. Levels of vitamin A in apricots was 914.20 IU of beta carotene with number 544.95 mcg, 3 mcg folate, and 1.2 mcg of vitamin K. The fruit has high levels of potassium, namely 104 mg, 3 mg of magnesium, and 7 mg of phosphorus. Moreover, apricots also have high levels of lycopene. 

Benefits of Eating Apricot Fruit 

Of the nutrients found in apricots, then the benefits of eating apricots, among others: 
  1. The content of carotenoids in fruits apricot is an antioxidant that helps prevent heart attacks. It also reduces levels of bad cholesterol in the body, and protects the body from the possibility of a malignant cancer. 
  2. Apricot seeds can be used to treating asthma and cough, and can help the respiratory system. 
  3. The fiber content in apricots can overcome constipation pain and help facilitate the digestive system. 
  4. Beta carotene is a compound that is needed for eye health. Beta carotene can we get the apricot fruit. 
  5. Apricots can be used to treat anemia. This is because the apricot contains minerals such as iron and copper that helps in the production of hemoglobin. 
  6. Apricot oil was found to be effective in skin care. In addition to making your skin glow and smooth, apricot oil is also able to treat scabies and eczema.

Benefits of Eating Beligo Fruit


The gourd or beligo fruit as the fruit can be eaten and it is considered a vegetable. This fruit surface feels smooth and fluffy while still raw, when ripe fruit is losing his fur and softened, and can last a long time. Some round fruit shape and there are elongated and can reach two meters, although usually sold as a length and a half to one meter. This fruit was originally cultivated in Southeast Asia, but now also grown in East and South Asia.

Gourd fruit is actually a seasonal fruit, but the fruit can survive in a long time.

Benefits of eating gourd or Beligo fruit

Benefits of eating gourd fruit and fruit nutrient content gourd, among others:
  1. Water is the main constituent component beligo. Water is a nutrient component that does not contribute energy. but its existence is required by the body. Approximately 75% of our body is composed of water. Because of this, the body needs water in large quantities. Water in the body is useful to maintain body temperature, when the body is dehydrated, the body will dehydrate and we will limp.
  2. The outer shell or outer layer of gourd fruit is usually used as an ingredient for the manufacture of candles.
  3. Ash gourd fruit seeds can be used to treat diseases gonorhe.
  4. Philippine Society for cooking fresh gourd fruit syrup and ubat used for respiratory problems and lung. Water gourd is also found as an eye wash material is red and swollen.
  5. Beligo is a vegetable that is low in calories. Energy donated 130 grams of fresh beligo only by 13 kcal. For those of you who are low-calorie diet. try eating beligo.

Water purify Using Banana Peel


This avoided a banana peel over because it can make you slip, but now the experts found that banana peel could prevent materials pollute water pollutants. Results of previous studies show coconut fiber, peel peanuts, and other plant materials are able to move harmful toxins, such as lead and copper from water. 

Mines, factories and farms can produce potentially harmful waste and environmental health. The newest method to purify water of heavy metals is still very expensive, even some of the materials used for the purification process also has poison. 

Scientists at the University of Sao Paulo Brazil, and colleagues conducted a study to determine whether a banana peel can also purify water. Banana peel can also be used to polish silver and leather shoes. 

Banana peels consist of atomic nitrogen, sulfur and organic materials such as carboxylic acids. These acids can bind to the metal that is in the water, said Gustavo Castro, a researcher from the University of Sao Paulo. 

The researchers found pieces of banana peels can remove lead and copper from river water in Parana, Brazil. According to them, the purification of banana peels can be used up to 11 times. Synthetic materials can be used several times, but the natural ingredients are much cheaper and does not require a chemical process to make it.

Gardening Strawberries in Pots


Planting strawberries should not be done on a large area, but it could be in narrow land using polybags or pots. Strawberry cultivation in pots, not only used as a means of channeling a hobby, but it can be developed on a commercial scale, of course with the knowledge and willingness. For that we need to know about the requirements of strawberry cultivation. Terms Growing Strawberry plants have a fairly broad adaptability to climatic conditions as follows: 1 The temperature optimum 17? 20 C and minimum air temperatures between 4? 5 C. 2 humidity (RH) 80? 90%. 3 sun irradiation 8? 10 hours / day. 4 Rainfall ranges between 600? 700 mm / year. Preparing Planting Containers or place Container or planting a commonly used is the pot. Pot has many types and variations of shape. The important thing to consider in the selection size pots are balanced and in harmony with the size of the plant. In addition, the pot should be sufficient to accommodate the growing media of plant roots to grow freely. The ideal size is the diameter of 7 cm pots? 20 cm and given a ketch-small hole in the bottom. In addition to the pot, we can also use a plastic bag (polybag) are widely available in stores agricultural tool with a variety of sizes. Preparation of Medium and Planting Composition of the embedding medium used is: a. Mixture of soil under pine trees, topsoil, leucaena leaves and manure in the ratio of 2: 1: 1. b. Mixture of topsoil, sand and humus with a ratio of 1: 1: 1. c. Mixture of soil, sand, humus and manure in the ratio of 1: 1: 1: 1. d. Mixture of soil, sand and manure in the ratio of 1: 1: 2. Planting Medium Charging Into The Pot Charging ways of planting medium in pots or plant containers are: a. Prepare tools and materials, consisting of a pot (container planting), the red brick fragments (precarious), yells (emrat), planting medium, as well as other supporting facilities. b. Place a layer of red brick fragments (critical) to the bottom of the pot. c. Enter the planting medium in pots until almost full. d. Flush the planting medium in the pot with water until the state of the medium is quite wet. Preparation and Planting Seeds The procedure for planting strawberry plants in pots are as follows: a) plant seeds planting medium Flush with clean water until the situation is quite wet. b) Remove the seeds complete with roots and planting medium by means of tearing (cutting) polybag. c) Make the planting hole by digging in pots (take) part planting medium. d) Plant the right seeds in the center of the pot in an upright position, then piled the base of the plant stem while planting medium solidified slowly. e) Flush the planting medium in pots with clean water until the state of the medium is quite wet (humid). f) Keep the pot in the shade and moist for 7? 15 days to return the fresh plant. Plant maintenance a. placement pot Placement pot should pay attention to the condition of an ideal growing environment and in harmony with the surrounding circumstances. And that is more important that the plants must get enough sunlight for photosynthesis. b. watering Watering is done 2 times a day during the dry season, the morning and afternoon. This is to keep the media moisture, nutrients in the soil that can be absorbed by the roots to the fullest. c. Weeding and tilling the embedding medium Weeds that grow on the surface of the pot should be immediately repealed, it is to avoid competing for nutrients in the soil and also minimize terserangnya pests that nest in th[...]

Benefits of Eating Bitter Melon Fruit


Bitter melon fruit is originated from tropical Asia, especially the western regions of India, are Assam and Burma. Bitter melon fruit is a kind of fruit vines with long and tapered at the ends and jagged surface.Bitter melon fruit grows in many tropical regions. It grows well in the lowlands and can be found in wastelands, upland, or cultivated and planted in the yard with a fence to be taken propagated in the fruit. These plants do not need too much sunlight so it can thrive in places that are somewhat protected.Many people who do not like bitter melon fruit because it tastes bitter, bitter taste arising in bitter melon fruit is caused by the presence of saponin substances. Bitter melon fruit also contains Albiminoid, carbohydrates and dyes leaves contain bitter substances, fatty oils, resins acids, protein, iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, B1 and C. While the roots containing acid and acid momordial aleonolat. While the seeds contain saponins, alkaloids, triterprenoid, and momordial acid.Benefits of Eating Bitter Melon FruitAlthough it tastes bitter, turns this fruit has benefits.Pare the benefits include:In this pare American countries is processed into a powder and then used as a capsule. Scientists in the U.S. believe that  can preventing pare the development of the HIV AIDS virus to spread faster.The content of vitamin C in the fruit of bitter melon can be antiokwidan to ward off free radicals from the outside and can beautify the skin because it can replace damaged cells.Pare seed extract is usually only used as a medicine, can also be used as a repellent adverse larvae.Since ancient times, bitter melon fruit is used to treat people with diabetes have proven efficacious hypoglycemic by insulin plant which reduces the sugar content in blood and urine.A study confirms that bitter melon fruit has a component that resembles a sulfonylurea, the most old antidiabetic drug. These drugs stimulate the body's beta cells of the pancreas produce more insulin, in addition to increasing the deposit reserve sugar glycogen in the liver.Although pare high begizi and can treat a variety of diseases, but for pregnant women, should not take bitter melon. Because bitter melon, contains compounds that can abort the womb. In addition, the limit also pare consumption in children, because bitter melon can lower blood sugar levels. Feared the child would drop sugar levels or decreased, whereas sugar important role in the growth of children.[...]

Benefits Strawberry For Natural Teeth Whitening


It has become a common story that has yellow teeth can make a person's self confidence so down. This is because yellow teeth make one's appearance to be imperfect. Therefore, many of us are trying to find ways to make your teeth white and clean. Commonly done by the Indonesian people is by brushing. Though there are materials that can be used as a natural bleach and the price is not too expensive, the strawberry fruit. It turns out that the strawberry is a natural remedy teeth whitening has high efficacy and can also be obtained easily. Previously, many products offered to whiten teeth. Generally the product is in the form in which its use is recommended toothpaste by brushing your teeth at least 2 times a day morning and night before bed. Each product of pasta always give confidence to consumers that are able to whiten teeth, make the mouth becomes fragrant and remove plaque. But the toothpaste is made from materials that are not natural or artificial chemicals. Among the artificial chemical that is normally: hydrogen peroxide, sodium bicarbonate, glycerin, sodium fluoride, alcohol etc.. Natural Teeth Whitening with Minimal Side Effects Natural ingredients are often used because it is believed only minimal side effects for humans and the environment. Actually not only strawberries are considered capable of making teeth become white or whiter. There are several other types of fruit that can be used as whitening teeth like lemon. But this time we will discuss the strawberries as a natural teeth whitener. Strawberry as Natural Teeth Whitening Strawberry is known as the fruit is consumed and loved by many people because of the attractive appearance with a tempting red color. Fragrant fruit which can arouse membuar saliva flow. Fruit flavors are certainly very deliciously good when eaten raw, made ​​juice, or made ​​other snacks like cake. Cultivars In terms of cultivars, known by the Latin name strawberry Fragaria × ananassa ie, included in the Rosaceae or rose family. Strawberry crop widely grown throughout the world, including in Indonesia. Areas in Indonesia that are easily found around the strawberry crops and Ciwidey Lembang West Java, Bogor and Puncak area that has other cold. Ingredients Strawberry fruit contains very beneficial for the body. The content of strawberry fruit is the largest of vitamin C. While the other is in the form of water, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, and other ( While the substance was instrumental in teeth whitening is the enzyme malic acid (malic enzyme). Malic acid Strawberry Make Being White Teeth Malic acid (Malic Acid) is a naturally occurring substance in the metabolic processes in plants taik fruit or vegetable crops. This material contributes to the sour taste of fruit. Malic acid has a known acidity or low pH levels or below 7, so it has a sour taste. Actually, malic acid is also formed naturally in the human body. The function of malic acid in the human body as energy in muscle. People who suffer from lack of malic acid will easily tired when activity and easily hurt. This acid is considered to be able to erase the stains on the teeth that usually rust-colored or yellow. And besides it also can make the teeth become white or whiter. The chemical process of how a change from yellow to white teeth has not been clear. However, from the results of experiments have given evidence, that strawberry with malatnya acid to whiten teeth. How to Use Strawberry to whiten teeth Whitening teeth strawberry is ver[...]

Benefits of Eating Taro Fruit


This fruit is a taro tuber-producing plants, grown especially popular in the western part of Indonesia. Similar to taro but produce larger tubers. Taro leaves a large shield-shaped. The leaves can be used as protective headgear when it rains. Leaf surface covered with fine hairs that make it waterproof because the water will flow immediately leave the surface of the leaf. The leaves as well as carp feed. 
Taro tubers can be processed by steamed, boiled, or fried after being cut into small pieces. Taro leaves can be used as a wrapper. Taro leaves can also be eaten and used as food wrappers, known as the knapsack. 

Taro contains a high carbohydrate, protein, fat and vitamins. Taro leaf protein content is higher than the tuber. In Bogor taro, taro taro bentul polish and crude protein content of the dry weight of the leaves was 4.24% -6.99%, while the tubers are about 0.54% -3.55%. Itching in the mouth after eating taro caused by calcium oxalate crystals. Calcium oxalate only cause itching without other distractions. These substances can be decreased by the washing water. 

Benefits of Eating Taro Fruit

Because the content of the fruit taro, the benefits of taro include: 
  1. As the content of carbohydrate, in the glorious fruit irin taro rice consumed as substitutes. 
  2. Taro fruit pulp can be taken to facilitate the digestive tract. 
  3. Stems and leaves of the taro plant can be processed into vegetable and can be consumed. 
  4. Taro fruit can be processed into a powdery material which can be processed into chips such as home industry. 
  5. Pureed taro root rhizomes can be used to treat gout. 
  6. Taro leaf midrib pieces are believed to treat hives. 
  7. Taro fruit is readily available especially in rural areas the majority of plants can indeed thrive in lowland tropical climates such as mountains.

Benefits of Bananas Peel For Power Source


Leather of durian and banana peels can be used as a source of electrical energy. The content of sodium, potassium, and magnesium peel of the fruit can be used as an energy source in the used batteries that have been discarded contents.Utilizing a banana peel and peel durian as a source of electrical energy is very easy. The tools need to be prepared just pliers, screwdriver, knife, or AVO multimeter (ampere, volt, ohm) meter, LED lights, wires, and a blender. Media were prepared is the inner peel of durian or banana peel.Leather durian or banana peels in a blender, then put in the battery compartment is empty, then compacted. The battery is sealed and sealed. Charged battery durian banana peel or peel tested with an AVO meter to know the power of strong currents and potential difference (voltage) is generated.Benefits of Bananas Peel For Power SourceThe voltage should be at least 1.3 volts to be used. The battery can also be tested to turn on the radio, wall clock, or a flashlight.The results of student research Vocational High School 1 Cerme, Gresik regency, East Java, shows, banana peels can produce a voltage of 1.3 volts, while the durian peel can produce 1.5 volts. The resulting voltage dependent water content and the content of calcium, sodium, magnesium and fruit leather.According to the Department of Industrial Chemistry students who do research, namely Ahmad Ferianto, Andi Good, Aditya Dharma Putra, and Arifin, durian determine the maturity level of the voltage generated. Durian is too young or mature results are less good."Only the durian is ripe actually fit and unfit for consumption that can produce a maximum voltage of 1.5 volts. In addition, the type of durian montong Tuban results are better than many other varieties, "said Aditya.Mineral contentMentor teacher of SMK Negeri 1 Cerme, Imam Mukhlis, said utilization durian peel to a source of electrical energy is not new. The goal is to use the waste and waste batteries utilize durian peels and banana peels that have been considered trash."As long as the material used contains minerals sodium, potassium, and magnesium can be used for a source of electrical energy. We plan to try the orange peel, "he said.Their results are included in the students' work and exhibition vocational degree universities in East Java and Expo in mid-September. Previously, the works included in the exhibition in the context of educational innovation of National Education Day last May in Jakarta. Then, in mid-October in the contested arena of creativityThe battery is made 窶銀€喫s labeled "Nice Dry Cell". Nice short Cerme State 1. The resulting voltage is the same as a battery manufacturer as 1.5 volts. However, the need to innovate in order to survive long as a battery manufacturer. Generally the battery with the energy source of the peel durian and banana peels can last only five days."The point is how to make environmentally friendly energy," said Mukhlis.Other studiesPreviously, high school students 2 Holy State, Central Java, Huwaidah Najla, also examined the durian peel to a source of electrical energy. Same way, the contents of batteries containing manganese, iron, carbon, and copper replaced durian inner peel that contain potassium and sodium. Voltage or power generated reaches 1.25 volts. The work Huwaidah usher in APEC Future Scientist Conference, Taiwan, April 10 to 16 of 2011.On 10 April 2012, the students of SMA Negeri 2 Holy, Sheila Wildfire Audina, included in the Asia-Pacific Conference on Children talented in Taiwan after researching the same thing. The re[...]

Strawberry Pancake, Healthy Foods For Diet


Healthy food for dieting actually very accessible and we can even create your own. One of the foods that we can if yourself is pancakes. Here is a pancake recipe that is processed by using a smooth cooking spray instead of oil to reduce the calorie content. Strawberry Pancake Healthy Foods For Diet Strawberry Pancake Ingredients: - 200 grams of wheat flour - 300 ml of liquid milk - 30 grams of margarine, melted - 2 eggs - 1/4 tablespoon baking powder - 1 1/2 tablespoons confectioners' sugar - 1/2 teaspoon salt - Food coloring Complement: - 150 grams of strawberries, cut to taste - 50 grams of strawberry jam - 10 tablespoons of strawberry ice cream How to Make: Sifted flour, sugar, baking powder and salt. Then mix the eggs and milk, stirring until evenly distributed. Pour the resulting mixture into the flour mixture, pour little by little, stirring and enter margarine that has been melted in a piecemeal fashion, while stirring gently. Let stand 15 minutes until fluffy and add food coloring, and stir well. Pour per 1 small ladle into the teflon that has been sprayed with cooking spray smooth, allow it to skin, back and allow it to mature. For the sauce, heat the butter with the water and stir until dissolved, add the strawberry pieces, then stir until blended. Take 1 sheet of pancake, pour sauce complementary, then give the strawberry ice cream and strawberry pieces on top to make it more beautiful. Healthy food for dieting are ready to be served. Easy is not it, a lot of ways that can be traveled to get healthy foods to the diet.[...]

Strawberry Mask to Overcome Acne


Strawberry mask for stubborn acne on the face can be a good alternative in dealing with acne, strawberry mask for acne is certainly you can make yourself at home in taking care of the face to be free of acne. Treat acne with strawberry mask has become a safe and easy way to overcome the acne on the face. 

Sour taste, this strawberry appeared to have a natural acid content Salicyl where the natural ingredients to be one source of material that can be used in treating acne. Besides the natural ingredients found in strawberry vitamin C available in strawberry can also nourish the skin and be able to make facial skin look brighter naturally. 

Other natural ingredients that can be added to the strawberry mask for acne is to add honey. Honey become one of the natural ingredients that are so helpful in providing extra natural moisture to the skin, especially facial skin. Besides using honey you can also add lemon to strawberry mask for acne. A natural ingredient found in lemons are capable of removing dead skin cells that can give the effect of a brighter face naturally. In the strawberry mask for acne yogurt can also be added which serves to provide natural nutrients to the face to keep it smooth and soft. 

Strawberry Mask to Overcome Acne

Prepare the ingredients and here's how to make a strawberry mask for stubborn acne on your face. 

Pilihlan 4 fresh strawberries and a rather large size, add about 2 tablespoons of pure honey 1 tablespoon fresh squeezed lemon juice 2 tablespoons yogurt with no flavor. Puree strawberries in a blender and mix of additives stir again until evenly then pour into a container. Clean your face before wearing this strawberry mask, strawberry mask to wear you should use a soft brush to rub the entire surface of your face and then flatten the strawberry mask. Let stand for about 15 minutes until the permeate perfect strawberry mask on your skin. after the mask is left in place in sufficient time, wash your face with clean water. Dry your face by using a soft towel to dry devoted face. 

By wearing a strawberry mask for facial acne on a regular basis then this will surely face free of acne are other benefits that can be obtained when using this strawberry mask is the face becomes softer and also appear naturally brighter.

Benefits of Eatting Persimmon Fruit


Persimmon is the name of a type of persimmon fruits of the genus Diospyros. This plant is also known as the fruit of the foot, or in English called the Oriental (Chinese / Japanese) persimmon. Scientific name is Diospyros feet. ('Legs', Japanese language is the name of a substance produced by this fruit tannins). Ripe persimmon orange to reddish will, this fruit can be eaten directly but must first be smeared with lime water and brooded first. persimmon fruit can also be processed into ice cream, peanut butter and jelly.

persimmon fruit actually originated from China and then brought to Japan in ancient times. In China this fruit has a high commercial value because this fruit has an important role in Chinese society, while in Indonesia, the fruit is only produced for consumption only, Sumatran region is producing persimmon and have been exported to the country of Singapore. Persimmon fruit typically grown in upland areas such as the mountainous terrain. Persimmon fruit is usually referred to as his flirtatious always covered by a white powder such as talcum powder. Some of the content in the persimmon fruit containing 19.6% carbohydrate, 0.7% protein, contains phytochemicals and lycopene, and contains 60% vitamin C.

Benefits of Eatting Persimmon Fruit

The benefits of eating persimmon fruit is almost equal or equal to apples, even has an advantage in vitamin content than apples.
Persimmon benefits include:

  • Keeping the body in order to stay slim, doctors recommend to consume persimmon for women who are doing the diet.
  • Avoid the occurrence of the tumor because the content of catechins and catechin content gallocatechins and to prevent infection.
  • Contains antioxidants to counteract free radicals and slow the aging process.
  • Fixing the body's metabolic system because it is rich in vitamins such as vitamin B compleks.
  • Persimmon fruit juice with a mixture of warm water can help prevent hypertension.
  • Consuming fresh persimmon fruit can overcome stomach pain.

Benefits of Eating Betel Nut


Betel Nut is a type of palm that grows in the Pacific region, Asia and eastern Africa. Pinang is also the name of this fruit. In English known as Betel palm or Betel nut tree, and its scientific name is Areca catechu. Midrib of the leaf-shaped tube with a length of 80 cm, short petiole, leaf blade length to 80 cm, the child leaves 85 x 5 cm, with torn and jagged ends. 

Betel nut which has a bitter taste as it contains alkoloida arekaina (arecaine) and arekolina (arecoline) which has a toxic and addictive properties. Some important matter content in areca nut include arecaidine, arecolidine, guvacoline, guracine and several other elements. 

  1. Betel nuts young woman believed to shrink the uterus after childbirth. Betel nuts can be boiled young, and drink the decoction of betel nuts. 
  2. Betel nuts are believed to stop bleeding, it is due to the presence of choline-containing compounds. 
  3. Benefits of betel nuts can also treat intestinal worms, content archoline believed to mengataci worms in poultry. 
  4. Adding arousal in men. 
  5. Natural dyes contained in the young betel nut is widely used as a dye fiber. Much easier, natural and of high quality. Wine red color on the fruit is sourced from the matchmaker phobapheen compounds contained therein. 
  6. Chewing betel nuts and drink water to avoid a myopic eye 

Medically those who regularly consume matchmaker actually get better benefits. If you do not like the color that is attached to the teeth, you can try matchmaker extract capsules are now beginning to bloom developed by manufacturers of herbal remedies.

Benefits of Cavendish Banana


Everyone would know bananas, both the tree and its fruit. Banana is a fruit with a fairly high calorie content. This makes it very suitable substitute staple food. For those who are dieting, banana obviously best friend. Fitting calories and will keep you from feeling hungry. There are many varieties of bananas. Each type of banana fruit has a different shape. So it is with flavor characteristics. One of the many types of bananas are consumed as table fruit Cavendish bananas. From the name you might think of this native fruit comes from abroad. Not one but also not absolutely true. It is during this time, Cavendish bananas in supermarkets are imported fruit. This is unfortunate because jenispisang Cavendish also exist in Indonesia. We call it banana Ambon White. Cavendish bananas are very popular because of its distinctive taste. Waranya usually bright yellow. Special, banana because it is not easily damaged skin thick enough. Cavendish is very popular dessert fruit used because of practical and delicious. Bananas are widely developed through tissue culture rather than saplings. It is not without reason. Cavendish bananas are developed through tissue culture is much more resistant to disease and moko wilt are like panama wilt. Cavendish banana tree types have a maximum height of 3 meters. Blackish green color of the tree. Meanwhile, the leaves have a dark green color. Each fruit, Cavendish banana tree produces bunches with a length between 60 and 100 cm. Each cluster is usually filled with 8 to 12 comb. And each comb are approximately 12 to 23 pieces. Cavendish has a unique sense of character because there is no dominant flavor is sour in taste sweetness. Color slightly yellowish white flesh. Benefits of Cavendish Banana Just like other types of bananas, Cavendish also contains a number of active compounds are good for the body. The compounds among others. Observing the complete content of compounds, it is normal that the Cavendish banana has many benefits for health. The Cavendish banana benefits include: As an energy source because the carbohydrate content is simply enough to block the stomach. Reportedly, the athletes consume bananas to increase energy instantly when he was competing. Heart healthy. This is due to the high potassium content and is very effective in preventing high blood pressure which is the source of a heart attack. Balancing blood. Cavendish bananas are rich in vitamin B6, which plays an active role in the formation of antibodies and hemoglobin in the blood. Vitamin B6 is also known as balancing sugar levels in our blood. So naturally healthful consumption Cavendish! Protect the nervous system and the potential for stroke away. As a mood booster. Because bananas contain tryptophan, a compound that plays a role of serotonin, a substance that is responsible for feelings of happiness and relax in humans. Maintain kidney health. Because potassium in bananas Cavendish could reduce eksreksi calcium in the urine. Good for brain health. Soothe the stomach and relieve the pain of wounds in the stomach. [...]