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Best Hair Color for Dark Skin Tone Women


Caramel highlights are fashionable and versatile .Especially ,for those who have hair of bit deeper shades ,the caramel tone will come out perfect on you .Many celebs have flaunted caramel highlights on the red carpets ,which has boosted the trend ,even more, for caramel highlights . If caramel highlights are done as lowlights ,which means that 2 or 3 shades darker than your natural hair color , it generates a beautiful noticeable and attractive look . The list below of 12 Dark Brown Hair With Caramel Highlights pictures can help you decide the style in which you wish to get caramel highlights on your hair . L'Oreal Paris colorist Christophe Robin states that skin tone and eye color are the two essential in terms of choosing the best hair color for dark skin and light skin .Megan Fox is an example of a cool-skin tone ,her hair color is a dark ashy shade of brown ,which suits her well ,as a warmer color would clash with her natural skin tones .Those with warm undertones really should pick colors which are rich and warm ,because cool colors will always make one look washed-out .Deep ,dark hues of espresso and also inky black look striking next to blue-based complexions like Alex Wek's .Browns ,warm reds and golden highlights are the best hair colors for darker skin with warm skin tones ( imagine Rihanna ,Beyonce and Jessica Alba ) . In case you have warm skin like Viola Davis ,go with maple brown ,mahogany ,toffee and other rich ,warm colors to enhance the apricot undertones in your skin .Make sure to contact your hair stylist regarding what you would like .[...]

My personality is 30% the last movie I watched.


(image) (image) (image) I just saw that one sentence on Tumblr and, that surely describes me quite well. If you bother to read the rare texts I write here you will confirm this in a snap of fingers. By the way, I can't snap my fingers. It is a limitation of mine, one of the many I bitterly embrace. Yes, I embrace it, because at some point you realize there's nothing else you can do but, embrace your limitations. But, as I was saying, can you live life as if it was a film? I have an irresolute answer to that. (possibly negative.) If you could live life as if it was a film..if your life was a film, what genre would it be? If my life was a film I'd fast forward it. Not because I want time to pass, quite the opposite, but because it is filled with uninteresting moments. I am sure yours is too. Although, I wouldn't necessarily watch my own life if it was a film, I by no means, think this is a bad thing because, after all I am not so much a fan of action movies. Now, guess what was the last film I've watched. ;)



(image) (image) (image) (image) (image) Yep, a little pierrot le fou inspired. x

Fit in - drag along.


(image) (image) (image) (image) So, I alight at the station and try to walk through the crowd. I try but it is hard. People are in a hurry, yet they're not wise enough to position themselves. Slow general, incompetent walkers. The streets are full of them. I surely am one of them now and then. I almost bump into a guy who is happily waving an old yellow cloth next to his stand. I whisper a sorrrr..too late, i am already gone. I keep walking, it is exhausting. It is simple and so exhausting. Ahead, a bunch of teenagers can be heard shouting and laughing, bumping into each other with excitement. Their backpacks could probably leave a bruise on anyone's arm if one got hit with it. I am in the center of egoism and hurry. I finally catch the train. I finally alight at my final stop and like everyone else I go up the alley. I and, all the people going up that alley. Men in suits coming back from work, heading to their houses. We all look like cows being lead out of the pasture into the freestall barns. And, let's repeat it..tomorrow.