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Ten Things To Know About French Immersion


My daughter is currently in French Immersion and my son is scheduled to start in September, so I thought I'd share some of what I've learned. 1) There are many benefits to French Immersion: children learn a second language; they develop a great ability to learn other languages as well; they have better career options for their futures; research has show they develop better problem solving skills

10 Things To NOT Feed Your Dog


I made French Toast the other day and gave my dog the left over batter to drink. For anyone who's never made French Toast, the batter consists of raw egg, milk, cinnamon and nutmeg.AFTER he eagerly lapped it up, I thought, hmmm - maybe I better check about those spices...Luckily for us, he had only a small amount, and at 75 pounds is a large breed. Here are some of the dietary no-nos for dogs

10 Ways To Get Your Kids Some Exercise While At Home


Ewwww... winter slush!!! Who wants to go outside anyway. Stuck in the house with restless kids? Here are some ideas to get them moving and work off some energy:1) Laundry: our laundry room is downstairs and my four year old is always eager to help carry items upstairs. As I fold most of the clothes, I give him one item at a time to bring upstairs and put away. He loves it and keeps coming back

10 Things To Know About Dog Behaviour


We had our dog professionally trained a few years ago, and learned some really fascinating stuff about what makes dogs behave the way they do. Here are some of the things we learned.1) Eye contact can be seen by dogs as a threat - never stare down an aggressive dog. (This was surprising to me, considering the fact that the opposite is true for humans. Avoiding eye contact is threatening to us,

The 12th Thing To Know About Breastfeeding...


Ohhh... I can't believe I left this one off my last post!! It made the world of difference to me:12) Take prenatal classes that cover breastfeeding. We did a program that had about 10 classes. All the rest of the info we covered was interesting, but I could have lived without it. The class on breastfeeding, however, was critical to my success because there are very specific ways to get the baby

10 Things To Know About Breastfeeding


Sorry guys!!! This one is for the Moms out there who've never breastfed and would like to do so. Again, some info from my personal experience... hopefully it will benefit some readers out there!1) Babies need to be taught to latch, and it doesn't always happen the first day, but if you keep trying it WILL work.2) C-sections can delay your milk, but it will come, so don't give up.3) If your

10 Things To Know About Having A C-Section


I've had two C-sections, so I just thought I'd share (for those out there heading into one for the first time):1) You WILL feel normal again eventually, so if you feel like you've been hit by a train, don't panic.2) The sooner you get up and move around, the sooner your bowels will begin working again after the anaesthetic.3) The sooner your bowels begin working again, the sooner they will let

Ten Things To Know About Keeping Food Fresh


Reducing food waste is a great money saver. Here are ten things to know about preserving your perishables to save money.1. Use a vacuum sealer. This is a great way to virtually eliminate freezer burn, enabling food to stay fresh in the freezer for much longer.2. Learn about the effects of ethylene on produce. Ethylene is a gas naturally produced by fruit and vegetables as they ripen. Some foods



I am contemplating retiring this blog... not sure yet. I'll get back to you on that one.Meanwhile, please visit my other current blogs :-)Thanks and have a good day!

I AM Back...


...although you'd never know it by the huge number of posts to this blog (note the sarcasm ;-) I have ideas for topics but haven't had time to put anything together in the last month or so.LOL as I type this, my almost six year old daughter is copying me with her toy computer:"Look, Mommy! I'm doing the same thing you are!!"(Hey, maybe I can hire her as a writer? ;-)

I'll Be Baaaack....


....after August 18th. We're away on a family vacation until then, so I'm posting this same message on all of my blogs.(I thought I'd be organized and write some posts and post date them for while I'm gone, but that never happened. Life got in the way, I guess ;-)See you soon!

10 Things To Consider When Growing Vegetables Indoors


I'm starting to look into growing food indoors, since we don't have a very long growing season in Vancouver. Here are some of the points to consider that I've been reading about:1) stock up on seeds while they're available (by mid summer, many stores no longer have seeds in stock, since most people have already started their gardens)2) be aware of temperature and light requirements of your crop (

10 Tips For Caring For Your Digital Camera


Much of this is common sense, but it was all a good refresher for me:1. Avoid extreme temperatures: keep your camera out of excessive heat or cold2. Keep your camera dry (cover with a plastic bag with a hole cut for the end of the lens when shooting in the rain - I've done this, and although it's a bit awkward, it works)3. Don't discard the silica gel packet the camera came with - keep it in the

10 Reasons To Floss


This is another "light a fire under my own you-know-what" post. After reading about the reasons listed below, I think I'm going to try and get back into the habit of daily flossing:1. flossing prevents cavities from starting between teeth, where the toothbrush can't always clean2. it prevents gingivitis (gum disease)3. prevents against heart disease4. prevents against periodontal disease (disease

10 Ways To Boost Your Immune System


This is a well covered topic, but it's useful enough to bear repeating. Here are some ways to boost your immune system:1) Proper nutrition: eat at least some raw fruits and vegetables daily2) Fresh garlic, echinacea, vitamin C, zinc, and probiotics can all help3) Cut back on refined sugar4) Reduce consumption of alcohol5) Get adequate sleep6) Maintain a healthy weight7) Hot foods such as chili

10 Things To Try For Itch Relief


I've always been itch prone, so I have some experience in this area. Here are some things to try (and good luck :-)1) ice (my personal favourite - it's immediate, completely free of side effects, and free ;-)2) baking soda (make a paste with water and apply, or add some to a bath)3) vinegar (either full strength or mix with water - caution: although it stops itch in its tracks, it stings cut skin

10 Things To Know About Getting Rid Of Spiders


1) Get a cat. Our Manx is the fiercest spider hunter in the land. I'm constantly finding her stretched out on the carpet looking smug and satisfied, with a balled up wolf spider corpse nearby.2) Put chestnuts around the room. I have NO idea why this works, but the rooms that I have the chestnuts in never have the spiders (our Manx has a peeing problem, so there are certain rooms she's not allowed

10 Alternative Names for Hidden Sugar in Food


I'm reading a great article about hidden sugar in food. Below is a list of alternative sugar names that can appear on labels:1. sucrose2. fructose3. maple syrup4. molasses5. dextrose6. turbinado7. amazake8. sorbitol9. carob powder10. glucoseBecause this is such important info (and it's right at my fingertips!) here's more:galactoselactosemaltoseinvert sugarraw sugarbrown sugarconfectioner's

10 Things To Know About Increasing Your Metabolism


This is a refresher for me ;-)1) Drink more water2) Eat smaller meals more frequently3) Eat breakfast4) Build muscle mass5) Do aerobic exercise6) Get adequate sleep7) Reduce stress in your life8) Eat fresh fruit and vegetables9) Eat low fat, lean protein10) Eat spicy foodsSources:

10 Things To Know About Travelling To The US


Viva Las Vegas!!!1) Even though you're driving across the border, you might still need your passport. The border guard asked for our driver's licenses and birth certificates, and when we didn't have both, he asked for passports. I wasn't expecting this, and my "one sec, please" while I dug around in my bag prompted him to step out of his booth and ask my hubby to roll down our car window. All

10 Things To Know About Making Good Coffee


I'm a coffeeaholic (is that even a real world?) and have spent a considerable amount of time and effort engaged in the quest to make a better cup. Here are ten tips that I have learned and practice myself... 1) Buy beans, not pre-ground coffee, and grind only what you are about to use, right before you use it.2) Use a lighter roast, because lower quality beans are often used for darker roasts.3)

So Many Things, So Little Time


Maybe I bit off more than I can chew with this blog. I've started a few more lists, but life keeps getting in the way and taking up my time before I come up with a full ten things that I'm happy about posting (I don't like to duplicate stuff, or use "filler"). Maybe I should change this to "5 things about..." lolAll I can do is keep plugging away at it - maybe this can be a weekly blog.It's past

10 Things To Know About Bisphenol A


Bisphenol AI had heard about this being in plastic, but I had no idea about the food can lining. Interesting!!1) On Friday the federal government of Canada intends to declare Bisphenol A a toxin.2) Bisphenol A has been used in plastics since the 1950s.3) It's alarmingly common, found in the urine of 93% of those tested over the age of six.4) The government of Canada classes Bisphenol A as a

10 Things to Know About Blogging and Copyright


I'm new at blogging, so I found this topic really useful (and important!).1) Anything that is published is protected by copyright, whether there is a copyright notice or not.2) Don't cut and paste - instead, use a direct link to the article you're referring to. This is a "lesser of two evils" approach, which enables the creators to maintain their control over access, while allowing their

10 Things To Know About Flaxseed


I chose Flaxseed for my first topic and found out some interesting things I didn't know! This is what my web surfing research taught me:1) Flax seed is an excellent source of both omega-3 fatty acids and lignans. 2) It is better utilized by the body if ground first (this I knew, actually... it's kind of a pain cleaning the coffee out of the grinder, but it's worth it!)3) It has a longer shelf