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Have I mentioned that I've been focusing on breakfast lately? I eat something simple, like peanut butter and jam on whole wheat bread, or a banana and homemade granola bar. I've noticed it has made a tremendous difference in the rate at which I put on pounds when I don't need to.They say that eating breakfast increases your metabolism. It does seem unlikely - aren't calories the same no matter

Attack of the Spam Monster


Hi everyone! I just wanted to offer a quick apology to anyone who may have commented on this blog and not seen their comment appear... this blog seems to have been attacked and taken over by spam comments, and there are so many that sometimes I miss a legitimate comment in my efforts to delete and clean up. If you left a legit comment and I've deleted it by mistake, my sincere apologies.Happy

Halloween Candy Has No Calories


I've decided. Halloween will be a night off, where I can blissfully indulge in all the sugar I want! So there. Just try and stop me (translation - stay out of the way to avoid injury).I'm back to calorie counting, and although I haven't been updating my daily counts on the side column of this blog, it's been going fairly well. According to my lovely scale I've even lost 2 pounds, which although

Dr. Phil's Weight Loss Book: The Ultimate Weight Solution


This is the book that I'm currently reading.While I haven't lost any weight yet (I'm only on page 73), what I do appreciate about this book is that he examines the psychological and behavioural mechanisms behind weight before he starts in on the diet advice. It's like he's prepping you mentally first, which I believe in: I think all that we are and do begins with how we think.Return to Fine Grind

Mmmm POP!


Yummy, sugary, and having no nutritional benefit whatsoever: pop!! At anywhere from 130-180 calories per can, it can find it's way to your waistline pretty quick.The best solution is to simply not buy it, which, if I lived alone, would be my answer. However my husband is a Pepsi-aholic, and we're the house that hosts the family parties, which usually include a flat of mixed pop for the kids (mine

Tasty Tummy Filler


I'm struggling with perpetual hunger (as I usually do when I calorie count) and I just discovered yet another low-cal void filler:1 can green beans (about 50 cal.)1/4 cup salsa (about 25 cal.)Heat the beans, drain the water, mix in the salsa. Presto: hot, tasty, somewhat filling, and only 75 calories :) Return to Fine Grind

Resuming Calorie Counting


Today I started calorie counting again. I was trying a few other things (smaller portions, exercise, etc.) but not really having much success. It occurred to me that even though I had the right intentions, unless my calories burned exceed my calories consumed, I'm not going to lose weight. How do I ensure this happens? Eat fewer calories. How do I do this? Count the flippin' things.I'm an

Finding New Ways To Exercise


I walk everywhere, kids in tow. This is great for many reasons, including health, financial and environmental. I'm finding that I'm not getting as much of a workout as I used to though.A couple of years ago the kids rode everywhere in our Graco DuoGlider. I was pushing close to 100 lbs (not sure how much the stroller weighs but the kids were about 35-37 lbs each), AND I was walking briskly. Since

Dr. Rhonda Low, And What Happens To You Body When You Eat A High Fat Meal


I saw this Dr. Rhonda Low segment last night on the news that analyzed the blood of two volunteers before and after they ate a 6,000+ calorie high fat meal. I can't find the segment on line to share the link with you (but I did manage to find her twitter address! @doctorrhonda )Anyway, the segment on the fatty food was quite shocking. Even after one meal, the volunteers' blood when from clear to

Weight Loss With One Change At A Time


Yet again I'm trying to ditch the ice cream at midnight habit! So far so good. I'm on day 3 now. Last night I caved a bit and had a couple of cheese strings (2 x 60 cals) and a chocolate covered chewy granola bar (150) for a total of 270 calories. This is still better than the ice cream, though, which I estimate to be near 1,000 (did I mention I dump chocolate chips, peanut butter, and chocolate

Are Salads Really Diet Food?


Are salads really diet food?...I'm addressing the misconception that just because something is called a "salad", it must be good for weight loss.It comes down to common sense. If you order something with "salad" in the name at a restaurant and your plate arrives containing cheese, egg, and processed ham along with some lettuce, it's more than likely going to sabotage your diet efforts. On the

Renewed Weight Loss Efforts


Ok, I think I'm ready to try again. The thing that tipped the scales (pun intended ;) was when I sat down at the table last night and my tummy bumped the table. Um, sigh. Not what I want for myself.I managed to NOT eat ice cream before bed last night, which is a really good sign. Normally my ice cream cravings completely override any good sense I may have left at the end of the day, but not last

Still Here!!


I'll be back on track again soon... Meanwhile, I haven't gained any more weight! Yippee (lol)JReturn to Fine Grind

The Upside and the Downside


Upside: I'm down ten pounds from mid-March :)Downside: I've gained five of them back :(I hopped off the calorie counting wagon (as you can tell by my record on the right hand column), so now is the time I need to put on the brakes to my current snacking before I gain all TEN back. I need to take the five pounds I'm down, pat myself on the back, and make this my new "maximum".OK! Here's to a fresh

4 Ways To Curb Late Night Snacking


I am once again struggling with late night snacking. Yesterday, for example, I inhaled about 600 calories worth of crap after midnight (toyed with the idea of adding it to today's calorie count, then thought the better of it ;)If it's late enough at night, my resolve weakens and I simply don't care. I want the bleepin' cookies, and nothing will stop me from eating them! So there ;) Last night it

I'm Baaaack... Or Should I Say My APPETITE Is


Don't you love it when a post title tells it all? I pretty much don't have to write anything else at this point ;)Return to Fine Grind

Caught Me A Bug


I'm soooo dedicated that I even counted my calories in the midst of illness. Ha ha.I've caught some kind of intestinal bug, complete with fever and headache and an intense dislike of anything edible!! (This is not how you want to lose weight, but hey, let me have my silver lining ;) I'm still not 100% better, but hopefully I'll feel normal again soon.I have even challenged myself to a cup of

The Cookies Chased Me


They did!!! I ran as fast as I could, but they trapped me in the kitchen.Lesson: put them away somewhere where they're harder to reach. Last night I was ending the day at about 1,900 calories, when I dozed off on the couch. I woke up half asleep and wandered through the kitchen, and you guessed it - found the cookies (600 calories may be a bit more than what I actually ate - these were homemade

Should I Lower My Caloric Target?


Hmmm.It's a tough call, because on the one hand, having a flexible, reasonably easy target makes me more likely to want to continue long term, but on the other hand, I tend to not take it as seriously.If I lowered my calorie target range to, say, 1,200-1,700 would I continually be demoralized and give up all together, or would I start losing weight a little faster? 2,000 calories is a lot for

Calorie Shifting


Hmmm... it appears as though my inability to stick to below 2,000 calories for any length of time has a name: calorie shifting!! lolI've heard of the merits of this before: basically it refers to changing your daily intake levels to trick your metabolism. If you eat low cal for too long, your metabolic rate eventually slows to match the level of incoming calories.I honestly think my calorie

Wii Fitastic :)


I haven't really lost that much weight since getting Wii Fit (maybe a pound) but I feel like I'm getting fit. Watching my 6 year old do yoga has been fun too :)This is how my Wii Fit work out typically goes:1) I start with a run (today it was a 20 minute "free run", in which I broke the 4 mile mark, wahoo!! :) Ironically I only got 3 stars for that, while in previous runs I've gotten four. I

Why I Love Wii Fit


Wii fit is fabulous, because most of the activities involve using the balance board, which means you have to be standing up, or at the very least, off the couch. Anyone who has Wii Sport has no doubt figured out that the majority of those games can be played while seated.My husband is about 6'2", and you wouldn't think of him as being overweight. He's getting a bit thick in the middle, but not so

Wii Fit


I LOVE it so far, partly because it says I'm about 3 pounds lighter than my bathroom scale does.HA HA.I got it on April 9th, set up my profile, and went to The Keg for dinner that night with DH and friends. The next day when I stepped on the Wii Fit balance board, it told me I was +2 pounds.Oops.Return to Fine Grind

3 Ways To Make Running Easier


I love running, and it's an effective calorie burner, but man oh man is it hard work if you're not in shape!! Here are 3 simple things you can do to make it less painful if you're just starting out:1) Stretch before and after. It doesn't have to be for very long, or be very involved, but a quick minute or so of gentle stretching before and after you run will go a long way in maintaining

Counting KFC Calories


Huh. I don't really believe that a KFC drumstick is only 160 calories... I called it 300 just to be on the safe side. DH went out and grabbed some KFC, with strict instructions from me to not get any extras. No salads, or deserts of any kind. And only ONE drumstick for me. Ok I ate one fry too. Just one. So I figure that 300 calories is a fair, safe guess. Oh, here's the website that the screen