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Duplicate Blog?


I started a new blog, fairly recently, to act as my "main page" with all of my recent posts listed. I started posting on that blog as well, and since it's sort of a general, "multi-topic" blog, it's left this blog redundant.I don't want to delete this blog because of archived content, but maybe I'll just refer to it as dormant for now, and continue to post all of my



Just testing the "tweet this" widget...Return to Fine Grind

Not Me Monday


Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.Ok. Here's mine...It wasn't me (honest) who, uh, borrowed some of my husband's poker change to buy some of my daughter's school fundraising chocolate and to secretly hide it in the freezer intending to savour it for a few days and

Manic Monday Meme


What would you do with an extra hour each day?Blog!!! LOL actually, I hate to admit it, but probably waste more time. Oh, you mean what would I like to do? What tv and eat chocolate!!!! ('cause that's not a waste of time ;)Do you wear a watch? If so, tell us about it. If not, how do you keep track of time?I am far too Type A to function without a watch. I feel positively naked without one.If it

Burnt The Chili. Now What?


I'm making another pot. It seems like such a waste, but DH has the most SENSITIVE taste buds in the entire universe and beyond. I surfed a bit for some suggestions, and read about adding peanut butter to remove burnt flavour. I was desperate enough to try it, and sure enough the burnt taste is gone but now the chili tastes like peanut butter!! (and I only used about 2 tsp for a large pot). Um,

My Cat Is Still Special


Ah yes. The same cat who was leaving juice box straws in her food dish a couple of weeks ago has now taken up permanent residence on my kitchen counter. No amount of tossing her off appears to make any difference. I tell myself that all the spider killing and lap cuddling is worth it, but sometimes, I tell ya... What does she want? It's not like I keep open cans of tuna up there. More often than

Why My Cat Is "Special"


(Not sure what else to call her).I had a cat that used to drink from a running tap as if it were a water fountain. I also own a cat who scoops up cat food with his paw and eats off his paw like a hand.Then there's my other current cat. She's, um, well let's just say she's in touch with her prey drive. (Did I ever blog about the LIVE mice she brought in the house one day? I'll have to look through

I Love My Air Popcorn Popper, But What A Mess!!


Either I don't have the right size/shape bowl to sit beside my air popper, or it's design is a wee bit lacking. I say this because once it warms up and starts popping kernels, half of them end up blown around the room.My solution? A paper towel held on by a bit of tape, to create a "tunnel" over the bowl. Works like a charm :)Just thought I'd share...____________________Return to Blog Scene By

New Post Ideas


I haven't had any ideas for a few days now, so I thought I'd write a post about that. More specifically, I thought I'd google "new post ideas" and share anything I found interesting:1) Expand on previous posts.Here's an awesome post at Problogger about a technique called mind mapping to create new posts from your previous ones. I particularly like the idea of expanding on previous posts because

I'm Not Lazy, I'm Just Motivationally Challenged


"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."- Albert EinsteinSee? I'm not insane! (phew) I may not be Martha Stewart, but I'm not insane.I'm referring to my, uh, inept housekeeping efforts. I like a clean house as much as the next person, but every time I clean it just gets messy again.What is with that, anyway??!! ____________________Return to Blog Scene

Ruby Tuesday


Here's my Ruby Tuesday photo - it's a magnet from our fridge :-)Return to Blog Scene By Jeanne

Mellow Yellow Monday!


I've never played along with a blog meme before, but thought I would this time. Here's my pic (I hope you like it - I know my kids would, lol :-)Return to Blog Scene By Jeanne

Enough Fog!!


I have an issue with my visibility being impaired, but at least with blowing snow it's for a good cause. It ends up on the ground and you get to shovel (which I enjoy! strange I know), your kids can make snow men and snow forts, they can ride their toboggans, they can play outside, their boots are clean when they come in the house, your snow dog (husky cross) is happy happy happy, the evenings

One Question...

2009-01-15T09:29:38.907-08:00 on earth does a snow bank get this dirty??? (!!!)____________________Return to Blog Scene By Jeanne

Cheese Fights Cavities


Did you know that cheese can help fight cavities? I had no idea until a friend, who knows a Dental Assistant, recommended eating cheese after sugary treats.Supposedly the nutrients in cheese help to neutralize plaque, and the texture of cheese stimulates an increased flow of saliva, which also attacks plaque.Here are some links to check out:

Photographic Evidence That I Am The Anti-Martha


I think the picture pretty much says everything (let's just say that I'm, um, alternatively enabled...)! ____________________ Return to Blog Scene By Jeanne

7 Benefits To Being Snowbound


1) Being forced to make homemade bread.2) Less laundry - housebound kids stay in jammies all day.3) The snow insulates your roof.4) Having to live on leftover Christmas chocolate because you've run out of apples and bananas.5) Having to use Bailey's in your coffee because there's no cream left.6) The mess of scattered toys in your yard is hidden under the snow.7) The kids make such a mess in the

How Often Do You Change Your Carbon Monoxide Detector Batteries?


I was in the kitchen today and out of nowhere heard a familiar chirp... the sound of my carbon monoxide battery indicator. Naturally I had to test and retest and open all my windows and... you get the picture. Omg, it's making a sound, it must mean impending doom.When I took the detectors (I have two) off the wall, I discovered a post-it note I'd tacked underneath that said the last time I'd

My Dog And His Ball


At the moment, we have about a foot of snow in our back yard. As much as my dog loves the snow (being a Husky cross), he loves his ball more. This means that he still insists on having someone throw it for him, regardless of the weather.In the sun, this is fine. In the rain it's not really fun, but still possible. In the wind, you have to be careful how close to the fence you throw it.In the snow

Baby Powder Saved My Bangs


Warning: girlie post.(lol)I recently had bangs cut after being without them for about seven years (prior to that, had 'em my whole life).It was fun for the first half hour or so: "Whooo!! I look ten years younger!! Why didn't I do this sooner!!"Then I started remembering... the toque cowlicks, for one (ack). Aaaaand (giant groan) the worst part:The Oily Bangs Thing.Not so bad when you're twenty

Help Save Ballet BC


Our city's Ballet troupe, Ballet BC, is in serious financial trouble. I think it would be such a shame to lose a valuable cultural organization such as this. They may have to close their doors in 2009 if their fundraising efforts fail.Here is a link to their website for more information:'m trying to get a group of fellow Moms together to take our daughters to see a

Let It Snow!!!


Finally...We (the kids and I) have been itching for some of the white stuff, and now we've gotten our wish!!Mind you it's quite wet, so I don't know how long it will stay, but hey, it's beautiful to look at as it's falling from the sky :-)____________________Return to Jeanne's Blog List

Making A Dog Bed


I'm sensing a theme here (woof ;-)So we bought our pup a dog bed. We bought it from one of those large chain pet supply stores (love going in them, but my Visa doesn't!!). Our dog is a large breed - he's a shepherd cross and is about 75 pounds and is 27 inches at the shoulder, so we bought him a large bed.It cost $100.00.It is, basically, a large piece of foam with a giant zippered cover. The

Dog Training That Works


More on the subject of dogs... not only have I been witness to the construction of the best dog fence ever (yay Dad!!), but I've also dealt with pretty darn good trainers as well.Our current dog had aggression issues towards other dogs, which made him hard to walk. We enlisted the aid of Custom Canine, and learned some really neat tricks as to how to get through to our pup.Their training is

Building A Good Dog Fence


Yes, this blog is truly "anything and everything", lol.Friends of mine just got a new pup, and it took me back to my childhood and all the dogs we had. We were talking about dog fences (they have a nice sized yard in Coquitlam) and it reminded me of the wonderful fence my Dad built for our Husky when I was in high school.(For those of you unfamiliar with the Husky breed, they DIG, and are