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Law and Order SVU actor charged with Child Porn: Let the irony commentary begin

Tue, 14 Aug 2007 21:30:00 +0000


WAYNE, N.J. -- An actor who once played a lieutenant on NBC's "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" has been charged with possession of child pornography, authorities said Tuesday.

Albert Insinnia, 57, of Bloomfield, turned himself into the Passaic County Sheriff's Department in Wayne on Monday and was released on bail Tuesday morning, said sheriff's spokesman Bill Maer.

Insinnia was charged with two counts of possession of child pornography after authorities allegedly discovered 180 images of child porn on the hard drive of the actor's laptop computer.

Reached at his home Tuesday afternoon, Insinnia told The Associated Press he had no comment, but his lawyer, Joseph Portelli, said he planned to plead not guilty at an arraignment Tuesday afternoon.

"Any images that may have been on that computer are not his," Portelli said, adding that there are no allegations that his client purchased or sold any of the images.

Ok, so he was only in two episodes, but it still makes good press. And it's really great this guy is paying his lawyer so much to say that the images are not his. My work is done! DONK DONK!!

Snapping Turtle proves too much for Fishermen

Tue, 14 Aug 2007 21:12:00 +0000

From Indeonline

Police responded to a call that a firearm had been discharged shortly after 11 p.m. Friday on the Tuscarawas riverbank near the intersection of Earl Road and Lake Avenue.

“From what I understand, two guys where out fishing on Friday night ... just on the western side of the river,” DiLoreto said. “But instead of catching a fish, they caught a snapping turtle.

“So these two knuckleheads have this turtle hooked and I think they were planning to eat it,” DiLoreto continued. “Apparently he was taking a shot at the turtle and his foot got in the way. He shot himself in the foot.”

The discharged weapon was a 9mm handgun.

“I don’t know how bad his foot is, but I do know they took him to a hospital by private vehicle right away. ... At that close range and the bullet moving that fast, it had to have hurt like heck.”

DiLoreto said he is not sure if the turtle lived or not. “I can’t say with a 100 percent certainty – but I think the turtle got away,” he said.

The case is listed as a possible fourth-degree misdemeanor, which could mean up to 30 days in jail and a $250 fine.

So is this then a tale of the Tortoise and the Hair (Trigger)? One thing is for sure--these guys need to have a shell put on themselves so that they don't hurt themselves any more than they already have. I sincerely doubt the guys will get a fourth-degree misdemeanor, the jury won't be able to stop laughing to pose such a sentence, ya think?

Fast Food Robber taken into custody

Wed, 25 Apr 2007 01:45:00 +0000

Police say he climbed half way into the drive-through window at a Burger King on East 95th Street and threatened the workers with a gun. The employees ran into an office for safety and called police. A few minutes after he ran away, a pair of officers caught up with the man.

There was a vehicle matching the description given. We curbed the vehicle at which time we apprehended the offender with a semiautomatic and another handgun and the proceed that were taken from the robbery," said James Dillon, Chicago Police Department.

Police suspect he also robbed a nearby Wendy's.

Police say he was wearing a bullet proof vest and claimed to be a security guard.

Charges are pending.

Goosey's Gabbings....

I guess this gives new meaning to the name "Hamburglar". When reached for comment, the perpetrator was quoted as saying "robble robble robble".

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Tampa man arrested for buthering alligator---on front lawn

Wed, 25 Apr 2007 01:41:00 +0000

(CBS4) TAMPA A Tampa man arrested for butchering an alligator on his front lawn said he only wanted a new belt.

35-year old Benjamin Hodges told police he found the 4 to 5 foot long dead alligator floating in the Hillsborough River on Sunday and took it home in a shopping cart. He had just started to skin it when the police showed up and arrested him.

Hodges was charged with killing or possessing an alligator, both of which are illegal in Florida. It's a felony punishable by up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine. He has been released on $2 thousand bond.

The American alligator is protected in Florida as a species of special concern, and hunting is tightly controlled. Only state-licensed trappers can kill alligators out of season.

Goosey's Gabbings...

Steve Irwin must be puking in his grave. If there's any spirit that will haunt this moron, it will be the Crocodile Hunter...CRIKEY!!!

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Ten-hut! Forward--HALT! About FACE! Pose for racy pictures! At Ease, at ease...

Wed, 25 Apr 2007 01:28:00 +0000

NEWPORT NEWS - A Fort Eustis drill sergeantwill spend six months in prison for having inappropriate personal relationships with three trainees in his command. Staff Sgt. Edmundo Estrada was court-martialed Monday for his actions during a 15-month period at thepost, where he oversaw low-ranking soldiers, many just out of boot camp. Estrada, a drill sergeant with the 1-222ndAviation Regiment, 8th Transportation Brigade since 2005, pleadedguilty to violating regulations not to develop relationships withsubordinates and three counts of mistreating the three male soldiers. Estrada said in court he hadone-on-one interactions with each soldier. He asked each one to posefor what he called body-building photos, urging them to take theirshirts off and wear spandex shorts. He also pressured the soldiers to act out torture scenes from a movie. One of his victims who testified Monday, aprivate first class now stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, approachedEstrada for help after he was caught cheating on an exam. Estrada testified he told the private hewould help if the soldier re-created torture scenes from an unnamedmovie. He threatened to stop helping and move the soldier out of thebarracks unless he posed for the pictures, according to testimony. Estrada, a married father of two, couldhave faced nine years in prison. He pleaded guilty to two of the threecharges, a total of six counts, in exchange for the six-month sentence,reduction in rank to specialist and a bad conduct discharge. Goosey's Gabbings... My bet is that isn't the only discharge he got...mmmm...sticky buns....:P technorati tags:news, newport-news, edmundo-estrada, bizarre, odd, weird, offbeat, offbeat-news, quirky, military, funny, humor, comedy, funny-humorBlogged with Flock [...]

Man cuts off penis in busy London restaurant--was the food that bad?

Tue, 24 Apr 2007 03:24:00 +0000

A MAN cut off his own penis with a large knife in front of diners at a busy London restaurant.

Witness Stuart McMahon, who was eating at Zizzi in the Strand with his girlfriend on Sunday, told the Sun: "This guy came running in then charged into the kitchen, got a massive knife and started waving it about.

"Everyone was screaming and running out as he jumped on a table, dropped his trousers and popped his penis out.

"Then he cut it off. I couldn't believe it."

Police said a man in his 30s was taken to a south London hospital where his condition was stable today.

Goosey's Gabbings...

The man's friend was in horror as the man cut off his "thing", quoted as, "Dude, all I said was leave a TIP!!!"

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11-year old girl stops sick mom's van

Tue, 24 Apr 2007 03:17:00 +0000

PERU, Indiana (AP) -- An 11-year-old girl stopped a van that went out of control when her diabetic mother became ill, police said.

Indiana State Police Senior Trooper Joe Swisher said Abigail Parker's actions were "nothing short of heroic."

Besides stopping the van, Abigail kept her mother and 8-year-old brother calm and informed paramedics about her mother's condition, Swisher said.

State police dispatched an ambulance and troopers to U.S. 31 south of Peru on Saturday after the girl called 911 and another person reported a reckless driver.

Officers found the van stopped, partially blocking the southbound lane of the highway. Deborah Parker, 36, of Muncie, who had been driving, was unaware of her surroundings. She was treated for low blood sugar.

Abigail told police her mother had started driving erratically at about 80 mph. The girl said she climbed from the rear seat of the van onto the woman's lap and managed to stop the vehicle before calling 911.

Goosey's Gabbings...

Ok, this is a great story, but come on, she is 11, she's only like a little over 4 years to be driving normally. I think the real story is the minivan going 80 miles an hour. Pretty much every one I've ever seen seems to top out at the passing lane.

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Honor student serving community gets served by drunk man

Tue, 24 Apr 2007 03:09:00 +0000

An 18-year-old man was shot and wounded in the leg when he tried to get his neighbor to sign some documents for verification of volunteer hours as part of his National Honor Society requirements at 10:30 p.m. on April 5.

The younger man reported that while at his 43-year-old neighbor's house, the older man offered to show the younger man his new pistol.

Reports indicate the younger man smelled alcohol on the breath of his neighbor. He said he became worried when the man loaded the pistol.

The older man told police he was trying to remove a round from the chamber of the pistol when he accidentally discharged the firearm into the thigh of his young friend.

After he was shot, the18-year-old called his father and told him, "Dad come over, I've been shot," according to the police report. The older man was given a summons for reckless endangerment and released at the scene.

Goosey's Gabbings...

I'm not sure why this guy is in so much trouble. I mean, he had a "I shoot honor students" bumper sticker.....

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Giving your boss a Benny Hill slap on the head is a career limiting action? NOPE

Wed, 18 Apr 2007 02:57:00 +0000

A worker fired after giving his boss a Benny-Hill style slap on the head at a works night out to promote team building and bonding has won his unfair sacking claim and almost £2,000 compensation. Derick Brown, 49, from Dundee, a team leader in the stores department of Tokheim UK, had been forewarned by customer services manager Robert Fraser not to give him a 'hard time' at the event. A Dundee employment tribunal heard his employers, who supply fuel dispensing equipment, hosted a night out for workers and their partners in November 2005, providing each with a voucher to be exchanged for drinks at the bar and a half bottle of wine per person at the table. Mr Brown and some workmates were watching a boxing match on TV in the bar. One of the contestants was bald, and the tribunal noted in that respect may have looked similar to Mr Fraser. The contestant looked like a character from a Benny Hill comedy sketch, during which Benny Hill pats or slaps a bald man on the head. Mr Brown suggested that he would give Mr Fraser "a Benny Hill" and he was encouraged to do so. He then returned to the table where Mr Fraser was sitting with his wife and patted or slapped him on the head from behind. Mr Fraser had been unaware of his presence until then and told him he would "see" him on Monday morning. Mr Brown admitted he was intoxicated and at his disciplinary hearing he said it was a drunken prank, not an assault, but accepted his behaviour was totally unacceptable. Goosey's Gabbings... Things to remember when you're drunk: 1)You can't dance 2) You're not that charming. 3) The woman eyeing you isn't pretty. 4)You are not that funny. 5) Any type of physical contact is not wanted by anyone, including your friends, family, and significant other. technorati tags:news, odd, bizarre, weird, quirky, strange, benny-hill, funny, humor, bald, offbeat, offbeat-news, united-kingdom, comedy, funny-humor, lawsuitsBlogged with Flock [...]

Hot new trend in home building: Dual Master Bedrooms

Wed, 18 Apr 2007 02:46:00 +0000

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Springtime usually signals 'building time' in the housing world. Despite a decline in the housing market some families are still choosing to build custom homes. And those plans include something new, separate master bedrooms.A growing number of couples are living together but sleeping separately.Howard and Bev Rossman have been married for 33 years. They love each other but can't stand sleeping together. Bev has restless legs and Howard snores.So they bought a home and tore it down to build a custom home. The plans included what they call a "snoring room"."It takes out the tension of sleeping together, not the romance," says Bev Rossman. "So it eliminates an aspect of conflict."Bev says in the past she would have to search for another place to sleep when her husband snored. "I would have to go to our son's room or our daughter's room in the middle of the night," says Bev. "In the morning he would wake up and go 'I'm so sorry that you had to move' but now it's great."The National Association of Home Builders predicts by the year 2015 that 60% of custom homes could have dual master bedrooms.In fact many couples want separate rooms, separate bathrooms and different closets. Goosey's Gabbings... Unbelievable...another crumbling block of the foundation of marriage. Some of us have to deal with snorers and the like--it's a part of marriage, earplugs and with it, people. The next step after separate bedrooms is separate houses, and I don't think anyone would be celebrating that... technorati tags:news, odd, offbeat, offbeat-news, weird, bizarre, home-building, dual-master-bedrooms, building, odd, strange, quirky, homesBlogged with Flock [...]

What a Boob! Man caught with stolen bras jailed

Wed, 18 Apr 2007 02:33:00 +0000

PENANG: A 43-year-old labourer, caught while fleeing with two stolen bras partially tucked inside his pants, was jailed three months by a magistrate's court on Tuesday. Chong Lean Hin, of Air Itam admitted to stealing the bras, worth a total RM10 belonging to two sisters. He was nabbed by the girls' father Chow Eng Chuah while trying to escape. Chong, unrepresented, had pleaded guilty on Jan 30 to committing the offence. He had stolen the bras from Chow's house at Taman Air Itam, Lebuh Air Itam at 1.45am on Jan 28. According to the facts of the case presented by prosecuting officer Chief Insp Mohd Fadzli Napiah, Chow was outside his house when he saw Chong removing the grey and beige-coloured bras, which were hung over the house fence. Chong fled when Chow approached him but was nabbed after a chase. In mitigation, Chong asked for a lenient sentence. He also identified the bras as those produced in court. Goosey's Gabbings... Ok, now for the laugh-in bah-dum-tish: Isn't this a little tit for tat? He will definitely find some new breast friends in jail. So, this dyslexic guy walks into a bra... technorati tags:news, penang, chong-lean-hin, man-steals-bras, stupid-criminals, funny, funny-humor, bizarre, odd, weird, strange, quirky, offbeat, offbeat-news, comedy, humorBlogged with Flock [...]

Powerball winner to quit job as sacrifice...ummm..ok...

Wed, 18 Apr 2007 02:26:00 +0000

(Columbia) -- The person who won the $15 million dollar Powerball lottery earlier this month after buying a ticket in Florence has come forward.

79-year-old Navy Veteran Dick Sandlin of Wilmington, North Carolina claimed his check, Tuesday.

The ticket was sold at Amoco Food Shop #3 in Florence.

Sandlin and his wife, Colleen, have decided to take the lump sum, which averages out to $7.1 million dollars before taxes.

"I don't feel any different right now than I did before. I'm still dreaming. I guess I'll wake up after a while and jump up and down and hollar and all that stuff," says Dick.

At this point, Sandlin says all he plans on doing with the money is buying "an RC Cola and a Moon Pie."

As for his job with the North Carolina State Parks, "I feel kind of guilty holding a job that someone else might really need, so I think I might just blow out and let someone else have the job," said Sandlin.

This is the fourth time a winning Powerball ticket has been sold in South Carolina, and all four winners have been from North Carolina.

Goosey's Gabbings...

RC Cola and a Moon Pie, eh? I smell a country song on the horizon..

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Lockdown at OU for suspicious object--an umbrella

Wed, 18 Apr 2007 02:08:00 +0000

NORMAN — The Norman campus of the University of Oklahoma briefly experienced a lockdown this morning after officials received a report of an unidentified Caucasian male of student age carrying a “suspicious object.”According to a campus-wide email issued at 9:32 a.m., university deans, directors and chairs were ordered to “Immediately take action to keep all individuals within their current buildings into further notice.” A second email was sent by President David L. Boren’s office at 9:50 a.m. to students, faculty and staff. The note stated, “students, faculty and staff should stay in their buildings or dorms until further notice.”More than an hour after Boren made his statement, his office released an update and a correction.“The person apparently seen by the student making the earlier report has self-identified himself,” Boren said. “He was carrying an umbrella and not a weapon. We appreciate his action in identifying himself. We now consider the matter closed. I appreciate the cooperation from the university community in this matter. We always want to err on the side of caution in a situation like this.” Goosey's Gabbings... I think that the funniest thing is that here is what the daily forecast was: 14°CRain Wind: SE at 8 km/h Humidity: 100% ...And yet an UMBRELLA was suspicious...I assume logic doesn't apply in Norman. technorati tags:news, oklahoma, norman, lockdown, bizarre, news, odd, weird, funny, funny-humor, humor, quirky, offbeat, offbeat-newsBlogged with Flock [...]

Man punches out Mayor over unfixed pothole

Wed, 18 Apr 2007 02:01:00 +0000

ORAIOKASTRO, Greece, April 17, 2007 (UPI) -- A man who allegedly assaulted the mayor of the Greek village of Oraiokastro says he did so because of the town's failure to repair a pot hole.

The man, who was not identified, went to the home of Mayor Nikolaos Batos and punched him in the face and body when he answered the door, Ekathimerini reported Tuesday.

The alleged attacker said he was angry that municipal workers would not fill a pothole in front of his home. He was arrested and charged with causing bodily harm, making threats, swearing and disturbing the peace.

The mayor was treated for bruises at a local hospital. Doctors said his injuries were not serious.

Goosey's Gabbings...

Not only is this bizarre...but he was arrested for swearing? SWEARING? Ummm....WTF?
(Oops...just garnered a night in the Athens' klink...)

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Secret Service Accidental Shooting--Cheney immediately says "HAHA-NOT ME!"

Wed, 18 Apr 2007 01:55:00 +0000

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Two Secret Service officers were injured in an accidental shooting Tuesday at the White House.

The incident occurred in a security booth at the southwest gate.

Secret Service spokeswoman Kim Bruce said one officer was injured in the leg and the other received a shrapnel wound in his face. She said the injuries appeared to be non-life threatening and that both officers were taken to nearby George Washington University Hospital.

The gun involved was a service-issued weapon, she said. She said the Secret Service Office of Inspection would conduct a review.

Goosey's Gabbings...

So, we're all supposed to believe that a group of people that are supposed to be the best of the best of the best--SIR...accidentally had this happen?? If that is so, we are in some deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep dooodoooo.....

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Man charged with stealing 66 colonoscopes from hospitals

Fri, 13 Apr 2007 02:25:00 +0000

A man has been charged with taking 66 colonoscopes from hospitals around the region and then selling them to various medical equipment distributors.

Michael Marburger was charged in federal court in Pittsburgh yesterday by a criminal information with 66 counts of transporting stolen goods across state lines.

According to court documents, Mr. Marburger took the colonoscopes from hospitals in Pittsburgh; Erie; Du Bois, Clearfield County; Altoona, Blair County; Cleveland; Butler; Martins Ferry, Ohio; State College, Centre County; Akron, Ohio; and Clarksburg, W.Va. between March 2004 and July 2006.

The most taken from any one place, according to paperwork, were 10 colonoscopes stolen from United Hospital Center in Clarksburg. They were valued at approximately $210,000 and were taken from July 8 to 28, 2006.

Goosey's Gabbings...

What's the odds he's going to get more than 66 colonoscopes in prison??

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Man accused of dancing naked in front of children

Fri, 13 Apr 2007 02:14:00 +0000

(CBS) BRIDGEPORT, Conn. A judge has ordered a series of psychiatric and competency exams for a Fairfield man accused of dancing naked in his backyard in front of two neighborhood children. Keith Iodice, 39, was out on bond after being arrested Dec. 1, 2005, and accused of downloading child pornography while working at Sikorsky Aircraft in Stratford. U.S. Magistrate Judge William I. Garfinkel will use the test results to determine if Iodice is competent to stand trial. Iodice had a brain aneurysm when he was 18. "He has no short-term memory," said his attorney, Frank Riccio Sr. "He does well as long as you plot the whole day out for him." Iodice was taken into federal custody earlier this month after two boys said he was staring at them and gyrating his hips while naked in his backyard. Iodice does not face new charges connected with the nude dancing, but he was accused of violating the terms of his release on the child-pornography charges. Meanwhile, Fairfield First Selectman Kenneth Flatto has asked Police Chief David Peck to look into how the nude dancing accusation was handled. The mother of one of the children involved and several neighborhood parents had said Iodice should have been arrested on charges of public indecency or risk of injury to a minor. Goosey's Gabbings... Risk of injury to a minor? What did they think was going to happen, Iodice would poke them in the eye?? technorati tags:news, bridgeport, connecticut, odd, bizarre, pedophiles, bizarre, offbeat, offbeat-news, strange, scary, quirky, funny, humorBlogged with Flock [...]

Mutilated Goat carcass found in South Buffalo

Fri, 13 Apr 2007 01:43:00 +0000

The body of a mutilated goat was discovered Wednesday afternoon in a remote area off Hopkins Street in South Buffalo, and city officials suspect animal cruelty.

The carcass, which was found by children playing in the area at about 4 p.m., was headless, and its four legs were sawed off, according to Michael J. DeGeorge, special assistant to Buffalo Police Commissioner H. McCarthy Gipson.

“There’s a feeling it was probably dumped in that location,” DeGeorge said. “Animal control officers believe it was probably there about 24 hours.”

Authorities said it is uncertain whether the animal was killed as part of a religious or cult ritual. The slaughter of a lamb or a goat around Passover or Easter is a tradition practiced by some religions.

DeGeorge said police found three dimes on the carcass but were unsure of the significance.

Goosey's Gabbings...

Word on the street is that this was a tribute to Buffalo little-known rapper 30 cents.

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Gonorrhea now on CDC's "Superbug" list

Fri, 13 Apr 2007 01:31:00 +0000

ATLANTA (AP) U.S. health officials are recommending wider use of a new drug to treat gonorrhea because the sexually transmitted disease is steadily becoming resistant to the longtime standard antibiotic. Fluoroquinolones, a class of antibiotics that includes Cipro, have been the most common way to treat the bacterial disease since the early 1990s. Since then, gonorrhea has grown increasingly resistant to those drugs. On Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that a different class of antibiotics, cephalosporins, be used instead. ``Gonorrhea has now joined the list of other superbugs for which treatment options have become dangerously few,'' said Dr. Henry Masur, president of the Infectious Disease Society of America. ``To make a bad problem even worse, we're also seeing a decline in the development of new antibiotics to treat these infections.'' The CDC made the new recommendation after discovering that nearly 7 percent of gonorrhea cases among heterosexual men in a survey of 26 U.S. cities last year had drug-resistant strains of the disease. In 2001, only about 0.6 percent of gonorrhea cases among heterosexual men were drug-resistant. ``That leaves us with a single class of highly effective an disease. In men, it can cause epididymitis, a painful condition of the testicles that can lead to infertility if untreated, the CDC said. In the survey of 26 cities last year, Philadelphia had the highest percentage of drug-resistant cases with almost 27 percent, followed by areas in California and Hawaii where health officials long have known about gonorrhea drug resistance. Goosey's Gabbings... Evidently, because of this issue scientists are mulling whether to rename Gonorrhea to "Stayorrhea". technorati tags:news, odd, offbeat, offeat-news, gonorrhea, std, sexually-transmitted-disease, cdc, disease, bizarre, weird, quirky, scaryBlogged with Flock [...]

Donald Duck finally getting his due in Finland

Fri, 13 Apr 2007 01:17:00 +0000

Kwaak! The trouserless duck in the sailor's hat puts even Helsingin Sanomat to shame. He has more readers than the largest daily newspaper in the Nordic region. And at 56 years of age, Donald Duck is more popular than ever. What is the secret of the phenomenal popularity of the strip cartoon albums that go by the Finnish name of Aku Ankka? "Aku Ankka came at the right time", says artist Kaj Stenvall, who was born in December 1951, in the same month and year that Donald's comic albums made landfall in Finland. Stenvall learnt to read with the help of the Aku Ankka strips, just like hundreds of thousands of others. And the duck won over the hearts and minds of the baby-boomer generation. Now they order the comics for their children and their grandchildren. The circulation of Aku Ankka has grown for seven straight years in succession and hit a new record early this year, at 320,514 copies. Aku Ankka is Finland's largest magazine, not including some free magazines put out to customers by store chains and the like.Goosey's Gabbings... So many people have scratched their head about the fact that Donald Duck has forever had a shirt on, and never any pants. I think a more curious question is why Bugs Bunny has no pants, no shirt, no clothes--period, but he wears gloves? Is he a relative of Howie Mandel?? technorati tags:news, offbeat, disney, donald-duck, finland, odd, bizarre, weird, offbeat-news, funny, cartoons, funny-humor, humor, comedyBlogged with Flock [...]

University President arrested for 2 DUI charges--in two days

Fri, 13 Apr 2007 01:10:00 +0000

William J. Frawley, 53, was charged yesterday with drunken driving and refusing a Breathalyzer test in Fredericksburg, city police said. Both are misdemeanors. UMW Rector Bill Poole said Frawley was in Mary Washington Hospital’s intensive care unit this afternoon. He said at a news conference that he didn’t know the details of Frawley’s injuries. “The tragedy of all this is he’s such a brilliant man and so capable,” Poole told The Free Lance–Star. Fairfax County police spokeswoman Camille Neville said today that there is an outstanding warrant for Frawley in Fairfax on a DUI charge from Tuesday. The president of the University of Mary Washington also faces a charge of drunken driving in Fairfax County stemming from an accident there Tuesday afternoon, Fairfax police said today. Mary Washington university officials said Frawley left Inova Fairfax early yesterday morning against advice. He was arrested about 2 p.m. yesterday at Brompton, the official residence of the Mary Washington president. It’s unclear exactly how Frawley got between Inova Fairfax and Fredericksburg. Goosey's Gabbings... I've got three words for you....KEGGER AT FRAWLEY'S!!!!!!!! technorati tags:news, university-president, william-frawley, fredericksburg, DUI, dumb-criminals, odd, bizarre, offbeat, weird, offbeat-news, funny, funny-humor, humor, comedy, university-of-mary-washingtonBlogged with Flock [...]

Female Civil Servants in India must now disclose menstrual history

Wed, 11 Apr 2007 22:45:00 +0000

FEMALE civil servants in India are furious with new government guidelines that force them to list intimate details, including their menstrual history, in appraisal forms, a newspaper reported today. The All-India Services Performance Appraisal Rules 2007 – which apply to senior government workers – ask female employees to record their last menstrual period, as well as when they last took maternity leave, the Hindustan Times said. "The questions are too intrusive and have no bearing on our work," Seema Vyas, a senior bureaucrat in Maharashtra state, was quoted as saying. India's Ministry of Personnel, which drew up the new appraisal guidelines, says it has not received any complaints and the addition of such questions was based on advice from health officials. "I assume this will help evaluate the officer's fitness," Satyanand Mishra, the ministry's most senior bureaucrat, told the newspaper. But women officers said it was "insensitive" and "irrelevant", adding they planned to protest. "Health problems or aberrations are generally mentioned to assess the officer's physical fitness," said Chandra Iyengar, a senior civil servant. Source: Goosey's Gabbings... Officials have taken note of the obvious disdain for the menstrual questioning. They have therefore changed the wording on the questionnaires to the following: "Do you tend to bloat up like the Michelin man and eat gallons of Haagen-Dazs while watching the Lifetime channel?""Do you use more than 3 rolls of toilet paper a day for a week?""Does even your mother think you are 'overdoing it, dear'?" technorati tags:news, new-dehli, india, sexual-harassment, civil-service, funny, odd, bizarre, weird, offbeat, offbeat-news, quirky, funny-humor, humor, comedy, menstruationBlogged with Flock [...]

Man arrested for pimping out sister on Craigslist

Wed, 11 Apr 2007 22:36:00 +0000

A Las Vegas man is under arrest accused of sexually assaulting his mentally challenged sister and attempting to offer her for sex out on the internet. 34-year-old Rodney Nickerson is being held on $800,000 bail. According to a police report, Nickerson admitted to putting a photo of his 36-year-old sister on craigslist website. The ad featuring his sister apparently asked men if they wanted to have sex with her. The report states Nickerson also fondled his sister and had another man touch her as well. Nickerson's mother told New's 3 her son has always taken care of his sister since they were little . "I know my son didn't do what they said he did," Deborah Nickerson told News 3. "My son also stuck up for her, (has) taken care of her. He's never bothered her sexually." Police say they received a tip about the craigslist ad around mid-March. An undercover officer tried to arrange a meeting with Nickerson twice, but Nickerson never showed up. Nickerson goes before a judge to answer to these charges at the end of the month. Source: Goosey's Gabbings... Evidently when asked for a statement as to why he did it, Nickerson declared "she was looser than a retard's shoe laces". I can't believe this guy chose craiglist to do this. I mean...Ebay would give him a much better profit. technorati tags:news, offbeat, offbeat-news, bizarre, weird, craigslist, dumb-criminals, funny, humor, funny-humor, comedy, las-vegas, rodney-nickersonBlogged with Flock [...]

Woman arrested for being high on Holy Spirit...and a little bit of marijuana

Wed, 11 Apr 2007 22:14:00 +0000

Holy Spirit and a little bit of marijuana — Saturday, about 5:20 a.m., Officer Rocky McDaniel was sent to check on a woman walking in the middle of University Blvd., causing drivers to have to go around her. The woman had “very red bloodshot eyes and very intoxicated on an unknown drug... did not have any normal behavior,” McDaniel wrote in his report. She said she was going to the emergency room to see a friend who had overdosed. When he asked her if she knew why McDaniel stopped her, she stated “because I was walking in traffic.” Yes, that was correct, and he explained she couldn’t walk in the roadway. Then, he asked her if she was high on some kind of drug. Her answer, the report said, was “I am. It’s the Holy Spirit and little bit of marijuana.” He asked if she had any left and she said, “Not enough to get you high, but I know who to go to for more.” McDaniel asked who and she answered, “Jesus.”She searched herself and produced a glass pipe with a green leafy substance residue, and she stated, according to the report, that she had “put it in the pipe so I would not lose it for later.”McDaniel asked if that was all she had on her and she emptied her pockets. The last pocket she searched, the report continues, she pulled two plastic drinking straws and a plastic baggy with a white powder inside. “I guess not. That’s my snort tubes and there is just a little left in the baggy, but not enough to use.” She then handed all the property to McDaniel.McDaniel said he was going to have to take her to jail. She leaned over and picked up her coat and said, “OK... It’s getting cold out here.” When given jail breakfast, she made an applesauce sandwich, then took off her sock and wiped her mouth with it, the report continued. Source: Goosey's Gabbings... I guess I see the logic here. God made all of creation. God created marijuana. God told Adam and Eve to partake of all of creation. So, if you deny using marijuana, you are defying the Bible, God, and everything good. You WILL burn in hell with Lucifer and Don Imus. Amen. technorati tags:news, durant, texas, odd, bizarre, funny, comedy, offbeat, news, drugs, marijuana, pot, crime, weird, quirky, humor, funny-humorBlogged with Flock [...]

Snellville Georgia New City Ordinance Kicks Gangs to the curb

Wed, 11 Apr 2007 22:01:00 +0000

Snellville has hung out the "No Vacancy" sign for gangbangers. By passing the street gang terrorism and prevention ordinance Monday night, the City Council also served notice that suspected gang members will find it very difficult to keep a rental roof over their heads within the city limits. Landlords can streamline evictions in cases where three or more suspected gang members are living together, using a civil court process that can take a few weeks or even days, as opposed to four to six months under the existing criminal court process. Police Chief Roy Whitehead, who pushed for the ordinance, said Tuesday it is a preventive measure, as opposed to a reaction to an existing widespread problem. "We want to prevent it [gang-related activity] from coming here," Whitehead said. Whitehead said his effort to get the ordinance passed was partly as the result of one recent case, where four brothers suspected of being gang members were arrested and then evicted. They are still suspects in an investigation that could involve charges of burglary, robbery, statutory rape and holding a teenage girl against her will for four days, he said. The family has denied the siblings were part of a gang. Under the new law, the police will work in partnership with landlords who believe they've rented to gang members, he said. Police will go to Magistrate Court along with the landlord and help present evidence to a magistrate, who, if convinced, can issue an eviction notice. "There's a possibility this could be seen as displacing a crime problem," Whitehead said, acknowledging that evicted gang members might just move to a nearby community with less stringent ordinances. But if enough cities pass similar ordinances, they'll have nowhere to go, he added. Landlord and Realtor Dave Holley said he supports the measure but doesn't want landlords to be held liable for any illegal activity by tenants. Whitehead said the group of suspected gang members whose case led him to seek this ordinance had come to Snellville after being evicted from a rented home in another county. Source: Goosey's Gabbings... So, does the KKK count as a gang? I think they'd probably have some pretty full jail cells if it were..... technorati tags:news, snellville, georgia, funny, gangs, laws, comedy, humor, funny-humor, bizarre, weird, odd, strange, offbeat, offbeat-newsBlogged with Flock [...]